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Bible. -hl.T. Qrr&eU. lg-57. ■ Tr ^.aeile 


vo\, \ 

^\ tiF FfilAf^ 

^ NOV 17 1966 , 






IN issuing the first portion of the Greek New Testament, to the preparation of which many years of 
my life liave been devoted, while engaged in the collation of MSS., and in studies connected with 
the subject, I wish only to intimate, very briefly, what is needful in the way of explanation. I must 
refer the reader who wishes for more details as to the principles which I hold, and the studies in which 
I have been engaged, to my " Account of the Printed Test of the Greek New Testament, with 
remarks on its revision upon critical principles " (Bagster & Sons, 1854), and to the description of 
MSS., versions, etc., given in my " Introduction to the Textual Criticism of the New Testament " 
(published by Longmans, 1856, as part of the Introduction to the New Test, of the Rev. T. H. 
Home, B.D.). I shall only here state what I propose : — 

I. To give the text of the New Testament on the authority of the ancient witnesses, MSS., and 
versions, with the aid of the earlier citations, so as to present, as far as possible, the text best attested 
in the earlier centuries. 

II. To follow certain proofs, when obtainable, which carry us as near as possible to the Apos- 
tolic Age. 

III. So to give the various readings, as to make it clear what is the evidence on both sides ; and 
always to give the whole of the testimony of the ancient MSS. (and of some which are later in date, 
but old in text), of the versions as far as the seventh century, and the citations down to Eusebius 

To carry out this plan, re-coUations of MSS. have been needful ; re-examinations of ancient 
versions, and, in some cases, a collation of MS. copies ; and an extensive study of Patristic writings. 
As to MSS. I have been aided materially by the labours of Tischendorf, who has published the texts 
of many, and whose collations (carried on independently of mine) have been compared with mine for 
our common advantage. 

I ask the reader to remember, 1st, that the object of textual criticism is the ascertainment, on 
grounds of evidence, what the sacred authors actually wrote ; and, 2nd, that the common Greek Text 
rests on very slender authority, and that of a comparatively recent kind; while now we are able to 
revert to that which is more ancient and better attested in every way. 

In the case of any common writer, we should gladly recur to the better and more ancient evidence ; 
and we should never think of adhering traditionally to that which we may well know to be precarious 
or worse than doubtful. Surely, then, those who reverence God's Holy Word must be responsible for 
using the same care, the same discrimination with regard to it, which they do in connection with 
other writings and works. vV * 


This is not the place to discuss the nature and origin of various readings : they do exist ; for 
copyists were no more infallible than their modern successors the compositors ; and we must deal with 
the facts as we find them. 
j^. It is not for Christian scholars to fear true criticism or its results : the object of true criticism is 

^^ not to alter scripture dogmatically on the judgment of any individual, but it is to use the evidence 
which has been transmitted to us, as to what the holy men of God, inspired by the Holy Ghost 
actually wrote. In this, as in any other Christian service, the blessing and guidance of God may be 
sought, by those who know the privileges resulting to the believing soul from the redemption of His 

The following principles as to the application of critical facts and materials are such as I commend 
to the attentive consideration of the student : — 

1. Where there is no variation in authorities, criticism has no place; and, as to all the text thus 
transmitted we may feel a well-assured confidence. 

2. If the authorities are all hut unanimous, the confidence is hut little shaken ; unless, indeed, 
the dissentient witnesses possess some peculiar weight. 

3. If the reading of the ancient authorities in general is unanimous, there can be but little 
doubt that it should be followed, whatever may be the later testimonies ; for it is most improbable 
that the independent testimony of early MSS. versions and Fathers should accord with regard to 
something entirely groundless. 

4. A reading found in versions alone can claim but little authority, especially if it be one which 
might naturally be introduced by translators in general : it might then resemble in character the 
Italic supplements to modern versions. 

5. A reading found in patristic citations alone rests on a yet weaker basis than one which only 
occurs in versions. 

6. The readings respecting which a judgment must he formed are those where the evidence is 
really divided in such a way that it is needful to inquire on which side the balance preponderates. In 
such cases it is not enough to enumerate authorities : they must be examined point by point. Other 
THINGS BEING EQUAL, («.) an carly citation will sometimes be decisive, especially if it is given in express 
terms, [h.) Also, if one reading accords with a parallel passage, and the other does not; (c.) or if 
one introduces an amplification met with elsewhere ; [d.) or if one seems to avoid a difficulty which 
the other does not ; (e.) or if there is one well-attested reading, and several others which may probably 
have been taken from it ; (/.) or if the one reading might he easily accounted for on principles 
connected with the known origin of variations : in such cases it is not difficult, on the whole, to form 
a judgment as to what was probably the original reading. It is quite true, that, at times, it may be 
very doubtful whether the quantity of direct evidence may not overbalance all modes of procedure 
derived from the application of a principle, and as to ivhich of two seemingly conflicting considerations 
ought to have most weight. "^ 

7. When no certainty is attainable, it will be well for the case to be left as doubtful : the reading 
wliich has strong claims on the attention taking its place in the text, and that which seems almost 
equal on grounds of evidence standing in the margin. As to additions or non-insertions, brackets in 
the text or margin may be well employed. It may not seem satisfactory to leave such points as 


doubtful ; but this is far wiser than to pretend to certainty in cases in which it is unattainable. A critical 
text of the Greek New Testament, with no indications of doubt, or of the inequaUty of the evidence, 
is never satisfactory to a scholar. It gives no impression of the ability of the editor to discriminate 
accurately as to the value of evidence ; and it seems to place on a level, as to authority, readings 
which are unquestionably certain, and those which have been accepted as perhaps the best attested. 

8. It must be remembered, that sometimes we have direct early evidence of such a kind that we 
are certain of the reading of the second or third century; then we are not left to the ordinary appli- 
cation of the balance of existing authorities, but we can take our stand as early as the express 
testimony carries us. At times, again, we have early evidence of the variations of ]MSS. then noticed. 
This enables us to use this information in addition to what we can gather from the sources still 

9. At times a reading seems to be supported by a very small quantity of authority, numerically ; 
and yet when all the evidence is examined, it is found to receive on various sides so much partial 
support, that it is actually better attested than any one of the readings which might be placed in 
competition with it. 

I have now to indicate the materials used, and how they have been classified. 

The MSS. are so arranged, that those shall be looked at together which are in some measure 
related as to their importance. This will be seen in the list to be given presently. 

Comparative Criticism is a good test of the true character of MSS. and Versions. Readings 
which we know to be ancient are taken ; and the inquiry is made. In what documents are they now 
contained ? This brings the fact to light, that the known ancient readings are still found within the 
limits of the most ancient class of documents. We are thus able to argue in two ways : the readings 
of an ancient MS. are necessarily ancient, for they must be anterior to the MS. itself: but we are also 
able to shew that our ancient MSS. were not any mere exceptional documents; because they do 
contain the readings which we learn elsewhere to have been both ancient and also wide-spread. In 
fact, as to the ancient text, the older MSS., the versions and the early citations furnish us with a 
threefold cord of testimony as to the limits within which it should be sought. 

The reader may regard the line below the text of each page of this Greek Testament, as answering 
to the ground level; while the text above is the visible edifice, and aU that is below answers to the 
foundation and substructure. In general, and with most, the visible edifice alone comes into considera- 
tion ; but when questions of the stability of the basis are raised, then it may be needful to inqmre on 
what every part of the building is set. Thus the statement of the various readings answers inquiries 
as to the evidence which supports every sentence and word of the sacred text. Thus the subject is 
one which Christian scholars ought to regard as being peculiarly appropriated to them. Is it looked 
at in this country as it should be ? It is true, that it is better understood amongst us than it was 
twenty years ago ; but we still see proofs, of a striking kind, that the evidence as to what really is the 
text of Holy Scripture, is but little apprehended by many from whom different things might have 
been expected. 

As the place is specified in the work itself where each document is defective, it has not been 
needful to state such particulars in the following list of the critical materials employed in the Gospels, 
together with the manner in which they are cited in the statement of the authorities : — 


(i.) MSS. 

(a.) The Uncial MSS. of the most ancient class; that is, 
those prior to the seve7ith century. 

A. Codex Alexandrinus ; now in the British Museum, 
probably of the fifth century : edited by Woide in 1786. 
Defective in the beginning of the N. Test, as far as Matt. 
XXV. 6 ; also from John vi. 50 to viii. 52. 

B. Codex Vatioanus ; in the Vatican Library at Rome : 
of the fourth century apparently. This MS., which is of 
the gi'eatest importance, is cited from the collations of 
others, in consequence of permission having been refused 
to use the MS. itself. These collations are, 1st, that made 
for Bentlcy, now in the Library of Trinity College, Cam- 
bridge (edited by Ford, but not very correctly, so that the 
collation itself has been used for this edition) ; 2nd, that 
made by Birch, and published by him ; and, 3rd, that 
executed by Bartulocci, now in the French Imperial Li- 
brary : this latter is very partial and defective. When 
these collations contradict one another, they are separately 
stated— thus, B.Btli/., B.Bch., B.Blc, refer respectively 
to the collations of Bentley, Birch, and Bartolooci. Other 
examiners of this MS. are referred to in particular places : 
thus, B.Bl. signifies those places which Bulutta re-exa- 
mined for Bentley, in order to point out the corrections 
which the MS. had received. This paper of Rulotta is 
not used till the latter part of St. Mark, as it was supposed 
to have been lost : it is in the Library of Trinity College, 
Cambridge (in the vol. B. 17. 20). The other results of 
Rulotta's examination, with other notes on this MS., must 
be given as addenda. 

C. Codex Ephraemi. A palimpsest MS. in the Imperial 
Library at Paris ; of the fifth century. Defective in many 
parts: edited by Tischendorf in 1841: examined by 

D. Codex Bezae or Cantabrigiensis. In the University 
Library at Cambridge : it contains the Gospels and Acts 
in Greek and Latin, on opposite pages : probably of the 
sixth century. This MS. is of great value, in spite of its 
peculiarities and interpolations. Edited by Kipling in 
179.3. Some places in which the ancient writing is defec- 
tive, are supplied by a more recent hand ; these are 
denoted in the citations [D]. 

II. Fragmenta Pahmpsesta Tischendorfiana. Certain 
portions of the New Test, in Greek, under Georgian 
writing. The parts appear to vary from the fifth to the 
seventh century. Examined by Tregelles, and since edited 
by Tischendorf in his Monumenta Sacra, 1855. (Tischen- 
dorf styles this MS. I ; but as I or J was used previously 
to denote that portion of the Codex Purpureus which 
belongs to the Cotton Library in the British Mu.seum, II 
has here been adopted, in order to avoid all ambiguity.) 

N. Codex Purpureus. These fragments (of the sixth 
century) are found in three places ; four leaves are in the 
British Museum (denoted J or I by Wetsteiu and others) ; 
two are at Vienna (to which the notation N was formerly 
restricted) ; and six in the Vatican (called by Scholz r). 
Edited bj Tischendorf in his "Monumenta Sacra," 1846. 

P. Codex Guelpherbytanus A. Palimpsest Fragments 
of some portions of the Gospels, in the Library of Wolfen- 
biittel: of the sixth century : edited in 1762 by Knittel. 

Q. Codex Guelpherbytanus B. Fragments of St. Luke 
and St. John, in the same library, and also edited by 
Knittel in 1762. Of the sixth (or possibly of the fifth) 

R. Codex Nitriensis. A palimpsest discovered by the 
Rev. W. Cureton amongst the treasures brought to the 
British Museum from the Nitrian valleys. The later 
writing is Syriao : the Greek appears to be of the sixth 
century. The fragments of Homer edited by Mr. Cureton 
in 1851, were found in the same Syriac book. This MS. 
was read and copied by Tregelles : edited by Tischendorf 
in 1857. 

T. Codex Borgianus. Fragments of St. John's Gospel in 
Greek and Thebaic : in the Library of the Propaganda at 
Rome: of the fifth century: edited by Giorgi in 1789. 
The MS. contains also a portion of St. Luke, as yet uncol- 
lated and inedited. 

T^. Fragmentum Woideanum. Greek and Thebaic 
fragments of St. Luke, edited by Woide, closely resembling 
the Codex Borgianus. 

Z. Codex Dublinensis. A palimpsest in the Library of 
Trinity College, Dublin, containing large portions of St. 
Matthew's Gospel. Read and edited by Barrett in 1801. 
Chemically restored and collated by Tregelles in 1853. 
This MS. is of peculiar value. 

{!).) Later Uncial MSS. of special importance. 

L. Codex Regius : 62. In the Imperial Library at Paris : 
probably of the ninth century. Edited by Tischendorf in 

X. Codex Monacensis. Now at Munich : probably of 
the tenth century : it contains the greater part of the 
Gospels, with an interspersed commentary. Collated 
throughout by Tischendorf and Tregelles. 

A. Codex Sangallensis. In the Library at St. Gallen, in 
Switzerland : of the ninth century : edited by Rettig in 
1836, in lithographed facsimile. The text of St. Mark's 
Gospel is that which especially gives this MS. a claim to 
be distinguished from the mass of the later Uncial cojjies. 

e. Fragmenta Tischendorfiana. Four leaves iu the 
University Library at Leipsic. Brought to Europe and 
edited by Tischendorf, who ascribes this document to the 
seventh century. 

(o.) Certain important MSS. in Cursive Letters. 

1. A MS. in the Library at Basle, containing all the N. 
Test, except the Apocalypse ; but only of importance in 
its text in the Gospels. Of the tenth cent\iry : examined 
by many, and collated independently by Tregelles and by 
Roth : when these collations disagree, 1". or 1^. indicates 
the respective collators. 

33. Codex Colbertinus 2844. In the Imperial Library 
at Paris. The most important in its text of the Cursive 
copies of the N. Test., all of which, except the Revelation, 
it contained ; but now it is defective in several places, and 


throughout it is much injured. Of the eleventh century. 
Examined by many, and collated throughout by Tregelles. 
69. Codex Leicestrensis. A MS. of the N. Test, belong- 
ing to the Town Council of Leicester. Of the fourteenth 
century. Collated throughout by Tregelles. 

(f/.) The Later Uncials containing the Gospels. 

E. Codex Basileensis. At Basle : of the eighth century : 
collated throughout by Tischendorf and Tregelles. 

F. Codex Boreelii. At Utrecht : of the tenth century : 
collated by Heriuga. 

G. Codex Seidelii I. In the British Museum (Cod. 
Harl. 56S4) : one fragment of this MS. is in the Library of 
Trinity College, Cambridge (amongst Bentley's papers in 
B. 17. 20). Probably of the tenth century. Collated by 
Tischendorf and Tregelles. 

H. Codex Seidelii IL At Hamburg. Probably of the 
ninth century. Collated by Tregelles ; and since by Ti- 
schendorf, whose collation, however, has not as yet been 
available for comparison. A fragment of this MS. is in 
Trinity College Library, Cambridge, with that of G. 

K. Codex Cyprius. In the Imperial Library at Paris. 
Of the ninth century. Collated both by Tischendorf and 

M. Codex Campianus. In the same Library. Of about 
the tenth century. Collated by Tregelle-s, and copied by 

S. Codex Vaticanus 354. A MS. of the tenth century 
in the Vatican Library. Collated only by Birch. 

U. Codex Nanianus. In the Library of St. Mark, at 
Venice. Of the tenth century. Collated by both Tischen- 
dorf and Tregelles. 

V. Codex Mosquensis. In the Library of the Holy 
Synod at Moscow. Of the ninth century. Collated by 
Matthiei for his larger Greek Testament. 

W. Fragments appended to the MS. 314 in the Imperial 
Library at Paris. Edited by Tischendorf, who ascribes 
them to the eighth century, which is perhaps too early. 

Y. Fragments in the Barberini Library at Rome. Edited 
by Tischendorf, who attributes them to the eighth century. 

F". A few fragments edited by Tischendorf. 

r ) Two MSS. obtained by Tischendorf ; now in the 

A j Bodleian. 

Fragmentum Neapolitanum rescripttim : (cited Frag. 
Neap.). A MS. of which Tischendorf copied one leaf Of 
the eighth century. 

Fragmentum Sinaiticum. Two small portions read and 
copied by Tischendorf. Apparently of the ninth century. 

Fragmentum Mosqnense. Eight leaves, containing part 
of St. John's Gospel. Edited by Matthaei. Ajjparently of 
the ninth centmy. 

Fragmentum Bandurianum. A few verses of St. Luke's 
Gospel. Edited by Montfaueon. 

The other MSS. used for this edition do not contain the 

(ii.) Anciext Versions. 

Vulg. The version of Jerome is given from the Codex 
Amiatinus at Florence, of the sixth century. The varia- 

tions of the common or Clementine text (except those 
which relate to mere orthography) are noted at the foo* 
of each page, as well as the errata of the Codex Amiatinus 
itself. Vulg. CI. denotes the Clementine Vulgate ; Am. 
the Codex Amiatinus ; Fuld. the Codex Fuldensis ; Harl. 
the Codex Harleianus ; For. the Codex Forojuliensis ; 
Tol. the Codex Toletanus. 

TTie old Latin. 

a. Codex Vercellensis, edited by Irici and also by Blan- 

b. Codex Veronensis, edited by Blanchini. 

c. Codex Colbertinus, edited by Sabatier. 

d. The Latin text of Codex BezEe ; rarely cited: only of 
importance when the Greek readings of that MS. differ 
from the Latin, or where the Greek is defective. 

e. Codex Palatinus, edited by Tischendorf : a Latin text 
taken from some Greek MS., often resembling the Codex 

/. Codex Brixianus, edited by Blanchini : a revised Latin 

ff\ ff-. Codices Corbeienses ; cited by Blanchini and 
Sabatier : mixed in text. 

g^. g-. Codices San-germanenses ; cited by Sabatier : 
mixed in text. 

h. Codex Claromontauus ; now in the Vatican Library : 
edited by Mai : a mixed text. 

/. Codex Vindobonensis ; parts of Mark and Luke : a 
good text. Edited in certain German periodicals, which 
hfive not been available for this work-. Readings taken 
from Blanchini and Griesbach. 

h. Codex Bobbiensis. Copied and partially edited by 

I. Codex Rhedigerianus. Described and cited by Schulz. 

m. Latin readings in a MS. " Speculum." Described by 
Cardinal Wiseman, and edited by Cardinal Mai in his 
"Patrum Nova CoUectio" (i. pt. 2). 

Of these Latin texts, a. b. c. are the primary authorities ; 
and as such they are specified at each opening of the work : 
the others must be regarded as mere auxiliaries. /. is 
specially the Italian recension of the old (or African) Latin ; 
k. is often Alexandrian in its tone ; the rest (with the ex- 
ception of i. and m.) contain a very mixed text. 


Syr.Crt. The Syriac version discovered amongst the 
Nitrian MSS. in the British Museum, by the Rev. W. 
Cureton, by whom an edition of its text has been pre- 
pared. This ancient and most valuable document con- 
tains, in the present state of the MS., Matt. i. to viii. 22 ; 
from X. 31 to xxiii. 25. Of St. Mark there are only the 
last four verses of the last chapter. St. John i. 1 to 42 ; 
from iii. 6 to vii. 37 ; xiv. 11 — 29. Luke ii. 48 to iii. 16 ; 
from vii. 33 to xv. 21 ; from xvii. 24 to xxiv. 44. The MS 
is No. 14,451* in the British Museum. 

Syr.Pst. The Peshito Syriac : a version often printed : 
it was frequently modernized from time to time : readings 
of MSS. are sometimes cited from Adler and others, or 
from my own collations. 



Syr.Hc!. Tlie Harclean Syriac ; or the recension by 
Thomas of Harkel, in the beginning of tlie seventh cen- 
tury, of the version made by Philoxenus or by Poly carp a 
century earlier. Syr.Hcl.* points out a reading introduced 
into this version by Thomas. Syr.Hol.t denotes a reading 
obelized by him. 

Syi'.Hier. The Jerusalem Syriac : a Lectionary in the 
Vatican, described and cited by Adler : it has not been 
collated throughout : I have sometimes cited it from my 
own observation. 

Memph. The Memphitic version ; probably of the third 
century ; from the edition of Schwartze. (Memph.AV. re- 
fers to the edition of Wilkins.) 

Theb. The Thebaic Version ; probably older than the 
Memphitic : large fragments of this important text have 
been edited by Woide, Mingarelli, Giorgi, and Miinter : the 
latter of whom has cited readings from portions which 
have not been printed. 

Goth. The Gothic Version executed by dphilas in the 
fourth century. The edition of Gabelentz and Loebe, and 
also in part that by Massmann, have been used. 

Arm. The Armenian Version by Miesrob in the fourth 
century : the edition of Zohrab, taken from MSS., and 
devoid of alteration from, the Latin (Venice, 1805), has 
been used through the kind and efficient assistance of Dr. 
Charles Rieu. (Arm.Uso. refers to the edition of Uscan ; 
Arm.Zoh. to that of Zohrab ; Arm.m. to codices midti.) 

Mih.. The ^thiopic Version. The edition from MSS. 
by Thomas Pell Piatt, has been compared, for this work, 
with the text in Walton's Polyglott, by Mr. Prevost of the 
British Museum. The few notes also made by Mr. Piatt, 
while engaged in his collations, have been placed in my 
hands. (J5th. followed by a letter or number, refers to 
MSS. cited by :Mr. Piatt.) 

(iii). Early Citations. 

The earlier writers, such as Clemens Romanus, Barnabas, 
Jnstin. Martyr, are cited by their abbreviated names, with 
reference to their works and sections. 

Irenceus; by Massuet's pages. 

Clemens Alcxandrinus ; by Potter's pages (Eclogse and 
extracts from Theodotus, marked as such). 

Hippoli/tus ; by the pages of Fabricius, given after the 
works and sections. 

Philosophumena ; book and section, also MiUer's pages. 

Oriyenes ; by the volumes and pages of De la Rue. 

Clementine Homilies {Horn. CI.) ; by their numbers and 

Gregorins Tliaumaturgns ; by the pages of the Paris 
edition, 1622. 

Dionysitis Ah'xandrinus; by reference to the pages of 
the Roman edition, or to Routh in the portions edited by 

Petriis Alrxandrinus ; and some other fragmentary 
writers by Routh's volumes and pages. 

Eusehius ; Hist. Eccl. book and section ; also Reading's 
pages (in parenthesis). 

Ev. Prrep. •) 

Dem. Evan. > by Vigor's pages. 

contra Marcell. ) 

in Esaiam ) v -nt- i.r > 

inPsalmos J by Montfauoon s pages.. 

Eologa; Propheticae ; by Gaisford's pages. 

Portions edited by Mai, cited by the works, and by 

reference to his pages. (Nova Bibliotheca Patrum). 

Tertullianus ; by treatises and sections. 

Cypriamis ; by Baluze's pages. 

Hilarius ; by the Benedictine pages. 

Liicifer Calaritanus ; by the pages of the Venice 


I. In the Test. 

• indicates an addition to the common text. 

t indicates the omission of something in the common 

J indicates a reading adopted varying from the common 

" marks the close of a reading commenced by *' or J. 

Words within brackets in the text are such as are of 
doubtful authority. 

Citations from the Old Test, are denoted by a different 
Greek type being employed. 

The numbered sections in the Greek text are those of 
the Vatican MS., being probably the most ancient notation 
of the kind. 

§ indicates where some MS. or version begins after a 
defect : a similar reference in the margin shews what 
document it may be. 

IT shews where a MS. or version is defective. 

II. In the Left Hand Margin. 

At each opening of the book is given a conspectus of 
all the authorities employed in that particular portion : 
the notation of the MS. according to the arrangement in 
the list previously given, appearing on the first page, and 
the versions on the other. 

When a document breaks off in any part of the opening 
it is enclosed in parentheses ; thus (C) or (Theb.) ; when 
it is defective at the beginning of the two pages, but com- 
mences in some part of the opening, it is enclosed in 
brackets ; thus [L] [Goth.] 

X after the notation of a MS. implies that it is much 
mutilated in that part. 

§ with the notation of a MS. or version, as §Z, or §Theb. 
indicates that the document in question begins after a 
hiatus at the place in the text where the same mark 

IT with the notation of a MS. or version, as ITD, or TJ, 
indicates that such a document breaks off where such a 
mark is placed in the text. 

Of the old Latin copies, a b c are alone specified in the 
margin in detail ; the rest being only cited as auxiha- 

A reading given in the margin without any mark is an 
alternative reading ; that is, one as to which the authori- 



ties are divided between what stands in the text and 
what is thus placed in the margin. These alternative 
readings may, in some cases, reqmre a more detailed con- 
sideration ; some additional ones may need to be specified, 
and more definite conclusions may at times be given. 

Word.s in brackets in the mai-gin imply that they are 
somewhat doubtful. 

A reading bracketed in the text and marked " om." in 
the margin is very doubtful. 

A possible or not improbable addition Ls given in 
brackets in the margin. 

The Ammonian sections, Eusebian canons, and ancient 
sections, not being any peculi:uities of this edition, do not 
here require any special explanation. 

IIL In the Notes. 

The reading discussed is fii^t stated : the authorities 
which support any readingyiWo/y it, when the balance of 
evidence is given in detail. 

*, t, X are used as denoting the same readings to which 
they would apply in the text. 

5- indicates the common Greek text. 

Elz. the Elzevir edition of 1624. 

Si. or St. 3, the edition of Eobert Stephens, of 1550 : 
these editions are specified when they differ. 

"Contra" is used as introducing the statement of evi- 
dence opposed to some variation which had been stated. 

" w," the versions in general, or all that have not been 
cited for some special reading. 

Latt. The Latin copies in generaL 

A reference inclosed in parentheses implies that it 
nearly accords with the reading to which it is appended ; 
the variation, when needful, being specified. 

(Latt.) indicates that nearly all the Latin copies, all in 
fact not cited for some other reading, so read. 

"rel." (reliqui), is used exhatistivcly ; that is, as including 
all the MSS. and versions not cited for something different. | 

s after the iMtation of a MS. (as Bs) implies that the 
fact of such a i-eailing does not rest on express testimony, 
but that it is gathered e silcntio coUatorum. 

" ut vid." (i.a ut videtur, or sometimes only " vid.") is 
used as implying that such is apparently the reading of 
the MS., though for some reason absolute certainty cannot 
be obtained. 

Authorities inclosed within brackets imply that for 
some reason they are not quoted on either side. So, too, 
'' n. 1." (non liquet). 

An authority, if defective (where it might be expected 
to be found), is marked " h." or " hiat." 

Occasionally the abbreviation of the name of some col- 
lator is given as showing that the citation rests on his 

So, too, abbreyiations after versions indicate particular 
editors, or else refer to MSS. which have been collated. 

After the notation of a MS. ♦ denotes a x'rimd vmnu 
(thus B*) and then a numeral shews what the reading is 
of the same MS. when corrected ; thus B> would imply 
that the con-ection was made by the original writer ; B^ 
by a corrector ; B^ by a third hand, or second corrector. 

The balance of evidence is given so far as appeared to 
be necessary : at times all the documents are cited in 
detail ; at times, the whole on one side are given with a 
sufficient indication what may be placed in the opposite 
scale. In doing this, such versions are cited on each side, 
respectively, as may be at all regarded as being in pari 
materia. At times some subordinate authorities are spe- 
cified without being included in a general " rel." for special 
reasons, such as their having been incorrectly quoted for 
something different. 

In all cases of variation, all the Patristic authorities 
within the specified limits have been given, so far as 
they are known to me, so that these only appear at 
times as against a variation. A few things of this kind 
will require to be mentioned separately. 

This explanation of the marks and references will, I believe, suffice, so far as communicating 
information for the present is concerned. Those who are acquainted with the subject of textual 
criticism, will be themselves able to supply a great deal more ; while to those who are not, materials 
are furnished which they may use in the examination of the book itself. I only add, that the know- 
ledge of the names, etc., of MSS. will do as little towards making a critic, as an acquaintance with the 
names of colours will do in constituting an artist, or an inventory of tools will do in causing the 
possessor to be a skilled artisan. Information for use is furnished, but nothing more : if rightly 
applied, it will cause the facts and the principles of criticism to take hold on the mind. I cannot, 
however, cease to state, that it is only a Christian scholar who can use these things rightly in the 
fuUest sense ; for he alone knows the full value of Holy Scripture as the record of the Holy Ghost, 
given to make wise unto salvation, through faith which is in Christ Jesus ; — and he only can rightly 
apprehend what that spirit of prayer is, in which all Biblical studies should be carried on. 

I now consign this first portion of my Greek New Testament to the hands of the few who take 
sufficient interest in the matter to desire thus to receive it. I trust that its appearance may be an 
earnest that the other portions may follow at no distant period — hoping that I may be enabled, after 


I. 9. 


1 33 

E K M S U V. 


nuit loatham; loathara autem 
genuit Achaz; Achaz autem 
genuit Ezechiam; '" Ezechias 
autem genuit Manassem; Ma- 
nasses autem genuit Araon; 
Araon autem genuit losiam; 
" losias autem genuit lecho- 
niara et fVatres eius in transmi- 
gratione Babylonis. 


(j)aT Se eyei>i'i](r€i' tov Icopafx' Icopa/u, 8e eyei/urjcrei^ nuit loiam; loiam autem ge- 

^ t'/^y ' <)'/-v>- / If ^\ ' ' ^ 'T '/I . nuit Oziam; ' Ozias autem ge- 

Tou * U(^€iau ' U^eta? oe eyevvrjaev tov Icoaaa/x 
'Ifoadajj. 8e iyeuurjaev tov ' A;(a^- ' A^a^" he iyevvrjaev 
TOV 'E^e/c/av' ^'^ 'E^e/c/a? 5e eyevvrjcrev tov Ma- 
vaaaiy yiavaaarji 5e iyevvrjcrev tov ' AfJLWs' A/xcoy 
oe iyevvrjcrev tov * icocreiav icocreia^ oe eyevvqaev 
TOV le^oviav /cat tovs a.deX(f)ovf avTov eVt^ r^y jxeroL- 
K€aia9^ Ba^vXavof. 

3 Mera 8e T-qv fxeToiKecTLav Ba/3vA<Si'oy 'le^oi'/ay 
eyevvrfaev tov ^aXadujX- ^aXaOirjX 8e eyevvqaev tov 
ZopolBajSeX' Zopol3dl3eX Se eyevvqaev tov 'Al3iou8- 
A^iov8 8e eyevvqaev tov EAta/ceZ/x- EAta/cet/z 8e 
eyevvqaev tov 'A^cop- ^ A^cop 8e eyevvqaev tov 2a- 
8a>K- 2a5co/c 8e eyevvqaev tov A-^e'ip.- 'Axe'i/J. 8e 
eyevvqaev tov '^XlovS- ' 'KXiov8 8e eyevvqaev tov 

EXea^ap- 'KXea^ap 8e eyevvqaev tov ^Madddv 
^aOdav" 8e eyevvqaev tov 'la/cwyS* ^ 'la/cw/Q 8e iyev- 
vqaev tov 'lcoaq(j) tov av8pa Capias, e^ /;? eyevvrjdq 

\r]aovs 6 Xeyofxevos \piaTOf. 

4 ' YldaaL^ ovv al yeveai diro ' Aj^paap. eco? *Aaiief5" 
yevecLL SeKaTeaaape^, kcu diro * AauetS ewy ttjs p.e- 
TOLKealas Bal3uXa>vo¥ yeveai 8eKaTeaaapes, kcu diro 
TTjs p-eTOLKealas BajSvXdivos ems tov ■^LaTov yeveai 

'^ Et post transmigrationcm 
Babylonis lechonias genuit Sa- 
lathiel; Salatliiel autem genuit 
Zorobabel ; " Zorobabel autem 
genuit Abiud; Abiud aulem 
genuit Eliachim ; Eliachim au- 
tem genuit Azov; " Azor au- 
tem genuit Sadoc; Sadoc autem 
genuit Achim; Achim autem 
genuit Eliud; "^ Eliud autem 
genuit Eleazar; Eleazar autem 
genuit Matthan; Matthan au- 
tem genuit Jacob; '* Jacob au- 
tem genuit Josepli virum Ma- 
riae ; de qua natus est lesus qui 
vocatur Christus. 

n (2, 10.) Omnes ergo generati- 
ones ab Abraliam usque ad JJa- 
vid generationes quattuordecim, 
et a David usque transmigrati- 
onem Babylonis generationes 
quattuordecim, et a transnii- 
gratione Baliylonis usque ad 
Christum generationes quat- 

8. 9. OZ,uav OluaQ BA. (vid.DinLuc.iii.) 
Theb. I XOKiav OJiaf =r. C. rel. 

9. luiaOafi 2".] lioQa/i 33. 

— AxaK 4is] Axae C. 

9. 10. EiitKLcw EZcKiag C. rel. [ Ei^iiceiav 
EKtKuas B. ap. Ln. Tf. (vid.D inLuc. iii). 

10. Mai'aaai)' Ma)'a(T(r?;c] Mavairirijv 
Mai>i'a(Ti7i]Q A. 

— A/KufAwBCCDinLuciii.) A. 1.33. M. 
c.Jf'.g.'-''- Memph. Theb. Arm. iEth.| 
JA/iiui/ bis 1^. L. rel. Vulg. a.f. Syrr.Crt. 
Pst. & IIcl. 

10,11. lidiretav' liotTitag BA. (vid. D in 
Lac. iii.)Theb. | *ltoaiav luxnaf^.C.rel. 

11. I. ^£ tyti')')j(jiii'\ add. TOV ItoaKti/x, 
^uiaKHji Ci tyifvyjacv (1.) 33. MJJ. Syr. 
Hcl.* in codd. quibusdam. Syr.IIier. 
(vid. D iu Luc. iii.) (r. Io/cei^, Iiuaicd/i 
?£ lytv. 1.) "Joseph enim Joacim et 
Jechoniae filius ostenditur, quemadmo- 
dum et Matthaeus generationem tyus 
exponit." Iren. 218. | Contra, MSS. et 
Verss. rel. "tredecim generationes." 
Hil. 611. sic etiam Porphyrius apud 

11, 12. fiETOiKefftag .... fieroLKsaiav BsCP 
(A). 33. MSs. I fiiToiKtia. bisl,. 1. (E) 
KXJV. {fiiToiKia. E. 1°.) I sic etiam ver. 
17, exc. 1. (et E ibi habet 1°. fiiToiKia.) 

12. €yevvr]rT£v bis'\ yerva B. sic etiam ver. 
13. il'>.Btly. ter Bch.)\ Contra , CPLA. 
(1.) 33. rel. 

— 2£Xa0ij)\ bis B. k. 

12, 13. Zopofilial^tX bis (A.) 

13. £7£i'i';((rfvl°.] tyivvr) 1. (vid. B. supra.) 

— EXtam/i bis MV. 

13. 14. A?op bis 1. 

14. Axfiji bis B.fCP. rel. | Ax'/i L. 33. 
MSV. I Ax£i>' A. I Axil' 1- Syrr.Crt & 
Pit. (2°. Hcl. txt.) Mcmph. Arm. 

15. MaOeav B* (D in Luc. iii.) | tUarQav 
bis ^. CPL. rel. Mcmph. Theb. (2». 
Mar0«f 33. A.) 

16. TOV av^pa^ om. rov A. 

— rov ai'Ppa Maptag £^ t)g eytvyjidt] Iq^ 
aom:.] sic, MSS. Vulg.fff'' Syrr.Pst.S: 
Hcl. (Theb.) Mth. | cui desponsata est 
Maria virgo quae genuit Jesum. Syr.Crt. 
I cui desponsata virgo Maria genuit 
Jesum. a.j'' Arm. Sic, sed, peperit 

Christum Jesum. d. \ cui desponsata 
erat virgo Maria ; virgo autem Maria 
genuit Jesum. b, (it. c) | om. lijaovg 
1. I tK ))g lyev. I.] haec quae peperit 
Jesum. Memph. 

16. 6\tyoiiEvog~] om.i,(</.ut sup.) Syr.Crt. 

17. ai & Dje 1".] om. A. 

— sub finem] add. omnes itaque genera- 
tiones ab Abraam usque in adventum 
Jesu Christi generationes sunt XLII. 
b.c. jEth. [ (Contra, a.d.f.ffK) 

18. xP'o''"'"' (D Lat. Gr. hiat) Vulg. ab. 
c.d.f.ff'. Syr.Crt. /ren. 204, 5. 191. 
" Ceterum potuerat dicere Matthaeus : 
Jesu vera generatio sic erat; sed prae- 
videns Spiritus Sanctus depravatores, 
et praemuniens contra fraudulentiam 
eorum, per Matthaeum ait; Christi au- 
tem generatio sic erat." Iren. 204, 5. | 
Xpiffroii Ijjffov B. Bell. Orig. Int. iii. 
96.')''. I tlijffow" Xpifrov 'S. CPZL. rel. 
Syrr.Pst. & Hcl. Memph. Theb. Arm. 

11. transmigr.attouera An 
Am. 1 17. omnes itaque CI. 

14. i?addoc (Ms) 

II. 2. 


Tulg.o. [i.]c. 

Syrr. C. P. H. 

Memph. Theb. 

Arm. Mth. 



"Es. 7:14. 

■^ Lu. 2; 7, 21. 

r O lof oe yjiLfTTOv r] *yei'€(rLf ovrtos rjv fxurj- 
(TTevBelarj^* rrjf fxrjTpos auTov NLapla^ rco 'Icoarjcf), 
TTpiv i] crvveXOelv avTovs evpedij Iv y^crrpX e^ovcra €k 

^ TrvevfxaTOi ayiov. ^' 'la)(Ti](f) 8e 6 aviip avrrj^, SiKatos 
wv KOii /XT) deX(oi> avT7]u ^Seiyp-aTlcrai, il3ovXi]di] Xadpa 
OLTToXvaai avTr/v. ~ ravra 5e avTOv ev6vpLr]9evT09, ISov 
ayyeXos Kvplov kut bvap e(^avri avrcp Xeycav, la>cn](j) 
v'tof ^Aave[8," p.i] (I)ol3r]0r]s^ TrapaXajSelu ^apLap. ttjv 
yvvoLKa aov to yap iv avrfj yevvrjOev e'/c 7rvevp.aT0s 
icTTiv ayiou. ' re^erac Se vlou,^ koI KaXecrei^ to bvopa 
avTov Irjcrouv avTos yap a-coaei top kaov avTov oltto 
TMU ap.apTicoi' avTUiv. " tovto 5e oXov y^yovev, 'iva 
TrXr]pa)6rj to prjOev vtto* Kvpiov 8ia tov 7rpo(j)rjTOV 
XeyovTos, ''^^'iSov ij icap^ivog ivyvyTTp) s'isi xcu ri^s- 
rat vm, xou Ha.Xi'Tovfrtv to ovofj^a, ainoxj 'Eja^aavouTyA, 
o eaTLV p.eOepp.rjuevop.ei'Ov, M.€$ r}p.a>v 6 deoy. 

G " ^'Kyepdeis" 8e 6 'Icoarjcp awo TOV vttvov eTTOi-qa-ev 
a>s TTpoaeTa^ev avTco 6 ayyeXos Kvpiov /cat TvapeXafBev 
Tr]v ywaiKa avTov. "^ koll ovk iyifaxTKeu avT7]v kcos oh 
'^iTCKev^ vlov,'' /cat cKaXeaev to 6vop.a avTov 'Irjcrovv. 

" Christ! autem generatio sic 
erat: ^'>^''Cumessctdesponsata 
mater eius Maria Joseph, ante 
quam convcnirent inventa est in 
iitero habens do spiritu sancto. 
19 (4, 1".) Joseph autem vir eius, 
cum esset iustus et nollet earn 
traducere, voluit occulte dimit- 
tere cam. '" Ilaec autem eo co- 
gitante, ecce aiigelus domini in 
somnis paruit ei dicens, loseph 
fill David, noli tiraere accipere 
Mariam coniugem tuam ; quod 
enim in ea natum est, de spiritu 
sancto est. -' Pariet autem fili- 
nra, et vocabis nomen eius le- 
suni : ipse enim salvum faciet 
-- Hoc autem totum factum est 
ut adimpleretur id quod dictum 
est a domino perprophctam di- 
ceutem, '' Ecce virgo in utero 
habebit et pariet filium, et voca- 
bunt nomen eius Emmauuliel, 
quod est interpretatum Nobis- 
cum deus. 

^' Exsurgens autem loseph a 
somno fecit sicut praecepit ei 
angelus domini, et accepit con- 
iugem suam. '^ Et non cognos- 
cebat cam donee peperit filium 
suum primogenitiun, et vocavit 
nomen eius lesum. 

II- A' { Toy 8e Irjcrov yevvqOtvTOS Iv BrjdXeep, TTJS ' Cum ergo natus esset lesus 

'T ^ r >■/ 'TT'5- "o \' >^^ ' in Bethleem ludeae in diebus 

iOVOaias tV iqpepaLS tipCOOOV TOV paaiXecoy, lOOV payOl Herodis regis, ecce magi ab 

OLTTO duaToXdu irapeylvOVTO ds 'lepoa6Xvp.a ' XeyOV- orientevenemntHierosoljmam 

^th. Orig. (e schedis Grabii et Combe- 
fisii) iii. 965. ad imam paginam. Eas. 
D.E. 320''. 

18. y(vt(Tis BCPZ. A. 1. S. Syr.Hcl. Eus. 
D.E. 320^ I *yevvri(Tis S- L- 33. rel. 

— liv7i(jTev9eiatje~] fadd. yap <5'. C^HL. 
33. rel. d. Eus. D.E. 320". 1 om. BC*Z. 1 . 
Vulg. a.b.c.f.ff'. Syrr.Crt.Pst. & Hcl. 
Memph. Theb. Arm. Iren. 204. (n.?. 

— Ttig firfTpoQ avTov'] om. d. (hiat D.) 

— £i/p«9/j] r]vpe9)) 1. 

19. 6 avtjp avTr)Q SiKaioc wv Kai^ quia vir 
Justus erat. Syr.Crt. (^th.) 

— SeiyfiaTKxai BZ. 1. £ks. ad Steph.i.221 
diserte.lXtrapafidyijiaTtaai <^. CPL. 33. 
rel. Gr. Eus. D.E. 320''. 
II add. Mariam. Syr.Crt. 

20. idov] om. a. Syrr.Crt. & Hcl. 

— ai/rif)] ipso Josepho. Syr.Crt. (Theb.) 

— Mapia/i CDPZ. rel. Orig.i.aSl*'. Eus. 
D.E.320'>. \Mapiav BL. 1 Es.382». 

— ev aurp y€vvrt9ev~\ in ea nascetur. a. \ 
ex ea nascetur. i./j'. (Memph.) ^th. | 
ex ea nascitur. c. | natum ex ea. Syr.Crt. 

20. eiTTiv ayiov B«CPZ. rel. Eus. D.E. 
320". in Es. 3S2». ad Steph. i. 222. | 
ayioD Etrriv DL. /ren. 204. 259. Orig.i. 
381''. II add. genitum. Syr.Crt. 

21. TE^trai} add. tibi. Syr.Crt. 

— KaXeattel i^aXemi L* 3'. 

— TOV Xaov ai/rou] mundum. Syr.Crt. 

22. 0X01-] om. Syr.Crt. Iren. 204. 216. 

— Kvpwv BCDZ. A. 1. 33. | fpraem.rou 
T. L. rel. Eus. D.E. 320". 

— Bial add. 'Raaiov D. a.b.c.f.g'. Syrr. 
Crt.&Hcl. Syr.Hier. Arm. /ren. 216. | 
Contra, BsCZL. 1. 33. rel. Vulg. ffK 
Syr.Pst. Memph. Theb. ^th. /ren. 204. 
259. Eus. D.E. 320". 

— Xeyorroe] om.y. Syr.Pst. Arm. Iren. 
204. 216. (contra, 216.) 

23. KaXtaoviTiv Eus. D.E. 98*. | KaXtatt^ D. 
d**. £«s.D.E.320". (vocabitrf/'.) j vo- 
cabitur. Syr.Crt. Orig. Lit. iii. 109". 

— o etoe CDL. 1. 33. rel. Eus. D.E. 98». 
320". I om. o B.BcA. (n./. Z.) 

24. iyip9ug BC'Z. 1. | XSuyipeuq '^. DC 
L. 33. rel. 

— 6 liaaTjifi BsCD. rel. | om. ZAK. 

24. ri/v yvvaiKa avTov] Mariam Syr.Crt. 
(add. Mariam ^th.) 

— avTov^ tavTov Z. 

25. (In Syr.Crt. sic : et caste cum ea vive- 
bat donee, &c.) 

— eyivwcTKEv BCZL. rel. Vulg. Syr.Hcl. | 
tyvw D. b.c.d.f.ffKg'-". {a hiat.) Syr.Pst. 
Hil. 612. 

— oi CDZ. I om. B. Bch. 

— v'lov BZ. 1.33.(avid.)A.c.3'.A. Syr.Crt.| 
TOV v'lov Memph. | r. v\. avrtjg Theb. ] 


CD*.rel. Vuls.(d.)f.ffK Syrr.Pst.&Hcl, 
Arm. jEth. (om. avTtjQ D^.L. d.) filium 
suum unigenitum g'. (vid. Luc.) 
1. ^e] om. M*. 

— r;(c lovdatas Am. d.f. Syr.Hcl. | Juda 
Vulg. CI. Syrr.Crt. &Pst. I Judaejf'.j'. 
I civitatem (s.-'^) Judaeae a.b.c.g'. 

— 'UpoaoXv/ia BsC^DZ. 1. 33. MSs. Eus. 
D.E. 374''. I 'UpovaaXiili C*LAEKUV. 
Eus. D.E. 342''. 418". 

20. apparuit in somn. CI. | &\ii Am. 
id. CI. 
1. Juda CI. 


II. 3. 

BCD (Z). 

1 33 

^ Mic. 5:2. 
Joh. 7:42. 


T€s, Hov iariv o rexd^h fiaa-iXevs twv 'lovSalcou ; 
el8o/x€i> yap avrov tov darepa ev rfj auaroXr], Koi 
■qXOofjiev TTpoaKvvrjaaL avrco. '^ ixKovcraf Be *6 (Saai- 
\evs lipcodi]^ irapa^OT], kol Trdcra lepoaoXvp-a pLer 
avTov- KUL avvayaywv Travras rov9 dpy^iepels kcCl 
ypap-p-arels tov Xaov, eTTwOavero Trap' avTwv, ttov 6 
XpLCTTos yevvaTai. ^ ol 8e eiirov avTco, 'Ez/ "QrjdXeep. 
TTJs lovSaiay. ovTco^ yap yiypaiVTai Sid tov irpo- 
(prjTov, ''''Ka) (TV, B7]$A£SfA. <y^ 'lovSa, ovSaf^&g 
iX(x,'yiTTrj si iv roic 'msLhomv 'lovSa- ix (rov lyap 

roig 7jysfx,0(riv 


sgsAsvasTai Tjjovf/ysvog, ofrrig Tcotf^avsi tov Aaov f/,ov 

TOV 'Ic/jaiyA.^ 

^ 8 Tore UpcoSy^f Xadpa KaXeaas tovs p.dyovs rjKpi- 
l3co(reu irap avTwv tov )(pouov tov (^aLuopLeuov dcTTe- 
p09, Koi 7rep.\l/ay avTovs et? ^TjOXeep. elrrev, Ylopev- 
OevTef ^€^€TaaaTe aKpilScos" irepl tov iraiSlov iirdv 
Se evptjTe, aTrayyeiXaTe fioi, owco? Kayco iXOcov irpoa- 
Kvvrjcrco avTco. ol Se aKovaavTei tov jBacnXems eVo- 
pevdijaau- kuI l8ov 6 daTrjp, ou eiSou eV Trj dvaToXfj, 

TTpofjyev avT0V9 ewy iXOcov ^iaTaOr]" eirdvco ov y]v to 

s' iO's>' S'^^ '' ■' ^ 

iraiOLOv. LOOvTes oe tou aaTepa e^ap-qaav ^apau 

p.eyaXr]!' o-(poSpa- /cat eXdovTes ety ttjv oiKiav *el8ov" 

TO TratSlov fxeTa Maplaf r?;? p-rfTpo? avTov, /cat Treaov- 

Tes TvpoaeKwrjcrav avTw, kou dvoi^avTes tovs drjcrav- 

povs avTWv 7rpoarji>€yKai> avTCo Scopa, y^pvaov /cat 

Xi^avov Kal ap-vpvav. ' kcll xpy]p.aTL<x6ivTe9 KaT ovap 

■ dicciites, Ubi est qui natus est 
rex lud.ieorum? Vidimus eiiira 
stellam eius in oricnte, et veni- 
mus adorare eum. ■' Audieiis 
autem Herodes rex turbatus 
est, et omnis Hierosulyma cum 
illo. •" Et congregans omnes 
principes sacerdotum et scribas 
populi, sciscitabatur ab eis ubi 
Cbristus nasceretur. * (".'•' At 
illi dixeruut ei, In Bethleem lu- 
deae. Sic enim scriptum est 
per prophetam, ^ Et tu Beth- 
leem terra luda, nequaquam 
minima es in principibus luda: 
ex te enim exiet dux qui reget 
populum meum Israhel. 

■ («. '»•' Tunc Herodes, clam 
vocatis magis, diligenter didicit 
ab eis tempus stellae quae ap- 
paruit eis; " et mittens illus in 
Bethleem dixit.Ite etinten-cjgate 
diligenter de puero; et cum in- 
veneritis, renuntiate mihi, ut et 
egoveniensadoremeum. ^ Qui 
cum audisscnt regem, abieruut. 
Et eece Stella, quam Tiderant 
in oriente, anteeedebat eos, us- 
que dum veniens staret supra 
ubi erat puer. '" Videutes au- 
tem stellam gavisi sunt gaudiu 
magno valde; " et iutrantes 
Maria matre eius, et procidentes 
adoraYerunt eum ; et apertis 
thesauris suis obtulerunt ei mu- 
nera, aurum tus et mun-am. 
'^ Et response accepto in somnis. 

2. tiiio/jfi/] -uiiiiv LM. 

— avriij~\ avTov A. 

3. o PaviXeve 'Hpoioris BDZ. 1. b.c.k. 
Memi)h. Eiis. D.E. 342''. | +'Hp. 6 jSaa. 
^. CL. 33s. rel. Vulg. a.f.ff'. Syrr.Crt. 
Fst.&IIel. Theb. Arm. 

— iracra] om.D. || add. >j Z. Eus. D.E. 342''. 

4. apxtipftg^ Itpfit" A. 

— iTTvv. Trap' aurwi'] dixit eis Syr.Crt. 
II om. nap' avTwi' D. (ad fin. paginac.) 
I Contra, Eus. U.E. 342''. 

a. ci-n-ov CDZ. rel. j ttjrav B. 

— ■ Tjji; lovSaiag Am. a.c.d.f. Syr.Hcl. j 

Judae Vulg. a. ff'. Syrr.Crt. & Pst. 

Syr.IIicr. | civitatem Judaea h. 

— yap'] om. L. 

6. yi) lovSa sic. Vulg. Syr.Hcl. | rijc lov- 
Saiag D. a.c/.g'. \ Judae Hil. 452. | 
(Judaea 6.) terra Judeonun _^'. ||om. 
ytl Syrr.Crt. &I'st. (oiKof rov F.(ppa9a 
Ens. n.E. 342''. e Mic). 

6. ovia/jiujg Eus. D.E. 342''. | /jj; D. | nou 
a b.c.d.f.g'. Syrr.Crt. & Pst. Hil. 452.\ 
numquid ff'. (^ovSa/i. t\ax. £i»; (sic) 
IV T. rjye/i. lovSa E. in mg.**) 

— tv roie t'jyepoan'] a regno Syr.Crt. 

— tK uov B- ZL. rel. Eus. D.E. 342"'. | 
I'i ov C. I (K ov D. I e5 "OV B*. 

— yap] add. fioi CK. Arm. | Contra J^s 
])Z. rel. Just. Tr. 78. Eus. D.E. 342''. 

— TTot^avei] TTOtpipei D. 

7. tjKpiiSujati'] tiKpeiiiaaiv D. (et ver. 16). 

8. fiTTti'] add. auroij D. Syrr.Crt. &Pst. | 
Contra, Eus. D.E. 343'. 

— i^irairaTi aKpifiwg BCD. 1.33. Vulg. 
a.b.c.f.ffKg'-'- Memph. Theb. Eus. 
D.E. 343». I iaxpifiios iltraaart T. C 
L. rel. Orig. iii. 661''. 783''. 

— iirav] brav D. 

— airayy.] iirayy. D*^. 

9. ajcoi'ffavrff] aKovaav D*. 

— o aariip] om. 6 L. 

9. tnrae,) BCD. 1. 33. Orig. iii. 661''. 
JSus. D.E. 418». I Xiarti 'S. L. rel. Eus. 
D.E. 343". 

— ov Tjv TO jraiSwv sic Vulg. a.f.ff''. rel. 
Orig. iii. 661''. Eus. D.E. 343". 418". | 
TOV iraidiov D. b.c.g'. 

10. aartpa] auTtpav C. 

— (r0oti|Oa] om. Syr.Crt. 

11. iiSov BCDLA. 1. 33. EKMSUV. u.f. 
Syrr. Crt. Pst. & Hcl. Memph. Tlieb. 
Arm. jEth. (/jen. 205, " quem magi 
videutes.") Onj. iii. 661''. £m«. D.E. 
343".418^ I Xiiipov ^. Yuig. b.c.ff\g\ 

— TO Trat^iov] TOV natCa D. j Contra, 
Orig. iii. 661''. Eus. D.E. 343". 418''. 

— Xijiavov Kai a^vpvav] Ufivp. Kai \i/3. 
Syrr.Crt. & Pst. jEth. (Zfivpvav D.) 

12. x^P°-^ avTu}V~\ iavTiov x^^pav 1. 

13. ava)(o)p.St avTwv] avTuiv di ai'a^^op. 
D. (et post eos Syr.Crt.) 

5. Judae Vi. 1 6. regat. Ct. 

II. 20. 


Vulg a. b. c. 

Syrr. C. P. H. 

Memph. Theb. 

Arm. Eth. 

' IIos. 11:1. 

'Jer. 31:15. 


18. ^9e\t}(T£V 

1 z 

"(Ex. 4:19.) 

fir) duaKd/xyj/aL irpos 'HpcoSrjv, 81 aAA?;? 68ov uvex<^- 
prjaav (if Ti]!^ •)(copav avTCou. 

9 ^"^ ' 8e avTU)v, ISov dyy^Xos Kvpiov 
^ KUT ovap (j)aiveTai" tco 'Icoarjcf) Aeycov, F,yep0eh 
TvapdXafie to TraiSloi/^ kcu rrjv fxrjTepa avrov, /cat 
(f)€uye elf AlyvTrroi', kcu ladi (Kel ewy dv eiTrco aoi- 
yLte'AAei ydp 'HpcoSr]? Cv'''^^'^ ''"" '^oi.i-Sloi^, tov dTroAeaai 
avTO. ^* 6 8e eyepOeLS 7rapeXaj3ev to ■jraiSloi' kou ttjv 
fxrjTepa avTov vvktos kou dve^aprjaev els KXyviTTOv, 
^^ KOI rjv (Kei €wy Trjs TeXevTrjs 'HpcoSov Iva TrAyjpcodrj 
TO pr]dev viro * Kvpiov Sia tov 7rpo(j)r]TOV XeyofTOS, 
"■'E^ AlyvTTOV ixd'Asa-a, tov vim fjt^ov. 

10 '''Tore 'Upwdr/s IScov oti ive7ra[)(^ffr) vtto tcou 
/xaycou, eOvp-CoOrj Xiav, Kol diroaTeikas dveiXev iravTas 
Tovs TralSas Tovf iv BrjdXee/j. koI ii> irdaiv toIs opiois 
avTrJ9, diro SieTovs kol KaTCOTepco, KUTa tov ^povov ov 
rjKpilBcocreu irapd tcdv paywv. ' tote eTrXrjpadr] to 
prjOev ^Bid" 'lepepiov tov Trpo(pr]Tov AeyovTOs, $fyv7y 
iv'Pa^«/a tjxovtStj, ^xAavSf^og xcu oSvpy^og ■T:o'Avg,'Pa,')^7jA 
xKaiovcra, to, rixva aiiTTjg, xou ovx tj^sasv TcapixxK'r]- 
B7jva.i, oTi oiix sIt'iv. 

11 ^'^ ^ eXtvTr^aavTos Se TOv'HpcoSov, iSov ayyeAoy 
Kvpiov ^(paiveTai /car' ovap tco Iwo"?70 ev AlyvTrTca, 
^° Xeyav, 'Kyepdels irapdXafie to Trai^lov kol ttjv^ 
prjTepa avTOv, kou iropevov els yrjv laparjX- ^Tedvrj- 
Kacriv yap 01 ^rjTOvvTes ti]v \lrv)(r]v tov iraL^iov. " o 

ne redirent iid Herodem, per 
aliain viam reversi sunt in regi- 
onem suam. 

'■" Qui cum recessissent, ccce 
angelus domini apparuit in 
somuis loseph dicuns, Surge et 
accipe puerura et raatrem eius 
et fuge in Aegyptum, et esto 
ibi usque dum dicam tibi: fu- 
turum est enim ut Herodes 
quaerat puerum ad perdendum 
eum. '* Qui consurgens acce- 
pit puerum et matiem eins 
nocte, et recessit in Aegyptum, 
'^ et erat ibi usque ad obitum 
Hcrodis ; ut adimpleretur quod 
dictum est a domino per pro- 
phetam dieentera, Ex Aegypto 
vocavi tilium meum. 

'" Tunc Herodes videns quo- 
niam inlusus esset a magis, 
ir:Uus est valde; et mittens oc- 
cidit oinnes pueros qui erant in 
Betlilecm et in omnibus fiuibus 
eius, a bimatu et infia, secun- 
dum tempus quod exquisierat 
a magis. " Tunc adimpletum 
est quod dictum est per Hiere- 
miam propbctam dieentera, 
'^ Vox in Rama audita est, plo- 
ratuset ululatusmultus: Kaehel 
plorans filios suos, et noluit 
consolai'i, quia non sunt. 

" Defuncto autem Herode, 
ecce apparuit angelus domi- 
ni in somnis loseph in Ae- 
gypto *■ dicens. Surge et accipe 
puenim et matrem eius et vade 
in terram Israhel : defuncti sunt 
enim qui quaerebant animam 

13. avTio%i BC*L. rel. | roi' /layov (sic) 
C. D man. rec. ||add. He ti]v x'opo^v 
avTuiv B. I Contra, CDL. rel. 

— KUT ovap faivirai C 33. K. | kut' 
ovap iipavt} B. (vid. cap. i. 20). Vulg. 
Theb. MS. (Memph. aneeps.) Arm. 
•' apparuit Josepli in somnis" Iren. 184. 
I iipaiverai Kar ovap s". DL. 1. rel. 
(vid. ver. 19). 

— Xtywi'] add. ei, Syrr.Crt. & Pst. 

— TO Traioior] TOV vaica D. | Contra, 
Orig. i. 381^ iii. 662^ E«s D.E. 296". 

— eiTTio ffoi] (Tot iiTTw D. I Contra, Orig. 
i. 381'' Eus. D.E. 296''. 

— 'Hpw^;)s] praem. 6 L. : Contra, Orig. 
i. 381''. 

— TO TTatOiOi' . . . auro] rov Trai^a .. .av- 
rov D. I Contra, Orig. i.381''. 

14. 6 (!«] Joseph autem Syrr.Crt. &Pst. | 
{a.b.c.g\ habent Joseph : Contra, Vulg 

14. eyep9eie BsCZ. rel. | ctsyipBeig D. 33. 

— TO :ra(Cio»^] rov Trat^a D. 

15. 'Hpw^ou] Herodis regis Syr.Crt. 

— Kupiou] tpraem. tov '^. L. rel. 1 Contra, 
BCDZA. 1. 33. 

— row TrpotpjjTov^ om. tov A. 

16. c^icrouc] disreiag D*. 

— Karwrepio'] Karw D. (Contra, Petr. 
Alex. 43.) 

— Xpovov Of] ;^poj^oi' Z. 

17. prjOev'] add. j'-tto Kvpiov D. 

— cta 'l£pff<.BCDZ..33. Vu\g.ab.c/.ff'. 
Syrr.Pst.&Hcl.(txt.) Arm. JEib. Just. 
Tr. 77. I :^ i'TTo'ltp^fi.^.Li. l.rel. 1 vtto 
TOV 'lipift. Syr.Hcl. mg. Gr. | (verbum 
quod locutus est Jeremias. Syr.Crt. | 
[Memph. Theb ] 

18. K\nii9/jog] t praem. 6p>ivoe xai '^. 
CDL. 33. K. rel. SyiT.Crt.&Hcl. Arm. 
(LXX. Jer. tpuivri . . . Gpijvov Kai K\av- 
Qfxov : MSS. Bprtvoe Kal KkavO^oQ.') \ 

Contra, BZ. 1. Vulg. a.b.e.f.ffK Syr. 
Pst. Syr.Hier. Memph. Theb. ^th. 
Just. Tr. 77. 

18. o^upjaoc] ppvyfioe Z (sic). 

— Paj^ijX] vox Raehelis Syr.Crt. 

— );0f\f)/BsCL. 1.33. rel. Syr.Hcl. Just. 
Tr.77. ///pp. Ph. V. 8(114). | iiBtXriaiv 
DZ. Vulg. a.(hiat A.)c./^'. Hi/. 613. | 
[Syrr.Crt. & Pst.] 

19. 'HpwCou] Herodis regis Syrr.Crt.&Pst 

— fatvtTat Kar' ovap BDZ. 1. hoc ord. 
Vulg. (non Am.) a.c.f.ffK Theb. | (ap- 
paruit ante angelus Am. b. Syr. Pst.) | 
*KaT' ovap (paivtrai •^. CL. 33. rel. Syr . 
Hcl. I [Syr.Crt. Memph.] 

20. XtyMi'] add. ei Syrr.Crt. & Pst. 

— TO Trai^iov] TOV naioa D. | Contra, 
Orig. iii. 662». 

— TraiJiou] add. ad perdendum Syr.Crt. 

13. somnio Am." | 14. secessit CI. 
gelua Domini apparuit CI. 

19. tui- 


II. 21. 

BCD [P]. 


1. 33. 

E K M S U V. 

8t eyepdel? irapeXa^ev to TraLSiou kol rrjv jJirjTepa av- 
Tov Kai * eiarjAuev eis yyji' IcrparjA. aKOvcras oe cirt 
Ap^eXaof iSaa-tXevei [_f7rtj r?}? 'louSata? dprt ^tov 
Trarpof avTOv'HpcoSov' i^o^-qOrj tKel aTrtkOelv XPV' 
fjLaTLaOels Se kut bvap ave-^aipriaev ely ra pi^pr] Trjs 
FaAiAa/ay, "^ koi iXdcoi' KarwKrjaev els ttoXlv Xeyo- 
p.evriv ^Na^apiO^ ottoj? TrXrjpcodfj to prjOiv 8ta twv 
7rpo(pr]Tcov oti ^a^copalos KXrjOrjaeTai. 

pueri. " Qui surgcns accepit 
puerum et matrem eius et venit 
in terrain Israhel. '^ Audiens 
autem quia Archelaus regnaret 
in lud.iea pro Herode patre 
suo, timuit illuc ire, et admo- 
nitus in somnis secessit in partes 
GalUaeae. ^' Et veniens liabi- 
tavit in ciritate quae vocatur 
Nazareth; utadimplereturquod 
dictum est per proplietas quo- 
niam Nazareus vocabitur. 

III. r' S 12 'El* 5e Tah rjp.epais eKeli/ais TrapayiveTai Ico- 

I' ||Lu. 3:3—17- avvr]9 6 /SaTTTiaTTjs Krjpvaacov iv ttj iprjp-O) Trjs 

I Mar. 1:2 — 8. 'TS'y^^~l^' i\/T " " ^' 

louoaias [_KatJ Xeycou, Meraj/oeire' TjyyiKtv yap rj 

>i fiaaiXeia tcov ovpavav. "^ ovTOf yap icTTiv 6 prjOtis 

'£5.40:3. ^ Bia 'Htratov TOV 7rpo(f)i]Tov XeyovTos, ^^covTj /SowvTog 

£v TJi ipTjfhw, 6Totfj(.a,cra,TS ttjv oSov xvplov, eidelag 

ttoisTts rkg rpi^ovg avroii. 

^ 13 AvT09 Se 6 'Icodvvrjs ei^ev to euSv/ia avTOv 

UTTO TpLycov Kap,r]Xov /cat i^cavqv 8epp.aTLvr]i^ irepl Trji> 

6a(j)vu avTov- rj de Tpo^rj ^rjvavTOv aKpldef Kai /xeXi 


14 Tore i^eTTopeveTO irpos avTov 'lepoaoXvp-a Kal 

irdaa rj lovSala Kal Trdaa 1) irepL-^^wpos tov \op8avov, 

Kal i^aTTTi^ovTO iu TW^IopSai/T) iroTa/xw' vtt avTOv, 

£ (^op.oXoyovp,evoL tols dp.apTias avTcou. IBcov 8e ttoX- 

I (7, 3.) In diebus autem illis 
venit lohannes baptista prae- 
dicans in deserto ludaeae ' et 
dicens, Paenitentiam agite : ad- 
propinquavit enim regnuni cae- 
lorum. ^ <■'• ' ' Hie est enim qui 
dictus est per Esaiam proplietam 
dicentem, Vox claniantis in de- 
serto Parate viam domini, rec- 
tas facite semitas eius. ' <?,«•) 
Ipse autem lohannes habebat 
Testimentum de pilis cameloiimi 
et zonam pelliciam circa lum- 
bos suos ; esca autem eius erat 
lucustae et mel silvestre. 

^ Tunc exiebat ad eum Hiero- 
solyma et omnis ludaea et om- 
nis regie circum lordanen, ' et 
baptizabantur in lordane ab co 
confitentes peccata sua. '('».*•) 
Videns autem raultos Pharisae- 

21. tyipeiie BsC. rel. | Suyipeug D. 33. 

— TO Tratciov] tov TratSa D, 

— ita)i\9iv BC. Memph. | *7i\etv DL. 

— y»)i' Iirp.] Tijv lap. D. {Contra, d. 
man. Tec.) 

22. aKovaac otj add. Joseph Syr.Crt. 

— «7ri ri;c lovS.'\ om. nrt B. 1. 33. Arm. 
Eus. D.E. 365":. I Contra. CDL. rel. 

— TovnarpoQ avTov'HputSov Ji.{Bck.)C. 
{tou ante'Hp. B.BtIt/ ) \ I'Up. rov ir. 
avT. S". DL. 1. 33. rel. Vulg. Eus. 
D.E, 365''. 

2.3. tXewi/] add. ibi Syr.Crt. 

— ^a'Capie B.Btly.C. EKMUV. Latt. 
Mem ph. Theb. | NaJapnS A.\.\ fNa- 
Saptr '^. DL. 33. Ss. 

— Sia"] it-jro C. 

— Tutv vpopTiTiovl prophetas Vulg. g'''- 
id. man. rec.) Syr.Hcl. | prophctam a. 
b. c.f.ff'. Syrr. Crt. & Pst. & HcL MS. 
JEa)x. I (utimplcreturverbumprophetae 
Arm. Zoh. Codd. multi habent " pro- 

. S( BC. 1. 33s. U. Vulg. ac.[d.]/.j'. 

Syrr.Pst. & Hel. Memph. Theb. | om. 

DLA. EKMSV. Tol. b.ff.gK Syr.Crt. 

(ut saepe) Arm. Hil. 614. 
. Kai Xtywv] om. Kai B. p". Memph. 

Theb. iEth. Hil.f,u:\ Con<ra,CDL.rel. 

Vulg. a.i.c. [(/.]/#'. Syr.Hcl. Arm. | 

[Syrr.Crt. & Pst.] 
. yap~\ om. 1. 

- Sia BCD. 1. 33. Latt. Syr.Pst. Arm. 
^th.| (Syrr.Crt. &Hcl. n. l.)i Jijro ■r. 
L A. rel. ("aDomino per" /ren. 184). 

- XiyovTOi] om. 6*. Syr.Pst. Syr.Hier. 
Arm. codd. Iren. 184. | Contra, Vulg. 
a.c.[d.'\f.ffK Syrr.Crt. &Hcl.,&c. 

- avTov'] Dei nostri b. Syr.Crt. 

- ad iin. add. omnis vallia implebitur et 
omnis mons et coUis humiliabitur ; et 
erunt omnia prava (erunt tortuosa Iren.) 
in directa, et aspera in vias planas, et 
videbit omnis caro salutarem (-tare c. 
Iren.) Dei. a.(c.) /re». 184. (eLuc.) 
(c. om. " omnia" ; et habet " viam 
planam"). sic 4.* 

4. 6 luavitj}c~\ om. 6 D. 

— 7))' avTov BCD. 1. I +ai;roi' i/v S". 
L. rel. 

5. '\ipo0o\v^a~\ praem. iraaa i) 1. a.I. 
Mth. \ filii Hierusalem Syr.Crt. | om- 
nes Hierosolymitae Arm. 

— )7 lovSaia'] om. j; LA. M. 

— lopfaroi'] add. fluvii Syr.Crt. Arm. 
Zoh. (om, m.) 

6. tfiaTTTtZovTo'] add. wavTis C. 33. Hil. 
497. {vid. Mar. i. 5). 

— lop. TTOTafxif BC*. A. 1. 33. M. Syrr. 
Crt. & Pst. & Hcl. Syr.Hier. Memph. 
Theb. Arm. jEth. Orig.W. 126''. 129'. | 
*om. TTorapijj <^. C^DL. rel. Latt. (,Orig. 
iv. 127^) Hil. 497. 

— iKojioXoyovnivoil add. singuli Syr.Crt. 

7. TToXXouf 7-u)y] publicanos et Syr.Crt. | 
om, Toiv A. 

— avTovl om. B. Theb. Orig.W. 124». 
126". 131°. I C'on«., CDL. rel. Memph. rel. 

21, consurgens CI. I 22. quod CI. | illo CI. 

4. lumboa eius Am. | 5. circa lordanem CI. } 

6. ab eo iu lordane CL 

III. 16. 


Vulg. a. b. c. 

Syrr. C. P. H. 

Memph. Theb. 

Arm. JEth. 




' II May. 1:9—11 
||Lu. 3:21,22, 

15. eWep aiirtfi 

\ovf t5)v ^apiaamv koli ^aSSovKaicov ep)(^o/j.€i>ovs fVt 

TO /3aTrTi(T/j.a \^avTOvj, direv avrols, VevvrjixaTa €)(^cS- 

uwv, TLf V7re8ei^ev vfjuv (Pvyelu*^ ttTro rrj? fxeXAovayf 

opyrjf; Troirjaare oiv ^ Kapirov a^iov" Tr]s p-erauolas- 

Kol fjLrj So^rjre Aeyeiu ev eavTols, Harepa e^o/xei' rov 

A(3paafj.- Xeyco yap vpiu, otl Suuarai 6 Oeo^ e/c tcov 

XiOcov TOVTcou eyelpai TtKva too 'AfSpaap. ^'^ rjdrj 8e 

Tj a^ivrj TTyoo? T-qv pi^av Ta>v 8ev8p(ov Keirar ^irdv 

ovv 8ev8pov p.1] TTOLOvv Kapirov KaXov eKKOTrrerai koI 

'^ eisTTvp fiaXXeraL. iyw p.iv ^vfxas ^aivTi^a)" iu vSari 
€ts fieravoLav o 8e oiricrco p.ov ep-)(pp.evos layvporepos 
p-ov eariv, ov ovk elpl iKavos ra v7ro8r]p.aTa ^aaraaar 

'/^ avTos vp-as /SaTTTicrei. iu 7rvevp.aTi aylco kol wvpl. *'" ov 
TO TTTVov iv TTj x^'-R'- 01.VTOV, KOI StaKadapul Trjv aXcoi/a 
avTOv, KOL crvva^ei tov (titov avTOv eh rrju diroOy'jKrji' 

_ avTov to 8e d^ypov KaTaKavcrei irvpl da^eaTU). 

Y 15 Tore ^irapayiveTai 6 'Irjaovf diro Trjs TaXi- 

■ Xaias iiTL TOV lopSavrju irpos tov lcoavv')]v, tov /3a7r- 
TLaOrjvaL vtt avTov. 6 8e ['Icodvvrjs'j SitKcoXvev avTov 
Xeycov, Eyco )(p€iav €)((o vtto (tov fiaTrTLadrjvai, koi 
(TV epxv '^pos pe ; ^^ 'ATroKpidels 8e 6 'lijaovs elTrev 
irpos avTov, A0ef dpTr ovTOis yap irpeTTOv icTTlv rjplv 

_ TrXrjpdxrai irdcrav SiKaLoavvrjv. tot€ acjiLrjaLV avTOv. 

a ^ ^aiTTiaOeh Be" 6 'Irjcrov? ^evOvs dve(3r]" aTTo tov 

orum et Sadducacorum veiiien- 
tes ad baptisnium suum di.\it cis, 
Progenies viperarum, quis de- 
monstravit \o\ns fugere a fntura 
ira? 8 Facite ergo friictiim dig- 
numptienitentiac; 'et iievelitis 
dicere intra vos, Patrem habe- 
mus Abraham: dico enim vobis 
quoniam potest deus de lapidi- 
bus istis suscitare filios Abra- 
ham. '0 lam enim securis ad 
radicem arborum posita est ; 
oraiiis ergo arbor quae non facit 
friictum bonum excidetur ct in 
ignem mittetur. " <". '■' Ego 
quidem vos baptizo in aqua in 
paenitentiam; qui autem post 
mc venturus est, fortior me est, 
cuius non sum dignus calcia- 
menta portare; ipse vos bapti- 
zabit in spiritu sancto et igni. 
12 (12,5.) Cuius ventihibrum in 
iiiauu sua, et permundabit are 
am siiam, ct congregabit triti- 
cuin sunm in horreum, paleas 
antem comburet igni inextin- 

■3(13, 10.) Tunc venitlesus a 
Galilaea in lordanen ad lohaii- 
iiemutbaptizareturabeo. '*Io- 
liannes autem proliibebat eum 
dicens. Ego a te debeo baptizari, 
et tuvenis ad me? '^ Respon- 
dcns autem lesus dixit ei. Sine 
modo: sic enim decet nos im- 
plore oinneni iustitiam. Tunc 
dimisit eiim. '' ('■•> '■> Baptiza- 
tns autem confestim ascendit de 

7. ylvutifiara^ ysvtjfiara A. 

8. KapTTov aliov BC[D]. A. 1. EKMSV. 
Vulg. b.c.d.fffK Syr.Hcl. Memph. Theb. 
Arm. Mt\\. 7ren. 184. Ori'gr. iv. I28^ 
diserle. Hil. 61 5. (sing. Tert. a. Herm.l 2). 
j :I;Kap7rouc: a^iov^ 9". L. 33. U. a.g^.m. 
Syrr.Crt.&Pst.(a5ioiie Kapjrovs Orig. iv. 
124". Lcf. 163. plur. Tert.Ae pud. 10). 

— ti]q] om. [D] 

9. fawrof^] avToiQ L.A. | add. on 1. 

— f;^o/(Ei'](;^u>^fV' L. 

10. >)h] ?e] fadd. icni S- L. 33s. U. rel. 
Syr.Hcl. | Contra, BC[D]. A. 1. M. 
Vulg.'.g'.m. (nhiat ) Syn-.Crt. 
&Pst. Memph. Theb. Arm. ^th. Iren. 
Gr. 314. Ortj. iv. 124=. Lcf.-l&H. 

— 1/ a^ivij"] om. /) A. 

11. vjing fiaTTTi^u) B. 1. 33. Am.ff'g'.m. 
Juit. Tr. 49. Cypr. 279. | tftairTtKio 
vfias ■?. C[D]L. rel. Vulg. CI. a b.c. 
d.f. Hil. 258. vid. Luc. iii. 16. (tVaf 
iiS. jia-KT. Clem. Eel. 995. i'fi. ti' vf. 
liairr. Orig.iv. 131«. 132''). 

— KOI TTiipi] om. ESV. m. Syr.Hier. | Con- 

Ira, Codd. et verss. rel. Just. Tr. 49. Iren. 
231 (vel Luc. iii. 16). C/em. Eel. 995. 
Urig. iii. 686''. iv. 131=. (13:i=). Eus. 
in Es. 37 1"-"- Ci/pr. 279. Hil. 258. 
12. 1717-01' aii-oi'BsC[D].rel. VuIg.c.rf^.Hi. 
Memph. Theb. Hil. 616. | om. avrov 
L. EU(sw). a.bff'.gK Syrr.Crt.&Pst. 
&Hch Arm. Just. Tr. 49. Iren. 273. 
Clem. Eel. 995. (vid. Luc. iii. 17). 

— a7ro9/(K)(i' avTov BL. EU. b.ff'.gKm. 
Syrr.Crt.&Pst.&Hcl. Arm. ^Etb.|*om. 
avTov S". C[D]. 1.3:3. rel. Viilg.a.c./ 
Memph. Theb. Just. Tr. 49. Iren. 273. 
C/em. Eel. 995. Hil. 616. 

14. loiavi'rie'] om. B. Theb. Eus. in Ps. 
409'". I Contra, C[D]P (e spat.), 1. 33. 
rel. fff'. (post avTov a.b.c.d.g'.). 

— Xpfiav tx^~\ *X*^ XP^^^ ■^* 1 Contra, 
BsC. rel. Hipp. Theoph. iv. (262, 3). 
Orig.iv. \ SO''. .Bhs. in Ps. 409''. 

15. TrpoQ avTov C[D]PLA. 1. 33. rel. 
Orig.W. ISOi". (vid.) ] nury B. Vulg. 

a.b c.d.f.ffKh.l. Memph. £«s. in Ps. 
409''. I om. g\ Theb. 

15. ad finem] add. ut baptizaretur; et bap- 
tizabat Jesum Syr.Crt. j add. et cum 
baptizaretur lumen ingens circumfulsit 
de aqua ita ut timerent omnes qui ad- 
venerant. a. \ add. et cum baptizaretur 
Jesus lumen magnum fulgebat de aqua, 
ita ut timerent omnes qui congregati 
eraiit 3'. | Kai tbdvg mpiiXapjj/i tov 
To-n-ov ^lig piya Ev. Ebion. ap. Epiph. 
30. 13. ((cat TTvp dvi)(p97j iv rt^ 'lop* 
odvij. Just. Tr. 88). 

16. PaTTTtaBeiQ £i BC*(P vid.), Vulg. 
ff'.l. Syr.Pst. Memph. Theb. | J^a. 
iiaiTTiaeuQ S'. C=[D]L. 1. 33. a.b.c.d.f. 
g'.h. Syrr.Cit.&HcI. /Tip/). Theoph. v. 
(263). I om. A. 

— 6 Iijtroiif ] om. Am. For. I. Syr.Crt. ( ? P) 

— evBvs avijii) B[D]. 1. Vulg. a.b.c.f. 

7. Ventura CI. | 9. potens est deus CI. \ filios 
Abrahae Ct. \ 11. baptizo vos CI. | baptizavit 
Am. I 12. permundavit Am. | 13. Jordanem Ct. 
I 16. Bapt. aut. lesus CI. 


III. 17. 



1. 33. 
'" Joh. 1 : 33. 

VOarOS' Kai LOOV avecoypnaau avrCO OL OVpaVOl, KOLL aqua, etecceaperti sum eicaeli, 

, V „ "/I'-S o"''^ ^ et vidit spiritum dei descendeu- 

61061^ TO TTVeVfJ.a TOV deov- KarapaLVOV (aaeLirepia-TepaV tem sicut columbara venientem 

C\"i > ' ) > > / 17 V :S„'' A,,,.^ ,',, —,";,. supcrse. " Eteccevoxdecaelis 

KatJ epXOfJ-euOV t-rr avrOV. Kat idov (pU)Vp €K rCOU aliens, Hie est filiusmeusdilec- 

ovpavav Xeyovaa, Ovtos iarip vlos pov 6 ayaTrrjTOs, '"^' '° 1"° '""" complacui. 
eV CO €v8oKT](ra. 


" II Mar. 1: 1 
IILu. 4: 

'i 16^ "Tore 6 Tt^o-oO? avq^Orj et? r?;!/ eprjp.ou vwo 

-' >3- roi; 7rvevp,aT09, Treipacrdrjuai viro rov BtalSoXov. ~ koL 

7^ vrjcrrevcraf i^pLepa^^TeaaepaKOVTa koi vvktus ^reaaepa- 

' KovTol' jvarepov e-ireivaaev. " KanrpoaeXdav ^ bireipa- 

^wt' eZTrei/ "avrai". Ei nioy et roi; 6eov, elire 'Iva 01 

§z At'^ot ovTOL aproL yevwvTai. "^^6 fie aTTOKpidels elireu, 

' Deut. 8:3. TeypuTTTai, "Ovx ir a,pro) y^ovio '(^rjTerai * 0" avSpcoTog, 

aJj.' ^iv" Tavrt p'ljfjiya.ri ixTVopsvociyiwo Sia (TTOf/yarog 


17^ Tore TrapaXafifidvei avTov 6 fita^oAo? ety Tr]v 

ay Lav iroXiv, koi ^ecrrrjo-eu avrou eTTt to irTepvyiov tov 

lepov, '^Ka\ Aeyet avTco, Et v'los et rou ^eoO, /3aAe 

pPs. 91:11, 12. creavTov /carw yeypaTVTai yap otl ^'TOig a/yysAoig 

avTov ivrsXaira^i icspi tov, xcu stc) %£ip(ov apovTiv crs, 

1 (15, 2.) Tunc Jesus ductus est 
in desertum ab spiritu ut temta- 
retur adiabolo. " "*> *•' Et cum 
ieiunasset quadraginta diebus 
et quadraginta noctibus, postea 
esuriit. ^ Et accedens temtator 
dixit ei, Si filius dei es, die ut 
lapides isti panes fiant. ' Qui 
respondens dixit, Scriptum est, 
Non in pane solo vivit homo, sed 
in orani verbo quod procedit de 
ore dei. 

' Tunc assumsit eum dialiolus 
in sanctam civitatem, et statuit 
eum supra pinnaculum templi, 
^ et dixit ei. Si iilius dei es, mitte 
te deorsura : scriptum est enim 
quia angelis suis mandai'it de 
te, et in manibus tolleut te, ne 

ff'.g'l Syrr.Crt.&PBt. Mempli. Theb. 
jEth. Hipp. Theoph. v. (263). Hil. 507. | 
Jare/3>; tvdvi CPL. rel. d.h.m. Syr.Hcl. 
Arm. I (cm. ivOvg 33). 

16. ai'EwxSfTai' C[D]PL. rel. | r)VHoxQv- 
<rav B. BtJy. BIc. Hipp. Theopli. 

— avTv C[D]PL. rel. Syrr.Pst. & Hcl. 
Memph.rel. Hipp. Theoph. Eiis.D.TL. 
432''. I om. B. Tol. Syr.Crt. Theb. 
Iren. 184 (in codd. MSS.) Hil. 507. 

— TO TTVivpa TOV 6(ov C[D]Pvid. L. 
rel. Hipp. Theoph. Ens. D.E. 432''. in 
Ps. 409''. I TTi'ivpa Oioti B. (om. to 

— »cara/3a( j'oi'] KaTajSawoi'Ta T>.\\ add. 
(K TOV ovpavov I). Oat. Mm. a.b.c. 
g^-^-h.l. Hil. 507. I non hab. f.ff'. Ens. 
D.E. 432''. in Ps. 409''. 

— oxrd] (if D. Eus. in Ps. 409''. | Contra, 
£«s.l).E. 432". 

— Kai tpxoptvov~\ om. Theb. 11 om.Krti B. 
Bch. Blc. Am. For. Tol. Hurl.* a.b.c.g'.h. 
Memph. Hil. 507. | Contra, CDPL.rel. 
Vulg. CI. f.ff'.ni. rel. Eus. in Ps. 409<:. 

— tw' BsC'D*'*L. Is. rel. Iren. 184. | 
irpoc C*. E*. I f ic K*. Evs. in Ps. 409". 
(hiant P. 33). 

17. puivti'] add. audita est Syr.Crt. 

— ovTog KTTiv BsCPL. rel. Vulg. c.f.ffK 


Syrr.Pst. & Hcl. Memph. Theb. Arm. 
^th. Iren. 184. Orig. i. 441'=. 452". 
Eus. D.E. 432^. c. Mel. 49". 67". Ec. 
Pr. 191. in Ps. 409'^. 376''. Hil. 507. 893. 
I ?rpos avTov, 2v (t D. a. Syr.Crt. (Ev. 
Ebion. ap. Epiph. 30. 13). | ad eum, 
hie est b. ad eum dicens </'. dieens ad 
eum h. 
17. o ayaiD/roe] et dileetus meus Syr.Crt. 
I meus dileetus Memph. Theb. 

— (vdoKtjm BsD. rel. Eus. c. Mel. 49^ 
67"'. Ee.Pr. 191. | i/v^oKi/aa CL. Orig. 
i. 441"^, iii. 452". Eus. D.E. 432''. in Ps. 
409". 376''. (h. P). 

1. ToreohimveavrixOr] (B)^!)^. l.rel. 
(Eus. D.E. 434''). (om. o B.Btli/. A. U. 
?P). I avijxdri Si 6 I»)<roj;e C* vid. L. 
(hiat 33). 


tlQ T1)V ip. K. 

— TTvivnaroi] a spiritu sancto Syrr.Crt. 

2. TiaatpaKOVTa bis CPLA | % Ttarrapa- 
KovTa ^. D 2° rel. (?B. /iD 1°). 

— Kai i'VKTag refffT.] Kat Tiaa. vvKTaq D. 
(hoc ord. Latt.) | om. 1. Syr.Crt. 

3. Trpo<n\9wv 'Vii\g.fff'.g\ \ vpoariXOiv 
D. a.b.c.g\h. || tadd. avTif S". CDPL. 
rel.'-'-h. Syrr.Crt.&Hcl. Theb. | 

om. B. 1. 33. Vulg. ff'.l. Syr.Pst. 
Memph. Arm. ^th. 

3. TFEipa^oiv] add. Kai D. a.b.c.g^. \ non 
habent Vulg. f.ff>.gMi.l. 

— (iTTiv avT(f BD. 1. 33. Vulg. a.b.c.ff'. 
g'-'-h.l. Syrr.Crt. & Pst. Memph. Arm. 
.aith. I *om. avTif) <^. CPL rel. /. 
Syr.Hcl. Theb. 

— yEVwiTaf] yli'oi'Tai U. 

4. 6 de a-TTOKpiOetg Vulg. a.ff^. | aTTOKpi- 
Btie Si Ij/ffouf D. ("Jesus" habent 
b.c.df.g'.L Syr.Crt.) 

— fijrej'] add. illi c. Syr.Crt. 

— 6 ai'dpwTTog B.Bthj. CDPZLA. 1*. 33. 
EUV. r *om. 6 <;. KMsS*. Eus. in 
Ps. 367". 

— aW] aWa C. 

— IV CD. "in" Vulg. «.c.rf./J". (fihiat.) 
(Clem.277). \ JfTri BsPL. rel. (hiat Z). 
Eus. in Ps. 367". (vid. Luc). 

— tKTTopivojiivi^ Sta aToparoQ~\ om, D, 
%'■=• Syr.Hier. Hil. 619. (ut vid.) vid. 
Luc. I Contra, Vulg (c.)f.ff'.h. Eus. in 
Ps. 367". (hiat a) 

— 0foii] Domini Syr.Crt. 

5. tig Tt]i' ayiav TroXtr] om. 33. 

16. et venientem CI. 

4. in solo pane CI. | 5. super Ct. 

IV. 16. 


Vulg. a. b. c. 

Syrr. C. P. H, 
Memph. (Theb.) 

Arm. E,\h. 
iDeut. 6:16. 
10 : 20. 

Deut. 6:13. 

H Theb. 


' Mar. 1 : 14, 15. i9 
Lu. 4:14,15. I 


'Es. 9:1,2. 

fhTj TOTS Tpoa-xoxpTjg Tpog XlBov rov to'So. (tov. '' ((pr] 
avTw 6 'Irjaovf, HdXii' yiypcmrai, ^Oxj'a, ixTSipdasig 


IS ^ TldXiv ■jrapakafxfidveL avTOU 6 Sia(3o\o9 ety 
op09 vy\n]Xov Xiav, kou. heUvvaiv avTW iraaas ras 
(SacriXelas tov Kocrfxov kol ttju So^au avroiv, kou 
^elirev" avrco, T^avrd ^aoi iravTa Bmcrco, lav Trecrcoi' 
TrpoaKvu-qarjs p-oc. ^'^ rore Xeyei avrco 6 'Itjo-ov^, 
Yiraye, '^aravd- yiypairrai yap, '^Kvpiov TOV Osov 
TOV irporrxvvrjTsig, xou avrw f/yovco Xo!.rpsv(rsig. ^^ rore 
dipLrjcnv avrov 6 Sia/SoXof, Kal iSov ayyeXoi irpocrrjX- 
6ov Kal ^Li-jKovovv ayra.^ 

19 ^^ ^'Afcoy'cray 5e ''otl 'lcoduvr]9 irapedodr], dve^w- 
prjcrev els rrjv TaXiXaiav '^ kou KaraXiTrcov ttjv *Na- 
^apd" iXBcov KaTcpKTjcreu els ^Ka(f)apvaovp. ^ Tr)i> Trapa- 
OaXaaalav ev opioLS ZajSovXcop Kal N€(f)0aXeip, Iva 
TrXrjpcodrj TO pT]6ev Sia Hcratov tov 7rpo(j)i]Tov Xeyov- 
Tos, ^^^Vtj 2,a.^Qv\wv -acu <y7j Ns(})$oi,'Asii^, oSov da- 
Xda-a-yjg xspa^v rov 'lopSdvov, TaXikaia, rav i$vcov, 
^^ 6 'ka.hg 6 xcx.$ijf/iySVog h ^(rxoria," ^(l)idg slSsv" fjJya, xoa 

tuiira. ' Ait illi lesus, Eursum 
scriptum est, Nod temtabis do- 
minuni deum tuum. 

' Iterum assiimit eum diabo- 
lus in montem excelsum valde, 
et ostcndit ei omnia regna mun- 
di et gloriam eorura, ^ et dixit 
illi, Hacc tibi omnia dabo, si 
cadens adoraveris me. '° Tunc 
dicit ei lesus, Vade satanas: 
scriptum est [cnim], Dominum 
deum tuum adorabis, et illi soli 
servies. " <."i^-) Tunc reliquit 
eum diabolus, et ecce angeli ac- 
cessenint et ministrabaut ei. 

12 (18, 4.) Cum autem audisset 
quod Johannes traditus esset, 
secessit in Galilaeam; " !."■'•) et 
relicta civitate Nazareth, renit 
et habitavit in Capharnaum 
maritimam, in finibus Z.abulon 
et Nepthalim; '* ut implcretur 
quod dictum est per Esaiam 
prophetam, '° Terra Zabulon 
et [terra] Nepthalim, via maris 
trans lordanen, Galilaeae gen- 
tium, '^ populus qui sedebat in 
tenebris lumen vidit magnum. 

i. taTrimv BCDZ. 1. 33. ("statuit" Latt.) 

Theb. Eus. D.E. 437''. | %\(TT,jaiv <^. 

PL. rel. (Memph. anceps). 
j. KcuXiyu (B?)CDPL. rel. ad. Memph. 

Theb. I Km tnrtv B.Bfc.(?ver.9)Z. 

Vulg. b.c.f.ff'.h. Eus. D.E. 437''. 

— Tou 0£oii] om. rov D*. 

— KUTui] iVTcvGfv KaToj C*(corr. -). Syr. Memph. Theb. Arm. .Ews. D.E. 
437''. (e Luc.) | Co7itra, MSS. et vv. rel. 
£!;s. in Ps. 603\ Iren. 3\S. Hi/. 619". 

— Trepi aov'] add. in omni via tua ^th. 

— apovmv'] mpovmv D. 

■. iraXiv'] om. Theb. | antecedentibns 
jungunt 33. E. b.f.g\h. \ ante e^i; Syr. 
Crt. ante 6 Itjoovq a.c. Arm. 

— OVK tKTnipaaiig'] oviriipaauc'D.] Con- 
tra, Eus. in Ps. 603". (-mjg LS). 

— Kvpiov rov 9eov aov] Dominum tuum 
et Deum tuum Syr.Crt. 

!. vapaXanlSai'iil Xa/t/3«i')j K. 

— SfiKPvmv'] t^ii^n' D. 

'. Kot umv BCDZ. 33. Latt. Orig. i. 
784''. (vid). I t^ai Xtya <;. PL. 1. rel. 

— crot rravra B.Bcb.C*Z. 1. 33. Am. For. I. 
Orig. i. 294<:. 784''. iii. 583'. (_7ravra <Toi 
Tavra OW3. iii. 540''.) | *TravTa aoi 
T. C^DPL.rel. Vulg.CA a.b.c.f.ff'.g'.h. 
Iren. 320. (et Lucae ascribit 319). 

9. TrpoffKvvTjfTyg'] -die C. | -trfic LAE. 

10. iiTrayt] add. oTriffw fioti C^DZL. 33. 
EMU. b.ffKh.l. Syr.Crt. Syr.Hcl." Arm. 
.^th. Just. Tr. 103. Hil. in MS. 620». 
(vid. cap.xvi.) | retro a.c.g''^' Orig. Int. 
ii. 132''. I non habent BsC*PA. 1. KSiiV. 
Vulg./. Syrr.Pst.&Hcl. Memph. Theb. 
Orig. iii. 540''. diserte. Pet. Al. (ap. Routh 
iv. 24). Iren. 319. Tert. Scorp. 15. Hil. 

— Kiipioj' roi' 9tov ffou] Dominum tuum 
et Deum tuum Syr.Crt. 

7rp0(TKVVJl(r€lQ'] -(T77C PL. 1 -(T(C C. et 

mox Xarptvais : L (sed non P) habet 

11. liafioXoe] add. usque tempus Syr.Crt. 

— avrov] avru} L. 

— avrifi'] ipsi Jesu Syr.Crt. 

12. aaoviyag Si~\ tadd.o li]Tovg '^. C'PL. 
1. rel. Vulg.C/. a.b.c.f.ff'.g<.h. Syn-.Crt. 
Pst.&Hcl. Arm. Hil. 620». | om. BC* 
(vid.)DZ. 33. Am. For. k. Memph. 
iEth. Orig. iii. 502". iv. 161'. 398°. Eus. 
H.E. iii. 24. (117). D.E. 438'. 

13. (caraXiTrw)/ BsCP. rel. On>. iv. 161'. 
1 63^ 398'. 1 KaTaXiiTTuv DZLA. 33. EM. 

— SaZapa B* Bch. Z. 33. Orig.iv. 179''. 
I Salapae CPA. | SaZapiB D. I. EK 
MUV. Latt. Memph. Onff. iv. 161'. 


163«. 398'. Eus. D.E. 438'. ] JNaSa/jfr 
■?. B**Bc/i.LSs. OWjr. iv. 170". 

13. fcar(,o*c»;(Tti'] KarotKtjaev D. 
— • fig] om. A. 

— Ka(papi'aovii BDZ. 33. Latt. Memph. 
Orig. iv. 161'. 163». 170''. 179''. 398". | 
iKa-n-epvaovfi <^. GPL. l.rel. Eus. D.E. 

— rtjv TTapaQaXatJuiov D. | rrjv rrapa 
QaXatraav P. 

14. Xiyovroo] praem. rov D. 

15. yq N£^0a\fiji(] om. y;; D. Am. \ Contra, 
Oiig. iv. 161'. Eus. D.E. 438'. | (Nt^- 
9aXtiv D. hie). 

— lopSavov] add. fluvium Syr.Crt. 

— TaXiXaia] YaXiXaiag DL. Am. a.b.c. 
f*.ffKg^---h.l. I Contra, Hipp. Frag. (ii. 
25). Eus. D.E. 438'. 

16. aKOTK/. B(D). Orig. i. 683». {rrKoreuf 
B.Bch.D. praem. ryD.) | JffKorfi ^. 
(C)L. rel. Hipp. Frag. (ii. 25, 28). Orig. 
iii. 7 12'. £ks.D.E.438'. (trKort CA. hiat 
P.) (XKor<i) Orig.iv. 91". 

— <po>Q liSiv BC. 1. 33. Am. f.ffKh. (hoc 
ordi. a.b.c.g\h.) Orig.iv. 91^. Eus. D.E. 

8. assumpsit Ct. I 9. dixit ei CI. | omnia tibi 
CL I 10. satana CI. \ om. enim Am. \ V2. audis- 
set lesus CI. I 13. maritima CL | 14. adimple- 
retur CI. \ 15. om. terra 2". Am. | Galilaea CL | 
16. vidit lucem magnam CL 


B C D (P). 

a) A. 



" ch. 3:2. 
' II Mar. 1 : 16, 20, 


f L 

24. IKijXeiv 

24. [icai] ^ai/(. 


ro7g naBTjf/yivoig iv xo'ipa- xai a-xia, Oavdrov, (f)wg dvi- 
tsi'Aev aJbxoig. ^ dwo rare rjp^aTO 6 'Irjcrov? Krjpva- 
aeiv Kcti XeyeLU, "Merai/oetre' rjyyiKeu yap i) /3acnXeia 
Tcov ovpafcov. 

20 ^YlepiTraruii' Se ''irapa rrju BaXacraav t7j9 
TaXiAaiaf elSev 8vo a5eA0Of ?, ^Ipcova rou Xeyop-evou 
Yierpou Kol ' Avhpeav tov d8eX(pc)u avTov, jSaXXovras 

d/j.(pif3Xrja-Tpou eip^ ttju daXaacrav rjaav yap dXiels. 

jS /cat Xeyei auTOif, Aewre ottictco [xov, Kai iroLrjaai 

ipoLi dXiels dvdpcoircov. ol 8e evdecos dcpevTes rd 

^ SiKTva rjKoXovd-qaav avrco. " Kai 7rpol3as eKeWev elSev 
aXXovs 8vo d8eX(j)ovf, laKcofiov tov tov Ze^eSalov 
Ktti. Imavi'rjv tov d8eX({)ov avTov, iu tS ttXolco fieTa 
'Le^e8aiov tov TraTpos avTcov KaTapTL^ovTas Ta 8iKTva 
avTUfv, Kal eKaXeaev avTov^.'^ '' ol 8e evOecoi dipevTes 
TO ttXoIov Kal TOV TTUTepa avTcov rjKoXovOrjcrav avTw. 

21 Kat TrepLrjyev \_6 'Irjaovsj ^ivoXr] ty) VaXi- 
Xaia 8L8a<rKa)V eV Tals crvvayoyyals avTMv, kol ktj- 
pvacrcov to evayyeXiov Trjf jBao-iXeia^, Kal Oepairevcov 
iracrav voaov koX irdcrav /jtaXaKiav iv tS Xaco. 

22 Kal dTTrjXdev rj aKorj avTov ely oX-qv ttjv "Evpiav 
Kai irpoa-qveyKav avTco TravTas tovs KaKWi €)(ov- 
Ta9, iroLKiXais voaoif Kal fiaaavois avve^op-tvovs, 
8aiixovL^op.evov9, Kal aeXrjVLa^ofj.evovs, Kal TrapaXv- 

IV. 17. 


et sedentibiis in regione et um- 
bra mortis, lux orta est eis. 
17 (20, 6.) Exiude coepit lesus 
praedicare et dicere, Paeniten- 
tiam agite : adpropinquavitenim 
rugnura caelorum. 

" Ambulans .lutem iuxta 
mare Galilaeae vidit duos fra- 
tres, Simonem qui vocatur Pe- 
trus et And ream fratrem eius, 
mittentcs rete in mare; erant 
enim piscatores. '^ '•^b '■> Et ait 
illis, Venite post me, et faciara 
vos fieri piscatores hominura. 
'" At illi continue relictis retibus 
secuti sunt eum. =' (='' ">•' Et 
procedens inde vidit alios duos 
fratres, lacobum Zebedaei et 
lobannem fratrem eius, in navi 
cum Zebedaeo patre eorum, re- 
ficicntes retia sua, et vocavit eos. 
'" Illi autem statim relictis reti- 
bus et patre secuti sunt eum. 

23 (M, 1.') Et circumibat lesns 
totam Galilaeam, docens in 
synagogis eorum, et pracdicans 
cvangelium regni, et sanans 
omnem languorem et omnem 
infirmitatem in populo. 

'* Et abiit opinio eius in totam 
Syrian), et obtulerunt ei omncs 
male habentes, variis languori- 
bus et tormentis coraprehensos, 
et qui daemonia habebant, et 
lunaticos et paralyticos, et cura- 

438«. I +£!?£)/ ^ws '^. PL.rel. (hocord. 
T>.) Hipp. Frng. OWjr.i. 68.'5>. iii. 712'^. 
||ft^£i'] ciPov D. a.b.c.y'.h. (fiiyav D). 

16. Kcii roie] om. Kat D. b.c.g'.h. I Contra, 
Vulg. a.f.ffK Orlg. i. 683^ 

— roif KuSiijiwoio] o'i KaQitfKvoi D a.b. 
cf.g'Ji. I Contra, Vulg. ff'. Orig. i. 
683'. (roic Ka-oiKovaiv Bus. D.E. 438'^).- 

— X'^Pt f"'] sic Am. Xff'g'. Orig. i. 
683''. Eus. T>. E. 438'=. | om. a.c. Syr.Crt. | 
Xwpa D» Vulg. a. h.d.gKh. 

— (jiMQ 2".] lux magna Syr.Crt. 

17. rore] add. yap D. (add. yovv Eus. 
D.E. 438<^). 

— 6 lijtTovc;'] om. o D. 

— UtTttvoHTi et raox yap] om. Syr.Crt. 
Eus. D.E. 438'5. MS, (Schol, Gr.) 

18. TTipnraTuiv h BCP. rel. Vulg. ffK \ 
irapayMV St D. a.b.r.f.g\h.m. Eus. D.E. 
438<'.|(om.^f E*.) | koi irtpnrarwv L. || 
f add. 6 lifnovQ ^. LAE. Vulg. CI. a.c. 
h.m. Arm.jom. BCDPCvid.) 1. ,33. KM 
SUV. Am. For. Tol. Hurl b.fff'.g'.l. 
SyiT.Pst.&Hcl. Memph.^tli. i:!(s.D.E. 
438''. I add. Dominns noster Svr.Crt. 


18. Trapa"] mpa K. 

— \fyofiivov~\ e-TTtKaXoi'pevov E. 

— fiaWovraQi fSaXovrtg L. 

— «/(0(/3X?;(Trpov] -tjTpoQ D*. 

— aXittc (et ver. 19) C. 

19. aiToic] add. o \r]trovc C^. a.c.h.m. 
Syrr.Crt.&Pst. ^th. | Contra, cdd. rel. 
Vulg. b.f.ffK Syr.Hcl. Memph. Arm. 
Eus. D.E. 438'i. 

— vpas~\ aid.ytvEaBai D.SS.Yiilg. a.b.c.f. 
ff'.!. Syr.Pst. (& ,.3!:th.| 

Co«<TO, BCLK.rel. h.m. Syrr.Crt.&Hcl. 
txt. rel. Orig. i. 377'. iii. 227*. 540=-i' 
682'--. 683». iv. 1 67'. Eus. D.E. 438''. in 
Ps. 3641. 

20. SiKTua'] add. avrtov K. a.b.c.gKh.m. 
Syrr.Crt.&Pst. Memph. ^th. | Contra, 
rel. Vulg. f.ff'. Syr.Hcl. Arm. Eus. 
D.E. 438''. I (K liabet ev9iwg a^iv.) 

21—22. om. 33. 

21. (KiiBiv] add. oXtyov A. 

— Z£/3e(^a(out: C. 

— sub finem] add. Jesus Syrr.Crt.&Pst. 

22. fuBnog atjiiVTtQ] atpevTeg tuOtiog K. 
(om. H>9ewf a.b.g'-'h./t.) 

22. TO ttXoiov a.d.f. Iren. Gr. 233. £«s.D.E. 

438''. 1 retia (Vulg.) b.c.ff' .g\h.l. Syr.Crt. 

— Kai T0%> iraThpa avTutv] om. Syr.Crt. 

23. wipinyiv'] add. o I/;TOUf C*D. 1. 33. 
Vulg. a.b.c.f.ffKg'-'h.l. Syrr.Pst.&HcL 
Memph. Arm. JElh. Eus. D.E. 438''. 1 
om. BsA. rel. k. Syr.Crt. 

— eu oXp ry TaXiXat(} B.Blc.(BtIi/.) C. 
Syrr.Crt.Pst&Hcl. Memph. ^th. (tv 
B.Blc. non habet Btli/.) \ XoXtjv Ttjv 
FaXiXaiav T- D. rel. Latt. Eus. D.E. 
438''. (terram Galilaeorum Arm.) || 
fadd. l,,mve ■^. C'AEKMSiUV*. | 
om. B.Btli/.BIc. C*D. I. 33. Latt. Syrr. 
Crt.Pst. &Hel. Memph. Arm. JEth. 
Eus. D.E. 438''. (vid. post TTCpii]yiv). 

— TTafjav votrov Kat] om. A. spat. vac. 
post ^aXaKtu}'. 

24. airrjXdiv BsD. rel. Eus. D.E. 439". | 
£|))X0e)' C. 1. 33. Memph. 
Orig. ii. 788^ 

— )/ aKOi) avTov] avTov ?'; «ko?) D. | 

16. rogione umbrae CI. j 18. autem lesus CJ. 
I om. in m:iro Am.* \ 23, circuibat CI. 

V. 13. 


Vulg. a.b.c. 
Syrr. C. P. H. 

Arm. ^th. 

TiKovf Kai edepaTrevcreu avTOVf. ' Kai rjKoXovOricrav viteos. " Et secutac sunt eum 

,-,/n ^^^>^ "T'l'v' ""A ' turbacjmultae (leGiililaeaetDc- 

aVTOl 0-)(AOL TTOAAOL airo TIJS 1 aAlAaiaS Kai lAeKairo- capuU et [<le] Hierosolymis et 

Aewf Kai 'lepOO-oXv/jLCOU Kai 'lovSalaS KUL Tvipav TOV de ludaea et de trans lordanen. 


• ^ "^ 23 ^ 'ISoiu 5e T0V9 oxAovf avijBrj eJ? to opof koll 
— KaOicravros aurov, ^TrpoariKOav avTco pi padrjraL 


~ ^ Kcu avoi^as to CTOfxa avTov ec 


ILii. 6:20 — 23. '^^' 3 ■mt" ' ' "■■ " '_ 

avTovs Aeycov, MaKapioi ol tttcoxol tco irvevpaTL, 
"^ OTL avTav ecTTLV rj /SacriAeia Ttov ovpavatv. ^^^^ paKapioi 
' Ps- 37[36] : iJ:,^ ^Cil xpCCSig, OTl avTol '/kyjprjyOih-qTOVTlV TTjV JYjV. ''^*^ fxa- 

e_ Kapioi ol TTtvOovvTis, OTL avTol TTapaKXrjO-qaovTaL. 

"^ jxaKapLOL ol Treii'covTef kou Sf^avres Tr]v BLKaioavvqv, 
icS OTL avTol -^opTaaOrjcrovTaL. ^ p.aK.api0L ol i\er][xoves, 
OTL avTol iA€r]dr}aovTaL. 

24 jxaKOLpLOL ol Kadapol Trj KapSla, otl avTol tov 
6eov o^^ovTai. p.aKapLOL ol elprjvoTroiOL, otl \_avTOLj 
viol deov K\ri6r](T0VTaL. ^^ jxaKapLOL ol he8LU>yp.evoL 

ev€Kev ^LKaLoavvv^, otl avrav iaTiu rj fiaa-iXeia twv 

5 ovpavmv. fxaKapiol iaTe, oTau oveL^icrcoaLV vfids 

Kai Sico^coaiv, Kai eLTraxTLU irav irovrjpov * KaO vprnv 

11. [^pn)S6fitvol} ^jrevSopefOL, eueKev epov. ^^ )(aLpeT€ Koi ayaXXiaaOe, 

OTL 6 p.Lados iroAvs iv Tolf ovpauois' ovTcas yap 

/3 iSico^av Tovs^ 7rpo(f)rjTas tov9 Trpo vp.d>p. 'Y/ieif etrre 

1 (SI, 10.) Videns autera turbas 
ascendit in montem; etcumse- 
disset, accesserunt ad eum dis- 
cipuUeius. ^ ''"■^•' Et aperiens 
OS suum docebat eos dicens, 
' Beati pauperes spiritu, quo- 
niam ipsorum est regnum caelo- 
runi. ^ i^»' "•■■> Beati mites, quo- 
niam ipsi possidebunt terram. 
' (■". ^0 Beati qui lugent, quo- 
niamipsiconsolabuntur. °<*'.^'> 
Beati qui esuriunt et sitiunt ius- 
titiani, quoniam ipsi saturabun- 
tur. ' <-^' '"•' Beati misericordes, 
quoniam ipsi misericordiam 

' Beati mundo corde, quo- 
niam ipsi deumvidebunt. 'Beati 
pacifici, quoniam ipsi filii del 
vocabuntur. '° Beati qui per- 
seciitionem patiuntur propter 
iustitiam, quoniam ipsorum est 
regnum caclorum. " ^'"•^•^Beati 
estis cum maledixerint vobis, et 
persecuti vos fueriut, et dixerint 
omne malum adversum vos 
mentientes, propter me : '^ gau- 
dete etexultate, quoniam merces 
vestra copiosa est in caelis; sic 
enim persecuti sunt prophetas 
qui fuerunt ante vos. " <■"' '•> 

Contra, Grig. ii. 788S Eus. D.E. 439^'. 
(om. avTov A). 

24. £ic] tv A (sic'). 

— Krai iSanavoiel om. E*. 

— tTtn'^XOfUi'ovc^ "O^C ATI Tf. 

— ^ai^ovtZofi€i'ovi;~\ om. AM. [| praem.f 
Kai <5-. C^D. rel. Latt. rel. | Contra, BC*. 
Memph. Eus. D.E. 439» 

— Kai iQipaiTEvatv avTov(;'\ Rat navrag 
iBipairivdiv D. a.b.c.g'.h. \ Contra,\u\g. 

f.ff^. I et in singulos eorum manum 
suam posuit et omnes sanavit Syr.Crt. 

25. sub fin.] add. et sanavit eos Arm. 

1. wpofftjXOav 'B*.Bck. | J 7rpoff/;X0oi/ *^. 
B**.Bclt. CD. rel. 

— avTiji CD. rel. et Verss. Orig.i. 227'', 
iii. 451'!. 480''. £«s. D.E. 442''. | om B. 
Orig. iii. 496'. 

3, Ttft ■jrvev^ari'] om. roj D*. 

4,5. fiaKap, ol Trpa^ig rtjv yjjv ante 

fiaKap, oi. mvQovvrtQ on avr. Trapa- 

K\ri9ii(T0VTat D. 33. Vulg. a.c.ff'.g'.k. 

A./. Syr.Crt. C/em. 579, 80. (vid.) Orig. 

iii. 740'=. (diserte). Em. in canone. Tert. 

depat. 11. Hit &21\622\ [ Jordine 

mutato habent T. BsC. 1. rel. b.f. 

Syn-.Pst.&Hcl. Memph. Arm. ^th. 
4, [5]. TTivBovvrig'] add. vvv 33. Memph. 

7. avToi] om. K*. 

9. oi] om. K Tf. 

— avToi Bs. 1. 33. rel. Am. Gat. f.k. 
Syrr. Crt. & Hcl. Memph. Ann. ^th. 
On'jf. 7n(. iv. 684\ (Cton. 581. ut vid. 
ubi hanc repromissionem cum fiaK. ol 
SiS.iv.diKai. conjungit.) Ci/pr. 203. 30i. 
I om. CD. Vulg. CI. a.h.c.ffKh.l. Syr. 
Pst. Hil. 622'^. 

10. f)'£K£y CD. rel. C/em. 575. 581. Orig. 
ii. SIS'". 1 iviKa B.Bck. 

— SiKaiorr.'] praem. -ijg C. 

— etTTiv'] EffTi (i.e. €r7Tai) D. erit d. \ 
Contra, Orig.\\.S\&\ Cypr. 272. 310. 
Hit. 12SI'. Zc/. 249. 

\l. ovit^iffiotTiv vftaQ Kat ^loj^iomv BsC. 
1. rel. Vulg. a.b.c./ff'. Syn-.Pst.&Hcl. 
Arm. OW3. iii. 133''. 272«. | Siui^ovatv 
I'/zac Kai ovidirrovaiv D, (33. ^wcriv bis). 
h. et hoc ord. Syr.Crt. Memph. ^th.|| 
add. filii hominum Syn-.Crt.&Hier. 

U.SmKoxtiv'] -Kovaiv D (supra). A. 

— miv TTovripov'] indd. pii/ia •;. C. rel. 
Orig. iii. 272'=. | om. BD. Vulg. b.c.f. 

ffKg'.U.m. (hi.1t a). Syr.Hier. Memph. 
iEth. i/i7. 1237'=. 1281«. Zf/. 239. 

— Ka6' I'fiiiiv] .ante ttoj' iroi'. D. h.k.m. 
Syrr.Crt.Pst.&Hcl. Lcf. 239. | Contra, 
rel. 07-;j^.iii.272=. 

— ^Pivdonei'oi B.sC. 1. 33. rel. Vulg./#'. 
Syrr.Crt.Pst.&Hcl. Memph. Arm. ^th. 
(om. D. b.c.g'.h.k.m. (hiat a). Or»;. iii. 
272". i/i7.362'=. 1237'=. 1281'-. Lcf.239. 

— evtieiv ijiov Vulg. /#'•*■ Orig. iii. 
272"=. I iviKtv SiKaioavi'rje D. a.b.c.gK 
HiV. 362'=. 1237'=. 1281«. 

12. ayaWiandil add. in die illo Syr.Crt. 

— 7-oifotipai'oicVulg. c./#'.9'-=-ni. Orig. 
Int. ii. 487"=. | ri/j ovpaviii D. a.b.h. 
Hil.3<S2<^. 1237'=. 1281=. Lcf. 239. 

— Tovt TTpo vfiuii'l om. roue K. || add. 
virapxovrwv D*. | add. imapxai'Tag 
D^ II aid. oi -n-artpte avruv U. b.c. \ 

25. Deoapolim Am. I om. de (ante Hier.) Am. 
1. autem lesus «. | 9. om. ipsi CI. 



TO aXa? r^? yrjf ^ lav 8e to aAap fj-copavdrj, ev tlvl 
aXicrOi-jaeTaL ; eJ? ov8ev la-)(ViL iTi, et fxrj ^ ^XrjOev" 
e^co KaTa7raT€L(T0at. viro tcov avOpcaTTCov. 



1 33 


y Mar. 9:50. 

Lu. 14:34,34. OKlii'v " * ^ ^ " - ' ' $■ ' 

§Tiiel) ~J^ 1^161? ecrre to (pcos tov Koafiov ov ovvaTai 

§L ■ ■ 

^ Mar. 4:21. 
Lu. 8:16. 


1 1 : 33- 

« Lu. 16 

i^ ttoXls Kpv^rjuai lirdvco opovs KeLfxivq- ^^^'^ov8e Kalovaiu 

Xu)(^i>ov^ Koi Tideaaiu avTov vtto tov fj.68iov,^ aAA' 

€7rt TTjv Xv)(VLav, Kou XafXTrei Trdcriv TOis iv Trj olKia, 

OVTC09 Xa/j.\j/aTco TO 0(5? vp.a>v ep-irpoaOev tcov dv- 

Opcoircav, hircos IScocriv vp,mv to, KaXd epya., koX 8o^a- 

_ auxTLV TOV TraTepa vfxcov tov iv T0I9 ovpavols. 

, 2u M77 vop,icrrjT€ oTi rjXOov KaTaXvaai tov v6p.ov 

7) tov$ 7rpo(Pr)Tas' ovk rjXOov KaTaXvcrai, aAAa ttAt^- 

puxrai. ap.rjv yap Xeyco vp.LV, €&)? av TrapeXorj 

■ '^" ovpavos Kal rj yij, IwTa kv 77 p-ia Kepala ov p,T) TrapeXdrj 



19 * 

OS eav ovv 

1 Tieb. 
'' E.x. 20: 13. 

ttTTo TOV vop.ov, ecos av iravTa yevrjTai 
Xvarj p.iav tuiv IvtoXwv tovtwv tcov iXa-^iaTcov Kal 
Sida^T) ovTcos Tovs dvOpcairovs, iXct^iaTos KXrjO-qaeTai 
ev TY] ^acriXela tcov ovpavcov by 8 av Troirjcrri Kal 
8i8a^rj, ovTOs p.eyas KXrjdiQcreTai iv Trj /SaaiXela tcov 
ovpavcov. Xeyco yap v/xlv otl eav firj irepLacrevcrrj rj 
8iKaiocrvv7] vp.cov irXelov tcov ypap.p.aTea>v Kal ^api- 
craLCov, oii p.r] elaiXdrjTe els ttjv fSacrtXeiav tcov ov- 

27 HKOvcraTe otl ^ipprjOrj" tois dp)(alois, ^Ov 
(j)OVev(T£ig- OS 8' dv (f)ovevcrr], evo^os ecTTai Trj Kpicrei- 
eyco 8e Xeyco vp.Lv otl rrds 6 6pyi^op.evos tco d8eXcf)S 


V. 13. 

Vos estis sal terrae : quod si sal 
evanuerit, in quo saUietur ? ad 
nihilum valet ultra, nisi ut mit- 
tatur et conculcetur ab 

14 (32,2.) Yqj estis lux mandi. 
Non potest civitas abscondi su- 
pra montem posita; '* neque 
accendunt liicernam et ponunt 
cim sub modio, sed super can- 
delabrum, ut luceat omnibus 
qui in domo sunt. '^ Sic luceat 
lux vestra coram hominibus, ut 
videant vestra bona opera et 
glorificent patrem vestrum qui 
iu caelis est. 

17 (33, 10.) Noiite putare quo- 
niam veni solvere legem aut 
prophetas : non veni solvere 
sed adimplcre. " i-^'''-' Amen 
quippe dico vobis, donee tran- 
seat caelum et terra, iota unum 
aut uuus apex non praeteribit 
a lege, donee omnia fiant. 
19 (35, 10.) Q„[ g^gQ solvent unum 
de mandatis istis minimis et 
docuerit sic homines, minimus 
vocabitur in regno caelorum; 
qui autem fecerit et docuerit, 
liic magnus vocabitur in regno 
caelorum. ^ Dico enim vobig 
quia nisi abundaverit iustitia 
vestra plus quam scribarum et 
Pharisaeorum, non intrabitis in 
regnum caelorum. 

" Audistis quia dictum est an- 
tiquis, Non occides: qui autem 
occiderit, reus erit iudieio. 
" Ego autem dico vobis quia 
omnis qui irascitur fratri suo. 

add. patres vestri Syr.Crt. || add. nolite 
gaudere cum benedixerint vos omnes 
homines, sic enim faciebant pscudo- 
prophetis patres eontra g'. (vid. Luc). 

13. a\ae 1".] aXa D* (corr. rec.) 

— /(wpai'flq] stultus fucril Syr.Crt. 

— d/\i(r9/;(T£rai] -aovTai V. 

— (Ti B.rel. Vulg. c.f.ff\g\ Syr.Hcl.rel. 
Orig. i. 794"'. (sic). \ om. D. a.b.gKh. 
Syrr.Crt. & Pst. Cypr. 326. 

— (i\i)Div £?w BC. 1. 33. Syr.Hcl.MS. 
Orig.\.l^iK\%li\,)Bi)vai" i^oj ]Kai' T. 
D. reL Verss. ut vid. 

14. ii|U£if] add. Si A. 

15. a\\']a\Xa D. 

— Ti]v et toiq] om. A. 

17. KciTuXvnai (2".) et wXijpuiaai] add. 
illos bis Syr.Crt. Mem|)h. Theb. iEth. 

18. iwra] add. signum Syr.Crff 

— TOV vofiov sic Orig, ii. 527''. | om. Iren. 
Gr. 14. I a lege et a prophetis Syr.Hier. 
Arm. Iren.275. 


18. Trai'ra yevTjrai'] yev, iravTa D.lCon- 
tra, Orig. ii. 527''. 

19. iav Orig.\n.59Q\ \ om. D*. | av D^ 

— our] om. L. Arm. Cypr. 109. Zc/. 121. 

— XuiTj;] -cti DL. 

— 7W1' iXax ] om. Tbiv A. 

— oiirwj Orig. iii. 590°. | om. D. 

— Twv ovpavbiv his'] rov 6eov M. 

— ; Off o' av TroiT/ffy Tiov ovpavioi'l om. 

D. d.g\ I habent rel. Clem. 480. Orig. 
iii. 590". mi. 625". 

20. vers.] om. D. d. \ habent rel. Jren. 
242. C/em. 526. 825. On^.ii. 701<^. Hil. 

— TTffxfrfffKffy] -ffit L. I ~aai A. 

— >) I'lKaiocrvvri vfiui' Bs, 1. 33. SsU. 
Cte«. 526. Ori^. ii. 701=. | i^fi. ri 6iK. 
LA. EKMV. Clem. 825. 

— TrXijova (sic) L. 

— fifffXSqrt] iimXOi] U. 

21. ipptie,, B Btly.Blc.DB(K)V. | Jtppt- 

0;/ '^. LA. 1. MsSsU. (hiat 33). Eus. 
D.E. 444^ 

21. ipovevfTet L. 

22. tiKn DLA*. 1. 33. rel. a.b.c.f.ff'.g'-' h. 
l.m. SyiT.Crt.Pst.&Hcl. Memph. Goth. 
Arm. /re/i. 242.247.(165). Orig. Int. 
iii. ag"". Eus. D.E. 444''. Cypr. 306. Hil. 
(128"^. 625«). Lcf. 121. bis. \ om. B. A^ 
Vulg. iEth. OWj. i. 112. 181. (hiat 
Theb.) " In quibusdam codicibus addi- 
tur, sine caussa ; caeterum in veris de- 
finita sententia est, et ira penitus tolli- 
tur. . . . Radendum est ergo, sine caussa 
" Hier. in loc. (vii. 26). 

— paxa D (Latt.) Cypr. 81. 

— forai 2°.] fo-rt M. 

ilTTt^ piopt] ilTTff T^l a5tX)pqt aVTOV 

piopi L. 1. ffK Syr.Crt. Memph. Arm. 
Cypr. 309. ] Contra, MSS. et vv. rel. 

16. opera vestra boiia CI. | 18. fiunt An 
22. raca Vulg.CV. 

V. 31. 

Vnlg. a. b. c. 

Syrr. C. P. H. 

Memph. [Theb.l 


22. oni. uKti 

23. Kai iKil 

§ Theb. 

-=Lu. 12:58,59. 


''. Thel). 

'' Ex. 20:14. 

« ch. 18:9. 
Mar. 9:47. 

fch. 18:8. 

s Deut. 24:1. 


avTov [yiKrf^ 6VOX09 earai Trj Kpiatr 09 5 av ('nrrj 
Tcp d8eX(pca avTov, paKO., evo^os earau t<^ avuedpLcp- 
OS 8' a.i> e'lTrr], fxcope, ivo^os earai ety Tr]!/ yeevvav tov 
TTvpo?. "' iau ovv iTpoa-(l)4prjs to Scopov aov eiri to 
dvcTLacTTTqpLov, KaK€L pLvqcrOrji otl o a8e\(p09 crov e^et 
ri Kara aov, ~* a^ey e'/cet to Scopou aov e/xTrpoadev 
tov dvaLaaT-qpiov, kcu viraye irpcoTou 8iaXXayrj6L tu> 
u8eX(f)cp aov, Kal TOTe iXdcov 7rp6a(j)epe to 8u)pov aov. 
'^^^'^ta0L evvoav rw avTiSUco aov tu^v ^cos otov el 
^fieT avTOV ii> rfj oSw^' jxt] irore ae ■jrapa8(p 6 ai'Ti8iK09 
Tw KpiTT], /cat 6 KpiTrjf l_ae irapaScpj tw vTnjperrj, /cat 
els (jyvKaKTjv ^Xrjdrjarj. '" ajxriv Xeyco aoi, ov fj.r) 
i^eXdrjs eKeWev ecoy av aivo8cps tov i.a)(aTov Ko8pav- 

28-"'H/coi;o-aT-e otl ^epp-qd-q^'^ '^Ou y.oi'^evfTSii;- 
eyo) oe Xeym vfxiv otl Tray pXeTrcov yvvaiKa irpos 
TO eTnOvp-rjaaL ^avrrjv rjSr] ep.oi-)(€va€v avTrjv ev Trj 
Kap8[a avTov. '"^^el Se 6 ^6(f>daXp.69 aov 6 Se^toy 
aKav8aXL^6L ae, e^eXe avTov /cat iSdXe diro aov- avp.- 
(f)epei yap aoL tva aTroXTjrai ev rwv p-eXav aov, Kai 

S r/^ V « / ^, /I" > ' 30 f V > ' 

/i,?; oXov TO acofia aov pXrj&r) ety yeevvav. Kai et rj 
8e^Ld aov x^lp aKavSaXl^ei ae, eKKO-^ov avT-qv kou 
/3aAe diro aov- avp.(pepeL yap aoL Iva aTroXrjTaL ev 
Twv fieXwv aov, /cat p.rj oXov to aa>p.a aov *eiy yeevvav 

29 ^' ^*'Epprjdr}" 8e, ^^'hg av dTTokvcrjj rrjv >yvvaA-Aa, aii- 

reus erit iudicio : qui autem 
dixurit fVatri suo, racha, reus 
eritcoucilio: qui autem dixerit, 
fatue, reus erit gehennae ignis. 
^ Si ergo otferes munus tuum 
ad altare, et ibi recordatus fueris 
quia frater tuus hiibet aliquid 
adversum te, " relinque ibi mu- 
nus tuum ad altare, et vade 
prius reconciliare fratri tuo, 
et tunc veniens offer munus 
tuum, " (*>> ^•' Esto consentiens 
adversario tuo cito dum es in via 
cum eo, ne forte tradat te ad- 
versarius iudici, et iude-t tradat 
te ministro, et in carcerem mit- 
taris. "■ Amen dico tibi, non 
exies inde donee reddas novis- 
simum quadrantem. 

27 (37, 10.) AuiJigtis quia dictum 
est antiquis, Non moechaberis. 
^ Ego autem dico vobis, quo- 
niam omnis qui viderit muli- 
erem ad concupiscendum eam, 
iam mocchatus est eam in corde 
suo. ^ Quod si oculus tuus 
dexter scandalizat te, erue eum 
et proice abs te : expedit enim 
tibi ut pereat unum membrorum 
tuonini, quam totum corpus 
tuum mittatur in gehennam. 
™ Et si dextera manus tua scan- 
dalizat te, abscide eam et proice 
abs te : expedit enim tibi ut unum membrorum tuo- 
rum, quam totum corpus tuum 
eat in gehennam. 

'' Dictum est autem, Quicum- 
que diniiserituxorem suam, det 

23. TrpofT^tpjc] -pi'S E 

— Kaicu BsL. 33s. Ss. Orlg. l \9&''. \ 
Kat SKU D.A. 1. EKMUV. 

24. ^laWayriQi] KaraWaytjQt D. 

7rpO(T0fpf] -psiQ D*. 

25. tws] om. U*. 

— a] q M. 

— fUT avTov IV Ty ooij} BDL. 1. 33. 
(om. (V B.Blli/.) a.b.c.g'-^-h. Syrr.Crt.& 
Pst. Memph. Arm. iEth. | J 1 1- rg o^ip 
hit' avTov s". AE. rel. Vulg. J'.ff'. 
Sjr.Hcl. Theb. Goth. Clem.605. 

— ^;^7r. (T{7rapacw]/i?;7r. (TE TrapaCwaei D*. 

— <r£ Trapadu) (post KpiTiiQ) L.A. 33. rel. \ 
om. B.Btli/. Blc. \. h. Arm. JE\h. (PP. 
Latt.) I fff Trapa^utau D. 

— p\ri9r](xy] /SX/jepf D*. | /3X,,e,,(T£. E. 
ecorr. ?*. | /3\;;9Etc L. 

26. av] om. 33. | ov L. 

— awoSftigl ~d(i}(7ig L. 

— KoSpavTTjv] x^^P* -^■ 

27. tpptfiri B.Btly.DEV. | *(ppie,j •S'. 

LA. 1. 33. KMSsU. Orig. iv. 330«. 
Bus. D.E. 15"'. 27^ 126*. in Ps. 397>'. || 
■f-add. roif apxaiote <^. LA. 33. M. 
Vulg. c.ff'.g'.h. Syr.Crt. Syr.HcI.* 
Iren. 242. Eus. D.E. 15''.27''. 126». in 
Ps. sg?"". I om. BD. 1. EKSUV. a.b.f.m. 
Syrr.Pst.(&HcI.) Memph. Goth. Arm. 
^th. Orig. iv. 330*. 

28. (iXeTTiav] enliXixpag K. (Just. Apol.l. 
15). C/em.461.615(e<ra.554. Onjr.rel.) 

— £7ri9. avrriv BDL4. 33. EKSUV. 
Clem. 554. Orig.iv. 336''. Eus. D.E. 126\ 
I t£7ri9. avriie ^. Is. M. Orig. iii. 
416''. Eus. in Ps. ap. Mai 70. 

— i)^))] ora. Syr.Crt. 

— avTTjv] om. A. 

— avTovl iavTov B.Btli/. \ Contra, rel. 
Onj. i. 112. iv.330». 336''. 

29. ffov 6 ^t^toc] o Se^iog (Tov D. 

— iTKavSaXiZii] -Ki} L. 

— Kflt jiaXt] om. L. 

— fiXridy BsA. 1. 33. rel. Vulg. f.ffK 

Syrr.Pst.&Hcl. Goth. Arm. ^th. Lcf. 
15. I aiziXdg D. a.b.cgKh. Syr.Crt. 
Memph. I liXi)9t](jei L. 

29. yetvvav^ praem. Ttjv L. 

30. vers.] om. D. d. \ Contra, Orig. Int. 

— fij om. L. 

— dKavSaXiZti] -i>] LG. 

tKKOtpOvi KO-^Ol' A. 

— tie yiivvav airiXdy B. 1. 33. Vulg. 
a.b.c.ff'.g'.h.l. Syr.Crt. Memph. ^th.| 
tj3Xi]dy us yttvav ^. E. rel. /. Syrr. 
Pst.&Hcl. Goth. Arm. | /3\>)9;;(r«i ug 
Tr)v ycivav L. (om. ver. D. d). 

31. eppnO), B.Btli/. D. 1 (sic). EGKV.j 
J ippiOri ^. LA. 33. MsSsU. 

— its] om. K. II fadd. on s'- E. rel. 1 om. 
B.Bch. DL. 1. 33. Latt. 

— OTroXt'fry] -<tu L. 

23. offers CI. | 21. ante altare CI. | reconci- 
liare CI. I offers Am.; offeres CL; offer Fid. 
For. I 27. moecliaTeris Am. | 28. quia omnis Ci. 



V. 32. 

1. 33. 


" ch. 19:9. 

War. 10: 11, 12. 

Lu. 16:18. 
32. o aTToX. yaii))- 

'Lev. 19:12. 
J Jac. 5: 12. 

^ Ex. 21:24. 


* Lu. 6 : 29, 30. 


39. pair'taH tiri 


rov,^ SoTCO avrij a^xocTaTKiV ^^^iyco 8e Xeyco v/xiu 
on *7ra? 6 aTroXvcav" rrjv yvvaiKa avrov, irapeKTOs 
Aoyov TTopveiai, iroiel avT-qv ^ /jLOL)(^evdrjuaf kou b? eav 
aTToXeXvfievrjv yafjirjcrri, p.0L-)(5.TaL. 

30 "' IlaAij^ rjKOva-are on ^ippr/dr] toIs ap^aioLS, 
^Ovx iiriopy.'j'TStg, d-TtoScorreig Ss rw ■AVplcp roi/g opxovg 
(Tov "^ iycD de Xeyco vplv ^ prj opocrai oAwy, yu^re eV 
rw ovpavw, on Opovos ianv rod deov, ""^ P-V'''^ ^^ '''V 
yrj, on vttottoSiou iariv rcov ttoScou avrov, prjre eh 

lepoaoXvpa, on vroXif eanv rod peyaXov fiaaiXeco^' 

p.i]Te ev TYj K€(paXrj aov opoarjs, on ov Bvvaaai 

p.Lav Tpl^a XevKTTjv ^Troirjaai rj peXaivav. '" earrco 8e 

o Aoyoy v/xcov, vol val, ov ov' to 8e Treptaaov tovtcov 

e/c TOV TTOvripov eanv. 

31 •^'^'H/couVare on ^epprjOii^' ^'O(j)SaX^u.0V Avt) 
6(f)$cfJkiJyOV, xotA oSovTo, avr) oSovTog' ''^ eyoo 8e Xeyo) 
vplv prj duno-Trjvai rco Trovrjpw' aAA' ^'6crTi9 ere 
^pairl^ei elf" rrjv Se^iav ^aiayoua crof," arpexj/ou avrw 
KOU TTju aXXrjv ^^ kou rco OeXovrl aoL KpidrjvaL Koi 
TOV ^irava aov Xa^elv, a(l>es avTW kou to IpaTiov 

Kol o(TTLS ere dyyapevcrei piXiov ei>, VTraye /zer 

illi libellum repiidii. ^' Ego 
auteni dico vobis, quia omuis 
qui diuiiserit uxorem suam, ex- 
cepta fornicatiunis causa, facit 
earn moechari, et qui dimissam 
duxerit adulterat. 

^' Iterum audistis quia dic- 
tum est antiquis, Non peiera- 
bis, reddes autem domino iura- 
menta tua. ^* Ego autem dico 
vobis nou iurare omnino, necjue 
per caelum, quia thronus dei est, 
'■" ueque per terram, quia sca- 
belltim est pedum eius, Deque 
per Hierosolymam, quia civitas 
est raagni regis; ^* neque per 
caput tuum iuraveris, quia non 
potes unum capilluui album 
t'acere aut nigrum. ^' Sit au- 
tem sermo vester, est est, uon 
non : quod autem bis abuudaii- 
tius est, a malo est. 

^ Audistis quia dictum est, 
Oculum pro ociilo, et dentem 
pro dente. '^ Ego autem dico 
vobis non resistere malo: '■^/^•^ 
sed si quis te percusserit iu de.x- 
tera maxilla tua, pr.aebe illi et 
alteram. '" Et illi qui viUt tecum 
iudicio contendere et tunicam 
tuam tollere, remitte et pallium. 
•11 (33, i».) Et quicumque te anga- 
riaverit niille passus, vade cum 
illo alia duo. '^ Qui petit a tc. 

31. aurp] avTijv K. 

32. on Vulg. c./.ff'.g-. \ om. D. a.b.gKh. 

— -Tag 6 awoXvutv BLA. 1. 33. KM. 
Vulg. c.fjf'.g\l.m. Syrr.Pst.&Hcl. Goth. 
Arm. .aith. | +6s ai' a-n-oXvcry <^. DE. 
rel. a.b.g'.h.Qvid.) Syr.Crt. Memph. 
(vid. cap. xix. 9). 

— fiotxivOip'ai BD. 1. 33. Otig. iy.eiT^. 
648\ I tfioixa<r9ai <^. L. rel. 

— Kai OQ iav airo\i\vfiev7jv ya^rjtr^ fioi- 
Xarai (L)A. 1.33. rel. h. (yaftrjaiih.)] 
om. D. a.b.\Kai 6 aTroX. ya/Djirag iioix- 
B. vid. cap. xix. 9. (Verss. ancc.) 

33. ippnBi, B.B(/v.DEKMV. | ttppiet] 
<^. LA. 1.33. S«U. Onjr. iv. 330». 

— rt^} Kvpnii"] om. Tfii La. 1. 

35. pifTi tiq 'lep pty. /3a(7.] om. 33. 

36. 7-pix«] Tpixav LE. 

— TTottiaat t} ptXaivav B. 33. Vulg. a.b. 
c.f.ff'.g'.m. Jlempli. Arm. iEth. Ci/pr. 
308. I TToiijaai fitXan'av L. | J j; ^eX. 
woi. T- E. rel. Syr.Hcl. Goth. [Syrr. 
Crt.&Pst.] (TToift)' [TToiijo-ai D^] rptxa 
fiiiav XivKtfv J] fitXaivav D. Ct/pr. 178. 
TTOtijo-ai fiiav rpixa XevKrjv rj ptXaivav 
1. facere album aut nigrum h. Trott}aai 
rpix" Xei>Ki))' /; fttXaivav Clem. 262). 

37.fT7-MnL.rel.Latt.Goth. Clem.707. 872. 


Jren.242. Horn. CI. 3. 55. & 19. 2. Tert. 
de Praes. 26. Ci/pr. 87. 308. | earai B. 
Btit/. Blc. Eus. b.E. 23''. [Verss. .ancc] 

37. vai vai^ ov ov Vulg. a.c.f.ff^. Syr. 
Hcl. Memph. Iren. 242. Orig. Int. iv. 
485". Eus. D.E. 23''. | vai vai Kai ov ov 
L. b.g'.k. Syrr.Crt.&Pst. Arm. {Horn. 
CI. 19.2. Contra, 3. 55). | [jEth.j 

— Tovrtov'] Tovrov 1. 

38. ipprjdii B.Btly. DE^'KV. Onj.ii.390t'. 
1 tippiSn <?■ LA. 1. 33. E*MSsU. 

— Kai o^oi'ra Vulg. f.jf^.h. \ om. Kai D. 
a.b.c.g^-^l. Orig. Int. 'i\.\^&<=-'- Hil. 

39. paTTiJft 'B.Btly. 33. | tpa-jriau <S . 
DL. rel. 

— iiQ B. 1 t en-t '^. DL. rel. (vid. Luc. vi. 29). 

— St'iiav] om. D. Hil. (629). vid. Luc. 

— aiayova aov B(D). {mayava D.)| 
i aov may ova ^. L. rel. | om. aov 1. 
33. a.f.h. Orig. Lit ii. 166"^. 

40. Tij) BeXovril i GiXuiv D ) tov BiXovra A. 

— n0£C] a(j>riatiQ V). \ Contra, Iren. 243. 
Orig. ii. 760''. 

— i/(«rioi'] add. aov 33. Memph. Arm. 
^th. I Contra, Or/jr. ii. 760''. 

41. at'] om. L. | tav A. 

i\. ayyapivaei B^L. 1. Af^SsXJ^. I ayya- 
pivH D. I ayyaptvaq A. 33. EGKV. 

— Svo BiL.rel./. Syrr.Pst.&Hcl. Memph. 
Goth. JE.t\i.\tri aXXa Svo D. a.b.c.g'.\et 
alia duo Vulg. CI. h. | alia duo Am. For. 

ffKl. Syr.Crt. Iren. 243. | et duo Arm. | 

42. ^os BD. C/em. 536. | {Silov ';. L. 
rel. (vid. Luc. vi. 30). 

— TOV OiXovra BsL. rel. | Tip OtXovTi D. 

— ajro aov] om. D. m. Clem. 536. Cypr. 
303. Hil. (629i'-'=) 

43. ipp^Bi] B. Btly. DEGKMV. | J tppiet, 
<;. LA. SsU. OWj. iv.324''.329''. 
Eus. D.E. 16". I add. toiq apxawtg Syr. 
Crt. Eus. D.E. 16«. 

44. ixOpovQ I'ifiw)'] f add. tvXoyuTi tovq 
KOTapuipevovg v^ag ^. ^D)L. 33. E. 
rel. {vpiv D*) c.d.f.h.{m.) Syrr.Pst. & 
Hcl. Goth. Arm. ^Eth. Clem. 605. (qu. 
e Luc.) Eus. P.E. 654''. ( ? Luc.) (vid. I om. B. 1. Vulg. a.b.ffK 
g'.l. Syr.Crt. Memph. 7ren. 210. Orig. 
i. 768=. iv. 324^ 329''«- 351». Eus. in Es. 
589''. Cypr. 248. 260. 3i9. Uil. 303'=. 

31. dot si CI. I 33. periurabis a. | 39. dex- 
teram maxillam tuam CI. | 40. Et oi 67. | dimitte 
CL; mitte Am.* add. ei CI. | 41. augariabcrit 
Atn. I et alia Ct. 

VI. 2. 


J'^^c'pH avTOu 8vo. *^ra aiTOvvTL ere *5oy," kcu tov deXoura 

Mempii. _ aTTo (TOV Sauelcracrdai /x?; a7roo-Tpa(pr]f. 
Goth.Arm.iEth. „ ^2 '^ 'HKovcrare in Upp^dv" "'' Aja.Tr'^TSig rhv 


Lev. 19: lb. 

„ TtXyjo-ldv (TOV xou (jiiirTTj'TSig TOV i%^pov 'TOV' " eyw 

Lu. 6: 27, 32— 36. Xe'yo) vpuv, '^ dyaTrdre Tovs i)(6povs vp-wv,^ ^/cai irpoa- 
ev-)(ecTdi virep rwv ^ Blwkovtcov y/xay, ottcos yevrjaOe 
vioi TOV Trarpof vpcou tov eu ^ovpauoLS, oti tov r^Aiou 
avTov dvaTeXKu eVt Trovrjpovs kcu dyaOovs, kul fipeyei 
eTTt oiKaLOV9 KUL uoiKOVf. eav yap ayairqar^Te tovs 
dyaTvwvTa^ vp.di, Tiva fjiiadou e)(€T€ ; ovy^i Kai ol 
TeXcovai ^ovTcas" ttolovctlv; kcu idv dcnraaTqcrOe tovs 
d8eX(j)ov9 vpu>v p-ouov, t'l irepicrcrov TroieLTe ; ov^i Kai 
OL^edvLKOL ^To avTO TVOLOvaiv; ^ eaeaoe ovv vp.eLs 
TeXeiOL, *&)$•" 6 TraTTjp vp.c3u 6 ^ovpavcos reAeto? 


" neiit. 18: 13. 


da ei, et volenti mutuari a te ne 

43 (to, 5.) AuilLstis quia dictum 
est, Diliges in'o.Kimuin tuum, et 
odio habebis inimicuni tuum. 
^* Ego autem dico vobis, Dili- 
gite iniinicos vestros, benefacito 
his qui oderunt vos, et orate ]jro 
perscquentibus et calumnianti- 
bus vos; ""^ ut sitis filii patris 
vestri qui in caelis est, qui solem 
suum oriri facit super bonos et 
malos, et pluit super iustos et 
iniustos. '^ (J'.s.) g; enim dili- 
gatis eos qui vos diligunt, quam 
merccdcm habebitis? Nonne 
et publicani hoc faciunt? ■" Et 
si salntaveritis fratres vestros 
tantum, quid amplius facitis? 
Nonne [et] ethnici hoc faciunt? 
*' Estote ergo vos perfccti, sicut 
et pater vester caelestis per- 
fectus est. 

eaTLv. ' 

VT- /-/^ 33 1 llnocrev€T€ TVV ^ SlKaLOCrVVnv" vp.COV an TTOLeiU ' '"•'"•' Attendite ne iusti- 

_ ' „ ' „'*■ ,^/ \ ^/i/i" ." tiam vestram facialis coram 

1. irpcoixiTt [ci'] ep-n-pOCrUeV TCOU avUpcaTTCOV irpOS to deaarjUaC auroty hominibus, utvidcanjiniabeis: 

»^\/ y^v»v \" vr" alioquiu morcedcm non liabe- 

€t be p.T] ye, ptcrdov ovk ex^re irapa tco iraTpL vpcav ^itis apud patrem vcstrum qui 

Tco ev Tols ovpavols. "^ OTav ovv iroiris eXeripocrvvvv, '" '^^''l'^ ^^^- ' ^um ergo facies 

t -' r rf r \ elemosyuam, noii tuba canere 

p.rj aaXiricrrjS epirpOaOeV aOV, COCTirep ol VirOKptTai ante te, sicut hypocritae faciunt 

44. KOI TrpoaivxcSil praem. kuXidq ttoiei- 
re Toig /.itrrovatv ti/ias DLA. 33. EKM 
SUV. Latt. Syrr.Pst.&HcI. Goth. Arm. 
iEth. (vid. Luc. vi. 27). | tpraem. ea- 
dem, sed rovg inaovvrag v/i. S"- Eus. 
in Es. 589<i. ?Luc. | om. B. L Syr.Crt. 
Mem ph. Iren. 2\0. Clem.dOS.Oric/.i. 
768=. iv. 324''. 329'"«- 351>. Eus. T.E. 
6.'j4a. Cypr. 248. 260. 319. Hil. 303=. 

— VTTtp rwi'] f add. €7nipeaZo7>riov v^iaQ 
Kai 'T. (D)L. 33. rel. (Vulg.) a.b.c.f. 
^•(.^' •?'•'■) Syrr.Pst.&HcI. Goth. Arm. 
Clem. 605. (qu. e Luc.) (Ori'j.i. 768=. 
? Luc.) Eus. P.E. 654''. (? Luc.) in Es. 
589''. Hil.303'. (trs.Vulg.^'.ji-=-) vid. 
Luc. vi. 35. (om. vfiaQ D. Eus.) \ om. B. 
l.Emm.k.m. Syr.Crt. Syr.Hier. Memph. 
^th. Iren. 210. ("orate pro eis qui vos 
oderunt'). Or/9, iv. 324''. 329''-=- 351". 
Cypr. 248. 260. 319. (om. Trpoatvx- 
itiTip 710V tTn)p. i'ftac Kai Syr.Hier.) 

— Kat diuiK. {'nag'] om. Goth. sic. Orig. 
768''. 1 om. iijiag 33. Arm. 

45. vlot] ofxoioi (X. eomm.) 

— ovpavoiq] praem. toiq 33. KU(X. 
comm.) Or!j.i.768=.iv.330».324''.(Ccm- 
tra, iv. 329". ter. 35 1^ Eus. in Es. 589''). 

— iTTi 7rovi)povQ Kai ayaBovQ b.d, Syr. 

Hcl. /rra. 280. 325. OWjr. 1.232'. 521''. 
768'. 11.647". iii. HC^. 763'^. iv. 13'^.330". 
Eus. P.E. 655^ in Ps. 426''. | avi aya- 
BovQ Km TToi'ijpoiie Vulg. a.c.f.ff '.h. Syn". 
Crt.&Hcl. Horn. CI. 3. 57. Iren. 147. 
Tert. adv. Marc. iv. 36. de res. car. 36. 
Orig. Int. ii. 667'. 686"=. 696"". iii. 335=. 
iv. 503''. 

45. £7rt TTOV. Kat ay., Kat /3pf;^«t] bis E*. 

46. ^i(t9ov] add. ovk A. 

— «X«'-£#'-9'--l«?E'''" [-«] D. (Latt.) 

— Qvxi Kat o( reXidvat oifTtog'] sic enim et 

— oiVwe T>Z. 33. h.k. (Syr.Crt.) Memph. 
iEth. Cypr.2A^. if/. 122.14: ro a«ro <^. 
BsL. rel. (vid. Luc. vi. 33). | rouro \.\ 
hoc Vulg. a.b.c.f.ff'.l, \ baec g'. Syrr. 
Pst.&IIcl. Goth. Arm. 

47. aBiXipove BsDZ. 1. Vulg. a.b.c.ff'.l. 
Syrr.Crt. & Pst. Memph. /Eth. Cypr. 
248. I tptXovQ LA. 33. EKMSU. f.h. 
Syr.Hcl. Goth. Arm. Lcf. 122. 

— tdviKoi BDZ. 1. 33. Vulg. a.b.c.J.ff\ 
g'-^- Syrr.Crt.&Hcl. Syr.Hier. Memph. 
iEth. Cypr. 2i&. Xc/. 122. | J reXwvai 
S. L.rel. h. Syrr.Pst.(&Hcl.MS.) Goth. 
Arm. I add. et peccatores Arm. 

47. TO ai.7-0 H.Btly.Blc.TlZ. 1. 3.3. MU. 

Vulg. a.b.c.f.ff'.g'-"- Syr.Pst. Goth. 
Arm. iEth. C^pr. 248. Lcf. l22.\iov- 
TuiQ 1^. L.rel. h. Syrr.Crt.&Hcl. Memph. 
48. lie B.Btly. ZL. 1. 33. r^ Clem. 626. 
792.886. Onj.i.522=.681''. 11.26'=. Eus. 
D.E. 104'!. 1 t<^<'^ip 'S'- D- rel. 

— ovpavtos BB=ZL. 1. 33. E*VF\ Vulg. 
a.fjf\g\l. Syr.IIcl. Arm. iEth. Orig. i. 
522=. 681*. ii. 26=. Cypr.2i8. | iv ovpa- 
votQ D*. 1 "^ffToigovpavoic ^. AE^. rel. 
b.c.d.g'.h. Syrr.Crt.&Pst. Clem.792.Lcf. 
122. I [Memph.] 

1. Trpomx^ri] add. & ZL. 1.33. g'. Syrr. 
P-t.&Hcl. Memph. iEth. | Cuntra, Bs 
D. rel. Vulg. a.b.c.f. ff'.h. Syr.Crt. 
Goth. Arm. Hil 629'. 

— StKaioavvi]v BD. 1. Vulg. a.b.c.ff'. 
g'.h.l. Orig. Int. iv. 512\ Hil. 629'. \ 
X tXiripouvi')}]' T- ZL. 33. rel. f*.k. Syrr. 
Crt. & Hcl. Memph, (vid.) Goih. Arm. 
JFith. (Syr.Pst. anc. id. Syr.Hier. qu. 
vocum transpositio verr. 1 et 2 Syr.Crt.) 

— 0£a9i)i'at] praem. ^1/ A. 

— rots BL. rel. | om. D. 1. 33. fhiat Z). 

2. TTOitig] TTOtiig LU. 

4(i. diligitis CI. | 47. et ethnici CI.. 
2. facis CI. 

om. et Am 






1. 33 


§ Theb. 



10. iXedru 

•woLovcTLv eu raif o-vvaycayats kui eu rais pv/xaif, ottcos 
So^acrdaxTLU vtto tcov avdpwTTOov dfxrjv Xeyca vfuv, 
aire^ovaLV Tov fxiadov avraiv. -crov 5e ttoiovptos 
eXerj/jLoavvT]]/, jxrj yvtoTco rj apLcrrepa crov ri iroLel rj 
Se^ia crov, ottw? r) aov rj iXerj/xocrvur] iv tco Kpvirru)- 
Kai TTUTTjp aov 6 /SAeTTtoj/ iu tco KpvirTot * dTroScocrei 

34 ^Kai oTau ^7rpo(rev)(r)(rd€, ovk eaeade" ^cos" ol 
VTTOKpiTai, OTL (f)i\ov<rii' iv ralf (rvvaycoyaif koI iu 
Toif ywviai's tcov irXaTcimv ccttcotc? irpocrev^^ecrOai, 
OTTCof * (f)auo)crLV tol9 dvOpwTTOLS' dprjv Xcyco vpuv, 
^ ciTrc^ova-Lv tov p.Lcr6ov avToav. av Se, oTav Tvpoa- 
cv)(r}, e'lcreXde eiy to Ta/xieiou aov, kol KXeiaas t7]u 
Ovpav aov irpoa^v^ai^ tw iraTpi aov tco eV tm KpvrrTw- 

KaL o TraTrjp aov 6 ^Xcttcov ev tco KpviTTco aTToScoaci 

''^ aoi.^ 7rpoaev)(6fj.euoi 8e firj ^aTToXoyrjaiiTC, coairep 
ol eduiKor BoKovaiv yap otl ev ttj TToXvXoyia avTau 
eiaaKovadt^aovTai. jxr) ovv opoLcodrJTe avTols' olSev 
yap o TTaTTjp v/xcoi' cov )(j)e[av e;(ere irpo tov vfxdf 
aiTi]aaL avTou. ' ovtcos ovv irpoacv^caOc vp-cls' ^ITa- 
Tcp ripu)v o iv rotf ovpavols, dyLaadrjTO) to .ovojxa aov 
eXdeTco rj ^aaiXeia aov yevrjdrjTco to 9cXr]p.a aov, 
coy eV ovpavcp /cat eVt ^yj/y ^^ tov apTOv rjficov tov 

in synagogis et in vicis, ut hono- 
rificentur ab horainibus. Amen 
dico vobis, reccjierunt merce- 
demsuam. ^Teautem facieiite 
elemosynara ne sciat sinistra 
tua quid faciat dextera tua, 
* ut sit elemosyna tua in ab- 
scondito: et pater tuus qui videt 
in abscondito reddet tibi. 

' Et cum oralis, non eritis 
sicut hypocritae, qui amant in 
synagogis et in angnlis platea- 
rum stantcs orare, ut videantur 
ab hominibus. Amen dico vo- 
bis, rcceperunt niercedeni suam. 
' Tu autem cum orahis, intra in 
cubiculum tuuni, et clauso ostio 
tuo ora patrem tuum in abscon- 
dito : et pater tuus qui videt in 
abscondito reddet tibi. ' <" • ''■' 
Orantes autem nolite multum 
loqui sicut ethniei ; putant euini 
quia in multiloquio suo exau- 
diantur. ' Nolite ergo assimi- 
lari eis: scit enim pater vester 
quibus opus sit vobis ante quara 
petatis eum. ^ Sic ergo vos 
orabitis, Pater noster qui es in 
caelis, sanctificetur nuraen tu- 
um; '"advcuiat rcgnum f.ium; 
fiat voluntas tua, sicut in caclo 
et in terra; " pancm nostrum 
supersubstantialem da nobis 

2. Taic pii/jaif] om. rate A. 

— ii/di'] on Z ? 

3. eXfrifioavi'rjv'] praem. t)]v L. 

4. yaov i] iXiiifi. BsZ (vid.) L. 1. rel. | 
r; t\et]fi. aov g D. | >; aov tXtti/i. 7) 33. 
(om. ); A). 

— aTToctuaei} t praem. avrog <^. DX 
(vid.) rel. h. Syrr.Pst.&Hcl. | om. BZL. 
1. 33. KU. Vulg. a.b.c.f.ffKg\l Syr. 
Crt. Memph. Goth. Arm. Mth.. Orig. 
iv.256'^. Cy/)r. 317. 

— (Toi] cv K. II f add. iv ti)> ipaviptj) '^. 
LX (vid.) rel. Syrr.Pst.& 
Hcl. Goth. Arm. iEth. | om. BDZ. 1. 
33. Vulg.^i.A. Syr.Crt. Memph. Orlg. 
iv. 256<^. (MSS.) Ci/pr. 317. 

5. ■TrpoaivxijaOt ovk taiaOi "B.Btly.Blc. Z. 
\.sk.{T:poaivxta9t B.i?c/i.) Vulg. a.b.c. 

f.ff'.g\h.l. (om. verr. 5, 6. g'.) Syr.Hcl. 
mg. Memph. Theb. Goth. Arm.MSS. 
.^th. Orig.\.2i'!^. | \irpoa(vxy ovk lay 
<^. DLX ( in coram.) A (Gr. non 
Lat.Vel. Syrr.Crt.Pst.&Hcl.txt. (Arm.) 

— <if BDZ. 33. I t iiavip ^. L. rel. 
Orij. i.227^ 

— ^iXovaiv iv raic avi'ayuiyniQ Kai fv 


rate yu}viaiQ twv irXaruwv kartariQ 
irpoaivxiaBai B«Z. rel. Vulg. fff^. 
Syr. Hcl. Goth. Arm. ^th. Orig. i. 

227^. (amant stare ut orent Syrr.Crt. 

& Pst. Memph. Theb.) | (piXovaiv arij- 
I'ai EV raiQ avvayMyat^ Kat tv r. yuiv. 
T. irXaruuiV larioTiQ Kai Trpoatvxofiivoi 
D. h. (sic, fere, a.b.c.g'). 

5. t(T7-wrff] om. K. 

— • oTTwc] fadd. av 'S'- A. rel. | om. B. 
Btlg.Btc.DZL. 1. 33. K. Orig.i.'221K 

— n/u;i'] om. Syr.Crt. 

— !r//ij']tadd.or( S'-L.rel./. Ori'jf.i.227''. | 
om.BDZX (vid. e spatio). 1 . 33. Vulg. a. 
b.c.ff'.g''.li. Arm. JEth. (g'. om.verr. 5, 6). 

6. tiatXSi] ciaiXBtav A. 

— rapiiiov B«ZX. 1. 33. rel. Orig.'m. 
423». Eus. in Ps. 337''. | raiiiiov DLE. 
Ori'j.i. 227^- 

— Tifi post aov'] om. D. 1. Latt. 

— OTToJ. (Toi] +add. IV rip ipaviptji ^. LX. 
33. rel. a.b.c.f.h. SyiT.Pst.&Hcl. Goth. 
Arm. iEth.|om.BDZ. 1. Vulg.#'.<?'.A. 
Syr.Crt. Syr.Hicr.* Memph. Theb. Orig. 
i. 228\ iii.423». Eus. in Ps. 337''. 631''. 
Horn. CI. 3. 55. HH. 184''. 

7. /3arroXo7'i;(r);re (Z)L. rel. Ori</. i. 198". 
228*. I (3aTraXoyt]aiiT£ B. | /^XarroXoyr;- 
atjTaiCsic) D*. (-r«X **)|/3aro\oy. EG.\.Z). 

— iBviKot DZL. 1. rel. Syrr.P.-t.&Hcl. 
vv. Orig. i. 228*. [ viroKpirai B. Syr.Crt. 
(hiat 33). 

8. yap] add. 6 e^os B. Theb. | Contra, 
DZL. 1. 33. rel. Memph. vv. Orig.i. 
204". 228*. 

— iifiuivl rjfiuiv 1. I .add. [6 cv] ovpavois 
X. caelestis Syr.Hcl. ^th. 

— airtjaai avrov B5ZLX. rel. vv. Orig. 
i.204''. 226''. 22S». | avoi^ to oro/ia D. 
h (rfhiat). 

10. iXQiTio BsZL. rel. Or/9, i. 226'. ^i"<- 
inPs. 540''. in Luc. 241. | iX9aTu, })A 
E=G. (biiint X. 33). 

— iiQ\a]g.f.ff'.g\h. Q/pr.20.5.3U. Hd. 
477". I om. D*. a.b.c. 

— y/f] + praem. tt^q ^. DLX. rel. Orig. 
i.226^ £ks. in Luc. ap. Mai 201. | om. 
B.Bch.Z. A. 1. (hiat 33). Clem. 593. 
(vid.) Orig. i. 2i0'-'-'-(ler.) 241». 

6. omvcris CL | om tuo CI, \ 7. quod in CL 
S. quid opus CI. 

VI. 20. 


Vule. a h c ' ' 5.^'" / IT 12^ "A ' ~ V 

Syrrfc.P H ^TTLOVaLOU OOS rjfXLV (rr)fji€pOV.^' KUL a(f)€S rjfj.ll/ Ta 


Memph. [Theb.] offyeiX-qfiaTa rjfjiCDV, as KoCi rjjxeis * d(f)7]Kafjiei' rots 6(hei 

Goth. Arm. Et\L. , <~4 13vv> ' '-> 

11 X Aerais r]fXMV^ kul /j.rj eLaeueyKTjs i]/xas eis irecpa- 

(Tfioi', dWa pvcrai ■q/j.ds diro Tov TrovrjpovJ 'Eaf 


1 ch. 18:35. 
Mar. 11:26. 


11 Theb. 


§ Theb. 
'Lu. 12:33,34. 


■^ yap aiprjre tols dvOpcairois ra TrapaTrrco/xaTa avTcou, 
d(l)-qa-eL Koi vpuv 6 Trarrjp v^icov 6 ovpavtos' ' ''e'aj/ 
8e pi] d(l)rJT€ TOLS^ dvOpcoTTOis TO. irapaTTTCopaTa 
avTUiv, ovSe 6 Trarijp vp.u)v dcprjaeL ra iTapairTcopaTa 
, 00 Urau oe^ prjarevrjre, prj yLveatye 'wy ol vtto- 

KptTai aKvdpcoTTor dcfyafi^ovaLU yap ra Trpoawira 
avTcov, oirws (^avaaLV rois dudpcoTrois vrjaTevovres' 
dfjLrjv Xeyco vpiv, * d7re)(^ov(nu tov pnaOov avrmv. ^^ av 
8e i'7]o-T€vcou aXeL-^ai aov Tr]v K€(paX7]u Kal ro -irpoa- 
(aiTov aov iiLyar oircof pr] (paurjs tols avUpmirois 
vrjareucov, aAAa tm rrarpi aov rm iv tco * Kpv(paico- 
Kal 6 Trarrjp aov 6 ^Xtircov iu tco * Kpvcpalo)' dTroScoaet 

36 ■ ^''Mt; Orjaavpi^ere vplv Orjaavpovs eVt rrjs 

yrjs, OTTOV arjs Kal ^pmais d(l)au[^ei, Kal ottov KXeirrai 

^"l Siopvaaovaiu Kal KXeirTovaiv '" OiiaavpL^ere 8e vplv 
Orjaavpovs iv ovpavco, ^ ottov ovre arjs ovre ^pcoais 
d(l)avLQL, Kal OTTOV KXeTTTai ov Scopvaaovaiv ovSe 

hodie; " et dimitte nobis de- 
hita nostra sicut et nos dimitti- 
mus debitoribus nostris; " et 
ne inducas nos in temtationera, 
sed libera nos a nialo. '* '■"• *•' 
Si enim dimiseritis honiinibus 
jjoccata eorum, diniittet et vo- 
bis pater vester caelestis delicta 
veslra; '^ si autem noil dimise- 
ritis liominibus, nee pater vester 
diniittet peccata vestra. 

16 (45, 10.) Q,„ji autem ieiuna- 
tis, nolite fieri sicut hypociitae 
tristes; exterminant enim facies 
siias ut pareant hominibus ieiu- 
nantes. Ameu dico vobis quia 
recciierunt mercedem suam. 
'^ Tu autera eiiin ieiunas, unge 
caput tuuni et faciem tuam lava; 
'* ne videaris hominibus ieiu- 
nans sed patri tuo qui est in 
abscondito : et pater tuus qui 
videt iu abscondito reddet tibi. 

'" Nolite thesaurizare vobis 
thesauros in terra, ubi erugo et 
tinea demolitur, [et] ubi fures 
effodiunt et furantur; m(«.5.) 
thesaurizate autem vobis the- 
sauros iu caelo, ubi neque erugo 
neque tinea demolitur, et ubi 
furcs non eftbdiunt nee furan- 

12. a^jji-a/ifv BZ. 1. Fuld. For. Harl* 
Syr.Pst. Orig. i. 227*. 252^ | aipiofitv 
D(L)AE. 1 1 aipu/xev T- G. rel. (hiat 33.) 
VuIg.CT. Am. b.c.f.ffKg'-'-h. (hiat a). 
Syrr.Crt.&Hcl. Goth. Arm. ^th. ( Oriy. 
i. 255''). Ci/pr. 205. (vid. Luc. xi. 4). 
[Memph. Theb.] 

13. TToviipou] tadd. on gov tffrtv rj (inm- 
Xcta Kai rj SwajXtQ Kat i/ ^o^a itg Tovt; 
aiojvag i=:. L. 33. rel. f.g'. (ap. Saba- 
tier.) SyiT.(Crt.)Pst.&Hcl. Syr.Hier. 
Goth. Arm. ^th. (Syr.Crt. om. km i) 
Swafug). I add. quod tuum est robur et 
potentia in aevum aevi, Theb. | add. 
quoniam est tibi virtus in saecula saecu- 
lonim. k. I om. BDZ. 1. Vulg. a.b.c.ffK 
h.l. Memph. Orig. i. 227'. certissime 
(vid. ct 271, 272). Tert. de Orat. 8 (ubi 
vocat " sed devehe nos a malo " clau- 
sulam). Cypr. 205. || fadfl- a^'fi' S"- L. 
33. rel. Vulg.C/. /. Syn-.Crt.&Hcl. Syr. 
Hier. Theb. Goth. Arm. ^th. Cypr. 
205. I om. BDZ. 1. Am. Tol. Harl. 
Emm. a.h.c.ffKg'.h.k.l. Syr.Pst. Memph. 
Orig. i. 227». 

14. yap] om. D*L. 

14. cat vfitv'] i)fiiv Kai D. 

I'^Wl'] >}j«w)' E*. 

— ovpal'tog] add. ra jrapaTrrojfxara i'fiwv 
L. Vulg. c.ff'.g'-'-l. Memph. Syr.Hier. 
Arm.Usc. .ffith. Ens. in Ps. 35''. | Con- 
tra, BD. rel. Syrr.Crt.Pst.&HcI. 
Theb. Goth. Arm.Zoh. 

15. Ta irapaTrriofiara ai'rwv BsL. 33. rel. 
(Ay: Syrr.Crt.&Hc]. Memph. Theb. 
Goth. Arm. ^th. | om. D. 1. Vulg. 
a.c.ffKg'.h.U. Syr.Pst. 

— vfiiov 1°] add. o ovpavioQ M. 

— atpriati] add. vfuv D. Vulg.C/. a.b.c.f. 
ff\h. Syrr.Crt.Pst.&Hcl. Memph. Theb. 

Arm. I Con<ra, BsL. rel. Am. Goth. ^th. 

16. wf BDA. 1. I Xwavip ^. L. rel. 

— aKv9piinroi] om. Syr.Cit. 

— 7rpo(Tw7ra avTiov DL. rel. \ TrpoawTra 
iavToiv B.Blly. 

• — oTTwg] add. av A. 

— iV^ij'] fadd on ^. L.rel.Vulg. c.ff'.g'. \ 
om. BD. 1. a.b.f.h.m. Aim. ^th. 

17. aXtiif'ai] -i^iov D. 

— TO TTpotT. aov vL-ipai [sequ. Kai'] ante 
a\tt\pai SyiT.Crt.&Pst. 

18. ojTWc] 'ira D. 


18. ToiQ avBpoiTToiQ vijcTTevujv DL. 1. 33. 
rel. I 7'tjrTTEVojv Totg avOfjoJTTOtg B. k. 

— ev Ttji !<>] om. ry D*. 

— KpvcpaK^j bis BD. 1. {Kpvipta 1° D*.) | 
XKpvTrrtii <s-. L. 33. rel. 

— ev Tift 2°] om. t<^ D. 

— TraTjjp ffov] om. aov A. 

— Kat 6 iraTi]p oov 6 /3X{7rwj' tv t<^ Kp.] 
om. E*. vid. 

— aTTo^ioaei uotj f add. fj' r^j fpaviptji <^. 
A.E. aM.c.g\hJ{. Ann. in cdd. quib. 
^th. I om. BDL. 1. 33. GKMSUVr. 
Vulg./#'i.m. Syrr.Crt.Pst.&HcI. Syr. 
Hier. Memph. Goth. Arm.Zoh. 

19. 9i)tTavpiZ,fiTt\ 'Utrai D, 

— i'/i(v] tv A. 

— a^ai'f^ft C/em. 537. 578. | afai'iZovatv 
D*. Ong.iu.239^. 

— icXeTrrat] add. kui 1)^. 

20. Sa] om. r. 

— ovTi 2*>] ov U. 

— ovre /3pw(Tec] om. Syr.Crt. 

— ou^f] Kai 1. 

13. lios inducas CI. | ad fin. fw/rf Amen CI. 
15. diinittet vobis CI. | Ifi. appai'eant CI. 
19. om. et (ante ubi) Am. 



VI. 21. 

L [X] A. 
1. 33. 

22. iirriv 6 6(p9a\- 
'Lu. 11:34-36. 


' Lu 16: 13. 

KXeTTTOvaiv. ottov yap iartu 6 drjaavpos ^crov, eKei 
earai kou i] KapSla ^aov. 

37 '" '^'O \v)(i>o^ Tov a-co/xaTos icrriv 6 6(pda\- 
1X09' iav ovv 6 6(f)daA/jiO¥ crov airXovf fi, oXov to 
acopd aov (pcoTeivov earar eav Se 6 6(f)daXp.6s 
crov irovrjpos fi, oAov to o'cop.a aov crKOTeivov taTai. 
el ovv TO ^0)9 TO fu crol aKOTOs icrTLV, to aKOTOs 
TTocrov ; 

38 '^'OuSet? SvvaTai Sval Kvpiois SovXeveiv rj 
yap TOV eva fjnarjaa koX tov eTepov aya-rrrjcrei, rj eVoy 
avOe^eTai Kal tov eTepov KaTa<ppovi'](TeL. ov Svvaade 

''^ 6eM SovXeveiv Kal * pa/xcova." ~^'^8ta tovto Xeyco vpxv, 
" Lu. 12:22— 31. ^7^ fxepipvoLTe TTj ^V)(rj vpav Tt (PayrjTe *r; tl TTtrjTe, 
prjSe Tw acop-aTL vpcov tl ev8vcrr]crde. ov)(l tj '^v^-q 
irXelov eaTLV tyjs Tpocfyrj^, Kal to aaypa tov evhvpaTOs ; 
ip.l3Xe\j/aTe ety to. ireTeLva tov ovpavov, otl ov cnrel- 
povcTLV ov8e 6epi^ov(TLV ovSe crvvdyovanv ety dirodr/Ka^, 
Kal 6 TTaTi^p vpwv 6 ovpavLos Tpe(peL avTa-^ ov)( vpels 
p-dXXov SiacpepeTe avTcov; '"^ tIs 8e i^ vpcov pepLp.vcov 
SvvaTai TTpocrdeivai eVi ttjv rjXiKLav avTOv Trrj-^vv eva; 
Kal TTepl ev8vp.aTOs tl pepip.vaT€ ; KUTapadeTe ra 
Kplva TOV dypov, Trwy ^ av^dvovaLV ov kottlovctlv ovSe 
vi]oovcrLV Xeyo) oe vpiv otl ovoe ZoXopcov ev iraarj 
TTj Bo^rj avTov TrepLe/SaXeTO coy ev tovtcov.^ '^ el 8e tov 
XopTov TOV aypov, crrjpepov bvTa Kal avpLOv eh kXl- 
fiavov ISaXXopevov, 6 6eo9 ovtcos dp(l)ievvvcrLV, ov 
TToXXm pdXXov vp.ds, oXLyoTnaTOi ; "'^ p.rf ovv pepL- 

t Theb. 


tur. " Ubi enim est thesaurus 
tnus, ibi est et cor tuum. 

'- (". 5.) Lucema corporis est 
oculus. Si fuerit oculus tuus 
simplex, totum corpus tuum 
lucidum erit; " si autem ocu- 
lus tuus nequam fuerit, totum 
corpus tuum teuebrosum erit. 
Si ergo lumen quod in te est 
tenebrae sum, tenebrae quantae 

21 (48, 5.) jjemo potest cluobus 
dominis servire : aut enim unum 
odio habebit et alteram diliget, 
aut unum sustinebit et .ilterum 
contemnet. Non potestis deo 
servire et mamonae. '° '''> *•' 
Ideo dico vobis, ne soUiciti sitis 
animae vcstrae quid manduce- 
tis, neque corpori vestro quid 
induamini. Nonne anima plus 
est quam esca, et corpus plus 
est quam vestimentum ? * Re- 
spicite Tolatilia caeli, quoniam 
non scrunt neque metunt neque 
congregant in horrea, et pater 
vestercaelestis pascitilla: nonne 
Tos magis pluris estis illis ? 
" Quis autem vestrum cogitans 
potest adicere ad staturam suam 
cubitum imura ? '* Et de vesti- 
niento quid soUiciti estis ? Con- 
siderate lilia agi-i quomodo cre- 
scunt ; non laborant neque nent : 
^' dico autem vobis quoniam 
nee Salomon in omni gloria sua 
coopertus est sicut unum ex 
istis. ^'' Si autem faenum agri, 
quod hodie est et eras in cliba- 
num mittitur, deus sic vestit, 
qu.into magis tos, minimae 
fidei? " Nolite ergo soUiciti 

21. mv bis B. 1. (Latt.) 
Memph. Tlieb. ^th. Ter*. ad mart. 2. 
Ct/pr. 239. 303. | J iiftuv <^. L. 33. rel. /. 
SyiT.Crt Pst.&IIcl. Goth. Ami. (vid. 
Luc. xii. 34). om. Orig. iii. 157<^. 459''. 

— icai] om. B. Btli/. \ Contra, Orig. iii. 
IS?'. 4.59''. 

22. oipGaXfioe !».] add. aov B. Vulg.CT. 
a.b.c.ff'.g'-H.l. JEth. Orig. Int.n.\09'. 
le*':. Hil. 63\'. (vid. Luc. xi. 34). | 
Contra, L. 1. 33. rel. Am. f. Syrr.Crt. 
Pst.&Hcl. Mcmph. Theb. Goth. Ai-m. 
Clem. 294. Ens. in Ps. 34''. 

— o oip9. aov avX. y L. 1. 33. rel. ( y o 
0<p9. aov air\. B. 

— sub fin.] add. ei ovv to <piog to iv aoi A*. 

23. Trovtjpoe y'] om. y 33. 

24. ouSfie] add. oiKiTrie LA(Gr.) vid. Luc. 
xvi. 13. 

— im^Mva B. Bch. LA. 1. 33. EGKMS 
UVr. Am. Full/, a.b. Memph. Aim. 


Clem. 577. 875. Orig. i. 784''. iii. 168''. 
272». I Xnaiifiuva s. Vulg.C/. c.f.ffK 
g\h. Theb. Goth. Iren. 183. Orig. i. 

25. J) Tl TTiTiTi B. 33. Gat. Luxov. c.f.g'.h.m. 
Mcmph. (Theb.) Arm. Ori>. i. 7 1 1''. 
(/n»)5£ T. m. Eus. in Ps. 238''.) | Jrai 
n TTiifTs <^. L. rel. SyiT.Pst.&Hcl. 
Goth. II om. 1. Vulg. a.b.ff'.k.l. Syr.Crt. 
iEth. Hil. 63\'. (vid. Luc. xii. 22). 

— ovxi. >) >^i'X'!] anima enim SjT.Crt. 

26. ov] ovTi E\ 

— aTToOtjKag'] pracm. TaQ L. 

— I'/twi'] ij^iwv L. 

aVTtov'] TOVTblV E. 

27. tl I'l^wr] om. f| A. 

— ^£pi/ii'wj'] om. a.b.h.m. Syr.Crt. Hil. 
633'!. I Contra, Vulg. c.f.ffKg'-'- SyiT. 

28. av^avovatv ov Koirtovaiv ov^e vijOovaiv 
B. (1). 33. [kottiu I'ffivs/c cum B. 33 -uiotv 

1 .] (33. viiipovaiv") I J avKavii ov Koiruf 
ovSe vij9(i '^. L. rel. (vid. Lue.xii.27). 

29. !r£pi£/3aX£ro] TrcpiPtfiXijTe L. 

— (if iv TOVTMvl sicut illi Syr.Crt. 

30. afupvevovaiv L. 

— ov TToXXy] ovwio L. I TToaij) A. \ quanto 
Vulg. a.b.c.f.ff'.g'-'-h. 

— I'ipae] add. eurabit Syr.Crt. 

31. wtpipaXuftsOa^ -fiaWiofitBa G. |-/3a\- 
Xo/iiQa S*. I -jiaXoXwfiiOa sic U. sphal- 
ma: lectio anceps. 

32. iravTa yap ravra'] ravra yap Travra A. 

— t9vt]'] add. terrae Syn-.Crt.&Pst. 

— imttirovaiv B.Btly.Blc. ]. 33.] {cm- 
Zvrei ■=. L. rel. 

— vfKtiv'] om. L. 

— o ovpaviog] om. Vulg. a.b.c.ff'.g'.l.m. 

22. corporis tui est oculus tuus CI. \ oculus 
tuus fuerit CL \ 23. fuerit nequam CI. | sunt 
ipsae CI. \ 26. om. est 2". CL j 20. plures Am. | 
30. modicae fidei Ct. 

VII. 9. 

Vnlg. a. fi. c. 

Syrr. C. P. H. 

Memph. (Theb.) 

(Goth.) Arm. 5;th. 


KATA MAGGAION.](rrjT€ XeyouT€9, Tt (jidyco/xej^, r) tl Tncofj-ev, t] tl 
irepL^aXuifxeOa; ^'' iravra yap raura tol eOvrj 'eVt^- 
Tovaiv" olSev yap 6 7raT7]p vfxau 6 ovpauios on XPV~ 
^ere^ tovtoiv airdvTwv. ^^ ^rjrelTe 8e Trpcorou ttjv 
^acnXelav rod 6eov /cat rrju biKaLOiXVVTqv avrov, Kal 
Tavra wavra Trpoa-Tedr/aerai vplv ' fjirj ovv fiepi- 
^vr](Tr]T€ els rrjv avpLOv rj yap avpiov fxepLp-vrjcret 
^eavTrjs- apKerou rrj r/p-epa rj KaKia avrrjs. 

esse diccntes, Quid mandiicabi- 
mus aut quid bibcmus aut quo 
operiemur? ^^ Hacc eiiini om- 
nia gcntcs inquirunt: scit cnim 
pater vestcr quia liis omnibus 
indigetis. ^^ Quaerite autem 
primum rcgnum [dei] et iusti- 
tiam ciu.s: ct omnia liaec adici- 
enturvobis. ^' Nolite ergo esse 
solliciti in crastinum : crastinns 
cnim dies soUicitus crit sibi ipse. 
Sufficit dici malitia sua. 

§ X VII. 

"Lu.eia?— .42. 

" Mar. 4 : 24. 

39 ^ Mr; Kpivere, Lva p^Yj Kpidtjre' eu co yap KpL- '(5u,2.)Noiitciuaicare,utnon 

/ /I' /I vw''"' " iudicemini : ^ in quo enim iudi- 

piazL Kpiuere, KpiUr]aea&e- /cat eu a> p^erpw p-erpetre, ^io iu.ucaveritis iudicabimini, 

'^p.eTprjdj,aerat"vf.:v.'T[ 5^ /3A«ret9 rh Kapcf^o, rh Sur'^r"^^^'" 
eV TO 6(j)daXp,M Tou dSe\(j)ou aov, ttju 8e iv tm aco ante 
6(f)daXpcp 80KOV ov Karavoels ; rj ttws 
xSeXipw aov, "A(j)es eKJSdXco to Kap(f)09 



iiutem vides festueam in oeulo 
ris tui, et trabem in oeulo tuo 
TW non vides? ■• Aut quomodo dicis 
fratri tuo, Sine eiciam festueam 

de oeulo tuo, et ccce trabes est 

660aXuOV aov Kal ISoU V ^O/CO? eV ra 6(bdaXnW in.oenlotuo? = Hypoerita, ciee 
r i~ ^ ^ ^ I ^ J: , '^ „ primum trabem de oeulo tuo, 

aov; VTTOKpLTa, eK^aXe TrpmrOV *eK rod 0(boaXp,0V et tune videbis eicere festueam 
V s^/v \ ' ^ n\ ' I 'o-x" vde oeulo fratris tui. 

§c aov TTjv ^ooKou, Kai Tore OLapXeyeif eKpaXeiv to 

Kap(f)09 e'/c TOV 6(pdaXp.ov rev dSeXcjyov aov. 

"f 40 " M77 8mT€ TO dyLOV tols Kvalv, p.r]8l fSdXrjre 
Tovf p-apyapiTas vpav epTrpoaOeu rcov ^OLpcov, p-rj 
TTOTe ^ KaTairaT-qaovaLV avTOvs iv TOis iroaLV avTwv, 

/cat aTpa(peuTes prj^caaLv vp.ds. 

41 ^''^Atretre, /cat 8o0rja€Tai vp-lv ^r)T€LT€, Kal 
evp-qaere- Kpovere, Kal duoiyrjaeTai vp.iv 

/cat Tco 


§ Theb. 

» Lu. 11:9—13. 

8. avoiyi^niTai KpOVOVTL 

6 (52,10.) Nolite dare sanetum 
canibas, ncque mittatis marga- 
ritas vcstras ante porcos, ne 
forte coneulcent eas pedibus 
suis, et conversi disrumpant 

7 (53, 5.) Petite, ct dabitur vo- 
bis ; quaerite, et invenietis : 

Tray yap pulsate, etaperieturvobis.'Om- 

> " ^ a ' X > t- ~ '„'„„,. „„■; _,'; nis enim qui petit aeeipit, et 

O aLTWV Xap.^avei, /cat O QrjTOiV evpiaKei, Kai rep q^i q„acrit inyenit, et pulsami 

^7) Tl? ^i^ vp.S)V dvdpcOTTOy, OU* aperietur. » Aut quis est ex 


Syr.Crt. Memph. Clem. 579. Cypr. 210. 
240. 307. (vid. Luc. xii. 30). | Contra, 
f.k. SjTi-.Pst.&Hcl. Goth. Arm. ^th. 
Horn. CI. 3. 55. 

32. airavTbii'l cm. Syr.Crt. 

33. T7]v fSamXtiav tov Qtov Kai ttjv ^iKai- 
offvvrjv avrov L. 1. 33. rel. vv. Cypr. 
210.240.307. Hil.WW \ rtjv Siieaio- 
rrvvrjp Kai rijv l3a(Ti\eiav avrov B. \ 
regnum et justitiam ejus Atn. g-.m. reg- 
num ejus et justitiam ejus Mempli. 
j3iith. Trjv j3a(ri\eiav ridv ovpaviov Kai 
rrfv diKaioavvtjv Clem. 579. tjiv fiaa. 
Kai Trjv diKaiofJ, Eus. P.E. 590\ 

34. avpiov fiEpifivt]<7ei'] fiepifivtjijii avpiov 
A*, lit add. ra T. A. rel. 1 om. BL. GSV. 
(^ra TTtpi A). 

— tavTrfo] avTijt; LA. 

— apK€Toi' Ty ^ipip<} V KaKia avrtjg'] om. 

1. Kpi9}jTf'\ add. pi] KaraoiKa^iTi Kai 

ov firi KaTaSiKaaBijTs L. (e Luc. vi. 
2. psTpyBtiaerai B. BcA. LXA. 1. 33. 
EGKMSUV. Am. Fuhl For. Tol 
a.b. Syrr.Crt.Pst.&IIcl. Memph. Arm. 
M\\\. 0)!(/. iii. 239". /f(7. 636e.| JaiTi- 
^.trpiiStiasrai ^. Vulg.C/. c.f.ff'.g'.h.l. 
(vid. Luc. vi. 38). 

4. £K B. 1.3.3. (rfeLatt. Lcf. 122). | {aTro 
S". L. rel. 

— o<p9. (TO!)] add. inoKpira CKJSaXe A*. 

5. EK TOV Oip9. aov Tt)V SoKOV B(C). 

(—SoKov Kai roTi inc. C. post hiatum)| 
X'^V^ ^oKov £K TOV o(p9. frov s". LX. rel. 
Jren. 268. Lcf. 122. (vid. Luc. vi.42) 

— otp6a\pov'] a^eXfliov E*. 

— (Kl3a\tiv~\ (K(3aX\tiv A. 

6. c'wrf] ^07-£ 1. MS. 

— |8aX>;r£] (iaWtn L. | PaXeire E. 

— I'ifiMi/] om. Syr.Crt. | Contra, Syrr. 

6. KaTaTTanifJQvaiv B. /?//'/. CLX. 33. | 
\-nuiaiv S". E. rel. Clem. 348. 

— ev'\ om. 1. 33. 

— pi]^oj<nv~] -ovaiv 33. 

8. ai'oiyiTai B. SyiT. Crt.Pst. & Hcl. 
Memph. (Theb. et iEth./wt. ; scd simi- 
liter vertunt Xapjiavti et tvpwKii per 
tempus futurum.) Xavoiyi^ntrai ^. 
CLX. rel. Latt. Cfem. 654. (vid. ver. 7). 

9. 77] om. U. 

— ne] fadd. eirrt)/ S". CX. rel. Vulg. (a). 
f.ffKy\ Ami. iEth. Cypr. 73. ] om. B*. 

Bch. L. Emm. b.c.h. Syrr.Crt.Pst.&Hcl. 
Memph. Theb. (t?!)/ sic 33. ? om. iirriv 
in archetypo?) ||add. yap Syr.Crt. 

— lii^] OS M. lit add. eav T. XK'^ rel. 
Vulg. Z^"'. /.A. I add. av LAK*. 1 om. 

33. Quaerite ergo Ct \ om. dei Am. | liaec 
omnia CI. I 34. esse sol CI. \ sibi ipai Ct- 
2. remetietur CI. I 1. trabs CT. 



VII. 10. 

B C [ZJ. 

1. 33. 


^aLTTjaei o vlos avrov aprov, firj Xl6ov ewtScocrei vobis homo, qncm si petiem 

. - io»*'/ t' /i^ t ' ' " ^ "J. ' ^ ' » '''"'5 ^""^ pauem, numqtiid 

aVTCp; 7] KttL L^PVP ^airrjaei, fXl] 0(piV eiriOCOaeL av- lapidemponigetei? '"Autsi 

piscem petet, numquid serpen- 
" Si ergo vos. 


y Lu.6:3i. 
§ Goth. 

' Lii. 13: '24. 

» 1.11.16:43,43. 

Tco ; el ovv vfxels irovripol ovres olSare So/jLara dyada 
SiSovai T0I9 TiKvoLS Vjxcov, TTOCTCp [xaXXov 6 Trarrjp 
vfiav 6 ev Tols ovpavols Saxrei dyaOa Tolf alTovaiv 
avTov ; '-TravTa ovv oaa av deX-qTe 'iva ^ iroiaxni' 


_ ovTos yap icTTiv 6 vopos kcu o'l 7rpo(f)i]Tai. 

w 42 ^'EtceA^are" did Tr]9 (TTevrj9 ttuAt;?, ort TrAa- 
T(A.a rj ttvXt] koI evpv\copos rj 65o? 77 dirayovcra et? 
rrjv uTTwXeLav, Kai ttoXXoi elaLV o'l elaepxop.ei'OL 81 
avTTjS' *TL (TTevi] rj ttvXt} koI redXip/j.ei'r] rj 6809 rj 
dirdyovaa el? ti]v ^oorjv, Kol oXiyoi eia).v ol evpicTKOvres 

_ aVTTjV. 

'7 43 ^ Ilpocre^tre [<5e J diro rdv ^ev8o7rpo(j)r]TU)v, 

OLTives kp\ovTaL irpos vp.ds iu ev8vp.aaLV Trpo^araiv, 

ecrcodev 8e elaiv Xvkoi apirayes. ^airo twv Kapiruiv 

vl avTwv e7VLyv(i>(y(.a6f. avrovs' firj ti avXXeyovaLV diro 

— — ^ dKavdav * a'Ta<pvXaf, rj «7ro Tpi^oXcciu crvKa ; ' ov- 

* rcoy Trav 8ev8pou dyaOov Kapirovs KaXovs Troier to 8e 

craTTpov 8ev8pou Kapirovs irovrjpovs vroiei. ov 8vva- 

rai 8ep8pov dyaOov Kapirovs irovrjpovs "JTOLetv, ov8e 

cap. 3:10. 8iv8pou aairpov Kapirovi KaXovs iroLelv. 

19 b_- 5^' 

irav oev- 

tem porriget ei .' 
cum sitis mali, nostis bona dare 
filiis vestris, quanto magis pater 
vester qui in caelis est dabit 
bona petentibus se. " '-''• ^•' 
Omnia ergo quaecumque \iiltis 
ut faciant vobis homines, et vos 
facite eis: haec est enim lex et 

13 (55, 5.) intrate per angustam 
portam: quia lata porta et spa- 
tiosa via, quae ducit ad perdi- 
tionem, et multi sunt qui in- 
trant per earn. " Quam angusta 
porta et arta via, quae ducit ad 
vitani, et pauci sunt qui inve- 
niunt earn. 

15 (5«, 10.) Attendite a falsis 
prophetis, qui veniunt ad vos 
in vestimentis ovium, intrin- 
secus autein sunt hqii rapaces: 
'* a iructibus eorum cognosce- 
tis eos. '"' ^-^ Numquid colli- 
gunt de spinis uvas, aut detri- 
bolis ficus ? " <5*. ^.i Sic omnia 
arbor bona fructus bonos facit, 
mala autem arbor fructus malos 
facit. " Non potest arbor bona 
fractus malos facere, neque ar- 
bor mala fructus bonos facere. 
" Omnis arbor quae non facit 

BC. 1 Tf. a.b.c.g\ Memph. Tlieb. Arm. 
(Syrr.Crt.Pst.&Hcl. Mih. vid.) 

9. aiTTjau (B. Tf. vid.) (C)L:\. (nin/dfif 
C*) 1 tair^ffj, S-. X. rel. 

— fTri^wfffi] avTi^oiau 1*. 

10. *;," raiBC. 1..S3.KMS. Arm |;,Vulg. 
a.b.c.f.ff'.g'M. Syr.Crt. Mcmj.h. Tlieb.| 
Km S-. LX. rel. SyiT.Pst.&Hcl. Mxh. 

— iX^i'i'] tP''aem. tav s'. XK^ rel. {av 
LK*). Latt. Syrr Crt.Pst.&Hcl. ^.th.| 
om. BC. 1. 33. (Mcmph.) Theb. Ann. (», 
Kcit lav 11(9. . avT<i) om. K. txt. habet mg.) 

— ai7-/(<7fi B. i?e/(. CLA. 33. | fair/jffy T. 
X. rel. 

11. cofiaTa'] loynara E*. | cm. L. Am. 
FuM. For. f.ff\f.l I Contra, Vulg.C/.^.h | post aya9a 1. 

— o 2".] om. A. 

— IV ToiQ ovpuvoici] oupaviocM. Cypr. 73. 

12. ovv'] om. L. Syr.Pst. Ann. {Contra. 

— av~\ env C. 

— 0tX»)rE] eiXlTl LX. 

— TTOiojmv BsC^X. rel. | -ovtrtv C*L. 

— oirriufi] om. L. Vulg. cff'-l- Syr.Crt. | 
Contra, a.b.f<i'-H. Svrr.Pst.&Hel. 


12. ouTO!.'] ciiTiog LX. Sp'.Hcl.txt. 

13. iirnXBart B.Bch.Blc. CLA. ] t-9tTt 
<^. XE. rel. (hiat 33). 

— on] quia Vulg. c.f.ff^.g'-'-'' (Arm. 5 
MSS.) I quam a.b h.l. Arm. Zoli. Cypr. 
306. Nil. eSS'. Lcf. 122.265. 

— )') TTvXn MSS. Vulg. fff'.g^-'- Syrr. 
Crt.Pst.&Hcl. Memph. Tlieb. Goth. 
Arm. ^th. Orig. Int. iii. 853'. | om. a. 
b.c.h For. Clem. 578 (jrXai-tia Km 
€vpvxt<ipoc b^og UTrayet fig niv OTrwX.) 
Orig. \. 228'. ii.800''. iii.270f. Orig. Int. 
ii. 387^ Eus. in Ps. 286''. Cypr. 306. 
Hit. 638'^. Lcf. 122. 265. 

— ei(np\opivoi'\ipxofitvot\j.Tropivop.f.voi\. 
M.ri Becorr. ;BcA. CLA. 1*. EGKMS 

UV.Vulg (ahiaf)b.c.f.f' g'-'-h.l. SyiT. 
Crt.Pst.&Hcl. Goth. Arm.Zoh. .^th. 
Cypr. 265. | Jot-i =:. B*(?con'. ab ipsa 
pi-ima manu) X. 1^. m. Mcmph. Thcb. 
(Mnt.) (Arm. 3 MSS.) On>. iii.527''. 
(hiat 33) ||add. l^t B. Btiy. Theb. (ap. 

— i) jri'Xi) MSS. Yn\g. b.r.fff'.g'-'- Syrr. 
Mcmpli. Tlicb. Goth. Arm. iEth. Orig. 
iii. 527''. I om. o(vid.)/i.i.ra. C/pm. 565. 

i?(>;j.Ph.v.8(116). OWj.i.642''.ii.713'>. 
(800=.) iii. 144^ 220>. 615''. Eus. Ec. 
Proph. 105. in Ps. 14"^. 378\ Cypr. 206. 
(vid. Hom. CI. 18. 17). 

— ?) b^oQ r;] om. S. 

15. ^£ CL.rel./. Syr.Hcl. Memph. Goth.| 
om. B.BcA. Vn]g.a.b.c.ff'.gKh.l.m. Syrr. 
Crt.&Pst. Theb. Ann. iEth. Just. Tr. 
35. Hil. 638=. 1245^ Lrf. 123. 

16. arafvXag B. 1. {-XtfvaQ C*. vid. lectio 
anceps). Vulg. o.b.c.f.ffKgKh.I. Syrr. 
Crt.Pst.&Hcl. Goth. (Memph. Tlicb. 
ancc.) Tert. de an. 21. Hil. 638". ] 
Jffra^uXi/v ^. C nunc L. rel. Arm. 
^th. Lcf. 123. (hiat 33. araipvX .. Z). 

17. ourwc] om. Syr.Crt. 

— KapTTOvQ KaXov£ Troitt CZLX.rel. ] *:ajO- 
TTovQ irom KaXovi^ B. | KaXovQ noui 
KapTTOvg A. 

18. on ^iD'orti] pracm. ii 'R.Btly. 

— TTOieii' 1°. CZLX.rel. Ifrfykfiv B. Orig, 
iii.267f. (iv.2210. 

10. petierit CI. | 11. bona data CI. I 12. facite 
illis CI. I 1:h. via est CI. \ 14. via est CI. | 17. ma- 
les fructus CI. I 18. malos fructus CI. | bonos 
fructus CI. 

VII. 27. 


Sm^c'pH Spou /Jir) TTOLOVV KupTTov Ka\ov eKKOTTTeraL KCU ei? TTVp 
Memph. Theb. BaWerai. "^ oipa ye a.Tro twv Kapirav avTuiv iiri- 

[Goth.J Arm. ^tli. / ^ , / 

yvcoaeaae avrovy. 

" 44 '^ ''Ov TTctf 6 Xeycou jjcol, Yi.vpLe Kvpce, etcreAeJ- 

' Lii. 6:46,47. aerai eiy tt^i' fiacriXtiav twv ovpava>v, aXk 6 ttolcov to 

f oeArjixa tov iraTpos pov rov eu tols ovpavoLS. ttoA- 
\ol epovaLV jxol ev eKtLvrj rrj rjfjiepa, Ki;/)te Kvpie, ov 
Tu> (Tco 6vop.aTL ^ €7rpo(pr]Tev(ra/j.ei', koI tco cra> ouo/xaTi. 
8aip,ovia e^ejiaXop.ev, Koi tw aw ovop-art 8vi/a/jieis 
TToAAa? tTroLrjaafiev ; ' kcu Tore OfJLoKoyrjcrca avTOif 
'^OTi ovSeiroTe eyvcav ^ CL'KO'yfopsIrs ax' e[^ov 01 

45 '* rTay ovu '6(rTi9 uKovei fiov Tovi Xoyovs \_tov- 
Tovs:~\ Koi TTOiel avTOVS, ^OfiotcodrjcreTaL" duSpl (ppo- 

24. (i/ioHiffw ai'/roy vlp,m, OCTTIS COKo8op.r)(r€U ^ aUTOV TTjU OLKiav eVt Trju 

Trerpav- ^^ Koi KaTefirj rj fipo^rj kolI ^-qXOav' o'l Trora- 
p,OL Koi eTTvevcrau ol ^ due/xoi., kol *7rpoae'jre(Tav rrj 
o'lKia eKelvTj, kol ovk kireaev Te6ep,eXi(aT0 yap eirl 
Ti]i> irerpau. 

4G ^"^ Kat Tra? 6 otKOvcau p.ov rov^ Aoyou? ^tovtov^ 
KOL jxrj TTOLCOU avTOvs, 6poicodr](r€Tai di>8pl jxcopw, oittls 

•^ Ln. 13:27 

' Lit. 6:47,49. 



fructum bonum exciditur et in 
ignem mittitur. '" Igitur ex 
fructibus eorum cogiioscetis 


21 (59, 3.) ;Non omnis qui elicit 
milii, Uomine domine, iutrabit 
in vcgnuni caelorum; sed qui 
facit voluntatem patris mei qui 
in caclis est, ipse intrabit in reg- 
num caelorum. " <;'"'' ^-^ Multi 
dicent milii in ilia die, Domine 
domine, nonne in nomine tuo 
]iroplietavimus, et in nomine 
tuo daemonia eiecimus, et in 
nomine tuo virtutcs multas fe- 
cimus? " Et tunc confitebor 
illis quia numquam novi vos: 
discedite a me, qui operaraini 

54 (6u,5.) Omnis ergo qui au- 
dit verba mea haec et facit ea, 
assimilabitur viro s.ipieuti, qui 
aedificavit domum suam supra 
petram : ^ et descendit pluvia, 
et venerunt flumina, et flaverunt 
venti, et inruerunt in domum 
lllam, et non cecidit; fundata 
enim erat supra petram. 

^ Et omnis qui audit verba 
mea haec et non facit ea, similis 
erit viro stulto, qui aedificavit 
domum suam snpra harenam: 

cpK086pr](reU ^aVToO T^ OlKLav" i-rrl T^V afXp^OV- "^ KoX « ^^ descendit pluvia, et vene- 
Kari^-q rj ^poyjj kol rjXdov 01 7rOTap.ol kol eirvevaav runt flumina, et flaverunt venti, 

18. ovSf\ add. iraXiv L. 

19. TTai/] add. ovv C=ZL. 33. b.c.g'.h. Syr. 
Crt. Theb. (vid. cap. iii. 10). | ora. ovv 
BsC*X. rel. a.ff. Syrr. Pst. & Hcl. 
Memph. Goth. Arm. ^th. Hipp. Ph. 
v. 8(113). Cypr.3U. Zc/. 12.3. | add. 
enira f. Iren. 237. autcm g''. 

20. cnro BsZ. rel. f./i. | e/c C. ex Vulg. 

21. oti] add. our Syr.Crt. 

— TOiQ ovpavoit;'] *om. Toig ^. LX. rel. 
Orlg.u. 55-K \ Contra, BCZ. 1. 33. 
i//pp.Ph. V.8 (112). II post ovpavoig'] 
add. ovTog urjiktvuiTai etf t-i]v jiaai- 
\iiav Tiiiv ovpavuiv C. 33. Vulg. a.b, 
c.ff\g^-"-lm. Syr.Crt. Cypr. 311. Hil. 
1244^ I Contra, MSS. rel. f.h. Syrr. 
Pst.&Hcl. vv. rel. 

22. TToXXoi] add. yap Syr.Crt. Memph. 

— /lot] sive cm. Z ; sive olim, ut e spatio 
videtur, ante £poii<7ivhabebat(ubi codex 
ille nunc hiat) sicut legitur in b.c.f.g^^-^h. 
Cypr. 199. 314. (ffi7. 639")- I Contra, 
Vulg. a.ff\ 

— ryl om. A. 

22. Kvpit 2°.] add. ov rif dtp ovopari 
i^ayofitv (cat tirtopev Syr.Crt. Just. 
Ap. 1. 16. Tr. 76. ov rip oro^. <tou 
«j>ay. K. T(p ovofi. aov iiriopiv Orig. i. 
158. 423^ (iv. 421''. 425''). (vid. Luc. 
xiii. 26). 

ov 7tp~\ OVTMQ C. 

— e7rpo(ptjrevaapev CZL. 33. | J7rpo£0. 
•?. B«(?;X. rel. 

— Kai r(p fftp oi'ofji. Saifi. £^£/3a\.] E-. in 

— £^£/3a\oj[t£j'] -ioptv L. 

23. ow^£7ror£] ovSt-jno K.Tf. 

— vpag^ avrovg E*. 

— £^ou] add. Travreg LU. b. Arm. Hil. 
1027». (e Psalmo). 

24. ovv"] om. XK. a. 

aKOVtl f<Oll] pOV UKOVU L. 

— Tovrovg CZL. rel. Vulg. b.c.f.ff'.h. 
Memph. Theb. rel. OWj^.i. 112. Lcf. 
124. 1 om. S.Btly. a.g'.k.m. Syr.Hier. 
Goth. Cypr. 194. 327. Hil. 639":. 

— opoiuiBiiatTai BZ. 1. 33. Vulg. a.b. 
c.ff'.g'.l. Syr. Hcl. mg. Theb. Arm. 
JEth. On'jr.i. 112. | Jojuoiuo-u avTov <^. 
CL. rel. f.h.m. Syrr.Crt.Pst.&Hcl.txt. 

Memph. Goth. Cypr. 194. 327. Hil. 

639'=. Lcf. 124. (mox oiKuOopr](7iv C*. 

et ver. 26). 
24. avrov ti]V oikmv BCZ. 1. 33. Orig. 

i.307''. I {riff iiiKiav avrov <^. LX. 

rel. Ori'j. i. 112. I om. Theb. (r. iavr. 

OIK. Eus. in Ps. 60"^). 
■25.r]\eav B.Btly.} | t>/X0ov -S". CZL. 


— TrpoaiTTtaav B.Bch. CZXA. 1. E. Syr. 
Hcl. Gr. in mg. | J Trpo(7tmaov ■^. L. 
rel. (k«i Trpoai-ma. ver. 25.. .. fjrwuffav 
oi avip.oi ver. 27 inc. om. 33). 

26. tovtovq\ om./. Syr.Hier. Goth. Cypr. 
327. Lcf. 124. 

— opoiiiiQi]atTai\ adsimilaboeum Memph. 
(^Contra, Theb.) \ opoiog lariv Orig. (i. 

— aurou T))v oiKiav BZ. 1. | Jnjj' 
oiKiai' aurou T. CLX. rel. Orig. i. 

10. excidttur CI. j mittetur CL \ 25. super CI | 

26. ill. 



VII. 28. 

B C (Zt). 

01 aveiXOl, KoL irpOO-eKOyhau TV o'lKia iKeiVn, Koi eTreaeu- et inmerant in clomum 
V " , « , - K ' et cecidit ; et fuit ruir 

KUL rjv 7] TTTCocns avTrjs fieyaAr) 

E[G]KMSUVr. j,^oo'„ V , / ■ </ t ' '■» 1/ ' 'T ~ ^ 

-p 47 * Kat eyevero ore * ereMcrei' o Irjaovs tov? 


uina cius 


28 (62, s.) Et foctum est eura 
consumraasset lesus verba liacc, 

" XoyOVS TOVTOVS, e^eirArjCrcrOVTO OL O^AOi eTri TTj OLOayjl amniirabantur tuihae super 
, ^ oo ■? \ cs c\ ' > V « >> / V -^ — *■" — .-:..-. 29 ,^,.«♦ ^Ti^iv. /1^_ 

avTOv Tjv yap oioacrKCov avTOvs coy e^ovaiav exaiv, 
/cat oi;x wy oi ypa/x/xaTeis avTwv. 

doctrina cius : ^ erat cnim do- 
cens eos sicut potcstatem lia- 
bens, [et] non sicut scribac 
eorum et Pharisaei. 

Vni. '^' ^^ 48 ^ ^Kara^oLVTOs 5e avTOv" aTro rov opovs rjKoXov- 
e II Mar. 1:40-44. Q-qaav avTW o^XoL iroXXoL' ^^ kol l8ov X€7rpo9 ^ Trpoa- 
||Lu. 5: 12- '4- ^xOiov" TTpoa-eKvvei avrw Xeycav, Kvpie, eau deXy^, 
Svuaa-aL pe Kadaplaai. ^ Kat iKTelvay ryv X^^P"- 
Tjyj/aTO avTou ^ Xeyav, QeXco, KadapiadrjTi. koL evOeas 
eKaOaplaOr] avTov rj Xeirpa. ^ koX Xeyei avTw o 
'It^ctoG?, "Opa p,r]8evL etTrjj?, aAAa viraye aeavTou 
Sei^of Tcp Upei, koI * irpoaeveyKov" to bwpov o Trpoa- 
era^ev * Mcova-rjs" elf paprvpLOV avTols. 

AQ^^^KiaeXOovTos Se avrou" els^Ka<papuaovp!'Trpoa- 
riXOevavTcp eKaTovTapxosTrapaKaXav avrov kol Xeycav, 
KvpLf, 6 irah pov ^e^X-qrai eV rfj oIklo. TrapaXvTiKos 
Beivm iSaaavL^opeuos.'^ ^ [/cat] Xeyei avrco [6 'I?;- 
crovs^ 'Eyw iX$cov OepaTvevcrco avrov. * aTroKpideh 
Se" 6 iKarovTapxos ecpTj, Kvpie, ovk elpl Luavos 'iva 


:|Lll. 7; 1 — 10. 



8. KOX CLTTOKptOeig 

' C63, 2.) Cum auteni descen- 
disset de raonte, sccutac sunt 
eum turbae multae. ^ Et ecce 
leprosus veniens adorabat eum 
dicens, Dominc, si vis, potes 
me mundare. ' Et extendens 
manum tetigit cum Icsus di- 
cens, Volo, mundare. Et con- 
festira mundata est lepra eius. 
^ Et ait illi lesus, Vide ncmini 
dixeris, sed vade ostende te 
sacerdoti, et offer munus quod 
praecepit Moses, in testimo- 
nium illis. 

5 (61, 3.) Cum autem introissct 
Capharnanm, accessit ad eum 
centurio rogans eum ^ et di- 
cens, Domine, puer mens iacet 
in domo paralyticus et male 
torquetur. ' Ait illi lesus, Ego 
veuiam et curabo eum. ' Et 
respondens centurio ait, Do- 
mine, non sum dignus ut intrcs 

27. TTpoaiKoipav BsZLX. 33. rel. | ■jrpoa- 
ipprj^av C. 1. M. (sic ver. 25. Eus. in 
Vs. 367»). (vid. Luc. vi. 48, 49). 

— fityaXri'] add. aipoSpa 33. Sy r.Hier. Arm. 

28. mXiaiv B.BeA.CZ(vid. e spat.) 1. 
33. Or/j. iii. 635«. | XavvtreXtffev <^. 
LX. rel. 

— Iijffoiif] add. TTavras M. Ai'm. 

— e^iTrXtjffffoi'To'] add. iravreg A. 1. Orig. 
iii. e35=. Eus. D.E. 444':. 

29. ypaiJfiamg avTuv'] *om. avruiv ^. 
LXE. rel. b. Goth. | Contra, BO^A. 
1. 33. K. Vulg. a.c-f.g^-H.l. Syrr.Crt- 
Pst.&Hcl. Syr.Hier. Mcmph. Theb. 
Arm. (cdd. mul.) iEth. Eus. D.E. 27''. 
444"^. (Z hiat.) ||add. Km oi (papiaaioi 
C. 33. Vulg. a.{b.)c.{ff'.)g'<'-yi.l. Syrr. 
Crt.Pst.&Hel. Arm. Use. £ms. D.E.27'>. 
Hit. (640'). (in nonnullis horum tes- 
tium sic legitur post avruv, in aliis 
sine ilia voce: — vid. supra). | Contra, 
MSS. rel. /. Syr.Hier. Memph. Theb. 
Goth. Arm. yEth. Jii«. D.E. 444'. 

1. KurafiavTog ct avTuv BC. (1). 33 sic 
{KarajimvovToQ 1.) Vulg. f-ff'. Syrr. 
Pst.&Hcl. Memph. Theb. Goth. Arm. | 


Kai KarajiavToq [ai/rou] Z. a.h.c.gKh. 
Syr.Crt. .^th. fl//. .508". 640=.| Jrara- 
j3avTi St avr<t) <^. LX. rel. (om. avrifi 
AV* [corr. *] k). 

1. ox^^ol1ro\Xol]ox^.oe7roX^)c33. Arm.cdd. 

2. Trpoat\9uv BA.1.EM(Z hiat). Syr. 
Hcl. Theb. Goth. Arm. iEth. | JtXewv 
S. CLX. 33. rel. Vulg.'.g'.h. 
Syrr.Crt.&Pst. Memph. Hil. 508=. 640":. 

— avTii>~] avTov 33. 

3. avTovl".} fadd !> Iij<rove ^.C'LX.rel. 
b.h. Syr.HcI. Arm. Hil. oO&<=. \ sic ante 
.i^/zaro Vulg. a. a.c.f.g'-^- Syrr.Crt.& 
Pst. I om. BC*Z (k«/.) 1. 33. Am.ffKk. 
Mcmph. Theb. Goth. JEth. 

— utt' avr. // Xetf. S. 

4. /it]Stvi ftijSev r. 

— aXXa'] Elz.BsCA. l.rel. | aXX' St.3.L. 

— T(f> Upii] sacerdotibus Syrr.Crt.&Pst. (contra, diserti). 

— irpoatviyKov BC. | t'"^' 'S'- ^- 'eh 
(hiat Z). 

— o] sicut Syrr.Crt.&Pst. 

— M(«uffi)c B. Btly. CZ. 33. K. Memph. 
Theb. I X^\unt)t ■^. C*LX. 1. rel. 

5. iKJiXdovTog ttf avTov BC*Z. 1.33. (..of 
Si avrov Z). Vulg. (a.b.f.)ffK(gyh.)(f. 
Syn-. (Crt.) & Hcl. Memph. Theb. 
(Goth.) Arm. jEth. (post hacc autem 
cum introisset a.b.f.g^.h. Syr.Crt. Goth.) 
1 tiatXeovn Se avTif A(E)F( lF(s(.) 
KMSUr. {HdtXQovTi St avToij sic E). 

i tttjtXSovTt avTt^ XV. I XtiatXQovTi 
St Tif Irfdov ^. C^L. (c.) Syr.Fst. 

5. Ka(pap7'aovfi KBtli/. 3.3. ( Z). 
Latt. Mcmph. Theb. Goth. Orig.iv. 
171''. I Kavtpvaov^t f^. CLX. rel. 

6. Kvpit'] om. Syr.Crt. 

7. /cat] om. B. Bch. Am. b.h.{sic)h. Syrr. 
Crt.&Pst. Theb. Arm. | Contra M8S. 
Vulg.C/. a.c.f.ffK Syr.Hcl. Menqih. 
Goth. TEth. 

— 6 Iriaovs] om. B. (?C*). k. Memph. | 
Contra Latt. (exc. k.) Theb. rel. 

8. aizoKpiGtiQ Ct B. 33. Theb. 1 Jicni ottu- 
KpiBui <^. C(vid.)LX. rel. Latt. Syr. 
Hcl. Memph. Goth. yEth. | a-TroKpiOnQ 

27. ruina illius CI. \ 28. doctrinam Am. \ 
20. om. et Am. 
.1. Icsus, a«(c raanum. CI. \ 7. et ait. Ct. 

VIII. 16. 


Syrr!c.'p.'H. /^°^ ^"^^ "^V^ aTeyqv eia-eAUrj^- aAAa jxovov (Lire 
Mempli. Theb. * Aovw," K(u laOrjaeTai 6 Tvais fJ.ov. ' Kol yap eyco 
Goth. Ai-m.3;tli. V /I '■ ' . c V .s- / ./ » > . V 

auapcoTTOs eifiL vtto e^ovarLav, e-)(0)v vtt efjcavrou crrpa- 

TLcaras, kou Xeyco tovtw, Uopevdyri, koI iropeveTai- Koi 

§G dXXco,' Kpxov, Kcu- ep-^erar koi tS SovXco /xov, Holt]- 

(Tov TOVTO, Koi TTOiei. ^^ 'A/couVa? 8e 6 'Irjaovy idav- 

ciKuX. [ai'T^i]. fjLacrei', koi elirev tol? aKoXovOovaiv, A/J.rji' Xeyco v/jliu, 

^ Trap' ovBevl" ToaavT-qv TriaTiv ^ iv Tw IcrparjX evpov. 

/ ' Xeyco 8e vfiiv on ttoXXol txTTo avaroXcov kou. Svcrfxcov 

'Lu. 13: 28, 29. rj^ovcTLU, Kal dvaKXtdi^crovTaL /xera'A^paa/x Kal IcraaK 

Kal 'la/cw/S eu rrj (SaatXela riiv ovpavcov ' 01 8e vloI 

Trjf ISacriXelas eK^Xi^OrjaovTai els to aKOTOs to e^co- 

Tepov eKei eaTai 6 KXavOp-os kou 6 fipvypios tcov 

^J oBovTCDV. ■''^ KOU elweu 6 'l-qcrovs tS * eKaTOVTap^r]^' 

Yiraye, \_Kai\ coy erricTTevaas yevy]6r)roy ctol. kou ld6rj 

< - t ' - " ' ' 
o Trat? ev ttj oopa eKeiur]. 

ji 50 ^ J Kat eXdcov 6 'Irjcrovs eh T-qv oiKiau HeTpov, 

'lui^ ''Ih—^ et'Sez/ T7)u irevOepdv avTOv ^efiXr)/j.evr}u Kal Trvpeo-crov- 

aav, ^ Kal rjxj/aTO ttjs ^eipos avTrjy, Kal d(f)rjKev avTrjv 6 

e' TTvpeTOf Kal rjyepOr], Kal dirjKovei * avTCo. O-^laf 8e 

yevofjLevqs TrpoarjveyKav avTco Sai/xoi'LQop.ei'ovy ttoX- 

Aow Kal e^ejSaXeu to. Tn^ev/juaTa Xoyco, Kal iravTas tovs 

sub tectum meum : sed tantuin 
die vcrbo, et sanahitur puer 
mcus. ^ Nam et ego homo sum 
sub potcstate, habens sub me 
mib'tes, et dico huic, Vade, et 
vadit, et alio, Veni, et venit, et 
servo meo, Fac hoc, et facit. 
'° Audiens autcm lesus miratus 
est, et sequentibus se dixit, 
Amen dico vobis, non inveni 
tantam fidem in Israhel. " f^>'-) 
Dico autem vobis, quod multi 
ab oricute et occidente venient 
et recumbent cum Abraham et 
Isaac et lacob in regno caelo- 
rum ; '^ filii autem regni eicien- 
tur in tenebras exteriores: ibi 
crit Actus et stridor deutium. 
13 (60, 5.) Et lesus centu- 
rion!, Vade, et sicut credidisti 
fiat tibi. Et sanatus est puer 
in hora iUa. 

n (67,2.) j;^ cnmvenissetlesns 
in domum Petri, vidit socnim 
eius iacentem et febricitantem: 
'* et tetigit manum eius, et di- 
misit cam febris, et surrexit et 
ministrabat eis. "= Vespere au- 
tem facto optulenint ei multos 
daemoniahabentes: et eiciebat 
spiritus verbo, et omnes male 

tantum SpT.Crt.&Pst. Ann. | add. avTijj 
U. y. (post (iTftv a.b.y'.h. — non hab. 
Vulg. c.#'). 

8. npn] tiTTiv C. 33. 


— Xoyijj BCLXA. 1.33. EF(ap. TFte<.) 
KMSUV. Vulg. (a hiat) 6.c/./i. SyiT. 
Crt.Pst.&Hcl. Memph. Tlieb. Goth, 
(vid.) Ai-m. OW^.iv.278'».l:|:Xoyoi/ S-T. 

ff'-g'- ^th. 

— 6 Traig /«ou] om. 1. (n.n.l.) Theb. 

9. iiTTo e^ov(Tiav~] add. raairo^woQ B. 
Vulg.C/. a.b.c.g'---h. (Memph. Theb. 
vid.) Hil. {Gil''.) (vid.Luc. vii. 8.) I 
Contra, CLX. rel. Am. f.ffK Syrr.Pst. 
&Hcl. Goth. Ai-m. iEth. 7ren.(vid.) 
34. I add. et milii est auctoritas, mihi 
etiam. Syr.Crt. 

— aXXi^] praem. to (i. e. Tif) X. 

— /uou] add. dico a.b.c.g'-''-h. Syr.Crt. | 
Contra, Yulg./.ff'. Syrr.Pst.&Hcl. 

10. aKoXoueoiiiTo/] add. auri/j C. 33. Vulg. 
a.b.c.f.ffKg'---h.l Syrr.Crt.Pst.&Hcl. 
Memph. Theb. iEth. | om. aun^j BsLX. 
rel. Gotli. Arm. 

— Trap ovhvt B. 1. Gat.a.if.k. Syrr.Crt. 

& Memph. (Theb.) .ffith. I Jou^e 
■;■. CLX. rel. /. Syrr.Pst.& Hcl.txt. 
Arm. (vid. Luc. vii. 9). Onj. iv. 314i>? 
I non. Vulg. A.c^'./i. Goth. Hil.Gil". 

10. rofTavTiji' TTiiTTiv tv r(/j ItjpariX B. 
VuXg. a.b c.ffKg\h. Memph. Theb. 
.iEth. 7/(7.641". I ^£1/ rv laparfK to- 
aavTtiv WLa-iv <5'.CLX. rel./. Syrr.Crt. 
&Pst.&Hcl. Goth. Arm. (vid. Luc. vii. 
9). OWj. iv. 314''.? I IV T({> Itip. om. 1. 

— €vpov^ 1]VpOV GV. 

11. oTt^ om. 1. 

— airo] om. 1 '■^ 

12. I3a<7i\uas~\ add. avrrjc A. hujus. b.c. 
f.g''-'h. (contra, a). 

13. 'UaTovTapxv BCLX. EGKMSVr. | 
X-XV ^. A. 1. 33. U. 

— KOI we] om. Kai B. a.b.g'''.h.k. Syn. 
Crt.&Pst. Memph. Theb. Iren. 282. | 
Contra CL. rel. Vulg. c.fffK Syr.Hcl. 
Goth. Arm. .^th. Or!'j.iv.l71''.278''. 

— jraif] fadd. aiirou ^. C. rel. Syrr. 
Crt.Pst.&Hcl. Theb. Goth. Arm. -ffith. | 
om. B. 1. 33. Vulg. a.bc.f.ffKg.^-^-h. 
Syr.IIier. Memph. 

— (v ry u)p(f iKiDiy BaLX. 1. rel. Vulg. 

fffK Syrr.Crt.Pst.&Hcl. Memph. Goth. 
Arm. JEth. | otto ttiq uipag tKfwrjQ CA. 
33. a.b.c.g'-^-h.l. Theb. || add. km iwo- 
arpt^ac o tKarovTapxoQ £(C "rov oikov 
avTov fr avTy Ty uipif' eupev tov TraiSa 
iiyiaivovTa CX. 1. (33.) E (cum astt.) 
(M)tr.<;'. Syr.Hcl. Syr.Hier. (^th.) 
(tvp£v avTov vyiaiv. 33). {tov iraiSa 
avTOv vyiaiv. M.) (ova. iv avT.T.iip. 
.(Eth.)vid. Luc. vii. 10. | non habentrel. 

14. avTov~\ TreTpov E*. 

15. cupiiKei'l praem. in ilia hora Syr.Crt. 

— avTv BCX.EF( TFfc!<.)GKSUVr. Syr. 
Pst.MS.Syr.Hcl. Goth. Ann. Orig.iv. 
278''.|tauroic S". LA. 1«. 33. M. Vulg. 
a.b.c.f.ff'.g'.h.l. Syrr.Crt.&Pst. impr. 
Memph. (Theb. hiat). .Sth. (vid. Mar. 
i.31. &Luc. iv. 39.) 

16. TToXXouc] omnes SjT.Crt. 

— Trvtv/iaTa'] add. aKaOaproQ sic A. (spi- 
ritus inmundos A Lat.) I add.immundos 
a.b.c.g\h.\ Contra, Vulg. (/hiat)#'.5r'. 
Orig. iv. 278=. 

9. potestate constitutue C!. | alii «. 
hora a. 

I 13. ilia 



VIII. 17. 

LX A. 

I" Es.53:4._ 
18.6 'ltjtTOv(;fix^ov 
mpi aijTov 

Ml I'"- 9: 57— Si- 

ll Syr.Crt. 

Hg ia' ?e 

■» ||— 41. 
II Lu. 8:22 — 25. 

25. ffMffov [j'/^a^] 


/ca/ceof e\ovTas idepdirevcreu, ottws TrXrjpcoOr] to pr^Oev 
Sia Ha-atov rov TrpotprjTov XiyovTos, ' AiiTOg rag 
drrSsvslag tj/jli&v sXajSsv ym) Ta^ voTovg i^dTrairsv. 

51 ^^ 'IScof 8e o^Irjcrovs ttoAAow o)(Xovs7r€p} avrou 
eKeXevaeu direXdeiv eiy to irepav. ^' km vrpocreXdcov 
el? ypafxpaTev^ elirev avTW, AtSacr/caAe, aKoXovdrjaco 
croL OTTOV lav direp^r). '^" kou XeyeL avTW 6 'I-rjaovf, Al 
dXa>Tr€K€f (f)(oXeovs e^^ovaiu, kou Ta weTciva tov ovpavov 
KaTa(TK7]ua)aii9' o 8e v'109 tov dvOpcoirov ovk tyei ttov 
Trjv KecfyaXiju kXivj]. '^'Erepoy 8e twv paOrjTwv^ eiirev 
avTca, Kvpie, iTriTpeyjrov pot TrpcoTou aTreXOelv Koi 
dd\jrai TOV TraTepa p.ov. ^^6 8e 'Irjcrovs ^ Xeyei" avrco, 
'AKoXovOei poi, Koi d(j)€y tov^ veKpovs Oa^ai tovs 
eavTCJU veKpovy.' 

52 "■' ™Kai ipfidvTL avTO) els * ttXoIov,^ r)KoXov6r)aav 
avTW OL padijTol avTov. ^''^ Kol ISov aeiapos peyas 
iyeuETO ev ttj daXaacrrj, coaTe to irXolov KaXuTTTeaOai 
VTTo Tcov KvpaTcov avTos Se eKadevSev "^ koi irpoa- 
eXdovTts * rjyeipav avTov XeyovTes, Kf/jte, aataov,^ 
dTToXXvpeda. '^'^ koi Xeyei avTOis, T/ SeiXol i(TTe, oXiyo- 
TTiaTOi ; T0T€ iyepdels eTreTLprjcrev tols avep-ois kou 
TTj OaXaaarj, kou eyevero yaXrjvr] peyaXrj. " 01 8e 
dudpcoTTOL idavpaaav Xeyovres^ WoTairos eaTLV ovtos. 

habentes curavit; " ut adim- 
plcretur quod dictum est per 
Esaiam pioplietam dicentem, 
Ipse infimifctiites nostras accc- 
pit et egrotationcs portavit. 

" Videns .autem lesusturbas 
multas circum se, iussit ire 
trans fretum. " t"*". =•' Et auce- 
dens unus scriba ait illi, Ma- 
gister, scquar te quocumque 
ieris. '" Et dicit ei lesus, Vul- 
pes foveas habent, et volucres 
caeli nidos: filius autem homi- 
nis non habet ubi caput reclinet. 
^' Alius autem de discipuU.s eius 
ait illi, Domine, permitte me 
priniuni ire et sepelire patrcni 
meum. "' Jesus autem ait illi, 
Sequerc me, et dimitte mor- 
tuos sepelire mqj'tuos suos. 

23(69,5.) £{ ascendente eo in 
naviculam secuti sunt eum dis- 
cipuli eius. " Et ecce motus 
magnus factus est in mari, ita 
ut navicula operiretur fluctibus ; 
ipse vero dormiebat. '^ Et ac- 
cesserunt et suscitaverunt eum 
dicentes, Domine salvanos, pe- 
rimus. ^^Et dicit eis. Quid 
timidi estis, modicae lidei ? 
Tunc surgens increpavit ventis 
et mari, et facta est tranquilli- 
tas magna. -'Porro homines 
mirati sunt dicentes, Qualis est 

17. >;)ua>r] vfiuji' L**. 

' — fXo/361/] aviXajitv K. 

18. jroWoDf] cm. B. 1. Memph. ] Contra 
CL. 33. rel. Theb. Verss. 

— oxXoue] oxXov B. Theb. | Contra, 
CL. \s. 33. rel. Memph. rel. (turbas 
multas. Vulg. a.bff'.h.l. Hit 642''. tur- 
bam multam e.^'. (/hiat). Arm.cdd. 

— £K£\ei/(Tf v] add. tovq p.a9r}TaQ avTov 
a.b.c.g'Ji.I. Syr.Crt. Goth, (scd cm. av- 
Tov). Hil. 642''. I Contra, Vulg. ff\ 
SyiT.Pst.&Hcl. Memph. Theb. Arm. 

— TO TTipav'] ri/1' Trepav 33. 

20. n.Xii'i/]KXu/« X. 33. GKM. Clem.329. 
kXivul r. 

21. /<a9>;rwj'] f add. avrov '^. CL. 1. 
rel. Vulg. j[f\yKm. Syrr.Crt.Pst.&Hcl. 
Memijh. Goth. Arm. .lEth. | om. B. 33. Theb. 

— sub finem] add. et abiit S}T.Crt. 

22. Iijffoirs] om. 33 (vid.) i.e. 

— Xiyii BC. 1.33. Vulg. a.b.cff'. \ Jei- 
vtv S". L. rel. s'.(A).m. vid. Luc. ix. 60. 

23. avTifi 1°.] T(i> Ir/aov U. Syr.Pst. 

— ttXoioi'] '^. LX. rel. (rov 


A). Memph. Theb. | om. BC. 1. 33. 
Vmg. Goth. Ori'j. iv. 179". 

24. €y€V€TO fiiyag F. 
— • I'jro] awo 'R**Bch. 

— KV}iaTi)iv~\ add. ip' yap 6 avtfioq ivav- 
TioQ avToiQ (vid. cap. xiv. 24 et Mar. 
vi. 48).Go<. (/=. Syr.Hier. 

25. TrpoaiKSovTio] add. avT(f) C* vid. 
Vulg.C/. Theb. | Contra, Am. a.b.c. 
(hiat fyff'gKh. Memph. vv. rel. jlfadd. 
oi fiaQrjTai avTov ^. C*vid.X. 1. Vulg. 
CI. b.g'. Syrr.Pst.&Hd. Goth. iEth. 1 
add. oi iiaQqTai C^LA. EF(ap. Wtst.') 
KMSUVr. h. Arm. ^ Ps. 619''. | 
om. B. 33 e spat. Am. For. Jiarl. Emm. 
a.c.ff\k.l. Memph. Theb. 

— iiyupar'~\ ijirupav 'Et*. 

— auaov t'ldd. )')/(«? '^. LX. 33.rel.vv. 
£««. inPs. 619". I om. BC. 1. ||add. 

07-1 A. 

26. auroie] add. Jesus. Vulg.C/. b.c.ff'.h. 
(hiat/). Syr.Pst, Goth. Arm.cdd. | 
Contra, Am. Fuld. a.g^. Syr.Hcl. rel. 

— iytp9iig] om. Theb. 

— Toii; avifioiQ\ Tiji avffiiit 1. Am. a.b.gKh. 
Syr.Pst. Theb. JEus. D.E. 93». (vid. 

Mar. iv. 39 et Liic. viii. 24). | Contra, 
Vulg.C/. c(hiat/). Syr.Hcl. Memjih. 
Goth. Arm. jEth. 
27. aai 1».] om. C. Vulg.C/. a.b.cfflg'li. 
Syr.Pst. Memph. Theb.iEth. Hil. 644f.| 
Contra, BsL. rel. Am. For. d.f. Syr. Hcl. 
Goth. Arm. 

— avTt^ viraKovovaLv B. 1.33. £ms.D.E. 
446''. I {ii7raKoi;ouffiv onrij) '^. CL. rel. 
vv. Hil. 644'. (vid. Mar. iv. 41 et Luc. 
viii. 25). 

2S. (\9ovros avTov BC. 1.33. | XiXGovTi 
avTij) '^. L. rel. 

— TaSaprivuv BC(AGr.)M. (33. Syr.Crt. 
hiant). Syrr.Pst.&Hcl.txt. (Geraseno- 
rum ALat. vid. infra). Orig. v oXiyoiQ 
iv. 141'. (sed, forte ad Mar. vcl Luc. 
spectat). Bus. ap. Griesbach. (? in 
Onomastico). Epiph."fi's rd /«p;; tiZv 
Ttpytarfviov, wf 6 MapKOt Xkyu ....)"( 
Ta^aprjvttiv, toQ b Mar., ?j Ftpyefraiiov, 
(ig avTiypa<j>a Tiva tx"-" I''''- ^I- Tom. 
ii. Haer. 66. (i. p. 650). Tepyfaaiuv ve- 

IV. aegrotationes nostras CL | 25. accesse- 
runt ad eum di.^cipuli eius Ct. | 26. eis lesua 
rl. ] imperavit CL \ vento Am. 

IX. 2. 


^^■(C). p^H. °'"* '^"^'- o' avefioL Koi ?} Oakaaaa. ^ avrw viraKov- 

Memph. Theb. OVCTIV;' 

Goth. Arm. JEth. r o "R n rr v t >^ /i ' ' "ii ■, \ / > \ 

IB' 06 wai ^ eXOovTOi avTov eiy to irepav et? rrjv 

Lu. 8:26—39. X'^P'^^ "^^^ ^ i adapr]vcov, vTT-qvTiqaav aurcp ovo oai- 
/jLovL^o/iievoL e'/c rwv /j.vrjfj.eicov i^ep^o/xevoi, ^aAcTTOt 
Xiav, coare /xrj la")(yeiv riva. TrapeXOelv 8ia rrjf oSov 
eKeiurjS' "^ koI i8ov eKpa^au Xeyovres, Tt -i^plv kou 
croi, * vie tov deov; fjXdef co5e irpo Kaipov ^aaavlaai 
r]p,as; "^^ fjv 8e fxaKpav air avTwv ayeXri ^oipcou 
7roXX6}i> fioaKopevrj- ''^ ol 8e Salpove? irapeKaXovv 
avTov Xeyovres, Et iKJ3dXXei9 rjp-df, ^ dTroaTeiXou rjixas: 
€is Trju ayeXr]v tcou )(^oipQ)u. /cat eiirev avroLS, iira- 
yere. ol 8e i^eXdovre? * aTrrjXdau * et? rouf ^oipovs" 
KOU 180U (op/jLijaev irdcra i) dyeXr] ^ Kar.a rod Kptjpvov 
€t? ryu ddXacrcrau, kul direOavov ev Tois vBacnv. "" ol 
Se fiocTKOVTes e(f)vyou, Koi direXdovTes els rrjv ttoXlv 
dirr)yyeiXav Trdi'Ta, kou to. tSiv Saipoui^opefcov. " kol 
180V Trdcra rj ttoXls e^rjXdev els * viravTrjCTLV rco Irjaov- 
KOL ISovres avrov rrapeKaXeaav hircos fierafirj diro Tcav 
opicov avrmv. 

hie, quia et venti et mare oboe- 
diunt ei? 

'" Et cum venisset trans fre- 
tum in regionem Gerasenorum, 
occurrerunt ei duo haljcntes 
daemonia de monumentis ex- 
euntes, saevi nimis, ita ut nemo 
posset transii'e per viam illam. 
''^ Et ccce clamavcrunt dicentes. 
Quid nobis ettibi, fill dei? Ve- 
nisti hue ante tenipus torquere 
nos? '"Erat autem non longe 
abillis grex porcorum multo- 
rum pascens. ^' Daemones au- 
tem rogabant eum dieentes, Si 
eicis nos, mitte nos in gregem 
porcorum. ^' Et ait illis, Ite. 
At illi exeuntes .abierunt in 
porcos, et eece impetu abiit 
totus grex per praeeeps in mare, 
et mortui sunt in aquis. ^^ Pas- 
tores autcm fugernnt, et veni- 
cntes in civitatem nuntiaverunt 
omnia, et de his qui daemonia 
habuerant. '' Et ecce tota ci- 
vitas exiit obviam lesu, et viso 
eo rogal)ant ut transiret a fini- 
bus eorum. 

IX. a 

§F ir' 

" II Mar. 2: 3— 12. 
Lu. 5:18— 2& 

54^ Kat ep(3as eiS TtXolov 8ie7repa(rev Kai rjXOev eiS 'f™''-' Et ascendens in navi- 

\,«, / 2o^>^^ 'JL '" culam transfretavit, et venit in 

Tr]V LOiaV TVoXlV. Kai lOOV TrpoaefpepOV avrco rrapa- civitatem suam. =Et ecce of- 

ram esse lectionem docet Origenes, sed 
utrum in uno Evangelio an in tribus 
non video. | J rtpyiativuiv <^. [C^ in 
mg.] (LX), ( 1 ). EKSU V. Memph. G oth. 
Ann. ^th. Orig. iv. 179"^. (? e conj. 
vid. 140-1) vid. etiam 172''. (Tipyeaiv. 
LX. Lit. C^.mg.) I rtpaatjvoiv D ut 
videtur qui nunc hiat, quia d habet 
Gerasenorum, Vulg. b.c.d.f.ff'.g'.k.l. 
(G...soenorum a). Theb. 
Orig. iv. \i(fi (sed qu. Mar. vel Lue.) 
Hit. fi45». habet it. Gergu- 
scnorum et Ttpytutrnv. (^TapaStjvuiv A.) 

29. ffot Orig. iii.SOS". | (re B.Blc. \ av V. 

— v'li {Wv M.)] fpraem. Ijjtrou '^. C 
[Dutvid.]X.rel. Vulg.a. a.b.c.d./.gKh. 
Syrr.Pst.&Hcl. Theb. Goth. Arm. iEth. 
(E«s. D.E. 133^861'^. ?Luc.iv.34)vid. 
Mar. V. 7 et Lue. viii. 28 (et. Mar. i. 24 
etLuc.iv.34). | om. BC*L. 1. 33. Am. 
For.Tol.Harl.* ff'./t.l.m. Memph. Oriy. 
503=. Eiis. U.E. IBS'". 272''. in Ps. 189=. 
34.')i'. in Es. 401=. Ci/pr. 296. 

30. fiaKpav d. \ non longe Vulg. a.b.c.f. 


— pudKofiivt] BsCL. rcl. Vulg. Tlieb. rcl. 

I /BoffKo/itvMv [D ut vid.]X. 
ff'.tj'.h. Memph. 

31. avrov'] avrtp E*. 

— eic/3a\X«if] £K/3aXi)j LX. [ tic/SaXfis 

E. 1 (KliaXuc sic K. 

— awoartiXov >';/inc B[D ut vid.] 1. 33. 
Vulg. a.b.c.d,ff'.g'.l. 
Syr.Hier. Mcmpli. Theb. iEth. | tcTri- 
Tpfi//oi' i)iiiv a-n-iXBsiv =:. CLX. rel. /.h. 
Syrr.Pst.&Hcl.txt. Goth. Arm. 

32. awroij] add. o I?)ffo!)c C. b.c.g'^'h. 
Syr.Pst. I Contra MSS. Vulg. a.d.f.ff'. 
Syr.Hd. Memph. Theb. Goth. JEth. 

— aTTiiXBai' 'B.Btly Blc. \ Xain)X6ov S- 
OL. rel. 

— eiS Tovg x°V°"i BC*[D olim ut vid.] 
1. 33. Vulg. a.b.c.d.f.g'-H. Syr.Pst. 
Memph. Theb. iEth. | {fieri))' ayeXijv 
Toiv xoipwv ^. C'^LX. rel. Jjf'.h. Syr. 
Hcl. Goth. Arm. 

— Trnco )'; ayiXt]'] y aytXii iratra C*. \ 
fadd. no}' x<»P"-"' "s' C^LX. rel. | om. 
BC*[Dolimutvid.]:i. 1.33. M. Vulg. 
a. h. c. d.f.ff'.g'. h. I. Syrr. Pst. & Hel. 
Memph. Theb. Goth. Arm. JElh. 


32. atreQavov^ -vn' C 

33. Ta rwv] ravroiv A sic (de his demo- 
niacis A Lat.) 

34:. VTravrijtnv B.BcA. 1.33. | l^avvav- 
T7i(Ttv <r. CL, rel. 

— Ttf) \7]Gov] TOV lr}aov C. 33. 

— oTTujQ fxerafti) CL. rel. [ tva ^era^t} 
B. [ fttrafiiji^ai 1. 

1. f/(/3af:] add. o l7]fToifg F. 

— ttXoioj'] f praem. to -=:. C. rel. Memph. 
I om. B[CMnmg,]LX. 1. 33. Vmg. 
Theb. Goth. On^. iv. 179-^. | add. o 
I;/tToi'C C 

• — idiau TToXiv d. I TToXd' ihav A. j lou- 
Saiav TToXiv F. in civitatem Judeac 
a.g^. in civ. suam VuIl""- c.f.ffKh. in 
civitatem b. JEih. (sed nou ap. Piatt.) 

2. TTpoffcffpov B^L. rel. (D hiat) otTere- 
bant Vulg.jf' . Syr.IIcl. Memph. | Trpoff- 
^epovffiv C (ohtulerunt a b.c.d.f.g^.h. 
Syr.Pst. (Theb.) 

27. quia venti CI. \ 29.tibi lesu CI. \ f.lii Am. 
I 30. multorum porcorum CI. \ 31. nos hiuc 
CL I 33. de eis CI. 



IX. 3. 

LXA. XvTiKou eVt KXlvrjs (BefiXruxevov ^ kollSoov 6 'Irjaovs 

1.33. Tfiu TTLCTTLv ' avTcov eliTei' TO) TTapaXvTLKco, Qdocrei, 

§D TtKvov, * acpievrai * aov at afiapriai. Kai loov rives 

tS)v ypafxixarecou e'lTrov iv eavrois, Ovros fiXa(r(f)7]fi.ei. 

Kcu ^ elBcds o Yrjaovs ras evOvjxi-jcreis avrSiv einev, 

\va TL^ evOvp-elaOe TTovripalv TOLs KaphlaLS vp-av; ^ri 

yap ecTTiv evKOTrcorepov, enreiv, * AcpievraL * crov ai 

apaprlai, rj el7reu>, ^'Eyetpe" kol TrepiTrarei ; '^'iva 

Se elSiJTe on i^ovcrlav e'^et 6 vlo? rod avOpatrov 

iin T)/? y?;y a^ievai, [rore Xeyei rca 

TrapaXvTLKU),) *' Kyeipe" apov crov Trjv kX'lvtjv, kou 

VTraye eh tov oIkov crov. ' kcu eyepOels aTrrjXdev 

els TOV oIkou avTOv. ^ ISovres 8e ol o-)(Xol ^e(f)o- 

(iri6r](jav, Kai eSo^aaav.Tov Oeov tov Sovra e^ovaiav 

Toiavrrjv tols avOpmiroLS. 

55 PRai wapaycov 6 Irjaovs eKeWev eiSev avdpco- 
ar.ans— 17. ^^^ Ka6r]p.evov cVi TO TcXooviov, * MaOdoLOv" Xeyop.e- 

vov, KUL XeyeL avrco, AKoXovdei /xoi. Kai avaaras 

00 ' \ 'a > " 10 V ' ' 5 ~ > / 

A rjKOAovorjaev avrco. kul eyevero avrov avaneipevov 

ev rrj o'lKia, kul ISov ttoXXo). reXcovai Kac ap.apr(aXoi 





ferebant ei paralyticum jacen- 
tem in lecto: et videns Icsus 
fidem illorum dixit paralytico. 
Confide fili, reniittuntnr tibi 
peccata tua. ^ Et ecce quidain 
de scribis dixerunt intra se, Hie 
blasphemat. 'Et cum vidissct 
lesus cogitationes eonim, dixit, 
Ut quid cogitatis mala in cor- 
dil'us Tcstris? ^ Quid est fa- 
cilius, diccix, Dimittuiitur tilii 
peccata, ant dicere. Surge et 
ambula? ''Ut sciatis autem 
quoniam filius hominis habet 
potestatem in ten'a dimittendi 
peccata, tunc ait paralytico, 
Surge, tolle lectum tuum et 
vade in domnm tuam. 'Et 
surrexit et abiit in domum 
suam. 'Videntes autem turbae 
timuerunt, et glonficaverunt 
deum qui dedit potestatem talem 

9 (".'•) Et cum transiret inde 
lesus, vidit hominem sedcntem 
in teloneo, Mattheiim nomine, 
et ait illi, Sequere me. Et sur- 
gens secutus est eum. '" c">^.) 
Et factum est discumbente eo 
in domo, ecce multi publicani 
et peccatores venicntes discum- 

2. a^i£v7-«iB.Vulg. d.fffK Syrr.P8t.&Hcl. 
Goth. JEth. /ren. ai.-J. On>. iv. 451«. 
{a^iovTi i.e. -rai D.) | {a^timTai T. 
C. rel.'.h. (Memph. Theb. Arm. 
vid.) Or-ijr. ii. 126''. (iii. 231<:.) £ws.Ec. 
Pr. 229. Hil. 456''. 646". (vid. Luc. v. 

— aov ai ccfiapTiai BCA*. 1.33. (M.) JEtb. 
Orig. ii. 126". (add. aov M.) | aoi ai 
a/iaprim DGr.A'. For. k. /«n. 313(1°). 
OWy.iii.(23r.) iv. 452". Eiis. Ec. Tr. 
229. ////. 45G''. I {ffoi ai a/iapT-iai trou 
S. LX. rel. yu\g.a,b.c.d.f.ff'.gyh. 
Syrr.P.-t.&Hcl. Memjih. Tlicb. Gotli. 
Arm. /r<;n. 313(2»). Orig. Int. il 363^. 
Hil. 646''. (vid. Luc. v. 20). 

3. etirav B. | Contra, C. rel. 

— eavToiQ'] avToic L. 

— sub fin.] add. quis potest remittere 
peccata nisi unus dens a. ita, sed " di- 
mittere" /(.(/). 

4. iicojg B.Brli.Blc. 1. E^M. Fuld. Syrr. 
P3t.&Hcl. Theb. Goth. Arm. | Jii'wj/ 
r. CDE*. rel. Vulg. C/. Am. ah.c. 

f.ff'.y'.h. Memph. 

— TUQ ti'OvftiiTeLQ'] TovQ CiaS.oynTi.iovQ 1. 

— tiTrev'] add. avTois i). c.h. Syr.Pst. 
Theb. Arm. 

— iva rt] f add. vftag ^. LX. rel. Syr. 
llel. Arm. | om. BCD. 1.33. Vulg. 


a.b.c.f.ff' g^-'-l, Syr.Pst.(vid.) iEth. 
Cypr. 205. Hil. 527''. 1027''. 

5. yap} om. KMU. Vulg. a.b.c.ff'. Arm. 
iEth. j Contra, ilSS. f.g'---h. rel. 

— a^uvTui B. Vulg. df.ff'. Syrr.Pst.& 
Hcl. Goth. iEth. Qa(piovTai D).| Jn^s- 
oivrai ■=:. C. rel. a.b.c.g^.h. (Memph. 
Theb. Arm. vid.) 

— aov a'l a/iapT. BCDLXEFGKMV. | 
J trot at afiapT. <^. A. Is. 33s. SsU. 
For. b d. Goth. I tibi peccata tua Vulg. 
a.c.f.ffKg'-- h.l. Syrr.Pst.&Hcl. ilemph. 
Theb. Arm. iEth. 

— lyupt B(ap. in. 7y.)Cr)LX. 1. 33. E 
FGKMSV. I Xtynpai <r. (A)U. 

6. ftctijrf] tiSiTi 33. (ihnt CDLXEF). 

— i^ovaiav £x*t o v\oq tov avQpMirov~\ o 
viae TOV avOp. £?. tx^i D. 33. Vulg. 
a.b.c.fff'.g'--h. Hil. 646^ | Contra, rel. 
Ircn.3\4. ||om. ii et tov A. 

— rort] om. M. 

— Tift :rapnX.3 om. Tift A. 

— lyupt BD. Vulg. a.b.c.f.p g'.h.l. Syrr. 
Pst.&Ucl. Memph. Theb. "jEth. Hil. 
646=. I add. /cat D. a.g^-^h.k. ilCth. Hil. 
646'-. (Contra, Vulg. Syrr.Fst. 
&ncl. Memph. Theb.)] XiyipBuQ s ■ 
CLX. rel. Goth. Arm. 

8. tipol3)i9tiaav BD. 1.33. Vulg. a.b.c. 
ff'.g'.h.t Syr.Pst. Memph. Theb. yl':th.i 

XiBavfiaaav ^. CL. rel. Syr.Hcl. Arm. 
(admirantes timuerunt /. Goth.) | om. 
(cum scq. Kai) X.txt. (habet 'S. in 
com.) Iren.3\3. {iSoKaZav 'E). 

9. 6 l7)aov£ cKftSfvj eKeiOev 6 Ijjaovg D. 
Vulg. a.b.cfff'.g'-'h.l. Memph. Ens. 
D.E. 120". Theoph. frag. 135. HilGi-". 
I Contra, MSS. Syrr.Pst.&Hcl. Theb. 
Goth. Arm. ^th. ] ikhBiv} om. L. 

KaOtj^eVOV tTTl TO TtKltJVlOV~\ tTTl TO 

TsXoji'iov Ka9i]fiti'ov C. | Contra, Ens. 
D.E.I 20* Theoph. frag. Hd.Ml'. 

— UaBeaiov B*Bch. D. Theb. Goth. \ 
XJiIarOaiov s. C. rel. 

— Xeyofiei'ov'] ovofiaTi S. nomine Vulg, 
a.b.c.d.f.ffKy'-'-h.l. Arm. Eus. D.E. 
120«. Theoph. frag. 

— TjKoXoitdiiati''] -Oil P. 1. | Contra, 
Ens. D.E. 120". 

10. avrov avaKu^ivov BsD. rel. d. \ ava- 
Kit/M. avTov C. Vulg. a.h.c.f.Jf'.g'.h. 

— oiKut] add. Simonis Memph. 

— fcai tfoii] om. Syr.Pst. | om. Kai T>. 
Vulg.'.g'. Memph. Theb. 
^ih. I Contra, MSS, h. Syr.Hcl. Goth. 
Arm. £«.s. D.E. 120". 

2- filii Ai^'. I .'J. tibi peccata tuji CI. | an di- 
cero CI. I '■. .-mtcm sciatis qui:i CI. 

IX. 17. 


Vnlg. a. b. c. 

Syrr. P. H. 

Memph. Theb. 


1 Hos.6:6. 

•||Mar. 2:18— 22. 
■Lii. 5:33—38- 

iXOovres crvvaveKeLVTO tw 'hjcrov koI toI^ fiaOrjTais 
avTov. ^^ KOL ISoi^rey ol ^apicraiot * eXeyov roh /xaOr)- 
_ rats- aiiTOV, Aia tl /xeTa twv reXcoucou koI a/xaprcoXcoi' 
°J iaOlei 6 8i8d(TKaXoi; ufxiov; ^' o fie ['I?;o-oi;?] a.Kovcra's 
eiirev*, Ov ^peiav e)(ovaiv ol laxvovre? larpov ^aXXa 
ol KaKco? e^ovres. ^"^ iropevOevTes 8e p^adere tl iamv, 
'' ^"'Kksog" ()s'A(o, xc/a ov Ovticcv ov yap rjXOov KaXeaat, 
fii/ca/ouy, dXX dp.aprcoXovf^ . 

56 ^^'Tore irpoa-ep-^ovTai avrw ol padi]Tal lcoai>vov 
XeyovTe9, Aid tl rjp.€L9 Kol ol ^apLcraioi vrjcrT€vop,ev 
TToXXd, ol fie p,adi]Tat aov ov vrjaTevovaLV ; ^ kul elirev 
aiiTOLf 6 'h](rov9, Mi) BvvavTaL ol viol tov vvp.(j)S)voi 
Treudeiv e'^' ocrov p.eT avTwv iaTLV 6 vvp-fpios; eXev- 
aovTaL fie rjpepai oTav dTrapOrj dir avTmv o vvp(pL09, 
KOL TOTe vrjaTevaovcrLV. ° ov8tLS fie errL^aXXei eTTL- 
fiXr}p.a paKovs dyvd(j)ov iwl IpaTico iraXatuf a'lpeL yap 
TO 7rXr)payfia avTOV diro tov lp.aTLOV, Kai ')(eipov cr^Lcrp-a 
yiveTaL, ^^ ov8e fiaXKovaLv olvov viov els daKOVs ira- 
XaLOvs' ei fie p.r) ye, pi'-jyvvvTaL ol dcrKOL, /cat o oivos 
eK-)(elTaL kou ol daKol * dTroXXvvTaL • dXXa fiaXXovaLU 

bchant cam lesu et discipulis 
eiiis. " Et vidcntes Pharisad 
dicebant disciijulis eius, Quare 
cum publicanis et pcccatoribus 
manducat magistei" vester ? 
'3 03,1.) j^l lesiis audiens ait, 
Non est opus valcntibus medico 
sed male habentibuH. '■^Euntcs 
autem discitc quid est, iSIiseri- 
cordiara volo ct non saciiiicium, 
non euim veui vocare iustos 
sed peccatores. 

'* Tunc accesseruut ad eura 
discipuli lohannis dicentes, 
Quare nos et Pliarisaei ieiuna- 
luus frequenter, discipuli autem 
tui non ieiunant? '^Et aitillis 
lesus, Numquid possunt filii 
sponsi lugere quamdiu cum illis 
est sponsus ? Venient autem dies 
cum auferetur ab cis sponsus, 
ettuncieiunabunt. '^Nemo au- 
tem inmittit coramissuram pan- 
ni rudis in vestimentum vetus: 
tullit enim pleuitudinem eius a 
vcstimento, ct peior seissura fit. 
" Ncque mittunt vinum novum 
in utres veteres: alioquin rum- 
puntur utres, et vinum ellUndi- 
tur et utres percunt; sed vinum 

10. TeXbJvai Kai afiaprioXoi'] afiapT. Kat 
Ti\. C. Memph. ^tb. | Contra, B«D. 
rel. vv. Eiis. D.E. 120\ 

— avvav(KiivTO~\ awtKeivTO D*. 

11. Kat idovTtQl eidovTiQ 5s D. Theb. 
(om. Kai Ai"m.) 

— ol] om. A. 

— fXfyoi' BCL. 1. 33. Vulg. a.b.c.f.ff\ 
g'.h. Syr.Pst. | { eiirov S". D. rel. Syr.Hcl. 

— raXioi'wv Kai afiaprutXioi'] aflapT. Kai 
riX. D. Theb. 

— tuOiuo 5i5a(TKaXog i'fiwv B5C'*LX.33. 
rel. /#'./. SyiT.Pst.&Hcl. Goth. Arm. 
JEth. [ ^L^affKaXog {'{.nov'sffOui C*. 1. 
Memph. Theb. | 6 SidaaK. vfiuiv ante 
fitra D. b.c.d.g^.h. (om. a.k [vid.]) | 
tadiii] add. Kai irivu M. Mm. y^. 

12. Iijdoi'c] om. BD ut videtur e d, et 
tcstibus Mill et Wtst. Theb. ^tli. | 
Contra, rel. (D 2ninc hiat o Se. . ixovaiv). 

— aKovGai;~\ aTroKpiQiiQ DGr. ap. Mill et 
Wtst. a. (non d). vid. Luc. v. 31. 

— EiTTfi'] add. f auroie ~. C^L. rel. af.h. 
Syrr.Pst.&Hcl. Memph. Goth. Arm. | 
om. BC*DX. Vulg. b.cff'.g'.I. Theb. 

— aXXa B.Btli/.Vs(_?-) I taXX' •^. C.rel. 

13. tX(0£ B.Bch.C*D. 1. 33. Clem. 580. 
957. I tf^eor T. C^L. rel. 

— n\0or] tXiiXvGa F (Luc. v. 32). 

13. KaXiaai SiKatove'] SiKaiovg KaXiaaiC*. 

— aXXa CDLXAEMU Tf. | f^XX' S- 
Bs. rel. 

— afiapToiXovs] fadd. £i£ ^(Tavoiav ^. 
CLX. 33*. rel. eg'. Memph. Theb. 
(On'j. iv. 395''. forsitan; vid. Luc.) Hil. 
648'. I om. BDA. 1*. 33(coiT.*) V* 
(add.*) Vulg. a.b.f.ff'.h.l. SyiT.Pst.& 
Hcl. Goth. Arm. iEth. (vid. Luc. v. 32). 

14. oyr(;j] om. X. 

— iroXXa CD. rel. w. | om. B. 

— fiaOtjTai ffou] (701 fia9tjrai RL 

15. 6 l7i<Tovg~] om. M.txt. 

— /()(] pijri T). numquid Latt. 

— 01 v'loi] om. oi LS. 

— vvfiipo}voe~\ vvvipiov (i.e. vvp^iov) D. 
Latt. Memph. Goth. JEth. | Contra, 
MSS. Syrr.Pst.&Hcl. Theb. Arm, 

— TTtvQtiv'] in)iyT(viiv D. a.b.c.f.ff'.g'.h.l. 
Syr.Pst. Theb. i/^7.64S^ 
(vid. Mar. et Luc.) 1 Contra, MSS. Vulg. 
Syr.Hcl.txt. Memph. Goth. Arm. 

— )ipipai~} praem. a'l D*. 

— anap9y~] ap9y D. 1. 

— i')l(Trev<Tov<riv BsCD''. rel. 1 vyjarivov- 
aiv I)*X. I vr]arivawaiv LA. ||add. tv 
tKiivaiQ rat iifitpaiq D. a.b.e.g'.h. Syr. Orig. /ni.ii.239. (vid. Luc.) | 
Contra, MSS. Vulg../".f . rel. 

16. ovdiis ft] om.'ft V. Sp-.Pst. Memph. 
Arm. JElh. 

— pajcoi't;] paKKOvi; DA. 33. G. 

— ayfatpov"] -ipovt^ C. 

— TO TrXijpwpa^ TrXiipwv A, 

— niro TOV 1/inriou] om. a. | add. tov 
iraXaiov L*. c. 

17. fiaXXovaiv^ (iaXovaiv L*. 

— fii] yt CD. rel. | fit) B. 

— pjjyvvifTat 01 auKot^ pijfTirei o oivog o 
vtoQ TovQ aaKOVQ D. sic, sed om. 6 i/eog 
g'. Syr.Hier, (pijyi'ovi'Tai L.) 

— 6 oivog CK^tirai Kat o'l aaKoi aTToX.] o 
oivoQ aTToXXvTai Kat oi aaKoi D. (^) 
vid. Mar. | teat o'l a(7Koi aTToX] om. a, 

— aTToXXwrai B./Jtly.Blc. 1. Vulg./. 
Syrr.Pst.&Hcl. Memph. Theb. Goth.| 
airoXXvTai D. k supra. \ +a7roXovvTai 
S'. C. rel. b.c.ff'.g''^'h, (om. a supra) 
iEth. Arm. (vid. Luc.) 

— aXXa fiaXXovfriv oipov v(ov £iQ atTKovg 
Kaivovg Bs(L). rel. vv. | aXXa oivov 
i'tov sig aaKovg (iaXXovaii^ Kaiv. C. 
(Latt.) [I aXXa liaXXov(7iv~\ (iaXXovaiv 
de D. d. aXXa jiaXovaiv L. | (aXXa 

jiaX apipoT. avvTiipomTai^ ora. S.) 

1 Kaivovg} viovg A. 

12. mt-dicus Ct. 



IX. 18. 

i(X)A. oiuou viov els acTKOvs Kaivovs, kou ^ diJL(})OTepoL aw- 

IE o5 o i 1 avTa avrov AaAovvTos avTois, loov ap-)((av 

• II Mar. 5: 22-437 ^^'^ iXOcov" TTpoaeKvveL avTCD, Xeycov utl rj dvydrrjp 

II Lu. 8:41-56. ^q^ apTi iTeXevTr](Tev aAAa iXdcou eTrides ttjv X^'^P" 

^v cTov eir avTi'^v, ^ kcu ^rjaeTai. /cat iyepOeis 6 'lj]aov9 

i'^' ^r/KoXovdd' avTco, kol o'l fxaOrjTcu avrov. ~ Kat l8ov 

yvvTf alpLOppoovaa ScoSeKa err) irpoaeXOovcra oTrtcrdei' 

^ rjxj/aTO rov KpacnreSov rov Ifxarlov avrov. * eXeyev 

yap ev eavrrj, Eai^ [jlovov a-^cop.aL rov lp.ariov avrov, 

aco6i^ ^^'O 8e 'Irjcrovs * arpacpeh" Kal IScov 

avrrjv eiirev, Qapaet, Ovyarep- rj iTLaris crov aeacoKei' 

ae. KOU laaOrj rj yvv<i drro rrjs copas iKeivrjs. ~ Kai 

iXdcov 6 'Irjcrovs et? ryu oiKiau rov dp\ouros, kou l8(ov 

rovs avXijrds KaXrov o-)(Xov 6opv^ovpi€vov, ~ ^ eXeyev, * 

Aua^oypelre- ov yap mriQavev ro Kopaaiov, dXXa 

KadevSei. Kal KareyeXcov avrov. ore Se e^ejBXijdi] 

6 o'xAof, elcreXdcou eKpdrrjcrev rrjs ^eipos avrrjy, Kal 

2(i. (fninn abrric. ^yepOrj ro KopdcTLOv. ^"^ KoiX e^rjXdev rj ^rjpr] avrrj ejy 

oXrju rrjv yrju tKilvrjv. 

'^ 7 58^^'Kai irapdyovrL eKeWev rw^hjaov, rjKoXovdrj- 

'0.20:29 etc. g-Qjj^ C"'^'^?!! ^^'^ rvcpXoi, Kpd^ovra Kal Xeyouref, 

tiXerjcrov rjp-as, *vlos * i^aveio. (.Aoovri oe ety rijv 

novum in utres novos mittunt, 
et ambo conservantur. 

ie(7«,!.) Haec illo loquente ad 
eos, ecce princeps unus accessit 
et adorabat eum dicens, Filia 
mea modo defuncta est : sed 
veni inpone manum super earn, 
et vivet. "Et surgens lesus 
sequebatureum et discipuli eius. 
°° Et ecce mulier quae sanguinis 
fluxum patiebatur duodecini 
aunis accessit retro, et tetigit 
fimbriam vestimenti eius : ^'di- 
cebat enim intra se, Si tetigero 
tantum vestimentum eius, salva 
ero. ^^At lesus conversus et 
videns earn dixit. Confide filia, 
fides tua te salvam fecit. Et 
salva facta est mulier ex ilia 
hora. °^Et cum venisset lesus 
in domum principis, et vidisset 
tibicines et turbam tumultuan- 
tem, '* dicebat, recedite : non 
est enim mortua puella, sed 
dormit. Et deridebant eum. 
^ Et cum electa esset turba, in- 
travit et tenuit manum eius, et 
surrexit puella. -° Et exiit fama 
haec in universam terram illam. 

« (75,10.) Et transeunte inde 
lesu seouti sunt eum duo caeci, 
clamantes et dicentes. Miserere 
nostri, fill David. ^ Cum au- 

17. afKpoTspoi BCDLX4. 1 . 33. EF(Wtst.) 
GKMUV. d. I X aftipoTtpa =r. Ss. utra- 
que A. (ambo Vulg. a.b.c.f.ff'.g^'-') 

— avvTttpovvTai^ n/poniTai D*. 

18. TuvTo] add. Si L. 

— aurotj] om. 1. Memph. /T;?. 649''. | 
rote oxXoig M. 

— iiatKOiav (i.e. tic tKSHiv s. iicti\9uiv) 
CD. *£lf" IXeiiv (sic) AGr. etLat. 33. 
KMSV. I habent elf Vulg. a.b.c.d/.ff'. 
(s'./i.) Syrr.Pst, &Hcl. Goth. Arm. il-;th. 
ilil.649K t.VtXewi' X. 1. E. (Mcraiib.) 
I lis TTpoaeXOioi' B. Arm. (accessit et, 
Vulg. a b.cff'.g'. — post" accessit", add. 
"nomine Jairus" b.h.)\TtQ TrpoaiKQuiv 
C'mg.LGU. (Theb. ut vid.) | tiq Trpoa- 
ij\e«v F. I Xikdiav '^. Ijadd. T(() Itjuov 
C'mg.LFGU. (add. ad eum Theb.) 

— in BsC. rel. Syr.Hcl. Goth. | om. D. 
1. 33. M. Latt. Syr.Pst. Memph. Theb. 
Arm. jEth. Hil. 649''. | Kvpu M. Vulg. 
a./.ff'.h. Hil.6i9\ 

— apri'} om. Theb. 

— \Hpav E. 

19. j(icoXoi)9«i CD. 33. Vulg. a.//.e.^''.3'./i. 
Jlil. 50i'. I %iiKo\ove>iiTei' <^. B.sLXG. 


rel. /.A. Syr.Hcl. Memph. Theb. lijso- 
Xoveiiaav EM. Syr.Pst. 

19. Kai 2°.] om. M. 

— oi] om. A. 

20. nJjuoppooyffrt] aifiopovaa L. atfjiop- 
povaa K. 

— eTiil add. ix^^'^^ ^^ ^V (toOentif L. 
(vid. Job. V. 5). 

— Tov KpamreSov^ om. a.b.c.yK (non 
Vulg d.f.ffKh.) 

21. iavry Ony. n\. 486^. \ anTfi L. 

— ^oroi'] post «i//w/taiD.Vulg.6.c./l^'.(/'. 
I om. a.if.h. 

— sub iin.] additamentum e Mar. Y. 29-33 
et Luc. viii. 44-47. c. " et continuo 
stetit profluvius sanguinis. At ille 
conversus dixit discipulis suis, Quis 
me tetigit? lUi autem dixerunt, Tm'ba 
te comprimit, et tu dicis, Quis me teti- 
git ? non quod turba me comprimit, sed 
aliquis me tetigit : ego enim sensi vir- 
tutem cxisse a me. Tunc mulier cum 
scissct quod non posset latere, vcnit et 
cecidit ante pedes eius, et dixit quid 
fecisset oi ( ? leg. et) quomodo sanata 

22. l7)(Touf] om. D. a.b.c. \ Contra, Vulg. 

— arpaipus B. 33. | lart) arpaipiiQ D. | 
XnntTTpaipuQ '^. C. rel. (vid. Mar. v. 30). 

— Qvyartp'] -Trip DLG. | Contra, Orig. 
ii. 126''. iv. 452". 


— o-e] add. vade in pace . c. 

23. roue] om. A. 

24. i\eyii> BD. 1. 33. Vulg. a.b.f.ff'.g'. 
Memph. Theb,- Goth. jEth. | jXtyfi s". 
C. rel. (dixit c.gKh.) vid. Mar. ||fadd. av- 
Toig cr. C. rel./j'. Syrr.Pst.&Hcl. Goth. 
Arm. (vid. Mar.) ] om.BD. 1.33. Vulg. 
a.b.c.ffKg''.h. Memph. Theb. JEth. 

— KartytXbJv'] -Xouv K. 

— aVT0V~\ avrov D*. 

— sub. fin.] add. scientes earn esse mor- 
tuam Theb. 

25. eitrfXewi'] tX9u>v D. a.b. \ oia.ffK 

— T»je x*'P''c] '■fl" x"P" ^• 

26. atiTij BsL. rel. Latt. Syrr.Pst.&Hcl. 
I avTJie C. 1. 33. Memph. | avrov D. 
(?C**) Theb. ^th. (vid.) 

28. dicens, Domine CL I mauum tuam CL 
37. fllii Am. 

IX. 38. 


Volg. a. h. c. 

Syrr. P. H. 

Memph. Theb. 


" C. 1-2 :22. 

Lii. 11:14. 

' c. 12:24. 
Lu. u: 15. 




' Mar. 6:34. ol 
1 Pet. 2:25. T 
c. 14:14. 



oIkiuu, ^irpoarjXOav avrm ol TV(f)Xoi, Koi Xeyei avrois 
o lijcrovs, riicrreyere on 8vua/xat tovto iroirjaai ; 
Xeyovaiv avTu>,^al Kvpie. '' Tore rj-yj/aTO tcov 6(f)0a\fxcov 
avTcoi' Xeycov, Kara rrjv iriaTLv v/xcou yeurjdrjTco vjjuv. 

Kat * T)v€cp-^0r]aai' avrau ol 6(p6aX/xor kol ^eve- 
^pifirjOrj avTOif 6 lrj(rovs Xeycov, 'Opdre fjLrjSeLf 
yii'co(rK€Tco. '^ ol Se i^eXdofres 8ie(f)i]piaau avrov eV 
oXr^ TT) yrf eKeivrj. Avtcov oe e^epxop-evcou, loov 

Trpoa-qveyKav avrw \JiLvdpoy7rov\Ka)(piov Sai/iovi^o/xeuoi'. 

Kai (K^XrjOevTOf tou SaLp-ovlov eXaXrjcreu 6 KCO(po9' 
Kol idavpacrau ol oxXoi Xeyoures,* OvSeirore ((Paurj 
0VTC09 iv Tea 'laparjX. ^^''Ol 8e ^apiaaioL k'Xeyou, 
Ej/ rw ^ apyovTi rav daipouicov eK/3aAAei to. 8aip.6pia. 

59 ^Kat irepiriyev 6 'Irjaov^ ra? iroXeif Traaas kou 
Tas Kcop-as, 8i8aaK(ov €f rai^ crvvaycoyals^ avrwv kol 
KT)pv(T(ra>v TO evayyeXiou r^r ^aaiXeias, /cat depaTrevcof 
Trdaav vocrov kou Trdaav paXaKiav\ 

60 "^ l8(ov 8e Tov? oxXovs eairXayxylcrOi] Trepl 
avTa>v, OTL rjcrav ^ icTKvXpevot" /cat ^ipLp.p.evoL *<»$•" 
irpofiara /xr] e^ovTa iroi/jiepa. ^^ Tore Xeyec tols fiaBi]- 
TOLs avTov, ^'O pLiv OepLCTfJLos TToXv^, ol 8e epydraL 
oXiyor "^ 8€-)j6r]T€ ovv tov Kvpiov rod depio-fxov, oirods 
fK^dXr] epydras eif tov OepicrpLov avTOu. 

tern venissct domum, accesse- 
runt ail eum caeci : et dicit eis 
lesus, Cieditis quia possum hoc 
faccre vobis? Dicuntei.Utique, 
domine. ^ Tunc tetigit oculos 
eorum dicens, Secundum fidem' 
vestram fiat vobis. ^^ Et aperti 
sunt oculi illorum: et commi- 
natus est illis Icsus dicens, Vi- 
dete ne quis sciat. ^' llli autem 
exeuntes ditfamaverunt eum in 
tota terra ilia. ^' Egressis au- 
tem illis, ecce optulerunt ei lio- 
minem mutum, daemonium ha- 
bentem. ^^Et eiecto daemono 
locutus est mutus, et miratae 
sunt turbae dicentes, Nimiquam 
apparuit sic in IsraheL '* Pha- 
risaei autem dicebant, In prin- 
cipe daemoniorum eieit dac- 
mones. '**™'^-> Et circumibat 
lesus civitates omnes etcastella, 
docens in synagogis eorum et 
praedicans evangelium regni, et 
curans omnem languorem et 
omnem iniirmitatem. 

36(77,6.) Yijgjjj autcnj turbas 
misertus est eis, quia crant 
vexati et iacentes sicut oves non 
habentes pastorem. 37(78,5.) 
Tunc dicit discipulis suis, Mes- 
sis quideni multa, operarii au- 
tem pauci : 3' rogate ergo do- 
minum messis ut eiciat opera- 
rios in messem suam. 

27. avTtf CLA. 1. 33. rel. vv. | om. BD. 

— Kai XeyovTig BsD. rel. | om. C* utvid. 
L. a.k. 

— v\oQ BGU. I Jt/if '^. C'DL. rel. (hiat 
33. C* non liquet.) | o.ui sic A. ap. Kettig. 
? o.w(;*. 

28. tXdovTi ii Yaig. f.ff'.g' | icai tpxirai 
D. a.bc.g^.h. || add. auriji U. 

— onciav] add. Kai D. a.b.c.g'. (non Vulg. 

— 7rpo(jri\9av B.Bch.lX-Sov ■^. CD. rel. 

— oi] add. Svo D. a.b.g'.h. Syr.Hier. (non 
Yulg. c.f.ff'.g'.) 

— Suvafiai TOVTO -jroiTjaai C^DL. I. 33. 
rel. Am. a.b.c.f.ffK(g'.^g\h. Syrr.Pst. 
&Hcl. Goth. Arm. .^th. | tovto Bvva- 
fxat TToitjfraL B 'Vn\g.Cl.\^vva^ai iroirj- 
aai tovto C*. 11 add. vobis. Vulg. a.c. 

f-ff'-g' (ante " facere") g\l. Arm. (non 

29. 0(p9a\fi(jLiv'] on^aTuiV D. 

— Xfywi/] Kai UTTtv D. 1. h. SjT.Pst. 

30. i)vtuixdq<jav^.Btly.V).i3. \ tjvoixOriaav 
C*. I Jai»eiui(9j)(rai' s". LA. rel. Upraem. 
■Kapaxpl^ia a.g^.h. Syr.Pst. jEth. 

— avTuvl post ofBaXiioi D.Latt. | auTii> E*. 

30. evil3piiiri9ii B» Bch. 1. (hiat 33). | 

I -fiiicmTo C-. CD. rel. 

— 6 lijaoug'] om, 6 D, 

32. e^epxofiivuiv'l Siii,tpxofitviov F. 

— avOpwTTov CD. rel. Latt. Syr.Hcl. 
Goth. Arm. | om. B. Syr.Pst. Memph. 
Theb. ^th. 

— Kw^oi'] mutum Vulg.y**..^'. |surdum 
d. I mutum et surdum a.b.c.(J'*).g'''''h. 
Hi!. 650f. 

33. Kai tOavfiaaav o'l o;^\oi] oi di oxXoi 
eOavfxaerav (X in comm. : hiat textus). 

— XtyoiTtf] tadd. on S'. V(Mt.?) a. 
Arm. I om. BCDL(X in comm.) A. 1.33. 
EFGKMSU. Yulg.b.c.f.ff'.g'---h. .Syrr. 
Pst.&Hcl. Memph. Theb. Goth. ^th. 

— ttpai'i] ovTojg~\ ovTujQ eipavrj D. 33. 
a.b.c.ff'.g''h. Goth. | Contra, Vulg. /. 

— Till I(Tpai]\'] om. Tqt D*. 

34. vers.] om. D. a. Hil esi''. 

— tKJiaWii] iKJiaXii K. 

35. Tratrai' voaov Kai\ om. a, 

— 9ipaTnvtjiv~\ iQipantvuiv G. 

— /loXaKior] fadd. iv Ti^t \«if> ^. C^LX, 
rel. Tol. Gat. eg'. Arm. | om. BC*DA. 

1*. 33. S. Vulg. a.b./.h.l. Syrr.Pst.& 
HcL Memph. Theb. Goth. ^th. ||add. 
Kai TroXXoi tjKoXovQijaau avTip L. Gat. 
a.b.g'.h. (Contra, Vulg. cf.) 
36. roi'c oxXovq'] 'add. 6 Ii/ffocf CM. ( 
praem. id. G. s'-=- Syrr.Pst.&Hcl.* 

— tdKvXiitvoi BCDXA. 1. 33. EFGKM 
SU. Latt. Syrr.Pst.&Hcl. Memph. {ut 
vid.) Theb. Goth. Arm. ^th. Hil. 651"=. | 
:J, (KXeXvfievoi S". I^. 

— ipmiitvoi B.i?(/y.C(L). {ip7]fitvoi L.) 
tpvpjiivoi videtur non esse ipsa lectio 
apud Btly.: nam v in editione Cepha- 
laei, quacum collatus est codex, est 
mendum typographicum. | Xippififu- 
voi ^. A. rel. I pspifi^evoi D. \ tpprj- 
yfxivoi M. I epptjfievoi X. (om. Kai 
tpifiivoi 33. Arm.Usc.) 

— we CDL. 1.33. FM. I Jwffa 'S.'&s. 

38. 701) Kupiou] TOV Kvpwv D*. | ContTa, 
On>.i. 198». 378». iii.668». 

— «K/3aXy] EK/3aX£i LX. 

28. hoc possum CI. \ 30. eorum CI. | 3.3. dao- 
tuonio CI. I 35. omues civitates CI. \ 38. mittat 
operarioa CI. 



X^ y Kat irpocTKaXecrdixcvos tovs 8u)8eKa ^^jxaOrjTas av- 

(i Tov/ eScoKeu avrol? e^ovcrlav Truevfidrcov aKaddprcov, 

axTTe €/c/3aAA6ij' avra, kol OepainveLV Tracrav voaov kou 


1.33. '® "'^ 


§V - 1 ' 

y II Mar. 6: 7, etc. Tfaaav fxaAaKiav . 
II u. 9.1, ec^ Q-^ ^Tcou 8e ScoSeKa dirocrroXajv to. ovofiard ecrTLv 

/3 Tavra- 7rparo9 '^lu.cov 6 Aeyouei/oy ITfVpo? kol ' KvBp^as 

'Mar.3:i6— ig. , ,^ . ,\ , T ,. , V, < - -7 a ^ ' " 

Lu. 4:14—16. o aoeA(po9 avTov, laKcopos o tov ^epeoacov Kai 

ct. 1.13. 'Icodvurjs 6 d8eA(f)os avTov, ^ ^IXimrof kuI BapOoXo- 

fxalos, Qcofj-ds KOL * ^addalos" 6 TeXcovrj9, 'laxco/So? 6 

TOV AX(paiov KaV Qa88aioy, 'Elpcov 6 * }^auavalo/ kol 

lov8as l(TKapicoTr]9 6 kou 7rapa8ov9 avTOu. 

^^ 62 ^ TovTovs Tovs 8a)8€Ka aTrea-TeiXeu 6 Itjctovs 

TrapayyeiXay avroi^ Xeycou, E«? 68ov i6va>v pi] aTreX- 

OrjTe, KOU etf ttoXlv ^ap.apeiTcoi' p.r] elcreXdijTe, " tto- 

peveade 5e p-aXXov 7rpo9 rd irpo^ara ra diroXcoXoTa 

»Lu. 10:9. '/J o'lKov '\crpa-i]X. ' ^iropevop-ivoL 8e Kfjpvaa-eTe, Xeyov- 

§p Te? * OTL jjyyLKev -q fiaaiXela rwv ovpavcov. dade- 

vovvras Oepajrevere, * veKpovs eyeipere, Xeirpovs KaOa- 

pl^ere", 8aip.6via e/c/Sa'AAere* 8Q)pedu iXd^ere, 8oopedv 


I" Lu. 10:4-11. 63 M77 KTrjarjade -)(^pv(rov fir)8e dpyvpov /XT]8e 

X. 1. 

iCV'Et convoc.itis tluode- 
cim cliscipulis suis, iledit illis 
potcstatcm spirituiim inmundo- 
runi, ut eicercnt eos et curaieiit 
oninum languoiem et omnem 

5 (60,2. ) Duodecim autem apos- 
toloriiiu noniina sunt haec. 
Primus Siniou qui dicitur Pe- 
tnis et Andreas frater eius, 
^ lacobus Zebedaci et lohannes 
frater eins, Pliilijjpus et Bar- 
thulomacns, Thoinas et Mat- 
theus publicanus, et lacobus 
Alphei et Thaddaeus, ■'Simon 
Cananaeus ct ludas Scariotes, 
qui et tradidit eum. 

5(81,10.) jjq5 duodecim misit 
Icsus praecipiens eis et diceiis. 
In viam gentium ne abieritis, 
et in civitates Samaritanorum 
nc intraveritis, ' sed potius ite 
ad oves quae jicrierunt domus 
Israhel. ''<'V-)Euntes autcm 
praedicate dicenles quia adpro- 
pinqu.avit rcgnum caelorum. 
' Intirmos curate, mortuos sus- 
citate, leprosos nmndate, dae- 
moncs eicite: gratis accepi&tis, 
gratis date. 

' Nolite possidere aurum ue- 
que argentum neque pecuniam 

1. irpoaKii\c(jai.ut'og] add.6 I(j(Tous C'L. h. 

— tovq'^ cm. ii. 

— owtifKa] 1/3 D. et verr. 2, 5. 

— fjovffiai/] add. Kara LEF. (Syrr.Pst 
ScHcl. ^th. vid.) 

— tKliaXiiv CD. I Contra, BsL. rel. 

— fiaXoKiav^ add. iv r(ji Xaijj L. b.g'. 

2. le} om. D*(corr.*) 

— fOTij'] eiiTiv L. 

— laKiu/Sof] praem. Kai B.Blli/.d. Syrr.Pst. 
& I Contra, CD. rel. Vulg. a.b.c. 

MW-^-h. rel. 

— 6 roti] om. 6 D*(corr.*)P. 

3. f)w/j. K. M. 6 rtX.] om. M. (Boi/i. Kai 
om. hie a.b. habent ad fin. ver.) 

— MnSeaiof B*Bch.T). \ iMareaiog ^. 
C. rel. 

— TOV AX0.] om. o M. 

— icai eaSlaiog B. Vulg. c.ff'.g'.l. 
Memph. Theb. | koi A£/3/3(os D. d.k 
Oriy. Int. iv. 460''. | et Judas Zelotes Mvi 
Gat. a.b.y'.h. (seq. "et Thomas," om 
supra O.4.) | icai tAc/3/3aiof o e5nKX);9fij' 
OadSaioe S-. C\L)(X)AGr.etLat.rel. 

/ Syrr.Pst.&Hel. Arm. iEth. (Aiftaioe 
(L)(X.) I eaStoi L (C* non liquet : for- 
tasse K. o (ttikX. Hati^aiof.) 

4. Si/iwj/] praem. Kai 1). 

— coi'araioc BC(D)L. 1.33. Vulg. (a) 


b.(c}f:g.'-^-h.l. Memph. Orig. Int. iv. 460''. 
(X«i'. D. Vulg.C/.a.c. Orig. Int.}\XKa- 
vaviTiis '^. X.A. rel. Theb. 

4. lovSag'] add. 6 DA. 1.33. KM. (Elz.)| 
om. CLXEFGUV. (St. 3). OWsr.iii. 
709''. (?BS.) 

— laKapiu>TT]Q BsL. rel. Vulg. CI. g\ Syr. 
Hcl. Memph. Theb. J&lh. | aKapiiorrje 
D. Am. Fuld. d.f.k.l. Syr.Pst. Arm.] Iir- 

Kapuo9 C riotha. Carioth i. Sca- 

rioth c.ff'.h. Scariothis g'. \ Si^wi'og 
laKapiuiTov Orig. iii. 709''. 

— 6 Kai TTopa^oi'c] I ot; Kai Trapt^ujKfv L. 
Orig. iii. 709'*. (vid. Mar. iii. 19.) | o Kai 
irapahSovi; XA. (et om. KaiFb.c.ff'h.) 

5. aiTodTtiKaQ F. 

— Tovq iiatiKa'] om. C^ 

— avT0iQ\ avT0VQ\J. ||add.KatD. ^m.a.&.c. 
f.g^-h. 1 Contra, Vulg. C/^'. Orig iii.7 Hi". 

— airt\9t\Tt et ii<rt\9ijTi mutate ordine 
habet A. 

— 'S.afiapUTiov~\ '2a^aptiTavi<iit D*. 

6. Tropiviadi Si] inrayert D. | Contra, 
Eus. D. E. 455''. in. Ps. 282«. 

7. on ijyy. CDP. rel. | om. on B.Bili/.BIc. 
\T]yy. yap g'. Theb. (praem. poeniten- 
tiam agite, Theb.) 

8. GipaTTivtril SepairivaaTi D. | Contra, 
Eus. D.E. ISgd. 

8. veKpovg lyuptri ante Xntpov^ KaQa- 
piliTt BCD((yfipan). 1. 33. Vulg. 
a.b.c.ff'.g'-'-h.l. Memph. iEth. ed. Hil. 
652''. I t habent post '^. Syr.Pst. edd. 
iude a Trtmelliana | habent post Sat- 
fiovia tKfiaWiTt PA. Syr.Hcl. || om. 
vtKp. tyiip. C'LXEFGKMSUV./. Syr. 
Pst. MSS. et ed. Vienn. Theb. Arm. 
^th.o.m. Eus. D.E. 138''. 

— (KfiaWiTi BsCP. rel. | ek-/3aX«r( DF. 

9. 10. iii]Se 5ies. BCP. rel. | \oEus. D.E. 
109''. l»-2''-.3". In Ps. 238''. 348''. in Es. 
425'^. I ntjTi DL. Eus. in Luc. 168. 

10. /!»;] pijTf D. 

— pajiSop BD. 1. 33. Vulg. l.c.f.ffKg\ 
h.l. Syrr.Pst.&Hcl. MSS. (Memph. an- 
eeps.) Theb. Arm. iEth. Eus. in Ps. 
348''. in Luc. 168 disate. Hil. 652«. 
ess*. I pajiSove CPLXA(Gr.)EFGKM 
SUV. a. Syr.Hcl.ed. || add. in mani- 
bus vesttis a.b.c.g'.h. Hil. (non Vulg. 

— TtjQ r/3o0;;c] tov ^ktOov KM. a.b.c. 
fff'.gKLSyr.Hclmg. JElh.a. Hil.eo'I". 

(vid. Luc. X. 7.) I Contra, Vulg. d.k.L 
Iren. 237. 

— atiT-ou] tadd.fffnv ^. P.33.rel. Arm. 

3. o)/i. et (auto lacobus) CI. \ 4. IscarioLes CI. 
I 5. eis diceiis 67. 

X. 19. 


Meraph.CTheb.) gy'o ^iTcovas firfSe vTToSrjfjLaTa ixi]8e pdl38oi>' a^iof yap 

(GothJArm. ^th. 



6 epyarrj^ rrjs Tpo(f)7]s avrov' . * el? r)v 5' av ttoKlv t] 

_^ Kcoprju elaeX6r]T€, e^eraaare ti9 eV avrrj a^ios laTLv, 

'^j KOLKfx pLeivcLTe ecos a.u e^eXOifTe. ' elcrep^opLevoi Se ety 

Tr/v OLKiav acnraaacrOe avTrjv. "" kol iav fi rj oIklu 

a^itt, * eAaaTO) r; eiprjvr] vp.coi' tTT avTi-jV eav oe /at; rj 

^i a^ta, 7] €Lpr)i>r] vpcou irpos vp.a? eTnarpacprjTCO. Kai 

OS * av" pLT] Se^ijrai, prjSe aKOVcrrj tovs Xoyovf 

vp-cou, ^ i^ep-^^opevoL e^co' rrj? olKias rj rrjs iroXecos 

iKeivTjs eKTivd^are tov Kovioprou tcov ttoScou vpcov. 

^^ dp.r]v " Xeyco, dveKTorepov 'iarai yfj "EoSopicov 

Kal ^Vop-oppas iv -qpiepa Kpicrews, rj rrj woXei eKeivrj. 

J Loov eyco aTroareXXca cos irpopara €v p-ecrco 

XvKcov yiveaOe ovv (jypovipiOL coy ol o^eLS Kal aKepaioi 

toy at TrepLO-repal. 

^^ 64:^^ ^Tlpoae)(eTe Se oltto twu dvdpcoirav TrapaSco- 
Ariir. 13:9— 13. aovaiv yap vpds els crvveSpLa, Kaliv rais avvayu>yais 

Lll. 21:12—17. , . ' "^ , ' " . 18 V > V ' ' s^ ^ 

avTcov p-aanyaiaovaiv vpas Kai eiTL rjyep.ovas oe Kai 

^aa-iXeis ax^?;creo-^e eveKev ep.ov, els p-aprvpiov avTots 

OTav oe^' * TvapaooiCTLV vp,as, p-yj 

c. 11: 24. 
Lii. 10: 12. 

'' Lii. 10:3. 

24 ■ 9- 

a KUL TOts eUveaiv. 

in zonis vestris, '" non perara 
in via neque duas tunicas ne- 
que calci amenta neque vir- 
gain : dignus cnim est ope- 
nirins cibo sno. " (">'■) In 
quamcumqne civitatem aut cas- 
telhun intraveritis, interrogate 
qnis in ea dignus sit: et ibi 
manete donee exeatis. '^ (m.s-) 
Intrantes autem in domum sa- 
liitate earn: "et si quidem 
fuerit domus digna, veniat pax 
vestra super earn ; si autem non 
fuerit digna, pax vestra ad vos 
rcvertatur. "<»'|2-) Et quicum- 
que non receperit vos, neque au- 
dierit sermones vestros, exeuntes 
foras de dome vel de civitate 
cxcutite pulverera de pedibus 
vestris. '^Amen dico vobis, 
tolerabilius erit teiTae Sodo- 
morum et Gomorraeorum in die 
iudicii quam illi eivitati. '^C^.s.) 
Ecce ego mitto vos sicut oves in 
medio luponim : estote ergo 
prudentes sicut serpentes, et 
simplices sicut colurabae. 

17 (87,1.) Cavete autem abhomi- 
nibus : tradeiit enim vos in con- 
ciliis, et in synagogis suis flagel- 
labunt vos; '" et ad praesidcs et 
ad reges ducemini propter me, 
in testimonium illis et gentibus. 
19 (88,2.) Cum autem tradent vos, 

I hab. post yap D. Vulg. a.b.c./.ff'g'.l. 
Syr.HcI. (iEth.) Hil 652«. ^ante Syr. 
Pst.) I cm. BCL. 1. h. Memph. Theb. 

11. f(C vv S'av TroXtv r] Kdifuji^ iKTsXOrjTe'] 
j) TToXtc Etc 17V CIV ti(ye\9r)Ti. eiQ avTijv 
D. (Theb.)l(f(cr»)i'P.) ||om. j/kw^i/j'D. 
(tttsupra) I. a.b.d.ff'.li. (Contra, Vulg. 
c.f.g''-') I post ti<Tt\9i]ri L. Tlieb. 

— Tt£ IV avTy'l IV avTy nc ^- 

— £(Trir] om. L. 

— fUivaTi~\ fuveTs X. 

— Eui^ av tKeXOtj-e'] om. X. 

12. atnrarTa(T6& avrrjv'] om. c. [| add. \e- 
yovre^y eipjjvi] t^} oiKijt rovrtij DL. 1. 
Vulg.CT. a.b.c.f.ff>.g'.h. Arm. jEth. vid. 
Lnc. X. 5. (dicite eis, pax vobis. Theb. 
Cod.Aslc.) I om. BsCPX. 33. rel. Arii. 
Syrr.Hcl.&Pst. Memph. 

13. Kai lavl om. Km D. 

— »] IV 0'. 

— rt^ia] om. L. I praera. tictivi) M. 

— iXearui CL. 33. | tiXBirw ^. BsP. 
rel. I itaiXQiTu, SV. | tan D. (erit rf.) 

— lav (ft pr} y at.~\ ti ce //?; a^. L. | ti Se 
ptiyi D. 

— y] iji' C. 

— i) ttpijvrj] om. )} D*. 

— Trpog CDP. rel. | irj/' B (vid.Luc.x. 5.) 

14. ut" et niox ceKijrai et deitide oK-oi-n-y] 

ofTot^ovrai ..aKovffutaiv L. b.c.g^.h* 
Mih. 1 Contra, Vulg. a.f.ffK vv. rel. 

14. av B.Bf/y.DLK. | Jtai' S"- CP. rel. 

— lit] StiijTai ii/xae] "ill] hKv'M deest in 
textu B, sed in marginc scriptum a prima 
manu." B:h. vi^ag jxtj oi^riTai (sic) apud 
Btly. (corrigendus est Fordius\ Bir- 
chius veram lectionem induiiie dedit. 

— t£.tpxofiivoi ilw BD. 33. Latt. Memph. 
^th. (hiat Theb.) | tStp. ik L. | *om. 
(Xu) T. CP. rel. Arm. (Syrr.n.l.) 

— Tt]Q oiKiag i;] om. D. Arm. Zoh. | om. i; L. 

— tKtn;iQ~\ om. D. Yu\g. a.c.ff'-g'-H.l.\ 
Contra,/; (post oifciac; b.) 

— KovtopTov'] add. sk C. 33. Syr.Pst. 
Arm. de Latt. | non habent rel. 

sub fin.] add. in testimonium eorum^m. 

add. in testimonium illis c.g'.k. 

15. a/iJ/v] bis 1. I aiit]v yap L. 

— avsKTOTspov'] add. yap 33* ut videtur. 

— yy] om, L. I eivitati r. 

— icai] add. yy C. 

— ro/ioppaf CDPL. 1. M. d.(iy^-)h.h. 
Memph. | tro/ioppwi" s"- Bs rel. Vulg.'. Hil. 654f. (Fofiopae DL.) 

— iv ] iv 7] D. {tv Til man. rec.) 

16. dTTOUTfXlt) L. 

— tv litijij) (C)DPL. rel. (fiipKJw CL.)] 
fif /iKroi' B. I inter //■'. 

16. btQ oi] loan L. 

— aKepaiQi^ airXovaraTOi D. 

— wc at"] t'otTH LX. 

17. ^t] ora. D. Flor.a.c.gKm. OW(/.i.295''. 
[i].| Contra, Viilg./#'.A. 

— vfiag~\ om. C*. 

— ev Taig tjvvaytoyaiQ avrojv Orig. i. 
295**. j tiQ rag avvayojyaQ avTiov D. 
(non (/.) I om. a. 

18. i)yt^iovaQ (^E ic«t i^aatXtiQ axOiiTftyOt 
Orig. i. (295>'). 398'. iii. 534=. Pet. Alex. 
(ap. Routh. iv. 33). Tert. cont. Gnost. ix. 
1 ijyfpoviijv ffTa9i]iTt(r9aL D. |1 ax^rifftffOe'] 
stabitis a.b.c.ffKy'.Ii.m. [non Vulg. /.] 
/)T?i.210. Orijr./H/.iii.532'i.534''. Ci/pr. 
36. Hil.362\ Horn, ^e Dfsupra)LXAFG. 
Syr.Pst. (Or/j. i.295''). (Latt. JEth. 
n. 1.) I Contra, BsCP. (V corr.*) rel. 
Syr.Hcl. Memph. Arm. Orig.\. 398". 
iii. 534=. Pet. Alex. 33. 

19. wapaSuaiv B. 1. E*. tradideriiit il./.g'. 
Cupr. l7.78.\60.\7rapad(fjrroviTii' DLX. 
33. G. tradent Vulg. a.b.c.ffKrf.h.m. \ 
7rapaCut(ru7(Tiv Orig. i. 295''. 1 J TrapaSt- 
itaaiv ^. C. (E corr.*) rel. (P hiat). 

n. qu.amcumque autem Ct. I in earn Am. | 

12. .ad fin. aild. diceutcs, Pax huic domui CL | 

13. domus ilia CT. | veniettV. 1 revertetur ad vos 
CI. I 14. vel civitate Ct. \ in test, eorum add. 
Am. sed om. CI. Fbl. For. | 18. ducimini Am. 



X. 20. 



1 33 



fifpifjLv^arrjre irws rj tL XaXrjcrrjTe- Sodrja-erai yap vjxlv 
ev iKeivrj TYj copa tl * AaArja-rjTe • ov yap v/j.€i9 eare 
01 XaXovures, dXXa to nvev/xa rov irarpos vp-cov to 
XaXovv iv vpxv. ^^ TrapaSaxrei 8e aSeA^of d8€\(j)ov elf 
ddvaTov, Kal iraTiqp TeKvov kcH iiravacTTijaovTaL T€Kva 
€7rt yoveis, kul oavaTcoaovcrLV avTOVs. kul eaeaoe 
fiiaovfievot viro TravTcov 8ta to ovop-a p-ov o de vtto- 
pitiuas els TeXos, ovtos crcodrjaeTai. 

65 ''^"OT-az/ 8e 8La)KU)aLV vp.ds ev ^ Trj TToXei TavTrj, 
(pevyeTe els Trjv * erepav dprjv yap Xeyco vplv, ov p.rj 

TeXecrrjTe ras TroXeis ^ 'lapayX ecof av eXdrj b vlos tov 

Joh. 1316 y divdpwTrov.^^^OvK eo-Tiu p.adr]Tr}sv7r€pTov SiSdaKaXov, 
ov8e 8ovXof virep tov Kvpiou avTov. *' dpKeTov tco 

p.a6r]Tr) lua yevr^Tai cas 6 8i8a(rKaXos avTOV, Kai 

J SovXos wy 6 KvpL09 aiiTov. el tov olKo8ecnroTr)v BeeA- 
^elSovX * eTreKoXeaav" , irocrw p.dXXov tovs olKLaKOVs 
p.r} ovv (l)o(3r]driTe avTOvs' ' ov8ev yap iaTiv 

'c. 24:9,13. 

§ CrOth. 

5 Till. 6:40. 

'q avTov; 


'■Lu. 12: 2—9. KeKaXvp.p,evov, o ovk diroKaXvcpdrjo-eTaL, Kal KpvTTTOV, 

Mar. 4:22. Ay ,\ , nr 27 » \ ' < - ' ~ ' 

Lu. 8:17. J o OV yvcoaarjcreTaL. o Xeyco vpLiv ev ttj cTKOTia, 

nolite cogitare quomodo aut 
quid loquamini : dabitur enini 
vobis in ilia hora quid loqua- 
mini. ^"Non enira vos estis 
qui loquimini, sed spiritus pa- 
tris vestri qui loquitur in vobis. 
" Tradet autem frater fratrem 
in mortem, et pater filium, et 
insurgent filii in parentes et 
morte eos afficient. ^ Et eritis 
odio omnibus propter nomen 
meum : qui autem persevera- 
Terit in fiaem, hie salvus erit. 

acre, 10.) CujYi autem perse- 
quentur vos in civitate ista, 
fugite in aliam ; amen enim 
dico vobis, non consumraabitis 
civitates Israhel donee veniat 
filius hominis. " i^o,3.) j^fgjj ggt 
discipulus super magistrum, 
nee servns super dominum 
suum: ^sufficit discipulo utsit 
sieut magister eius, et servus 
sieut dominus eius. (">">•> Si 
patrem farailias Beel/.ebub vo- 
caverunt, quanto niagis domes- 
ticoseius? -'* Ne ergo timueritis 
eos. eV-) Nihil enim opertum 
quod non revelabitur, et oceul- 
tum quod non scietur. *' C.^-) 
Quod dico vobis in tenebris, 

19. TTuig >;] om. a.h. 

— XaX);(T);r£] -aert K. Orig J. 295^. 

— doBtiaiTai yap ...XaXjjfftre BsC. rel. 
Orig. Int. iii. 532''. Ci/pr. 17. 78. 92. 
160. 1 om. DL. Flor. Hail* k. Arm. 
Orig. 1.295^. Cypr. 310. | praem. on 
yap A*. 

— wp?] vi^ipf C*. Memph. Syr.Hier. 

— \a\),(rr,Ti CX(A). 1. EFGV. | J-ffET-f 
■S-. Bs. rel. 

21. TiKvoi'l praem. to B.Btli/. | Contra, 
Uus. D.E. 298"=. 

— siravaGTrjiTovrai CDL. rel. Orig. i. 
295=. Eus. D.E. 599'=. | -atTm BA. 

22. ofiros] oiirwf M. 

23. hu>Kuiaiv Orig. i. 295". 380^ iii. 473'=. 
709". iv. 398". | SioiKovaiv DA. 

— tjiivyfTt tiQ Ttjv irepav B. 1. 33. Orig, 
i. 295"=. 380". iii. 473"=. 709". (odd.) iv. 
sgs"". Petr. Alex. (ap. Routh iv. 33). | 
ftvyers tig Tr)v iaWijv" S'. CDL. rel. 
Clem. ^97. Ori'i/. iii. 709". (cdd.) ||.add. 
Kav tv ry tnpif StojKwffi TraXii' 0£uycrE 
£if rr)v aWijv Orig. i. 380". Orig. Int. ii. 
417'^. I add. Kav ek TavTtjg eKdiui^ovaiv 
vfiai fivyere eic tijv irtpav L. sic 
Vulg. MS. (ap. Lucam Brugenscm.) 
a.b.ff'.g''''h. Arm. | add. lavdi iv r j/aXX p 
SiojKOVTiv vfiag (jtivytrt m; Ttjv aXXj/v 
D. I add. Kav EK TavrtjQ i^^iioKwmi' t'juac 
(jxvyiTt Eie Tijv aWtjv. 1. Orig. i. 295"=. 


" ex una deinde in duas urbes fugam 
suadet." Hil. 656". | sine addit. BCX. 
33. rel. Vulg. cf. Syrr.Pst.&Hcl. 
Memph. Goth. Mlh. Clem. 597 (hiat 

23. yap BsC. rel. Am. Fuld. Syrr.Pst.& 
Hcl. Goth. Orig. i. 295'=. | om. DM. 
Vulg. CI. a.b.c./.ff'.g^-'-h. Memph. ^th. 

— ov fii)'] praem. on C. 

— I(Tpai;X] f praem. tov ^. C. rel. Orig. 
i.295<=. I om. BD. 

— av CD. rel. Orig. i. 295'=. | om. BX. 

24. SiSatTKaXov'] add. avTov FM. Syrr. 
rst.&Hcl. Arm. MSS. ^th. 

— aiTov] om. a.b. Hil. 656'=. 

25. we 1<>.] ?Kai 1*. I oeK. 

— 6 ^ovXos] Tip oovXip L. Vulg.C/. l).f. 
ff'.g'. I Contra, Am. a.c.y^.h. Orig. iv. 
424''. II add. avrov A*. 

— TOV oiKod(C!7roTr)v CD. rel. 1 Tip oi/co- 
jE(r7rorj/B.2?c/j. (om.oiKo-K*.suprascr.) 

— BeeXSe/3ovX C. rel. a.f.ff'.g<.h. Syr.Hcl. 
(et mg. Graece) Goth. Arm. ^tli. \ 
B£ESE/3oiiX B. I BeX j£/3oi/X DLX. Memph. 
(ft). I Beelzebub Vulg. eg'. Syr.Pst. 

— fTTEKuXEffar BCXA. 33. EFGKMSV. 
1 ;|;£KaX£(Ta>' s. LlaTrEifaXEffav U. JEKa- 
XiiravTO L. | KaXovatv D. 

— Tons oiKiaKove B'i?c/i.CD. rel. ] t-ois 
oiKiaKotc W'Bch, 

26. KiKuXvp-pivov I KtKpVpptVOV X. 

— OV yvtt)(79}iiT£rat \ ovk aTroKaXvipOijaS' 
Tat E. 

27. Eie] Trpos M. 

— aKODfrE C/c»i. 348.802. Onjr. iii. 534''. 
£ms. in Ps. 330<=. 500''. ] ijKovaaTS 1. 

— Ktipv^aTe Clem. 348. 802. ] Ktjpvxdvt- 
Tai L. I Ki]pviTatTai (i. e. te) D. Orig. 
iii 534'!. Eus. in Ps. 330'=. 500''. 

— SuipaTuv'] add. itpwv 1. Memph. 

28. Kai /ill il>ol3tiu9c BCLXAEFG(K)M 
UV. Eus. Pr.E. 662<=. {ipo^riaet K). ', 
Xkul pr) ipoiSriOriTi <^. D. 1.33*. S«. 
Orig. i. 296»"=-l'- Eus. in Ps. 308"=. (vid. 
Luc. xii. 4). 

~ a-TTOKTtl'VOVTWV CDA. 1. U. I aTTO- 

KTcvoi'Tu>v LX. 33. EF(Wtst.)GKMSV. 
I +aTroKTiivovTuiv =r. Bs. Orig. i. 296"-'''''- 
Eus. Pr.E. 662'=. in Ps. 308'=. 

— airoKTuvai Orig. i. 296". Eus. in Ps. ] 
aipa^ai D*. ■ 

— 0o/3i/9?)r£ Si Orig. i. 296". ii. 533''. 
536"=. I (fio/3£iff9£ ^f C. I om. ttf L. 1. 

— Kai ^vxiv] om. Kai a.l).c.g'.hm. Syrr. 
Pst.&Hcl. Memph. Arm. JEth. Orig. 
i.296". OWjf. /«<.iii.876''. Terf. de Res. 
cam. 35. | Contra, Vulg. fffK Goth. 
Jms(. Ap.i. 19. /«n.210. Theod.912. 

22. usque in finem CI. | 23. om. cnira CI. | 
servo sieut CI. \ 20. est opcrlum CI. \ sciatur A m. 

X. 35. 


Sto^I^C] p H. f'TTare eV rw ({)coti, koI o els to ovs aKovere, Krjpv- 

Memph. fare eiTL tu)v Scauarcou. /cat ut? * (hoBelcrde diro 

[Goth. J Ann. ^th. ^^ . , , „ y „ v ^^.v , v v 

rwf * airoKTevvovTcov to aco/xa, ttjv oe YV)(rju jxi] 

Bwafxevoiv anoKTe'ivaL' (j)ol3rjdr]T€ 8e /xaWoi' tov 8v- 

vajxevov Kol "^v^^rjv kcu awjxa airoXecrai ev yeevvrj. 

' ov'^L 8vo (TTpovdia dcrcrapLOV TrcoXetTai ; kcu ev i^ 

avTwu oil 7r€(T€LTai cVt TT]!/ yrjv dvev tov iraTpos 

vfj-av '^ vp.cov 8e /cat al Tpi')(es ttJs K€(f)aXrjs irdcraL 

rjpidprjfxevai. elaiv. "* prj ovv * 0o/3eto"^e • rroXkmv 

aTpovOicov SiacbepeTe vaels 

t5)v dvOpwTTCDv, opoXoyrjoro) Kaya ev avTco kpirpocrOev 

TOV TraTpos pov TOV ev \_toi.s\ ovpavois. oaTis oe 

dpvrjO-qTal pe epTTpoaOeu Tav dvOpcoTTCOV, dpvrjO-opaL 

* Kaycd aiiTou" eprrpoaOev tov TraTpos pov tov ev 

|_rotfJ ovpavoLS. 

hi GT'^^-'Mt) vopiarfTe otl fjXdov fiaXelu elp-qvrju eVt 

iLu. 12:51—53. TTji/ yrjv oiiK rjXdou ^aXelv elprjVTjV, dXXa pa^aipav. 

"•Mic. 7:6. '^^ rjXOov yap ^L^daaL ^ diyBpioi:ov xaTo, Tov Tcarpog 

§ Syr.Crt. 

' 2 Tim. 2; 12. 

V, QQ *-^na? oyf octtis opLoXoyrjaeL ev epo\ epirp0(r9ev 

dicUeiulumine;et quod in aura 
auilitis, pracJicate super tecta. 
™ Et nolite tiniere eos qui oc- 
cidunt corpus, animam autem 
non possunt occidere: sed po- 
tius cum timete qui potest et 
animam et corpus perdere in 
gehennam. ^Nonne duo pas- 
seres asse veneunt? Et unus 
ex illis non cadet super terram 
sine patre vestro. ** Vestri au- 
tem et capilli capitis omnes 
numerati sunt. ^' Nolite ergo 
timere: multis passeribus me- 
liores estis vos. 

^^ Omnis ergo qui confitebitur 
me coram liominibus, confitebor 
et ego eum coram patre meo 
qui est in caclis. "<'*>'•* Qui 
autem negaverit me coram lio- 
minibus, negabo et ego eum 
coranx patre meo qui est in 

31 (85,5.) Nolite arbitrari quia 
venerira mittere pacem in ter- 
ram: non veni pacem mittere, 
sed gladium. ^* Veni enim se- 
parare hominem adversus pa- 

Orig. i. 297^ ii. SSSf. 536=. Orig. Int. iv. 
600'. Tert.c. Gnost.9. de Fuga 7. Cypr. 
(93.) 164. ic/.(243). 
2%.t^vxriv Kai B(sic)GDLX. 1.33. Orig. 
i.296». 297».ii.533f. |r/jv ^ivxnv rat ro 
A.( m.s<.)EFGKMSUV. (F nunc hiat.) 

— tv yitvvy Orig. i. 296". 297^ ii. 533'. 
On'jr. /n*. iii. 876=. Iiil.89^. | as ji(v- 
vav D. Latt. 

29. aaaap.l praem. tov D*. 

— wwXeirai Orig. i.296'^. ii. 722^ | Trui- 
Xovvrai D. 

— i-Tfi Trji' yt)v BCD. rel. Or/jr. iii. 344''. 
Iren. \S4. Ter^. de Monog. 9. deFuga3. 
deRcs.Car.35. C^pr.82.121. Hil.65T>. 
831». I om. L. Orig.n.722<' \ tig ti)v 
yi)v Orig. i. 296''. Orig. Int. iv. SOaJ. 
Tert. de ex. Cast. 1 . ] tTrt rije yi;f X. || nq 
(,T)iv) TT-ayiHa, [vid. Psal. cxxiii. (cxxiv.) 
7.] Or;'(/.i.263'!.794f. ii.823''.iv.356''. EK 
vayih Hom.Cl. 12.3 1 .(vid. et Am. iii. 5). 

— aviv~\ aAA. Trig jiovkrjQ a.b.c.f.ff'.g''^^h. 
Goth. Iren. 15*. Orig. (^1263'.) Orig. 
Int. iv. 503"'. Horn. CI. 12. 31. Tert. de 
Monog. 9. de Fuga 3. de Res. earn. 35. 
Cypr. 82. 121. Hil. 6571=. 831^ | Contra, 
Vulg. I. Syrr.Pst.&Hcl. Memph. Arm. 
iEth. Orig. Int.i. 142". Orig. i.79i^. iv. 

— ifiMV (om. Orig. i. 296''. 794'. ii. 823''.) 
I t'lftuiv V. I fiou Orig. ii. 722^ || .add. 

TOV tv ovpavoie b.{ff'.)g'-''-h. Memph. 
iEtli.a. 07-i'5.i.296''. ii. 722«. 823"'. Orig. 
Int. 1.142':. I Contra, Vulg. a.c/. rel. 
^th.ed. Iren. 154. Cypr.82.121. Hil. 
83 1>. 
30. vfiuiv ^e Am. f.g^. Syrr.Pst.&Hcl. 
Memph. Goth. Arm. ^th. Orijr.i.296''. 
Eus. in Ps. 204''. 357». | aWa D. a.b.c. 
ff\g\h. Hil. S3\\ 

— '■p'X'cJ ^p'X"'- ^' 

— Kf0aX(;g] add. viawv DL. a.b.c.g'.h. Syr. 
Pst. Memph. .a;th. Iren. 154. Hil. 831=' | 
Contra, Vulg. f.ff'.g'. Syr.Hcl. Goth. 
Arm. Orig.i.29&'>. Orig. Int. \i. 276'. 
Eus. in Ps. 204''. 357^ 

3l.<poliun0t BDL. 1. .33. Orig.i.296>'. \ 
j:0o/5»)9))r£ <^. CXM. rel. ||add. av- 
Tovg M. 

32. ovv Clem. 595. Ori'^r. i.296''. iii.534'=. | 
om. X. 

— 6/ioXoyj)cr£i Ofiff. i.296''. iii. 534'^.] -ffj/ 
EUV. Clem. 595. Orig. i. 280^ 399"^. 
iii. 719^ 

— ev avT(^ Clem. 595. Ortj.i.296''. 280=. 
399°. iii. 719". Orig. Int. Iv. 468"=. Tert. 
adv. Marc. iv. 28. c. Gnost. 9. | avrov 
DL(ante Kaym L). Latt. (hiat a. om. d). 
I om. IV G. 

— roif ovp. B.Btly.C. (33 ut vid. e spatio) 
KV. OWi/. iii. 7 19\ | '*om. toiq T. D. 
rel. Clem. 595. Orig. \. 280". 296\ 399". 


33. ver. 33 ante verr. 30-32 A. (sic script. 

— ee B.ficA.(C)L. (d' C). I t^- av ■^. D. 
rel. (hiat 33). Urig. i. 296K 298'^. 

— apvr]ar]Tm BsD. rel. Orig. i. 399'=. | 
airapvrint)Tai C. 1. On^. i. 296". 298''. 
(hiat 33.) | apvrjatTai L. 

— apvtjrro^ai Orig. iii. 543''. 1 apvr)ao> 
'L.\ a-rrapvriaoiiai 1. On^. i. 296''. 298''. 

— Kayw avTov B.Btly.DA. 1. 33. Vulg. 
a,b.c.f.ff'.gKh. (Syr.Crt.) Goth. Arm. 
OWj.i. 298''. iii. 543". Hil.985>>. \ Xav- 
Tov Kayu) '^. CLX. rel. Syrr.Pst.&Hcl. 
^th. Orig.i.296\ 

— Toigovp. BXV. (hiat 33). OWjr.i.298«. 

I *om. roif '^. CD. rel. Ori>. i.296". 

II add. et coram angelis ejus Syr.Crt. 
(vid. Luc. xii. 9). 

34. jujj vofii(7ijTe OTL tj\9ov'] non A'eni Syr. 

— I3a\uv 1".] PaWeiv K. (non 2°.) 

— ovK ti\9ov (iaXtiv eiprjvtjv'] om. Syr.Crt. 

— I^axaipav] divisionem cogitationum et 
gladium Syr.Crt. 

35. avdpurJTov^ viov D. b.c.ff^.g^.h.l. {a 
hiat) Syr.Crt. Hil. 659\ (vid. Mic. vii. 
6). I Contra, Vulg. /. rel. Iren. 325. 
Eus. in Ps. 193». Tert. c. Gnost. 10. 
(mox Bvyarepav L). 

28. timete eum CI. ( 29. veuiunt A7n. | 30. au- 
tem capUli CI. I 32. in caelis est CI. | 33. in cae- 
lis est CI. I 34. pacem venerim mittere CI. 



X. 36. 








:24, 26 





: 23. 24 













avrov, noA %<ya.rspa. xara XTjg f/^7jTpog avr^g, xai 
yv[/y4>7jv '/.ara. ttjs TcsvSspoig avT^g- '"'' xou £%^poi rov 
av^pco'Kov ol ol>ci(xxo] aJbrou. 

68 ^^ 'O (pikav Trarepa rj /x-qrepa virep ifie oiiK ecmu 
fiov a^ios, Kal 6 (j)i.Xaiv v'lov y dvyarepa virep e/xe ovk 
eariv p-ov agios' ^^^kol o? oi) Xap.^dvei tov crravpou 
aiiTov Koi cLKoXovOei oTrlaco fiov ovk ecmu /jlov ol^los. 

o evpcou TTju Yv^v avTov uTroAea-ei avT-qv /cat o 
aTToXecraf ttjv '^^v^rjv avrou ev€Kei> ep.ov evprjcreL avrrjv. 

69 *^ "'O 8e-)(^op.evos vfxds ip.e Be^eraL' /cat 6 e'/ze 
8e')(pp.evoi Se-^erat tov ^ dTroo-TelXavTci p.e. 6 Se^o- 
p.evos 7rpo(f)r)T7]v et? ovo/xa 7rpo(f)7]TOV p.La6ov Trpo(pr]Tov 
Xrjpy^eraL, koI 6 Se^oyLtevoy SiKaiov els oi'op.a StKaiov 
fiLaOov SiKalov X-qp^^dTaL- ^"kol o? ^ du 'Koriarj 
eva Twv piKpau tovtcov iroTripLOV i^d^/joG piovov els 
ovop.a p.a6r]Tov, dp.r]u Xeyco, ov pr] diroXearj tov 
pLLcrdov avTOu. 

trem suum, et filiani adversus 
matrem suam, et nurura adver- 
sus socrum suam, ^"et iuimici 
hominis domestici eius. 

37 C96, 5.) Qy j ajuat patrem aut 
matrem plus quam me non est 
me dignus, et qui amat lilium 
aut filiara super me non est me 
dignus ; '* et qui non accipit cru- 
cera suam etsequitur me non est 
me dignus. '"^"'^■> Qui invenit 
animam suam perdet illam, et 
qui perdiderit animam suam 
propter me inveniet eam. 

40(9s,i.) Qyj recipit vos me 
recipit, et qui me recipit reci- 
pit evim qui me misit. ■" ('V-) 
Qui recipit prophetam in no- 
mine prophetae mcrcedem pro- 
phetae accipiet, et qui recipit 
iustum in nomine iusti merce- 
dem iusti accipiet. « ('<"'■''■' Et 
quicumque potum dederit uni 
ex minimis istis caliceni aquae 
frigidae tantum in nomine dis- 
cipuli, amen dico vobis, non 
perdet mercedem suam. 



K' p/3 
P||Lu.7:i8-35. t 

70 ^ Kat iyeveTo ore eTeXeaev 6 'Irjcrovs BtaTaaacav 
Tols ScoSeKU p.adrjTaLS avTov, peTC^rj eKeWtv tov Sida- 
CTKeiv /cat KTjpvaaeiv ev tols iroXea-iv aiiTcov. 

^ P'O 8e 'laidvvrjs uKovaas iv Ta> SeapxoTTjpio) tu 

epya tov ^^piaTov, Trep-yJAas * 5ta tcov p.a6r)Ta>v avTov, 

elirev avTw, 2u et 6 ip')(op.€vos, »; eTepov irpocrBoKco- 

pevj /cat dcTroKpidels 6 'Irjaovs elrrev avTois, Ylopev- 

1(101,10.) j;t factum est cum 
consummasset lesus praecipiens 
duodecim discipulis suis, tran- 
siit inde ut doceret et prae- 
dicaret in civitatibus eorum. 

2 ( 10V-) loliannes autem cum 
audisset in vinculis opera 
Christi, mittens duos de dis- 
cipulis siiis, "ait illi, Tu es 
qui venturus es, an alium ex- 
pectamus? 'Et respondens 

37. Kat 6 (ptXiov. . . . fiov ajios] om. B*D. 
d. Sjr.Hcl.MS. (Cy/<r. 31 1, haec prae- 
termittit.) | Contra, B mg. a prima 
manu. C rel. Verss. Orig. i. 299^. Orig, 
Int. iii. 20". Eus. Theoph. 143, 144 di- 
serte e Matthaeo. Ci/pr. 242. 265. 

— I) 9vy.'] Kat Bvy. S. 

38. ver. om. M txt. sed additur ad imam 

39. Kat 6] 6 ^£ D. 

41. Kat 6 StX' ^tKawv.,.\ritpiTai^ om. D. | 
Contra, rel. 

42. av BD. 33. | ^tav <^. CPZ. rel. 

— 7ro7-((7y] -<nt Jj. 33*. 

— /tiKpwi'] €\ax'<JTu>v D. Latt. (a hiat.) 
Goth. I Contra, BCPZ. rel. 

— TTor/jpioj' add. i.c^a7-oe D. Latt. (ahiat.) 
Syr.Crt. Memph. Goth. Arm. iEth. 
Clem.9S3. Orig. iii. fj26K Orig. Int. ii. 
TS-i. Hit. 66l<. I Contra, MSS. Syrr. 

— Tpvxpov B«CUPL. rel. | \j/vxpovv ZX. 
33. M. 


42 /toi'oj'] om. D. Syr.Crt. Memph. Ci/pr. 
303. {^I'xpov ixovov'] ^vxpovjxtvov A* 
sine versione Latina). 

— /lovov iig ovofia itaBtjTovl om. E*. \\fia- 
dtiTovl meo b.ffKg^-^- | Contra, Vulg. 
c.d.f.h. {a hiat). 

— airoXiaij BsC. rel. | -an ZL. (hiat P). 

— a-KoXtay tov fiKrOov Ynig.f.ff^.g''. rel. 
1 rtTToXTjrat o fiiadoQ D. a.b.c.gKk. 
Memph. JEih. C>/pr. 303. 

1. frtXtffcv] (Tvv^TtXtffev M. 

— ffwt^EKa] om. 1. /. 

2. aKovaag'] post fpya M, 

— SirTfiojT.'] dia/ioT. LXE. 

— TOV XpiffTov BCPZ. rel. Latt. (liiat a) 
Syrr.Pst.&Hd.txt. Memph. Arm. | tov 
lri<^ov D. Syr.Crt..<Eth. | ejusSyr.Hcl.nig. 

— Sta BC*DPZA. 33. Syrr.Pst.&Hcl.txt. 
Goth. Arm. \*Svo'; C'L rel. Vulg.^''.^'. Memph. ^th. Orig. iii. 
(469'') vid. Luc. vii. 19. | neut. habent, sed 
" discipulos." a.b.c.f.h.h. Syr.Crt. Hit 

3 avT<f\ avTois 'M*.{b)\(om. a.ffKg'.h.) 

— (pxopivoQ'] epyalofitvos U*. 

4. Kat a7roKpi9tig~\ airoKpiBiig de D. a.b. 
c.ff'.gKh. I Contrii, Vulg././. [Arm.] 

-— Ituawy] Itjjavi'ti DA. 

— UKOviTe Kat )3\EX£rf] /3X. k. okov. L, 
Syr.Crt. Memph. Orig. iv. 110''. ] ndsTe 
K. tiKovaaTt Orig. iii. 5HK (e Luc.) 

5. 7-v^Xoi] praem. ecce enim. Syr.Crt. 

— Kat xoiXot TnpnraTovatvl om. D. 
II om. Kat Z(s!c)A. Vu\g. c.f^''.g^-\k. 
Memph. Arm. vEth. Orig. ii. 586"=. iv. 
llC. I Contra, BsCPrel. a.b. Syrr.Crt. 
Pst.&Hcl. Goth. 

— XiTrpot] praem. Kai Iv. Syrr.Crt.&Pst. 

— Kat Kw^oi] om. Kat Vulg. c.J'Jf'.g'^./i. 
Memph. JEth. Orig. iv. IIO"". | Contra, 
a.b.g'. Syrr.Crt.Pst.&IIcl. Goth. Arm. 

— Kai I'tKpoi B.Btli/.DPZhA. 1. a.b.g'. 
Syrr.Crt.&Pst.&Hcl. Goth. Arm.l(om. 

37. et matrem Am. 
i. om. lesuB Am.* 

XL 15. 


Vulg. a. b. c. 
Syrr. C. P. H. 


9. 7rpoipt)TJii'idi7v; 

t Mai. 3: 1. 


Mar. 1 : 2. 

Luc. 7:27. 




'Lu. i6;i6. 6 


devref aTrayyeiXare 'Icoavvr] a aKovere kcu /SAeVere* 
Tv(pXol dva/SXeirovo-iu, \_KaLJ ^coAol TrepnrarovaLV, 
Xeirpol KaOapi^ovrai, kou Koxjyol aKovovaiv, kcu" ueK- 
poL iyeipovrai., kou 7rTco)(^ol evayyeXi^oi/rar *' koj. /xa- 
KapLos ecTTiu Of * av fir) (TKaifBaXLaOrj iu ipoi- 

71 TovTcov Se TTopevofxeucov rjp^aTO 6 'Irjaovf 
Xeyeiu rolf o)(^Xoif 7rep\ Icoavvov, T/ ^ e^rjXdare ety 
Trju eprjixov OeaaaaOai ; KaXapou vtto avepov aaXev- 
op,evov ; ^ aXXa ri ^ e^-qXOare" ISeiv; avdpcoTrov ev 
fiaXaKoif ^ r]p.(f)ieap.evov ; l8ov ol ra paXaKo, (jyopovu- 
Tes ev Tols o'lkols rSiv l3acriXea)v elcriv ' dXXa tI 
* €^r]XdaT€ ISeiv ; 7rpo(f)r)Tr)i'; vol Xeyco vpilv, kou 
7re pLcraorepou TrpocprjTOv ovtos [yo-pj eariv Trepl 
ov yeypaTTTai, '^ 'iSov iyio iX'KO(TTS/\Xco rov ojyyii'.iv 
[/yov itpo '7cpo(rwTov (Tov, og xa,ra,(rx£va,(rei ttjv oSov (tov 
£y^7rpoiT$iy rrov. 'Ap,7]v ^ Xeyco vp.iu, ovk eyrjyepraL 
iv yevvi)To7s yvvaiKwu p-ei^wv '\ccdvvov tov ^airria- 
Tov' 8e puKpoTepof iv rrj ^acriXeLO. t(ov ovpavcov 
piei^cov avTov iariv. " ^ oltto Se tcov rjpepwv laidvvov 
TOV ^awTLCTTOv €&)? dpTL 7] ^aaiXeia twv ovpavcov 
fiid^ETai, Kcd jSiacrToi dpna^ovcriv avTrjv. "^ TrdvTes 
yap 01 7rpo(p7)Tai kou 6 vop.os ewy Icoavvov * iTrpo(f)rj- 
Tevcrav"- Kal el 6eXeT€ Se^aadai, avTOs iaTLv 
'HXias 6 p.eXXa)v €p)(^6(rdaL. ^ 6 expov wra [aKOueiv] 

lesus ait illis, Euntes renun- 
tiate lohanni quae audistis et 
vidistis : 'caeci vidcnt, claudi 
ambulant, leprosi mundantur, 
surdi audiunt, mortui resur- 
gunt, pauperes evangelizantur, 
* et beatus est qui non fuerit 
scandalizatus in me. 

'lllis autem abeuntibus coe- 
pit lesus dicere ad turbas dc 
lohanne, Quid existis in deser- 
tum viilere? hanindinem vento 
agitatam? ' Sed quid existis 
videre? hominem moUibus ve- 
stitum? Ecce qui mollibus ve- 
stiuntur in domibus rcgum sunt. 
'Sed quid existis videre? pro- 
phctam? Etiam dico vobis, et 
plusquain proplietam. '"Cio^,!.) 
Hie cnim est de quo scriptuni 
est, Ecce ego mitto angclum 
meum ante faciein tuam, qui 
praeparabit viam tuam ante te. 
11 cim.s.) Amen dico vobis, non 
surrexit inter natos mulieruni 
maior lohanne baptista ; qui 
autem minor est in regno cae- 
lorum maior est illo. i-t'os.s.) 
A diebus autem lohannis bap- 
tistae usque nunc regnum cae- 
lornm vim patitur, et violenti 
rapiunt illud. ''-o^^.^o-l Omnes 
enim ]>rophetae et lex usque ad 
lohannen prophetaverunt : '■" 
[et] si vultis recipere, ipse est 
Helias qui venturus est. " Qui 
liabet aures audiendi audiat. 

Orig. iv. 1 10''.) I *om. Kai ^. C. rel. Vulg. 
«•/#'•/•/'■ Memph. iEth. | Kai vmp 
lyiip, post tvayytXiZovrai. Syr.Crt. 
(_vtKpot avKXTavrai Clem. 151. Orig. 
ii. 586^) 

5. Kai ■KTuixoi] om. Kai Vulg. c.f.ff'. 
Memph. Orig. iv. 110''. | Contra, For. 
a.b.g'-n. Syrr. Crt. Pst. & Hcl. Goth. 
Ann. JEth. 

6. tnni' Clem. 151.] om. X. a.b. Hi!. 663". 

— ai' BD. 1. 33. I tiav <j. CPZ. rel. 
Clem. 151. 

7. <5i;\9«7-£ BCDZL. 33. G. | tltXri- 
XvOaTi AF. I JtSjjXOtrt '^. X. rel. 
(hiat P.) 

8. cKr]\9aTt BCDZLA. 33. | t JfX»)Xveare 
r. I t iKv'XdtTt S-- X. rel. (hiat P.) 

— fv] om. D*. Latt. 

— fiaXaKoiQ fadd. ifiaTLot^ ^. CP. rel. 
b.f.h. Syrr.Crt.&Pst.&Hcl. Memph. (et 
postea.) Goth. Arm. JEth. (et postca.) 
vid. Luc. vii. 25. 1 om. BDZ. Vulg. 
ac.ff'g''K/t. Hilr,G3'. 

8. Tjfi^iaafitvov D 

— ^Ojoouvrtc] ^opovmv E*. 

— jiaai\t(^v BiCDPZLA. 1. 33. MU. 1 
^aniXuav X.EFGKSV. 

— £i(Tii'] om. B. 

9. i^Xdari BCDZLA. 33. | diXriXv- 
eare F.ltfJ/A"'" S'. P. rel. Orig.iv. 

— ihiv 7rpo^r]Ttjv CDPL. rel. Vulg. a.b. 
c.(f.}ff'.g'.h.(k.) rel. Orig. iv. 117". Hil. 
664''. j Trpo<pt]Tiii' iSttv BZ. Orig. iii. 
472'. (" videre prophetam" conjunctim 
legunt fk. Memph.) 

10. yap CPLX. rel. Vulg. c.f.ffKg\h. 
Syn-.Pst.&Hcl. Memph. Goth. Arm.] 
om. BDZ. A.ji./(.(a.n.l.) Syr.Crt. .^th. 
Orig. iv. 119». (vid. Luc. vii. 27.) 

— tyo, BCP. rel. Orig. iv. 75=. 119'. 
i:»s.Ec.Pr.35.|om. Z. c.ff^.g^. Memph. 

— aTroffreWw] aTroffreXw X. 

— ufBsCDZ. rel. Vulg./^'.j'.A. Syrr. 
Crt.&Pst.(& Goth Arm. 
JElh. Orig. iv. 1 19'. Eus. Ec. Pr. 35. Tert. 

adv. Jud. 9. | icai P. a.b.c. Syr.Ilcl. 

11. y£i'j'i)7oic] '■<"£ yi^vv. TwvT)*. (iKyiiv- 
TjTotg yvv^Kiiitf sic L). 

— yvvaiKMi'^ add. propheta a.c.g'.h. (vid. 
Luc. vii. 28.) I Contra, Vulg. b.f.ffK 

— avTov tariv B«DZ. rel. b (/tajMr 
avrov....Z.) \ tariv avrov C. Vulg. 

12. ct\ om. D*. (?a.) Memph.|mox luiav- 
VOVQ 13*. 

— jiiaaTai] praem. o'l D. 

13. f!rpotj>r]Tiimav CDZ. I. 33. | Trpo^j;- 
Ttvaav. A, | X-Tj-poiipiiTivaav "S". B* ? 

14. HXuae D. 

15. oKovuv CZ.rel. vv. Just.Tr.51. Hipp. 
Philos. viii. 10(266). Orig. iv. 91''. 
Onjf. /h(. iii.442. 572'-. iv. 630'. | om. 
B.Bt!g.Blc.T). k. 

om.leswAm.* \ 10. est enim «. | 14. on:, et^ra. 



XL 16. 

BCD (Z). p? 

1. 33. 


rrn 16 T" sv « ' ^ ^ ' ' ' 

iZ iLVL oe 0/j.oicocrco Tqv yeveav TavTrjv ; o/xoia 
lariv ^ Traihiois' ^Kadrjfxevois iv rals ayopais *a 
wvovvra tols * erepoif ' ' AeyovaLV, nv- 
\r]cra/jLeu vfuv kou ovk wp^rjaaade, iOprjvrjcrapei' * Koi 
ovK eKO'^aaOe. fjXdev yap 'IwdvvTjs p-rjTi. icrOicov 
fi-^re TTivcov, ^ kcll XiyovaLV, AaLp.6i>ioi> ('x^i. ^^ fjXOev 
o v'los rod avOpcoTTOv kaOiaiv kou tt'lvcov, kou XeyovaLv, 
\8ov avOpwKos (j)ayo9 kou oluoTTorrjf, reXcovav (f)iXof 
Kai afiaprcoXaiu. kol eSiKaicodr) tj (ro({)La airo tcov 
" kpycdv avTTJf. 

73 "^ Tore rjp^aTO oueiSl^eiv ray TroXeis iv ah 
La. 10:13— 15. lyevovTO al TrXeLo-Tai Svvdpeis avrov, on ov fierevor]- 
crav. Ovai aoi * ^opa^elv^' ovai croi * BrjOcraiSa, on 
ei ev Tvpco koH ^iSaii'i iyevovro al Swapeiy al yevo- 
fievai iu, TraXai av ev craKKCO Kal arroSca p.€T€- 
voTjaav. ^ irXrjv Xeyco, Tvpm Kal "EiScovL dve- 
KTorepov ecrrai ev rjp.€pa Kpiaetos rj vpuv. Kai av 

* i\.a(papvaovp., * p.r) ecoy ^ ovpavov * vYCoarja-r] ; ecof 

^, aSov * KaTa^-i]ar)," on el ev "EoSopoif * eyevrjdrjaav" al 


19. TeKvu)v avTijg 


vvap.eLS ai yevop.evai ev aoi, * ep.eivev av p-e^L TrjS 

16 (107,6.) c; aiitem similem 
aestiraabo gencrationem istam? 
Similis est piieris sedeiitibus in 
foro, qui clamantes coaeqiiali- 
bus " dicunt, Cecinimiis vobis 
et non saltastis, lament.ivimus 
et non planxistis. "Venitcnim 
loliannes neque manducans iie- 
qiie bil)ens, et dicunt, Dacmo- 
nium habet. " Venit filius 
hominis manducans et bibcns, 
ct dicunt, Ecce homo vorax et 
potator villi, publicanorum et 
peccatoi'iim amicus. Et ius- 
tificata est sapicntiaafiliis suis. 

20(ios,5.)Xunc coepit expro- 
brare civitatibus in quibus fac- 
tae sunt plurimae virtutes eius, 
quia non egissent paenitentiara. 
^' Vae tibi Chorazain, vae tibi 
Bethsaida, quia si in Tyro et 
Sidone factae essent virtutes 
quae factae sunt in vobis, olim 
in cilicioet cinerepaenitentiam 
egissent. ^^ Verumtamen dice 
vobis. Tyro et Sidoni remissius 
erit in die iudicii quara vobis. 
^Et tu Capharnaum, numquid 
usque in caelum exaltalieris ? 
Usque in infernum descendes, 
(109,10.) q^ia si in Sodomis factae 
fuissent virtutes quae factae sunt 
in te, forte mansissent usque in 

16. Traifioif] BCBZLXA. 1. 33. EFGK 
MSUV. I tTraic'npioie S- 

— Ka9i]fiivoie ev rate ayopaig BZ. Syr. 
Hcl. Memph. (Gotli.) 1 KaOrii^tvote tv 
ayopaiQ CLdM. | h-aOtJUtvois iv ry 
ayopf D. Vulg, a.b.c.Cf).Jf\g'-''.h.l 
Syrr.Crt.&Psti Arm. JEth. Hil. 66.5». 
1 KaOfZoixevQig tr raic ayopaig 33. | ev 
ayop^ KaQijperotQ ev rait; ayopatg 1. | 
{ev ayopaii; KaGiifitvotg f^. X. rel. 
Clem. 105 (vid.) 

— a Trpo„.'RBtly.Blc.CDZ.l.Yu\s.ff\cf'.l Memph. (Arm.) iEth. | 
J Kai irpoa. s". LX. rel. Syrr. 
Crt.Pst.&Hd.(txt.) (hiat Goth.) Hil. 

— irpoa^wvovvra BDZ. 1. | jTrpoir^dJ- 
vouffi S". CLX. rel. 

— irepotg B.Bch.Blc.CT>Zl,XA. 1. 33. 
EFKM. ,l.g\k. Goth. I tiraipoie T. 
GSsUVs. Syrr. Crt. Pst. & Hcl. Arm. 
.^th. Ilfadd. avTiov >;. C. rel. Syrr. 
Crt.Pst.&Hcl. Ann. yEth. | om. BDZ 
(e spatio) I. Latt. Memph. Goth, (ad 
invicem b.c.g'.h. Hil. 665'. ad alteru- 
trumy^ inricem a. coacqualibus. Vulg. 
ff'. aequalibus /. se invicem. Memph.) 

17. Xiyovatv'] f praem. Km '^. C. rel. 
a.{g'.h.) Syrr. Crt. & Pst. & Hcl. (hiat 


1 om. BDZ (e spatio) 
Memph. (dicentes 

Goth.) aem. 105. 
1. Vulg. d.ff'.l. 
b.{c.)f. iEth.) 

17. «9p7j)'))ffa/n6i'] +add. I'l^tj' =:. C. rel. 
a.b.h. Syrr.Cit.&Pst.&Hcl. Aim. iEth. 
jom.BDZ. 1. Vulg.c/^'.y'-'/. Memph. 
Goth. Cfc??!. 105. 

18. yap'] om. Ami. | jrpof I'ipaf L. liaec 
add. Syrr.Crt.&Hcl. 

19. Kai \tyQV(jiv~\ cm. 1. 

T£\ltiVlt)V (pl\og\ ^l\0QTe\0JJ^WvJj,C.J]k. 

Clem. 535. 

— Kat f^iK. ad fin.] om. b. 

— (pyiov'Q*.Bch. Codd. ap. Hieron. (vid. 
infra). Schol. Gr. SyiT. Pst. & Hcl. (txt.) 
Memph. Arm., MSS. .Sth. " In quibus- 
dam Evangeliis Icgitur, Justificata est 
sapientia ab operibus suis. Sapientia 
quippe non quaerit vocis testimonium, 
sed operum." Hier. in loc. (vii. 72). | Xtlk- 
voiv S". B^mg.CD. rel. Vulg. a.c.f.ff'. 
g'-Mi.l. Syrr.Crt.(& Goth. Ai-m. 
ed. Orig. iv. 48''. (sed fortassc e Luca). 
Hil. 665"". (vid. Lue.) (post epyb>v add. 
Krtt a-rro riov reKvujv avT7iQ iEth. a.) 

20. ijpXaTo] add o HjaoiifCLK. 1. g' (ap. 
Blanch, sed om. Sabat.) A. Syrr.Crt.Pst. 
&Hcl. JElh. I Contra, BD. rel. Latt. 
cxc. ji'./i. Memph. Goth. Arm. 

20. cyeroiTo] yeyovHirav D. 

— ai] a D*. 

— avTovl om. D.,9'. Syr.Crt. 

— sub fin.] add. et dixit Syrr.Crt.&Pst. 

21. .Xopajfu' CAEFGKMSV. 33. 1 {Xo- 
pa'iii' Bs. 1. U. rel. Memph. | Xwpa- 
liiv X. I S.i.ipativ Oriy. a. 119=. 1 
Xopojatv D. I Chorazain Vulg. (o.A.c.) 

f.(ff'.g\)h. Hil. see'-. (Chorazan /;). 1 
Xopai^^7j L. 

— ovai ffoi 2° Vulg. y. On'jr. ii. 119''. ] 
Kai D. a.b.c.ff'.g'.h. Hil. 666". 

— B,,9aaiSa C(D)L. 1. 33. V. (Latt.) 
Memph. Arm. ^tli. (Bfeffatifa D.) 
Onfl. ii. 119^ I XBiiBaaiSav ■^. Bs. 

— tyfi'OiTo] iyeyovftirai' D. | eyti'iiOij- 
aav 33. 

— (T7ro^((j] add. KaOiipum C. 33. U. Syr. 
Hcl. OWjj.ii.li9f. Orig. Iiil. is:'. (\iii. 
Luc. X. 13). I add. Kadnjitvai A. 1. | 
Contra, rel. 

23. Kaipapi'aoi'ii BD. 33. Latt. Memph. | 
J KaTrepi'aoii/i <s*. C rel. 

— fiti B.A'c/i.CD.12, Vulg. a.b.c.ff'. Syr.Crt. 

2:1. liauc diem Cf. 

XII. 1. 


Vnlsr. a.b.c. ' 24\^tx' «-</ ~^>!'' ' 

Syrr. c. P. H. (rrj/xepou. TTArju Aeyco vfuv OTi yrj Zooo/xcou ave- 

KTorepou earai ev rjixepa Kpiaecof 7] aroL. 

Iiunc diem. '* Verumtamen dico 
vobis, quia teiTae Sodoraorum 

20(110,4.) i„ i])o tempore re- 
spondens lesus di.xit, Confiteor 
tibi paler, domine caeli et terrae, 
quia aljseondisti liaec a sapien- 
tibus et prudentibus, et revelasti 
ea parvulis. '* Ita pater, quo- 
niam sic fuit placitum ante te. 
27 (111, 3.) Omnia mihi tradita sunt 

irdvTa UOl TrapeSodri VTTO TOV iraTpOS UOV, /cat a patremeo,' "=.=■> et nemo novit 
' ' ' nlium nisi pater, neque patrem 

quis novit nisi tiling et cui vo- 
luerit filius revclare. 


(Goth.) Arm. iEth^ 7J. t'5 u>p • ' - - ■ /) - f ' 'T 

"IlLu. 10:21 22.' f'Trej', 'E^o/j.o\oyovfJLaL croi, irarep Kvpie rod ovpavov 
t Goth. Kcu Trjf yrjf, OTL * eKpvxj/as" ravra airo (rocfymv kol 
avvercou, kou aireKaXv^as avra vrjirlois. ~^ veil 
Trarrjp, ore ovrcof lyevero (vSoKia efJurrpoaOev aov 

pia 27 

-—5 ov8eLs einyLVOicrK€i tov v'lov et /u?; 6 Trarrjp, ovSe rou 
y Trarepa rif tTnyLvwaKei el /xrj 6 v'los kol co eav fiov- 

XrjTai o v'i09 a7roKa\v\j/ai. 

piy yg . Afure irpos p-e iravres ol KOiricovTes koI 7re- 
(l)opTL<rpevOL, Kayco avaTravcra) " apare tov 
Qjyov pov i(f), kcu paOere aiv €p.ov, on ^ irpavs 
€ip.c KOL TaireLvos rrj KapSia, kol evprja-ere avairavaiv 
raty \j/v)(^aLf vp-cov. o yap (^vyos p^ov ^prjcrTOf Kai to 
(fiopTLOv p-ov i\a(j)pov eaTiu. 

58 (113, 10.) Venite ad me omnes 
qui laboratis et onerati estis, et 
ego reficiam vos. ^ Tollite 
iugum meum super vos, et dis- 
cite a me, quia mitis sum et 
humilis corde, et invenietis re- 
quiem animabus vestris. ^^ Iu- 
gum enim meum suave est, et 
onus meum leve est. 

XII. pi-S 
'IIMar .2:23-28. /3 
II Lu- 6:1-5. 

"ii F 

76 ^'Ei^ eKetva) tco Kaipca eiropevOr)*^ 6 'lyaov^ ' f'"'^' In iilo tempore .aWit 

'nrt IS \ " '' / •^^ /i v' lesus sabbato per sata: discipuli 

TOLf aappacriu oia tcov (nropipcou- ol oe p.adrjTaL av- 

Memph. Arm. JEth. Codices apudHier. 
in he. Iren. 278. | t ij T- LXA. 1*. 
33. EFGKMSUV. {f, F apud Hering- 
am). /.g'.h. Syrr.Pst.&Hcl. Codex 
uinis apud Hier. hiat Goth, (^). 

23. oupai'oii] tpi'aem. rou 9-. C. l.rel.j 
om. BBch.TlA. 

— v4'ujeri,T^'BCD(l.).l.Vvlg.a.b.c.ff'.g'-^-l. 
Syr.Crt. Memph. Arm. ^th. Iren. 278. 
(i'>i//iu9))!76i L.) I ir^ioOiic E(corr.*)FG 
SUV. /.//. Syrr.Pst.&Hcl. | + i^^ojQuaa 
^. XA. 33. E*KM. 

— swc 20. Yv.\g.f.ff\gKh. I ,, iwe D*. I 
aut usque a.b.d. et usque g^. (etsiexal- 
tata fueris usque, c.) | ?) iuig L. 

— KaTalSijtry BD. Latt. Goth. .Sith. | 
tKaTaliil3aa9,i(Ty s"- C'L(-<rti)X. rcl. 
SyiT.Crt.Pst.&Hel. Memph. Arm. (vid. 
Liic. X. 15). 

— £^] om. U. 

— iy€vtjeri(Tav] BCD. 1. | ^eyifoi/ro 
T. L. rel. 

— yevofisvai ev trot CD. rel. Vcrss. Iren. 
278. I (V mi ytv. B.Bch. 

— tftuviv BC. 1. 33. I ifiuvov LXA. | 
ijiivov M. I iefieivav <^. D. rel. 

24. i//!itv] om. Syr.Crt. | tibi Syrr.Pst.& 

24. otl] om. 33. 

— r')] yis D. 

— »;] riv T)*. (et ver. 22). 

— (Tui] I'/jeir D. a.b.c.ff'.g'.h. Iren.278.\ 
Contra, Vulg././. 

25. iKpv4>ag BBtly.Blc.B. Hom.Cl.8.6.\ 
XaTnK:pv\pag ^. C. rel. OWj.. iii. 757". 
Eus. in Ps. 39«. (sed qu. Luc. x. 21). 

— ravra] avra L. 

— Kat <TvviTiov'\ Kat SvvaTuJV \txt. 

— aTTtKaXv^tQ D. 

26. tytviTO tvSoKia CDL.rel. Vulg. a.i.c. 
gKh.(f.ff'.y\.\.) SyiT.Crt.Pst.&Hcl. Arm. 
JEth. Orig. iii. 757^ (ut vid.) | tvlSoicia 
tytvtTo B. 1.33. k. Memph. /ren. 93. 
(vid. Luc. X. 21). 

27. tTriyij'wCTicd 1°. £i«. c. Mel. 6\ 88''. ] 
yivuiaKii C. .7i/s(. Tr.lOO. (£!is.c. Mel. 
88''. in exempl. nonnullis). 

— ETTiyti/ojo-KEi 2°. C/em. 939. JS«s.c. Mel. 
6». 76". I om. Syr.Crt. Just. Tr. 100. 
(Scriptores ecclesiastici saepe hunc ver- 
siculura proferunt, legentes tamen de 
suo, ut videtur, sive in uno sive in utro- 
que loco iyvu. e. g. Just. A\m\.i 63. 
C/fni.10.425. Or(jr.i.643«.(Ed. Rueanae, 
contra Spencer.) 726". ii. SS?"". iv. 284''. 
(bis) 4501=. Syn.^H(.(Routh iii.290). Eus. 
D.E. 149". 21 6''. c. Mel. 72":. Ec. Pr. 42. 

27. if tav Clem. 866. \ i^ av l>. 33. Clem. 
10. 109. 425. 697. Orig. i. 643=. 726«. 
iv. 45''. 450«. 

— (3ov\ijrai 6 viog a;roicaXii-.//at] 6 v'log 
airoi:aXv\j/y Just. Tr. 100. Apol. i. 63. 
Iren. 93. 122. 234. Tert. adv. Marc, 
iv. 25. Clem. 10. 109. 697. 866. 939. 
Orig. quater. \ Contra, Iren. 233. Hil. 

— (SoiiXijTai] [iovXsTat L. | fiovXijOij 

28. TTfipopritjutvoi'} add. etrrai (i.e. -r() 
D*. estis Latt. Iren. 92. Cypr. 279. 329. 
Hil. 37'. 324'>. 332". 

29. ?rpaus BC*D. Clem. 93. Orij(. iii. 199''. 
724''. I Jirpaof 'H'- C^L rel. Orig.i. 
391». 641''. ii. 519». iii. 662". iv. 410''. 
Eus. in Ps. 93'=. 248''. 350». 384". 
5506. (hiat 33). 

ll^idv'] llfliov L. 

— XP^f^rog"] ;^pt(rTO(: LEK. 
1. iTTopevOti'] -ero U. 

— rote !ro/3/i.] om. rotg D*. 

— aajijiaaiv CDL. rel. | aapfiaroig B. 
(hiat 33). 

30. om. est 2°. CI. 

1. per sata sabbato CI. 



XII. 2. 

Lrx]A. '^^^ eTreivaaav, Koi rjp^avro riXXeiv crraxva? kcu 

1.33. IctOUlv. ' 01 Se ^apiaraloL l8ovT€f ^ elTrau avTco, ISov 

EGKMSUVm. , -, , ^ , ,v . v^ " ' o 

OL fxaUriTaL aov TroLovaLV o ovk e^eariv TroteLv ev aap- 

^OLTO). ^ 6 8e elirev avT0L9, OiiK dveyvcore ri iiroirjaev 

" 1 Sani.2i:6. ^ * Aauf/S,' ore eireivaa-ev'' , kou ol fjLer afirov; ttw? 

elarjXOev ei9 tov o'lkov tov 9eov, koll tovs aprovs rrjf 

7rpodeaeco9 ((payeu, * o' ovk i^ou rjv avrw (^jayelv, 

ov8e TOis p-er avTov, el p.rj tois lepevcriv p,ovoLs; rj 

''" oiiK dueyucore iv rm vop.cp on T0I9 (Ta/3l3aaiu ol tepety 

€u Tco lepco TO aajB^arov ^e^rjXovaiv, kou dvalriol 

elaiv; '' Xeyco 8e vp.iv otl tov lepov * p.ei^ou io-Ttv 

' Hos. 6:6. caSe. ^ el 8e eyvcoKeiTe t'l ecrTtv, ^ *"EAeoj" hsXco xou ov 

diifTLav, OVK dv KaTeSiKaaaTe tovs dvaiTiov?. Kvpios 

yap eaTLV * tov cra^jSaTOv 6 vlof tov dvOpcoirov. 

77 ^ ^^Kal p.eTa^ds eKeWev ijXOev els Trjv avva- 

ycoy-qv avTCOu. Kai loov, avUpcoiros X^'-P^ e^cov 

^pav Kal eTrrjpcoTrjaau avTou XeyovTes, Ei e^eaTLv 

TOiy cra^lSaaiu OepaireveLv; iva KaTrjyop-i^acdaLV avTov. 

6 8e elirev avTols, TiV* i^ vp,a)v dvOpanros, os e^ei 

TrpoffuTOv ev, Koi edv ep-Tvea-rj tovto tois aa^^aaiv 

KA 01 

§X /3 

y II Mar. 3:1—6. 
Lu. 6:6—11. 

autem eius esurientes coeperunt 
vellere spicas et manducare. 
' Pharisaei autem ridentes dix- 
erunt ei, Ecce discipuli tui 
fat'iunt quod non licet eis fa- 
cere sabbatis. 'At ille dixit 
eis, Non legistis quid fecerit 
David, quaiido esuriit, et qui 
cum eo erant? 'quomodo in- 
travit in domum dei, et panes 
propositioris comedit, quos non 
licebat ei edere, ne^iue his qui 
cum eo erant, nisi solis sacer- 
dotibus? =<"=.'»■' Aut non le- 
gistis in lege, quia sabbatis sa- 
cerdotes in temple sabbatum 
violant, et sine criminc sunt ? 
^Dico autem vobis quia templo 
maior est hie. ' Si autem scire- 
tis quid est, Misericordiam volo 
et non sacriticiura, numquam 
condemnassetis innocentes. 
'Dorainus est enim filius ho- 
minis etiam sabbati. 

9("V-)Et cum inde trans- 
isset, venit in synagogam eo- 
rum. '"Etccce homo manum 
habens aridam : et interroga- 
bant eum dicentes. Si licet sab- 
batis curare? utaccusarent eum. 
" Ipse autem dixit illis, Quis 
erit ex vobis homo, qui habeat 
ovem unam, et si ceciderit haec 

1. UTaxuao] praem. tovq DU. | add. 
confricantes manibus suis. (e). Syr.Crt. 
(rtWcir] post araxvaQ D). 

2. liovriq] add. avTovg CDLzi. 33. 
ai\u\.)b.c.ff'.g\h. Syrr.Crt.&Pst. | om. 
B«X. 1 rel. Vulg./. Syr.Hcl. rel. 

— imav BC. 33. | Xinrov 'S. D. rel. 

— iJou] cur, Syr.Crt. 

— iv (Ta/3/3ar^j] om. Syi-.Crt. (ff\) 

3. iTTiivaaiv'] fadd. avroQ 9-. L. a.h.c.f. 
ff'.;/'.h. Arm. | om. BCD. 

A. 1. EF(Wtst.)GKMSUV. (hiat 33.) 
Vulg.?. SyiT.Crt Pst.&Hcl.(txt.)Memph. 
^th. Eus. in Ps. 130''. 
4. TTpoirOttTewg D. Trpoffewc C {sic}. 

— t^aytvCD. rel. vv. Eus. inPs. 130"^. | 
€(j>ayov B. 

— o B.Btly.Blc. D. b.k. Harl.* (Sc V.)| 
toi's S". C. rel. (Latt.) Eus. Oriy. iii. 
435». ? (e Mar. et Luc.) 

— iKov 7]v BsL. rel. Eus. | r/v liov D. | 
tjfffriv C. 33. 

— fi /!>/] aW 1) 1. 

— ^ovotg I fiovov La. I om. 1. a. 

5 on] add. tv CD. | Contra, BL. rel. 

— /34/3?)Xo(;(rij/] -\uiaiv A. 

6. Si BC. rel. | yap D. Syr.Crt. 

— tiiiKov BD. 1. 33. EGKMSUV. ffK 
Memph. I + fit I Ju)i' ^. CLA. rel. Vulg. 


7. iKiog CD. 1.33. Orig.ii. SeS^.^iXeov 
<B:. BsL. rel. Orig. iii. 289». 

— 01'] oi'xt A. 

8. cartvl f add. koi S". Vulg./. Syr.Hcl. 
(6 viog TOV av9p. Kai tov caft^i. 1. 33. 
Vulg.) I om. BCDLAEGKMSUV. a.b. 
cffi-^y-' h. Syrr.Crt.&Pst. Memph. 
Arm. iEth. Orig. iii. 643". Tert. de car. 
Chr. 15. 

9. iku6ev~] add. o I))(toii£ CEG. c.g^.h. 
Syi-.Pst. Arm. (./Eth.) 

10. avQputTTog'\ t add. iiv rriv "^ , X. rel. b.c. 
f. I om. BC Vulg. k.l. Syr.Crt. Memph. 
.Sth. ijadd. tjv tKti Ti]v DLA. 1.33. 
M. a.f.(ff^)y.h. Syrr.Pst.&Hcl. Arm. 
1 7]v EKfi av9pu)7roQ Ttjv E. I tjv ai'Op. 


— X^P"} -p«" ^- 

— fX'^''] 'i'*'!- dextram. Syr.Crt. 

— Kapav (sic) 1. 

— avTov'l avTov X. 

— Oepairtvsiv'] Qipairtvaai DL. 

— KaTj]yopT)t7io(jiv'] -rrovijiv DX. 

11. rif] ri D*. II + add. iarm T. BsC^rel. 
Vulg. eg''. Syr.Hcl. (Arm.) | add. la- 
Tiv D. 33./. Arm.MSS. | om.C*LX. 
b.ff'.gKh. (a hiat) Syrr. Crt. & Pst. 
Memph. JEth. 

— f^ i'juoi''] tv i'fieiv D. 

11, avBpoiTTogJ om. L. a.b. 

— tiei c. I EX" D b.c.f.g\ (n.l. Vulg. 
ff'-'-g-.h. [hiat a] Syrr. Jlemph. Arm.) 

— tV] om. Syr.Crt. ff'-g^- \ ante irpojia- 

— tav"] om. D. b. I av L. 

— TOVTO Vulg. b.g'. Syr.Hcl. | om. D. 
a.c.f.ffKg\h. Syrr.Crt.&Pst. 

— TOV l3o9vvov L. 

KpaT1]U€l^ KpaTU D. 

— avTo~\ om. U. 

— eytpH BsX. 1. .33. rel. Latt. Memph. 
Mib. I lyupu CDLG. SyiT.Crt.Pst.&Hcl. 

12. Trofff/j] TTtog L. I TTOll^ S. 

— ovv~\ add. fxaWov 33. 

— 7rpo/3a7-oi'] praem. tov D*. (non M.) 

— era/3/3aan' CD. rel. | ffa/S/ioroif B. 
\Z. aov T>]v xitpa BL. 1.33. | Jviji' x«ipa 

aov <^. CD. rel. (vid. Luc. vi. 10.) 

— i^iTHvi] add. manum suam a.b.c.g'.h. 
Syn-.Crt.&Pst.&Hcl.* | Contra, MSS. 
Yu]g.f,ff'. Memph. Arm. ^th. 

— aveKaTeaTaQ,, BCLXA..33. EF(Wtst.) 
GMSV. I aTTtKarcnTr] U. | JaTroKartff- 
TctOrj ^. DK. I a7roKare<rr;; 1. 

— uyiJjf] om. a.b.c.ff'.gKh.l. Syrr.Crt.& 
Pst. Hil. 669". (vid. Codd. in Mar. et 

2. om. eis CI. I 8. enim est CI. 

Valg. a. h. c. 

Syrr. C. P. H. 


Arm. SXh. 


eh fiodvvov, ov)(l KparrjcreL avTO koI eye pel ; ' irocrca 
ovv Siacpepei ai/dpco7ro9 Trpofidrov ; coare e^eariv tols 
aa^^ao-Lv KaXds Trotelv. ' rare XeyeL tco avOpcoirca, 
"FiKTeivov * aov ttjv yelpa" kcu e^ereivev, kou aireKaT- 
earaor) vynjs coy 7] aAAr]. 

''f 78 ^^^'EfeA^ofre? 8e ol (bapicroLO!. crv/xl^ovXiou 
eka^ov Kar avTov," oircos avTov aTToXeacoaLv. ' 6 8e 

'",'' 'L/crot}? yvovs ave)(a)pr](rei' eKeWev, kol rjKoXovdrjcrav 
avra [o'xAoi]] ttoAAo/, /cat eOepa-Trevaev avTovs ixav- 
Ta9, ^^ Koi eireTip-iiaev avTois tva py] (jyauepov avrop 
iroLr^a-coaiv ^' ^Iva" 7rXi]pa6fj to prjOev Sia HaaLou 
»Es. 42:1— 4. Tov irpo^-qTov XeyovT09, '^^^'\8qv q itaJig f/^ov ov Tjps- 
Ti(Ta, 6 a/yaTCTjTcg f^ov ^h (o" ^TjiiSoy.TjTSv" ij "^v^tj [x,ov 
§ r ^ B'/jT(o TO 'Kvevfj.d, f^ov kit omtov, -/.oa xpl<riv Toig s6vs- 

(Ttv 6i,'7roi/yjs)^£? ^^ ovx ipiTsi ovSl xpauydasi, ov6s 
dxovTsi Tig h rtug xXocTf/a/? tt/v (^(jovtjV clvtov. 
^° xaKay^oy (TVVTSTptft^Uyivov ov xarea^s/, xcu Xivov 
Tv^oy^svov ov (T^iosi, scog oiv ix^d'Ajj slg vixog ttjv 

xpiTiv. "^ xou * T(d 6v6u,ari (tJvTOV kdvT] iXlt tOVT IV . 

P^ 79 ^^ *Tore irpocrrivexdr] avTW 8aip.ovL^6p.evos Tv(f)- 

• II Mar. 3 : 20 — 30. 
II Lit. 11:14—23. 

22. Tore TrpotjijviyKav avn^ Saifiovii^ofievov Tv(p\bv Kai KijxpoV 

sabbatis in foveam, nonne tene- 
bit et levabit earn? '"Quanto 
magis melior est homo ove: 
itaque licet sabbatis bene fa- 
cere. ' Tunc ait homini, Ex- 
tende manuni tuam. Et ex- 
tendit, et restituta est sanitati 
sicut altera. 

n(in,<.)Exeiintesautem Pha- 
risaei consilium faciebant ad- 
versus eum, quomodo eum per- 
derent. '^ ('">''■' lesiis autem 
sciens sccessit inde, et secuti 
sunt eum multi, et curavit eos 
omnes, "^ et praecepit eis ne 
manifestum eum facerent; ''ut 
adimplcretur quod dictum est 
per Esaiam prophetam dicen- 
tera, "Ecce puer meus quern 
elegi, dilectus meus in quo bene 
placuit animae meae : ponam 
spiritum meum super eum, et 
iudicium gentibus nuntiabit. 
" Non contendet nequc clama- 
bit, neque audiet aliquis in 
plateis vocem eius; ** harundi- 
nem quassatam non cont'ringet, 
et linum fumigans non extiu- 
guet, donee eiciat ad victoriam 
iudicium: ^' et in nomine eius 
gentes sperabunt. 

52 (119,5.) Tunc oblatus est ei 
daemonium habens caecus et 

Luc.) I Contra, Vulg. /. SjT.Hcl. 
Memph. Arm. .ffith. 

14. e^tXBovTig St oi ^apiaawi avjifiov- 
Xwv fXa/Jov kut' avrov BC.1.33. Vulg. 
c. Mempli. ^th. Eus. D.E. 452*'. (om. 
h) (Ec.Pr. 201). (sic sed, rai eKe\e. oi 
fap. D. a.b.(f.)(ff'.)yK(h.) Syrr.(Crt.) 
&Pst.) j oi ^£ ipap. t^tXQ. GVji^. eiroLi]- 
aav Kar' avrov L. Ami. | J oi ^f <papi- 
ffaioi (7Vfil3ov\tov tXajiov Kar' avrov 
t^eXOovrtg s. X. rel. Syr.HcL || om. 
i^iX9ovreg A. 

15, yvovg"] om. X. 

— o^Xoi CD. rel.y; vv. rel. Orig.i'n. 
480''. Eus. D.E. 452=. Hi!. 669'^. | om. 
'B.Btly.Bk. Vulg. a.b.c.ff'. Mth. Eus. 
Ec. Pr. 201. 

— TToXXot] ante oxXoi X. 

15. 16. Travrag, Kai Eus. D.E. 452^ Ec. 
Pr. 201. I Travrag 5e ovg tQtpamvGtv 
D. 1. a.h.c.ff^. (oni. Kai eOepaTr. avr. 

16. eTreriptjaev Eus. Ec. Pr. 201. ] tin- 
rrXtjliv D. Eus. D.E. 452"^. (ed.) | tvi- 
TrXritraiv 1. (^Eus. D.E. MS.) 

— avroig'] avrovg AU* (corr.') 

— TTODjawtTij' Eus. D.E. 452":. Ec. Pr. 
201. I iroiuCTM' D^ 

17. 'iva BCD. 1. 33. Oriy. iv. 25'>. Eus. 

D.E. 452^ Ec. Pr. '"^"C '^- ^S' 

17. Sia'] VTTO C. 

— rov'] om. A. 

18. o 1°] om. A. 

— itg ov I'lpfr. D. 

— £v V C*(utvidetur) D. 1. 33. Vulg.a.i.e. 
f.g'.h. Memph. I, en. 189. Eus. D.E. 452'i. 

Hil. 669''. I ov B.ffK Eus.c. Mel. 97^ 
(c(/.)Ec. Pr. 201. I ttifov?. C^L.rel. 
Eus. D.E. (452"^.) c. Mel. 97''. (impr.) 

— ijv^oKtjaiv CD. Eus. c. Mel. | IivSok. 
S". BsL. rel. Eus. D.E. Ec.Pr. 201. 

— airayyeXiil awayytXXii D. (Contra, 
d). Eus. D.E. I praem. ouk 33. 

19. aKov(TH lieu. 189. Eus. D.E. j aKovti 
D. (Contra, d.) 

20. KoXafiov avvrirpiiifuvov Eus. D.E. | 
om. D*. 

— KaTEa^H Eus. D.E. | KariaKiig D*. 

— Xd'o)'] Xtivov 'B.Btly. 

— ov (rfieuii Eus. \ ov fii) Z,jitau D*. 
(om. fii) D'). • 

— ai''] om. LX. 

— tKjiaXy'\ iKJiaXii Lr. | iK^aXXu X. 

— Kptuiv^ add. avrov X. Syr.Hcl. 

— fin.] Origenes de loco prophetae Esaiae 
dicit (iv. 25') 6 MarQaTos — 'iv rif iv- 
ayytXiiji fivtjaOi'ig airb fiipovg rrig 

-rrepiKOTriig. Hieron. (iv. 507"^) in Esai. 
xlii. " Splendebit et non conteretur donee 
ponat super terram judicium, Matthaeus 
evangelista non posuit: sive, inter yj/rfi- 
cium et judicium media, scriptoris er- 
rore, sublata sunt." Vid. et Ad Alga- 
siatn i. 849<:. 

21. ver.] om. 33. 

— 7-<j> ovo/tari] t praem. tv s". D. Vulg. 
Latt. Ai-m. Iren. 189. Eus. D.E. 97». 
{im Eus. D.E. 452". ex Es. xlii. 4). ] 
om. B.Bch.B!c.ChXA. 1. EF(\Vtst.) 

— tXTTtoufftv] eX-jTit^ovffiv D*. 

22. Trpoatjvix^^ avrt^i SatfiovtZofjievog 
rv(pXog Kai Ku^og (C)DL. rel. Latt. 
Arm. I 7rpo(77]i'tyKav avri^ daifiovi^o- 
^tvov rvtpXov Kai Kioipov B. SjTr.Crt. 
Pst.&Hcl. (sic). (Memph.) .^th. {rvij,- 
Xog Kai Kuiipog habet C ; antea aut 
rvipXog aut Ktoipog tantum, ut vide- 

— uart TOV Kuiipov BD. ff'g'-h. Syr.Crt. 
Memph. (^th.) | uiori rov Kuiipov Kai 
Tu^Xoi/ LXA.l^. Syrr.Pst.(et Hcl. ut vid.) 

14. perderent eum a. | 15. recesait CI. 
18. complacuit CI. 



XII. 23. 

L X A. 

EGKMSUVr. ? ' '^ 


Aoy KOii Kco(f)of, Koi idepccTrevcreu avrov, ware tov 

OL b)(XoL KOL eXeyou, M77 ti ovrof eariv 6 vlo9 * Aa- 
jj veto; OL 0€ (papLaaioi aKovaavres eLirov, Uvroy 

ovK eK^aAXet ra SaifxovLa, el fir] iv tco BeeA^e^oiiA 

'"li ^PX'^^'^'- "^^^ 8aifj.oi'Lcoi>. ''^ elScof 8e * Tay ifOv/j.-rja-eLS' 
avrcou eiirev aurolf, Ildaa fiaa-iAela fxepLaOeicra 
KaO eavTrjf eprj/xovrai, kol Trdcra TroAt? rj oiKia 
fjLepLcrdeicra Kaff eavTrjf, ov crradrjcreTai. ''kol el 6 
(Taravas tov aaravdv eK^aXXei, 60 eavTov ijxe- 
pLaOrj- Tras ovv crTaOrjcreTaL rj l3aa-i.Xeia avTov ; kol 
el eym eV BeeXQ/BovX eK^dXXco to. Baifiovia, ol viol 
vficov ev TivL eK/3aXXov(Tiu; Sia tovto avrol ^Kpiral 
eaovrai vfjLcov. ei oe * ev Trvevfxari oeov eyco eK- 
fiaXXco ra Sai/jLovLa, apa ecpOaaev e(p' vp.ds rj jSaaiXeia 
TOV Oeov. ' 7} TTtas SvvaTai tis elcreXdelv els ttjv oIkluv 
TOV la-^vpov Koi TO. aKevT) avTOv * dpirda-aL, edv p-r] 

TrpcoTov 8r](rr) tov Icr^vpov; kol TOTe ttjv olKiav avTov 

OLapiraaeL- o jxr) cov p.eT ep.ov, kut ep.ov ecrTiv, Kai 

'^^' o prj avvaycov p.eT ep.ov, a-KOpiTLC^ei. oia tovto XeyoD 

vp.Iv, Trdaa dpapTia kol (3Xaa(f)r]p.ia dcpedrjcreTai Tols 

avdpcoTTOif, Tj 8e tov irvevpaTos iSXaacpTjpla ovk d(j)e- 

<^-Lu. 12:10. orjaeTai . /cat os * eav enrr) Xoyov Kara tov viov 

TOV avOpcoTTOV, difyeO-qaeTaL avTw- os 8' dv e'lirrj KaTa 

mutus, et curavit eum it.i iit 
loquevetitr et videret. 23(150,7.) 
Et stapebant omncs turbae et 
dicebaut, Numquid hie est Alius 
David ? ■"<•'"• ■'■> Piiarisaei au- 
tcm audieiitcs dixerunt, Hie 
noil eieit daemones nisi in Beel- 
zebub prineipe daemonura. 
^("^■^•'lesus autem sciens eo- 
gitationes eorum dixiteis.Omne 
rejj;num divisum eontra se de- 
solabitur, et omnis civitas vel 
domus divisa contra se non sta- 
bit. '" Et si satanas satanan 
eieit, adversus se divisus est: 
quomodo ei'go stabit regnum 
eius? " Et si ego in Beelzebub 
eicio daemones: filii vestii in 
quo eiciunt? Ideo ipsi iudices 
erunt vestri. " Si autfira ego 
in spiritu dei eieio daemones, 
igitur pervenit in vos regnum 
dei. ^ Aut quomodo potest 
qiiisquam intrare in domum 
fortis et vasa eius diripere, nisi 
prius alligaverit fortem ? et 
tunc doraum illius diripiat. 
*" Qui non est mecum contra 
me est, et qui non congregat 
mecum spargit. "C'^.2.)iJeo 
dico vobis, Omne peecatum et 
blasphemia remittetur homini- 
bus, spiritus autem blasphemia 
non remittetur. ''^ Et quicum- 
que di.xerit verbura eontrafilium 
hominis, remittetur ei ; qui au- 
tem dixerit contra spiritum 

1 uiart TOV fTV(p\ov Kai" Kuxpov <s . C. rel. 
Arm. I "itaut"(tantum)Vulg.a.6.c._/f*.j)-. 
22.XaX£ii'] fpraem. KOI 'j. C. rel. Syr. 
Hcl. Arm. | om . B Bll)/. Blc.D. 1 . 33. Latt. 
Syr.Pst. Memph. iEth. [Syr.Crt.] 

— sub finem] add. et audiret. b. Syr.Crt. 

23. Kai iXtyov'] \syovT€£ U. 

— fiT]Tt~\ add. on D*. 

— v'loc'] add. TOV L. 

24. Tip'] om. 33. E. 

— (et ver. 27.) BttXZePovX CDX. rel. 
a.(/(ver.27.)/jr'. rel. | BtXitjiovX L. 
b.d(ver. 24.)ff^h. \ BeiKtfiovX B. | Beel- 
zebub. Viilg. c.ff'.g". Syrr.Crt.&Pst. 

25. uSwQ Si BsC. rel. Vulg. a.h.c.ff'.g'.h. 
Syrr.Pst.&Hcl. Arm. iEih.l (/Twj/ ^e D. 
33. ^'.A. Syr.Crt. Memph. Ufadd. 6 I;;- 
aovQ ^. C. rel. (Latt.) Syrr.Pst.&Hcl. 
Aim. ^th.|om.BBcAJ5/c.D. h. Syr.Crt. 

— Kaff iuvTije B«C(LX2'')rcl. |/ca9'faw- 
Trjv (LXl"). 33(bis.)|e0' tavTt)v D bis. 

— ipijfiovTai] ov aTuOiintrai K. et vice 
versa. {ipijfiovTti D*. tptifiovn YP). 


25. eprjfiovrai. . . . Ka9' iavrrjel om. A. 
■ — ?; oiKia~\ om. jj 1*. 

— (TTaOrjaeTai'] ffTijtrtrai D*. 

26. Kai £t] ft Se Kai D. 

— TOV (Taravav'] om. tov X. 

— cK/SaXXft] tKJiaXei L, 

27. Kai €i] ti St D. 1. 33. 

— f)c/3aX\w] iKJSaXio LX. 

— Saiiiovia] add. e filiis vestris Syr.Crt. 

— oi v'loi. . .Ta Saifiovia (ver. 28)] om. 33. 

— 01 vioi] om. 01 L. 

— vfiiov bis] iip.wv X. 

— iK^aXXovaiv] SK^aXoviriv LE*. 

— KpiTai taovTai v/iidv BD. Am. a.b.f. 
ff''^'g^.h.l. I KpiTai v/iwv taovrai 1. 
Vulg.C/. c.g^. I vfHi)v KpiTai eaovTai 
L. j J vfiiov iffovTai KpiTai ^. C. rcl. 
Arm. [Syrr.Crt.Pst.&Hcl.] 

28. tv TrvttfittTi Btov tyu> BCDLXA. 
EGKSUVr. a.ff'-Kh. Syr.Pst. Memph. 
I t«yw ti' TTi'. dtov s. Vulg. f.m. Sj'rr. 
Crt.(&Pst.MS.) I om. tyw AI. b.c.yK 
Syr.Hcl. I habet in utroque loco 1 . | post 
(KJiaXXu) Arm. [itith.] 

— Stow] om. r (sic). 

28. KJiBaaav D*. 

2d.SvvaTai TiQ^TicSwa-aiA-g^.h. jom.rtfL 

— eii7eX6eiv~\ post irrxvpov A. 

— cipwaaai B.Bt!>/.BIc.C*X. LUSiapTra- 
aai S". CD. rel. Eus. in Ps. (Mai. 105). 

— Sijay] post TOV iffxvpov A. 

— SiapTTaati CL. 1 (sic) rel. Vulg.C/. 
(Latt.) £»s. inPs. Irm.l83.\SiapTra<Ti) 
D. 33. GK. Am. Arm. | apTraan B.Bcli. \ 
Siapiraaai A. !| add. uttiv 6 KvpioQ V. 

30 tTK0|07ri?(i] add. /it 33. Memph. | Con- 
tra, Orig. iii 789". 

31. a^fSijirerai 1°] aii. viiiv B.l.| Con- 
tra, CDL. rel. Orig. iv. 388'. Hit. 671''. 

— Toig avQp.] om. rote A, 

— aipiBtiatTai 2°] f add. toiq avBpunroiQ 
CDL. rel. c.fjp. Syrr.Pst.&Hcl. | ora. 
B. 1. Vulg. (6.)(ir'.)9'.(A.) (Syr.Crt.) 
Memph. Arm. .ZEth. Hil. 671'". (qui 
autera in Sp. S. blasphemavcrit non 
remittetur illi b.ff'Kh.m. Syr.Crt.) || y) St 
TOV TTv. ad. fin. ver.] om. X. For. a.g'. 

24. priucipom Am. \ demoniorum CI. I 
27. vostri erant CI. | 29. diripiet «. | 81. spi- 
ritus autem blaspliemiae Am. 

XII. 41. 


Vnlo- n h t^ ^ ' ^ f f »>^/>' »^ 

Syn-'''c p H _ '''^^ TTfev/jLaTos Tov uyiov, OVK acptOTqaiTai aVTCO, 

Meinph. P-^^ oVTe (.V TOVTCa TU) alS)VL OUTe iu TCO aeXXoVTL. "" 7] 
Arm. mil. ' , V %''^ ^^ V ^ ^ ' - 

J c. 7:16—18. 7ron)aare to oevopov KaAov /cat tov KapTvov avrov 
"■6:43—45- KaXou, r) TTOL-qaaTe to Bev8pov aairpov koll tov Kup- 
wov avTOV crairpov e'/c yap tov Kapirov to SevSpov 
yivaxTKCTai. yevvr^fxaTa i')(^L8va)V, Trots dvvacrde dya$a 
XaXelv TTOvrjpol ovTes ; e/c yap tov TrepLaa-evp-aTos 
pi^i TYji KapSlay TO crTop.a XaXei. '^'' o ayaOos avOpcoiros 
e'/c TOV ayadov drjcravpov ^ eKjSaAAet ^ dyada, kou 6 

TTOvrjpos avOpcoTTOs e'/c tov irovrjpov drja-avpov e'/c^aA- 

''"^ Aei TTOvrjpd. "'' Xeyco 8e otl irdv prj/xa dpyov o* 
^ XaXrjo-ovcrtv ol dvOpwiroL, dTToSaxrovcnv irepl avTOv 
Xoyov iv 'qp.epa. /c/j/creo)?. ^^ e'x yap tcov Xoycov aov 

SiKaicodiqar], kcll e'/c twv Xoywv aov KaTa8iKa(rdi](Tr). 

«c. 16:4.^ ^£^ 80^^^ Tore dTreKpldrjcrav * avTw" Tives tcov ypap.- 
Mar. 8:11, 12. p,aTea)v Kol ^apiaaLCov XiyovTes, AiSacrKaXe, deXopev 

||— 32. ,^ „ „ „ 39'S.^> a ^ '' ' 

pmi aTTo aov ar]p,€LOv loelv. o oe aTroKpit/eis enrev av- 
' T0L9, Fefea Trovrjpd koX p.0L^a}us (Trip.elov i7n^i]Ter 
Kcu arjp,eLov ov Sodr/aeTai avTy, el p.r) to ar]p.eLov 
icova TOV TrpocprjTov. (oairep yap rjv Icovas ev rr] 
KOiXla TOV KrjT0V9 Tpets rip.epas Kal Tpeh vvKTa?, 
ovTcos eaTai 6 f toy tov dvOpcoirov iv ttj KapSia Trjs 
yrjs Tpe7s rjp-epas Kal Tpels vvktus. ' AvSpe? *Nt.v€V- 
eiTac" dvaaTTjaovTai iv Trj Kpiaei /xeTa tyjs yeveds 

sanctum, nmi remittcturei, iic- 
qiic ill hue sai^ciili) iicriue in 
liituro. ^' O'^i, HI.) Aiit liicite. ar- 
borcm bonain et iriictuni ciiis 
boniiin, aiil facitii arhurcni ma- 
lam et fructuin eiiis malum: 
si(iui(lem ex fructu arbor ag- 
noseitur. **' Progenies vipera 
rum, qiiomodo potestis bona 
iuqui cum sitis mail? Ex abuu- 
daiitia enim eordis os loquitur. 
3i(is%5.) 2onu.s homo de bono 
thcsanro profert bona, et mains 
homo de malo thesauro profeit 
niaUi. •■'iiii2»,ii'.) Dicoautem vo- 
bis quoniam omiie vcrbuni otio- 
sum (plod locuti fuerint ho- 
mines, reddent rationem de eo 
in die iudicii. " Ex verbis enim 
tais iustiKcaiieris, et ex verbis 
tuis condemnaberis. 

38(127,5.) Tunc responderunt 
ei quidam de scribis et Plia- 
risaeis diccutes, Magister, vo- 
lumus a te signura videre. 
39 (i2s,5.)Qyi j-espondens ait illis, 
Gcnoratio malact adultera sig- 
num quaerit, et signnm non 
dal)itur oi nisi signum lonae 
prophetae. ''"Sicut enim fuit 
lonas in ventre coeti iribus 
diebns et tribus noctibus, sic 
crit filius Iiominis in corde 
terrae tribus iliebus et tribus 
noctibus. •" Viri Ninevitae sur- 
gent in iudicio cum genera- 
tionc ista, et condemnabunt 

32. oc cav B.Sc/).CLXAE(ilf )r(Wtst.)G 
KMUVr. Orig. iv. 6 P. \ Xog av S- 

— uiry (iis)] uvu L. (a^.K) 

— avOpbiTTov'] add. oiuc B. | Contra, 
Orig. iv. 61\ 

— OVK cupeOijrT^Tai CDL. rel. [ ov firj 
atjteO)] H.Bihj.BJc. (ov fir] aipiSijari 

— TovTiii 7-((j aiuivi BsCD. rel. 1. 33 sic. 
Orig. iv. 388'=. | rifi miuvc ronrifj XAK. 
Orig. iv. 61''. 296\ | Tt^ vvv aiavi LEF 

33. TO !»] TOV D. 

— • I) TTOi. 2°.] cm. 1) 33. 

34. \aXfi] add. ayaQa D*. | add. mala 

35. o !».] om. D*. 

— 9ij(Tavpov 1".] fadd. Ttjg KapSiag 
'^. f*-ff^. Clem. 944. Orig. ii. 641':. 

I add. T7j(; Kctpviag avTov L. 1. 33. 
Gat. Mm. Syr.Crt. Arm. ^tli. Orig. 
Int. i. 89^ I om. BCDXaEF( Wtst.) 
GKMSUVr. Vulg. a.b.c.f**.ffKg^-'^- 
h.l. Syrr. Pst. & Hcl. Memph. Orig. 

lii. 665". Cypr. 81. Hit 86». Lcf. 

35. ayaBa] fpraem. ra '^. CLA. ls.33. U. 
Orig. iii. 665«. | om. BDXEGKMSVr. 
(to ayu9ov. Clem. 944). 

— 6>}navpov 2°.] add. Tjjg KapduiQ avTov 
L. 33. Syr.Crt. Arm. | Contra, Orig. 
/n(. 1.89". Cypr.6\. 

— 7ro)'j(p«] praera. tu LA. 33. U. (jo 
KiiKov Clem. 944). 

36. (Sf] om. 1. 

— apynv Clem. 198. | om. X. 

— i] t add. eav S. C. rel. | add. av L. 
Orig. iii. 626". | om. Ji.Btly.Blc.I). [quod 

— XuXijaovcTiv B.B/e.C. 33. | XaXovnti' 
D. d. I %\a\ti<noaiv '^. L. rel. (Latt.) 
Orig. iii. 626'. 

— mpi avTov'] om. V. | post Xoyov L. 

37. K«i «] t] IK DGr. (a.c.j'.) 

— KaTadiKa<!0>j(T)j BsCD. rel. Clem. 198. 
Orig. iii. 1 SC^ 1 KaTaKpi9ri<rg LX. 33. Gr. 

38. ciTTtKptBriaai''] adierunt A. Syr.Crt. 

— avT({i BCDL. 33. M. L.att. (ad Jesum 
g'.) Syrr.Crt.&IIcl. (iiost Xtyovrte Syr. 


Pst.) Memph. Arm. JEih. \ *om. ^. 
X. rel. 

38. rij'fc] om. V (ut vid.) 

— Kat <j>api(Tatwv'\ om. B. | Contra, CD. 
rel. w. (vid. Orig. iii. 514'=.) (_Tiiiv (pap . 
Kat ypafi. K). 

— QeXofiev^ QiXM^av L. 

39. iTnZ,rtTH~\ ^ijTet L. 

SoOlJfTfTai'] -(TtJTUl X. 

— aiTj/] (Tot D*G;'. 

— 01' do9. avT. €. ft. T, (7//^.] bis 33. 

40. totj7Tip~\ tjimrspt D*. 

— j)i»] om. D. 

— ry Koi\(^(] om. Ttj G. 

— fffrni] add. Kat I)LEF(Wtst.) a.b.ffK 
gKh. Syr.Crt. Memph. Arm. /)•«(. 331. 
Orig. Int. 11230''. iv. 525». £««.Ec.Pr. 
116. in Ps. 367". (vid. Luc. xi. 30). 1 
Contra, B.sCX. re!, (hiat 33). Vulg. cf. 
Syrr.Pst.&Hcl. iEth. 

41. vtvivHTat'B.Btly.sic.C(,T>)l,XA.\Xn- 
viviTai S'. L. l"el. I vtivtvlTat D*. ()'i- 
vmrai habet Fordius per errorem in 
editiono impressa collationis Bentlei- 



XII. 42. 

LX A ravTTi^, Kai KaraKpLVOvaiv avrrjv on fxerevo-qaav us 

1.33. TO Kvpvyixa'lwva, Kculbov TrXeiov Iwm coSe. ^aai- 

[£']. Aiao-a voTOV tyepo-qaeTaL iv ty] Kpian fiera rrjs 

yeveas ravrris, Koi KaraKptvel avrrjv on rjXOev (k 

Tcof TrepoiTcov Trjs y?? aKOvaai ttjv aocplav * 2oAo/au)- 

§ z p^s vos" Kol l8ov TrXelov * 'EoXop.covos" cioSe. ^ '' orav Se 

f II Lu. 11:24-26. TO aK(idapT0V irvevp-a i^eXdrj arro tov avOpcairov, 

8Lep\<ETaL 81 avv8pa>v tottcou ^rjTovv avairavcnv, kol 

ovx evplcTKei. '^^ Tore Xeyei, * Et? tov o'lkov /xov irrL- 

§F aToe-dfco" oOev ^ e^iiXOov kol iXOov evplaKei crvoAa- 

^ovTa, a-eaapcofxevov kul KeKocrpr^fxtvov. TOTe tto- 

peverai koi irapaXap-^aveL /xeO iavTOV eirra erepa 

■7Tvevp.aTa irovrjpoTepa eavTOV, kol elaeXOovTa KaroiKel 

e'/cer /cat yiveTui to. e(T)(aTa tou avOpwrrov tKeivov 

earn ; quia paenitentiam ege- 
runt in praedicatione lonae, et 
ecce plus quam lona liic. " Re- 
gina austri surget in iudieio 
cum geueratione ista, et con- 
demnabit earn ; quia venit a 
finibus terrae audire sapicntiam 
Salomonis, et ecce plus quam 
Salomon hie. «('^.^-'Curaau- 
tem inmundus spiritus exierit 
ab homine, ambulat per loca 
arida quaerens requiem, et non 
invenit ; *' tunc dicit, Revei'tar 
iu donium meam unde exivi: 
et veniens invenit vacantem, 
scopis mundatam et ornatam: 
■"^tunc vadit, et assumit septem 
alios spiritus secum nequiores 
se, et intrantes habitant ibi: et 
fiunt novissima hominis illius 
peiora prioribus. Sic erit et 
generationi huic pessimae. 

yeipova Tcou vrpcoTCou. 
TavTT] TY) TTOvrjpa. 

0VTC09 ecTTaL Kai rj] yevea 

I II Mar. 
II Lu, 

P 81"^^"Ert ^aVTOV XaXoVUTOS TOLS 0>(Ao£?, l8ov rj **<'™'^-> Adhuc eo loquentead 

turbas, ecce mater eius et fra- 
tres stabant foris quaerentes 
loqui ei. " Dixit autem ei qui- 
dam, Ecce mater tua et fratres 
tui foris slant quaerentes te. 
■"At ille respondens dicenti 
sibi ait, Quae est mater mea, 

•3; 31 35- p,rjTT]p Kol 01 a8eX(f)ol avTOU eLa-TrjKeicrav t^w, ^tjtovv- 

46. \a\ovvTOQ Sk Tes avTco XaX-qcTaL. ^ elirev 8e tls avrw, l8ov t] 

p.i)Trip aov KUL OL aoeX(poc crov e^co eaTrjKaaLv 

^TjTovvTes (TOL XaXrjaai. "^^ 6 8e aTroKpiOeis direv 

§F' Tw ^ XiyovTi' avTW, ^ T/f larLV t] prjTrjp p,ov ; 

41. TavTr]Q~\ avTTiQ A. 

— on fieravoi](Ta7' Kai KaraKpivei av- 
rrjv ver 42] om. G. | on] add. ov X* 
ut videtur. 

fit;] iTTl L. 

42. KaraKpa'Et'] KaraKpivoi'(Tiv U. 

— SoXo/iwi.oe bis BDLXA(2».) 1. 33. 
EGKMSUVr. Syr.Hcl.l".(sic diseite). 
Hom.CI. ii. 33. | X'^oXopm'TOQ ■?. CA(r). 
Orig. ii. 545'. iii. 462''. iv. 100^. 258'". 
406=. I praem. rot; D*(r.) 

43. ee] oni. L. 

— £?f\e/,] 4?;,X9), D. 

44. HQ TOV OIKOV flOV E7naTp(lj/U> BD(Z). 
33. JEXh. I X iTTltTTpi^pU) flQ TOV OIKOV 

fiov s'- C. rcl. Latt. Syrr.Crt.Pst.&Hcl. 
Ann. Orig. Int. ii. 257''. (hoc ord. Luc. 
xi. 24.) I £7r(fTrp£-.^(u] vTro<TTp€\pw Z. I. 
(vid. Luc. xi. 24.) 

— iXBov BsC. rel. | iXOwv DX. 33. FGr. 
I eKi\9ov U. I tjXeov A. (liiat Z). 

— ti<pn7KU~\ add. TOV oikqi' T>. 

— aiaapuipivoi''] praem. Kat C*Z(w< 
vid.) a.c.(ff'.}h. Syrr. Crt. & Hcl. 
(txt.) I om. BsD. rel. Vulg. b.f.g'. Syr. Graece. Mcmpli. Arm. JEth. 


44. Kai KiKoa^iriiicvov'\ icniKoa/Hj/itvov LE. 
(sic) Graece. 

45. tTTTa iTipa TrvivfiaTa BsCD. rel. | 
tTtpa tTTTa TTv. Z. (vii. spiritus alios a 
sic, vid. Irici ed.; apud Blanch, per 
errorem, " iiii. sp. al.") 

— tavTov post TrovtjpoT^pu'] avrov DE*. 

— uaiXdovTa BsCDK(«i'c).rcl. | iXGorraA*. 
I fi(r£\Ooi'E(sinecorr.).iEth. | eiaiX9ioi'T,. 

— €t7xnTa'\ add. x^'pova rw E*. (corr.*) 
1 add. avTov D*. 

— X^t-pova~\ \upov D*. 

— cat ante Ty yev.] om. U. a.b.g'.h. Arm. 
MSS. Hil. 674>. I Contra, Vulg. z.f.ff'. 

— Tavry'] om. 33. 

46. tri avTov XaXovvroc B. 33. Vulg. c^. 
. Memph. (Arm.) | XaXovi'Tog dt avrov 

DZL. Syr.Pst. {XaXowrog avrov Orig. 
iii. 480*^.) j erffSt" avrov XaXovvroc^. 
C. 1. rcl (3-.) Syr.Hcl. ^ lo- 
qucnte a.b.Jf^g'.h. loquente coff'. ct lo- 
quente eo Syr.Crt. 

— ^i)r7)p~\ add. /(ou A*. 

— uvTov BCD. rel. I om. Z. (habent post 
lir)ri)p Vulg. a.b./.ff'-'g'.h. Memph. 
Orig. iii. 480^ Contra, eg'.) 

46. ttarrjKetffav^ t(rrijKafft L. 

— avr<i) XaXtjaai BsCZ(sic) rel. |\a\ijiTot 
avTij) DL. 33. Latt. SjTr. Orig. iii. 

47. ver.] om. BLF.^'A. Syr.Crt. | Contra, 
CDZ. rel. Vulg.'.h. Syrr.Pst. 
&Hcl. Memph. Arm. ^th. Orig. Int. 
iii. 835». Eus. ad Steph. i. 223 (?Luc. 
viii. 20.) 

— E?w] om. 1. I post (arrjK. D. 33. | Con- 
tra, CZ. rel. 

— cffrjjKaciv] ftTTTjKHtrav D*. j -Kaffav 

— aoi XaXrjcrai CZ. rel. | XaXyjaai aoi D. 
b.c.f.g\ff\h. Syrr.Pst.&lIcl. | te (tan- 
tura.) Vulg. /. Memph. | te videre a. 
Orig. Int. iii. 835'. (^iSiiv ai 0tXovres 
Eus. ad Steph. i. 223. sed ? Luc.) 

48. rij} XtyovTL BDZ(sic.) 33. | Jr^j 
HTTovrt S'. C. rel. | om. X. 

— ?} fij]Tiip~\ om. 7; X, 

— Kat rivis BCZF^ rel. Vulg. b.c.f. 
g'.h. rel. | t] rii'ts C ".//^-■^.k. Arm, 

41. lonas hie CI. | 44. invenit cam Ct. | 
48. at ipse respondens CI. 

XIII. 8. 


Vnlg. o. b. c. 

Syir. C. P. H. 


Arm. iEth. 

KoX TLVe9 elcrlv ol aheXfjyoi fXOV ;^ /cat iKTeivas et qui sunt fratres mci? "Et 

extendens manum in discipulos 

T-qV X^'-P"- "I^T-Oy eTTl TOVf /xatfyraf avrOV eiirev, [suos] dixit, Eccc mater" me;i 

'l8oh.) MTVP P-ov Kal ol dSeXcpol /,0V. '' oarc, t^^^^^lsZ^^^ 

yap av iromari to OeXiiaa rov irarpos ixov tov Iv "'f' V" "i <=aeiis est, ipse mens 

. „ ,'," >?> Tiv V »^\ /^ ^ ' et fratcr et soror ct mater est. 

ovpavois, avTos fiov aoeA(pos Kai aoeAcpr] Kat, firjTTJp 



XIII. ^ f^ 82 'Ei^ * rrj 1/p.epa eKelurj i^eXdcov 6 'Irjaovs 
'iiLir'^8-^^ * T"'^? oiKLas eKaOrjTO irapa rr/u OaXaaaav kcll 
\.\_W]s.[aTTb~\T)iQ crvpyxOiiaau irpos avTov oyXol ttoXXoi, coctte av- 
TOV els irXolov €/jL^ai>Ta KaOijadai, kul ttoh o b^Xos 
iiri TOV alyiaXov elaTrjKei. kul iXaXrjaev avTols 
TToXXa iv Trapa^oXais Xeycov, 'ISov i^rjXdev 6 cnrei- 
pcov TOV (TTreipeLV. Kal ev tco aTretpeiv avTov, a pev 
eTrecrev Trapa ttjv 68ov, Kal ^ijXOov Ta TreTeiva Kal 
Kare(payev avTa. ^ aXXa Se eTrecrev eVi Ta TreTpcoSi], 
OTTOv ovK fi'xf^ yv^ TToXXrjv, Kal evdecos e^aveTeiXev 
Sia TO prj e'xEiv j3a6os yrjs- '' tjXlov Se avaTeiXavTos 
iKavpaTiaOrj, Kal 8ia to pi] i'x^iv pi^av e^ijpdvBy]. 
aAAa Se eirecrev iin Tas aKavOas, Kal dve^r/aav al 
UKavdai Kal direTrvi^av avTOL. dXXa 8e eTrecrev eirl 
T7]v yrjv Trjv KaXi]v Kal eSiSov Kapirov, o pev eKaTov, 

1(131,2.) In ;iio die cxieiis le- 
sns de domo sedebat seciis 
mare. ''Et congregatac sunt 
ad earn turbae multae, ita ut 
in naviculam ascendens sede- 
ret, et orauis turba stabat in 
litore. ^Et locutus est eis 
miilta in parabolis, dicens, Ecce 
exiit qui seminare. 
*£t dum seminal, quaedam 
ceciderunt secus viam, et ve- 
nerunt lolucres et comederunt 
ea. '' Alia autem cecidenint in 
pctrosa.ulii non habebant terrain 
multam ; et continuo exorta 
sunt, quia non balieliaut alti- 
tudinem terrae : ""sole autem 
orto aestuavenmt, et quia non 
habebant radicem aruerunt. 
' Alia autem ceciderunt in spi- 
nas, et crevcrunt spinae et sui- 
focaverunt ea. " Alia vero ce- 
ciderunt in terrambonam,et da- fructum, aliud centesiinum. 

49. avTov r] om. D. Vulg. a.b.ff'.g'. 
Orig. iii. 480* (Contra, cf.h.) 

— ai'Tov 2°] om. A. Orig. 

— fiov ult.°] /lot E*. 

50. offrif] Of L. 

— av] om. D. 

— TToiTjffp B«X. 1.33. rel. Latt. (exc. rf.) 
I TTotijaji ZLKr. Memph. | iroiy CA. 

1 TTOttt D. 

— oMpavoif] praem. roig 33. Orig. iv. 64". 

— uvtoqI ovtos La. 

— a^fX^of] praera. Kai Am. For. b.(e.) 
JP.h. Orig. iii. 480'. (Contra, Vulg. Cl_ 
a-c.f.ff-.g^-'^. vv. rel.) 

1. £)'] fadd. ^£ S-. CD. rel. f.h. SyiT 
Pst.&Hcl. Memph.|om.BZ.-33. Vulg. 
aj) c.e.ff'-^-gK Arm. ^th. Orig. iii. 2" 
3K Hil. 67.5*. [Syr.Crt.] 

— ry ijftepi^'] raig i)ft€paig E*. 

— eKAS^v BCZ. rel. Vulg. c.f. Syr.HcI. 
Orig. iii 2'. Z*: (iK>l^9uv X.) \ t^tiXetv 
D (et Kai ante eKaBijTo) a.b.e.ff''■^^g'.h. 
Syr.Crt.&Pst. Orig. Int. iii. 83.")''. Hil- 

— ^airo" ri)g oLKiae •^. CL. rel. Vulg. 
cf.h. Orig. Int. iii. 835''. | iK rijg odciaf 

Z. 33. Orig. iii. 2^ | rjjf oiiciae B. I. 
Orig. iii. 3"'. || om. D. a b.e.ff'-'-g'. Hil. 

2. irXoiov] f praem. ro S'- D. rel. Memph. 
Arm. I om.BCZL. 1.3.3. 

— £/t/3avra] om. L. 

etffTIJKei'] (tJTIJKti D*. 

3. £\aXt](jev'\ eXaXtj L. 

. — TToXXa Onj. iii. 3". I post 7rapa;8oXat£ 
aOrig. iii. 480'.) | om. LV. 

— Xeyiav^ om. Orig. iii. 3*. (habet Z.) 

— (TTTEipED'BCZ.rel. 0^9.1.308^507''. iii. 
760^lCT7rfipaiDLX. 1.33.M.O;;9.iii.3\ 
Eus. in Es. 423". (? Luc.) | om. jjraec. 
TOV D. |(add. semen suum b.ff'.e. Luc.) 

4. Kat tv Till fnTiipiiv~\ om. C. Orig. iii. 

— a] b A. 

— riXeov B.Bch. DZL. 33. | J iiXdn' ^. 
C. rel. Oriy. iii. 760\ | eXBovTa B.Btli/. 
Blc. I Contra, vv. 

— TTtrfii'a] add. row oupai'ou E*KM. 
Vulg.C/. b.ff\h. Syrr.Crt.&Hcl. Arm. 
iEth. Orig. iii. 760*. (vid. Luc. viii. 5). 
IContra, BiCDZ. lel.^m a.c.«./#V'- 
Syr.Pst. Memph. 

4. Kat ante khj-c^.] om. Kai B. ] Contra, 
CDZ. rel. vv. Orig. iii. 760'. 

5. aXXa Orig. | a D. 

— ftiOfwc] tv9vQ D. I om. L 

— ('iaviTdXtv CDZ. rel. | -Xoj' B. 

— yi]g CD. rel. | 7J(c yr/Q B. | hiat Z. | 
terrae multae Syr.Crt. 

6. rjXiov oe] tov ^e t)Xiov D. 

— (Kav^aTtaOi) CZ. rel. | iKavjiaTiaOi)- 
aav D. I eKav/xaTuGrj B. | iKavixariatv 
A*. II praem. iv9iuig L. 

— pijar] altitudincm radicis in terra 

— i^ripai'di] BCZ. rel. [ c^r/pai'^i^aav D. | 
a7reKt]pai'9tj E*. 

7. fTTtffei'] eirecrav 33. 

— £7ri Tag BCZ. rel | sig Tag D. a. Orig. 
iii. 76C''. 

— a?r£;ri't5a)' BCZ. rel. j nrvi^av D. 

8. fTTffft)^] eTreirav C. 33. 

— ehSov^ toiijovp D. 

— Kapirovl add. et crevcrunt et dcde- 
nint Syr.Crt. 

49. om. Buos Jm. I 60. mens frater CI. 
4. volucres caeli CL \ 5. habebat Am. | S. alia 
autem CL 



XIII. 9. 

BCD (Z.) *S'^'/-' AjiV ' 9<>/ T r> f -\ 

LXA. o °^ €^^]KOVTa, o 0€ TpiaKOVTa. o ixcov cora \_aKOveivj 

I'-^s. uKoverco. 

EFGKMSUVr. QOWirr v .^/ ,.,,,/,„ 

■ 9-15- ^j|J|, .^j' g'j^ TrapafioXais XaXeis avTols ; O 8e diro- 

KpiOels elrrev avrois, On vfuv SeSorai yvwvaL ra /jlvct- 

%z TTjpLa rrjs jSacriAe/ay^ twv ovpavwv, eKeivois 8e ov 

J C. 25:29. pX/3 J, /;> I'J i r/ V >/ ^ /I ' > - V 

Mar.4:25. e oeooTai. ■> oaTif yap e^€L, 6om]a'eraL avTcp KaL TTcpLa- 

Lu. 8:18. aevGrjaerai. oans Se ovk e'xei, /cat o e3(6t apdrjcreTaL 

c^y dv' avTov. "* 5fa tovto eV Trapa^oXals avroLs XaXco, 

OTL fiXtTTOvres ov (SXeirovcnu, Kca aKOvovres ovk clkov- 

ovaiv, ov8e avviovaLV. kol dvairXi^povrai * avToiy 

1' Es. 6:9, 10. 7; TTpocprjTeia 'Haatov rj Xiyovcra^ 'Axo^ axovrrsTS 

'/MA oh ^7] TVVTjrS, XOU ^Xi-ZOVTSg ^XsXpSTS, y.OA OXJ fXiTj 

'l^yjTS. ^'' iitc/.yjjv^rj yap 7] xapSia, tov Aaoii tovtov, 
xou ToTg coerh ^apacog Tjxovrav, xou rovg Oi^^oX^ovg 
a,VTwv ixaf^f/^virav ^'/j tots tSuxriv ToTg 6(f)SaAfji,o7g, 
xcu Toig d)(T\v axovrrcocriv, xou rij xapSIa, (rvvcoTiv xot.) 
10:23,24. pX^ iTcto-rpa-ipiomv xa) ^ld(rof^ai" avTOvg. ^^^vpcou Se p.aKd- 
pLOi ol o(p6aXixo\ OTL fiXeirovaiv, kcu Ta coTa \_vp.a)v^ oTi 
* dKovovaiv." dp.rjv yap Xeyco vplv otl ttoXXoI ivpo- 
^rjTaL KoH BiKaiOL eTreOvprjaav l^eiv a /SAeTrere, /cat 
ovk * elBav, koll dKovaai a dKOveTe, /cat ovk rJKOvaau. 


aliud eoxagcsimum, aliiul tri- 
cesimiim. 'Qui babet aures 
audieiuli, audiat. 

'"Et accedcntcs disci jjuli 
dixerimt ei, Quarc in parabolis 
loqueris [eis]? " Qui respon- 
dcn.s ait illis, Quiavoliis datum 
est nosse mystcria rcgni caelo- 
rum, illis auteni iion est datum. 
!S032,5.)Qiii enim habct, dabi- 
turei et abuiidabit; qui autem 
non habct, et quod habct auf'e- 
retur ab eo. "i.'^^>'-' Idco in 
parabolis loquor eis, quia vi- 
dcntcs non vident, ct audicntes 
non audiunt, neque intelloguut; 
" et adimplcatur eis proplietia 
Esaiae dicons, Auditu audietis, 
et non intellegetis; et videntes 
videbitis, etnon vidcbitis. '^In- 
crassatum est enim cor populi 
buius, et auribus gravitcr au- 
dierunt, et oculos suos cluse- 
runt, nc quando oculis vidcant, 
et auribus audiant, et corde in- 
tellcgant, et conTertantur, et 
sancm eos. '^c^','.) Vcstri au- 
tem beati oculi quia vident, et 
aures vestrae quia audiunt. 
" Amen quijipc dico vobis quia 
niulti prophetae ct iusti cupic- 
ruiit videre quaevidctis, et non 
viderunt, et audirc quae auditis, 
ct non audicrunt. 

9. aKovHV CDZ. rcl. vv. | om. B.7?/c.L. 
a(e spatio)e./f' './(. 7er<. adv. Marc. iv. 19. 
10. TrpoGtXQovTio] ~TOQ XJ. 1 add. avrt^ 
C. Mcmpb. (Contra, vv.) 

— IJia9>]Tai~\ add. av-ov CX. a.b.c.f.g'.h. 
SyiT.Crt.&Pst.&Hcl.* Mcmph. iEth. 
Eus. D.E. 4.54<i. I Contra, BjOZ. rel. 
Vulg. e.ff'.y-. Ann. O/('j;.iii.4S0''. Orii/. 
Int. in. S35''. 

— (tirav B.Bth/l,. 33. | tfiToi' '^. CDZ. 
rel. £«s. D.E.4.'4''. 

— atJT-oif] om. Am. Tert. dc Res. 33. ] 
Contra, /rcn. 26G. O/iV/. iii. 481" (di- 

W.avToiQ B«DL. rcl. (L;.tt.) Syrr.Crt. 
Pst.&IId. Arm. Ter^ de Res. earn. 33. 
|om. CZ. ffK Memph. iEth. Eus. D.E. 

— on] om. M. 

— ra iiv(7rijpta Vulg. b.e.ff^.h. Orig. in. 
461'-. 4S1\ (TVr?. de Pracs. 22). | to 
fjivaTtjpwv a.c.(l.J[[P.y'.l. Syr.Crt. Jicn. 
266. C/cm. 694. 

— Twv ovpni'Mv Vulg. c.y.h. Iren. 266. 
C/em. 694. 0;vV/. 111.481". | om. a.6.c. 
(f-ff^. £ks. D.E. 454''. Worn, ovpavwv 1. 
scd balict Tu>v. (arcana del //'.) 


11. ov Jf^orai] add. lit sciant Syr.Crt. 

12. yap'] add. av A. 

— Kai o ix^i] om. M txt. 

13. avToie \a\io BsC. rel. e. Syr.Hcl. 
C/em. 317. Eus. D.E 454''. | om. auroif 
L. c. Iren. 266. \\\a\u> avruie 1.3.3. 
Vulg. a.b.d.f.ff'--y-h. Syrr.Crt.&Pst. 
Arm. 0;is. /«<.ii.383''. Ttrt. de Re.'^. 
earn. 33. | XaXti avToig D*Gr. {(\a\ti 
avTotg D'^). 

— on jiXiTToi'TiQ ov jiXtTTOuaiv Kat aKov- 
ovreg ovk aKovovaiv ov5e avvwvaii' 
(B)CL.rel. Vulg. /.(#')•</'• Syrr.Pst. 
&Hel. Memph. Arm. iEth. C/em. 317. 
1 tva j3\. lij] (3X€ir(ocnv k. aK. firi aKov- 
abityiv Kai fti] avvtAtaiv ftiiTrore tiriuTps- 
4^u,aiv D .(1.) b.c.(J'').g'.h. (Syr.Crt.) 
Eus. D.E. 454''.(sed aKovuim et om. 
Kat /xri aw.) " ut videntes non vidcaut 
et audientcs non audiant, intelligentes 
non inteliigiint"' /rcH. 266. (scd codd. 
variant), [o.c.n.l.] {aKovuiai Kai fitj 
trvi'twai 1.) WcTvviQVffiyl (Tvvwtnv B-. 
J5cA.D(ut supra). | actntZaiv (.sic) B. 
Btly. 1. 33. I ffiD/mcTi CIciii. 

14. Kai 1"] a<ld. rori D. 1. a.hj-.ff'-^if.h. 
I Contra, Vulg../'. Iren. 266. 

14. ai>a7r\7)povrai\ TrXijpioQtjfyerai D. 
c.ff'.g'.h. I wXtipovrai 1. 

— auroif] oni. Syr.Crt. a.c. \ f praem. 
£7r" 'S-. DM. Vulg.C/. b.fJf'-'g'--^-li. 
Syr.Pst. Memph. iEth. Iren. 266. ] om. 
BCLXA. 1. 33. EFGKSUVr. ^Im. 
Hurl* Syr.Hcl. Arm. 

— 'Htraiov i) Xeyoi'fTrt] tuv 'Huaiov Xe- 
yovfra D. [| add. TTopivOijri Kai enrt riji 
XaiiJ TovTi;! D. a.b.c.ff'^-'y'.h. (ex Es. 
vi. 9.) I Contra, Vulg./. Iren. 266. 

— aKovaere B-'CD. rcl. Orig. Hi. 216\ ] 
aKovffare ]i*Bch. ] aKovaijTe EFGMU 
Vr. Orig. iii. 295'^. 350<:. 

— jiXixj/ere Orig. iii. 216». 295''.|/3Xfi^/;r£ 
33. EFGMUVr. 

— thire'] i^iTi X. 

15. Kat TOii; toaiv jSaptu'C *;Kot'(T«)'] ct 
aures siios graves fecerunt nc audiant. 
Syr.Crt. || wiric] add. avruiv C. b.c.g'.h. 
Syi-r.Crt.&Pst. Mcmph. Ann. Mth. 
(iv(/. Es. vi. 10.) I Contra, Vulg. (a.)/". 

ff'-'-g'. Syr.Hcl. 

10. Q„i. cis Am. I 13. audieiit Am. \ 14. ad- 
impletur in eis CI. | dicoi\tis CI. ) ir». vidcant 
oculis C'l. 

XIII. 2(). 


Vulg. a. I. c. 

Syn-. C. P. H. 


Arm. £th. 


84 ^^ 'Y/xeis ovv oLKOvaare ttjv 7rapa(3oXr]v tov 

* aireipavTos'" ^"^ iravros olkovovtos tov Xoyov rrjf 
jiaaiXeLa^ kou /jlij avuievTO?, epxerai o Trourjpos koI 
apTrd^ec to iairapp-evov iu Ttj KapSia avTov' ovtos 
iaTiv 6 irapa tttjv 68ov airapel?. " 6 8e eVt ra ire- 
TpcoSr] (Tirapeis, ovTOf Icttlv 6 tov Xoyov aKOvcov kou 
evt/vs p-eTa \apa^ Xappavcov avTov, ovk e^ei oe 
pl^av iv eavTcp, aXXa TrpoaKaipof icTTiv yevopevrjf 
de dXlyjreco? r] SLcoypLov Sia tov Xoyov eudvs CTKavSaXl- 
^€Tai. " 6 8e el? Tay aKavBa? cnrapeLf, ovtos eaTiv 6 
TOV Xoyov ccKOucov, KOU Tj tov alavof kou rj 
airaTT} tov itXovtov avp-irviyeL tov Xoyov, kcu aKapiros 
yiveTai. ^ 6 fie eVt Ti]v ^ KaXrjv yrjv' (Tirapeis, ovtos 
eoTTiv 6 TOV Xoyov olkovcov kou ^ avvieLS, by Brj Kap- 
iroipopEL KOI TTOiel, 6 pev tKaTov, 6 Se e^TjKovTa, 6 de 

85 "^' KXXrjv irapa^oXrjv wapedrjKev avToh Xeycov, 
'Q,p.oid0rj rj iSaaiXeia tcov ovpavcov av6pa>7ra> * (rirei- 
pavTi KaXov avreppa iv tS ay pa avTov' iv 8e tco 
Kadevdeiv tou9 avOpwirovi rjXOev avTov o i^Opos kou 

* iireaTreipev" ^L^dvia dvd p.iaov tov ctltov, kou OLTrrjX- 
6ev. ^'' ore Se ifSXaaT-qaev 6 ^opTos, koI Kapirov 

19 (135,2.) vos ergo audite pa- 
r.tboliim seminantis. " Omnis 
qui .audit verbum regni et non 
iutcllegit, vcnit malus et rapit 
quod scminatuni est in corde 
eius : liic est qui secus viam 
scminatus est. ^° Qui autem 
supra petrosa seminatus est, hie 
est qui verbum audit et cou- 
tinuo cum gaudio accipit illud, 
" non Iiiibet autem in se radi- 
cem, sed est temporalis: facta 
autem tribulatione et persecu- 
tioue propter verljum continuo 
scandalizatur. ^^ Qui autem est 
seminatus in spinis, hie est qui 
Tcrbnra audit, et sollicitudo 
saeculi istius et fall.acia divi- 
tiarum suftbcat verbum, et sine 
fructu cfficitur. ^^ Qui vero in 
terra bona seminatus est, hie 
est qui audit verbum et intcllegit, 
et fructum affert, et facit aliud 
quidem centum, aliud autem 
sexaginta, porro aliud triginta. 

24 ci3(3, 10.) Aliam parabolam 
proposuit illis dicens, Simile 
factum est regnum caelorum 
honiini qui scminavit bonum 
semen in agro sue. ^ Cum au- 
tem dormirent homines, venit 
ininiicus eius et superseminavit 
zizania in medio tritici, et abiit. 
^^ Cum autem crevisset herba, 

15. TuvQ 0(p6a\fiov(;'] roiQ o(p9a\fiotg X. 

— aKouaiotni'^ om. C. 

— avwoaiv =". (.sic). BDLXA. 1. -33. E*r 
GKMSUVr. I avi-iuiaiv CE=. 

— eirtfTTpi^Lodtv^ -^povaiv KFGKV. 

— lamfiai BCDLd=. 33. E*i'GMSVr. 
1 { taabijini <^. 1. E-KsU«. Latt. (cxc.rf.) 

IG. fiaKapwt ot] fiuKapioi DM. 

— Kai] add. iterum. Syr.Crt. 

— Ta Orig. iv. 209 >>. | om. D. 

— vfiiav 2°] om. Ji.Bthj Blc. a.b.cff'.y'. 
Hit. 676". 1 Contra, CD. rcl. Vulg. f.ff'. 
rf.h.k. i-qI. /rcn. 2f6. Orig. iy. 209\ 

— aKovovaiv B.firf^.CDX. 1. 33. M. 
Orig. iv. QOg"". Eiis. in Ps. 386". | X aKovii 
^. L. rcl. 

17. yap'] om. X. a.b.c.f.ff^-'^'g'''-'h. Arm. 
^Eth. Hil. 2Q&'. 305". (quippe Vulg.) 

— iiSav B. 33. (tiav 33 ) | JfiJov <^. C. 
rel. Orig. iv. lOS". 209''.2o8e. Eus. D E. 
38*. in Ps. SIS". (526''.) 667'. 1 iiSvvi}- 
9t](Tav eideiv D. 

18. TOV aTTiipavTOQ BX. 33. Syr.Hcl. | 
Xtov airupovTog ^. CD. rel. (om. 
TOV .\.) 

19. ffvi'iivTOi;~\ (Ti'i'ioJ'roc DF. (^ffvvibiv- 
TOQ L.) I om. o niox A. 

19. tairapiievov Orig. i. 308". | UTrtipo- 
fiivov D. 

— avTov~\ avT(ov D. 

20. ovTo^ taTivl om. U. 

— Xoyoi'] add. /jou XA. /*. Syr.Hcl. 

— fu0i.f] (vBiwe EU. Orig. i. 308''. 

21. ^£ Orig. i. 308''. | om. LF. 

— IV Orig. i. BOS'". | om. D*Gr. 

— iavTifi Orig. i. 308''. | avrtji LA. 

— yivojiivtio] praem. r/ra sic. G. 

— ivQvQ Orig. i. 308''. | tvQtoig D. 33. 

22. Hs] tm 33. 

— ■ (77rapets'\ iTTreipofuvoQ D.^.JJ'-. 
(Contra, Vulg. h.f.ffKg'^.h.) 

— ^tipif-iva] fieptjftvi] K. 

— aicji'of] fadd. Tourou <;. C.rel. Vulg. 
b.c.f.ff'. Syrr.Crt P»t.&Hcl. Memph. 
iEth. Orig. i. (308''.) | om. BD. a.ff^. 
gKh./t. Arm. 

— TrXouToi'l irXovTovg D*. \ add. Kai ntpt 
Ta XvTra tTTtQvfijja eiaTTOpevonevaL (.sic) 

— TOV Xoyov] id, Syr.Crt. 

23. 1-1)1/ icaXiiv yi]v B.Btli/.CLA. 1. 33. 
Orig. i.aoti'. | %ttiv ytjv Trjv KnXijv S'. 
D. rel. 

— aKuvujv'] ante tov Xoyov D. (Latt.) 

Syn-.Crt.&Pst.l Contra,/. Syr.Hcl. rel. 
Orig. i. 308=. | aicovaae U. 

23. iTvviug B.nily.Blc.B. Orig. i. 308^ | 
^.(TvvLojv ^. C.rel. 

— 6sS>i Syr.Hcl. (Mcmph.) Orig.i.SOS". 
I Tor£ D. a.b.c.h. | et Vulg. f.ff '.g'-'-m. 
SyiT.Crt.&Pst. Arm. JEth. \ og ^t A. 

— sab fin.] add. o txi^v WTa okovuv 
aKovcTw G. (i.)m. Arm.Zoh. 

24. amipavTi BXA. 33. M. (Latt.) Syrr. 
Crt.&Pst.&Hcl.txt. Memph. ^th. 
(Orig. in schol. apud Mattheium.) ] 
XuTriipovTi '^. CD. rel. h. 
MS. Eus. in Es. 423". 558". 

— ayP'C avTov CL. rel. | ayp<[) eavTov 
B.Bch. \ iStqi aypij, D. £«s.iu Es. 423". 

25. firtairuptv B.Bch.Blc. 1. Vulg. a.b.c. 
d.f.ff^-'^-gKh.l Arm. Iren. Int. et ipse in 
coram. 287. (C/cm. 774.) (Orjj.iii. 134''.) 
I XiaTnipi 1^. CD. rel. e. Iren. Gr. (e 
Catt.) 287. 

— Kai ante a7r;;X9.] om. D*(corr.*) 

20. supra CI. \ 22. seminatus est CI. I 
23. ten-am bonam CI. | contcsimum CL I sexa- 
gesimum CI. \ aliud vcro trigesimum Ci. 



XIII. 27. 

^LX^/^ ^"^oirjaev, tot€ icpdurj Koi to. ^i^dvia. ~^ TrpocreXdouTes 

1.33. Se ol SovXot Tov otKoSeo-TTorov eiirov avrco, K.vpL€, 

EFGKMSUVr. , , ^, , J,, „,„„,'.' ,'^ ' 

ovx^ KaAov (TTvepfxa * eaireipes eurcp aco aypco; iroUev 

ovv e'xei ^ ^L^dvia; ^^ 6 8e e(f)r} avToh, 'Exdpos avOpco- 

TTOf TOVTO iTTOirjcrev. ol 8e SovXol ^ avrco Xiyovcriv, 

©e'Aet? ovv direXOovTes avXXe^cop.ev avra; ~' 6 8e 

* (p-qcriv," Ov, p.!] TTore cruXXeyovres rd ^i^duia eKpi^co- 

arjTe dp.a avrols tov ctltov. ^ d(j)eTe avvav^dveadai, 

dp.(poTepa * ewy" rod depiap^ov- koi eV* Kaipco tov 

6epi(Tp.ov epa toTs OepiaTOL^, ^vXXe^are irpcoTov ra 

^L^dvLa, Kol drjaaTe avrd [eiyj deap-a^ tt/jo? to Kara- 

KavaaL avra- tov 5e al.TOv * avvayert els rrjv airo- 

dtjKrjv p.ov. 

86 "^^ "'' AXXrjv TrapalSoXrjv TrapedrjKev avTols Xeywv, 

|| Quo/a iaTLV Y) BacriXela tcov ovpavcov kokkm criva- 

Lu. 13:18, 19. ~ ^ \ V ,/ , J: , „ 

Trewf, bv Xaficov dvOpcoTTOs eovreipev ev tco aypo) 
avTov ~ o p.iKpoTepov p.€v eaTLV iravTcov tcov cnrep- 
p.aTccv, orav 8e av^rjO^, p.ei^ov twv Xa^avcov earlv 
Kcu y[v€Tat SevSpov, cocrre iXdelv Ta TreTeiva tov 

ovpavov KOL ^ KaTacTKTjvoLV ev Tols KXa8oLS aVTOV. 

"Lii. 13: 20,21.'' f'' 87 '^^""AAAT^i' TrapajBoXrjv eXdXrjaev avroLS,'Op.o[a 
ecTTiv 77 fiaaiXela Tcav ovpavdv ^vprj, rjv Xa/Sovaa 

et fnictum fecisset, tunc appa- 
rueniiit et ziznnia. ^ Acce- 
dcntes autem servi patris fami- 
lias tUxerunt ei, Domino, nonne 
bonura semen seminasti in agro 
tuo? untie ergo liabet zizania? 
^' Et ait illis, Inimicus homo 
hoc fecit. Servi autcm di.xe- 
runt ei, Vis, iinus et coUigimus 
ea? ® Et ait, Non, ne forte 
colligentes ziz.ania cratlicetis 
simul et triticum cum cis. 
'" Sinite utraque cresccre usque 
ad messem, et in tempore messis 
dicam messoribus, Colligite pri- 
mmn zizania, et alligate ea fas- 
cicules ad comlmrendum; tri- 
ticum autcm congregate in hur- 
reura incuin. 

31 (137, 2.) Aliam paraboUun 
proposuit eis diceus. Simile est 
regnum caelorum gr.ano sinapis, 
quod accipiens liomo seminavit 
in agro suo: ^^ quod minimum 
quidem est omnibus seminibus; 
cum autem crevcrit, mains est 
omnibus Iioleril)US et fit arbor, 
ita ut volucres caeli veni.ant et 
habitent in ramis eius. 

33(138,5.) j^iiani parabolani 
locutus est eis dicens, '.Simile 
est regnum caelorum fermento, 

26. Km ult". Vulg. ./.Jf. Syrr.Pst.&Hcl. | 
cm. D. a.b.c.Jf\gKli. (hiat e). Syr.Crt. 

27. TTpoatXO. ttf] Kai npoatXB. V. 

— oiKo^i(riroTov~\ add. ikh%>ov D. 

• — tCTTTfipff CDXEFGV. I J CCTjrtipnj i^. 
BiLA. Is. 33. KsSU. I tawtipaiiev M. 

— ff(j] om. K. 

— £X"] ^xn E. 

— Jijai'ia] f praem. ra s". I>X. Syr.Hcl. 
mg. Memph. Arm.MSS. | om. B.Bch. 
CDA. 1. EFGKMSUVr. (hiat33.) Syr. 
Hcl.txt. Arm.Zoh. ('Ct^avtav E*). 

28. oi Sc ^oi^Xot CLX. rel. Vulg. fj}'. 
Syr.Hcl. (Arm.) (iEth.) | om. SovXoi 
B. g^.h. Memph. | D vid. infra. 

— avTif) Xeyovaiv BC. Memph. | JtiTroy 
avT(i, T. LX. rel. Vulg. /^'. Syr.Hcl. 
Arm. JEth. \ Xtyovaiv avTiii oi SovXoi 
D. ia.)b.c.e.Jf\<j'./i. (Syrr.Crt.&Pst.) 

— ovv f. Syr.Hcl. Xx\\. \ om. D. Vulg. 
a.b.c.e.ff'-^y'-^h. Syr.Pst. Ann. [Syr. 
Crt. Memph.] 

— (TuXXeJiu/itj'] ovXXi^o^iv L. 1. FKM. 
Ami. I avXXitovaav A. 

29. <l>iiaiv B.mii/.Blc.C. Vulg.'-''- 
g'-'-h. |\fy« avToigD. 


33. Syrr.Crt&Pst. Ami. iEth.|tf^); s. 
LX. rel. a. Syr.Hcl.ed. [Memph.anc] 

29. eKptZioiTtjre'] -citi F. 

— avToig TOV aiTov (VuIg.C!. ff'^g'-) 
(Syrr.Pst.&Hcl.*) (Memph.) (iEth.) 
(habent vv. "etiam" ante tov aiTov'). \ 
Kat TOV aiTov aw avTotg D. Am. Syr. 
Crt. Ann. | avv avT. r. air. P. | om. 
avToiQ a.b.c.f.ff'.g^.h. 

30. aiptTt] add. ovv L. 1. U. Syr.Hcl. f. 

— uvvav^avtadaC\ post aft<por. D. Latt. | 
av^aveaQai L. 1. 

— ew£ BD. I axpi L. I t^£XP« ^- C.rel. 
(hiat 33). | (om. tov HBtly. ut in ipsa 
collationo videtur). 

— Kcuptfi'] f praem. rifj T. CLE*. Syr. 
Crt. Memph. | om. Bi?e/i.DXA. 1. 33. 

— avTa 1°.] om. D. e f.h.h. 

— tiQ BsC. rel. Vulg. a. ff\ Syr.Hcl. 
Memph. Ann.MSS. iEth.] om. DLXA. 
I. 33. Am. For. (Latt. rel.) Syrr.Crt. 
&Pst. Arm.Zoh. (/rcn. 325.) {Orig. 
iii. ISS^) 

— ctujiaQ'] otirfxa 33. 

— avra 2". //(. | om. H. Latt. rel. Arm. 

30. (Tvvayire BBtly. 1. T. (hiat 33.) | 
%avvayaytrt 'S'. C. rel. | (TuvXf yerai D. 

31. wapteijKiv BsC. rel. Vulg. ff'.g'"- 
Syrr.Pst.&Hcl. rel. | iXaXiiaiv DL*. 1. 
(hiat 33>. a.b.c.e.f.Jp.h. Syr.Crt. 

— avToio] add. 6 IjjtjovQ L*. 

— bpoia earn'] ijjfwuoQii L. Arm.MSS. 

32. Tuiv ffTT.] om Ttov D*. 

— av^ij9g~\ av^r)(7y D. 

— /ift^ojv] fxei^ujv D, II add. TravTtov K. 
Latt. (exci/.) Syrr.Crt.Pst.&Hcl. iEth. 
(rid. Mar.) | Contra, Memph. Arm. 

— iXOuv Ta 7r€T. t. ovp. Kai d.h. \ Ta iriT. 
T. ovp. iXQtiv Kai 1, Vulg. a.b.c.f.ff''^' 
y'-^- JEth. I om. 6X9eti' et koi M. e. 

— KaraaKijvoiv B*i?c/i. (disci"te)D. | Jko- 
TaaKjjvovv ^. H'^Bch.C. rel. 

33. tXaXtjoiv avToig BsL. rel. (Latt.) 
Syrr.Pst.&Hcl. | om. D. /i. Syr.Crt. ] 
■KaptBiiKiv avToiq C. || add. Xfywi' CL 
XMU. Am.gV,.!. Arm.l Contra, BsD. 
rel. (Latt.) rel. 

— yuvq] add. sapiens Syr.Crt. 

29. cum eis et triticum CI. \ iu fasciscnlos 
CI. I 33 om. dicen.sCT. For. Ftfld. 

XIII. 42. 


yvuj] iveKpvy^ev eh aXevpov o-dra rpia, etwy ov i^v/xiodr] 

Vulg. a. b. c. 
Syrr. C. P. H. 
Arm. JEth. *^4 m - ' > ' t »T - > 

p\e '' ° FavTa iravra eXaX-rjcreu o Irjaov^ eu Trapa- 

•■"■4-33-34-^ ^oAttiy TOLf oxXoif, Kcu •^((typLS irapa^oXr^s ^ ovhev" 

iXdXeL avT0i9' ^ oircos TrXrjpcoBrj to prjOev 8ia tov 

<• Vs. 78:2. Trpo(f)riTov Xeyovros, ^ 'Avol^co iy Ta^pcc/SokaTg ro i7ro[i,a, 

pn 83 3b ^Q^g a^ety tovs o^Xov^ rjXOdv els tijv olKiav*- 
Koi * irpoarrjXOav" avTw oi pad-qTol aurov Xeyoi^res, 

36. i'paaov I'lfi'iv * Ai.a(rd(f)r](rou" r]pA.v ttjv rrapafioXrjv tcdv Q^avicou 
TOV dypou. "" 6 8e diroKpiOeh elireu^ O cnrapcov to 
KaXov cnreppa eaTiv 6 vlos tov dudpcoTrov '' o oe 
dypos eaTLV 6 Koap-os' to Se KaXov aireppa, outol 
elaiv ol viol Trj? ^aa-iXelas' to. 8e ^i^auia elcriv ol 
VIOL TOV TTOvrjpov ' o 06 e\dpos o aireipas avTa 
iaTLv 6 Sid^oXos- 6 Se Oepiapos avvTeXeia ^ aluivos 
ecTTiv OL oe tfepicTTai ayyeXoL eicnv. coaTrep ovv 
(TvXXeyeTaL to. ^i^duia, kcu irvpl * KaleTai, ovtcos eaTai 

§ p • eV TY] avvTeXeia tov alwvos:^ . aTrocrreAet o vlos tov 

dvOpcoTvov Tovs dyyeXovs avTOv, kol avXXe^ovaLv €/c 
Trji ^aa-iXeias avTOV rrauTa Ta aKavSaXa Kai. tovs 
TTOLOvvTas TTju dvopiav, "*" Kol iSaXovaiu avTovs els 

quod acccptum mulier ab- 
ecoTidit in farinae satis tribus, 
donee fernieutatum est totum. 

31 (135,6.) Haec omnia loctitus 
est lesus in parabolis ad turbas, 
et sine parabolis non loquebatur 
eis; ^'' ut adirapleretiir quod 
dictum erat per prophetam di- 
centera, Aperiam in parabolis 
OS meum ; eructabo abscondita 
a constitutione mundi. 

36 (NO, 10.) Tunc dimissis tur- 
bis venit in doraum, et accesse- 
runt ad eura discipuli eins di- 
centes, Dissere nobis parabolain 
zizaniorura agri. " Qui re- 
spondens ait. Qui semlnat bo- 
num semen est filius hominis, 
^" ager autem est mundus; bo- 
num vero semen, hi sunt filii 
regni; zizania autem filii sunt 
nequam ; ^ inimicus autem qui 
seminavit ea est diabolus; mes- 
sis vero consummatio saeculi 
est; messores autem angeli sunt. 
""' Sicut ergo colliguntur ziza- 
nia, et igni comburuntur, sic 
erit in consuraraatione saeculi. 
*' Mittet filius hominis angelos 
suos, et coUigent de regno eius 
omnia scandala et eos qui fa- 
ciunt iniquitatem, " et raittent 
eos in caminum ignis : ibi erit 

33. iviKpviptv Clem. 694. | iupviptv L. 1. 

— fig] IV C(s(c). 

— aara rpia] om. Syr.Crt. 

34. ovScv B.Btlt/.Blc.CAM. f. Syr.Hcl. 
Arm. Clem. 803. Orig.iii. 3'^.\Xovk s- 
D. rel. (Latt.) Memph. (ut vid.) Syrr. 
Crt.&Pst. jEth. Oiig. iii. 446''. Or!g. 
Int. ii. 202'. Ens. in Ps.462'i.463« Tert. 
de Res. Cam. 34. (vid. Mar. vi. 33). 

— fXaXfi] -\t)(Ttv A. I -\(; EMr. 

35. ?ia] add. 'llaaiov 1. 33. ^th.Tn. 
quidam ap. Eus. in Ps. 462''. (^Hom.Cl. 
18. 15). I Contra, vv. rel. Eus. 
in Ps. 462** diserte. (tv roig dKpij3i(Tnf 
ai'TiypatpoiQ) 463*^. Hter. in loc. vii.95. 

— KaTajioXtis^ add. fk-oufiou S'. CD. rel. 
(Latt.) rel. Hom.Cl. 18. 15 (vid. Matt. 
XXV. 34. Rom. i. 20. etc.) | om. B. 1. e. 
Syr.Crt. iEth. OWj?. iii. 695\ (sed qu: 
e Psal.) {Eus. in Ps. 462=. 463<-. bis.) 

36. oii-iaj'] add. avTov 1. Arm. MSS. Orig. 
iii.3''.4«. 442».481'>. | fadd- <> I';ffo«c 
S. C. rel. f.h. Syrr.Pst.&Hcl. I om. BD. 
I. (Latt.) Syr.Crt. Memph. ^Eth. Orig. 
iii. 4''. 442». | post ijXfltj' T. trsp. Ami. 

36. Trpoai]\9av B.Blly. 33. | | TTpoffTjXQor 
^. CD. rel. Or/j. iii. 4''.442». 481". 

— avTov'] om. 1. e. Arm.Zoh. 

— XiyovTic Orig. iii. 4''. 442*. 481". lom. 

— ha<Taipr]aov B. Orig. iv. 254». enarra 
a.b.g'.h. (narra/f^.) | t^pa(Tov '^.CD.rel. 
Orig. iii. 3":. 4"-'=- 442». 481". edissere 
(diss.) Vulg.C/. {Am). ic).f.(ff').W)- 
{vid. cap. XV. 15.) 

37. iiTTiv'] fadd.aiiToif s'- C.rel. Vulg.C/. 
c.{e).f.g\h. Syrr.Crt.Pst.&Hcl. Arm. ] 
om.BD. Am. a.b.ff'-^-g'.l. Memph. ^th. 
Orig. iii. 443'=. {vid.) 

38. 6 KOff/u.] om. 6 A. 

— (imv 01 v'lot 2"] I oi wot sicriv A. Vulg. 
a.b.c.ff'-^- Syr.Crt. (Contra, e.f.g'.h.m. 
SnT.Pst.&Hcl. Iren. 288.) | om. oi M. 
{sic, habet 1°). 

TOV TTOV.] om. TOV A. 

39. o ^c fxSpos'] om. Syr.Crt. | 6 le aypoc 
txdpoe A. 

— o aTTiipag avra lariv C(L). rel. Vulg. 
(a.b^.c.f.Jf.gKh. \ kjtiv 6 mmpas avra 
B. I o airiipaQ lariv D. ff\ (qui ilia 
scminavii ;«.) | ffTrttjoat;] tnrupojv L. 

39. liafSoXoe'] om. 6 B.Btly. | malus 

— awivog] f pracm. tov '^. C.rel. Memph. 
(On3.iii.444^) ] om.BD. 33. Orig.iv. 

40. avWeyiTai'] post Ta ^iZ,avia L. | avv- 
XeyovTai D. 

— icauTai CLXA. 33. EFGKMSUVr | 
"iKaTaKauTaL ^.Bs. \s. \ KaTaKaiovrai D. 

— i(7Tai] add. sai K*. 

— £)/] om. K. 

— aiwi'oc] fadd. TovTov S". CP. rel. f.h. 
Syrr.Pst.&Hcl. Memph.|om. BD. 1. r. 
(Latt. rel.) Syr.Crt. Arm. Mi\\. Iren. 
287. Orig. Lit. iii. 870''. Hil. 1103''. 

41. a7ro(7reXfi Orig. iii. 456''. | aTrooTuXst 
P. I aTTOff-fXXfi r. (mox ora. Tovg A). 

— avTov 1°] om. F. 

— rove TTotovvTag'] praem. omncs S\Tr. 
Crt.Pst.&Hcl. (Contra, Iren. 287. Orig. 
iii. 456''. 

42. PaXovmv BsCP. rel. Orig. iii. 444"=. 
456''. Iren. 287. \ fiaXXovaii' DX. (Cod. 
Vulg. ap. Lachmannum). 

35. implei-etur CI. | 36. edissere CI. | 37. ait 
iUis CI. 


B C D (P) rz]. 

LX A. 



48. avajii^. 


Tr]v Ka/jLivov tov irvpos' (Kei earai 6 KXavOfxos Kol 6 
^puy/xos TU)v obovTwv. Tore ol SlKaioL eKXajxy^ovaiv 
wf 6 {]Xiof eu rrj jSaa-iXeia tov Trarpoy avTwv. 6 i)(^cou 
cora \_dKoueiuJ aKoverw. 

89 ^'O/iola iaTLv rj jSaaiXela tu>v ovpavcav Orjcrav- 
pS KeKpvixjxeva) eV tco u-ypm, ov evpcou avOpcoTros 
eKpv^ev Kou airo rrj^ xapas avrov virayeL kcu ^TrcoAet 
■KOLVTa oaa e'^et," kou dyopa^ei tov dypov eKelvov. 

90 ^ YldXiv bpoia eaTiv rj l3aaiXeta twv ovpa- 
vu)V dvOpoiiTui ep-TTopw ^rjTovvTL KaXovs p-apyapiTas' 
^^evpcov 8e" eva iroXvTLp.ov p.apyap[Tr]u, ccTreXdcou iri- 
TrpaKev iravTa ocra elx^v, Kai rjyopacrev avTOv, 

91 YIolXlv ofioia ecTTLV rj /SaaiXeia tSiv ovpavwv 
o-ayrjvrj (iX-qOeiar) els ttjv OaXacraau kou e'/c iravTos 
yivovs (Tvvayayovcrrj, '^ rji> otc eTrXrjpwdr] dvafiL^d- 
cravTes (TTi tov alyiaXov kcu. KadiaavTes avveXe^av 


f P 

Ta KaAa ety * ocyyr], tu oe aarrpa e^w epaAov. ov- 
Tcof €(TTm ev TYj crvvTeXela tov alcouof e^eXevcrovTat 
ol dyyeXoi kol dcpopiovcnv tovs irovqpovs e'/c fxeaov 
Twv SiKaicov, ' Kol fiaXovaiv avTOVs fif ttjv Kafiivov 
TOV TTvpos' eKel ecTTaL 6 KXavOfios kol o ^pvypcos twv 
oSovTCov.^ ■ * crvvr]KaTe TavTa irdvTa; Aeyovaiv avTco, 

XIII. 43. 

Actus ctstriflordcntinm. "Tunc 
iusti f'uli^ebunt sicut sol in rcfrno 
patris sui. Qui habet aiires aii- 

" Simile est rejinnm caclo- 
rnm thesauro alisconcUto in 
agro, quern qui iuvcnit liumo 
abscondit, et pruc gaudio illius 
vadit et veiidit univcrsa quae 
habet, ct emit agrum ilium. 

■'> IteiTim simile est regnum 
caeloriim homini negotiator! 
quaerenti bonas margaritas, 
•"• inventa autem una pretiosa 
margarita, abiit et veiididit 
omnia quae habuit, et em it cam. 

" Iteriim simile est regnum 
caclorum sagcnae missac in 
marc [et] ex omni gcnercpis- 
ciumcongreganti, ''" quam cum 
impletaesset educentcsct secus 
litus sedentes elegerunt bonos 
in vasa, malos autem foras mi- 
serunt. ■" Sic erit in consum- 
mationc saeculi : cxihunt an- 
geli et separabunt malos de 
medio iustorum, ^" et mittent 
cos in caniinum ignis: il)i erit 
fletus et stridor dentiiim. *' In- 
tellexistis haec omnia? Dicunt 

43. f.K\an^ov(yiv] \afi\l/ov<nv T). Ortg, iii. 

— TOV iraTpoQ avTiav'\ caelorum. Arm. 

— axoviiv CDP. rel. Vulg.CT. c.f.Jf'-''- 
g'-'-h. Orig. iii. 444'!. Hil. 1103' (sed ? 
MSS.)\om.Knch.BIc. Am. For. a.b.e.k. 

— uKoviTiti'] om. F*. 

44. 6/ioia] f praem. iraXiv <;. CP. rcl. 
f.h. Syrr.Pst.&Hcl. Arm. Orig. iii 446». 

Hil. 677». (vid. vcrr. 45, 47). | om.BD. 
(Latt.) Syr.Crt. Memph. ^th. 

— 7-y aypn> Orig. i. 186. | om. r^ D. 

— avOpu)Trog Orig, | rig D. 

— TTioXtt (7rai'ra)o(7rt £^£1 (B)D. 1. Latt. 
(cxc. /.) Syrr, Crt. & Pst. ( Memph.) 
Orig. Int. 39=. {Orig. iii. 446'.) (om. 
wai'Ta B. Arm. MSS. Orig. iii. 446',) 
I %TravTa baa t^ii ttuoXu f^. CP. rcl./. 
Syr.Hcl. Arm. TEth. Orig.\. 186. 

45. av0pu)-Kii) CDP. rel. Orig. iii. 448''. 
451''. I om. B. 

46. ei'pwi' St H.Btli/.Blc.Dl,. 1.33. Vulg. 
a.h.c.{e).ff'.h.l. Syrr.Crt.&Pst. Arm. 
iEth. (ubi autem invenit Cijpr. 230). 
I Joe liipuiv <S. CP. rel./. Syr.Hel. 


46. iva Vulg. c.f.ffK Syrr.Pst.&Hcl. Arm. 
..^th. Orig. iii. 448". 801»(Aw).lom.D. 
a.J.e.j'./i.Syr.Crt. Cyj9r.239.[?Memph.] 
(bonam, Syr.Crt.) 

— irtTTpaKiv Orig. iii. i\S^.\i7Ttji\T}i7tv D. 

— Travra iaa'] a D. quaeeumque a.c. 
Jf-lh. (Centra, Vulg. rel.) 

— "X"'] ^'i'l- 8' venit. Syr.Crt. 

47. pXrieuay^ jiXijeuaa ? X'* ut vid. E*. 

— ainfayayov(jy~\ cvvayovny'EiY.\Gin>a- 
TTayovay A. | (Tvvayovaiv L. 

48. i;j' ore Vnlg. c.ff'. Syrr.(Pst.)&Hcl. 
(Memph.) Arm. (^th.)i6r£ SiB.a.b. 
ie).f.ff\g\h. (Syr.Crt.) 

— avafiifiaaavTig BsCP. rel. Vulg. c.ff^. 
Arm. I avi^iPaaav D. a,b.e.f.£^.g'.h. 
Memph. Mth. II add. avrtiv DPAS.\h. Syrr.Crt.&Pst. | Contra, 
BsC. rel. Vulg. c.ffK Ann. iEth. [Syr. 
Hel. Memph. ancc] 

— £jri TOV aiyiaXov kcu BDP. rel. b.e./.Jf". 
g'.li. Syrr.Crt.Pst.&Hcl. Memph. Arm. 
jEth. Ik-ai ejrt tov myiaXov C. 1. Vulg. 
c.ff'.g''. Orig.Int. iii. 359=. | om. Kai L. a. 

— KaXa'] KaXXtOTU D. Syr.Crt. 

i%. Hi ayyt] (B.B^.ut vid.)C*. 1. Orig. 
iii. (454».)456«. 457''. (ayyija pro lee- 
tione B exprcssit Fordius.)|Eig Jnyyem 
S". A. rcl. Or/^. iii. 456''.](aym L. ayyta 
CU^X.) 1 iig Ta ayyia D. | fig ayyiiov 
33. I om. Syr.Crt. 

— £/?aXoi'] efiaXav D. \ e^tfSaXXov X. \ 
tjSaXXov AV. 

49. auovng Orig. in. 456''. \ Korrpov D. 

50. jSaXovmv Orig. iii. 456=. | jSaXXovuiv 

51. (7i'i');Kar£] f praem. Xeyn avroig u lij- 
mvg s, C. rel, f.gU. SjTr.(Crt.)Pst.& 
Hcl. Arm, (et dixit a. praem. etiara, 
"discipnlis suis" Syr.Crt.) | om.BD. 
Schol. Gr. Vulg. kc.e.ff''-'- Memph. 
jEth. OWsr.iii.457'', (ut iii'rf.) 

— TavTa Travra] iravra Tavra M. 

— vai\ fadd. Kupi£ ^, C, rel. a.b.c.e.f. 
g'-li. Syrr.Pst.&Hcl. Mcmjih. Arm. 
Orig. Int. iv. 5.')4». | om. B.Blh/.BIc.T). 
1. SckOr. Vulg.#i-^A. Syr.Crt. Syr, 
Ilier. iEth.(Platt.) Hil. 678'', 

43. p.atris eorura CI. \ arires audiendi CI. \ 
47. ot CI. For. om. Am. Fuhl. \ 50. mittcut ignis 
iu cam. ignia (.sic) Ant. 

XIV. 2. 

Vulg. a. h. c. 
Syrr. C. P. H. 

Arm. £th. 


1 1I Mar. 6: 2-6. 
' Jo. 6:42. 

§ zt 

■ Jo. 4 : +4. 

Na£^ ^'6 Be clirev avroh, Aia tovto 7ra? ypa^ifJiaTevi 
fj.a0i]T€v0€\9 'rrj fiaaLXeia tcov ovpavatv o/xoiof ecrriv 
avOpcoTTCo otKodeaTTOTy], oaTis e/c/3aAAei e'/c tov 0i]aav- 
pov avTov Kaiua Kai iraKaia. 

92''"'iKai iylvero ore ireXeaev 6 'l-qcrov? ras 

P>'" irapa^oXas ravras, p.eTT]pev eKeWev ^ kol iXOcou els 
TTjv Tvarpiba avTov ehiBaaKev avrovs ev tttj avvaycoyr] 
avTcoi; wcrre * eKirXi^aaeaBaL avTovs kul Xeyeiv, 
YioOev TOVTW T] (TOipla avTrj kol al Swap-eis j '^ ^ ov^ 
ovTos eaTLV 6 tov reKTOuof vlof; * ov)( rj py]Trjp 
avTov'^ XeyeraL ^lapcap, Koi ol dSeX(j)o). avTou luKcofSos 
KOL *'I&)O"570" Koi ^ificou KOL 'lovSas ; " /ctti at ddeX- 
(])al avTov ov-)(l Trdaai irpos rjpds elaiv ; iroOev ovv 
TovTco ravra Travra: ^^ koi ^ eo-KavSaXitovro ev avTw. 

^^^ 6 Se 'Irjaovs eiirev avrois,^ Ovk eariu Trpo^rjTrjs arip-os 
el nr/ ev rfj Trarpidi. * kol ev rrj oIkiol avTOv. ^ koi ovk 
eTTolrjcrev eKel Svvap.ec9 iroXXas Slu ttjv dTriaTiav 

ei, Etiam. ^' Ait illis, Ideo oni- 
nis ^criba ductus in regno 
caelurum siniilis ust homini 
patri fainllias, qui profert tie 
thesatiro sue nova et veteva. 

'" Et factum est cum consum- 
masset lesus parabolas istas, 
trausiit iniie. "('". '•' Et ve- 
niens in patriam suiim docebat 
cos in synagogis eorum, ita ut 
mirarentur et dicerent, Unde 
huic sapientia baec et virtus? 
" Nonne hie est fabri iilius? 
Nonne mater eius dicitur Maria, 
et tVatres eius Jacobus et loseph 
ct Simon et ludas? ^^ Et so- 
rores eius nonne omnes apnd 
nos sunt ? Unde ergo huic 
omnia ista? " Et scaiidaliza- 
bantur in eo. <'"•'•' lesus au- 
tem dixit eis, Non est propheta 
sine lionore nisi in jjatria sua et 
in domo sua. *' Et non fecit 
ibi virtutus multas propter in- 
credulitatem illorum. 






YiV eKeLvco tco Kaipca rjKovcrev UpcoSrjs o re- '(Mn.ioin nio temiiore au- 

2 \ 'J " \ diit Herodes tetrarcba famain 

/cat etTrej/ TOL? iraiaLV lesu, = et ait pueris suis. Hie 

aVTOV, OvTOS eaTLV 'Icodvvrj? 6 jBaiVTiaT-qS' aVTOS cstlohannesbaptista: ipsesur- 

^ II Mar. 6: 14—29. rpap^T]? TTJV aKOrfV '\ri(TOV, 

457''. Eus. in Ps. 206^ (ut vid.). 
52. 6 ct Syr.Hcl.txt. b.c.Jf'.g'.h. (biat a). 
Arm. iEth. ] om. D. Syrr.Crt.&Pst. 
Vulg. /.£"'. Memph. ji add. lijaovs C. 

— eiTrey B txt.C. rel. ] Xtyu B mg.D. 

— /io9ij7-£t/9£if] jxaQtiTivdi} L. 

— j-y /3a(Tl\£^5^ BC. 1.33. K. e. Memph. 
Arm. ^Eth. Onj. iii. 459''. (458'". 459^)| 
eadem, praem. iv DM. (Latt.) lien. 
237. Mil. 61 if'. I Jfie rrtv fla(n\tiav 
S'. L. rel. 

— EK/3aX\£i] £/c/3a\£i LEG. I npo(piplt 1. 
Orig. 460>-'l- 

54. iXBuivl rjXBtv L. 

— £KTr\ti<T(T(iT9ai BCD(L)XA. 1. 33. (E 
F)GUy. iiKTrXiimaeai LEF.) Eus. in 
Ps. 373=. I tiK7!-\,iTTt<Teai S". KMsSs. 
Orig. iii. 462=. 

— roi'ry] add. natra D. .^th. Eus. in 
Ps. 398^ ad Steph. i. 223. | Contra, Orig. 
iii. 462". Eus. in Ps. 373". 

— Kai ai Svvanue Eus. in Ps. 398". 
ad Steph. i. 223. j om. 1. Eus. in 
Ps. 373<=. 

55. TEKroi'of] praem. Josejihi a.b.Jf'^.g'. 
Syr.Crt. (add. A.) 1 om. Vulg. c.e.f.ff .g\ 
Orig. id. 462''. iv. 115=. 269^ Eus. in 
Ps. 373=. 398^ ad Steph. i. 223. 

— ovx 2°. S.Btlt/.CX 33. M. Orig. iii. 462''. 
iv. 115=. 269''. Eus. in Ps. 373=. \ Jouxt 
<^. T>. rel. Eus. ad Steph. i. 223. \ (M 
habet ante cum rel. ovx ovtoq). 

— Mapia/i BsD. rel. Orig. iii. 462''. iv. 1 1 5=. 
269". I Mapia C. Eus. ad Steph. i. 223. 

— Iu(T/)^ BC. 1.33. Latt. (exc.d.A.) SyiT. 
Crt.& Memph. Aim. 1. Orig. 
iii. 462«. iv. 115". Eus. aA Steph. i. 223. 
I %lui<nig ^. LAIC. k. Syrr.Pst.&Hcl.txt. 
Ai"m.Zoh. .iEth. I lairi] S. innig. | luiav- 
v,)Q DXEF(Wtst.)GMSt.N.tUVr. Orig. 
iv. 282=. 

56. TTpoQ >)/iac] Trap' ijpiv A. 

— OKI'] om. M. 

— ravra ffaira BsC. 1. 33. JlSiUr.SKS. 
in Ps. 373''. | wavra ravra DLXAEF 

57. tv avr(ft'] ug avTov X. 

— inriv~\ Xiyii Z. Orig. iii. 464=. 

— Trn-pi^i] fadd. avrov <^. C(vid. inf.) 


L.rel. Vulg. b.c.f.Jf^.g^---h. Syrr.Crt.Pst. 
&Hcl. Memjih. Arm. ./Eth. Orig. iii. 
462''. 464=. I praem. lOi? CZ. ff'. Orig. 
iii. 133'. 1 om. utr. BD. 33. a.k. (C ha- 
bet utr., vid. supra). 

57. Kai £)' rp oiKif avrov'] om. L. Harl.* 
f.g'. (baec praetermittit Orig. iii. 464). 

58. Ti/v aTTiartav Orig. iii. 466". | rag 
airKJTtiag T>. 

1. £K£ii'(()] add. ce D. Syrr.Crt.&Pst. 
Memph. | Contra, Orig. iii. 467''. 

— 'Hpaicijsl praem. o X. 

— rerpapxns BsDL. rel. 
Graece. \ rtrpaapx^JQ CZA. Memph. 

2. oiVoe] praem. fiijri D. b.f.g'.h. | Con- 
tra, Vulg. a.c.ff'-'-'g'. Orig. iii. 467''. 

— /3a7rr(OT/j(;] add. 6v £yw aTreKe(pa- 
Xicra D. a.b.ff'.g-.k. \ Contra, Vulg. 

— avroQ BsDZ. rel. 0;(jf. iii.469=. 521=. 
(ed.) I oiirue C. 1. Orig. iii. 521=. 

54. et virtutes CI. | 55. frHter Am. 
1. ftudivit CI. 



XIV. 3. 


IjU. 20 

BCDrPl(Z)mi. »//)>\" ~ vt^ - ' ss ' 

\xA[e]. vyfptfr] aTTO tcov veKpcov, Kai oia tovto at dvvafieis' 

vmrvw'iTm''''^ ^vepyovaiv ev avra. ^"6 yap 'HpcoSi]? Kparrjaas tov 

(D. icoavvrjv eorjcreu avTov kul *ev tt] (puAaKrj aireoero 

11.3. 19, 20. ^^^ Y{pa)8ia8a ttjv yvvaxKa ^iXlTnrov tov d8eX(f)ov 

avTov. eXeyev yap avrS 6 'Icoavvr]^, Ovk e^eariu 

21 croL e^eiv avTr]v. kolI OeXcov avrov airoKTelvaL^ e(j)o- 

--' g' PA" ^TjOrj TOV b-)(Xov, OTL o)? '7rpo(f)rjT7]i' avTov ei^ov. *"* yeve- 

aiois 8e yevojievois tov WpwSov apyrjaaTO rj OvyaTrjp 

TrJ9 apcoSiaSof ev tco jieaco, Kal rjpeaev tco UpcoSr)- 

' odev jxeO opKov ayfioXoyrjcrev avTrj Sovvai b * av 

alTrjarjTai. ^ iq Be irpojiifiaa-delcra viro ttj? ixrjTpos 

avTrjs, Aoy p-oi, (f)T}crLV, mSe eirl TrivaKi ttjv K€(j)aXr]v 

Icoauvov TOV ^ ^aiTTicTTOv. ^ Kal * Xvir-qOels" fSaaiXevs 

8ia Wovf opKOV9^ Kcu Tovf (rvvavaK€iiJ.€vov9 eKeXevaev 

Sodrjvar Kal ireixy^rai aTreKecpaXtcrev * 'Icoavvrjv ev 

TYj (pvXaKrj. Kal r]ve-)(6ri rj KecpaXr] avTOV eirl TTivaKi 

Kai eSodt] TCO Kopaaiw, Kal rjveyKev tt) /irjTpl avTrjs- 

' Kai irpoaeXdovTes ol /ladrjTal avTov rjpav to 

^TTTa/xa Kal eOayj/av ^avTov" Kat eXOovTes airrjyyeLXav 

Tm Ir](T0v. 


rexit a mortuis, et idee rirtutes 
operantur in eo. '('■".^•>He- 
rodes enim tenuit lohannem et 
alligavit cum et posiiit in car- 
cerem propter Herodiadem ux- 
orera fratris sui. * Dieebat 
enim illi lohanncs, Non licet 
tibi habere earn. ' Et volens 
ilium occidere timuit populum, 
quia sicut prophetam cum ha- 
bebant. * '"'. '■> Die autem na- 
talis Herodis saltavit filia He- 
rodiadis in medio, et placuit 
Herodi; ' unde cum iuramento 
pollicitus est ei dare quodcum- 
que postulasset ab eo. ' At ilia 
pracmonita a matre sua. Da 
mihi, inquit, hie in disco caput 
lohannis baptistae. ' Et con- 
tristatus est rex; propter iura- 
mentum autem et eos qui pariter 
recumbebant iussit dari, '" mi- 
sitque et decoUavit lohannem 
in carcere. " Et allatum est 
caput eius in disco et datum est 
puellae, et tulit matri suae. 
"^ Et accedentes discipuli eius 
tulerunt corpus et sepelierunt 
illud, et venientes nuntiaverunt 

2. al Ivva/jiie evepyovmv'] ivepy. n'l Svv. 
M. magna est potestas ejus Syr.Cit. 
(^evapyovan' D*). 

— iv Orig. iil 52}'. | om. Z. 

3. 'Hpiuc);f] add. rare B. | Contra, CDZ. 
rel. Orig. iii. 469"=. 

— avTov Or»jf. iii.469':.lom.B.^'.A. Orig. 
iii. 470'=. 

— Kai ev Tp ipvXaKy airiBiTo B. ff^.h. \ 
Kai aTTiQtTo IV ry (jivXaKy 1. Or!'^. iii. 
i~l'''.\iv ipvXaKy Kai airidtTo 33. Orig. 
iii. 470''. I Jk-ai lOtro ev ipvXaKJi <^. 
CL.rel. Vulg.'.gK Syrr.Crt.Pst. 
&Hcl. Mcmph. Arm. | ev ry ipvXaKy 
tantum D. a (ut vid. e spat.) e.k. ^th. 
OWj. iii. 469'^(Wrf.) | ev ry ipvXaKy .... 
Z (sequ. ut vid. e spatio Kai eOero s. for- 
tasse Kai aireOero.') 

— ry (fivXaKy BDZ. 1. Meraph. Orig. 
iii.469<'.471''. | *om. ry T- CX(sic). 
33. rel. Orig. iii. 470''. 

— <t>iXnr-!rov] om.D.Vulg.a.ce.ff'.g'.k.] 
Contra, Gat. Mm. h/.jp.g^.h. Orig. iii. 

— ad fin.] add. b-i avrrjv eyajiriaiv 

4. avTifi"] post lu)avvr]Q H.Bch.Z (in utro- 
que loco Q.Btly.) | Contra, CD. 1. 33. 
rel. Latt. rel. On^. iii. 470'=. 

— u ante Iwaj/.] om. D. 


4. ouk] praem. on M. 

— sub fin.] uxorem fratris tui fff^. \ add. 
in uxorem SyiT.Crt.&Pst. 

5. on] evei B.txt. (cor. inmg.*) 

— eixov'] exov A. | add. Johannem Syr. 
Crt. ^th. 

6. yeveuioiQ de yevofievoi^ BDZL. (yeve- 
(Tiiov ^e yevofievujv CK.) Syrr.Crt.Pst. 
&Hcl.txt. Memph. Ann. ^th. | yeve- 
(Tiotg ^e ayofjievoig 1. | ^yeveffiiov ^e 
ayofievuiv ■; . XA. 33. EGMSsUVF. (hiat F). | die autem na- 
talis. (Latt.) sed cum advenisset dies 
natalis ff'. : natale autem facto d. 

— TijQ 'Hpto^ia^oQ Orig.ii.ii'^. \ avrov 
'Hp(jj?ias D Gr. 

7. fieff^ utT X. 

— wfioXoyrjrrev'] lofiotrev Z. S3T.Pst. 

— avTy Sovj'ai'] Sovvai avry 1, K. 

— av BD. 33. | {eav '^. CZ. reL 

— fin.] add. ab eo Latt. (hiat a). Mth. 

8. SoQ fioi (priutv BCZ. rel. Vulg. p'. Syr. 
Hcl. Memph. Ann. ] eivev Sog fioi D. 
a.b.c.f.(ff'-yh.l. Syrr.Crt.&Pst. JEth. 

— biSe] om. a.b.c./.ff'-'g'.h. Memph. | 
Contra, Vulg. etAm. For.(_s\c}g''. (hiat e). 
w. rel. 

— ewi TTivaKi BCZ. rel. | om. D. 

— Tiivl om. D*. (mox tov Iwav. A). 

9. XvTTijOeig BD. 1. a. \ j£Xiijr;)9i) T- C. 

rel. Vulg.<-'-gKh. S)TT.Crt.Pst.& 
Hcl. Memph. Arm. ^Eth. [liiant Z. 33]. 

9. fiaaiXevg^ add. Herodes Latt. exc. 

— 5<a] tadd. h T. CZ. rel. Vulg. (c). 
f.g\ SyiT.(Crt.)Pst.&Hcl. Memph. 
Arm.|om.BDL*. 1. a.b.ff<-^-g\h. JSth. 

— KOI Tove BsC. rel. Vulg. g''. SyiT.Pst. 
&Hcl. Memph. Arm. | Kai ha tovq D. 
a.b c.f.ff''^ g'.h. Syr.Crt. ^Eth. [hiat Z]. 

— dodijvat] add. av-y 1. Syrr.Crt.&Pst. 
Arm. JEth. 

10. Iwai')');i'] f praem. rov '^. CD. rel. | 
om. BZe. 1. 

11. £7r(] eiri Tt^ D. \ ev ri^ 1, 

— r]veyKev'\ add. puella b.c.fff'.g'.h. 
Syr.Crt. Memph. ] Contra, Vulg. g'. 
vv. rel. (Jiiant a.e). \ add. avrijv M, 

12. 7rpo<xeX9ovTeg~\ eXBovreg Z. Orig. iii. 

— aurou] add. Kai E**, 

— TTTwfia BCDL. 1. 33, Syrr.Crt.&Pst. 
Memph. [hiat Z.] ] J aui/ia S". X.rel. Syr. 
Hcl. ("corpus" Latt. quo vocabulo 
pro TTTuip.a et niSpa utuntur). ||add. 
avTov DL. Vulg.C/. c.f.ff'-'-f.h.l. Syrr. 
Crt.&Pst. ^th. 1 Contra, BC. rel. Am. 
a.b.gK Syr.Hcl. Slemph. Arm. 

11. attulit CL I 12. corpus ejus CL 


€v irXoLco eif ep-qjiov tottov Kar ISiav. kol aKovaavres 
ol oyXoi rjKoXovdriaav avTcp 7re^ oltto rav ttoAscou. 
^^Kal e^eXdcou^ elSev ttoXvv oxXou, ^ kol iairXay- 
XViO'dr] eV ' avTois" Koi idepawevaeu tov9 appaarovs 

95 ^^ '0\\ria9 8e yevojxivrjs * irpoarjXOav avra> ol 
/xaOriraV Xeyovres^ 'KprjfJLOs eaTiv 6 tottov, kou t] 
capa r]8r] iraprjXdev airoXvaov tovs o^Xovs, tva aTreX- 
Oovres et? ra^ Kco/xas ^ ayopdcrcoaiu eavroTs ^pco/xara. 
^^ 6 8e 'Irjcrovs eiireu avroi^, Ou ^petai^ e^pvaLV direX- 
Oetv bore avTois vp-els (payetu. ol 8e XeyovaLV 
avTco, OvK e^op-ev aSe el fir) irevre dprovs /cat 8vo 
18. [oi^f] l-)(6va^. ^^ 6 Se el-Trep, ^epere p.OL * d)8e avTovs. ' /cat 

tz /ceAeucra?^ tovs o^Xovi duaKXidrjvaL eVt *roO ^opTov 

* Aa/Swv Toys' TreVre dprovs kol tov^ 8vo l^dvas, ava- 
IBXexJAa^ eh tov ovpavov * rjvXoyqcreu, /cat /cAao-a? 
eScoKeu TOLf p.aOr]Tals Tovf dprovs, ol 8e p.adr]TaL toTs 
o^XoLS. KUL ecpayov iravres Kai exopraao-qaav Kat 
■^pav TO Trepicrcrevov tcou KXacrparcov, ScoScKa K0(f)iP0Vs 

Vnlg. a. b. c. 
Syrr. C. P. H 

Arm. SAh.. 


» II Mar. 6:32- 
II Lu. 9: lo- 
ll Jo. 6: 1- 



e- 15:32. 
Mar. 8: i. 





f r 


13 (1*6,3.) Qnod cum audisset 
lesus, sccessit inde iu navicula 
in locum ileseitum seorsum : 
ct cum audissent tiirbae, se- 
cutae sunt cum pedestves do 
civitatibus. '* Et exiens vidit 
turbam multara, et misertus 
est eius et curavit languidos 

■3(1", I.) Ve^pere autem facto 
accesserunt ad cum discipuli 
eius dicentes, Desertus est locus, 
et bora iam praeteriit : dimitte 
turbas, ut euutes in castella 
emaut sibi escas. "" lesus au- 
tem dixit eis, Non habent ne- 
cesse ire: date illisvos mandu- 
care. " Responderunt ei, Non 
habemushic nisi quini|ue panes 
et duos pi-sces. '"Qui ait eis, 
AH'erte illos mihi hue. "Et 
cum iussisset turbam discum- 
bere supra faenum, acceptis 
quinquc panibus et duobus 
piscibus, aspiciens in caelum 
benedi.xit, et fregit et dedit 
discipulis panes, discipuli au- 
tem turbis. ■-" Et manducave- 
rnnt omnes et saturati sunt. 
Et tulcrunt reliquias, duodecrm 
cophiaos fragmentorum plenos. 

12. tQa^av'] tOa-^tv F*. 

— avTov B.Btly.e. a.ff'. [hiantZ. 33]. 
I |at)ro ^,CD. rel.(vid. Mar.) ] om. Arm. 

13. uKovaae Se BDZL. 1. 33 (ut vid.) 
d.f.k. (Syrr.Crt.&Pst.) (Memph.) Orig. 
iii.473''. quod cum audisset Vnlg. quo 
audito (Latt. rel.) | ^Kai aKovfrag ^. 
C. rel. Syr.Hcl. Arm. (^th.) 

— 6 Iijffovg'] om. 9. 

— £1' TrXotijj] om r. Syr.Crt. 

— TTiiy BCD. rel. Orlg. iii. 474"'. pedi- 
bus a.ffK I TTtZui ZIIL. Syr.HcLmg. 
pcdestres Vnlg. Latt. rel. 

— TToXtoir] add. et e castellis Syr.Crt. b. 

14. Kai 1°] om. G. 

. — eU^Buiv] f add. 6 Irjaovg ^. CIIX. rel- 
f.h. Syrr.Pst.&Hcl. Orig. iii. 509"'. | om. 
BD. 1. 33. Vulg. b.c.ff^-'-gK Syr.Crt. 
Memph. Arm. ^th. [hiant Z6]. (post 

iidsv Jj. a.) \\Kai eK&\9utv €i6£v Kai] 

et (ut) vidit a.bXjP-) Syr.Crt. 

— ■TToXw oxKov Orig. iii. 4S1"=. 509'*. ) 
ox^ov iroXw D. 33. Latt. 

— tw avroigB.Bch.CXAQ. 1. EFGMSU 
Vr. Or13.iii.48l':. [hiat Z]. i Jett' avTovc 
^. 33. Ks. (-oTe SIC St.3).l£jr' avTov II. 

— appujarovg On'j. iii. 474». 481'=. 509<'. | 
appuiUTovvTag D. 

15. irpoanKdav B. 33. [hiant ZII]. | 

XTrpoijt)\dov <;. CD.rel. On^. iii. 475''. 
476». 509''. 

15. padijTai] f .add. avTov ■5-. CD. rel. 
(Latt.) Syrr.Crt.Pst.&Hcl. Meraph. 
iEth. Ori'j. iii. 475''. 476». | om.'B.Btly. 
Blc.Z (ut liquet e spatio). 33. b.k. Arm. 
Orig. iii. 481<:. 509". [hiat II]. 

— ilhj Trapri\9tv BCDII. | 7rap7)\9iv 
)je,i Z(ufrid.) 1. OW3. iii. 475'!. 509''. 
{7rapi}\ Z). 

— a-TToXvaov'] add. ovv CZ. 1. Memph. 
0/-i'j.iii.475''.4 76''. Syi' Memph. 
I Contra, BDII. rel. Orig. iii. 481'=. vv. rel. 

— Koipag] xwpa? A Gr. | praem.KU/cXijj C*. 
33. Syr.Hier. Arm. (vid. 
Mar. etLuc.) ||non hab. BC:'ZII.rel.vv. 
OW3.iii.475''. (476':.)481':.l(moxavro(f 

16. Iiimvc BCPZIL rel. (Latt.) Syr.Hcl. | 
om. D. h. Syrr.Crt.&Pst. Memph. Arm. 
JEth. (vid. Mar. et Luc.) 

— eiTrei' avroig'] ^ijaiv 1. \ om. avroig 
a.b.ff\ Mcmpli. Ai-m. 

— avrotg 2°] post (j>ayitv D. | Contra, 
Orig. 111.477"^. 

17. Xsyouffii' B.9CDP. rel.|..oi' (i.e. tiTrov 
s. fXtyoi') Z[hi.atII]. 

— ■ €x^f^^^~\ ~^piv L0KU. 

18. fiTTfr] add. avToig P. 

— /loi u)^i avTovQ B.Bch.Z (ut e spatio 

liquet). 33. [hiat II]. | J/iot avrovg uili 
<^. CP. rel. Vulg.CT. /(/'. Arm. om. 
(lot), illos mihi hue Am. For. Syrr.Pst. 
&Hcl. JEth. I om.w(>£ B..B%.D. 1. a.b.c. 
Jf-g'-h. Syr.Crt. Memph. (ut vid.) 

19. KEXfixrae B'CDPIL On>. iii. 479^ ] 
KiXtvaarc WBch. \ tKi\tv\_a(v'] Z. 
jussit ffK Orig. 479''. 1 k£X£W£i Orig. 
(oOgf. 510^) 

— Tove oxXoi'C j'. Orig. iii. 479". ] tov 
oxXov D. (Latt.) Arm.Zoh. 

— TOV xopTov B.iJ((y.C*IL 1. 33. Latt. 
Syrr.Crt.Pst.& Memph. Arm. 
iEth. Orig. iii. 479». 482^ 509'. 510=. | 
TOV xof''''°''S ■S'C L. I %Tove xop™"? =■• 
C'F. rel. Syr.Hcl.txt. | tov xopTov D. 

— Xa/3wv] f praem. Kat s". C*IIX._^''./(. 
Memph. Arm. | om. BC**DPLA. 1. 33. 
EFGKMSUV. (Latt.) Syr.Hcl. Orig. 
iii.479». [SyiT.Crt.&Pst. ^Eth.] (fXa- 
fitv D). 

— riv\oy)i(Tiv CDPIL Orig. iii. 479". 
510\1 ffyXoy. '^. Bs.rel. Or/3.iii.481''. 

— (uaSj/rai] add. posueruut b. Syr.Crt. 

— Toig oxXoic] rove oxXovg X. 

20. T(uv KXaa/iaToiv] om. 6. a. \ add. a 
conspectu eorum Syr.Crt. (mox i/3' D), 

14. misertus est ois CI. j 18. mihi illos hue CI. 



XIV. 21. 

BCD(P)(II). -v' 21'!.v'/i' ■? »'S '^ 

LXA(H) TTAripeLs. OL be eaoLOvref rjaav auopey coaei rrev- 

^•33- TaKicryiXiOL, vcopl^ yvvoiiKcov kcu TraiSicoi'. 

EPGKMSUy . — — n r> "" 1 Tr V > /i ' > ' t "■ /i ^ t > 

Kz pnn xJb" iS^ai evUecos -qvayKaaev rovs ixaurjras e/x- 

■'II Mar. 6:45—56. BrivaL eli^ ttXoiou KoX TTpoayeiv avTov els to irepav, 

||Jo. 6: .6-01. Z' ^ , . , " "\ 03 ... ' ^ V 

"77^ €&)? OL" aTTOAVcrrj rovs o^Aou?. /cat aTTOAvcras rovs 
JL- oyXovs dvej37]^ eh to opos KaT ISlav Trpoaev^aadaL. 
e OYLOis oe yevop-evq^ p-ovos tjv eKet. to oe ttAolov 77077 
24. /urro). r,|f en- ^ aTaSlovs TToAAov? ttTTo Trjs yvs oLTTelveu Bacraui^oae- 
i'oi' viro Tcov Kvp-aTcov rjv yap ei^auTios o avepoS' 
~' TeTctpTT] 8e (j)vXaKr} ti]s pvktos * rjXdeu Trpos avTovs^ 
TrepiiraTcov eiu. ^ttjv BaXaaaav" '''koI ISouTes avTov ol 
p^aOi-jTal ein 'ttJs OaXdcra-qs' irepLiraTovvTa eTapa^Or}- 
crav, XeyovTes otl (pauTaapa eaTLV, kol utto tov (po^ov 
eKpo.^av. ^' ^ evOvs" 8e eXak-qcrev avTols 6 'Irjaovs Xe- 
ycou, QapaeiTe- eyco elp.t, p.rj (f)o^elcrde. ~ diroKpLdels 
Se avTO) 6 rieVyoof eiifev, Kupte, el av el, KeXevaov p.e 
' eXOeTv irpos ere" eVi to. vSaTa. " 6 8e eiTrev, EA^e.^ 
Koi KUTafias diro tov ttXolov * Flerpoy irepwrraTrjaev 
eirl TO. vSaTa, eXdeiv Trpos tov 'lr]aovu. fiXtircov 8e 
TOV avep,ov ia-)(ypov e^ofirjOrj- kol dp^dp.evos kutu- 
TTOVTi^eadai eKpa^ev Xeycov, l^vpie, crwaov pe. "^ ev- 

27. [o ' I l/ffOT''*;] 



29. Kui ii\9ev 

" M.anducantium .aiitem fiiit nu- 
meriis qiiinque milia vironim, 
e.xccptis miilieribus et parvulis. 

■:20iB, ».) Et statim iussit dis- 
cipulos ascenderc in naviculara 
et praecedcre eum trans f return, 
douep dimitteret tnrbas. ^^("SA) 
Et diniissa turba asccndit in 
montem solus orare. d*".*'' Ves- 
])ero autem facto solus erat ibi. 
" Navicula autem in medio 
mari iactabatur fluctibus: erat 
enim contrarius ventus. ^^ Quar- 
ta autem vigilia noctis venit ad 
cos arabulans supra mare. ^^Et 
videntes eum supra marc am- 
bulantem turbati sunt, dicentes 
quia phantasma est, et prae ti- 
more clamaverunt. ^ Statimque 
lesus locutus est eis dicens, Ha- 
bere fiduciam: ego sum, nolite 
timere. as (isc, lo.) Respondens 
autem Petrns di.xit, Domine, si 
tu cs, iube me venire ad te su- 
per .aquas. '^At ipse ait, Veni. 
Et descendens Petrus de navi- 
cula ambulabat super aquam 
ut veniret ad lesum. ™ Videns 
vero vcntum validum timuit, et 
cum coepisset mergeri, clama- 
vit dicens, Domine, salvum me 
fae. '■ Et continuo lesus exten- 

21. (iati EsCP. rel. | wc DIIA. 1. 3.3. 
II cm. B. Latt. (exc.rf./. hiat c). Syrr.Crt. 
&Pst. Jleraph. Orig. iii. 478''. | Contra, 
d./. Syr.Hcl. Arm. ^th. 

— yvvaiKoiv Km iratSiwv BiCPII. rel. 
Vulg. y. vv. rel. | TratStiov (cat yvi'ai- 
Kiiiv D. 1. Latt. rel, (hiat e). Memph. 
Orig. iii. 478''. (479'"). 

22. tv9ii»Q Orig. iii. 480''. 482=. | om. C*. 

— /jvoyKao-f)'] fadd. 6 Irjeovc ^. LXM. 
rel. Vulg.a.((r.i.e,/fXs/'-'-/i.)|om. BCD 
PIlAe. 1.33. Am.e.f.ff'. Syrr.Cit.Pst. 
&Hel. SjT.Hier. Memph. Arm. jEth. 
Orig. iii. 4S0^ 482". 

— l.iaOijTac'] ^suU\.avTov <r. BiPXEFK. 
a.b.c.ff'-^-g-'- h. Syrr. Crt. Pst. & Hcl. 
Memph. ^th. I om. CDIILAO. 1. 33. 
GMSUV. Vulg. e.f.l. Arm. Oriy. iii. 
480''. 482'--«-f- (discrte). 

— «^/3>;i'ai] ijijitiv (sic) X. 

— jrXoiov] f pracm. to '^. CDPII. rel. 
Orig iii. 480''. 481«. 482"'-''- | om. B. 1. 
.33. Arm. £«.v. D.E. 44fi^ 

— avTov B.5CP. rel. Vulg. c.f.y'. rel. 
Orig. iii. 480''. 481". 482<^-f- Eus. ]).I0. 
446". I om. D. a.b.e.(ff\yr/.r,. Arm. 1 
avToii^ IIO. 

— aTToXvffy] aTToXiifftt K. 


22. Tov(; oxKovq"] tov ox^ov E*. Arm. 
MSS. (illos Syr.Crt.) 

23. KoS' iciav D. 

— /lovoc] om. F. 

24. riSn BCP. rel. b.c.e.glh. Syr.Hcl. 
Eus. D.E. 446'^. (hiat II). j om. D. 
Vidg. a./^'. Syrr.Crt.&Pst. Memph. 
Arm. iEth. (vid. Mar.) 

— OTadtovs TToWovg otto r?)s yije airu- 
XIV B. Syrr.Crt &Pst. Memph. (sed 
habet (XTa^iovg wq tiKoanrtvTi e Job. 
vi. 19). Arm. (Syr.IIier. habet hacc 
post lectionem 'S .')]% fxiuov TriQ 9aKaa- 
<nis r]v T- CP. rel. (I.att. vid.) Syr.Hcl. 
^th. Orig. iii. (483". 484»-<-- ut vid.) 
Hil. 679". (vid. Mar. vi. 47). | tjv iig 
ftifTov TTfiQ OaXaacTtjg D. e. {tjv ev 
fna(^ Trie 8aX. Eus. D.E. 446'^). 

— ?]v yap"] T) yap D*. 

25. Ttrapry ct ^yXaKj/] nrapTrie li ^v- 
XctKjjg D. 

— iiXOtv BC^P. 1. 33. Latt. Syrr.Crt.Pst. 
& Memph. Arm. iEth. On'jr. iii. 
483"^ (iiV). jBu«. D.E. 92''. inFs.588''. 
1 ta7n;Xet»"r.C»(?)D.rel. Syr.Hcl.txt. 

— TTfpnrarojv^ ante npoc avrovc D. 
lit praeni. o Ii/tronj T.C LX. rel. a.h.c.e. 

/.M'-g'/i- Syrr.Crt.&Pst. Arm.£«s.D.E. 
92'i. (.ante ■n-p. civr.) in Ps. 588''. | om. BC* 

DPAe(vid.) 1.33. SV. Vulg. ff Kg'.!. Syr. 
Hcl. Mcmjih. iEth. O; (V/. iii. 483'^. (iis). 

25. fTTi rrjv daXaoaav B.Bch. Piie.l. Orig. 
iii. 483". I J iTi T>iQ 9a\aiT(r>]e •=:. CD. 
rel. Eus. D.E. 92''. in Ps. 588''. (r/jg 
daXaacrT] sic M). 

26. Kai idovT££ avTov ot fiaQi)Tai CPLX. 
33. rel. Syrr.Crt.Pst.&Hcl. Memph. 
(Arm.)yEtb. 1 01 ce^ta9tjTm dovTiqavrov 
BD. ( /!) vid. Mar. vi. 49. | icat iSovTtg 
nvTov (tantum) 1 (ut puto) Latt. exc. 
d.f. Eus. D.E. 92'5. (vid. Mar.) 

— t-TTt TtjQ OaXaaaije BCD. 1. 33. Eus. 
D.E. 92''. 446':. I i (m ri)v OaXaaaav 
S-. PAO. rel. (om. h.) 

— iripivaTovv-a CDP. rel. (Latt.) w. rel. 
ut vid. I ante tin t. daX. G.Bch. 33. gK 
Syrr. Crt. Pst. & Hcl.. Ens. D.E. 92i. 
(vid. Mar.) | om. b. Eus. D.E. 446''. 

27. evOve BD. | Jfoecwj >;. C. rel. (hiat 
P.) Eus. D.E. 446". 

— avToig 6 iTjnovg CP. rel. /. Syr.Hcl. 
Arm. iEth. 1 o Itjrrove avroig B. | om. 17- 
IijTOi'c D. ff\ Syr.Crt. Jlemiih. Eus. 
D.E. 44G'\1 ante fXaX. (Latt.) Syr.Pst. 

— BapmiTt Orig. iii. 485''. | Bappiire D. 

28. avTii) o ntrpog nmv C(D)LX. 1. rel. 

22. Et sUtini comiJuUt Josus CI. | nsivicnla 
Am. I 2.0. super CI. | '20. id. | 28. iid te veuiro 
CI. I 30. mcrtfi «. 

XV. 4. 


J'^r c P H 6(^(os Se 6 'Irjaovf iKTeivas rrju X^V" eVeAa^ero 

Memph. avTov, KOI \eyei avTO), 'OAtyoTTtfrre, els ri iSiaraaas ; 

Arm. Mth. — y -w tt- v t > ,o ' " ' - ' ^ ^ " ' ' ' 

p>v •'- Kai * auapavTcov avrcou e<? to ttaolov eKOTraaev o 
33. [ixSoiTje] avejios' "^'^ ot 5e tv rco irXoico iXdovTes irpoaeKvvTjaav 

avTw Xeyovres, AXyjdcos 9eov v'los et. 

/^ JVat oiairepaaavTes rjX&ov " ein rrjv yyju ety 
Tevvqaaper. '^^ kol eiTLyvovTes avrov ol av8pes rov 
TOTTOv eKelvov airecTTtLXav els oXrjv rrju Trepi^copov 
eKeivrjv, kol irpoa-qveyKav avTW iravTas rovs KaKcos 
e-)(OVTas' KUL TrapeKaXovu avrov Lva jxovov aYcourai 
Tov Kpacnrebov rov i/jLarlov avrov- kol oaoc Tjyj/auTO 
^LecrcoOrjcrav . 



dens mannm apprehendit eum, 
et ait illi, Modicae fidei, quare 
duWtasti? "H",6.) Et cum as- 
cendisscnt in naviculam, cessa- 
vit ventus. ^' Qui autcm in na- 
vicula erant vencrunt et adora- 
veriint eum dicentes, Vere filius 
dei es. 

34(i53,5.)j;t „,„ transfretas- 
scnt, venerunt in tcn-ara Gen- 
nesar. "^^ Et cum cognoWsseut 
cum viri loci illius, miserunt in 
univcrsara regionem illam, et 
optulcrunt ei omnes male ha- 
bentes, *■ et rogabant eum ut 
vel fimln'iam vestimcnti eius 
tangereut: et quicumque teti- 
genint salvi facti sunt. 

XV. KH' pvS 

"'||Mar.7:i-23. t 



' Ex. 20: 12. 

<> Ex. 21: 17. 

98 ^ '' Tore irpoaep-^^ovTai rw 'Irjaov ^ airo lepo- 
croXvp-cou * ^apiaaioL kcu ypafxparels Xeyovres, ' Aia 
ri ol pLaOrjTai crov irapa^aivova-iv rrjv irapaSoaii' rwv 
■wpea^vrepaiv; ov yap viivrovraL ras ^elpas \_avrS)v,\ 
orav aprov eaOicoaLv. '6 Se aTroKpiOe'ls eiirev adrols,Aia 
TL Kal vp.eis TrapatSaiuere Trjv ^ evToXrjv rov 6eov Sia 
r^iv -Kapabocriv vjxmv; 6 yap 6eos * elireu ^ '^ Tif/>a 
TOV TaTipa* hoa ttjv y^TjTsfia,- ■kcu '^'O yia,xokoywv xa- 

1 (i5<,8.)Tunc accesserunt ad 
eum ab Hierosolymis scribae 
et Pharisaei dicentes, ^ Quare 
discipuli tui transgrediuntur 
traditionem seniorum ? non 
enim lavant manus suas cum 
panem manducant. ^Ipse au- 
tcm respondens ait illis, Quare 
et vos transgredimini manda- 
tum dei propter traditionem 
vestram? Nam deus dixit, *Ho- 
nora patrera tuum et niatrem, 
et, Qui male dixerit patri vel 

(hiat P.) b.e.f.ff'-'-g\k.SyT. Hcl. Arm. 
Bus. D.E. 92"'. (D. cm. 6) | o Uerp. 
tiTT. auTif} B. 9'. Syr.Pst. Memph. | o 
Iltrp. avr. tnr. 33. |om. avTtji A. Vulg. 
a.c. ^th. [Syr.Crt.] 
28. ftc Eus.B.E. 92''. | poi CA. 

— eXeiiv TT-poQ (Ti B.Bll)/.CT)A0. 1 . 33. 
(hiat P.).4m.Latt.rel. Syrr.Crt.Pst.&HcI. 
Jlcmph. Arm. ^tli. Bus. D.E. 92''. 1 
X Trpof (T£ i\9iii' '^. LX. rel. Vulg.C/. 

29 o ^e] add. Iriaovg E. Syr.Pst. 

— nerpoc] f praem. 6. ^. C. reL | om. 
BD. Eus. D.E. 92''. (hiat P). 

— t\0uv O'D.rel. Oriy. iii. 4S3«. w. (C* 
n.l.)(Kai i)X9£v B. Syr.Crt. Arm. |etve- 
niens -<Eth. (hiat P). 

30. laxvpov'] om. 33. Memph. 

— pt] om. 1. 

31. o Ir;iToi'j] om. E*. | om. o D. 

32. ai'ajSavTuti' avrwv BD. 33. Orig. iii. 
483''. I t cuiiavToiv avTwv '^. CP. rcl. 

33. tXeovrn: DPLX. 33. rel. (Latt.) Syrr. 
Crt.Pst.&Hcl. Arm. | om. BC^ l.ffK 
Memph. TEth. (Or/jf. iii.48G''.) (oi cc tv 
T. ttX. in C a 2' manu sunt : dc C* n.l.) 

— 9foui;ioe£iBsCP.rel. Orig.\\\A%%^.{bis) 
503". I ui. 9iov ti av D. (a. 6. sed sine <rv). 

34. iTTi Ti]v yt]v BCDA. 33. 1 Jfic rriv 
ynv ■^. P. rel. Memph. Arm. Ori^. iii. 

483«. 4871=. 502"'. Hadd. *£ic" BDA. 33. 
Syrr.Crt.&Hcl.(et mg. Graece). Arm. 
IContr.a, >=-. CP.rel. Syr.Pst. On^. iii. 
483':. 502b. (vid. Mar.) || in terram (tan- 
tum) Latt. jEth. (ad terram e). 
M.TtvvtjaapiTB.Bch.Blc.C 1.33. Ss. Syr. 
Hcl.etmg. Graece. Arm. | Tiv>)naptrB. 
Blly.f. OW3.iii.4S7'-.502i'. {TivimpiT 
Orig. iii.48.3«.484b.) | Ttvx'i]aapi9 PXEG 
KilUV. (Mcmph.)l rerjjffapceLAF.g''. 
iEth. I Tivvi)cap D*.ylm.a.(;._/f''.Syrr.Crt. 
&Pst. Hd. 684"^. (Genesar Vulg.C/. b.c. 
ff^.g'.) I Ftvvrirrapar D\ (Gennasar d.) 

35. iKiivov] add. et adoraverunt eum a.b. 
c.ff'-'- Hil. 684^ 

36. ii/ajadd.Koi' 1.33. Onj.iii.486''.487''. 

— ai^wj'rai] a-^ovTai X. 1. E. 

— roll 2°] om. A. 

— o(7oi] add. av C. 

1. TrpoOTpxoi'rat OW3. iii. 487'. ciV. (sed 
intra in com. habet airipxovraC) \ irpo- 
Lp\ovTai D*. 

— Ti;i I))(To!i] TrpoQ avTovT). Latt.(exc.y.) 
YEth. Hil. 684'. 1 av-tf 1. Orig. iii. 
487''-''' 1 Contra, codd. et vv. rel. /. 

— airo] f praem. oi T. CP. rel. | om. 
BD. 1. Onp. iii. 487»''- 

— (jiapiaaioi Kai ypa/ifiaTHS ED. (1). 3.3. 
e. Syr.Pst. Mompb. Arm. Orig. iii. 

487«.d. I +ypaiii.i. Kai <pap. >;. CP.rel 
(Latt.) Syrr.Crt.&Hcl. ^th. Hil. 684f. 
(ante htto 'Itp. 1. a.b.c./.ff'.g'. Syrr 
Crt.Pa.&IIcl. Hil. I Contra, Vulg., 
e.ff'.ff'. (Memph. Ann. .Sth. Orig.) 

2. aiTwj'CDP rel.(Latt.)|om.B.Brf^.Bfc. 
A. 1. f.g'. Arm. Orig. iii. 487". iv. 418''. 

3. avroif] om. D. e. 

— Trapajiatifera'] irapa^aivai D. ] Trapa- 
(isvtTai P. 

4. eiTTiv BD. 1. (Latt.) Syrr.Crt.&Pst.& Memph. Arm. JEth. Iren. 238. 
Ptokm. (ap. Epiph. xxxiii. 4). Orig. iii. 
489^ I J £i'£-£i\aro \tywv f;. C0. rel. 
/. (....Xfyui/ inc. O). [Syr.Hcl.txt.] 

— 7ra7-£pa] f .add. mv s. C^L. 33. KMU. 
Am. a.b.c.f.ff'.g'. S}TT.Crt.&Pst.&Hcl.t 
Memph. Ann. (Ptolem. Orig. iii. 489'. 
sed, ut vid. e Vet. Test.) vid. Mar. vii. 1 0. 
1 om. B.BcA.C«DXAe. 1. EFGSV. 
Vulg.CT. For. Harl.* e.ff'.g-. S)'r.Hcl.t 
JEth. Iren. 238. Orig. iii. 490". 

— /i;;r£pa] add. aov Syrr.Ci't.& 
Pst. Memph. ( Orig. iii. 489*. sed qu. e v. 
Test.) I Contra, MSS. Vulg. e.ff'---g'-''- 
Syr.Hcl. jEth Iren. Orig. iii. 490". 

— ^ fiTjTepa] om. a. 

34. Genesar O. 
4. om. tuum 67. 



XV. 5. 

LXA(e) '^^P'^ ^ f/^yjTspa. 6a,V(iTcp rskevrdrm' ^ vfieh Se Xeyere, 
1. 33. Oy ap eiTrr] rw irarpl r} rrj fJLrjTpl, Acopov, o iau i^ Ifxov 

E(I')GKMSUV. >l^/1-'6t'> ^i '' " ^ ' J -"'^ ^ 

6. [>■, Ti)v iiriTtpa cocpeAijarjf, ^ ov /xrj * Ti/xrjcrei tov Trarepa avrou t] ttjv 

avTov~\ ' »- \' ' t^\' " "/3~ 

^ Hrjrepa avrov, /cat rjKvpaxraTe * tov Aoyov tov oeov 

Sia TTJV 7rapa8ocriu vp.u>v. VTroKpirai, /caAcof ^iirpocprj- 
'Es.agns- T€V(Tev" TTepl vficou 'Hcratcc? Xeycov, ^^'O Aaog ovrog* 

roig y^siKsa-'iv f/^s Ttf/^a,, -^ Ss xapSia. airwv Toppco dxe^^ez 
dx' if^ov- ^ f^aTTjV Se (rk^ovrai [XiS SiSdo-aovTsg SiSa- 
(Txo'kiag, ivraXi/^ara, avOptmrcov. ^° Kal TTpoaKaXecra- 
ixevos TOV 6')(Xov eiirev avTol^, AKOvere /cat avvleTe- 
01) TO el(Tep-)(6fj.€vov et? to arofia koivoltov avOpcairov, 

aAAa to iKTropevo/mevov e'/c rov aTop-arof, tovto koivoi 

''^^ tov avdpcoTTOv. ^^ Tore irpocreXOovTes ol p.adr)Tai 

12. oi naBrjTai aVTOV ^ XeVOUCTLV ailTCO, OiSa? OTt ol ^apLCTaiOl OLKOV- 

g' 4. cravT€f'' tov Xoyov eaKavoaXLcrorjaav ; ^ o oe airo- 

Kpideh eiTrev, Ilao-a (jivTela r]V oiiK icfiVTevaev 6 irar-qp 

P"^ p.ov 6 ovpdvio9, eKpL^codrjaeTai. a(j)eTe avT0V9' 

14. [rv^Xwv] ^ TV(pXoL elaiv oBriyoV TvcfyXcov TV(j)Xof 8e TV(f)Xov 

1 e pH ^^y o8r)yrj, dpcporepoL^ et? j360vvov Treaovvrai. diro- 

Kpideh Be 6 Herpos eiirev avrui, ^pacrov -qpuv ttjv tvcl- 

matri, morte moriatnr. ' Vos 
autem dicitis, Quicuinqiie dix- 
erit patri vel matri, Munus 
quodcumque est ex me tibi pro- 
derit, ^ et non honoriticavit pa- 
treiD suum aut matrem : et irri- 
tum fecistis mandatum dei 
propter traditionem vestram. 
' Hj'pocritae, bene prophetavit 
de vobis Esaias dicens, ' Popu- 
lus hie labiis me honoiat, cor 
autem corum longe est a me: 
'sine causa autem colimt me 
docentcs doctrinas et mandata 
hominum. '° Et convocatis ad 
se turbis dixit eis, Audito et in- 
tellegite. " Non quod intrat in 
OS coinquinat homiiiem ; scd 
quod procedit ex ore, hoc coin- 
quinat hominem. 120", i"-) 
Tunc accedentcs discipuli eius 
dixerunt ei, Scis quia l^liarisaei 
audito verbo scandalizati sunt? 
'^ At ille respondens ait, Omnis 
plantatio quam non plantavit 
pater mens caelcstis eradicabi- 
tur. n (156,5.) ginite iUos; caeci 
suut duces caecorura. Caecus 
autem si caeco ducatum prae- 
stet, ambo in foveam cadunt. 
i5u57,6.) Respondens autem Pe- 
trus dixit ei, Edissere nobis 

5. avjfavLe.SS.S. OrigSnA^WX^ avT). 

— fiTrp] om. Syr.Crt. (vos autem dicitis 
quisque patri suo et matri suae). 

— b lav Orij. iii. 491'=. 492».|o 5' av D*. 
I 6 av W. 1. 

— tji^i\.r\Q7iQ\ loipeXrjg G. 

6. ov firj'\ -fpraem. kch ^. LX6. re!. 
Vulg. c.f. Syrr.Pst.&Hcl. Arm. 1 om. 
BCD. 1. 33. Syr.Crt.Memph. 
•^th- [#']■ On3.(ui.491':;. Orig.Int. 

— TiiiJ)au B.Bch.CX)AQ. 1. 33. E^ Orig. 
iii. 49 1<=. 1 J Ti/irjdy <j . L. rel. honorificabit 
Vidg. j'. -cavit Am.'- honori- 
ficat c. honoravit e. 

— avrov post 7rarepa~] om. 1. Orig. 

— t] TTJV iirjTipa avrov CLXG. rel. Vulg. 
'(i).c/jf'-(-'-)(9').(/). Syrr.PsL&Hcl. 

Memph. Arm. .Sith. Orig. iii. 491"=. 
1 om. Ti.Btly.Blc.n. a.e. Syr.Crt. || av- 
rov'] om. 33. Am. b.ff'.g'.l. 

— rov Xoyov BD. a.b.e.ff'-^- Syrr.Crt.Pst. 
& Memph. Arm. iEth. Iren. 
238. Orig. iii. 490''. Eus. in Es. 443'. | 
TOV vofiov C. Plolem. (ap. Epiph.xxxiii. 
4). I Xrr]v ivroXj]V <^. LX9. rel. Vulg. 
c.f.g'. Syr.Hcl.txt. Arm.MSS. (Orig. 
iu. 490''. Orig. IiU. iii. 841''.) vid. Mar. 
vii. 9. (om, rjjj/ A). 


7. ewpoipri-ivaiv CDL. Orig. ir. 121''. ] 
% TTpoiftirtvatv '^. BsXe. rel. (Trpo- 
fTjrcvacv A). 

— nepL vfibiv 'Hffamc:] 'Her. TTtpi vfiiov 
33. K. (Esaias propheta Syrr.Crt.&Pst. 

8. 6 Xaoi; ovroQ BDL. 33. Latt. (excf.) 
Syrr.Crt.&Pst. Memph. Arm. ^th. 
Clem. Rom. ad Cor. i. 15. Ptolem. Clem. 
461. Orig. ii. 723». iii. 492"=. (diserte)iv. 
121''. Orig. Int. iii. 8411=. Eus. in Ps. 
473"=. et ap. Mai p. 75. Terl. adv. Marc, 
iv. 17. Cypr. 118, 139. Ufil. 590\ | 
tpraem. tyyi^ti fioi et add. tij> aroiian 
avruv Kai s". CX9. rel. /. Syr.Hcl. 
(rrapiOtro pr)rbv arzb roy 'Htjatov, 
OTTip aiiraXg \t^e>Jiv ovnog ixf-if Kai 
tlirt KvpLOQ., iyyiZ^tt fiou 6 Xabg ovrog 
iv rt^ Grofiari avruiv, Kai rd tKi)G' 
Kai Trpoei-jTOfikv ye on ovk avraig Xi^SfTiv 
dveypa^tv 6 'MarOaiog rb TrpofrjriKov. 
Orig. iii. 492*=.) j b Xaog ovroQ iyyi^ei 
fioi tantum 1. | /ioi] [it. F. | ovrog'] om. 

A. 0VT(1>£ E*. 

— aTTixii aw' Orig. ii. 723" (absistit a 
Terl. separatum est Cypr.} | la-tv a-jr' 
J), (est a me Latt. Jlil. 59()\) 

9. /jf ] ora. A. 

— ivraXfiara] 6t mandata Latt. (exc. d) 

10. rov 0x^01'] riov oxXoiV A. 

11. oil] add. rrav D. 

— iiatpxofKvov Orig. iii. 494'J.497^ 498''-^- 
{aaipxofiiva. Clem. 175. 455.) | tpx"- 
fitvov B. 

— icoivoi his] KOivuvu D*. (2". commu- 
nicat c) | Contra, 1°. Clem. Orig. 

■ — ek] otto 33. 

— 7-oi>ro] iKuvo D. I om. a.e.ff'. 

— rovTo KoivoL rov av9pw7ro%*] ora. 1. g'. 
(De hac clausula ubique silet Orig. i. 
762'. iii. 494''. 497^ 498".) 

12. wpoatXOovT^g] add. avr(j) T-ff'. Syr. 
Hcl. Memph. (Syr.Pst.MS.) 

— ol paOiirat avrov] om. avrov BD. | 
Contra, CLXe. rel. ^t. omnes. 

— Xtyovaiv BD. 1. 33. (ff'.} Syrr.Crt. 
&Pst. Arm. I X imov s- CLe. rel. (Latt.) 
Syr.Hcl. iEth. 

— rov Xoyov] om. K. .^th. 

13. enrav avrotg A. 

14. aiptrt avrovg BCZG. rel. Orig. iii. 
496=. I aipire rove rv<j>Xovs D. 

— rvipXoi iKTiv bSriyoi B(D)Z(u< vid.)!.. 
1. 33. (bSayoi D.) Am. Fald. a.c.e. 

f.Jf-'^-'-g'-^- (hiat b.) Syrr. Pst. & Hcl. 
(Memph.) (Arm.) (iEth.) Orig. iii. 

6. matrem suam CI. | 12. verbo ho» CI. ] 
14. et duces CI. 

XV. 25. 


Vnlg. a. (i). c 

Syrr. C. P. H. 


Ann. Eth. 

pa^oXrjv'. ^^ 8V eiirev, 'Ak/j-tju kcu vfieis aavveToi 


^^^ ov" voeire otl irav to eicnropevoixevou et? to 


» JIar. 7:24 — 30. 




25. 7rpo(T€KV' 

aTOfia elf ttjv KOiXlav ^(copel, koI elf ac^te^pcova eK^aX- 
XeTai ; ^^ to. Be eK7ropevop.eva Ik tov crTopiaTOs e'/c r^y 
Kapotas e^ep-^eTat, KaKeiva kolvol tov avopwirov. e/c 
yap TTjs KapBias i^ep)(ovTai diaXoyiap-ol ivovrjpOL, 
(f)ouoL pioi^elai Tropvelai kXo-ttcu •^evSop.apTvpiat 

n\ J ' '■20 ^ ^ * ^ " vv 

pXaacpripnaL. TavTa ecrTiv to. kolvovvtcl tov av- 
6pa>7rov TO 8e olvuktols ^epcAv^ (payelv ov kolvoI tov 


Qd'^°Kai e^eXdwv eKeWev ^Irjcrovs ave-)((t>pr](Tev els 
TO. p-epr] Tvpov kou "EtSavos- ^^ kol ISov yvvrj 'Kavavala 
dwo Tcov opicav eKtLvcov e^eXdovcra ^eKpa^ev ^Xeyovcra, 
'YlXerjaov p.e, Kvpie ^ vios * AaveiS- rj dvyaTTjp p.ov 
KaKcos ^8atp.ovt^€Tai. " 6 8e ovk aireKpidrj avTrj Xoyov. 
Koi TrpocreXdovTe? ol p.a6r]TaL^ avTov^rjpcoTovv avTov 
XeyovTes, ' AttoXvo-ov avTrjv, otl Kpa^ei oTrtaOev rjp.av. 
o oe airoKpLOeLS enrev, kjvk a-jreaTaM^v et p,r] ety Ta 

. TTpo^aTa Ta aTroXcoXoTa o'lkov IcrparjX. rj 8e eX- 

^ Oovaa TrpofreKvvei avTW Xeyovcra^ l^vpie, fiorjOei p.01. 

parabolam istam. "At ille 
dixit, Adhuc et vos sine intel- 
lectu estis? " Non intellegitis 
quia omne quod in os intrat in 
ventrem vadit et in secessum 
emittitur? "Quaeautera pro- 
ceduut de ore de corde exeunt, 
et ea coinquinant hominem. 
" De corde enim exeunt cogi- 
tationesmalac, liomicidia, adul- 
teria, fomicationes, furta, falsa 
testimonia, blasphemiae.^Haec 
sunt quae coinquinant homi- 
nem; non lotis autem manibus 
manducare non coinquinat ho- 

^' Et egressus inde lesns se- 
cessit in partes Tyri et Sidonis. 
" Et ecce mulier Chananaea a 
finibus illis egressa clamavit 
dicens, Miserere mei, domine 
fill David : filia mea male a 
daemonio vexatur. " Qui non 
respondit ei verbum. Et acce- 
dentes discipuli eius rogabant 
eum dicentes, Dimitte eam, quia 
clamat post nos. '■''"*>^-> Ipse 
autem respondens ait, Non sum 
missus nisi ad oves quae pe- 
rienint domus Israhel. "t'^V.) 
At ilia Tenit et adoravit eum 
dicens, Domine, adiuva me. 

497^ Orig. Int. \v. i?,i\ Cypr.oi.lOO. 
Hi!. 685. (caeci sunt et duces Vulg.C/. 
caeci sunt enim duces, ff'.) \ f6^?;yoi 
eiatv rv^Xoi <^. CX9. reL Syr.Crt. | 
o^rfyoi suTtv K. 

14. TvipXujv CZLX9. 1. 33. rel. Latt. 
Syrr.Pst.&Hcl. (Mcmph.) Arm. ^th. 
Orig. iii. 497=. On'g. Int. iv. 488'. 
Cypr. 54.200. /?//. 685». | om.BD. Syr. 

— tai'] om. F. 

— ohjyri'] oCaytj D. 

— UQ fiodin'ov TTtaovvrai BsCX. 33. rel. 
Orig. Inf. ii. 439''. | ma. £ic /3o9. (D) 
ZL. 1. JEth. (^ev-n-taovvrai D.) {| iig 
(}o9pov liabent D. 1. || tp-ireaovvTai eig 
fSoBvi'ov F. (cum eo in foveam cadet. 

15. Tlerpoc] Simon Petnis Syrr.Crt.& 

— fijrec avTtp] avT<i) ci-mv B. (om. avrtp 
Arm. ) 

— 7rapa/3oX!;v] f add. ravrifv ^. CDL. 
rel. Latt. Syrr. Arm. iEth. (^avrrjv 
A.) I om. BZ. 1. Memph. Orig. iii. 

16. o ^t] fadd. Irjaovg 'S". CL. rel. /. 
Syr.Hcl. Arm. | om. BDZ. 33. (Latt.) 
Syrr.Crt.&Pst. Memph. ^th. 

16. enrivl add. illi Syrr.Crt.&Hcl.* \ add. 
illis. Syr.Pst. Memph. MS. 

17. ov BDZ. 33. Latt. Syrr.Crt.&Pst. 
(Arm.) Mib. | } ovn-oi s'- CL. rel. 
Syr.Hcl. Memph. (trtou Orig. iii. 498''. 
in comm.) 

— iKjwopivoptvov CDZ. rel. Orig. iii. 
499^ I eKJipxofitvov ^.Bdy.Blc. Orig. 
iii. 498"=. 

18. i^ipxiTaC\ e^epxovTai FM. 

— Ka(C£tj'a] eKiiva D. c.ff\ Memph. 

KOlVOi] Koivutvet D*. 

19. 0orot] (pQoi^ot 1. 

— (povoi poix^iai TTOpveiat Orig. iii. 500^, 
Eus. in Ps. 650'*. | iropv. potx. ^ov. L. 
{TropviLat~\ om. E. 1 potX'2 om. a.) 

— p\aaip>]piai BCZ. rel. (Latt.) Orig. i. 
763\ iii. 500'=. Eus. in Ps. Hil. 332". 
443<=. l/3Xa(r0>;^fiaD*. e. Syrr.Crt.&Hcl. 

20. lartv ra Koivovvra BCZ. rel. Orig. 
iii. Eus. in Ps. | eiaiv ra Koivwj'ouj'ra 

— Koa'ot BZ. rel. Orig. iii. 502'^. \Koivioi'ei 
D*. I KOivei C. 

21. Iriaovg Orig. iii. 502''. | om. 33. 

22. iicpaiiv BD. I.(hiat33.)c.^''. Syr.Crt. 
Memph. Arm. | enpaKtv Z. Vulg. a.e. 

f.g'-'- Syr.Hcl. Orig. iii. 503». Hil. 

685''. [Syr.Pst. ^th.] | XtKpavyaasv 
S'. ex. rel. I eicpavya'Civ M. (tKpaua- 
(xeif LE*. I €Kpavayaatv A.) 

22. Xtyoiitra] f praem. avT(i> <^. LX. rel. 
f.ff^. Syr.Hcl. | praem. ottktw avrov D. 

I om. BCZ. 1. (Latt.) SyiT.Crt.&Pst. 
Memph. Arm. JEth. Orig. iii. 503". 
(add. ei Vulg.CZ. eg'.) 

— iilof BD. I J vU S"- CZ. rel. Orig. iii. 

— )/ ante 9vy.] om. ed. Cephalaei, qua 
usus est Bentleius in collatione B; 
sed de omissione hujus vocis silent Bch. 

— KOKwe] l^ui'uie 1. Orig. iii. 503". 505". 

23. \oyoi'] ora. Z. 

— TjpoiToi'v BCDX. I j^tjpioTdjv <^. L. rel. 
(-rov E*M.) 

— oTTKrOtv'] praem. et venit, Syr.Crt. 

24. 7rpo/3ara] add. ravra D. 

— ra 2°] om. U*. 

25. tKQovaa] TrpofreXOovffa A. 

— TTpoatKvvti BsD. 1. 33. (M. -vrf) B.C. 
ff'.g'-' Arm. Orig. iii. 505''. | npoat- 
Kwiitrev CLXAE(iic)F ms^.GKSUV. 
Vulg. a/./.(om. ver.e). SyiT. Memph. 

— avT(p'] avTov A. 

17. aoceesti Am. | 22. dicens ei CI. | fllii Am. 



XV. 26. 



A' pJ 



31. [ki'Wouc ^yt- 

A A' 
i||Mar.8:i — 10. 
c. 14:13, etc. 
Mar. 6 130, etc. 
Lu. g: 10, etc. 
Jo. 6: i,etc. 

''' 6 5e aTTOKpiOeis eiirev, Ovk eariv koXov Xa^elv 
Tov aprov twv t€kvcou koI ^aXeiv toIs KVvapiOLS. 
~' Tj fie ehrev, Nai Kvpie' Kai yap ra Kvvapia eadiei 


Tcou Kvplcou avTcou. Tore aTroKpiOeiy 6 Irjaovy 

elirev oluttj, 'O yvvai, p-eyaXr] crov rj TriaTis' yevrj- 
0T}Tco (TOL 0)9 OeXeLf. Kol laOrj rj Ovyaryp avTrjs airo 
Ti]9 copas eKeLvrjs. 

100" Kat ^ p-era^as €Kei0ev 6 'Irjo-ovs' rjXdev 
Trapa Trjv OaXaacrav ttjs VaXiXalas' kol ava^as ^Is 
TO opo9 eKadrjTO eKei. ''' kol irpoo-rjXdou avrS o^Xol 
TToXXoi e^oirey p.ed eavrav ^caAoii? TV(f)Xov9 kw^ovs 
KvXXovs Kol irepov? TroXXovf, Koi eppi^j/av avrovs 
^ Trapa tovs Trofia? ^ avrov'" Ka\ idepdireva-ev avrovs- 
axrre tovs ^o\Xovs 6avp.aaai, fiXeTTOvras Kooipovs 
XaXovvras, kvXXovs vytels, Kal ^^coAoy? TrepnraTovv- 
rai, KOL TV(pXovs (SXewovTas' Kal iSo^aaaf tov Oeov 
IcrparjX. "^'''O fie 'hjaovs TrpoaKaXecrap-evof rovf 
pa6r]Tas avrov eiirev, ^irXay^vi^opiaL eVt tov b-)(Xov, 
oTL rjSrj * rjp.epai TpeTs TTpoap-evovalv p.01, Kal ovk 

'^ Qui respondens ait, Nou est 
bonura sumere panem filiorum 
ct mittere canibus. "At ilia 
dixit, Etiam, domine: nam et 
catelli edunt de micis quae ca- 
dunt de mensa dominorum suo- 
rum. " Tunc respondens lesus 
ait illi, mulier, niaf;na est 
fides tua: fiat tibi sicut vis. Et 
sanata est filia illius ex ilia 

a (i6o,B.) Et cum transisset 
inde Jesus, venit secus mare 
Galilaeae, et ascendens iu mon- 
tem sedebat ibi. ^"^Et acces- 
senmt ad euni turbae multae, 
habentes secum mutos clodos 
caecos debiles et alios multos, 
et proiecerunt eos ad pedes 
eius, et curavit eos, " ita lit 
turbae mirarentur videntes mu- 
tos loquentes, clodos ambulan- 
tes, caecos ridentes, et raagni- 
ficabant deum Israhel. ^' lesus 
autem convocatis discipulissuis 
dixit, Misereor turbae, quia 
triduo iam perseverant mecum 
et non habeat quod mandu- 

26. £tTTiv KoXov Vulg. e.f.g-.k. Orig, ii. 
622=. I fliariv D. a.b.c.ff'---y\l. Orig. 
iii. 505''-'- Hil. 686'>. (ectt-i tantum ba- 
bet Eus. in Ps. 83''. sic etiam Tert. 
adv. Marc. ;v. 7.) 

27. »'; Cf] tl Si K. 

— Kaiyap (Latt.)Syrr.Crt.&Hcl. reLOrig. 
iii.506».l ora- rapB.B(/y..B/c.e. Syr.Pst. 

— eo-Sifi] ta9iov(riv D. 

— Kvpiujv] KvvapiMV D*. 

— ad fin.] add. et vivunt Syrr.Crt.&Pst. 

28. oTroi-piSeif] om. Syr.Pst. Syr.Hier. 

— 6 I;;(Toiie] om. D. Syr.Crt. 

— avTjj om. a. i.e. | ajrrw sic. 33. 

— oi] om. D. I Contra, Graece. 
Orig. iii. 511^ 

29. venit iterum a.b.c.f.ff'.g^. 

30. woXKoi Orig. iii. 509». | om. X.b.jP*-gK 

— Xw\oii£ TvifKovq Kuxjiovg KvWovQ PX 
EGUV5 Syrr.Crt.&Pst. Jlemph. Arm. 
I X""^. KvXK. TV(p\. Koxf). B. I xwX. Kuiip. 
Tvd>\. KvW. CK. I Kw^. xw\. TV^X. (cuXX. 
LAM. Am. Fuld. Syr.Hcl. | icw^. rvif,\. 
XwX. KvXK. 33. Vulg.C/. iEth. Orig. 
Ui. (507<:). 509>. I xwX. rv,p. kvW. D. 
claudos cacc. debiles f.l. \ xwX. kukji. 
KvXK. S. I clodos caecos debiles mutos 


a.b.ff^. caecos claudos debiles mutos 
c.g^. surdos multos caecos claudos e. 
clodos caecos mutos debiles f. surdos 
caecos claudos mancos debiles ff'. 

30. Kai tTipovQ TToWovg] om, L. jet alios 
aegrotos multos Syr.Crt. 

— «ppii//rtj'] 6pi}paif DL. 

— Trapa Tovg BsP. rel. | om. C*. | vno 
TOV£ D. b. 

— avTov BDL. 33. (Latt.) Syr.Crt. 
Memph. Arm. | Jrou lijaov S". CPX. 
rel./. Syrr.Pst.&Hcl. ^th. 

— avTovgl avToie 0*. | add. Travrag D. 

31. Toi's oxXoKs BsPLX. rel. vv. | tov 
ox^^ov CDA. 1. 33. XJ. 

— Oavfja'^at E, 

— /3Xfn-oi'r«e] ante Bav/ianai B. ] Con- 
tra, CDP. rel. vv. Orig. iii. SOS". | /3X£- 
TTOVTa 33. I (iXeiTOVTtg A. bis. 

— Kbiij). XaX. . . TvifK. jiXtTT.'] om. o. 

— XaXovvTaq CDP. rel. | aKovovrag B. ^th. 

— KvXXovg vyieieMSS./. Syrr.Pst.&Hcl. 
(sideratos incolumes d.) \ om. 1. Vulg. 
b.ce.ff'-'g'-'l. Syr.Crt. Memph. ^th. 
(post X"X. TrtpnraT. Arm.) " De KuXXurs 
tacuit, quia quid e contrai'io dicei'et, 
non babebat." Hieron. iu loc. (vii. 1 17*^.) 

De ver. 30 disputans kvXXovq disertS 
laudaverat Hieronyraus. || praem. Kai 
D. Syrr.Pst.&Hcl. 

31. Kai ante xx'Xotie BCDPA. 1. M. / 
Syrr. Memph. ^th. | *om. T. LX. 
rel. Vulg. b.c.e.ff'--'-g^-''- Arm. 

— ru^XoDf ] praem. rovg D. (post /JXettov- 
Ta£ add. et surdos audientes. Memph. 

— tdoKaaav Syrr.Pst.&Hcl. | iSo^aZov 
L. 1. 33. Latt. (exc.rf.) Syr.Crt. Arm. 
Orig. iii. 508=. 

— lapat/XI om. X. 

32. tnrev BsDP. rel. Orig. iii. 509'. | 
Xtyet C. I add. avToig CK. Memph. 

— (TTrXayxvi^iti^ai L. 

— oxXor] add. tovtov DW. (,b).c.f.{ff'.) 
Memph. Hil. 686=. 

— jjo)) Orig. iii. SOg*". | om. B. /. 

— )),i£pniBCDPLXA.1.33. FGHKMSU 
V. I X vfiipag ■^. E. Orig. iii. 509''. 519''. 

— rpeie] y timv Kai D. a.b.c.(e.f.)ff'-^.g^. 
(Contra, Onj.) [mox pov A]. 

— iXovcTiv^ txuxnv X. 

— /j>) irorf] /ii; 1. | pi) iron iSip om. 

D*. (add.*). 

33. avTov CDP. rel. cf. Syrr. jEth. | 

28. filia ejus CI. \ muto-s caecos claudos CI. 

XVI. 2. 


Vulg. a.b.c. 

Syrr. C. P. H, 


Ann. ith. 

36. idtjiKiv 

iXOVCTLV TL (f)aycocrif koL aTroXvcrat avrovs vrjcrTeis 
01) OeXca, fiT] TTore eKAvdcoaiv ii/ rrj 68a. koI Xeyov- 
(Tiv avTw 01 /xadijToi \^auTov,j YloOeu rjfuv iu ipr]fiia 
apTOL ToaovToi wore )(opTaa-at oxXou roaovrov ; 

KOLL Xiyei avrol? 6 'Irjcrov^, Hoaovs aprovs e)(^£Te ; 
ol 8e elrrou, 'ETrra, koL oXiya L')(6v8La. " kol ^irapay- 
yeiXas tw o)(Xcp" duairecreiv eVt rrjv yrjv, '^'^^ iXa^ev" 
T0V9 iirra aprovs kol tovs l-)(6vas, €u)(^apLo-Trio-as 
eKXaaeu kol *€8t8ov" tols pLaO-qrals [avrov^ ol 8e 
/nadijrai * rols oxXois." "^ Koi e(j)ayov irdi'Tes koI 
€)^opra(rdr]o-au, kol ' ro TrepLcraevov rwu KXaapLOLTCov 
rjpoiv" eTTToi. airvpiSas irXripeis. ol 8e laOiovTes 
rjaav TeTpaKLcr^iXtOL dv8pes, ■)(cop\s yvvaiKwv kou 

101 '^ Kat diroXixTas^ tovs o^Xovs ^ dvefirj" els 
TO ttXoiou, kol r]X6ev els Ta opia * MayaSdu." 

cent: et dimittere eos ieiunos 
nolo, ne deficiant in via. ^^ Et 
dicunt ei discijiuli, Undo ergo 
nobis in deserto panes tantos 
ut saturemus turbam tautam? 
" Et ait illis lesus, Quot panes 
habetis? At illi dixeruut, Sep- 
tem, et paucos pisciculus. ^*Et 
praecepit turbae ut discuniboret 
super terram. ^ Et accii)iens 
septera panes et pisces et gra- 
tias agens fregit, et dedit disci- 
pulis suis, etdiseipuli dederunt 
populo. ^' Et coraederunt om- 
nes et saturati sunt. Et quod 
superfuit de fragmentis tule- 
runt, scptem sportas jilenaa. 
^''Erant autem qui manduca- 
verant quattuor milia laouii- 
num, extra parvulos et mu- 

39. h'ilSn 

i iiAf„ q' '"¥ ■" K«' TrpoaeXdovTfs ol ^apiaaLOL Kol ^a88ovKaLOi 

J ||IMar.8:ii-i3. J , y '^ , , /v - , . , 

c. TreipaCovTes eTrnpcoT-naav avTov crviieiov e/c tov ov- 

Lu.i2:54-56. '^ „^ , . „ <^ '^ , ' „ 2 « ^v > /) v T 

pavov eiTLoeL^ai avrois. o oe aTTOKpiUeis eLirev 

''j avTols, ^(y^las yei>op.evr]s XeyeTe, EySi'a, Trvppd^et 

™Et dimissa turba ascendit in 
navieidam, et vcnit in fines Ma- 
gedan. '("".'•' Et accesserunt 
ad eum Pharisaei et Sadducaei 
temtantes, et rogaverunt eum 
ut signum de caclo ostenderet 
eis. 'C"^.*-) Atille respondens 
ait eis. Facto vespere, dicitis, 
Serenum erit, rubicundum est 

om. B.Bch. et Btly. (sic). 1. Vulg. a.b.e. 
ff'-'-g'.l. Memph. Arm. 

33. TToOtv'] add. ovv D. 1. Latt. (exc./.) 

— epiini^l epii/iif TOTTip C. Memph. Orig. 
iii. 510''. 

34. ti-irov'] Hvav 33. | add. avTifi D Gr. Syrr. 

— iwTo] add. panes, Syr.Crt. 

35. TrapayytiXag BD. 1. 33. Memph. 
praecepit Latt. (cum jussisset d). Iv- 
9dSi Se ov K(\£VH, aWd irapayyeWei 
Ttf} ox^fi* dvaK\t9iivai. Orig. iii. 510*. 
ItiKtXtvaiv r^. CP. rel. Arm. 

— ry ox^v BD. 1. 3.3. Vulg. h.c.ff'-'- 
g'U. Syr.Hcl. Arm. iEth. Orig. iii. 
510\ I troig oxKoie fj. P. rel. a.e.f. 
Syrr.Crt.&Pst. Hit. 686'. | rove ox^ovg 

36. tXafiev BD. 1.33. Memph. | Jrai 
Xatiujv s- CP. rel. Arm. jEth. (et ac- 
cepit a.b.c.e.Jf'.g'. et acceptis_^'. et 
accipiens. Vulg./. | add. Jesus a.b.c.f. 
Jp-g'.) [om. (TTTa a.c] 

— KM rovQ ixdi'acl om. L. 

— evxapi<XTi]aa(;^ praem.xatD. l.(Latt.) 
Syrr. Crt. & Pst. Memph. | Contra, 
BiCP. rel. /#'. Syr.Hcl. Aim. iEth. 
I -artfatv C* ut vid. 

— tK\a<stv'\ om. C*. 

36. idiSov BD. 1. 33. | {f^w/cev i^. CPL. 
rel. Latt. Syrr. Memph, Arm. (vid. 
Matt, xiv.) 

— avTov CPL. rel. (Latt.) Syrr. | om. B. 
Btli/.D. 1. 33. c.ff'.g^. Memph. (Arm). 

— ToieoxXoie B.Bch.Blc.Jj. 1. 33. KM. 
e.f.ff'. Syrr.Crt.&Pst. Memph. | J i-y 
oxXv S-. CDP. rel. (Latt.) Syr.Hcl. 
Arm. (vid. Mar.) || praem. dederunt. 
Latt. Syrr.Crt.&Pst. Memph. 

37. TO TTtptfTtrevoi' rwv KXaofxarujv Tfpav 
BD. 1.33. (Latt.) ^th. | %iipav to 
Trip. Twv KXaap.. <s. CP, rel. /#'. 
(Syrr.) Memph. Arm. (vid. Mar.) 

— tTTTa a. ttX. . . . avSpiQ (ver. 38). om. 
D*. (add. *) I aipvp^Sas D. 

38. rjaav'] add. we B. 1. 33. ff'. Syr.Hcl. 
Arm. JEth. (vid. cap. xiv. 21. Mar. viii. 
9. Luc.ix. 14. et 10.) | Contra, 
CDP. rel. (Latt.) Syrr.Crt.&Pst. 

— yvvaiKojv Kai Traidiiov BCP. rel.y. Syrr. 
Pst.&Hcl. Arm. 1 TTOiAiDi' koi yvvaiKiov 
D. 1. (Latt.) Syr.Crt. Memph. iEth. 

39. aw/3))CLXA.EFGHlvMUV.ltEi/f/3q 
S". Bs. ls.33s.Ss. |fv/3aii'£i D. (add.sedit 

— 7o] om. 1. 

— 7)\etv] i/xeoi' c. 

— MayaSav BD(t))s May.) Syr.Crt. 

(sed -don) Syr.Hier. Magedan Latt. 
(-dam c.Jf^). Magadan d. Magidan g^. 
Magado Syr.Pst. | MaySaXav C. 33. M. 
Memph. | JMay^aXa S-. L. rel. Syr. 
Hcl. Arm. .^th. 

1. ol] om. 1. 33. On^. iii. 5 111", [ol bis A]. 

— eTirtipujTt)(Tav Syr.Hcl. mg.Gr. \ ~tojv 
1^ Memph. Or!</. iii. 511'. 

— avTovl ante nrripiDTiiaav D. | Contra, 
Orig. iii. 

2. airoKpiOuo] om Syr.Crt. ^th. 

— avToiQ Vulg. b.e.f.g'.(ff'). \ om. D. 

2, 3. oipiag yevofj.evrjQ ad fin. ver. 3. ov 

Svuaadt CDLA. rel. (X habet verba e 
ver. 3 in Comm.) Latt. Syrr.Pst.&Hcl. 
Memph. W.&.S. ^th. Eus. in Canone. 
I om. BXV. (E hab. cum. astt.) Syr.Crt. 
Memph. ap. Mill. Arm. (sed e Lat. trans- 
tulit Use.) Orig. de his verbis nihil dicit 
in com., sed cum verbis yivea irovrjpa 
responsum Jesu incipit. iii. 514'=. " Hoc 
in plerisque codicibus non habetur." 
Hier. in loc. (vii. 19). vid. cap. .xii. 38. 

— irvppa'CH D. rel. | irvpaZ.u C(L)EF 

34. habetis panes CI. | 35. discumbercut CI. 
2. ait illis, CI. 



xvi 3- 

yap o ovpauos. "" /cat Trpoyt, 'Erjp.epow ■^etp.cou, Trvppa^ei 
yap arvyud^ct} 
ovpavov yivcocTKeTe 


1.33. yap (TTvyvaCcov o ovpavo9 to uev Tvpoacoirov rov 

EFGHKMSUV. '.'^ „'/ ^ f ^\^ - 

OLaKpiveiv, Ta oe arjixeia tcov Kai- 

AB' pKS 
'Lll. li: 1. 

P^'i' pcou ov 8vvacr6e ; * yevea irovqpa kolL /j.oi'x^aXis (TTj- 
jxelov iin^TjTer Kol arjpieiov ov 8o9r](r€Tai aurrj, el p.t] 
TO arjjJ-elov 'IcovdK Koi KaTaXLircov avTOvs airriXOev. 
^ ^ Ka( iX66pT69 ol p.adi]Tal * els to irepav lireXa- 
OovTO apT0V9 Xafieii'. *^ o 5e 'It^ctou? elrrev avToh, 

'OpaTE Koi irpocre^eTe oltto ttJs ^v/jltj? tcou ^apLcra'icov 

^5* Koi 'EaSSovKalcov. ^ ol 8e ^uXoyi^ovTO eV eavTols 
XeyovTes otl "ApTovs ovk eXafSofxev. ^ yvovs Be 6 
'Irjcrovs e'nrev^, T/ BiaXoyl^eaOe ev eavTols, oXiyo- 
TTKTTOL, OTL ccpTOvs OVK eXa^ETe ; ovTTO) I'oeLTe, ov8e 
IxvrjixoveveTe tovs irevTe apTovs twv irevTaKLaxiXlcov, 
/cat Tvoaovs Kocpivovf eAapere; ovoe tovs eiTTa ap- 
T0V9 Tcou TeTpaKicT'^iXicoi', Koi irocras airvpiBas eXa- 
IBeTe ; ^' ttcSp ov voelTe otl ov Trepl ^ apTcou eiirov 
vplv ; * TTpoaeyeTe he " airo ttJs ^vpiiqs tcov ^apLcraicov 

enim caelum : ' et mane, Hodie 
tempestas, rutilat enim triste 
caelum. * < "'^' "■' Faciem ergo 
caeli diiudicare nostis, signa 
autem temporum non potestis. 
Generatio mala et adultera 
signiira quaerit, et signura non 
dabitur ei nisi signum lonae. 
Et relictis iUis abiit. 'Etcum 
venissent discipuli eius trans 
frctum, obliti sunt panes acci- 



Qui dixit illis, 

Intuemini et cavete a fenucnto 
Pbarisaeorum et Saddticae- 
orum. '('«.«•) At illi cogita- 
bant inter sc dicentes quia 
panes non accepimus. ' Scicng 
autem lesus dixit, Quid cogi- 
tatis inter vos, modicae fidei, 
quia panes non habetis ? ' Non- 
dum intellcgitis, neque recor- 
damini quinque panura quin- 
que milia hominum, et quut 
cophinos sumsistis ? '" Neque 
septem panum quattuor milia 
hominum, et quot sportas sum- 
sistis? " Quare non intellc- 
gitis quia non de pane dixi 
vobis, Cavete a fermento Pha- 

2. y«p] om. M. 

— o ovpavoo] 6 ovpaviog E*. ] add. Kat 
ytvtrat ovtus K. | praem. cum nu- 
bibus, a.b.c.ff\g\ \ Contra, Vulg. 


3. Kai TTpuii o ovpavog'] om. F. 

— Trpcui] praem. na\iv K. | Trpwine 
33. E( | add. dicitis/ Syr. 

— 7ryppa?fi] nvpaZei LEGH. (non CD 
FM. rel.) 

— fTTvyvai^utv'] om. a. 

— ovpai'ogi ctrip Yi Gr. 

— TO ptv Trp.] -f praem. inroKpirai ^. E. 
rel. b.e.f.ff'.g'. Syr.Pst. Memph. (^'id. 
Luc. xii. 56.)|om. CDLA. 1.33. Vulg. 
a.c.ff\l. Syr.Hcl. ^th. (/id'] om. 
F. i.) I praem. k«i C\ 33. 

— ovvaaOi CD. rel. Am.f.g'-"- Syr.Hcl. 
Memph. | add. toKiftaZttv 33. GMU. 
Syr.Pst. (scire. Vulg.C/ c.e.ff'.l nosse 
a. cognoscere li.ff^.') | foKifiaZyiTi L. | 
avvuTt S. I yiviiiCKiTi (X in comm.) 

4. Km tioi\a\iq Vulg b.c.f. Orig. iii. 
514'. I om. D. a.e.^'-V- 

— nnZ,t)Tn'.Bc/i.CD. rel. Orig. iii. 
1 airai B.txt.iJcA. |?);rEt (ante (Tijpfioi' 
D*) hoc ord. b.c.e. 

— irtjfiftoi' 2o.] ai^fiiav D*. om. c. 

— \uivn'] fadd. rov Trpoijujrov <-;. C. rel. 
Vulg.C/. a.b.ce.f. Svrr. Memph. Arm. 


^th. Qp^. iii. 514^ (viW. cap. xii. 39.) 
I om. Am. Fuld. For. 
HariffKgKl Hit. 688^. 

4. KoroXtTTwj'] Ka-aXfiTTwv Xii. 33. E 

5. ol iiaGr)Tai~\ om. A. | post tirtKaQovTO 
D. a.b.c.e.ff^--g\ Syr.Crt. | Contra, 
Vulg. f.g''. Syrr.Pst.&Hcl. Orig. iii. 
517». II fadd. avTov S"- LX.rel. (Latt.) 
SjTr. Memph. iEth. OWj. iiL 517'. ] 
om. BCD. e. Arm. Hil ess''. (A vid. 

— apTovQ Xajiuv CDL. rel. Orig. iii. 
517''. I XajSsiv aprovQ BK. emere 
panes e. 

6. Itjtrouc] om. Vulg. ff'.g-. Syr.Pst. | 
Contra, Latt. rel. Syrr.Crt.&Hcl. 

— onroif] om. 'R.Blc. (? Tcr. 8.) 

— opaTt Kai\ om. a.b.c. 

— Kai ^a^iovKmuv] om. TJ. a. 

7. ol ^f Ynlg. f .ff'.g'. \ rort D. a.b.c.e. 
ff'-gK Zc/.24. 

— XfyovTfs] om. K, Syr.Crt. (mox "ac- 
ceperunt" habent SyTr.Crt.&Pst.) 

8. iiirtvl t add. avrotg <^. C. rel. o.ff'. 
Syrr.Crt.&Pst. Memph. | om. B./^c/i.DL 
A. 1. 33. KMS. A^ilg. c.e.f.y''.l. Syr.Hcl. 
Ann. iEth. Orig. iii. 5l'0^. (" quibus" 
ad iriit. ver. a.b.g'- Lcf. 24.) 

— iavToig Orig. iii. Eiis. D.E. 92"^. | av- 
ToiQ L. ct vcr. 7. 

— (XajitTi CLX. rel. /. SyiT. Crt. Pst. 

&Hcl. Orig. iii. Sio^ Eus. D.E. 1 
iXtn BD. (Latt.) Syr.Hcl. MS.rag. 
Memph. Arm. iEth. (vid. Mar. viii. 

9. ovct ^VTi}iovtviTi\ om. X. | add. brt 

— Tutv TrivraKtfT\i\(o}v Eus. D.E. j Toig 
rrtrraKiiTxiXtioif D. (et quinque milia 
qui ex eis comederunt Syr.Crt.) 

— in fin.] add. a conspectu eorum. Syr. 

10. rojic] om. F*. 

— Twv rfrpaffiax'Xiw)'] roig nrpaxua^ 
Xt'Xi'Ois D. add qui comederunt ex eis 

— a7rvpiSagCXj'K.Te\.[aif)vpi?as'B.Btly.'D. 

11. apTwv BCL. 1.33. KMS. e.f. Syr. 
Hcl.MS. Memph. | J aprov s". DX. rel. 
(Latt.) Orig. in. 51S'. Lcf. 

— tiTTOv vfiiv Vulg. c.e.f.ff'.g^. Orig. iii. 
518f. |ip//ii'«iffo>'C.lom. I'/uii' D. a.b.ff^. 

— 7rpo«x£rt Se BC*L. 1. Memph. JElh. 
{sic.) Orig. iii. 518'. | TrpoiTfx"'' ^*- 
Latt. (Syr.Pst.) Lcf. 24. | J Trpoaexav 
^. X. rel. SyiT.Crt.&HcI. Ann. JTrpoTi- 
Xeiv TrpotjixiTi ot C^ 33. 

— ?ii/i);f] add. Si X. 

4. potestia scire CI. \ prophetao CI. \ 
7. intra se CI. | 8. intra vos CI. j 9. in quinque 
CI. I 10. in quatuor C7. 

XVI. 19. 


Vulg. a. b. c. 

Syrr. C. P. H. 


Arm. 3;tli. 

"'||Mar.8:27-30. a 
||Lu. 9:18-21. 

13. Tlva [/If] 

KOL ^aSSovKaicov. 'Tore avvrjKav on ovk elirev irpocr- 
^Xiiv oLTTo rrjf ^vfi7]9 * rcov apTCov, ^ aXXa airo rrjf 
diSaxTJf T(oi> ^apiaaiodv koI ^aBbovKaicov. 

102 ^'YiXdav 8e 6 'Irja-Qus els ra fJ-tpr) Ka£0"a- 
peias Trjs ^iXlttttov rjpcoTa rovs /xaOrjras avrou Xeycov, 
Tiua Xeyovcriu ol avdpcoiroL elvai tov v'lov tov avOpoy- 
TTOv; ol 8e ^ eiwau," Ol p.ei> 'Icoduur/u tov BaTrria- 
T7]u, aXXoL oe riAiai', erepot oe lepefXLav ?; eua rcou 
7rpo(()rjru>i/. Xeyei avrois, 'Y/j-ecs Se riua p.e Xeyere 
° Jo. 6:69. elvac; ^ uTroKpidels 8e '^Ip.av Yierpos elirev, "Sy ei 

P^^ 6 \pi(TTOS O vlos TOV 6eOU TOV ^COUTOS. * OLTTOKpldcls 

Se 6 h](rovs ehrev avTw, ^aKapLOS el, 'Elpcoi' Bap 
'Icovd, oTi (rdp^ kcu alpa ovk dTreKdXvxj/eu croi, dXX! 
6 iraTrjp p.ov 6 ev \to1.s\ ovpavols. icdyco Se cro). 
Xeyco OTL (TV el ITer/joy, /cat eVi TavTrj ttJ TreTpa oIko- 
8oixr](rca fiov rrju eKKXrjaiav, kou irvXai a8ov ov KaTia— 
Xycrovaiv avTrjs. ' kou 8a)crco ao). Tas '/cAetSay' Trjs 
"0.18:18. ^aaiXelas tcov ovpavmv, ° kou o * av Sr/crjys" eVt r^y 

risaeorum et Sadducaeonim ? 
'* Tunc iiitcUexei-unt ipiia non 
dixerit eavendum a feimento 
panum, sed a doctrina Pha- 
risaeorum et Sadducaeonim. 

i3ci66,i.)Veiiit aiitem lesus 
in partes Caesareac Pliilippi, et 
iiiterrogabat discipulos suosdi- 
cens, Quern dicunt homines 
esse filiuni hominis? "At illi 
dixerunt, Alii loliannen bap- 
tistam, alii autem Heliara, alii 
vero Hieremiam aut unum ex 
proplietis. '^Dicit illis, Vos 
avitem quem me esse dicitis? 
'^ Respoudens Simon Petrus 
dixit, Tu es Christus lilius dei 
vivi. " t""'.'"-' Respondens au- 
tem lesus dixit [ei], Beatuses, 
Simon Biir luna, ijuia caro et 
sanguis non revelavit tibi, sed 
pater mens qui in caelis est. 
'^ Et ego dice tibi qnia tu es 
Petrus, et super hanc petram 
aedificabo ecclesiam meam, et 
portae inferi non praevalebunt 
adversum eam. "Et tibi dabo 
claves regni caelorum : et quod- 
cumque ligaveris super terram, 

12. TTjQ t^vfiiigl 0™' 1- «• (On'jr. iii. 519'') 
rid. Syr.Crt. infra. 

— riDv apTwv BL. 1 Vulg. (e) g'-'-l. 
Memph. Orig. iii. 519''. | om. D. a.b. 
(Jf'^y. Ai-m. £cf. I ^Tov apTov^. C. 
rel. c.f. [ rwi' (f/apKraiuii' sic. 33. (de 
fermento Pharisaeonim et Sadducae- 
orum ut cavcrent sed a doctrina 
Pharisaeorum et Sadducaeorum. Syr. 

— aWa CDLXA. 1. GHKMU Orig. 
iu. SigJ. I taW <s-. BiEFsSsVs. | om. 

- — ^aptaaiioi' Kai craS^ovKatiov Orig. iii. 
519*'.! (TaSS, Kai ^ap. B. (om. Kai ffac^. 
a.b. JEth. Lcf.2i.) 

13. tXeuiv'] iU\9(ov H. 

— Se Orig. iii. 521'=. | om. C'E. 

— avTov Orig. iii. Hil. 689''. | om. D. 

— TLva] fadd. ^£ i^.DL. rel. (Latt.)SyiT. 
(Arm.) /rcn. 2 10. 0^5.11.496". Hil. 
372=. (vid. Ter. 15, Mar.viii.27. et Lilc. 
ix. IS. Textus rec. Matthaei e duobus 
lectionibus ortus videtur.) | post Xsyourrtj' 
C. (Arm.) I om. B. Vulg. Harl.** c. 
Syr. Hier. Memph. ^th. hen.. 210 
(MS.) Orig. iii. 521'=. (u< vid.) Orig.' 
Int. iii. 521=. 

— Xeyoi/ffij/] post avdpunroi D. a.b.c.g''. 
\ Contra, Vulg. ef.ff'.g'. 

— ttvai] ante oi avOp. 1. 

— tov'] om. D. 

14. (iirav 'B.Btly. 33. | JfiTroj' <^. CD. 
rel. I add. discipuli ejus Syr.Crt. 

— 0! /If J' Vulg. cy. Orig.iv, US'". Orig. 
Int. iii. 52 1^ 1 om.D. a.b.e.ff^'-g^-''- \ aWoi 
A. II add. dicunt Syrr.Crt.&Pst. ^th. 
(i7. post aXXoi et irtpoi Syr.Crt.) 

— aXXoi CD. rel. OW3. iv. 115". Orig. 
Int. iii. I oi S.Btly.Blc. Eus. ad Steph. 

— lepe/iiav] Xr/piiiiiav D.\l)]p£iiiav E. 

— >] fVa] alii dicunt unum Syi'.Crt. 

15. auroii;] add. oljjTOng C. 33. Viilg.C/. 
b.c.f.g'. (n.l.e.) Arm.Zoh. | Contra, Am. 
Fuld.a-ff''''g'. Syrr. Memjjh. Arm.cdd. 
.3;th. Orig. Int. iii. 52 F. | praem. fe K. 

16. em-evi add. aurqt D. ff'. Arm. Use. 
(om. Zoh. ; post awoicp. habet Zoh. sed 
om. et ibi cdd. m.) | om. Orig. Int. iii. 
521°. Eus. D.E. 121". 

^(JJTOC] (TW^OITOe D*. d. 

17. airoKpieug It BD. 1. 33. Vulg. b.c. 
ff'.g^---l. Memph. Eus. D.E. 121". [a.e. 
ff'. Syr.Pst. Arm.] | J xai airoKpiOue 

S-. C. rel. /. Syr.Hcl. (iEth.) j om. 

— 6 I;;Toi'f] om. 6 33. A. 

— avT<fi Eus. D.E. 121". I om. D. Am. 

— Tois ovpai'oig CD.rel. C/cth. 807. Orig. 
ii. 496". iii. 684". Eus. D.E. 121". ad 
Steph. i.223. 1 om. roic B. O;/^. iii. 525". 
I 6 ovpavios Orig, iv. 450'=. Dion. Alex: 

ap. Eus. H.E. vii. 25 (353). Eus. c. 
Mel. 77<=. 

18. de iToi] (Toi ^£ A. I om. Se L. Latt. 
Memph. Arm. Eus. D.E. Cypr. 37. 

— on] om. 1. 

— ravTg ry irerpif Or/jr. iii. 524". 681". 
iv. 167''. I Tij Trerpf ravrrj E*. | rav 
Tijv rtjv TTerpav D. ] TavTi)v Ttj ireTpa A 
I add. /loi; post ravry X. 

— /low] post eKKXyjmav D. Latt. Ci/pr. | 
Contra, Orig. iii. 524". 684". iv. 167''. 
Eus. D.E. 121". in Es. 467'.487'.546». 
iu Ps. 63''. 284". 350''. 364". 

— KaTi(7xv^ov(7iV~\ Kartaxvoviyiv A. 

19. rat 1° Syr.Hcl.txt. | om. C^D. 1.33. 

— Su}<!ui aoL a. Orig. iii. 525^ 529''. 530^ 
613". I <joi Sioau) DL. (Latt.) 1 add. Be 
33 ut vid. Syr.Hcl. mg. 

— KXeiCas B*i?c/i.L. Orig. iii. 525^ 529''. 
530». I J K\eie_ S-. CD. reL Orig. iii. els'). 
^Ms. D.E. 121". 

— bis Vidg. a. \ oaa 1. b.c.e.f.ff'-^-g'. 
Orej. iii. 525». JSus.D.E. re;<.dePud. 
21. Cypr.Z'.m. 

— av BD. 1. Or/jr. iii. 525'. | *eav s"- 
C. rel. 

15, illis Jesus CI. \ 17. om. ci Am. \ 18. ad- 
vereos VI. 



XVI. 20. 

BCD. " " SS' ' " • " \*t*'/ 

L fX) A " yV^7 earai oeoefxevov ev roif ovpauot^, Kai o * au 

1.33. XvtTYjy eTTL TT^f yj^f, ecTTai \eAvixeuoi> Iv toi^ ovpauols. 


ptti ' Tore Siea-reiXaTO roif pLaOrfTais^ tva ixr)8evi e'lTTcocnv 

§ Theb. 

OTi avros eariu o -)(j}LaTos. 
"jMrn-.s^a^-sa. 103"'P'A7ro t6t€ vp^aro [o] 'iTjaod? Bukvv€lv 
24; 6. TOLS ixaOrjTaLS avTOv otl del avrov ^els '\epoaoXvp.a 
aireXOelv, ' kol ttoXXo. ^ TraOelv diro tu>v Trpea^vre- 
pcov Kol ap\Lepi(ov kol ypap.p.arecov, kcu airoKTav- 
p^^ OrjvaL KOL TTj rpiTrj Tj/uLepa. iyepdrjuai. ~~ Koi irpoa- 
Xafiop.evo9 avrov 6 Ylerpos rjp^aTO' avrw 
Xeycov, lAeM? aoi, Kvpie- ov pLTj ^arat aoi tovto. 

o 5e aTpa<p€i9 elTrev tw Herpco, Yvraye ottictco 

f^ /jLov, (TaTava, aKavSaXou *et epov". otl ov (f)poveLS 

i||Mar.8:34— 9:1. ra TOV OfOV, dXXa TU TWV dvOoCOTTCOV. '^ ^* t6t€ 

||Lu. 9:23—27. , , ^ , „ a " ' - TT?" a'\ 

■■0.10:38. o i-qcrovs enrev tols p.aor]TaLS avrov, Cjl ris oeXet 

oTTLorco p,ov IXOelv, drrapv-qaaaOo} eavrov Kal dparw 

' c. 10:39. YOU aravpov avrov, Kal dKoXovOelrca p.01. ^^^os yap 

Jo. 12:25. ' ^au deXrj rrjv yj/vxTjv avrov crcoa'ai, drroXeaeL avrrjv 

by 5 dv aTToXecrt) rr/u \JAVxrju avrov eveKev ep.ov, 

23. fiov il 

erit ligatnm in caelis; etquod- 
cumijuc solveris super terram, 
erit sulutum in caelis. "' <"'''. ^-J 
Tunc praecepit discipulis suis 
ut neraini dicerent quia ipse 
esset lesus Ciiristus. 

" Exinde coepit Iesn« osten- 
dere discipulis suis quia oporte- 
ret eum ire Hierosolymam, ct 
multa pati a senioribus et scri- 
bis et principibus sacerdotum, 
ct occidi, et tertia die resur- 
gere. "('^^'^-^ Et adsumenseum 
Petrus coepit increpare ilium 
dicens, Absit ate, domine: non 
erit tibi hoc. '^ Qui conversus 
dixit Petro, Vade post me, sa- 
tana: scandalum es mihi, quia 
non sapis ea quae dei sunt, sed 
ea quae liominura. « 010,3.) 
Tunc lesus dixit discipulis suis, 
Si quis Tult post me venire, ab- 
neget semet ipsum et tollat cru- 
cem suara et sequatur me. ^ Qui 
enira voluerit animam suara 
salvam facere, perdet earn ; qui 
autem perdiderit animam suam 
propter me, inveniet eam. 

19. Sf^ffitvov Vnlg. a. \ StSt/itva I. 33. 
E* (sup. ras.) b.c.e.f.ff^-'g^. Orig. iii. 
525^ J?KS.D.E. Ten. Cypr. \id.cap. 
xviii. 19. (33 habet et mox XeXh/is- 

— av Ti ut vid. ap. BtJy.T). 1. | Jtav <^. 
C. rel. 

— Kai o tav..,.tv Totq ovpavoiQ] om. X. 

— XfXv/icj'oi'] XtXyjiiva 1. b.c.e.f.ff^''^'g^. 
Eus. D.E. Terl. Cypr. (vid, Orig. iii. 

20. cit6iT7£iXnro B ;;ian. ree. CLX. 1.33. 
rel. Syrr.Pst.&Hcl. Memph. iEth. Orig. 
iii. 5.32i';cit.) 537^ 566'>. 710=. praecepit 
Vn\g.f.ff'.g'. impcravit a.b.c.ff'. \ iirt- 
Tifit]aiv B*D. Syr.Crt. Arm.(«< i'«Z.) 
increpavit e. jubet HiJ. 691^ {vid. Mar. 
viii. 30). 6 fiiv ovv MarQaioQ irtiroiiiKt 
Kara Tiva rdv avTiypa^mv roy tote 
SuartiKaro toIq fiaOrjralQ^ iva iir\^ivi 

tiitiiiuiv OTi avTog kariv 6 xpiffroc 

iarkov /jlevtoi on Tiva TtZv dvTiypafptov 
TOV Kara MarQaiov i^^^ TO, tTrtrifiijatv. 
Orig. iii. 532'"- 

— fiaOijraiQ^ ^i\di\. avrov "s". L. rel. Latt. 
Syrr. Memph. ^tli. 0;7'^.iii.532». 537''. 
710":. I om. BCD. Arm. Orig.m.532'=. 

— tiiruiaivl add. dc eo Syr.Crt. 

— avTOC Orig. \ ovroQ DU. 


20. o XpioTof] tpraem. Itjaovg S'- C.rel. 
Vulg. d.fg\ Syr.Hcl. Memph. Mth. \ 
om. BLA. 1. a.b.e.ffKg'. Syrr.Crt.& 
Pst. Arm. Orig. iii. 5'"- (hiat 33.) | post 
XpirTTog D Gr. Fuld. c.ff\ 

21. 6 ItiaovQ CL. rel. Orig. saepe. | om. o 
H.Bdu.T). I add. o xpLUTog B.Bch. 
Memph. [hiat 33.] 

— SuKvvHv CD. rel. On>. iii. 535>. 536". 
538». 580". iv. 300''. | StiKvvvai B.Btly. 
Blc. Orig. iii. 537'. [h. 33.] 

— avTov UQ Jepo(To\vfia aneXOuv BD. 
1. 33 (ut vid.) e. Iren. 210. Orig. iii. 
535'. Sae". 537"=. 538':-''- 580<>. iv. 300«. 
Hil. 69 1". (avTov £te 'Upo. . . . 33). \t av- 
rov a-jreXOuv etc 'lepoffoXvfia ^. CL. 
rel. (Latt.) w. 

— airo Orig. 536". 538'' rel | vwo D. 

— Kat apxuptoiv Kai ypa^fiartwv Fuld. 
e./?'. I Kat ypapfi. Kat apx- A. VuIg.C/. 
et Am. b.c.f.ff'.g^'^' | add. rov Xaov I. 
(Arm.) Orig. iii. 538'^. (sed non h.abet 
alibi; e g. 580".) [om. k. ypn^. a.] 

— Ty rpiry ijnepif Vulg. J.ff'.g'. Syrr. 
Theb. Arm. iEth. Just. Tr. 51, 76. 
Iren. 210. Onp. iii. 580". 710^ | fii-a 
Tpuc yp.ipag D. a.b.c.e.ff'.g'. Memph. 

— tyip9i}vai Orig. iii. 580". 7 10". | ava- 
UTYivai D. ./tts/. (sed vid. Mar. viii. 31). 

22. avTov~\ avTiii II. 

22. o TliTpoQ Simon Petrus Syr.Crt. 

— rjp^aro eiriTtfiav avrtj) Xtyuiv CL. rel. 
Vulg. e/(j^) Orij. iii. 540". (sedXtyaiv 
non citavit.) ] »;p^. avrtjy iirtrtp.av Xty. 
1. Onj. iii. 710". | tjp^aro avTifi nrirtt- 
fiav Kat Xiyitv D. coepit increpare et 
dicere a.h.c.ff^.g'. \ Xtyit avrtp tTriTifuov 
B. I coepit dicere ff'. | et dixit ei Syr. 
Crt. (aiir((j] avrov H. | Xfytov] praem. 
Kai F). [h. 33.] 

— ffoi 2»] om. Syr.Crt.|a.6.c.//''. Hil. 691". 
905'. I post TOVTO D. Contra, Orig. iii. 
710". iv. 301". 

23. 6 ^e] add. Jesus Syr.Crt. 

— (TTpaipetg BC. rel. Orit;. iii. 541". 710". 
I emaTpu^iig DLK. (vid. Mar.) 

— enriv Ttf> Ilerpif)] increpavit Simonem 
et dixit ei Syr.Crt. 

— tTKavSaXoj' tt efiov (s. fiov ft) om. 33. 

— ti tfiov B(C). (ci fiov C). I ifiov ft ^, 
LX. 1. rel. Orig. iii. 541"^. 542'. 561». 
589". 710" iv. 301". | u ep-oi D. (Latt.) 
Mel. ap. Eus. c. Mel. 10""i- (mihi es 
Hil. HI'.) I pot ft V. e.f. 

— aXXa Ta Ttov avQpiOTru)V Ori^.iii. 589". 
710". iv. 301". £«). c. Mel. 10". | aXX' 
a TOV avepioTTov D-Jf'- Theb. iEth.| 
om. e. 

19. ot in caolis 6m CI. 

XVII. 4. 


s^^'c.RH. evprja-ei avrriv '^ ri yap ^ (JocpeXrjdrja-eTai" audpanrof, 

Memph. [Theb.] f'^j/ ^-qi, kOO-UOV oXov KepSriari, TTIU de \lAV\riV aVTOV 

QriixLCoor); i) tl ocoaei avapwTTOs avTaAAaypia ti-js 

~poa. ylrv^rji avrov ; '^ fxeXXei yap 6 vlos rod dudpcoirov 

ep\ecr6ai Iv rfj Bo^r) tov Trarpo? avrov p^era Tav 

ayyeXtov avrov, Kal rore airoBcoaeL eKaarw Kara rr]V 

irpa^iv avrov. 

f°^ 104 '^' A/7,?) :^ Xeyoi vpxv, elcriv rives rwv code 

' iarcorcou," otriues ov p.rj yevacourat davarov, e(os 

kv IBcoaLV rov v'lov rov avOpaiivov ip')(op.evov ev rrj 

f X XVII. AA' ^aaiXeta avrov. ^ ^ ' Kal p.eff r]p.ipas e^ irapa- 

'IIMar-g: 2—13. ^ r> ' ' ' 't - ^tt' ^'t'o ^ 

Lu. 9:28—36. Aap-jiavei o Vrjo-ovs rov iverpov Kai laKcopov Kac 
'IcoavvTjv rov dSeXcpov avrov, /cat dva(j)epei avrovs 
ely opos vxJatjXov Kar iSiav. " Kal p-erep-opcpcodrj kp,- 
Trpoadev avrwv, Kal eXap.'^ev ro irpocrcDTrov avrov 
ws 6 {]Xios, rd 8e Ip-ana avrov iyevero XevKa cos 
ro 0ffly. '^ Kal l8ov ^ co(f)6r]' avrols * Mcouo"^? /cat 
3. ii(r avT. <Tv\\. 'HA/a? * (TvXXaXovvref avrov. dwoKpiOels 8e 
6 Ylerpos eiirev rw Ir^crov, K.vpi€, KaXov ecrriv 

*' Quid cnim prodest homini 
si miindura univcrsum lucretur, 
animac vcro suae detrimcntum 
patiatur ? Aut quam dabit liorao 
conimutationem pro auimasua? 
"('">'"•' Filius enira hominis 
ventunis est in gloi'ia patris sui 
cum angelis suis, et tunc reddet 
unicuique secundum opus eius. 

2« (172,!.) Amen dico vobis, 
sunt qiiidam de hie stantibus 
qui non gustabunt mortem do- 
nee videaut filiura homims ve- 
nieiitem in regno suo. 'Et 
post dies sex adsunisit Icsus 
Petrum et lacobum et lohan- 
nem fratrem eius, et ducit 
illos in montem excelsum seor- 
sum: " et transfiguratus est 
ante eos, et resplenduit facies 
eius sieut sol, vestimenta autem 
eius fticta sunt alba sicut nix. 
' Et ecce ajiparuit illis Moses et 
Helias cum eo loquentes. * Ke- 
spondens autem Pctrus dixit ad 
lesum, Domine, bonum est nos 

24. o Irjaovs Oriy. iii. 542''. | om. Ti*Bch. 

— apaTU) O/"/^. i. 281*^. | apa^ 1. (om. 
mox Km). II ad fin. ^ot] pov A. 

25. lav BC. I Jav T- D. rel. Orig. '1.281". 
iii. 544=. 

— flfXp] et\u HK. 

— a-n-oXeny BsCX. 1. rel. Orig. i. 281'. 
iii. 545''. I a-n-oXeati DLA. 33. H. 

— evpijtrei] oiirog aottyu 1. 33. Orig. i. 
281=. (vid. cap. X. 39). 

26. ^(piXiifttjaiTai B.Bch.l,. 1. 33. e.(/) 
Syrr. Memph. Theb. Orig. 1.281". iii. 
545''. iv. 295''. | J w^cXf irai ^. CD. rel. 
(Latt.) Arm. Just. Ap. i. 15. Clem. 
578. Hil. 692''. Lcf. 246. (vid. Luc. ix. 

— Kipirtay OriV?. i. 28I=. iv.295''. | Ktp- 
Stjtjn LH. 

— avraWaypa r))c] avToKXaypavrrie 
sic E. 

27. 6 iiioe] om. o A. 

— rtiiv ayytXwv avrov BL. rel. Orig. i 
281=. iii. 547"=. 548''. 549^ | rutv ayiuiv 
uyy. avTov J). (6). | Tiov ayy. Tuiv 
ayiwv C. 

— Trjv wpa^iv Am. Fuld. e.g'. JEth. Orig. 
i.281=. iii.549>'.l ra epya 1. F*. (Latt.) 
Syrr. Memph. Theb. Arm. 

28. ap>iv Orig. iii. 550^ | add. St 1.**. 1. 
I add. yap K. 

28. vpiv'] add. on BL. 33. b.c.e.f.ff'-'-g'. 
Syrr. Hil. 692=. 1103=. (vid. Mar.ix. 1.) 
I Contra, CD. rel. Vulg. a. vv. Orig. 
iii. 550'. iv. 366"-=- 

TWV ti>^£ t(TTOtTU)V BCDL. 1. 33. SU. 

(JrwV iSt ic!T7IK0TU)V •^. KM. Exc. 
Theod. ap. Clem. 967). Latt. SyiT. 
Crt. & Pst. & Hcl.* Memph. Theb. 
Arm. iEth. Orig. iii. 550^ iv. 366^ 
(diserte)=. | uict hruiTis XAEFGHV. 

— ytvffiDVTai Orig. iii. 550^ iv. 366". | 
yftiffoi'T-at LX. 1. HU. Exc. Theod. 

~ l3aaiXu(f Orig. iii. 550''. 554". 555''. iv. 
366". I SoKij a. Memph. 
iEth. a.m. iii. Exc. Theod. 

— avrov {iavrov Orig. iv. 366".)] patris 
sui Memph. iEth. a.m. iii. 

1 ejus et in gloria ejus Syr.Crt. | add. 
in gloria patris sui JEth. ed.j | add. (v 
ry So^y avrov Orig. iii. 550''. 

1. Koi] om. Syr.Crt. | add. tytvtro D. 
a.A.c.e^'-2(/'-=- Hil. 1103=. (Contra, 
Vulg. /) 

— IaKM/3ov] praem. rov D. 33. 

— lu)avvr]v^ praem. Kai D*. 

— aca^epti] avayti D.Gr. 1. Latt. (exc. 
d.e.) Orig. iii. 557". 

— Kar' i^tai' Orig. iii. | Xetav D. 

2. ptripop^uidi] Gr. Ori^. iii. 

557". 558"-''- Orig. Int. iii. 868''. Eus. 
D.E. 93''. |/i6ra^opf(j9£ie D. (om, mox 
Kai). II add. 6 Iz/aoue D. (Latt.) | Contra, 
Vulg. /. 

2. tyevtro Eus. D.E. | eytvovro L. 33. 
HU. I om. S. 

— roipuig Syrr.Pst.&Hcl. rel. QExc. Theod. 
ap. C/™!.971). 559''. 563". 565''. 
Orig. Jilt. iii. 868=. Eus. D.E. 93''. c. 
Mel. 177=. I x"""" D. Latt. Syr.Crt. 
Arm.MSS. iEth. Diim. Alex. ap. Jlill. 
Hit. 199". 694". 1103=. (vid. Mar. ix. 2. 
et Apoc. i. 14). 

3. ilov'] om. Syr.Crt. 

— Mcte/) BD. 33. Am. (Tf.) Fuld. Tol. 
a.b.c.e.g^-H. \ Xui^pBi^iyav '^. C. rel. 
Vulg. C/. //?■'. 

— Mwi/dije BDL. 33. K. Latt. Memph. 
Theb. I IMuffj/c '^. C. l.rel. Am. 

— avXXaX. ptr avr. B. 1. ff'-"' Syrr. 
Crt.&Pst. Memph. Theb. .^Eth. Orig. 
Int.ii. 173''. iii. 868=. | X fitr avrov rrvX- 
XaXovvree <;. CD. rel. (Latt.) Syr.Hcl. 
Arm. Orig. iii. 559=. 

4. airoKpidtig dt~\ ora. Syr.Crt. 

— IlfT-poj] om. 6 H. 

— Kupie] om. Syr.Crt. 

27. opera ejus CI. 

3. apparuerunt Ci. j ib. Moyses CI. (et Bic m. 



XVII. 5. 

» 2 Pet. 1 : 17. 
c. 3:17. 
Mar. 1:11. 
Lu. 3 : 22. 

LFXiA Vl^^^ "^oe etuar a aeAeif, 7ron](rQ)/xei' code rpetf aKrj- 

1.33. j/ay crol uiau, koI * Mwucret ulau, Kal'HXia aiav. 

EFGHKMSUV. 5,, ' ,^ , '. . ^ •;> ^ a\ ^ '^ • 

4. voLijaui i^TL avTov AaAovvTos, loov uecpeAT] (pcoTeLvrj eire- 

(TKiaa-ev avrovs, Koi l8ov (f)covr] e/c rrj? j'e^e'A?;? Ae- 
yovaa, " Ovros Icttlv 6 vlo9 fJiov 6 ayainqTos, iu w 
^ TjvBoKrjcra-" ^ aKovere avTov." /cat aKovaavres o\ fxa- 
6r]Tou * eireaav" eirl irpocroyjrov avTwv, kou i(po^r]dr]- 
crau a(l)o8pa. 'kou ^ irpoarjAOev 6 'Irjcrovf, kol" 
7]\j/aTo avTcov kou ehvev, 'EyepdrjTe koi fir] (jiofieio-de. 
eirapaurey 8e Tovf 6(f)6a\p.ovf avTwv ovSei/a ei8oi> 
et fir) Tov Irjcrovv p-ouov. 

105 Kai Kara/SacuovTcov avTcou ' e'/c" \tov opovs 
tvereiXaTo avrols 6 Irjcrous Xeycov, ^rj8evL e'lTnjre 
TO opafia, eftjy ou 6 vlo9 tov dvdpcoTTOv (k ueKpcou 
P'>y ^ iyepOfj". ^^ Kai e7rrjpu>Ti]crav avTov ol p.aOr]TaV Xe- 
yovTe^i Ti ovv ol ypap.paTeis Xeyovaiu otl HA/aj/ 
8el iXOelv irpcoTov ; ^^6 8e^ aTroKpLdeis elirei^^ 'HA/a? 
fj.€u ep^iTat ^ Kal aTroKaTacTTrjaeL iravTa- ~ Xeyco 8e 
vp.Lv OTL 'HAi'a? rf8j] rjXdev, koi ovk ivreyvcoaau avTov, 


hie esse; si vis, fiicianius hie 
tria tiiberiiaeiila tibi ununi, et 
Mosi unum, et Ilcliac uuum. 
^ Adhue eo loqueiite, ecee nu- 
bes lueida obuinbr.avit eos, et 
eece vox de iiube dii-cns. Hie 
est filius mcus dilectus, in quo 
mihi bene eomplacui: ipsum 
audite. ^Et audientes disci- 
jjuli cecidenint in fuciem suain, 
et timuenint valde. 'Et ac- 
ccssit lesus et tetigit eos dixit- 
que eis, Surgite et nolite ti- 
mere. ° Levautes autcm oculus 
suos neminem viderunt nisi 
solum lesum. 

° Et descendentibus illis de 
raonte praecepit [eis] lesus di- 
eens, Kcmini dixeritis visidneiu 
donee filius hominis a mortuis 
resurgat. ">C'".6-) Et interro- 
gaverunt eum discipuli dicen- 
tes. Quid ergo scribae dicunt 
quod Ueliam oporteat prinium 
venire? " At ille respondcns 
ait, Helias quidem veuturus est 
et restituet omnia: '^ dico au- 
tem vobis quia Helias iam venit, 
et non cognoveruut cum, sed 

4. ei] cm. 1. 33. 

— etXiio] ei\>ie F. 

— Troujrrui/iiv C^DL. rel. (Latt.) Syrr. 
Memph. Theb. Aim. iEth. Orig. iii. 
560'^. 565^ Orig. Int. 901^. | ttoojctm BC». 

f>-ff'- I TTODjdofttV I. 

— i)da 2".] cm. For. Harl*. ff'.g'. Arm. 
Orig. iii. 560'". 

— rpHs <TKi]vag CD. rel. (Latt.) Orig. 
iii. bis. I (TKijvag rpsiQ B. e. 

— Muvau BDK. | Moivcrt] L. | JMwctj/ ^. 
C. 1. 33. rel. Mwau A. 

— 'HXiji /iiav CDLA. 1.33. K. Latt. Syrr. 
Mth. I tfiiav 'HXift S-. B.i?(fy. (sic in 
coUatione: editio Cephalaei habet H\. 
fu.) rel. Arm. 

5. tTTiamaatv Orig. iii. 564''. | CTTtaKia- 
Z,iv L»*. 

— iSov 2".] audita est. Syr.Crt. (add. 
eadcm post vtcji. a.) 

— 6 ayantjTog] et dilcctusmeus. Syr.Crt. 
dilectus mcus. Memph. Theb. 

— TjvSoKijaa CDG. Hipp. c. Noet. 5.(9). 
Orig. iii. 564'!. ses^ Eus. in Ps. 352». 
I Jtu^o/c. ij". B«L. rel. Eus. in Ps. 

— OKOvtre avTov BD. 1.33. ff'. Hipp. 
c. Noet. 18(20). Orig. iii. 565". Tert. c. 
Prax. 23. | Jaurou ukoviti ^. C. rel, 
(Latt.) Tcrt. c. Prax. 19. Ci/pr. 108. 


278. Hil. SOS^ 894^ (vid. Luc. ix. 35.) 
I rovrov uKovere] Hipp. e. Noet. 5(^9). 
Hum. CI. 3. 53. I avT.^aKovffart A. \ om. 

6. Kai aKovaaVTig Memph. | okouit. ^£ D. 

— tTTtaav BCD. 33. 1 J tTrfdov <^. L. rel. 
(£foj3. (Tip. Kai e-TT. €Tri wp. avT. Syr. 

— aurwv] iavTitiv L. 

7. iTpoct)\9(v B.Btlt/.Blc.D. Latt. Syrr. 
Crt.&Pst. I iwpoaeXQtjv <^. CL. rel. 
Syr.Hcl. Arm. [n.l. Memph. Theb. 

— o Itjaovg Kai BD. Latt. Syrr.Crt.&Pst. 
JEth. I *om. Kai '^. CL. rel. Syr.Hcl. 
Memph. Theb. Ai'm. 

— );ip«7-o avTujv Kai CD. rel. | fi-^a/jtj'oj 
avTiov B. 

— iHTEi/] add. eis Vulg. a.b.c.ff-.y^. 
Syr.Crt. 1 Contra, e.ff\g\ Syrr.Pst.Sc 

— iytpO))Tt] tytiptaSai D. 

8. nraipavTtg'] iiriptvTig D*. 

— avTujv~\ add, ovKtri C*. 

TOV \l}a0Vl' ^lOVOv'] fXOVOV TOV Xijtsovv 

D. Latt. I add. piff iavrm' C. 33. || ror] 
avTov ii*Jic/i. 

9. KarajiaivovTujv avrutv^ KarajiaivoV' 

Ttc r>. 

9. «K B.BcA.CDLA 1. 33. ErGHK(e 
corr. ?*)MSUV. Orig. iii. 566''. (de 
Latt.) I Xa-Ko ^. K». Orig. iii. 563<=. 

— 6 \ri(jovq~\ 6 vg 1. 

— eyfp9y BD. | iavaarij <;. CZ. rel. 
Orig. i. 365^ iii. 566^ (vid. Mar. 
ix. 9.) 

10. paBtjTai'] add. favTov ^. BsCD. rel. 
/. Syrr. JEth. | om. ZL. 1. 33. (Latt.) 

Memph. Theb. Arm. Orig. iii. 567^ 

— Ti ovv Orig. \ on 33. 

— 01 ypappariig^ post Xtyovaiv 33. (Con- 
tra, Orig.) 

— dti~] add. (px^rai A*. 

11. 6 dt^ f add. Iiiaovg <^. CK. rel. /. 
.aJth. (post a?ro(;p. Arm.)|om. BDZL. 
1.33. (Latt.) Syrr. Mempli. Theb. (i Se 
a-TTOKp. om. Syr.Crt.) 

— tiTTCv] f add. avroig ^. CZ. rel. Vulg. 
CI. f.y'. Syrr. AiTu. .<Eth. (ante uwiv 
1.) I om. B.Blly.BlcD. 33. Am. (Latt.) 
Memph. Theb. 

— ipXirai'] f add. npuirov <^. CZ. rel. 
Syrr.Pst.&Hcl. ^th. (ante jravra L.) 
I om. BD. 1.33. Latt. Syr.Crt. Memph. 
Theb. Arm. Just. Tr. 49. Hil. 694''. 

— Kat airoKaraiTTijau Vulg. <'.J'.(^K)g^. 
Syr.Hcl. (Memph.) Arm. iEth. Just. 

4. om. et i" CI. I 5. nubis Am. | complacuit 
Am. I y. om. ois Am. | 11. ait eis CI. 

XVII. 20. 


Vnlg. a. b. c. 

Syrr. C. P. H. 

Memph. Theb. 

Arm. 5;tli. 

§ X AE' poS 
'IIMar.g: 14-29. /3 

15. ■K('ia\ii 


* aAAa eTTolrjaav iv avTco oaa rjdeXrjcrav ovrcof kcu 
6 v'io9 Tov dudpcoTTOv /xeXXei 7rao")(€iu inr avTmu. 
^'^ Tore avvrjKav ol fxaOriral otl rrepl 'Icoduuov rod 
^aiTTKTTOv eiwev avrots. 

106 ^*^ ^Kai iXdovTcov^ Trpos rof oxXou 7rpoarjX0ev 
aura avOpcoiros yovvireTcov * avTov" ^ koI Xeycov, K.vpLe, 
iXerjcrou /.lov tov v'lov, otl aeXi-jvia^trai kcu kukuis 

* e'x^''" T'oXXa.Kis yap TriTrrei eh to irvp, kcu iroXXaKLS 
els TO vScop. '' Koi irpocrriveyKa avTOV toIs padrjTOLS 
(TOV, KOL ovK rj8ui'i]drjaau avTov depaTrevaai. ' airo- 
Kpi6e\? fie 6 Irjcrovs eiirev, D. yevea diTLcrTos koH Sie- 
a-Tpa/jL/xeur], ecos TTore ^ fxeff vjimv eaopai; ecos Trore 
ave^ofxai vpcou ; (pepeTe p.0L avTov code. Kat eireTL- 
pn-jaev avTw 6 b/croDs", KOt e^rjXOev cltt avTOV to 
daipovLov, Kai eOepairevd^] o irais citto ti]s copas 

P°^ eKeluT}?. ^^ Tore irpoaeXOovTCs ol /ladrjTul tm 'Irjaov 
KaT ISlav ehrov, Aia tl rjp-el? ovk r]8vvr]6r}p.ev eK^aXelv 
avTO ; o oe * Xeyei avTOts, i\La ti^v * oXiyoiTLaTLav 
vp.a)V d/jL7]u yap Xeyco vpiv, eav e)(T]Te iriaTLV as 

fccenint in eo quaecHmqiie vo- 
lueruiit. Sic ct filius liominis 
pas.surus est ali eis. '" Tunc 
intellexerunt discipuli quia do 
lohannc baptista dixisset. 

14 (171, 2.) Ef pm„ venisset ad 
turbam, accessit ad eum homo 
Senibus provolutis ante cum 
'° dicen.s, Domine, miserere iilii 
mei, quia luiiaticus est et male 
patitur : nam .saepe cadit in 
ignem ct crebro in aquam. '^Et 
optuli eum discipulis tuis, et 
non potueruut curare eum. 
" Respondcns lesus ait, gene- 
ratio incredula ct pen'ersa, quo 
usque cro vobiseum ? usque 
quo patiar vos? Atferte hue 
ilium ad me. " Et increpavit 
eum lesus, et exiit ab eo dae- 
moniura, et curatus est puer e.^ 
ilia hora. mni.s.) 'p^^,, ^c- 
cessei'unt discipuli ad lesum 
secreto et dixerunt, Quare nos 
non potuimus eiccre ilium ? 
^" Dicit illis. Propter increduli- 
tatem vestram. Amen quippe 
dico vobis, si habueritis fidem 

Tr. ////. j Kat airoKa9iTT7ji7i L. | a-jro- 
KaTaaT7](Tai D. a.b.c.ff'.g'. Syrr.Crt.& 
Pst. Theb. 

11. iravTo] add. sicut scriptum est. Syr. 

12. r)S>) HsCD.rd. Syr.Hcl. rel. Jiist.Tr. 
Orig.iu.567'.57\<^. \ om. Z. ut vicl. Syrr. 

— ETTfyj'wffai'] eyvutffav U. 

— avTov"] om. A. Qtv avTov L). 

— aXXa CD. 3.3. KM.|ta\V '^. BsZ. rel. 

— tv avT<f Orig. iii. 567". 572"^. 573'>-<:- | 
om. A I om. tv DFU. Latt. (exc. Vulg. 
e ) Syi'.Hcl.txt. Memph. (Arm.) Just. 
Tr. (vid. Mar. ix. 13.) • 

— ovtwq] ovTog A. 

— oiirujg Kai iratTxfLV I'lt^ avroiv MSS. 

et vv. hie habent Orig. iii. 573'=. ut vid. | 
ad fin. ver. 13 D. Latt. (exc. Vulg./.) 
hie tacct Just. Tr. 

\a. avToig Jm«*. Tr. 49. Orig. in.h'\^. \ 
om. Z. ut vid. Am. \ add. sic Syr.Crt. 

14. ikdovTuiv BZ. 1. Theb. | iXQov-uv 
\avrmv <^. C. rel. Syrr.Pst.&HcI. 
Memph. Arm, .lEth. On^. iii. S'S"!. j 
sXewv D. Latt. Hil 695». (vid. Mar. ix. 
14). (et cum venerit Jesus Syr.Crt. 

— avTi:! om. Arm.Zoh. (habent cdd. qui- 
dam). I ri^ lijaov FG. (non H). 

14. avdpMiroo} add. rig FH. (non K.) 
Syr.Crt. Arm. 

— awroi'BCZLXA. 1.33.E'FGHKSUV. 
(aiirw i.e. avruv pro avrov ut vid. M.) 
I XavTifi ^. E*. Orig.m. 57 i'^-^- \ tv- 
irpoadfv avrov D. (Latt.) Syr.Hcl. 
(om. e.fff'. Syn-.Crt.&Pst. Arm. Hil. 
695".) add. et rogiibat eum. Syr.Crt. 
iEth. (homo rogans eum Theb.) 

15. Kvpie Orig. iii. 574\ | om. Z. 

/iOU TOV v\oi' fiOV 'Q.Bch. 

— (x^^t BZ(utTid.)L. (On>. iii. 575=.) | 
Xtraaxii T- CD. rel. Latt. 

— TToWaKiQ 2° Vulg. I fi'iort D. 1. 
(Latt.) Axm. (On>.iii.574»-'^-578^) (om. 

10. ijdvvifitjaav CD. rel. | ijSvvaaOijaai' 
B.Btlg.Blc. I iSvvt)9iiaav K. | ricv- 
vavTo Z. 

— avTov GipaTTEvrrai BCZ. rel. €.JfK \ 
dtpa-jT. avT. D. (Latt.) (om. avrov Ai-m.) 

17. aTronpiBtie oc BCD. rel. Vulg.C/. 
c.(e).f. Syr.Hcl. | rcri airoKp. Z. For. 
Memph. iEtli. | airoKp. tantura Am. 
b.ff'-W-l Syrr.Crt.&Pst. Tlicb. | et 
respondcns a. 

— aTTiffi-og] -ra O/'ij.iii. 579". Eus. in Ps. 
384''. I TTOviipa Z. 

— ^u(jrpapfitinf\ cietrrpifi^tvt] Z. j ante 
oTTioToc Syr.Crt. 

17. pi9' vfiuiv taofiai B.Btlt/. in coll. Bc?i. 
CDZ. 1. 33. iff'.) Orig. iii. 5791=. (/xeS' 
I'/i. cifii Eus. in Ps. 384^.) | Jfiro/iai 
pi9' iijiuv =:. (L).rel. Yuig. a.b.c.e.f.ff'^. 
SyiT. .^th. H(7. e95'. 696». \\«\ 
(ffwfie L. 1 om. Arm. {img Trore ta. 
fied' vfjiwv post iu)£ IT. avi^, vfiiov 
a.b.c g'.) 

— idiQ Trore 2"] et Syr.Crt. 

— ai't^OjUai] ave^iiifiai LE*. 

19. Kaff iSiav D. 

— 7idvvij97]fuv] eSvi'T]9tjfiev K. 

20. o ct] fadd. Itimvg C- C. rel. Vulg.CT. 
b.c.e.f. Syrr.Pst.&Hcl. | om. B.Btly.Blc. 
D. 33. Am. For. Tol. a.ff'-^g'-^- Syr. 
Crt. Jlemph. Theb. Arm. ..Eth. 

— Xeyei 'S.Blly.Bk.V). 1.33. Am. b.c. 
(e.ff'-y-g'- 1 t "'TO' s. C. rel. Vulg. CI. 
a.fg-. Arm. 

— oXiyoTnirriav'B. 1.33. Syr.Crt. Memph. 
Theb. Arm. 2Eth. Orig. iii. 466''. QHil. 
695":.) 1 iamariav S- C(D)IC rel. 
Latt. Syrr.Pst.&Hcl. (Arm. 1 MS.) vid. 
cap. xiii. 58. (awKTreiav DEFGH.) 

— eav^ praem. on C. Memph. Theb. 
Orig. iii. 202^. 

13. dixisset eie CJ. | 14. provolutns CI. [ filio 
meo a. I IT. respondcns ail tern CI. \ IS. incre- 
puvit ilium CI. I 20. Dixit illis Jesus Ct. 




1. 33 


21. om. 


l|Lu. 9:43—45. 

22. dvaaTpt(pofii- 




KOKKOv (TivaTrecof, ipeire tw opet. tovtco, * Mera/3a" 
evdev €K€l, Koi ixeTa^i'](reTar kou ov8ei> aBwaTrjcrei 
vfXLV, \_TovTO 8e TO jivos ovK iKiropeveraL, el fxrj iv 
7rpo(T€V)(fj Kol vricrTeLa.~\ 

107 "'^ ^^vaTpe(j)opevcov' ' 8e avT(oi> eV rrj Ta- 
XiXaia, ehrev aurois o Irjaovs; MeAAet o vlo9 rov 
avOpcoTTOv TrapaSlSocrdat ety ^elpas avOpanroiv, "^ kou 
airoKTevovcriv avrov, kol t^ Tplrrj r)p.epa eyepdrjaerai. 
Kai i\vTrr]dr)aav acpoSpa. 
AS" po? I ()3 'lEiXdovTcou Se avTau eJ? ^ K.a(j)apuaovfJb" 
TTpoarjXOov ol ra S[8pa-)(^p.a Xap^avovres tS Herpco 
Kol * ei7rai>," 'O 8t8daKaXos vpcou ov reXei to. 8i8pa)(^- 
/Jia; Xeyei, Na/. Kat ^ iXOovra els rrjv oIkIuv 
TTpoecjidaa-ev avrov 6 'Irjaovf Xeycov, T/ crol 8oK€l, 
^ifjicov ; ol fiaaiXfXs rrjs yrjs aTro t'lvcov Xapj3a.vovai,u 
TeXrj 7j KTjvaov ; airo tcov vlav avTwv, rj airo twv 
aXXoTpifov ; ' *uTr6vT0s fie',"* 'Atto twv aXXorpicov, 
e(f)r] avTM 6 'It](rovs, ^' Apa^ ye eXevdepoi elaiv ol 
VLOL. "iva fie p.r] (TKav8aXl(T(ap.ev avrovs, TropevOels 
els OaXacrcrav /3aAe ayKiarpou, koI tov avaliavra 
TrpwTOv ly^Ovv apov kou avoi^as to crTop.a avTov 

XVII. 21 

sicut granum sinapis, dicetis 
monti huic, Transi hinc, et 
transibit, et nihil inpossibile 
erit vobis. '^ Hoc autem genus 
non eicitur nisi per orationem 
et ieiunium. 

22 (176, 2.) Conversantibus au- 
tem eis in Galilaea, dixit illis 
lesus, Filius honiiiiis tradendus 
est in manus hoininum, ■' et 
Occident euni, et tertio die re- 
surget. Et contristati sunt 

2< (HT. 10.) Et g^nj Ycnissent 
Capharnaum, accessernnt qui 
didraglua accipiebant ad Pe- 
trum et dixerunt, Magister 
vesrer non solvit didragnia ? 
^ Ait, Etiam. Et cum 
set domum, praevenit eiim le- 
siis dicens, Quid tibi videtur, 
Simon? reges terrae a quibu.s 
accipiunt tributum vel censum ? 
anliis suis, anabalieuis? ^ Et 
ille dixit, Ab alienis. Dixit 
illi lesus. Ergo liberi sunt filii. 
" Ut autem non scandalizemus 
eos, vade ad mare et raitte 
hamum, et eum piscem qui pri- 
mus ascenderit tolle, et aperto 

20. KOKKOe D*. I KOKO L. | KOKOV A. 

— ^itTai3a B. 1. Orfj. iii. 202f. 579'.| 
tfifra/Jrief^. CD. rel. Orig iii. 319'. 
466«. Eus. in Ps. ig^"". 

— ivdev BD. 1. Ori'^. iii. 202''. 466«. 579^ 
I XevTcvOiv '^. C. rel. Eus. in Ps. 

— tk-fi MSS. Vulg.C/. (Latt.) Syr.Hcl. 
Orig. iii 202 '466'. Eics. in Ps ] om. 33. 
Am. Fur. Tol. g\l. Syn-.Crt.&Pst. iEth. 

21. om. ver. B. 33. e.ffK SyrCrt. Memph. 
(ap. Mill, in App. e cdd. Marescballi). 
Theb. ^th. (exc.ed. Piatt.) Syr.Hier. 
Ens. in Canone (nam ad Mar. ix. 28. 

habct — , ut Marci solius). | Contra, 

CD. rel. (Latt.) Syrr.Pst.&Hcl. Memph. 
( W.&Sch.) Arm. 07-!>.iii.579'>. Hil.695''. 

22. avtrrpetpofxfi'ojv ^e avTwv B. 1. con- 
versantibus autem eis. Vulg. f.g'-^- | 
iavucTTpifoiiivujv h avTuv. <^. CL. 
rel. rcdcuntibus autem illis ff^. Syrr. 
Piit.&Ht'l (Memph. Theb.) Arm.jffrpf- 
fofiivuiv dt avTwv Or;^. iii. 580'. (..vwv 
Ct uvTttiv II). I avTuiv ?e avaarp^lio^t- 
viav D. ipsis autem conversantibus 
a.b.ff-. Hit. egs''. ipsis autem redeunti- 
bus c. (Syr.Crt.) cum autem regrcdere- 
tnr ijise c. et dum ambularent. iEtli. 


23. aTToicTivovaiv Vrig. iii. 583"^. iv. 301'. 
I aTroKTfivovaiv D. 

— ry Tpiry I'lpipf Vulg. fff'-'-g'-'- Syrr. 
Theb. Arm. iEth. Orig. iii. 583^ iv. 
301^ [ ^tra TptiQ yjn^pag D. a.b.c.e. 

— tytpdijatTaL CDII. rel. O/zJ.iv. 301^ 
I avaartjaerai B. Orig. iii. 583"^. (vid. 
Mar. is. 31.) 

— Kai e\v7r7j9}j(Tav ^(po^^pal om, K- 

24. tXBovTuv Si f. Syr.Hcl. rel. Orig. iii. 
584^ I Kai eXeovrwi- D. (Latt.) Syrr. 

— Miaipapvaovp. BD. 33. | JKaTrepvaou/J 
^. CII. rel. 

— Ta SiSpaxi^a 1". BsCA. 33. KMSUV. 
Syr.Hcl. mg. Gr. Orig. iii. 584». 587^ | 
ra ^iSpaypa LX. 1. EFGH. Am. b.ff'. 
(g'-'-) I TO diSpay/jaTa D. (hiat IL) 

— T(i} Ilerpff} post Kat enrav D. Syr, 
Hier. | Contra, Oriy. iii. (Simoni Syr, 

— iiirav BD. | Jfijrov S- CII. rel. 

— Ta Si^paxfia 2". BCIIA. 1.3.3. GKM 
SUV. c. Orig. iii. 587''. | ra Sicpayfia 
LXEFH Am. b.g'-'- | Seidpayiia D. 

25. Xfyei] add. Simon Syr.Crt. | om, Xty. 
vat V, 

— iXdovra B.Bch.Blc. 1. iEth. (aaiX- 
BovTa Ji.Blly. I iXdovTwv avTuiv. 33. (a). 
\iiaiK9ovTi D. b. \ bit ijXOov C. | ore 
Hiyi]X9ov U. Syr.Crt. | J ore tinijXOiv 
S-. IIL. reL Vulg. c.e.f.ff'. Syr.Pst. 
Memph. Theb. Arm. [ff^]. 

— OTTO Tivlov CDn. rel. (vv.) Orig. iii. 
SSS''. Hil. 696''. I OTTO Tivos B. Arm. 
^th. [Syrr.Crt.&Pst.] 

— 7-eXi) ))] TiXilv (sic) 33, 

— avTuiif'] om. A. 

26. ftTTOifToQ ^£ B. 1, (vid. add. in CL. 
mox infra) Memph. Theb. Arm. Orig. 
iiL 585''. ct ille dixit. Vulg. a.b.{c\ff^. 
9^'^'\.ff^'] '"s autem respondit e. ] JXtyti 
avT<p <^. CD. rel. (/). Syrr. ^th. (hiat 
II). {Xsysi avrt^ 6 Ilfrpoc otto ruiv 
aXXoTpiitiv'\ om. X*. 33. add. X in 
"l.l;*^ llt^''^'" ritrpof s- C. rel.y; Syr, 
Hcl. add. Simon Syrr.Crt.&Pst. (om, 
o H.) I om, BD. 1. (Latt,) Syr.Hier. 
Memph. Theb. Arm. ^th. (hiat II). 

— aXXoTpiuiV^ add. liirovrog Se avrov arro 
Ttxiv aXXoTpiutv C(L). (ora. avrov L). 

— ol] om. X. 

20. hinc illuc CI. | 23. tertia die CI. | 24. di- 
dr-ichma (6w) CI. { dixerunt ei CI. | 25. iu do- 
mum CI. 

XVIII. 8. 


Vulg. a. b. c. 

Syrr. C. P. H. 

Memph. Theb. 

Arm. Eiik. 

€VpTj(T€l9 (TTaTTJpa- 
iflOV Koi (TOV. 

eKtlvou Xa^cov 80s avTols 

(XVTL ore eius inveiiics staterem: il- 
ium suniens da eis pro me et tc. 

XVIII. ^z' po, 109 ^^'Ev iKeivrj rfj apa ■7rpo(rrjX9oi> 01 jxaO-qraL 
»||Mar.9:33— 37. ^cp Itjctov XiyovTei, Tt? oipa fxei^CDv iaTLV ev TV fiaat- 

II Lu. .q;46-— 48. ,,,,„2v ,./ t'o,, 

I. u. Ty iifiipif Aeia Tcov ovpavoiu ; Kat irpocrKaKeaafjievos^ Traioiov 
earrjaev avro Iv p.€crw avrmu "" kou eltrev., 'A/xtju Xeyco 
vfuv, kav pL-q (rTpa(f)T]T€ koi yevrja-Oe as to. 7rai8ia, ov 
ITn fiT)^ elcreXdrjTe els rrjv (SacriXeiau rdv ovpavcov. '^ oans 

ovv * TaireLvoKreL eavrov as to TraiSlop touto, ovtos 
icTTLv 6 pel^cov ev TTj /Saa-iXeia twv ovpavcov. ^ kcu os 

av Se^rjTUL ^ ev TraiSlou tolovtov" eiri tco 6v6p.aTi 

P^ piov, e'/xe Sex^Tar ^ ^os 8' av crKavSaXlarj '4va tcov p.iK- 
pdv toutcov tcov irtcrTevovTcov els ep.e, avp.^epei avTco 
Iva Kpe/xacrdrj p,vXos ovlkos ^ irepV tov Tpd-)(riXov 
avTov, Kol KaTairovTicrOrj iv tw ireXdyeL ttjs 6a- 

110 Ova], TCO Kocr/xcp diro T(ov cTKavSciXcov avdyKr} 

yap ^ eXOelv to. crKavSaXa, ttXtjv oval rc5 dvOpcoirco 

^^ 81 ov TO c7Kav8aXov ep^eTau. ^el 8e rj xelp crou rj 
o TTOvs crov aKavSaXl^ei cre, eKKO-yf/ov * avrov" kou 

y ||Mar.9:42. 
Lu. 17: 2. 

f Z 

c. 5:30. 

II Mar. 9:43-45. 

> (>'s, 2.) jj, jjjg^ \ioTs. accesse- 

Quis i)u as maior est in regno 
eaelorura ? - Et advocans lesus 
parvuluni statuit eum in medio 
eorum ' et dixit, ^Vmen dico 
vobis, nisi conversi fiieritis et 
efficiamiui sicut parviili, non 
intrabitis in regno caelorum. 
* Quicnmque ergo hamiliavcrit 
se sicut parvulus iste, hie est 
maior in regno caelorum: ^ et 
qui susceperit unum paiTulura 
talem in nomine meo, me su- 
scipit: ^ ("'.2.) qui autem scan- 
dalizaverit unum de pusillis 
istis qui in me crednnt, expedit 
ei ut suspendatur mola asinaria 
in collo eius et demergatur in 
profuuduni maris. 

' Vac mundo .ab scandalis. 
Necesse est enlm ut veniant 
scandala, verumtamen vae 
liomini per quern scandalum 
venit. 8 (ISO, 6.) g; .jmem ma- 
nus tua vel pes tuus scandalizat 
te, abscide eum et proice abs tc • 

27. Jf] om.E*GM. 

— fTKai^daXicruifteif BsDII. rel. Orig^ iii. 
585'!. I -Jw^fi/ ZL. 

— BaXauacii'] f praem. Trjv S". D. rel. | 
om. B.Btli/.ZllLA. 1. 33. KMUV. 

— /SaXe] jiaXii L. 

— aj/a/BavraBsDLE*. rel. On^r. iii 585=. 
lavafiatvovTa Z(ut vid.)IlTf.{?)XA 
ETGS. (....I'ovraZ). 

— Kac avotKag~} om. Kai L. 

— tvptj&eig'] add. f/cti D. a.b.c.gK \ add. 
in eof. in ilium e. \ om. Vulg.^'. 

— avrt'] avT Z. 

1. (Ktivyl add. ^f BM.Theb. {cod.)\Con- 
tra, DZ. rel. Orig. iii. 588»-'>- 589»-i'- 

— wpjt BDZII. rel. Vulg./ ;Syrr.Pst.& 
Hcl. Memph. Tlicb. ^th. (^xara fiiv 
TLVa tQv a.priypa(pojVj IvlKlivy ry wp^ 
...,Kard Se dWa, ev iKtivy ry r^jXEpq. 
Orig. iii. 588''). I )i/i£pqt (Codd.ap.Orig.) 
1.33. (Latt.) Syr.Crt. Arm. Orig.m. 
588". 589^ Nil. 697'. 

— Ijjcroti] add. icar' [tJiav] 33. (tov Ijjito!) 
Kat XfyoiTEf avT<ji est lectio Syr.Crt.) 

— ftEiJw)'] fieiZo) a*. (-Zov XK.) 

2. Kat 7rpo(TKa\ . . Kai tiTrev ver.3.] om.F*. 

— TrpomcaXKTajtivoe'] add. f 6 hiuovg '^, 
DII. rel. Vulg. e.f.g'. Syrr. Ann. Orig. 

iii.591». (anteirpo(7Ka\. a.b.c.ff'.g'. post 
■n-aihuv ff'.) |om. BL. 1. (33. ut vid. c 
spat.) FV*. Memph. .^tb.(Z. 33. liiiint.) 

2. TzaiSiov'] add. iv D. Syr.Crt. (Arm.) 

— avTo om. F. 

3. aTpalp^Tt] aTpa(j»]aOt H. 

— yEvr}a9{\ yii'E(j9£ L. 

— 7-a TraiSia] unus ex his pueris Syr.Crt. 

4. ovv'\ om. G. 

— Tairuvioau BDZLXA. 1. EFGHKM 
SUV. OW(7. iii. 6621. (hiat 33). | fa- 
7riivw(T7j <S". Clem. 107. 

— lavTov'] avTov LA. 

— 6 juft^wj'] om. 6 A. 

5. av DZL. Orig. iii. 593". (hiat 33). [ 
Xtav S'. Bs. rel. Orig. iii. 597". | add. p,)} A. 

— kv Traioiov Toiovr. B. B/Zy.B/c'.DZL. 
1. (hiat 33), Latt. ^th. Orig. iii. 593«. 
596^ 597". Lcf. 141. 1 J waiS. TOiovr. iv 
T. E. rel. | iraiSiov iv roiovr. G. Syr. 
Hcl. Arm. (talem unum ex his pueris. 
Syr.Crt. talem puerum ilium Syr.Pst.) 
II roiovrov BD. rel. \ toiovto ZLA. 1, K 
MV. Orig. (ter.) ||fi' B.Btlt/.Bch.DZ. 
rel. (Latt.) rel. | om. B.Bch. XAS.e. Syr. 
Pst. Memph. Theb. 

— eTTi Tfj) ovofiaTi fiov Orig. iii. 593'^. | 
£7rt TO ovofia{.. ?) pou Z. (ora. a). 


6. oKavSaXiay Orig. iii. 601*'. 609". Eus. 
inPs. 310^ I -ati LH. 

— pvXog oviKoe BD. rel. Orig. iii. 5931. 
Sge^ I ixvXog ..vXtKoe Z. I Xieof /ivXi- 
Kog L. 

— TTEpt BZL. On'ff. iii. 593''. 1 Elf XA. 1. 
EFGHKMSV. Mempli. Theb. Arm. 
OWj.iii.596''.|tE7ri =:■ DU«. (hiat 33). 
in coUo Latt. (in collum e. aMoff'.m.) 

7. iTKavcaXioii] scandala quae veniunt 

— eX6eij'] t praem. ECTTii' <3-. D. rel. Liitt. 
Syrr.Crt.&Hcl. Ocijr.iii. 600<i.601=. Hit. 
6980. Xo/. 142. I om. B.Bck.L. 1, 33. 
Syr.Pst. Theb. ^Eth. 

— TrXtjv] add. Se D*. 

— avOputTrip'] f add. ikuvij) ^. X. rd. 
Vulg.C/. (Latt.) Theb. Arm. JEth. Hit. 
Lcf. I om. B.BcA.DL. 1. F. Am. For. 
g'. Syi-r. Memph. (Ori't?. iii. 602''.) 

8. aicavSaXiZei'] -In LXFV. 

— avTov B.Bch.UL. 1. Latt. Syrr.Crt.& 
Pst. Theb. Arm. ^th. Hi!. 380"^. Lcf. 
I avTr/i' U. I lavra 9-. X. rel. Syr. 
Hcl. Memph. 

3. regnum C'l. | 7. homini illi CI. 





1. 33. [69]. 
' c. 5 : 29. 
II Mar. 9: 47. 

§m AH' p7r/3 
I" Lu. 15:4-17. e 

^d\e OLTTO crov- KaXov aoi icmu dcreXOeiv el? rrjv 
^corju ^(^coXou rj kvXXov, i] dvo x^lpa^ rj 8uo TroSas 
f^oi'Ta ^Xrjdrivat ely to vrup to aicavLOV. ^ koI el 6 
6({)OaXfj.6s (Tov aKavSaXi^ei (re,t^eXe avTov kol /3aAe 
OLTTO aov- KaXov aoi iaTiv ixovo(l)6aXfj.ov el? Trjv Qcor]u 
elcreXdeiu, rj 8vo ocpdaX/jLOvs e^ovTa ^X-qOrjvaL els ttjv 
yeevvav tov irvpos. UpaTe fir} KaTacppopTjaTjTe 

ivos Tcou fxiKpcov TOVTCov Xeyco 'yap vp.2v oTi ol ayye- 
Xoi avTcou ev ovpavoty 8ia ivavTos ^Xeivovcriv to irpocr- 
coTTOu TOV 7raTpo9 p.ov TOV ev ovpavoLS. VL 

vfiiu SoKel; eav yevrjTai tlvl avOpoowco eKaTov irpo- 
/3ara Koi TrXavrjOfj eu e^ avTcov, ov-)(l * acp^aei. to, 
^ evevT]KOVTa" evvea iirl to. opt}, koI TropevOels Q]Tel 
TO TrXavoap-evov ; ^^ kcu eav yevr^Tac evpeiv avTo, ap.r]v 
Xeyco v/Jilv, otl ^^alpet eir avTco p-aXXov, rj em Tols 
* eveurjKovTa evvea Toli prj ireirXavrjpievoLS. ovtcos 
OVK ecTTtv OeXrjpa epLirpoaOev tov iraTpos * fxov' tov 
ev ovpavols, iva airoXrjTaL ^ ev tcov puKpcov tovtcov. 

bonum tibi est ad vitam ingredi 
debilem vel clodum, quam duas 
manus vel duos pedes haben- 
tem mitti in ignem aeternum. 
' Et si oculus tuus scandalizat 
te, erue eum et proice abs te: 
bonum tibi est uno oculo in 
vitam intrare, quam duos oculos 
habentem mitti in gehennam 
ignis. '" '■*'' '"•' Videte ne con- 
temnatis unum ex his pusillis: 
dico enim vobis quia angeli 
eorum in caelis semper vident 
faciem patris mei qui in caelis 
est. " Venit enim filius ho- 
minis salvare quod perierat. 
i2(iss,5.) Q„j(j voijis videtur? 
si fuerint alicui centum oves et 
erraverit una ex eis, nonne re- 
linquet nonaginta novera in 
montibus et vadit quaerere earn 
quae erravit? " Et si couti- 
gerit ut inveniat earn, amen 
dico vobis quia gaudebit super 
ea magis quam super nonaginta 
novem quae non erraverunt. 
'* Sic non est voluntas ante pa- 
trem vestrum qui in caelis est 
ut pereat unus de pusiUis istis. 

8. KaXov~\ add. yap U. 

— fiat\9tiv'\ post fie Tr)v Jwjji' K. Latt. 
(exc. e.) 

— Xi^^ov t] KvWov DLX. rel. e. Syn". 
Memph. Theb. Arm. ^th. 0;-('j. iii. 
603". I KuXXoK 7] xwXoi' B. (Latt.) 

— X"P"C- • • ■ iro^af BsL. rel. Vulg. J". \ 
TTofag x^'P^S D. (Latt.) 


■Kvpog 1. Gat.ff', Syr.Crt. (_Orig.iu. 

9. Kai ft] TO avTo €t Kat T), 

— 6 a^9.] cm. 6 A. (B in coUatione 
Bentleii habet o). 

— (TKav^a^t^ft] ffKav^aXn B. i CKavda- 
XiKj) LAF. 

— txovTa liXriQ.^ «X*"' P^lS- L. 

— TOV TTvpos Orig. in. 603'^. | om D. | 
cm. TOV A. (in ignem aeternum e._/".) 

10. Tojv fiiKpcov TovTiov BsX. rcI. ce-J". 
Syr.Hcl. Memph. Theb. Arm. CIem.953. 
(ex. e Theod.) 970. Orig. iii. 605». Orig. 
Int. iii. 358''. 936^ Hit. 699». | tovtuiv 
Tiav fimpuiv DL. Vulg. a.b.ff'.yn. Syrr. 
Crt.&Pst. Orig. ii. 627''. iii. 609''. (om. 
TovTuivg'.jp. Eus.'mVs.Z\0\) Lcf. 142. 
II add. Tiov TTiarivovTiov hq ifii D. h.c. 

^1.2.^1.2. Syr.Crt. Theb. Hil. 699". | 
add. Tuiv tv Tij iKK\fj(Ti(f Orig. ii. 627**. 
(i. 215^ 767''.) Orig. Int. iii. SSS"". y36^ 
sic, scd add. fiov Eus. in Ps. 310'. | sine 


add. BL. rel. Vulg. a.e.f. Syrr.Pst.& 
Hcl. Memph. Arm. ^th. Orzj. iii. 605^ 
609''. Lcf. 142. 

10. tv ovpavoig 1° DLX. rel. (Latt.) 
(Syrr.) Memph. Arm. ^th. Lcf. 142. 
\tv Tifi ovpav(f>'B. (33). (om. tiji 33).] 
IV Toig ovpavoie H. | om. 1. Vulg.MSS. 
apud Wetst. e.ffK Syr.Pst.ed. (sed ha- 
bet cd. apud Jones). Theb. C/em. 952. 
970. On>. i. 767". ii. 627''. Orig. Int. ii. 
420':. iii_ 358b. 96ie. 973c_ j,,. 473d_ £,„_ 

in Ps. 204=. Hi!. 699». 

— ^ou] om. H. 

— (V ovpavoie 2°. Onj.i.G63''.767''.769':. 
ii. 627''. iii. 608*. | iv roif ovpaj'oig D. 
33. V. OW3.i.215^ Eus. in Ps.204e. 

11. \7}\9fvyap ov'iog tov avOpionov (Tiooai 
fro awoXaXog <^. DII(L''mg.) l^mg., 
ruir. rel. (Latt.) Syrr. (Memph. in uno 
codice). Arm. ^th. ed. et MSS.(vid.Luc. 

xix. 10). [ ffidffat TO aTToXuXog §11 

post hiatum]. | om. BL*. 1*. 33. e.ff'. 
Syr.Hier. Memph. Theb. TEth. iii. Eu- 
sebii Canones, || 6 viog'] om. 6 A. | avOpto- 
TTou] add. Z'1Tt]i!i L-mg. | add. ?»jri)- 
aai Kai G. c. (Memph. in uno codice). 
JEih. (a commate 10 ad comma 14 
transilit Orig. in Comm: ad Homilias 
in Lucam referens lectorem, quae nunc 
non extant). 

12. Ti] n ^e D. a. 

12. a<pricu BL. 1. (Latt.) Ai-m. .^th. | 
aiptri(7iv D. Yulg.Cl.ff'. \ Ja^fis '^. 
nx. rel. Syrr. 

— ra'] om, 'B.Bch. 

— evivriKOVTa twia DLXA. 1.33. EFGH 
KMWitivvivriK. tvv. <^. Bs.Si.(hiat 
n.) I add. TTpofiara B. Arm. add. Trpo E*. 

— Kai Tcop. BDL. Latt. Syrr.Crt.&Pst. 
Memph. Arm. JSxh.\*om, xai '^. IIX. 
rel. Syr.Hcl. Theb. 

— TTopivBiic] iropevofiivog D. 

— Sij^fi] JjjDjffti H. (non D.) 

13. x^^P^^ Vulg.C?. e. I X"P" ^*- ^"'• 

— tvtvjjKovTa evvea (L)XA 1. 33. EF 
(G)HKMUV (-twa LGV Tf.)\ttvvev. 
ivv. S-. BsSs. (D. ^e'). [hiat IL] 

14. tfiwpoaSiv'] om. Syr.Crt. Memph. 
Orig. iii. 610*. 

— iiov BII. 33. FH. Syr.Hcl.txt. Memph. 
Theb. Arm. ^th. Orig. iii. 609<^. 610». 
612''.1 J I'juwi' 'a. D=LX. rel. Latt. Syrr. 
Crt.Pst.& j vfiuv D*. Harl.* 

— ovpavoig Orig. iii. 609". | praem. Toig 
D. 33. V* ut vid. Orig. iii. 610". 612". 

— ev B.Bch.BJj. 33. (M infra lin., rubr.) 
e*. Harl*. | Jfie '^. ILX. rel. Latt. 
Orig. iii. ter. 

1 5.a/<apr);(r{) DUX. rel. I a/mprijerf I B.i?/e. 

9. cum uno oculo CI. | 12. reliuqmt CZ. | 
13. gaudp Ct. 1 super earn CL 

XVIII. 21. 


Memph. Theb, 
Arm. Sith. 

[eif (re] 

' Deut. 19:15. 
2 Cor. 13: I. 

' c. 16:19. 

eXey^of avrov jxera^v ^ crov /cat avTOV /xofov. eau 

16 i^.. t.^ 

'Lu.i7:i,etc. '"^^ (TOV aKovarj, eK€p8r]aas tov a8eX(f)ov aov' eav 

15. [tic (Tel ' \ . / '\ a ^ ^ ./ -y -.v p. ' (1 <•/ 

fiT] aKOvarj, irapaAape fxera crov in eva 1] ovo, Lva 
€7rt arofxaTos 8uo /xaprvpcou t} rpicou crradrj irav prj/xa 
iav Se TrapaKovarf avraiv, eiTre tt) iKKXyaia- eav 8e 

Kai Trjy iKK\7](Tiay irapaKOvcrrj, eaTco crol cocnrep 6 

fy eUviKos KUL o t€Aq)V7]9. apyv Aeyo) vp.Lv, oaa *av 
Sr](n]T€ eVi Tr]s y^s, ecrrat Sedepeva iv [twj ovpavco- 
Kol oaa iav XvarjT€ eVt r^y yrjf, earai XeXvpeva iv 

\_Twj ovpavcp. 

f'^J 111 ^^ YidXiv ' dprjv" Xeyco vp.iv ort. iav Svo * crvp,- 
(j)covq(TOV(TLv i^ vp,a>v" iirl ttjs yrjs Trepl iravTos irpa- 
y paras oii iav alrrjacovTaL, yevrjaeraL airols irapa rod 
TvaTpos pov Tov^ ev ovpavoLS. ov yap eiaiv ovo tj 

Tpils avvrjy^ievoL els to ipov ovop.a, iKel elpi ev peaco 

P^^ avTcov. ^^ Tore TrpoaeXdcov * 6 IleTpos elirev avTW , 
Kvpie, TTOcraKis dpapT^aei els ip,e 6 ddeXcjyos pov Kal 


15 ci83,5.) g; autem peccaverit in 
te frater tuus, vade et corripe 
cum inter te et ipsum solum: 
si te audierit, lucratus eris fra- 
trem tuum: '* t'*'< '"•) si autem 
non to audierit, adhibe tecum 
adhuc unum vel duos, ut in ore 
duorum testium vel trium stet 
omne verbum. " Quod si non 
audierit eos, die ecclesiae : si 
autcra et ecclesiam non audi- 
erit, sit tibi sicut ethnicus et 
publicanus. " C^' '•' Amen di- 
co vobis, quaecumque alliga- 
veritis super teiTam, erunt li- 
gata et in caelo; et quaecum- 
que solveritis super terram, 
enmt soluta et in caelo. 

19(186,10.) iterum dice vobis 
quia si duo ex vobis consense- 
rint super terram de omni re, 
quanicumque petierint, fiet illis 
a patre meo qui in caelis est : 
™ ubi enim sunt duo vel tres 
congregati in nomine meo, ibi 
sum in medio eorum. "icibt.s.) 
Tunc accedens Petrus ad eum 
dixit, Domine, quoties peccabit 
in me frater meus et dimittam 

L. I ifiaprij (si'e.) 33. a/iapry Orig. iii. 

1 5. f If « DKLX. 33. rel. Memph. fi^il 700». 
Lcf. 142. I om. B. 1. Theb. Orig. iii. 
610''. Orig. Int. ii. 194''. 

— virayt] om. Syr.Crt. 

— iKiyKov] fpraem. /cat '^. HLX. rel. 
(Latt.) Memph. .S.l\i. Hil. Lcf. \ om. 
BD. \.Z3.ff'--'- Syrr. Theb. Arm. Orig. 
iii. 610''. Orig. Int. ii. 194''. 

— aicoyffy] -au L. 

— tKipSr}(yiQ D. 

16. jiri] add. aov LA. 33. Latt. (Syrr. 
Crt.&Pst.) Memph. Theb. Arm. ^th. 
Orig. Int. ii. 194". | Contra, BD. rel. 
Syr.Hcl. Or/j. iii. 611''. (vid. ver. 15.) 

— Iiira crow] post Svo B. Memph. | Con- 
tra, DII. rel. 

— (row] aiavTov L. 1.33. 69. KM. Orig. 
iii. 611". 

— /taprupwv BsIIX. rel. j4m. a.b.c.f. Syr. 
HcL JEus. D.E. 425''. Hil. 700''. | om. 
D. I ante Svo L.(post rpiuiv. 1. Vulg.C/. 
Arm. ^th. Orig. m.\29K 611^. Orig. 
Int. ii. 194'!. Tert. de Praes. 16. Lcf. 142. 

— (TTa9y BsDL. rel. ] araBrjatTai. IIA. 33. 
MU. Orig. iii. 129''. 

17. tiTff] (iTTov L. Orig. iii. 611^ 

— trot] om. L. I add. XoiTrov 1. {Orig. 
iii. 612».) 

17. 6 Te\(ovj]g'\ praem. oiq D. ff^. Syrr. 

18. afirivj bis M. c. | praem. Kai Syr. 
Crt. I add. yap. Syr.Hcl. [ add. Se V*. 

— av <5)j(T. B.Btli/.BL. 69. K. ] X tav Stja. 
S-. ItX. rel. Orig. iii. 613". 

— tarai Je Jf/i. . . . £7ri rrjg yqe] om. D. 
(add. ad imam paginam man. rec.) 

— T<{i ovpavi^ 1°. XA. 1. M. rel. {Orig. 
iii. 613=). 1 om. ti^i B. Orig. iii. 614». | 
Toig ovpavoiQ (D man. rec.) L. 33. /. 
Memph. Theb. | Contra, Orig. iii. 614^ 
diserte. (hiat II.) 

— iav'] av (D man. rec.)L. 69. 

— r(fioi'pa»'(()2<>]om. r^jB.i?i/^.(hiatn).| 
Toig oiipa)'0(s DL.33. M./. Memph.Theb. 

19. 7ra\u'*a/i)(»'"B(sic)II(ut vid. e spat.) 
X. 33. 69. EFGHKSUV. (Latt.) Syrr. 
Crt.(&Hcl.) Theb. | ttoXo' ^£ AM. 
{Mt\i.)\tza\iv tantum i^. DL. 1. Vulg. 
ff^'^'l. Syr.Pst. Memph. Arm. Orig. 
in. 614"^. itenim audite e. 

— tav Svol Svo iav D. 

— av^iptjjvTjtT. £^ vjiiiiv BDL. .^th. I avp- 
tpiuviDdiv £? I'lpiiiv Orig. i. 793'. | £? vnmv 
avjjfiovTia. 69. (Latt.) (Syrr.) Cypr. 
14. (On^. /(((.ii. 178".)! \vnuiv avp<pu)- 
vija. S". IIX. rel. Orig. iii. 614". (Memph. 
Theb. ?) Arm. (om. vpuv 33. a.ffK) Wav/i- 
<l,uvr)aovmv KBtlg.DULA. 33. EHV. | 
l-<Tujmv '^. X. rel. Or!3.iii.614<^.617". 

19. TTpayfiarog'] praem. rov D*. 

— oi] X-. 

— tav] av J). 

— aiTi]i7i>ivTai Orig.i.79S'. 111.614^617". 
1 -aovrai L*XG*H. 

— ytvi]<7tTai] SoOrjiTtTai 33. 

— ovpavoig] praem. rote V. 

20. ou Ocijr. iii. eiS''. 619". | oTrot; 69. 
Orig. i. 394». iii. 302». 433'"- 589«. Eus. 
D.E. 252". in Es. 408". 429". in Ps. 62=. 
141=. 202". 517'. 702". 

— ov yap ti(Tiv.. ..ovopa tKtt £tjut] ovk 
titJLV yap.. ..ovop,a nap' oiQ ovk tifii 
D. eadem add. g'. {ov yap tiaiv D a 

21. 6 TItTpos tiirtv avT<ii B(D). Orig. iii. 
619=. (i om. D.) (Pet. ad eum di,xit 
Vulg. 3^.) I % avTip 6 TltTpog tiirtv S". 
LX. rel. a. Syr.Hcl. Arm. ad eum P. 
dLxit el a.b.c.ff^-^'-gKh. Memph. (Theb.) 
Lcf. 144. (om. ei 145.) ad eum P. et 
dixit e. ad eum P. et dixit e,if. Syrr. 
Crt.&Pst. Mth. (Sunon Pet. Syi'. 

— aiiapTjjiTtt] '<7Tj AEH. 

— tig tpi Orig. iii. 6 1 9=.] post, o aStX^og 
pov B.Btlg. 69. (Memph. Theb.) 

— /tou] om. L. 

16. te non Ci. \ vel trium testium Ct. \ 17. au- 
tem ecclesiam CI. | 19. qu.aecumque Am.' 



XVIII. 22. 

B rC] D f Z] [111. 'J' , '• » ' ' 11 \ ' >^«>l- 

L(X)i. aprjaco avra; etay €7rra/ci?; Aeyei avrco o iijcrovf, 

■^■33-69. Ou AeVo) o-oi, 60)? eiTTOiKLS, ^ oXXa e&)f el38o/xrjKOu- 

A0 pTTi; TaKis iiTTa. Ola TOVTO cofJLOLcot/r] 7] puaLAeLa T(au 

ovpavav dvOpcoTrco ^aatXei, os rjOeXrjaev avudpai Ao- 

you fMerd rwv SovXcov avTov. dp^ajxevov 8e avTov 

crvvaipeLV, * Trpoarjydri avrco els o(p€iXeT7]9 pvpicav 

TaXdvTcov. prj e-^ovros fie avrov diroBovvai, e'/ceAeu- 

11 X trci' avTov^ 6 Kvpioi^ Trpadijvai, /cat rrjv yvuaiKa avrov 

Kal rd reKva, Kal irdvra ocra * e'^et,' /cat d7roSodr]vaL. 

Treacou ovv 6 8ovXos TrpoaeKvuei avrco Xeycou,* Ma- 

Kpodvprjaou eV * e'/ne,' /cat iravra * diToScocrco croi. 

27. [fKsirou] (TTrAay^i'to'^ei? 5e 6 Kvpios rod dovXov eKeivov 

aTreXvcreu avrov, Kal ro Sai'eiov a0?7/cei' avrco. e'^eA- 

0COU 8e 6 SovXos €K€Lvos evpev eW rcov avvBovXcov 

avrov, OS dxpeiXeu avra eKarov Srji^apia, Kal Kparrjaas 

§C avrov eirviyev Xeycov, 'AiroSos^ '' ^ el ri" ocpeiXeis. 

ireacov ovv 6 crvvSovXos avrov* Trape/caAet avrov 

Xeycov, yiaKpoOvprjcrov eV ^ epe, kcu* drroScoaco croi. 

6 Se ovK 7]6eXev, dXXa direXOcov e/3aXev avrov els 

(f)vXaKr)v, ecos* dirodw ro 6(f)etX6pevov. ISovres ^ovv 

ol avvSovXoi avrov ra yevop.eva eXvirrjO-qaav a(f)o8pa' 

ei? usqne septies? ''^ Dicit illi 
lesus, Nondicotibi usque septi- 
es, sed usque septuagies septies. 
23(188,10.) jjgQ adsimilatum est 
regnum eaelorum lioraini regi 
qui voluit rationem ponere cum 
servis suis. ^* Et cuni coepisset 
rationem ponere, oblatus est ei 
unus qui debebat deeem milia 
talenta. " Cum autem non 
liaberct unde redderet, iussit 
eura dominus venundari et 
u.xorem eius et iilios et omnia 
quae habebat, et rcddi debitum. 
^ Procidens autem servus ille 
orabat eum dicens, Patientiam 
habe in me, et omnia reddara 
tibi. ^ Misertus autem domi- 
nus servi iilius diniisit emu, et 
debitum dimisit ei. ^*Egres- 
sus autem servus ille invenit 
nnum de consen'is suis qui de- 
bebat ei centum denarios, et 
tencns suffocabat eura dicens, 
Eedde quod debes. ^ Et pro- 
cidens conserv'us eius rogabat 
eum dicens, Patientiam babe 
in me, et omnia reddam tilii. 
'" Die autem noluit, sed abiit et 
misit eum in cai'cerera, donee 
redderet debitum. " Videntes 
autem conserW eius quae fie- 
bant coutristati sunt ralde, et 

22. o Ijyo-ouf et Xiyu) ffot] om. Syr.Crt. 

— aXXa B.Btly.V). \ XaW s". LX. rel. 

— cTrra] iTTTaKie D*. 

23. ai'dpwTTiii'] OI^- Gr. 

— fifra^ om. A. 

24. npoiTitxBt] B.Btly.Bk.T). Orij.iii.eai'. 
627".lj7rpoai))'£x0') ■=. LX. rel. 
Oriy. iii. 627°. (632''.) Lcf. 145. 

— avrqi fig DL. rel. Orig. iii. 627''. | tic 
avTtf> B. 

— Iivpiuv] TToWoiv Memph. Theb. Orig. 
iii. 6211. 627''. 628^ 632'i. | Contra, 
MSS. vv. Orig. in pericopae inscrip- 
tione iii. 621». Orig. Int. iii. 97b''. 

25. €;^or7-ot;] ixovTuiv F. 

— avTov} oni. B.Bcli. (sed qu: post yv- 

— 6 Kvpioo} om. 1. g\ Syr.Crt. (om. o 
A.) I facbl. avTov ■^. 33. E. rel. Vulg.CT. 
b.c.e.f.Jf-"-h. Syn-.Pst.&Hcl. IMcmph. 
Theb. Arm. JEth. \\om.B.Btly.Blc.l)L. 
1. Am. For. Hart. Emm. a.y^. 

— yvv. awroij] om. avrov 1. (?B) h. 

— txii 'ii.BOy.Blc. 1. Syrr. (Mcmi.b.) 
Theb. Oriy.Vu. 628'". cliserle.\ Xtix^v ^. 
D.rcl. Latt. (Oriy. iii. 633'^). Lcf. 143. 

— aTTQ^otJiii'ai} arroOTji'di 1)'*'. 
>G.ovv} le I). La(t. Svr.IIcl.t.M. Theb. 


Arm. (.a;th.) Lcf. | Contra, MSS. Syr. Memph. [Syrr.Crt.Pst.] 
26. 6 ^ouXoe] add. tKtivoe DLA. 33. Latt. 
Syrr. Memph. iEth. Lcf. 145. | om. 
Bs. 1. rel. Theb. Ai-m. 

— aurijj]' dominum suiim c.ef. Syr.Crt. 

— \tywv] fadd. Kvpn T. L.'rel. (_b)f. 
jr^g'.ilt). Syrr.Pst.&Hcl. Memph. Tlicb. 

Arm. ^th. | om. BD. Vulg. a.{b).c.e. 
ff'.yM. Syr.Crt. Orig. iii. 628''. Lcf. 

— fTr'J iv G. 

— (fie DL. I Jf/ioi ^. BsA. rel. 

— avroSuffui ffot BL. 33. 69. Vulg. a.b.c. 
g'-'h. Syi-r. Memph. Theb. Arm. ^tli. 
Or/^. iii. 628*^. Lcf. \ Jffoi aTrodtotrio '3'. 
L. rel. / I om. aoi D. b.e.ff'--- 

27. Tov lovXov tKtivov DL. rel. w. | om. 
EKfU'ou B. 1. (et misertus est ejus do- 
minus ejus et, Syr.Crt.) 

— TO ^ai'etoj'] nafTav Ti]i' oijtiiXrjv 1. 
(Memph. Theb.) Orig. Hi. 6-29'^. (sed 
forsan yer. 32 respicit.) 

28. dovXog tKtivog DL. rel. vv. | om. iKii- 
i-of B.Bl/y.Blc. Arm.Zoh. 

— ficarov drjvapia] hjvapia p D. 

— uwoSog] f aild. poi '^. C. rel. e.f Syrr. 
Arni.|om. UDL. 1. 33. (Latt.) Memjih. 

Theb. ^th. On'^r. iii. 622". 629». Lcf. 

28. £1 ri BCDLA. 1. 33. 69(txt.) EFGH 
KMSUV. Ori^. iii. 622». 629". | Jon 
■;•. 69mg. (quod Latt.) Arm. ^th. 

— o^ftXeie] -X);f E*r. I add. mihi Syr. 

29. irapiKaXti] -t-praem. eij tovq woSae 
avTov '^. C'A. rel. / SyiT.Pst.&Hcl. 
(Memph. ?) Arm. | om. B.i?c/i.C»DL. 
1. G. (Latt.) Syr.Crt. Theb. iEth. Orig. 
iii. 633". (ut vid.) Lcf. 145. 

— €/(E CDL. I Xijioi ^. BjsA. rel. 

— Kai] Kayu) D. | fadd. wavra T- CL. 
1. 33. Vulg. c.fff'-^-g'-'- Syrr.Pst.& Memph. Theb. JEth. \ om. 
BC*DAEFGHMSUV. a.Le.h. Syr.Pst. 
MS. (ap. Jones). Syrr.Crt.&Hcl.txt. 
Arm. Lcf. \ post aoi K. | ajravra 69. 

— aTTodtutru) ffoi] aoi mro^wtjio C^ 33. 69, 
./: (C*u.l.) (om. noL Syr.Crt.) 

30. ))9c\si/] ifit\i)iytv D. 69. Latt. Lcf. 
145. I add. conserviis ejus Syr.Crt. 

— aWa^ aW AFVi(Elz.)l Contra, St. 3. 
BsCDL. rel. 

24. dobebat ei CI. | 25. domiuus ejus CI. \ om. 
debitum CL | 26. procedous Am. 

XIX. 5. 

Valg. a. h. c. 

Syrr. C. P. H. 

Mamph. Theb. 

Arm. EAh. 


KOLL eXdovrei 8ie<Ta(^r]crav tw Kvpico * eavrcou Traura 
ra yeuofj.eua. tot€ irpoa'KaAea'afiei'os avrov o Kvpios 
avrov XeyeL avTcp, AouAe Tvovrjpe, iraaav rrjv o^eiXrjv 
eKeivrjv d(pr]Kd croi, iirel TrapeKaXeads fie- "^ ovk eSei 
Kol ere iXei]aat tov awSovXou aov, o)? */cayco ae 
rjXerjaa; ""^Kat opyiaOeis 6 Kvpio? avrov 7rape8a)Keu 
avrov rots fiaaaviarals, tats ov dirobco Trdv ro ocpei- 
X6pievov\ '^^ Ovrcos /cat o irari^p /xov 6 ^ ovpavios 
TTOLTjcreL, lav p.i] dcprjre eKacrros rca aSeXcpco 

avrov OLTTO rcov KapSicov vp.a)v\ 

venerant et narraverunt do- 
mino siio fimnia quae facta 
crant. '" Tunc vocavit ilium 
dominus suus et ait illi, Serve 
nequam, omne debitum dimisi 
tibi, qnoniam rot;asti nie ; '^ non 
ergo oportuit et te misereri 
conservi tui, sicnt et ego tui 
misertussnm? "Etiratus do- 
minus cins tradidit eum tor- 
toribus, quoad usque redderet 
universum debitum. "^ Sic et 
pater mens caelestis faciet vo- 
bis, si non reraiseritis uiuisquis- 
(jue fratri suo de cordibus ves- 

XIX. pird 
' || ■=• 



K Gen. 1 : 27. 
^ Gen. 2: '24. 

112 ^ ^Y^aX eyevero ore ireXeaev o'ltjaovs rovs Ao- 
yovs rovrovs, p.erripev oltto rrjs FaAfAaia? /cat rjXdev et? 
rdopLarr]9\ov8aLas irepav rov lopSavov. ~Kal i]koXov- 
Orjcrav avrco o)(Xol ttoXXo], kol iOepairevaev avrovs eKei. 

113^ Kat irpocrriXOov avrS^ ^apLcraloi Treipd- 
^ovres avrov Kal Xeyovres*, Et e^earLV dvdpcoircp 
aTToXvcraL rrjv yvvalKa avrov Kara irdcrav air Lav ; ' o 
oe aiTOKpiUeLs eLirev , \Jvk aveyvcore "on o * KTLcras 
dir dp^rji ^ OypTSV xou 6i^Xv i7C0i7]<r£y avrovg, "^ kol direv, 
^^"'Evsxcc" Tovrov aa^raXsci^/SL d,y$pco'7rog rov^ ito.rspa, xou 

1(189,6.) Ef factum est cum 
consummasset lesus sermones 
istos, migravit a Galilaea et 
venit in lines ludaeae trans 
lordanen, ^ et sccutae sunt eum 
turbae multae, et curavit eos ibi. 

' Et accesserant ad eum 
Pharisaei temtantes eum et di- 
centes. Si licet homini dimit- 
tere uxorem siiam quacumquo 
ex causa? *Qui respondens 
ait eis, Non k-gistis quia qui 
fecit ab initio masccilum et 
feminam fecit eos, ^ et dixit, 
Propter hoc dimittet homo 

30. Eij] add. Trjv L. 

— twc] f add. ov S- D- rel. | om. BCL. 

— a-7roS(i>~\ add. nav C(non M). Tol. g'. 
Theb. (in cdd. quibusdam). 

31. iJovrtf] eiSoTis 33. 

— ovvBU.33. e.\ fcVe ^. CL. rcl. (Latt.) 

— Syrr. Memph. Theb. ^tli. Lcf. 145. 

— 01 (TvvdovXot avTov CD. rel. [ avrov 01 
ovv^ovXot B. 

— yevofisva !*•] yeivofiiva D(L). Latt. 

— tXeoiTtf] aTTtXGovTtQ 33. 69. 

— duaaftjoav'] e(Ta(p?j(Tav 69. 

— lavrtov B.Bc/i.CA. 33. EFGKMUV. 
Orig.m.6-29''. \ iavToiv S- EL. Is. Ss. 

— TTavra"] cnravra 1. 

— Ta~\ om. A. 

— yivo^tt'a 2° \ yivofi. H. 

32. avTifi Orig. i. 254''. | om. D. 

— jii] fioi M. 

33. e^fi] add. ovv D. Latt. (exc. e.m. For.) 
Syr.Crt. Theb. Arm. 

— Kuyta BB%.DL. 33. Orig. i. 254". | 
J KOI tyu) S"- C. rel. 

34. Totg liaaav.l om. rotg 69. 

— ov'] om. B. Arm. OnV/. 1.254°. 

— TTot'] om. D. 

34. o(p€i\ofievov'] f add. aurt^ <^. C. rel, 
Syrr.Pst.&Hcl. Memph. Theb. JEth. \ 
om. BD. Latt. Syr.Crt. Arm. On'j.i.254''. 

35. ourwg] add. ovv 1. | seqq. hoc ord. 
Kai vfitv 'jroi7](Tei 6 Trarrjp fiov 6 ovpa- 
rtog D. (1). 

— ovpavwe BC-DL. 33. K. Or!'sr.i.254e. 
iii. 634'^. I Xe-rrovpaviog <r. C*. 1. rcl. 

— TToii^an vfiiv~\ vfiiv Troujaei ante 6 rra- 
T))p D. Latt. (exc. Vulg. f.g-.) (Syr.Crt.) 

— KapSiiov Vjuwv] f add. ra TrapaTrroj- 
jjara avTiov ^. C. rel. f.h. Syrr.Pst.& 
Hcl. Theb.(ap.Mnt.) Arm. | om. BDL. 
1. (Latt.) Syr.Crt. Memph. Theb. .aith. 
On^. i. 254^ Lcf. 145. 

1. irtXtaiv Vulg. /./.A. Ong. ill. 634''. 
635'-'^(diserte). {ersXev C). | iXaXijaev 
D. a.b.c.e.ff'-''g'. Hil. 702\ 

— 7-i;c 1°] om. Elz. 

3. ■!zpo(!j)X9ov\ -9av 33. | Contra, Orig. 

— avTtfi] om. C. (add. riji Iijaov post 

— ijinpiTaioi] f praem.ol <^. D. rel. Theb. 
Orig. u\. 636". | om. BCLA. 1.33. M. 

— aiiroi'] om. 33. a. | avT<{> 69*. 

Xtyoi'T-fg] Xtyovaiv D*. \ f add. avriit 
■. IX rel. cli. Syr.IIcl. | om. BCL. 1 . 

— X 

KMtxt. (Latt.) Syrr.Grt.&Pst. Memph. 
Theb. Arm. JEth. Orig:ui.636''. Hil.702.'^ 

3. avepoiTvip CD. 1. 33. rel. Latt. Syrr. 
rel. Orig. iii. 637'. | avOpoiirov Orig. 
iii. 636=. I om. BL. 

4. fiTTti'] f add. avToiQ '^. C. rel. Vulg. 
b.f.g^-''-(:m). Syrr. (Arm.) vid. Mar. x. 3. 1 
om.B.BcA.S/c.DL. a.c.e.ff^-^h. Memph. 
Theb. Mih.. Orig. iii. 637». (praem. 
Jesus a.b.c.{dy(J').ff'.g'^.h. \ Contra, 
Vulg. e,P). 

— 6 KTiauQ B. I. 33. Memph. Theb. 
Arm. Ocijr. iii.637»-'^- Orig. Int.i.MS'. 
Uom.Cl. 3. 5-i. I J 6 7rot7/(Tag '^. CDZ. 
rcl. Orig. Int. ii. 330'=. (post air' apx'ie 
69. tiroti]GaQ L). 

— apfffv] appev E. Orig. (ante arr' ap- 
Xm Syr.Crt.) 

— 0/;\i-] Oi]Xvv D*. 

— tiTTtii'] add. avTOiQ A*. 

5. tviKa BZL. [ \ivtKtv ^. CD. rel. 

— Trartpa] add. avTov CIIA. 1. 33. E. 
m. Syrr. Memph. Theb. Arm.cdd. iEth. 
Orig. Int. ii. 330=. \ Contra, BsDZ. rel. 
Latt. Orig. Int. ii. 305''. 

31. faot-i fueraut CI. | 33. nonne CI. 

4. fecit hominem ab initio CI. \ 5. dimittit Am. 



XIX. 6. 

BCD(Kmai). r^v ^^ripa^. xoa ^ ao'k'kyjOrj'TSTa.i" Tri jvvMx) avTov, 

1.33.69. nou STOvrai 01 Svo slg (rdpxa t^iav; ^uxiTe ovk€tl ^elalu 

§ If ovo, aAAa aap^ fxia- o ovv o c/eoy crvveC^ev^ep, av- 

dptoTTOs jxri ■)(copi^eTco. ^ XeyovaLV avTw, Tl ovv 

' * MwUCT^f" €VeT€lkaTO ^ SoVVai ^L^Xlov OUKOCTTaaiOV, 

KOI aiToXvcrai'' ; Xeyei avrols, Otl ' Mcoycr^?" irpos 
TTjv aKXrjpoKapBiav v/xa>i> eireTpey^rev v/jIu airoXvcraL 

ras yvvoLKas v/xcov car a.p^^ he ov yiyovev ovtcds. 

Lu. i6:i8. /3 Aeyw 06 vpiv, OS av avoXvar) rrju yvuaiKa avrov 

9. yaiiuiv prj eVi TTopveia Koi yapLrjarj aXXrjv, fMoi^arac \_Kai 6 

''Y oLTroXeXvpevfjv yajXTjcras /xoi)(^aTai ] ^'^ Xeyovcrii' avrca 
OL pLad-qraL avrov, EI ovtcos iarlv rj aiTia tov avOpa- 
TTOv pera rrj^ yvuaiKoy, ov (Tvp(f)epeL yaprjcraL. ^^ 6 8e 
elireu avrols, Ov iravres xcopovaLv tov Xoyov tovtov, 
aAA OLf oeooTai. eiaiv yap evvov^oi OLTives €k 
KoiXias p.r]Tpos iyevvrjOrjaav ovtco^, Kai elaiv evvov-)(OL 

patrem et matrem et atlherebit 
uxori suae, et erunt duo in 
carne una. ^ Itaque iam uon 
sunt duo sed una caro. Quod 
ergo deus coniunxit, homo noa 
separet. ' Dicunt illi, Quid ergo 
Moses mandavit dari libellum 
repudiiet dimittere? 'Aitillis, 
Quoniam Moses ad duritiani 
cordis vestri permisit vobis di- 
mittere uxores vestras : ab ini- 
tio autem non sic fuit. ° (''".^.J 
Dico autem vobis quia quicum- 
que dimiserit uxorem suara nisi 
ob fomicationem et aliam dux- 
erit, moechatur, et qui dimis- 
Dicunt ei discipuli eius, Si ita 
est causa homini cum muliere, 
non expedit nubere. " Qui 
dixit, Non omnes capiunt ver- 
bum istud, sed quibus datura 
est. '^ Sunt enim eunuchi qui 
de matris utero sic nati sunt, 
et sunt eunuchi qui facti sunt 

5. iitfTipa] add. avrov 69. Syrr. Memph. 
Theb. ^th. Orig. Int. ii. SSO^ | Con- 
tra, BCDZ. rel. Orig. Int. ii. SOS', 
(rijv fi-qTipa avTov Km tov Trartpa 

— KoX\rie,]asTai BDH 69. EFGHSUV. 
Orig. iii. 638'=. (ut vid. habet enim in 
comm. KoXXarai). | J 7rpoo-KoXX»j0i)<7£- 
rat '^. CZ. rel. (eGen.ii.24. LXX ) 

— 01 Orig. 637''. | om. Z. 

6. Svo'\ om, A. 

aapK fiia BCZNU. rel. Orig. \ /iia 
aapi D. Latt. (non m). 

— 6 0£oc] om. 6 Z. 

— avvt^tvl.iv'] add. uq kv D. a.e** .ff'-'-h. 

— X'^P'^fo] aTTOxifpiitTo D. 

7. MuuiTjjc BDZNILL. 33. KM. (o Mwu- 
<"1S D)- I t^uiatjs '^. C. 69. rel. Orig. 
iii. 640'=-=- 

— tvfj-fiXaro] add. fiiitv N. 

— Sovvai (ii^Xiov ad fin.] ut quicumque 
vult uxorem dimittere det illi libellum 
repudii Syr.Crt. 

— airoXvaai] f add. avrtjv <^. BsCNII 
(ut vid.) 33. rel. /. Syrr.Pst.&Hcl. | add. 
uxorem b.c.ff'\{,n). Ireti. 245. | add. 
eas Memph. Theb. | om. DZL. 1. 
Vulg. a.e.ff'.g'-'h.l. Syr.Hier. Arm. 
Theb. (ap. Miit.) Mth. Orig. iii. 640"=. 
64 1». 

8. Xsytt] praem. kui D*. JEth. 

— avToig} add. o Itjirovs M. (Latt.) | 
Contra, VuJg. e. 

— Muvaije B(D)ZN. 33. 69. KM. post 


v/iiv D. Latt. (exc. Vulg. g\) \ J Mwtrije 
■=. CU(«!e)L. rel. | add. /iiv U. 

8. ov ytyoviv Orig. iii. 641». 646'. 648*. 
Eus. c. Mel. 134''. I OVK lycviTO D. 
Hom.Cl. 3. 54. 

9. iifiiv I f add. on ^. CNII. reL Vulg. 
/.Jf'.g'.m. Syrr. Memph. Theb. Arm. 

^th. I om. BDZ. a.b.c.e.ffKg^h. 

— av Orig. iii. 647'=. 648»-'=- | tav CM. 

— aTToXwo-p] -<r«i H. Orig. iii. 647'=. 648''-'=- 

— nil em TTopviKf CZNIILAEFGHKM 
SUV. Vulg. j-^ Syrr.Pst.&Hcl. Ai-m. 
^th. I f praem. ei '^. 69=. mg. (ei /jij 

eTTL Xoyy TTopv. Clem. 506.) || iraptKrog 
Xoyov TTopveiag BD. 1. 33. 69*. a.b.c. 
e.Jf'-'-g'.h.m. Syr C it. Memph. Theb. 
Orig. iii. 647"=. 648»-'!- 649''. (vid. cap. 
V. 32.) x'^P'S Xoy. TTOpv. Clem. 533. 
(sed qu. cap. v.) 

— Kai yafirjay aXX)]v CDZIX 33. rel. 
Latt. Syrr. Theb. ^th. Arm. | om. 
BN. l.ffK Memph. Clem. (?cap.v.) 
Orig. iii. 647'=. 648=''=- (vid. cap. v. 32.) 
II ya/iiiay'] -ati HM. 

— noixarai C'DZII. 33. rel. Latt. SyiT. 
Pst.&Hcl. Theb. Arm. JS,th. \ iroiii 
avTijv p.oixiv9>jvai BC*N. 1. ff'. m('.) 
Syr.Hier. (ut vid.) Memph. (Clem. 1 
cap. Y.) Orig. iii. 647"=. 648*-'=- (vid. cap. 
T. 32). adulterium committit adver- 
sus eam Syr.Crt. adulterium facit m('.) 

— Kai o aTToXtXviitvi}v yafi. fioixarai 
BC*ZNU. 1. 33.rcl. Vulg.c/.g'.m. Syn: 
Pst.&Hcl. Syr.Hier. Memph. W&Sch. 

Ann. ^th. (vid. v. 32.) | om. C»DL. 
69. S. a.b.e.ff^''-g'.h. Syr.Crt. Memph. 
MS. Theb. (non agnoscit Orig.) 

9. ■ya^iTjracBsZ.rel.lya^wi'CNIlA. 1.33. 

10. avTov} om. B. e.Jf'Kg'. Theb. MS. 

— avGpurirov Vulg. e.f.g^.{t). Orig. iii. 
649'=. I avipoQ D. a.b.c.ff'.gKh.iom.ffK) 

11. o Sf\ add. IrjaovQ KM*. m.\ post av- 
Toig a.b.c.ff^. Syr.Crt. 

— rovTov CDZNIL rel. Clem. 534. Orig. 
Int. ii. 178f.l om. B. 1. e. ^th. On^.iii. 
649''. 650''. Cgpr. 174. 315. 

— StSorai^ add. a Deo. Syr.Crt. 

12. evvovxiadl'^av Orig. iii. 656''. [ r/v- 
vovX' D. 1 ivvovxi-0r}<rav G. 

— Kai iiaiv 3°.] Kai ot ti(jtv 69. 

— tvvovxoi 3°.] om. m. Syr.Crt. 

— tvvovxiiyav^ tvvovxt(T9t]aav A. 

— dwafievog Orig. iii. 651*. | Svvofiivog 
B.{Bch. in Var. Lect. 1801. sed non in 
ed. 1788). 

13. wpo(TtivixSl''av B.Bch.Blc.CDla. 33. 
Orig. iii. 658''. {cit.) \ X-n-poJtjvtxdl ^• 
ILE. rel. Orig. iii. 659". (in comm.) 

— rag X^ipag iTriOy avroig BCIL rel. 
Orig. iii. 659*=. | £m9y rag x^VS """ 
ToifD. Theb. ^th. Orijr.iii. 658''. (in 
titulo pericopae) ( rag x^^P^Q avroig 
tTrSy U. Latt. Hil. 702=. 

— tTTf.Tifxr}Gav~\ eirtrtfiuv C. Latt. Sil, 

— aurotg] avTovg A. 

7. dare CI. \ 8. fuit sic CI. | 10. homiais cum 
uxorc CI. I 11. dixit illia CI. 

XIX. 19. 

Vnlg. a. b. c. 

Syrr. C. P. H. 

Memph. Theb. 

Arm. iBth. 


' 13-16. /3 
IJLu. 18:15-17. 






■° ||Mar. 10: 17-3 
IILu. 18: 18-31 
° Lu. 10:25. 

17. Ti)pr}<Tov 
" Ex. 20:12 — 16. 


oItiv€s'^ evvovx^o'drjcrav viro rav audpcoTrcoi/, Kai eiaiv 
evvov-)(OL oiTLvei €vvov)(^L(Tav eavTovs Sia Trjv fiaai- 
Xelav Twv ovpava>v. 6 8vud/j.euo9 xcopelv ■)(copeiTa). 

114^^'Tore^ ^7rpo(Trive)(6ri(Tav avra iracSla, ha ray 
X^^pcf iTViOfi avToh Kou Trpoo-ev^rjTar 01 Se p.a6r]T(u 
iireTip.T^aav avTOif- ^* 6 8e 'Irjaov? eiVev, Acpere ra 
TraLSia, kol fj.T) KcoXvere ^ avra ikOelv Trpoy p.e- twv 
yap ToiovTcav icrTLU -q fSacrtXela tcou ovpavav. Kai 
iiridely * ra? ^eipas avTois iTTopevdrj eKeWeu. 

-j^lg 16 m j^^v jgg^ g^^ TTpoa-eXOcov ^avTO) elirev" " Ai- 
SdcTKaXe^ tl dyadov TroLrjaco, Iva Vx<S' ^wrjv aluyvLOV ; 
^^'O Be ehr€v aurcp, *T/ /xe ipcora? irepl rov dyadov; els 
icTTiu 6 dyados"^ el 8e OeXeis * elsTi]v ^corju eltreXdelv, 
^Trjpei" rds evToXds. ^^Xeyei avra, ITotaf; 'O Se'lijaovs 
eiTrej/jTo, "ov ^ovevfTsig- ov (jsyOiyevasig- ov xkixpsig-ov \psv- 
8o[/.aprvp7jTSLg- " r/j^a rov icaripa, ^ xai ttjv i^yjrkpa- 

ab hominibas, et sunt eunuchi 
qui se ipsos castraverunt prop- 
ter regnum caelorum. Qui po- 
test capere capiat. 

13 (19V.) Tunc oblati sunt ei 
parvuli ut manus eis imponeret 
et oraret; diseipuli autem in- 
crcpabant eos. '■■ lesus vero ait 
eis, Sinite parvulos, et nolite 
eos prohibere ad me venire: 
talium est enim regnum caelo- 
rum. '* Et cum imposuisset eis 
manus, abiit inde. 

16 (iD3,2.) £(. g(,(,g „„„g acce- 
dens ait illi, Magister bone, 
quid boni faciam ut habeam 
vitam aeternam? "Qui dixit 
ei, Quid me interrogas de bono? 
unus est bonus, deus : si autem 
vis ad vitam ingredi, serva 
mandata. " Dicit illi. Quae ? 
lesus autem dixit, Non homi- 
cidium facies, non adulterabis, 
non facies furtum, non falsum 
testimonium dices, " honora 

14. iiirtv BsIlA. 1. 33. 69. rel. (Latt.) 
Theb. Arm. [add. avroic CDLM. Vulg. 
f.g'-H. Syrr.Crt.Pst.&Hcl*. Memph. 
JEth. (vid. Mar. x. 14.) 

— irailia] add. (XOiiv irpoQ fit Syr.Crt. 
et post avra (vid. Mar. et Luc), hie 
habet Syr.Pst. 

— Km] om. 1. 

— Kai\i;£7-£ C/e»i. 104. Or(<7. iii. eeO'. | km- 
\variTt D. 69*. {,-aiTi 69*.) 

— vpoQ fit Clem. 104. Orig. iii. | ?rpoj 
c/jc La. 

1*5. rag xffjoa^ avroiQ BDLA*. 69. SjTT. 

Crt.&Pst. Memph. Theb. ^th. Orig. 

iii. 658''. eeS*". | Jawroig tuq x^^P<^Q ■=• 

C. rel. Latt. S.yr.Hcl. Arm. 
16. oriTifi ii-Knv B. 69. (e."i(/) Theb. Arm. 

J£A\\.\Xinrtv avTij) ';. C. rel. Syrr. Orig. 

iii. 664*. I Xtyti avrt^ D. Vulg. | avTt^ 

UTrtv avTij) (Latt.) Memph. 

— WaoKaXf] fadd.aya6e S". C.rel, Vulg. 
b.c./.ff'.g'''h. Syrr. Memph. Theb. 
Arm. Iren. 92. //iV. 994=. (? 
om. BDL. 1. a.e.ffK ^th. Orig. iii. 
664»-'^- Hil. 703». 

— ayaOov Orig. iii. 664». 665". 666''. 
I om. ^2 Syr.Crt. Memph. MS. 

— Trotrj(7ut tva'] Tronjcrag L. 33. 

— (Txw BC*(ut mihi vid.)D. Orig. iii. 
664». (cit.) \ { tx'^ T- C nunc 1 . rel. kXjj- 
povofiTjuw, Syrr.Cit.& Memph. 
et post ?<u7)i' aiuiviov L. 33. (e). jEth. 
{Iren. 241.) Orig. iii. 664^ {Comm.) 

17. 6 Se Vulg. e.f.g\ Syn-.Pst.&Hcl. 
Memph. Theb. Arm. | add. I);o-ot/f 
33. EM. a.6.c.^'''"-(A). Syr.Crt. 

— TL III ipuiTifQ TTCpi Tov ayaBov B(D)L. 
l.Vulg.a.6.e.e.#'-='-jf'./i./. Syrr.Crt.&Hcl. 
mg. Syr.Hier. (sic). Memph. Arm. JEth. 
Orig. iii. 664''-'- 66.^=. 666''. Eus. Ev. 
Pr. 542". (om. tov D. Orig. 664"=.) | 
in lit Xtyeig ayaQov '^. C. rel. f. 
Syrr.Pst.&HcLtxt. Theb. Iren. 92. 
Hil. 703''. (994>-*- ? Mar.) rt fit aya- 

eov A. 

— tic taTiv 6 ayaBoe B(D)L. (1). Vulg. 
a.b.c.e.ff^''>-H. Syr.Crt. Syr.Hier. 
Memph. Arm. Iren. 92. Orig. iii. 664"=. 
665=. (om. D. 1. Iren.) \ Jowi^Eit' 
ayaSog ii fit) tig '^. C. rel. f.g\{K).m. 
Syrr.Pst.&Hcl. Theb. Mlh. Eus. Ev. 
Pr. 542\ i/(7.994»-=- (? Mar.) || fadd. 
o e^oe T. c.rel. Vulg. b.c.f.ffo^-''-g'.h. 
l.m. Syrr.Crt.Pst.&Hcl. Memph. Theb. 
^th. £«s.Ev.Pr. Hil.994'-'- add. n-a- 
Trjp e. Clem. 642. 684. add. 6 irarrip tv 
TOig ovpavoig Marcosii ap. Iren.9'2. (om. 
<; U.)l om. BDL. 1. a. Syr.Hier. Arm. 
Orig. iii. 664". 665=. (o /lev ovv Mar- 
OaXog, wg Trtpi aya9ou ipyov tpotrrjOit'' 
Tog Toi' aioTt'ipog tv ry, Ti dyadov 
TTOtijfJw; dvtypa^tv. 6 St MdpKog Kai 
AouKot; (paai rbv ait}Tilpa tipriKtvaiy Ti 
fit \iytig dyaOov ; ouStlg dyaOogy ti firf 
elf, Qiog. Orig. iii. 664''.) 

— e«Xfie] 9t\r]Q F. 

17. tig Trfv Jwjjj/ tiatXBtiv BCL. 33. K. 
Vulg. /^'. ^th. /ren. 241. Orig. ui. 
667':.668»-''- I tig Tr]v Kionv tXdtiv D. a. 
(^b)\(h). Cypr. 194. 303. Lcf. 

l\9.\ Xti(JtX9tiv tig Ttjv ^lotjv ^. A. 1. 
rel. Syrr. Memph. Theb. (Arm.) (post 
ti(TtX9tii' add. TTfpTjaov A*). 

— i^ioijv add. auoviov A**. 

— Tifpii B.Bch.Blc.r>. (rnpri B.Btli/. ) | 
{ TTjptimv ■^. C. 1. 33. rel. Orig. iii. 
667"=. 668''-=- 

18. Xtyti avTt^ iroiag CD. rel. | iroiag 
(prjffiv L. [ ttpij avTift Troiag B.Bch.Blc. 
f. I praem. 6 ^e 1. 

— l7](Tovg'\ om. F. 

— eiTTEj' CDL. rel. [ tipt] B.Btlt/. \ add. 
avTi{) H. e.ff'.h. Syrr.Crt.&Pst. Memph. 
Theb. Ai-ra. 

— TO Syr.Hcl. Orig. iii. 668=. I om. 

— Oil ^ovtvatig'] post ov poixtvatig Iren. 
241. Ort'sf. iii. 668'=. (et hoc ordine Orig. 
saepe haec mandata refert). 

19. ;rarf pa] \a.<ii. aov S'. C. 33. 69. 
Vulg. a. a.b./.ff'-'-h. Syrr. Memph. 
Theb. ^th. | om. B.BcA.C*DLA. 1. 
EFGHKMSUV. Am. c.e.g'-'- Arm. 
Iren. 241. Orig. iii. 668=. 669=. Cypr. 

— prjTtpa'] add. aov VuIg.C/. a.b.ff'''^- 
Syrr.Crt.&Pst. Memph. Theb. iEth. 

19. patrom tuum et matrem tuam CI. 



XIX. 20. 


^T^re/f "^ 'f «''» '' ayaTTricreLS rov TrXrja-lov aov w? aeavrou. " Xeyei 

. " ' / t m - ' '/ ± 'JL '\ /- " t ' 

1. 33. 69. avTw o veaviCTKOi, ' 1 avTa iravra + emvkaha , ri 
EFGHKMSUV. „ t „ "1 v, - - ' 't - T?' a '^ '^ 

pLev. iq:i8. p^^ tTL vaTepu) ; ~ Eiprj avTCp o IrjcTovs, Hit UeAeis reAetos 

2L Xfysi avr. /? ^Jj^^^^ uVaye ^TTCoArjcrou aov ra vTrdpyovra kol 8o9 toIs 
TTTCoxoi?' Koi e^eis drjaavpou iu * ovpavoh kcu Seupo, 
Ph^ OLKoXovOei fiOL. ^ ^' aKovaas 8e 6 vtavlcrKOs rov Xoyov 
aTri]X6ev Xvirovpevos' rjv yap e')(a>u KTr]para iroXXa- "^ O 
5e 'It^ctou? eiTrez/ rots- fxa6r)Tai9 avTov, 'Aprju Xeyco vfuv 
on ^TrXova-iof Svo-koXoos" elaeXevaerai el? t7)v ^aai- 
Xeiav rSiv ovpavav. ' ttolXlv 8e Xeyco vplv, evKOTrco- 

2*- f'gV^°^ ^"^" Tepou icTTiu KdprjXov 8ia Tpv-K-qparos pa(pi8os * elaeX- 

— paaiXtiav Tov ffelu^' 7] ttXovctlou [* clo-eXdeiv"^ €ty Tr]u fiacriXeiau 

^'0" +" > "/'t Oft" ' S'^' a ^i 'f- 

' Tcov ovpavcov . aKovaauTe? oe ol paoijraL e^e- 

irXriaa-ovTO a(f)68pa Xeyovres, T/? dpa Sauarat aco- 

Orjvai; ^^ ''Ep.^Xexjra? Se o'lrjcrovs elwev avTols, liapd 

1 Lu. 1 : 37. dvOpwTTOLS TOVTO aSvvaTOV i(TTiv, '' TTapcL 8e deep 

TrdvTa Svvara *. 

116 '^Tore diTOKpiOtis 6 Herpos elirev avTw, '\8ov 

patrem et matrera, et diligcs 
proximuin tiuim sicut te ipsuin. 
''"Dicit illi iidiilescens, Oniiiia 
haec custoi-livi ; quid adhuc 
mihi deest? ^K is ■,2.) Ait illi 
lesus, Si vis perfectus esse, 
Tade vende quae habes el da 
pauperibus, et habebis thesau- 
riim in caelo, et veni scquere 
me. 2- < '85,2.) Cum audisset au- 
tem adolescens verbum, abiit 
tristis: erat enim habens niul- 
tas possessiones. '^^ lesus au- 
tem dixit discipulis suis, Amen 
dico vobis quia dives difficile 
intrabit in rcgnuni caelorum. 
-' Et iterum dico vobis, facilius 
est camelum per foramen acus 
transire quam divitem intrare 
in regnum c.aelorum. '-sAuditis 
autera his discipuli mirabantur 
valde, dicentes, Quis ergo po- 
tcrit s.ilvus esse? ^Aspiciens 
auteni lesus dixit illis, Apud 
homines hoc inpossibile est, 
apud deum autem omnia pos- 
sibllia sunt. 

" Tunc respondens Petrns 
dixit ei, Eccc nos reliquimus 

\9.Kai ayair uf aictvTov'] om. Syr. 

Hier. (Oripenes (iii. 671) putavit haec 
addita fuisse a librario; scd textura 
ipsura non mutavit). 

— fffaiiro2'] lavTov 69. Orig. iii. C69'^. 
(sed contra 668=. 669'' bis, et sacpe). 

20. o viavia.^ om. d A. 

— ravra Tcavra BD. 1. 69. HKM. Syrr. 
Orig. iii. 669''. 670\ | J iravra ravra 
^. CL. 33. rel. Latt. 

— (ipvXa^a BDL. 1. I Je^uXaJa/oji" ^. 
C. 33. 69. rel. Orij^. iii. 669''. Ufadd. 
CK vioTt\ToQ fiov s". C(D). 33. 69. rel. 
Yvdg.Cl. aAc.e.f.ff'.h. Syrr. Mcmph. 
Theb. Arm. iEth. (C/cm. 537. ? Mar. 
vel. Luc.) Orig. iii. 670». (//(/. 704). 
(om. fiov D). I om. BL. 1. Atn. For. 
Harl. Emm. ff'.g'-'-l Iren. 241 (ut vid.) 
vid. Mar. x. 20. Luc. xviii. 20. 

21. f^i) CD. rel. I Xtyti B. 69. (ait 

— eiXticI Bt\r]Q F. 

— ^0^3 ^we L*, 

— *toiq" irTiDxoii; BD. Mcmph. Theb. | 
om. roif 1^. CZ. rel. C/em. 537. (189. 
576.? Mar.velLuc.) OnV/.iii.670'. 671''. 
672''. 674"^. 68.3'^. (vid. Mar. et Luc.) 

— iKiie] ej2)f E. 

— oupavoij BCD. e.y'. Theb. Cypr.\&i. 
Hil.lOi^. I {oupai'v ^- ZL. 1. 33. rel. 
(Latt.) Memph. Arm. Or/i/. iii. 670". 


683":. OWt/. /«Mi. 144'--.438':. Cypr.2S'i. 
303. (vid. Mar. et'Luc.) | add. et tolle 
crucem tuam Syr.Crt. 

22. Si] om. D. (habet v suprascriptuni 
post a correctore, ut sit fortasse lectio 

— rov Xoyov" BCD. rel. Vulg. ff^g'-^- 
Syr.Hcl.' Memph. Arm. | om. ZL. {hoc 
e.f.h. ^th.) I ante 6 vcavirrKoc 33. Orig. 
iii. 678''. II add. rovrov B.Bthj.Blc. (a). 
b.ic).ff'. Syrr.Crt.&Pst. Theb. \ Contra, 
rel. Orig. 

— KTt]fi.aTa CDZ. rel. Orig. iii. 678''. ] 
Xpipara H.Btly.Blc. 

23. irXovaLog SvaKoXwg B.J5cA.CDZL. 1. 
33. 69. Vulg. a.b.c.ff'g'-\ JEth. Orig. 
iii. 679''. i tSvdK. nXovn. ^. XE. rel. 
e.fKff\h. Syrr. Arm. Orifl. iii. 679'^. 

— TOiV ovp.'] om. r(i}V M. 

24. rraXtv Si e.f. Syrr. | Kat rraXiv Vulg. 
c.g^-'^-h. (^tb.) [Hanc lectionem dedit 
Fordius per errorem tanquam e coll. 
Btleiana codicis B.] | rraXiv L. 1. F. 

— iipii'] add. on CZ(ut vid.)LM. Syrr. 
Mcmph. Theb. ^th. | om. BsDX rel. 
Latt. Aijn. 

— Ka}ir)Xov'\ sic habet Z. 

— rpvTTijfiaroe DZLX. 1. 33. rel. Orig. 
i. 641<:. 642». I rpijiiarog B. 0/-«/.i. 641 
(codd.) I rpviiaXiag CKMU. On;/, iii. 

68P. £m. in Es. 575'^. j rpii7ri;g Orig. 
iii. 680». 

24. uaiXBuv l" CZLA. 1.33.69. EFHKMU. 
Syrr.Pst.&Hcl. Memph. Theb. Arm. 
iEth. (ut vid.) Orig. i. 641<=. 642\ iii. 
681''-''- £««. inEs.575'=. | tSitXeuv <^. 
B.5DXGS.sVi-. Latt. Syr.Crt. (ut vid.) 
Orig. iii. 680». Hil. 704'=. 705''. (vid. 
Mar. X. 25). 

— TrXovtrioi^ eKTiXOav BD. Latt. Syr.Pst. 
Memph. Theb. iEth. Orig. iii. 680". | 
Jfio-eXeEij' ad fin. ver. ■S". C. rel. Syr. 
Hcl. {irXovatoe 69*). | om. utroque loco 
ZL. 1. 33. JP. Syr.Crt. Orig. i. 641^ 
642^ iii. 681'. Eus. in Es. 575''. 

— ro>v ovpavuiv Z. 1. 33. Latt. Syr.Crt. 
Clem. 936. Orig. iii. 680''. Eus. in Es. 
575''. /fi/. 704'=. (vid. ver. 23). | Jt-ou 
eiov ^. B»CD. rel. Syrr.Pst.&Hcl. 
Mcmph. Theb. Arm. iEtli. Orlg.^.UW 
642».681''. (vid. Mar. et Luc.) 

25. aKonaai'i-ff] pracm. Iterum Syr.Crt. 

— /ia0))7-ai] fadd. aurou S'- C-'X. l.rel. 
ffK Syr.Crt. ^Eth. | om. BC*DZLA. 33. 

69. K. (L.att.) Syrr.Pst.&IIcl. Memph. 
Tlieb. Arm. 

— t^t7rXii)a<yovro~\ add. Kat etpofiiiQijaav D. 

20. custodivi a juvcutute mea CI. | ^3. rcg- 
aum Am. \ 25. valde om. .4iH.*txt. (in mg.'*) 

XX. 4. 


Vnlg. a. I. c. 

Syrr. C. P.H. 

Memph.Theb. p^^ 

Arm. ^th. i 

■■Ln.22:30. pLi'i 

28. Kcii iifiiTs 6 



29. omlag rj ante 

' c. 20: i6. 
Xu. 13:30. 

XX. ""^^ 


rj/jLels' afprjKa/xev iravra koI TjKoXovOi^aafxev cror tl 
apa iarai. i]fu.iu; o oe lijcrovs eiirev avTois, Afxrjv 
Xeyca vjxiv on v/xel? ol aKoXovdi-jaavn^ /xoi, iv rrj 
TraXiyyei'ea'ia., orav Kadiarf o vloy rod avOpunrov eVi 
Opovov 86^r)s avTov, ^ Kadicrea-de Koi ^ aurol" cVt Sco- 
ScKa Opovov^, KpLuovTfi ^ Ta^ ScoSeKa (j)vXa9 tov Icr- 
parjA. Kai Tray * oaTLS acpi-jKev aoeXcpovy r] aoeX- 
^as" 7; irarepa t] /xrjrepa ^ i] reKva r] dypovy * ?) oiKLaf" 
eveKev tov ovofxaros p.ov, * TroXXairXacriova" Xrjfj.- 
"^erai, kuI ^utrjv alai/iov KXy-ipovop^rjcreL. 

1 2 y ji s f|Q;y^Qj gg eaourai irpcoroL e(T)(^a.TOi, kou. 
ea-)(aTOL irpwToi. 6/j.oia yap ecmu 77 fiaa-iXela rSiV ov- 
pavcav duBpcoTTCp olKO^ecnvorrj, ocrris i^rjXdev dpa Trpcot 
p-LO-dcoaaadaL epyaraf el? Tou a/xTreXai'a avrov. ~ aup.- 
(pcovrja-as' Se p.eTa twv epyarai' e/c drjuaptov rrjv rjp.epai>, 
aTrecTTeiXev avT0V9 fiS" toi' dpTreXtava avrov. ^ Kal 
i^eXdcou irepl ^ rpLTrjv d>pav el8eu aXXovy earcoTas ii> 
Trj ayopa. dpyovs' KUKeivois eiirev, Yirayere Kal 

omnia et seewti sumus te: quid 
ergo erit noliis? 28(196,10.) j^sug 
autem dixit illis, Amen dice 
voljis quod viis qui secuti eslis 
me, in regencratione, cum sede- 
rit tilius iioniinis in sede maies- 
tatis suae, ('".*•> sedel)itis et 
vos super sedes duodocim iudi- 
cantes duodeeira tribus Israiiel. 
29 (198,2.) £j omnis qui reliquit 
domum vel fratres aut sorores 
aiit patrem aut matrem aut ux- 
orem aut filios aut agros prop- 
tei' nomeu meum, centuphim 
accipiet et vitam aetemam pos- 

30(199,2.) jiniti antem eruut 
primi novissimi, et novissimi 
piimi. ' (*"• '"•' Simile est enim 
regnum caelorum homini patri 
fainilias, qui exiit primo mane 
conducere operarios in viueam 
suam. ^ Conrentione autem 
facta cum operariis ex dcnario 
diurno misit eos in vineani 
[suam]. 'Et egressus circa 
horam tertiam vidit alios stantes 
in foro otiosos, ' et iUis dixit, 

a.b.c.e.ff\f. Syr.Crt. (Contra, Vulg. 

25. rif] pi-aem. Kai 33. 

26. fiTTti'] \iyu K. 

— aSvvaroi>'\ Hvvarov D*Gr. 

— eiij) Orig. in. 6S1\ \ ti^ Qk^ DM. 

— Travra dvvara On'g. iii. | ^vvara 
TTav-ra ZL. || f add. eariv <;. CD. rel. 
Latt. (Memph. Theb.) ^th. | cm. BC* 
ZLXA. 1. 33. 69. HKSUV*. Syn-.Pst. 
&Hcl. Arm. Orig.iii. (Deus autem 
omnia potest facere Syr.Crt.) 

27. TOTi Orij. iii. 681''. | ora. C. {awoKp.St 

— iSov'\ praem. Kvpu XM. 

— t]Ko\ov9)i(rafitv Clem. 947. Orig. i. 
283=. iii. esa""*- 684"'. | -K-aficv D*. 

28. avToiQ Orig.i.2S3'. iii.685^| auri/j D. 

— Ka0(trj,] Ka9,i<rn LE(Tf.)G. | Kae,,- 
an H. 

— KaBiataet BsCD*H. rel. Or/5r.iii.688«. 
I Kadncf^Ot D^LACX). 69*. GMU. 
Or(>. i. 283^ ii. 821=. iii. 419''. 480>. | 
Ka9£<j9ij(Tea9e Z. I. 

— Kai avToi T)ZL. 1. Orig. i. 283=. iii. 
688^ (686^) I trai tV"e ^- BsC. 33. 
rel. I om. Or((?. ii. 821=. iii. 419''. 480^ 
Hil 287"'. 387". 

— Siohna 1° Orig. i. 283=. ii. 82I=. iii. 
419U80=.|tfficaoi;o D.(,dijSiKa 2''i/J'D). 

— raf] om. D*. 

29. (jiTj-ieBCDLA. 1. 33. 69. E*K. c.e.ffK 
g-.h. Iren. 332. Orig. i. 283=. iii. 685''. 
688=. I %"£ '^- X- rel- Vulg. a.b.f. 

— ?/ QiKiaQ post aypovQ C*L. 1. For. {et 
domum ut in Vulg.) Syr.Hier. Memph. 
(.^th.) {Iren. 332). Orig. i. 283=. iii. 
689». (vid. et 685''. 688=). | Xomag i; 
post a(priKei"^. B«C'D. rel. e. Syrr. Theb. 
\sic sed niKiav t/ 33. K. (non 69). Vulg. 
a.b.c.f.ff^-'^g'.h.m. (post fitir. jr'). Arm. 
Hil. 1280=. (vid. Mar. et Luc.) 

— T) TTttrepa] om. D, h.Jf'^'^'m. Syr.Crt. 
Hil. 1280=. 

— Trarepa rj fxtirepa'] yoveig 1. e. Iren. 
332. Orig. i.283''. (iii. 689'-'). 

— r} TSKva^ f praem. ij yvvaiKa <^. C. rel. 
Vulg. c././i. Syrr. Mcmjih. Theb. Ai-m. 
I om. BD. 1. a.b.e.ff'-hn. Syr.Hier. 
Iren.332. Orig.i.283^'.2S^'=. (ou avyKar- 
i]pi9p.ijTaL 5k rovTOLQ yvvq.') Hil. 

— ivfK€v'] iveKa D. 

— TOV ovofiaros /lov Orig. i. 283''. 284''. 
1 TOV efiou ovo^aToq B. 

— TToWairXainova B.Bllt/.Blc.Jj. Syr. 
Hier. Theb. Orig. i. 283''. bis (diserte, 
addit enim i) ujq b MapKog ^//(Tif, tKa- 
TOVTairXaaiova) 284''. iii. 688=. 689*. 
{(lis.) £«s. in Ps. 289». | {tKaroi'T-a- 
TrXaaiova T. C. rel. Latt. Memph. 

Clem. 615. ut vid. lien. 332. Hil. 706=. 
707=. 1280=. I UaTOvTaTrXaaiov D*. 

— Kc'ivl praem. in mtindo veuturo Syr. 
Crt. praem. tv rift fieXKovTi in future 
Iren. 332. Eus. in Ps. 

30. Trpu}TOL t(7^aT0t Kai ftr^^arot TrpojTot 
Orig. iii. 664''. 690''. 694^ | tcrx- TrpuiT. 
Kai TTpojT. e(T)(. L. jEth. 

— iaxaToil praem. 01 C. 69. M. 

1. yap Am. Fuld. a: Orig. iii. 774''. | om. 
Vulg.C/. b.c.e.ff'.g'--- Memph. Orig. iii. 
694=. Hil. 707''. (autem h. Syr.Crt.) 

2. (Tvpcpuivijaae 5( BsCDL(A) 1. 33. 69. 
Ss (Latt.) Syrr. Pst. & Hcl. Memph. 
Theb. (praem. Kai A* Gr.) | Kai av/i- 
<pujv. XE(F)GHKMUV. (e.) Syr.Crt. 
(Ai-m.) (^Eth.) (om. Kai F*.) 

— apTTtXttiva avTov'] om. avTov 1. Am. 

3. tliX9oiv Orig. iii. 700". | BiiiiX9<ov D. 

— Trepi] fadd. rrjv s". AVs.lom.BCDLX. 
1. 33. 69. EFGHKMSU. Orig. iii. 
700«. (695»). 

— wpai'] ante TpiTtjv DA. Latt. (exc. e.) 

— ultv BC. rel. Vulg. e.f.ff'.g''"- Orig. 
iii. 700«. I evpev D. a.b.c.p.h. 

— £(Tra)rac] post ev rj/ ayopi} 69. 

4. KaKilVOiq Ba'CD. XQ\,\Kai IKilVOlQ "KA. 

1. 69. EFGHMUV. 

29. reliquerit CI. 
1. euim om.Cl. | 2. suam om. Am. \ 4. dixit 
illis CI. 



XX. 5. 

B C D [Zl [N]. t ^ > \ » -.- ^^.^ •?«/ ?./ 

Lxl vjxeis €£? Tov afXTTeAuiva, Kai o eav fj oiKaiov ocoaco 

1.33.69. viui>, ol Se aTTriXOov. TvdXiv 8e" i^eXdcou Trepl 

E(F)GHKMSTJV J x + ' ' '/ " > / ^ ' 6 v 

[Frag. SiD.i eKTTfjv Kai * evaTTjv a.pau (Troirja-eu waavTcos. irepi 

5. TraXiv [(?«] ^^ .^.^'^^^ ivSeKaT-qv * i^eXdcov evpev aXXovs kaTwras * 

§ H /cai Xeyet ^ avToli, Tt a>5e e(rTi']KaTe oXrjv ttjv rjfjiepav 

apyoi; Xeyovcnv avToi, On ovSels rjp.ds ep.ia6a)- 

§z craro. Aeyet avrolf, 'Yirdyere /cat vp.ei9 eh tov^ ajx- 

7reXcova\ ^ 'Ox^/ay 8e yevofxevris Xeyei 6 Kvpios tov 

dpjjTiXwvos Tw eTriTpoTTCp avTov, KaAeo"ov tovs epya- 

Tas, Kol diroSof [aOrotyJ tou p-iaOov, dp^d/xevos diro 

§ Fr. Sin. Tcov icrxdrcov ea)9 tcou ^ irpcarcov. ^ kcu iXdovres ol 

irepL TTjv €v8eKaTr]v copau eXa^ov dva Sjjuapiou. 

Kai eXUovres ol TrpcoroL evopucrav on * irXeiov 

10. [j-o] ava^ XvayUovTar kol eXaQov^ to dvd S-nudpiov ^kol avTor" 

— Kai avTO, post 11 - ' , '^^ ' ' f v ' ^, , j, 

iXajiov XapovT€9 0€ tyoyyvipv KaTa tov OLKOoeairoTov 

XeyovTes^ Ovtol ol eW^^aTOL p.iav copav iTTOirjcrav, 

12. airoie niHv kol 'lctovs i~ip.1v avTOvs iiroirjaas, tols fiacrTaarao-iu to 

fiapos Trjf rjp.€pas Koi tov Kavacova. ^ 6 de diroKpL- 
6els eLTrev ivl avTcov, 'Erat/je, ovk ddiKa ae- ov)(l 

13. (TvvtdtbjVTKrd S"' ^'' 14'? ^^ v 

(701 orjvapLOV avvecpcovrjcra? p.OL ; apov to crov kul 

VTraye. OeXca 8e tovtm Ta iar)(aTa> Sovvai toy koi cror 

Ite et V09 in vineam, et quod 
iustum f'uerit dabo vobis. ' lUi 
autem abierunt. Iterum autem 
exiit circa sextam et nouam 
iioram, et fecit similiter. * Circa 
undecimam vero exiit et inve- 
nit alios stantes, et dicit illis, 
Quid hie statis tota die otiosi? 
' Dicunt ei, Quia nemo nos con- 
duxit. Dicit illis, Ite et vos in 
vineam. * Cum sero autem fac- 
tum esset, dicit dominus vineae 
procuratori suo, Voca operarios 
et redde illis mercedera, inci- 
piens a novissimis usque ad pri- 
mes. ' Cum venissent ergo qui 
ciica undecimam horam vene- 
rant, acceperunt singulos dena- 
rios. '"Veuientes autem etprirai 
arbitrati sunt quod plus essent 
accepturi; acceperunt autem et 
ipsi singulos denarios. " Et 
accipientes murraurabant ad- 
versus patrera familias '^ di- 
centes, Hi novissinii una bora 
feceruut, et pares illos nobis fe- 
cisti qui portavimus pondus 
diei et aestus. "At ille re- 
spondens uni eorum dixit, 
Amice, non facio tibi iniuriam : 
nonne ex denario convenisti 
mecum ? '■' ToUe quod tuum 
est et vade: volo autem et huic 
noviBsimo dare sicut et tibi. 

4. afiTrtXiova BD. rel. Am. b. Syrr. 
Memph. Orig. iii. 695=. | add. jxov C. 
33. 69. (Latt.) Thcb. Arm. ^th. 

— lav B«C. rel. Orig. iii. 702". 1 av DL. 
1. Orig. iii. 695"^. 

5. TToKiv S( (B ?)CDL. 33. Vulg. ffK 
g'-N. Syr.Hcl*. Theb. (Ann.) (iEth.) 1 
*om. Si s-. B?X. 1. rel. a.b.c.e.ff'.h. 
Memph. (et iterum /m. Syn-.Crt.&Pst.) 
[anc. Orig. iii. 700».] 

— £?fX9wj»] add. li'piv aWovg taruiv- 
TUQ A*. 

— £var»;rCLXA. 1.33. 69. EFHKMUV. 
1 i ivvarriv 'S. BsDGSs. 

— uipav~\ ante iKTtjv D. 

6. ivCiKarriv'] f add. wpai' <^. CX. rel. 
c.e.f. Syrr. Memph. Theb. Ann. {Orig. 
iii. 702=. ut vid.) Hit. 708"-'>-|om. BDL. 
(Latt.) Theb.(ap. Mnt.) iEth. Orig. iii. 
699''. 700". (695'1). 

— iliXdiav Orig. iii. 700». | iXQav H* 
(corr.*) I i^tiXBiv km D. Latt. 

— iarwrae'] f add. apyovg s^. C*X. 1 . rel . 
f.h.m Syrr.Pst.&Hcl. Arm. | om. BC^ 
DL.33. (Latt.) Syr.Crt. Memph. Theb. 
iEth. Orig. iii. 699''. 700». 

7. a/nriXioval add. jiov C^DZ. Viilg.C/. 
For. (Latt.) Theb. JEth. | Contra, Bs 
C*L. rel. Am. c.ffKm. Syrr. Mcmi>h. 


Ann. Orig. iii. 695". || f add. Kai 6 lav y 
SiKaiovXrixjjt(!9i ^.CNX.33. rel. (To/.) 
f.h. Syrr. Syr.Hier. Mcmph.impr. Arm. 
(^th.)|om. BDZL. I. (Latt.) Memph. 
MSS. Theb. (non habet Orig. ubi con- 
textum profert. iii. 695'. etc.)||Xj;i//f!7e£] 
duiaui ii/iiv Tot. Syr.Crt. Syr.Hier. JEth. 

8. avToig BsDNX. 1. 33. rel. vv. ] om. CZL. 
Orig. iii. 696'''- 774'>. 

IU)Q TUIV 77pbiTU]V~\ Om. X. 

9. Kai iXGovric CZLX. 1. Syrr.Pst.&Hcl. 
Memph. jEth. | iX9ovtiq ovv D. 33. 69. 
Latt. I iXdovTig di BBthj. Syr.Crt. 
Theb. [Ai-m.] 

10. Kai fXSoi'rf c BCD. 33. 69. e. Syrr.Crt. 
&Pst. Mt\i.\XiXeovTit Si ^. ZNLX. 
1. rel. (Latt. /i.n.l.) Syr.Hcl. Memph. 
(venerunt etiam Theb.) [Arm.] || add. 
Kai N. (Latt.) Ann. (Contra, e.) 

— TrXeioi'B.BcA.C'ZN. 1.69.0n(;.ii.498"=. 
(ttXiov iii. 697°.) | TrXiiui D. | { TrXiiova 
T. C'LX. rel. 

— Kai fXa/3oi'] iXaftov Si D. Latt. 

— 7-0 ava CZNL. 33. | 'om. to ^. BsD. 

— Kai avToi post Sr]vaptov BZL. 33. ut 
videtur certisslrae. Syr.Pst. Arm. jEth. 

I tpost iXa^ov;. CDN. 1. rel. Latt. 
Syrr.Crt.&Hcl. Memph. Theb. 

11. XafiovTiQ Si] et cum viderent Syr. 

— fyoyyi-Soi/ BsCZN. rel. Vulg. f.g''. 
Syr.Hcl. Orig. iii. 696". 1 -aav D. (Latt.) 

12. XiyovTiq'] t add. on <^. C*ZN. rel. 
Arm. Orig. iii. 696=. | om. BCD. 1. 
Latt. Syrr. jEth. (hiat 33.) 

— ol] om. C*H*(corr.*) 

— npiv avTove BsCNX. 1. 33. rel. c. 
(Syr.Hcl.) Ann. Orig. iii. 696=. | av- 
Toi's I'l^iv DZL. 69. Latt. Syrr.Crt.& 
Pst. Memph. Theb. jEth. (aur. eir. 
I'lfi. Orig. iii. 694''.) 

— >i/(6paf] diei toti Syr.Crt. 

13. iiTTiv ivi avTuv CZNLX. 1. 33. rel. e. 

\ aVTlOV IVl llTTlV B. 1 ll'l aVTlOV llTTlV D. 

(Latt. a hiat). Arm. Orig. iii. 705». 
(.ivi] p.ovaSi A.) 

— avvKpiovijaag poi BsCDNXs. 1. rel. 
Latt. Syrr. Arm. Orig. iii. 697''. Orig. 
Int. iii. 907''. \ (TVPiipo)i'tj<Ta uoi ZL. 33. 
Memph. Theb. .^th. Orig. iii. 705». 

14. 6iXw Si CDZN. rel. Latt. Syrr.Pst. 
&Hcl. Momph. Orig. Jul. iii. 907"". 1 
6iXo> lyoi B. ^Eth. I BtXto St lyia Theb. 
I Kai 9iXui Orig. iii. 697'', 9iX. yap xai 

i. vineam meam CI. | 7. viueam meam CI. 

XX. 23. 


Volg. a. h. c. 
Syrr. C. P. H. 
Memph. Theb. 

Arm. 5;th. 
f Fr. Sin. 

' c. 22: i4. 

"|| o-n 
IILii. 18:31-33./? 

17. fiEWtov Sk dl'a- 
(iaii'Hv '\riaovQ 

18. tv Ty 6C(^ Kai 


19. dvafTTf](TeTai 

Mr' ^i 
'|| ^ 

20. Trap' auTov 


oy/c t^eariv jxol *o OiAco iroi-qcraL ev tols €/xol9,' 
rj 6 6(f)daXixo9 aov irovqpo? iarLV, on iyoy ayados 
el/xi; ^^ OVTC09 eaovrat 01 eaxaroi. TrpcoToi, Koi ol 
TrpcoToi ecr\aTOL- pTToAAot yap elaiv kXtjtoi, oXiyoL 
8e e/cAeAcro/.J 

118 ' ^ Kat dvajSaluoyu 6 'Irjcrovs eh 'lepoaoXvpia 
irapeXa^ev Tovf ScoSeKa^ Kar ISlai', ^ /cat iv rrj oSca" 
elirev avrois, 'I8ov duajSaivofieu els 'lepo(r6Xv/j.a, 
Kai 6 vlos Tov dvOpcoTTOv^ irapahoO-qaeraL tols dp^ie- 
pev(TLU Kol ypap.p.aTeva-LV, kou KaraKpLvovaLV avrou 
Oavdrcp, kou. TrapaSaiaovaiu avrou tols edveaiv els 
TO ifiTrai^ai kou p-aaTLywaai kcu aTavpwcraL- kol rrj 
Tplrr) r)pepa ^ eyepdijaerai. 

1 1 9 '' ^ Tore TTpoarjXdev avrw r] p-rjTrjp tcou vlmu 
ZefieSalov p.€Ta rcov vlcoi' avrrjs, TrpoaKWOvaa kou 
aLTOvcra tl * otk avrou. o oe enrev avrrj, 1 l oeXeLs ; 
Xeyei avTcp, EtTre Lua Kadla-cocriv ovrot ol Sua viol /xov 
els e'/c Be^iaiu aov kou eh i^ evcouvp.cou aov" iv rrj 
fiaaiXeLOL aov.^ "^ diroKpideh Se 6 'Irjaovs elirev, Ovk 
olSare tl aiTelade. Svuaade inelv to TroT-qpLOv o eya> 
fieXXco iriveLv;^ Xeyovaiv avTco, Avi/dp.eda. ~'^ ^ Xeyei 

" Aut non licet milii quod volo 
facere? An oculus tiius nuiiuara 
est quia ego bonus sum? '^Sic 
crunt novissimi primi, et primi 
novissimi: niulti sunt euim vo- 
cati, pauci autem electi. 

17 (2111,5.) Et ascenilens lesus 
Hierosolymam assumsit duo- 
decim discipulos secrete et ait 
illis, '^Ecce ascendimus Hie- 
rosolymam, et filius hominis 
tradetur principibus sacerdo- 
tum et scribis, et condemna- 
bunt eum morte, "et tradent 
eum gentibus ad deludcndum 
et flagellandum et crucitigeu- 
diun, et tertia die resurget. 

20 (202,6.) Tunc accessit ad eum 
mater filiorum Zebedaei cum 
filiis suis adorans et petens ali- 
quid ab eo. '' Qui dixit ei, Quid 
vis? Ait illi, Die ut sedeant hi 
duo filii mei unus ad dexterara 
tuam et unus ad sinistram in 
regno tuo. ^'^ Respondens au- 
tem lesus dixit, Nescitis quid 
petatis. Potestis bibere cali- 
cem quem ego bibitnrus sum? 
Dicuut, Possumus. '^ Ait illis, 

Orig. iii. 70.^=. u BiKw Syr.Crt. Arm. 
II add. Kai E. (Latt. exc. e.) 

14. roi^r^] post r^ff £ff;^ar(^ D. (roiro E). 

15. ovk] tpraem. ij i^. CN. rel. Latt. 
Syrr.Pst.&Hcl. Memph. Theb. ^th. 
1 om. B15ZL. Syr.Crt. Arm. 

— i^eariv'] lartv DGr. 

— o 9t\ai TToijjo-ni BDZL. 33. 69. Vulg. 
a.c.e.ffKgKhl SyT.Pst. ^th. | jTroiijcrat 
o esXw '^. CN. 1. rel. b.(f).ff^.g\ Syrr. 
(Crt.)&Hcl. Memph. Theb. (Arm.) 

— £)' roiQ tfiQiQ a.c.e.f.ff'.h. | om. Vulg. 

— r, i'L-.B'CDZNU. rel. j u St.3.B'. 1. 
69. HS. (hiat 33). 

— 6] om. 1. 

— (TOf] fiov 69*. 

16. ol bis ante tax- ^' Tpur.] om. L. 

— 5roX\oi yap St tKktKToi CDN. 1.33. 

rel. Latt. (hiat a). Syrr. Arm. .ffith.ed. 
Iren. 265. (sed qiu cap. xxii. 14). Orig. 
Memph. Theb. Mih. iii. 

17. Kai ava(iaivit>v 6 It/ctowcCDZN. 33.rel. 
Latt. Syrr.Crt.& Hcl. (Arm.) jEth. ( Orig. 
iT.300''). Hil.-OS". 1 fitWoiv St avafSai- 
veiv Ijjo-ovcB. Syr.Pst. (Memph.) Theb. 
ut vid. (et ap. Mnt.)|ju£\XMj' St 6 iTjirouf 
avajiaivtiv 1. Or19.iii.7O8". 709^ 722'. 

n.SuiStKa'] iji' J). I f add. /ia9i/rnj S"- 
BsCN. 33. rel. Latt. Syr.Pst. Tiieb. 
(add. postea avrov a.c.e.g\)\om. DZL. 
1. Syr.Crt. Memph. Arm. M\h. Orig. 
iii. 708». 709''. 722». iv. SOO"". 

— KaQ' iSiav B. Xn. 

— /cat tv Ty oSii> BZL. 1. 33. 69. 
(Memph.) Theb. Arm. Ori'sr. iv. 300''. 
(iii. 709''.) I Xiv Ty bSu^i Kai <^. CDN. 
a.{c).e.f.k. SyiT. ^th. Orig. iii. 708". | 
om. tv Ty oSijj Vulg. b.ff^'^'g^'H. 

18. avalSaivofitv'] -viofitv X. 

— 0avaTi{i Orig. iv. SOO"!. | om. B. .ffith. 

19. Kat <TTavpio(Tai~] om. X. 

— tytpeii(rtTaiC*ZNl,.Orig.iv.300\\lava- 
iTTijiyiTai T- BsC^DX. 1. 33.rel. Orig. iii. 

708'>. (vid. Mar. x. 34 et Luc. xviii. 33). 

20. Tuiv 2"] add. ^i>o U. 

— ott" BD. I Xirap 'S. CZN. rel. 

21. d St] add. Ijjaovg L. 

— avTy~\ avTQiQ E*. 

— Xtyti CDZN. rel. | inrtv B. e. \\ praem. 
,i St BNM. (a).(6).(c).(e).(j?-^).(A).(m). 
Theb. 1 Contra, CDZL. rel. 

— aur(^CDZN.rel.lom.B.a.e^''.A.»i.Theb. 

— eitte] Domine Syr.Crt. 

— ovToi BsDN, rel. ] om. C. a.e. Memph. 
Theb. [hiat Z]. 

— Svo] om. H. 

21. SiKiDiv aov CDN. rel. (hiant Z. a). | 
om. aov B.Bch. 

— tvwvvfiwv aov BCZNLXA. 69. EF TVtst. 
GHKUSVV.Harl. Tol.a.f.g'---h.l. Syrr. 
Memph. Theb. ^Eth. | *om. aov <^. 
D. \s. ZZs. Vulg. b.c.e.ff^---m. Ann. 

— fiaaiXtiif aov] add. et in gloria tua 
Syr.Crt. (e Mar. x. 37). 

22. St 6 Eh. I ^E St.3. 

— EiTrEi'] add. avToig b.c.f.ff^''^'g'^.\jx]. \ 
avry e. Syr.Crt. | om. Vulg. g'.h. 

— aiTtiaOt] aiTiiTt D*. 

— TO iTOTi}piov] ante Trtuiv D. -^th. 

— TTivtiv CDZ. rel. Orij. iii. 717^1 ttieiv 
B.Blly.Blc.G. (sed G habet mtiv (sic) 
om. V tantum ut videtur). ||f add. Kai to 
(iairria^ia 6 tyio fiaTTTiZofiai fSaTZTiadt)- 
vai =r. vid. Mar. X. 38. tj to jiawT. kt\. 
CXA. 33. 69. EF Iftef.GHKMUV. (/). 
h. Syrr.Pst.&Hcl. Arm. | om. BDZL. 
1. (Latt.) Syr.Crt. Jlemph. Theb. ^th. 
Orig. iii. 7 17'^.(dis.) 7 19''.((/w.) Hil. 709^ 

— avTut] om. D. Am. Syr.Crt. Ml\\. 

23. Xtyti] tpraem. Kai ^. C. rel. Syr. 
Hcl. Memph. Mlh. \ om.EDZ(utvid.) 
1. Latt. Syrr.Crt.&Pst. Theb. Arm. 

16. enim sunt CI. \ pauci autem CI. | 17. Hie 
rosolymi3.(4m. | 19. illudendum CI. \ 22, dicuu 
ei O. 



XX. 24. 


1. 33. 69. 

23. II t^ iviov. a 

24. aKov(T, Se 

"Lii.aaias — 27. 



MA' at 
' 46-52./? 

liLu. 18:35-43. 

avTOLf, To fieu TTOTTjpiov fxov TTieade, Wo 8e Kadicrai e'/c 
Be^icav yLOv koI e^ evcouv/xaiv*, ovk eariu ifxou BovvaL, 
aXK ols rjToi/xacrTai viro tov irarpos fiov. ~ kul ukov- 
aavres ol 8eKa r}yavaKTTq(Tav irepl rwv 8uo d8e\(f)a)i'. 
'"■^ ^^ 6 8e 'hjaovs irpoaKaXeaapievos avTous elirev, 
OtSare on ol ap-)(0VTe9 ^ tu>v iOvcou KaraKvpievovaiv 
avTcov, Koi ol p.eyaXoL Kare^ovaid^ovaiu avrcov. 

ov^ ovTcof * eaTLif ev vpiv, aAA os av UeArj eu 
vp.LV piyas yfveaOai, * ea-raL " vp.a>v Smkouos' ~ koi 
or * du 0iXrj eV vpiu eivai TrpcoTOf, * ecrrai vpLwv 
8ovXos' uxnrep 6 vlo9 tov dvOpcoTVOv ovk rjXOev Sia- 
Kovrjdiivai, dXXa SiaKovr^aai /cat 8ovvaL rrjv y^v^rjv 
avTov XvTpov dvri ttoXXcov. 

120~"^Kai eKTropevopevcou^ avrcov diro '\epL-)(ai 
riKoXovOTjcrev avTca 0^09 iroXvs. kol ISov 8vo 

Calicem qnidem meura bibetis; 
sedere autem ad dextcrara 
meam et sinistrara nen est 
menm dare vobis, sed quiljus 
paratum est a patre meo. 
2»(i:o3,5.) £{ aiidicntes decern in- 
diguati sunt de duobus f'ratri- 
bus. ^^ lesus aiitera vocavit 
eos ad se et ait, Scitis quia 
principes gentium dominantur 
eorum, et qui maiores sunt po- 
testatem exercent in eos. '"' Non 
ita crit inter vos, sed quiciim- 
que voluerit inter vos maior 
tieri, sit vester minister, "et 
qui voluerit inter vos primus 
e.«se, erit vester servus ; -"('"■<,'■'> 
sicut filius hominis non venit 
ministrari, sed niinistrare et 
dare aniniam suam redemtio- 
nem pro multis. 

29 (205,2.) E( egredientilnis illis 
ab Hiericho secuta est euni tur- 
ba multa. ^'' Et ecce duo caeci 

23. avToiQl add. 6 I;)(roiif DA. 69. a.b.c.e. 
ff'---g^.h.m. Syr.Crt. Meniph. Arm. (Con- 
tra, BsCZ. rel. Vulg. f.gK Syrr.Pst.& 
Hcl. Theb. .^tb.) 

— juou] hunc Syr.Crt. 

— TTieaQe'] f add. Kai ro fiairrifr^ia o eyut 
^aTrTiZojiai [3a-jrria9iiiTta9f S". CXA. 
33 (««•). rel. f.h. Syrr.Pst.&Hcl. Arm. 
(vid. Mar. x. 39). (0 tyui /SaTrriJo/ani] 
;io!)69). (/3a7rriff£(79{H). |om. BDZL. 1. 
(Latt.) Syr.Crt. Memph. Tbeb. iEth. 

— SiKiiov juof] oni. fiov 69. 

— (cat e^ CDZ. rel. Am. ffKgK S)Tr. 
Memph. Arm. -lEth. (0;ij. iii. 5,50'-'.) 
I ri iK B.Blly.i'm ipsa collationc). L. 1.33. 
Vulg. a. a.b.c.e.f.ff\h.m. Theb. Orig. 
iii.717*. (vid. Mar. x. 40).|om. tj A. 

— ivuivviiiDv'] f add. /(ou ^.XAU. rel. c.<j\/i. 
Syrr. Memph. Thub. Arm. ^th. | om. 
BCDZL. 1. 33. KMS. (Latt.) Orig. 
111.717". Orig. Int. Sai". | aid. tovto 
U. Syr.Crt. 

— ^ouvai] praem. tovto CDA. 33. Syr. 
Hcl. Memph. Theb. | Contra, BsZL. l.rcl. 
Orig. ill. 7 1 7". I add. vobis S^T.Crt. Latt. 

— aW oil'] aliis cl. 


24. Kai iiKoviTai'TiQ B.sCD. 1. rel. Syrr. 
Crt.&Hcl. Arm. iEtb. (vid. Mar. x. 41). 
\ uKotirr. li ZL. 33. 69. Syr.Pst. Memph. 
Theb. Oriy. lii. 713». [iii. 7211"]. 

25. ti-n-iv BCZ(ut vid.) rel. (Latt.) Syr. 
Hcl. Arm. Ociy. ili. 721''. | add. auroie 
X>. e. Syrr.Crt.&Pst. Memph. Theb. 
.Sth. (vid. X.42). 

— KaraKvpuvovaiv CDZ. rel. Orig. 1. 
710Mii.721''.l -fvaovaii' 'R.Btly.\-ivtu- 
atv A. (-euatv P). 


26. ourws] fadd. Si '^. CX.33s. Msr.ffK 
Syrr. Memph. iEth. Orig. 878'=. 
(vid. Mar. X. 43). | om. B.fic/i.DZLA. 
1. 69. EGHKSUV. (Latt.) Theb. Arm. 

— tariv BDZ. m. Theb. | J iarai ^. 
CL. 1. 33. rel. Latt. Syrr. Memph. 
Arm. ^th. Orig. Lit. ill. 

— aW 6g v^iov SiaKoi'og'] om. E*. 

— av'B.Btly.D.'] JtavT. C. reh (hiatZ). 
om. H. 

— £1' y/tiv 2». BCD. rel. Latt. Syrr. Arm. 
iEth. hoc loco D. rel. (Latt.) Syrr. Arm. 
iEth. post fiiyag B. Memph. Theb. (sic 
Mar.) post ytvtaOai C. Jf'. \ vjiiov ZL. 
hoc loco habent. 

— larai BCDZ.XA. 1. 33. 69. (E')GK 
UVr. a.b.c.e._ff''.h.m. Syrr. (ut vid.) 
Memph. Theb. | {cffru '^. LHMsSs. 
Vulg./J-'.^'-^- Arm. iEth. 

27. av B.Bllg.DZ. \ itav =:. C. rel. 

— ev vftiv civai CDZ. rel. (0/7'(/. 1.710'). 
I eivai vjxiov B. | hjiifiv iivai X. | tv 
vfiiv tantum L. (inter vos primus esse 
Latt. [a]). 

— tarai CDZLA. 1. 33. 69. KMU. Lntt. 
[ahiat]. Syrr. ut vid. Orig. Int. m. 87 8'. 
I XidTui •^. BsXr. rel. 

— I'/uwj'] TravTwv M. 

28. WCTTTep] add. yap X. 

— r)\9ov K. 

— ad fin. add. ii/ieic C£ Zithtc ik fitiKpov 
av^tjtrai Kai ek fjiei^ovog eXarrov Hvat' 

Utirepxofievoi di Kai TrapaK\ij9evr€Q 
SeiTTVtjtTai, fir) ai'aK\£tvt<r9ai etg rovg 
i^tX^^^^^ roTrouc, fitj TTort tvOo^orepog 
(Tou (iriK9ij, Kai TrpoaeXOidv 6 Stiirvo- 

KXllTLOp ilTTl} (TOl, iTL KUTOt XOJpei' Kai 

KaTaiaxvv9i](st\' tav Si avan-ia7)c lie 

TOV rjTTOva tottov, Kai nreXOij ffou 
rjTTujv ipii (Toi 6 SinrvoKXjjrwp, avvayi 
iTi avui' Kai larai Tot rovro xp^'^^l^ov 
D. sic fere Emm. a.b.c.e.ff^''-{g').h.{m). 
et in quibusdam aliis Latiuis Syr.Crt. 
Syr.Hcl. in cod. Assemani.(non habent 
rel. Vulg. /■./.) Vos autem quaeritis de 
pusillo (modico Emm.) crescere, et 
(nee Syr.Crt.) de majore minores (mi- 
nore majores &.(;'.) esse (fieri ^''.jr'.) [de 
m.ajore minonu-i e. de maximo minus 
Emm.] (hue usque 5'., sed non g''., qui 
additamentum posteriushabet). ["Vos 
autem quaeritis in modicis extoUi, et 
de maximis minui," liaec tantum habet 
m. e Matt.] Intrantes autem et (haec 
om. Syr.Crt. : om. et, e.ff^.) rogati ad 
coenam (ad coen. rog. ff'.) [cum au- 
tem introieritis ad coenam vocati g''.), 
nolite recumbere (disc, ff'.h.') in loeis 
eminentioribus (emin. loc. e.jff^. supe- 
rioribus locis (/^.), ne forte clarior (hono- 
ratior e, dignior 3^.) te superveniat ; et 
adcedens {om. Syr.Crt.) [add. is, g'^.] 
qui ad coenam {post te voc. ^ff^.) voca- 
vit te (te voc. e.ff'.), [qui invitavit te 
jf'., qui te invit. g^.~}, dicat tibi, Adhuc 
(om. Syr.Crt.) deorsum accede, (accede 
dcorsum e, adhuc deor. ace. h, adhuc 
inferius accede g'.), et confundaris (et 
erit tibi confusio ff'. add. in conspectu 
discumbentium Syr.Crt.). Si autem in 
loco inferiori recubucris [disc, ff'.h.] 
(rec. in loc. inf. c. rec. in inf. loc. g'.), 
et supervenerit (adven. ji'.) huinilior te, 
dicet (dicat c, dicit_^"'' ; praem. tunc e.) 

23. vel sini tram CL 

XXT. 2. 


Vulg. a. h. c. 
Syn-. C. P. H. 
Memph. Theb. 

Arm. Mfh. 
30. vie 

31. WE 

Tv(f)Xol Kadij/xevoL irapa ttjv 68ou, aKovcravres on 
'h](rovs TTapdyeL eKpa^av Xeyovres, * KJpie, eXerjcrou 
r]fjias, vios iSaveLO. o oe o)(Aos €Tr€TLfjLrj(T€v ay- 
Tots' Iva, (ricoTTijacoaiv. ol 8e fiel^ou * eKpa^av" Ae- 
yoi'Tes, iS.upie, eAerjaov iipas, vlos l^aveio. Kai 
(TTa? 6 Irjaovs icpcovrjcrei' avTov? kol elirev, T/ deXere 
TTOLTjaco; ' Xeyovaiu avT<x>, Kupte, tW ^ avoLywaLv" 
* ol 6(f)daXpol rjpcou." '^ cTTrAay^^t'icr^eif 8e 6 'Irjaovs 
■}]\lfaTO Tmu * 6p.p.aTcov' avrcoi', kol evdecos avi^Xe-^av^ 
kolI rjKoXovOiiaav avrdo. 

sedentcs secus viam audierant 
quia lesus transiret, et clama- 
Teniut diceiites, Domine, mise- 
rere nostri, tili David. " Turba 
autem increpal)at eos ut tace- 
rent. Atilliraagi.sclamabantdi- 
centes Domine, miserere nostri, 
fili David. ''' Et stetit lesus et 
vocavit eos, et ait. Quid vultis 
ut f'aciam vobis? '^Dicnnt illi, 
Domine, ut aperiantiir oculi 
nostri. '* Misertus autem eorum 
lesus tetigit oculos eorum: et 
confestim viderunt et secuti 
sunt eum. 


ME' (TT 

r IIMar. ii: i — lo. 

||Lu. 19:29-38. 

II Jo. 12:12 — 15. 
1. irpbg t6 op. 

121 y Kal ore rjyyLaav elslepocroXvpLa koll iqXOov '<"».'■' Et cum appropin- 

i-r)/iJ, '^tjvvv "Jn " ' f»T « quassent Hierosolymis et ve- 

et? tirjt/(payr] et? to opOS TCOU eXaLCOV, TOTC O irjaOVS nissent Bethlage ad montera 

iireaTeiXev bvo aaOriTas, ~ Xeycov avTols, * I\ope6e- ?"""', *"".' ,^""' misit duos 

^ \ * Qiscipulos -"dicens eis, Ite in 

CrOe els" TTjV KCOp-qv T7]V '' KaTivaVTl VpWV KCU evOecOS castellumquod contra vos est, 

tibi qui te (post voc. 6. om. /(.), ad coenam 
rocavit (voc. ad coen. ff^, invitavit 9^.) 
accede adhuc (om. e.) siiperius (sur- 
sum b.ff'.h.) et (add. tunc e) erit hoc 
(om. c) tibi (tibi hoc ff''.g''.h.) utilius. 
[erit tibi gloriam coram discumbenti- 
bus e. Svr.Crt] Versio Latina cod. d. 
prorsus alia est. || om. MSS. et vv. rel. 

29. eKTTopevofiei'wv avTiov BC*DZN. rel. 
Latt. SyiT.Crt.&Hcl. Memph. Theb. 
Arm. ^ OWjr. iii. 727'^. 735=.|fK- 
TTOpwofievov avTov A. 33. E Wtst-H. f. 
Memph. cd. Arm. cdd. ^th. iii. a. (vid. 
Mar. X. 46.) | tKiroptvo^iivov tov lijfrov 
C'Gr. e. Syr.Pst. 

7JK0\ov6}]<T(V aVT. 0X^0^ TToXl'C Ort'ff. 

iii. 727*^. 73.5'^. | -ffav avr, ox^oi TroWot 
D. c.e.ff'.g'. SyrHcl. Memph. Theb. 
I -ffai' atrr. o;^Xoc jroXu^ F. 

30. tcoii] om. Svr.Crt. 

— aKovixavreQ Orig. iii. 729**. | Ti}Kovaav 
et Kai post Trapayei D. Vulg. (c). 

— Kvptt] om. Ji. Bch.D. 69. b.c.e.ff'.h. [hiat 
a]. Svr.Crt. Arm. ] ante t\u]nov B Btly. 
ZL.Vulg.j^'-2-/.Syr.Hier. Memph. Theb. 
^th. I JpostfXtijffoi' ,)f(af T-CN.rel././f' '. 
Syrr.l'st.&Hcl. 0<(>.iii.727'».72S«.729'>. 

— vios BZX. rel. Urig. iii. 727''. 729''. 1 
vh CDNL. 1. 33. 69. EF( ms«.) Orig. 
iii. 728^ Eus. Ec. Pr. 230. || praem. Iij- 
aov NL. 69. ce.h. Syr.Hier. Memph. 
Arm. (Contra, rel.) 

31. o\ Se ox^oi eTrertfitjTav N. 

— ffiwTnjffojffiv'] -tjovaiv NLA. 

— fieiZov'] irXtor U. 

— tKpaiav B.BcA.DZL. Syrr.Crt.&Pst. 
Memph. TheK | XtKpaZov <^. ON. rel. 
Latt. Syr.HcL {tKpavyel^ov 69.) 

31. Kiipif ante t\. 7)11. B.Bch.BZl,. 69. 
(Latt. [hiat 0].) Syr.Pst. Memph. 
Theb. Arm. ^ih. I {post ^. CN. rel. 

f.ff-. Syrr.Crt.&Ucl. j om. B.Btli,. e. 

— vios BZX. rel. | v'li CDNL. 33. (praem. 
Jesu c.) 

32. Iijffoyf] XS 33* ut videtur. 

— avTovs~\ avTOtg T. 

— etXtrt] add. iva ZL. A'nig. c.fff'--- 
g'-'-h. Syrr.Crt.&Hcl. Orig. iii. 727''. 
730''. I Conti-a, BiCDN. rel. a.b. Syr. 
Pst. Arm. JEth. 

33. avoiyojatv BDZL. 33. 69*. Onj. iii. 
727^731». I Ja)/oix9wOTv ^. CN.rel. 

— 01 ofpdaXjxot ijpiov BDZL. 33. Latt. 
Orig. iii. 731". | ^i'i/kov oi of9. S". 
CNX. rel. | add. et videbinuis te Syr. 
Crt. I add. quibus dixit Jesus, Creditis 
posse me hoc faccre ? qui respouderant 
ei, Ita, domine c. 

34. 6 lijaove'] om. SyiT.Crt.&Pst. 

— ofifiariov B.Bch.DZL. 69. dig. iii. 
736'^. I io^QaXpiov T. CNX. rel. 

— aurtur] ante tojv ofipariov B. (Contra, 

— avepXtif/av'} | f add. avrwv 01 o^9a\- 
fioi S". CNX. rel. Syr.Hcl.txt. (apevti 
sunt oculi eorum Syr.Pst.) | om. BDZ 
(ut videtnr) L. 1. 33. Latt. Syrr.Crt.& Syr.Hier. Memph. Theb. Arm. 

1. riyyiaav BC*DNA. rel. (Latt. hiat a.) 
Syr.Hcl. Orig. iii. 729''. 736''. | riyyiatv 
C b.e. Syrr. Crt. & Pst. Syr. Hier. 
Memph. MS. vEih. Orig.iy.\S\*'. ||add. 
u IriaovQ post riyywtv ( — om. mox) 
C\ [hiatZ]. 

1. j/Xeor BC*D. rel. (Latt.) Syr.Hcl. 
Jlemph. ^th. Orig. iii. 729''. 736=. | 
nXetv C^AEU. e. (non A). Syrr.Crt. 
&Pst. Syr.Hier. Orig.i\.\9,V'. [hiat 

— fig 2"] om. A. 

— B);6l^ayi) (C=)DN'. 1. EGHKM*SsV 
(C* n.l.) Latt. Syrr. ( Gr.) 
Orig. iii. 736'. 743\ iv. ISl"". 191'-'. | 
BiiOpayriv 33. Orig. iii. 729''. 737"=. | 
Bi]ea<payri BN*X. 69. KUMT. | Brjd^. 
Z. Memph. Theb. | Bijir^ayi; L. || add. 
Kai Bi]9aviav C\ 33- 69. Syr Hier. | 
Contra, Orig. iii. 729''. 736«. 743^ di- 
serte. iv. 18 1*". 

— fif TO BC(*). 33. b.c.e.ff'.h. Orig. 
iii. 729^ I X TrpoQ to t. DNLX. rel. 
Vulg. f.y'--- Orig. iii. 736^ iv. 18 1^ 
(vid. Mar. et Luc.) (praem. km C). 
[h. Z.a]. 

— 6 lj/(7ouf BCZ(!'iW.)N. rel. Orig. iii. 
729^ I om. o DEHV. Orig. iv. 181''. | 
post paQr/ras M. | post a-ircar. N. 

— IxaStirag Orig. iv. 181''. | add. avriiv 
Latt. (exc. Vulg.)|rwi' ^aOrjrutv avrov 
33. 69. Arm. (vid. Mar.) 

2. TTopivtaQt BDZL. 33. 69. Orig. iv. 
181''. I XwopevdriTi ^. CNX rel. 

— KanvavTi BCDZL. 33. 69. Orig. iv 
181i'(MS). 187».l XamvavTi ^. N. rel. 
Orig. iv. lSl''(ed.). Eus. Ec. Pr. 125. 

— ji^efwc BCDN. rel. On5r.iv.lSl\ | sv- 
9vg ZL. II om. a.bc.ffKh. Syr.Crt. 
Memph. Orig. Int. ii. 324". | Contra, 
Vulg. e.f.ff-.g'--- Syn-.Pst.&Hcl. Theb. 
Arm. JElh. 

30, 31. filii Jm. 



XXI. 3. 



1. 33. 69. 


' Zee. g: g. 
Es. 62: 11. 




€vpr)(T€T€ ovov SeSeixevTjv, kol ttcoXov /xer avrris' Xvaav- 
rey ' ayere yitoi. /cat eaz/ tls vficu enrr] tl, epeire on o 
Kvpios avTosv \peiav e'x^i, ^ evOvs <5e aTTOoreAet aii- 
Tovs- * TOVTO Se * yiyovev tva TrXrjpcaOrj to prjOev Slu 
Tov 7rpo(()^TOv XeyovTos, ^ 'E.'iTraTS rrj ^vyarfi 'Eicov, 
^'iSov 6 ^aTiksvg crov spyjoxal rroi,'Jtpa,vg -aoa sti^s^tj- 
acog STcl ^ ovov xa) * kicY ic&'hov vlhv iiito^vylov. ^ Yio- 
pevdevres 8e ol p.a9rjTai koI iroLrjcravTes KaOcos ^avve- 
Ta^eu" avTois 6 'Irjo-ov^, '' rjyayou ttjv ovov kol tou 

7. t/iar. [ai/ruiv.] TTOiXov, Kcu eTTeOrjKav * cV " aVTWV TO. lp.aTia\ Kal 
* eireKaoLaev eiravco avTODV. o oe TrAetcrroy oi(Aoy 
earpcoaau iavTwu ra IfMaria iu rrj 68a, aXXot 8e 
(KOTTTOU KXaSovf uTTo Twv SevSpcou, KOL eaTpcovvvov 
ej/' TTj ooco. ' OL oe o;(Aoi ol irpoayovTis avTov Kai 
ol a.KoXov6ovvT€s iKpa^ov XeyovTff, 'Q-aavva tu> v'tai 

«Psa.ii8(ii7):26. ^ AavelS^' '^ svAoyTjf/^evog 6 ipy/jy^svog h Civ6y.a.ri xvplov, 
"' coaavva ev tols vyLaTois. Kai eLcreXaovTos cwtov 
els \epo(ToXvp.a iaeiaOrj iraaa ?; itoXls Xeyovcra, Tiy 



et statim invenietis asinam alli- 
gatam et puUum cum ea: sol- 
vite et adducite mihi. ^ Et si 
quis vobis aliquid dixerit, di- 
cite quia dominus his opus ha- 
bet, et confestim dimitcet cos. 
4(207,7.) jjoc autem factum est 
ut impleretur quoJ dictum est 
per prophctam dicentem, ^ Di- 
cite filiiie Sion, Ecce rex tuns 
venit tibi, mansuetus et sedens 
super asinam et pullum filiura 
subiugalis. ^ (^o'' ''•) Euntes au- 
tem discipuU fecerunt sicut 
praecepit illis lesus, 'et addux- 
erunt asinam et pullum, et in- 
posuenint super eis vestimenta 
sua, et eum desuper sedcre fe- 
cerunt. ° Plurima autem tuiba 
straverunt vestimenta sua in via, 
alii autem caedebant ramos de 
arboribus et sternebant in via ; 
9 (209, 1.) turljae autem quae prae- 
cedebant et quae sequehantur 
claniabantdicentes, Osannafilio 
David, benedictus qui ventunis 
est in nomine domini, osanna 
in altissimis. '» <■""• '»■' Et cum 
intrasset Hierosolymam, com- 
mota est universa civitas di- 

2. fupT/fffre] -(Tijrf H. 

— ayiTt BD. I J ayayiri T. CZN. reL 
Orig. iv. ISli". Eus. Ec. Pr. 126. (vid. 
Luc. xix. 30). 

3. iav Orig iii. 740''. | av D. 

— tiq] om. H. 

— rt] add. jrocfirat (i.e. -rt) D. ^th 
On3.iv.l8l''. £«s.E.Pr.l26.(vid.Mar.) 
1 Contra, Ori^. iii. 740''. iv. \&S<=. 

— fvd. St BCNL. rel. Syr.Hcl. Orig. iii. 
740>. iv. 181''. 188<^. | Kai iv9. D. 33. 
Latt. Syrr.Crt.&Pst. ) £u9i;f B.BlIi/. 
L. OrijT. iv. 181''. 188=. | tevee(u£<^. 
CDN. rel. Orig. iii. 740». [hiat Z]. 

— awoaTtKii BsDGr. 69. MCaTroorlXfi) 
(Latt. hiat a.) Memph. Theb. Arm.cdd. 
.^th. Onj. iii. 737''. 740>. iv. 181''. 187*. 
188'. I anoartWei CZNLXAGr. 1.33. 
EGHKSUVr. d.h. Syrr. Arm.Zoh. 

4. dt} tadd. oXov f^. BsC'N. rel. Vulg. 
CI. g\ S3iT.Pst.&Hcl. Theb. Arm. ] 
om. C*DZL. Am. Latt. Syr.Crt. Memph. 
iEth. Orig. iv. 181''. Hil. 572'. 

— Sia BCDN. rel. Onj.iv. 1S1«. | tiiro 
ZL. 69. I add. Zachariam a.c.h. Hil. 
572''. I add. Esaiam. ^th. 

5. Trpavg Kat] praem. Justus et Syr.Crt. 
jEth. (sed non PI.) e Zach. | Contra, 
Orig. iii. 738'. diserte. iv. 181'. I8;». 188«. 
diaerle. || om. icai T>. Vulg. CI. (a).li.e. 


ff'-^-h. -ffith. I Contra, BCZN. 69. rel. 
Am. For.c.f.g'-''- On3.iv.l81'.187M88». 

5. Km twi TTtiiKov BNL. 1. Syrr. (in Hcl.*) 
Theb. ^th. |*om. £7ri S". CDX. rel. 
Latt. (hiant Z. a.) Memph. Ai-m. Orig. 
iv. 181'. 187^ (vid. Zach.)|om. /cai 69. 

— v'lov vTToZvyiov BCD'N. rel. Vulg.C/. 
/. Syrr. ( Gr.) (Memph.) 

Theb. (^th.) Orig. iv. IS/'. 188''. (di- 
serte). | flov uTroJwyioi' D*. b.c.ff^.g'.h. 
Theb. (ap. Mnt.) Hil. 572''. | inroZnywv 
(tantum)ZL. .<4m.*e. On'5r.iii.738'.(a)C4i' 
ri(Ti ? inZach.) iv. 1 8 1 ' I ovot) tantum Arm. 
Ivcovtantum 1. Ori'j.iii.738'. (in codice 
quo usus est) e Zach. (haec nm.ff'.) 

6. Je] om. F. 

— Km TTotijaavTte BC(Z ut vid.)N. rel. 
Memph. Orig. iii. 744''. iv. 181'. 187^ 
1 tiroirjffav D. Latt. Theb, 

— Ka9uiQ~] KaQa G. 

— avvtra^iv BCD. 5S.\Xirpo(!tTa^iv '^. 
ZNLX.rel. OWj.iii. 744''. iv. 181'.187^ 
Eus. Ec. Pr. 126. 

7. j/yayovBCZ. rel. Syr.Hcl. Memph.O//^. 
iii. 744''. iv. 181'. | pr.aem. Kai D. Latt. 
Syrr.Crt.&Pst. Theb. | {rtyaytv E*. ) 

— fTr' BDZL. 33. 69. Orig. iv. 181'. 
187''. I JfTTovw <5-. CNX. rel. 

— avTdiv BCN. rel. {avru. . Z.) Vulg c.g\ 
Syr.Hcl. Syr.Hier.' Memph. Theb. Arm. 
iEth. OW9.iv.l81'.(ed.)187''.| avrovH. 
a.b.e.f.ff'"g''. Or((/.iv.l81'.(MS.)| avru 

33. 69. (vid. Mar.) (om. t. avriov Syr. 
Crt.) super pullum Syr.Pst. Syr.Hier.^ 

7. i/iana] f add. avTuiv s'- CZNLX. rel. 
Vulg. a.c.f.g'. Syrr. Syr.Hier. Memph. 
Theb. Ai-m. MS. ^th. Oriy. iv. 181'. 
(187''. iavTwv)yid. Mar.|om.B.B%.D. 
b.eff'-''-g\ Arm. 

— Kat £7reKa9. t-jravui avr.'] om. 1. EG. 

— c7r£Ka9i(7£v BCXA. 33. 69. FMSUVr. 
Syr.Hcl. Theb. Arm. Orig. ii. 181'. 
187". 188'. sedebat a.b.c.d.e.ff'-''- et 
equitavit Jesus, Syrr. Crt. &Pst. iEth. 

sedit y.h. (tiT Z). | €7reKa9j](nv II. 

£Ka9ian> N. tKaQijffev K. eKa9iiT0 D. | 
j£7r£Ka9i(jav Elz. (non St. 3.) sedere fece- 
runt Vulg. g'-''' Memph. nreKa9t]aav L. 

— e-Trai'ui avruiv BCN. {.iravo} avT..Z.) 
rel. Syrr.Crt.&Hcl. Memph. Theb. Arm. 
Orig.iy. 181'. 187''. 188'. 1 tTravoj avrov 
D. b.c.e.f.ff'''-g''.h. (ea.. a) Syr.Pst. Syr. 
Hier. ] desuper (an<«mVulg.9''.(om.jEth.) 

8. iavTwv BCZN. rel. Orig. iv. 181'. ( 
avTwv DLA. 69. 

— aTTo r. StvS. Orig. iv. 187''. 188'=. (iii. 
746^). I £K T. S. N. 

— tarpuivvvov BCZN. rel. Vulg. b./.Jf'. 
g'-''h. Syrr. Theb. ^Eorpiuffaj' D. c.e.Jf'K 
(hiat a)Mcmph. Orig.iv. 187''. (^eaTp'iov 
sic. A). 

4. autem totum CI. | adimpleretur CI. 1 
5. mansuetus sedens CI. I filium .Am. iu mg. | 
7. super cos C[. | 9. qui venit in uomiue Ct. 

XXI. 17. 


Vulg. a. b. c. 
Syrr. C. P. H. 
Arm. Mfk. — 


•"IIMar.uiis-iy. a 

II Lu. 19:45,46. 

Jo. 2:13,17. 


eCTTLV OVTOS ; OL 06 0)(AOi €AeyOV, yJvTOS €(TTLV *0 

7rpo(f)T^Trjf 'It/ctoO?,' 6 aTro *Na^ape^' TT^y TaXiXaias- 
' Kai eicrrjXdeu ^ 'lr]crov9 els to 'i€pou\ KCti i^e^aXev 
iravras tovs TrcoXovvras kou ayopa^ovras kv tw lepw, 
Kol Tas rpaivi^as Tu>v koXXv^lcttwv KaTeo-Tpeyjrev, /cat 
ray KaOeSpas tcou ttcoXovvtcov tols Trepia-Tepds. ^ /cat 
Aeyet avrols, TeypaTrrai, "^ 'O olxog f/^ov olxog icpoT- 
£V^^g •/ChrfpiifTBXrui- vpels 8e '' avrop * iroieiTe " c-'Ktj- 
"kauiov X7j(rrc7rj.^ Kat TrpocrriXOov avra rLi0Aot /cat 
)(^coXol iv Tw Ifpo), /cat idepdirevcreu avTOvs. ^"^ ISovres 
Se ol dp)(^iep€is /cat ot ypap-jxareis ra davp-aaia d iiroi- 
■qaev, Kcii tovs TraiSas tovs Kpa^ovras Iv rca lepco^ 
/cat Xeyovras, Q.(Tavva tS via * AavdS, rjyavaKTrjcrav, 
Kcu * elirav avrai, 'A/coyety tl ovtol Xeyovaiv ; 6 $e 
lT](rovf Aeyet avrols, l^al. ovSeTrore dueyvcore hrt 
* ix <rrofjt,aTog VTjitkov xou brfKaZpvTcov •/iar7jpri<Tco 

f||Mar.u: 11-14.°? ^'^^'^^ i ^^ ^ KOL KaTaXlTTCOU auTovs i^TjXOev e'^co TrjS 
TToXecos etf BrjdauLav, kol rjvXiadr} e/cet. 


""Jer. 7:11. 

Mt' 0-1/3 


U Theb. 

'Psa. 8:3. 

cens, Quia est hie? " Populug 
autem dicebat, Hie est lesug 
propheta a Nazareth Gahlaeae. 
■2(2",i.)Et intravit lesus in 
templum dei, et eieiebat omncs 
vendentes et ementes in templo, 
et mensas nummulariorum et 
eathedras vendentium columbas 
evertit, "et dicit eis, Scriptum 
est, Donius mea domus ora- 
tionis vocabitur: vos autem fe- 
eistis illam speluncam latro- 
nura. " '^'"''> '"■> Et accesserunt 
ad eum caeci et claudi in tem- 
plo, et sanavit eos. '' c^'^.s.) vi- 
dentes autem principes sacer- 
dotum et seribae mirabilia 
quae fecit, et pueros clamantes 
in templo et dicentes, Osanna 
filio David, indignati sunt '^ et 
dixerunt ei, Audis quid isti di- 
cant ? lesus autem dicit eis 
Utique : numquam legistis quia 
ex ore infantium et lactentium 
perfecisti laudem ? " (■■'n,«-) Et 
relictis illis abiit Ibras extra ci- 
vitatem in Bethaniam, ibique 

8. tl'] om. EF. 

9. TrpoayovTeg avTov BCDL. 1. 33. 69. 
.#■'. Syrr. Memph. Theb. iEth. Orig. 
iv. 181":. |*om. avTov <^. N. rel. (Latt.) 
Arm. (vid. Mar.) 

■ — ot aKoX.] om, oi A. 

— iKpaZovOrig.\i.5S^'=. \ (iKpaZavD?) \ (k- 
paKav L. Orig.iv. 181'. (om. XfyoiTts). 

— ti}(7avva bis] orrirava D*. ujffava L. 

— rv vi<ii Orig. iii. 746'. iv. 181'. 187^ 
(vid. ad ver. 15). 

— ad fin.] add. et egressi sunt in occur- 
sum ejus multi, et gaudebant et lauda- 
bant Denm, propter omue quod vide- 
runt. Syr.Crt. 

11. oi (tt oxXoiBCN. rel. Yalg.f.ff\(g''y- 
\v. Ori^.iv. 180'.lol ^£ 7ro\XoiD.a.6.c.e. 
^'.A. I TToXXoi Jt l.(7roXXoi Ori^.iii.747^) 

— £Xfyo)/Vulg./J"-'jf')'-A. Orijr. iii. 747\ 
iv. 180'. 1 tiTTOv D. a.b.c.e. || add. ort N. 

— 6 Trpo(p)]r7]s Ii)(Towe BD. Memph. Theb. 
Arm. Orig. iv. 187'. | Jljftr. 6 Trpo^. ^. 
CNLX (sic) rel. (Latt.) SyiT. iEth. Orig. 
iii. 747^ iv. 180'. (X/Ji profetae.) | liiaovg 
Trpo^. A (om. Itjrrovg a), 

— 6 aTro~\ om. 6 DA. 

— JialapiO BsS(/^.£/r.CDXEHKMUV. 
(Latt.) Memph. Theb. 1 J Najaper St.3. 
BsBcA.L. 1.33.69. FsGSsr. rf.e. Orig. 
iii. 744". 747». iv. 180'. 187'. (Nazareti 
(om. o a-Ko) a.) \ Na?apa9 A. | ^a^a- 
ptTijg TaX. (sic) N. 

12. HatjXGevI eiatXBuv G. 

— Irjdovg'] f praem. 6 ^. DN. rel. Orig. 
iii. 748". 1 om. B.B//y.CXAEHM. Orig. 
iii. 750". iv. 180'. 187'. 

— iipov'] add. frou 9tov ^. CDN. rel. 
(Latt.) Syrr. Orig. iii. 748". 749". 750". 
|om. BL. 33. b. Memph. Theb. Arm. 
.iEth. Or;<7.iv. 180'. 187'. Hit. 713". 

— £j£/3aX£i'] add. e templo Dei Syr.Crt. 
(om. mox tv ti^ (Cfx^). 

13. 6 oiffOE Orig.\n. 755». iv. 180". 187'. ] 
om. 6 D*. 

— K\i]Qi)atTai add. omnibus gentibus 

— avTov praem. sttoi sic E. 

— irouiTi BL. Memph. ..Eth. Orig. iv. 
180". 187". Bus. D.E. 401'.| tf?ro»)<rarf 
^. CDNX. rel. (TTjTroiijKart l.Just.Tr. 
17. Orig. iii. 752". 755^ vid. Mar. xi. 
17.) Latt. Theb. Arm. /ren.229. Hil. 
714''. (vid. Luc. xix. 46). ante avrov^. 

14. rii^Xoi KUL xwXoi BDL. 1. 33. 69. Syr. 
Pst. Memph. Arm. ^th. Or?sr.iii.755.' 
(TV(p. Kat Kio^oi Syr.Crt. rvp. k. kui^oi 
K. x^X<^i- Syr.Hicr.) | X"^^* '^"* rvtpX. 
CNAEFGHKMSUVr. Syr.Hcl. Theb. 

— ev rq} itp(}i Orig. '111.7 55'^. \ om. 69. e. 

15. apxiipiie fcai ol ypa/i/iareij Orig. iii. 
755". [ Ypapft. Kai 01 apxitp. 69. Syr. 
Crt. (om. ol ante ypaii/i. K). 

— £7roii/o'(i'] add. Jesus a.b.c.f.ff''^'g'.h. 
Orig.m. 755". (Contra, Vulg. e.p'.) 

15. ro«c (cpaSoiras BDNL. | *om. rouf 
T- C. rel. Orig. ii. 583". 

— iiGavva] oarjava D*. ittirava L. 

— vttji~\ i^i}Ti}<ruQ 5e TToThpov ravTov luTiv 
oiKog AaviS, Kat v'lug Aavid' Kai d ^i) 
Taiirov lariv, i)p.dprrjTai to Kara Mar- 
Oalov ypatpiKix)^' oipuXov t^fiv TjTot StQ 
rtfi oIkij} Aavidy 7/rot rt^i i;I(^j AaviS, 
Orig. ii. 383'. (qui ipse vi<^ in utroque 
loco in Comm. habet). iii. 757". 

16. inrav B.Utly.DL. (hiat 33). | Jeurov 
S-. CN. rel. 

— oKouEis] praem. owk FH. Syr.Crt. 
Memph. | Contra, Iren. 240. Orig. ii. 
583". iii.756^ 

— Xfyei] (iTTiv K. VuIg.C/. b.ce.f.ffKh. 
(Contra, Am.') 

— avToiQ Orig.Vu j avT(p D*Gr. 

— on BCN. 1. rel. Vulg. c./.j'-'- Syrr. 
Memph. Arm. Clem. 105. Onj.ii.583". 
iii. 756»-"- Eus. in Ps. 37". | om. D. b.e. 

ff'-H. JEth. Hil. 714". 

17. KaraXiircxiv BsN. 1. (hiat 33). 69. G 
HSsVsrs. Or/3, iii. 757». 759'. | Kara- 

— r]vXicr9ij BC'DN. rel. | r}vXt(!9riaav 
C*. (uXio-£i' A. sic), (ut esset Syr. 

— e/cfi] om. C*. 

11. Populi autem dicebant CI. I 16. isti di- 
cunt a. I dixit CI. 



^ ireTf ■ ''^' 122 i« t UpaA" Se iTravaycou eh r^v ttoXlv liveiva- 

1.33.69. afv, /cat^ I8u)v (TVKriv uiav eVi rny 68ov, riXOev eir 

EFGHKMSirv(r). , ', , , , T ' r . - . V , A^ 

18. TrpmaQ avTTju, KUL ovoev evpev iv avTY] ei fXT] (pvAAa fxovov 

— iiravayayujv \ \ ' '-iv/r'' -^ ^ ' IT' 

f If /cat Aeyei avrr), MtjKeTL €k ctov Kapiros yeurjrar' eif 

19. 01' UTIKITI ^ '" ^'/"'ZJ " ' "SOgv 

ir J, ' ' Tou aicoua. kul i^-qpavorj Trapaxprj/xa rj avK-q. "kul 

e piar. 11:19— 24. l8ovre^ ol ixadrjTOL eOavpaaav Xeyovre?, ITcwy irapa- 

"" XP^lf^'^ f^^^po-vdrj rj avKij; ' ' ATTOKpideh Se 6 'Irjarovs 

e'lTrev avToly, Kp.r]v Xeyco vplv, kav k^re ttlcttcu kcu 

p-T] SiaKpidijre, ov p.ovov to Trj9 crvKT]? Tronjaere, dXXa 

Kau rco opei tovtco eiirriTe, Apdrjri Kol fiXrjOrjTL els 

"'^ T-qv OaXaaaav, yevrjaerar " kcu iravra hcra ^ lav 

alTTjo-rjre ev rrj irpoa-ev^rj incrTevovTes, X-tjp.^ea9e. 

'IIMar.! 1:27-33. 3 KaL ^ eXoovTos avTOv ets TO lepov irpoay-jX- 

||Lu. 20: 1-8. 0QU ? avTW 8i8a(TKOVTi 01 ap^^iepels kol 01 TTpea^vrepoL 

Tov Xaov XeyovTes, Ei' ttoIo. e^ovaia Tavra iroLeli ; 

KUL Tis aoi eocoKeu tt]u e^ovaLUv ravrrju; airoKpi- 

6e\s 8e 6 Irjaovs eiirev avTols, ^pcoTrjaco Kayco 

XXL 18. 

"Mane autem re.vertens in 
civitatem esuriit, "et videns 
iici arljorem unam secus viam 
venit ad eara, ct nihil invenit in 
ea nisi folia tantuni. Et ait illi, 
Numqiiam e.x te fructiis nas- 
catur in sempitcrnum. Et arc- 
facta est euntinno ficiilnca. 
" Et videntes discipnli mirati 
sunt diccntes, Quoinodo con- 
tiuno aruit ? =' c^'^,^.) Kespun- 
dens anteni lesus ait eis, Amen 
dico vobis. si habueritis fideiu 
et non haesitavcritis, non solum 
de ficulnea facietis, sed et si 
monti huic dixeritis, Tolle et 
lactate in m.are, fiet: ^sciis,).) 
et omnia quaeeumqiie petieritis 
in oratione credentes, accipie- 

==f="-«Et cum venisset in 
templum, accefserunt ad eura 
docentem piincipes sacerdotum 
et seniores popnli diccntes, In 
qua potestate haec facis ? et 
quis til)i dedit banc potesta- 
tem? '* Respondens Icsus dixit 
illis, Interrogabo vos et ego 

18. jrpwt B.B%D.|j5rpwiaf =r. CN. rel. 

— iiravaywv B^CN. rel. Vulg. f.g'-'- 
Syn-.Pst.&Hcl. Memph. Arm. ^th. 
Orig. in. 757"^. (TSg""). | eiravayayoiv 
B*Bch.l,. I Trapayujv D. (Latt.) Syr.Crt. 
//■(7.714«.(hiat33). ladd.olijffovf M.a.c. 

19. iTr' avTtjv Orig. iii. 757''. ] £7r' avTt]Q L. 

— /ioj'o)'] add. et [ma]ledixit [i]lla[m] 
dominus a. 

— lir]KtTi] praem. ov B.Bili/.Blc.Ij. \ 
Contra, CD. rel. Orig. iii. 757''. 760»-«- 
761<i. Petr. Alex. ap. Routh. iv. 27. 

— CK troi)] e^ov T). 

— Trapaxp'tf"! post >) crvKt} M. 

20. ri avKii MSS. / Syrr. Orig. iii. 758". 
760<:. I om. Vulg. b.c:e.ff'''g'-'-h.l. (hiat 
c). Horn, i) DK (tjTvx'i V)*.) 

21. ro r^/c] TOV Tr]Q G. 

— 7ro(?;«T£re] -tnjre H. 

— Kav Orig.\n.758^. | /cai D. (add. eav 
post rowr^j). 

— yivtiatrai] praem. (cat H. | add. vobis 
sic. Syr.Crt. 

22. tav CLA. 69. EFGKMSV. Clem.307. 
Orig. iii. 759K | fv <^. Bs. Is. 33s. 
HsV. Orig. iii. 757^ | om. D. 

— aiT7]a7]Te'\ -atjaOat L. 

23. t\9ovTo£ avTov BCDL. 1. 33. 69. 
OW(?. iii. 764''. 810''. | X eXOovri aury 
'^. E. rel. I Ej(T£\0oj'rt airy K. 

— TTpoaijXOov'] ~9av 33. 

— lidaiTKovri Vulg. /JP-g'. Orig. iii. 
764''. 810''. I om. (Latt.) Syr.Crt. 

— 01 2°] om. A. 


24. rat r<£ BDZ. rel. Onj. iii. 765». 710'=. 
JEus. in Ps. 45^ | j; rif C. ff'.g\ (vid. 
Luc. XX. 2.) 

— a7roKpi9eig ot BCD. rel. y'.</^(non c\ 
Syr.Hcl. | om. Se ZL. (Latt.) Jlemph. 
[SyiT.Crt.&Pst. Arm. .Eth.] 

— ipwrtjaiD BCZ. rel. Orig. iv. 130''. | 
tTrtpuirriaij) D. 

— Xoyov eva BZ. rel. | tva Xoyov CDF. 
Latt. Orig. iv. ISC'*, (vid. Mar. xi. 29. 
et Luc. XX. 2.) 

— ov OriV).iv.l30i>.lom. D*. {c.d.e.ffKh.) 
1 oL. 

— Kay to 2". Orig. iv. 130''. | Km tyio 33. 69. 

— v^iiv £(0w] epw I'/ui' 33. 

25. TO luiav. BCZ. 33. Orig. iv. 130''. | 
*om. TO S". D. rel. (vid. Luc.) {tov 
Iwni'. 1.) 

— ^itXoyt^oiTo] TrapiXoy. G. 

— (v BZL. 33. (M infra lin. litt. rub.) 
Latt. Syrr.Crt.&Pst. | % Trap' ^. CD. 
rel. Syr.Hcl. 

— iavToigl avToig L. (non Z ut vid.) 

. I'lfjLtV^ VfllV H. 

— ovv BsCZ. rel. \u\g.c.fff'g'-''h. Syrr. 
Crt.&Hcl. Memph. Aim. ^Eth. | om. 
DL. a.b.e._ff\ Sjr.Pst. Orig. iv. 130"=. 

— ovK STTtarevfrare'] ov TrKJTevere H. b.e. 

26. oj£ TTpo^ijTiji' exovtTiv roi' luiavvijv 
BCZL. 33. Syrr.Crt.&Pst. (^tb.) 1 
:}. ex- T. l(oav. wf TrpotpjjTtji' <^. D. rel. 
(Latt.) Syr.Hcl. (Memph.) Arm. |iif] 
om. 69. 6g K. || exovtriv^ eixov 1. 
Vulg.C/. a.c.f.(ff>-).g\h. SyTr.Crt.&Pst. 

Arm. cdd. | Contra, Am. b.e.ff'g'. Syr. 
Hcl. Slemph. Arm.Zoh. [jEth.] 

27. et7rov~\ mrav D. 

— avToe] Jesus a.c.e.ff'-'h. SyiT.Crt.& 
Pst. (Contra, Vulg. i./.^'-^- Syr.Hcl.) 

— X(y(t) vp.iv Vulg. g'-''- Syr.Hcl. | vfiiv 
Xtyw A. 69. M. b.c.e.(/).ff<-''>---h. Orig. 
iii. 764'!. 769»-''- 

28. ^a 0111.69. Luc. (ap. Mai 166). 
(Contra, Orig. iii. 790*.) 

— avQpuTTog'] add. rig CA. 1. 33. 69. 
EMU. Vulg.CT. (Latt.) S)Tr. Arm. 
Orig. iii. 786'=. Eus. in Luc. Hil. 716^ 
I Contr.a, BsDZL.rel. Am.g^JEih. Orig. 
iii. 770^(cit.)774<'. 

— rfKj/a iiuoCDZ.rel. OW5r.iii.770^774■'. 
786'=. Luc. | Svo rt/cya B. Latt. Hil. 

— Kai TrpoatXd. BCD. rel. (Latt.) Eu.i. 
in Luc. I om. Syr.Crt. | om. Kai ZL. e. 
Memph. Orig. iii. 770='. 

— fv Tifi afiTreXidvt Vulg. Jf^'^-g"^. j €iQ 
TOV apirtXiova D, a.h.c.e f.g^.h. {to 
D*.) lit add. nov ■^. BsC'Z. rel. Vulg. 
eg'-. Orig. iii. 770'=. (com.) Eus. in 
Luc. I om. C*DLA. 1. 33. KM. a.b.e.f. 
ff'-'-h. Syrr. Syr.Hier. Memph. Arm. 
jEth. Orig. iii. 770». (cit.) 

29. o 0£ atroKpiBitgl om. Syr.Crt. 

— 01' OaXoj' v(TT£pov ^e fiirafieXtiSais 
CDZ. rel. Latt. Syrr. Eus. in Luc. 
([6 Trpwrog] fiTTcr, oi' QkXio' dXX' vuTe- 
pov TTore Itti tjvvTiXfit} fi£ra^eXjj9eig 

24. dixit eis CI. 

XXL 31. 


Vulg. (i. b. c. 

Syrr. C.P. H, 


Arm. EXk. 

Xoyov eva, ov lav elirrjre /xoi, Kayw v/xii/ epca iv iro'ia 
i^ovaia ravra ttoico. to fiaTTTLajxa to" 'lcoai>pov 
TTodev r]v ; €^ ovpavov, ?; e'^ uvOpcoTTCop ; ol 8e SieXo- 
yi^ovTO ^ Iv eavTols Xeyovre^ , Eav e'lTrco/jiei', E^ ov- 
pavov, Ipel rjp.Li>, Aia tl ovv ovk eirLarevaaTe avTco ; 
eau 8e e'lircop-ev, 'E^ dvdpanrcov, (pofSovp-eda tov 
6)^Xov iravTes yap * &>? 7rpo(j)i]T-)]u e^ovaLV tov Imav- 
VYjv. Kal airoKpiOevTes too '\riaov ehrov, Ovk o'l- 
8ap.€v. E07; avTols Kal avTOf, OvSe iyco \eyco vplv 


Me m?) 

€V TTOia 

e^ovcria TavTa ttolS). ' 


L Oe Vp.LV OOK€i; 

avdpcoTTOs (t)(ev TiKva 8uo, kul TvpocreXOwv too TrpcoTU) 
eiirev, TeKvov, viraye ai]p.€pov epyd^ov iv tco dp.7re- 
XavL^ ~ 6 8e aTTOKpidels elTrev, Ov deXat' vaTepov 8e 
p.eTap.eXT]6eLS aTrrjXdev. '' ^irpoaeXdcov 8e" tw 8evTepa) 
elirev acravTco?. 6 8e d-jvoKpidels eiirev,^ 'Eyco, Kvpie- 
Kal OVK dTrrjXdev. tls e'/c tcov 8vo iiroi-qaev to deXrj/xa 
TOV iraTpos ; Xeyovaiv'', 6 ^ vaTepos. Xeyei avToli 6 

unum sennonem, queni si dix- 
eritis mihi, et ego vobis ilicam 
in qua potestate haee facio. 
^' Baptismiim lohaniiis, iinde 
crat? e caelo, .ancx lioiiiiiiibus? 
At illi cofritabant inter se tli- 
contes, '"' Si dixerimns, E caelo, 
tlicet nobis, Qiiare ergo iion 
creiliilistis illi? si autem dixeri- 
mns Ex honiinibus, timemus 
turbam: omnes enim habent 
loliannen sicut proplietam. 
" Et respondentcs lesu dixe- 
riint, Nescimus. Ait illis et 
ipse, Nee ego dico vobis in qua 
potestate haee faciam. ^ 
Quid autem vobis videtur ? 
Homo habcbat duos filios, et 
accedens ad primum dixit, Fill, 
vade hodie oper.are in vinea 
mca. ^ lUe autem respondens 
ait. Nolo; postca autem paeni- 
tentia motus, abiit. ^° Acce- 
dens autem ad alterum dixit 
similiter. At ille respondens 
ait, Eo, domine; et non ivit. 
^' Quis ex duolins fecit volun- 
tatem p.atris? Dicunt, Novissi- 
mus. Dicit illis lesus, Amea 

iTTt Tl^ Etp7]KSVaL Tqi TTaTpi, OV 9e\<o, 

f/XBiv etc TOV aiiTTiKuva Orig. iii. 770'^. 
in Comm. vid. et iv. S?!".) "Et duo- 
rum autem filiorum parabola eorum 
qui iu vineam mittuntur, quorum alter 
quidem contradixit patri, et postea 
poenitetur, quando nihil profuit ei 
poenitentia; alter autem pollicitus est 
abire, statira promittens patri non abiit 
autem." Iren. 280. " Filius senior, qui 
iturum se ad opus negaverit, et per 
paenitentiam emendatus, eo nirsum 
profectus sit." Hil. 716'. (5e] om. H. 
b.e.g'.h. I et postea a.ffK) \ eyio Kvpif Kai 
owK B. Memph. Syr.Hier. ^th. a.m. 
vtrayo) Kvpif kcu ovk 69. Tol** Arm. 

29. a7n)\div'\ add. uq tov a/nrtXaiva D. 
(Latt.) Syr.Crt. (\'id. Orig. supra) ] 
Contra, BCZ. rel. Yulg. f.g>. 

30. TrpoiTfXewv St BDZL. 1.33. 69. Vulg. 
(«.4 c.f)./(,/f '■«-)3'-2/. Syr.Hier.Memph. 
(Arm.) I Jkoi itpoatkdiov s. C. rel. h. 
Syrr.Pst.&Hel. {km tantum om. irpoa- 
iXBiov Syr.Crt. ^th.) 

— SevTtpii, BC'ZL. 1. 33. MSsV. Memph. 
(6 SivrepoQ uiri }ikv^ Orig. iii. 770"* in 
Comm. tlirtv 6 Sivripog vwg 786'^.) | 
iT(p<f, C*DXA 69. EFGHKU. Latt. 
Syrr. Arm. .(Eth. Eus. in Luc. {irpoa- 
likOtv b varfip ti} iTip<ii Orig. in. 7 7 C^.) 

— eyto Kvpif Km ovk C(D)L. rel. Latt. 
(eo, domine et non). Syrr. iEth.ed. 
Orig. iii. (770<i). (771"). 786=. Eus. in 
Luc. (,Orig. Iren. HU.) \ (add. vTrayoi 

post Kvpii D). 1 ov QtXo)' vtynpov fiera- 
iu\ri9ug B.Bthj. (69). Tol.** Syr.Hier. 
Memph. Arm. .^th. a.m. (^vartpov ce 
B.Bch. 69). 

— a7nj\9(v~\ add. eig tov afiTri\ti)va Syr. 

31. fno] (^yo) D*). add. ut vobis videtur 
Syr Crt. 

— f7rot;;(Tfi'] post TrarpoQ D. 

— XfyoiKTii'] fadd. ayry S'. C. rel. Vulg. 
CI. (Latt.) Syrr. Eus. in Luc. | om. 
B.Btly.Blc.Dl.. 33.69. ^m.(ap. Fleck et 
Tisch.) For. Fuld. Tol. g\ Memph. Arm . 

jEth. "Xeyouffiv 6 'Iz/ffoi'^ praeterit 

Or/jf. iii. 77lV' Lachmann, qui putat 
haee in codice quo usus est Origenes 

— ■ Tcarpoo] add. avTov V. 

— 6] om. A. 

— vuTipoQ B. Syr.Hier. Memph. Arm. 
J^th.a.m. " novissimus" Am. FuJd.For, 
a.b.e.ff''^''^g'.h.l. \ Eaxnrog D. 69. iv 
Ti^i evayytXtii} tov TroujtrdvTa to deXjjpa 
TOV TrarpoQ tlirtv, 6 taxaroQ Hipp.^ 
Frag. p. 30. ^avepbv on b eiTTiov, ov 
0E\<i>, Kai v(TTEpov fieTafiiXtjOeict Kai 
OTTtXGwi', Kal ipyauctfuvog elq tov afi- 
TreXwvaj iTroitjas rb QkXjjfia tov irarpoQ 
Tii> ipyip. Orig. iii. I'Qfi. "Delude 
ipsa Pharis.aeorura responsio quid mo- 
mcnti habeat quaerendum est, Dicunt 
voluntati juniorem obedisse. Hoc re- 
rum ratio non patitur, ut simulata pro- 
fessio meritum pcrfectao veritatis ob- 


tineat; ut plus sit fefellisse spondentem, 
quam perfecisse omnia non poUicen- 
tera." — " Denique non ait noUiisse sed 
non abisse. Res extra culpam infi- 
delitatis est, quia in facti erat diflScul- 
tate nc fieret. Non igitur ire statim ad 
opus quod praeceptum est noluit sed 
quia ire non poterat, non iit. In eo 
enim necessitatis mora sine crimine 
voluntatis ostenditur. Et in respon- 
sione quidem Pli.aris.aeorum quaedam 
est necessitas prophetiae. Nam inviti 
licet, confitentur quis obsecutus sit 
voluntati, junior scilicet filius, obediens 
professione, licet non efficiens in tem- 
pore; quia fides sola justificat." Hil. 
717-8 (vid. omnia quae de hoc loco 
disputat). " Et illi dicunt, Novissimus. 
Sciendum est in veris exemplaribus 
non haberi novissimum, sed primum, ut 
proprio judicio condemnentur. Si au- 
tem novissimum voluei'imus legere, 
m.anife'sta est interpretatio: ut dicamus 
intelligere quidem veritatem Judaeos, 
sed tergiversari, et nolle dieerc quod 
sentiunt." Hieron. in loc. (vii. 168, 169). 
Hieronymus ipse in vcrsione codices 
secutus est qui legunt vanpoQ, etsi hie 
ad alios quos vcros vocat confugit. | 
%Trpu>Toe T. CLX. rel. Vulg.C/. e./p^ 
Syrr. ^th.ed. Eus. in Luc. 

25. Baptiamus CI. | 26. h.abobant CI. | 27. facio 
CI. I 28. homo quidam CI. I filii Am. | 30. iLifc 
Am. 1 31. dicunt ei CI. | Primus CI. 



XXI. 32. 

BCDIZ]. »T -'A^\' < ^ » < ^- \. ' 

L X ^. lr](TOUf, Afii]v Aeyo) vfiiv otl oi reAcovai Kat ai iropvat 

vvri^^'^aTTrr Trpoayovaiv vp-as (.hrrjv jBacnXeiav rou decv. ""rjXOev 

EFGHKMSUV, ^ ^, , v,„„,,^„. / ^> 

yap '' iwavvrj^ irpos ev ooco OLKaLOcrvvrj?, Kai ovk 
(TnaTevaare avrw- ol Se reXcouai koI al iropvaL eV/- 
arevaav avTa>, vp.e'is Se ISovres * ovSe /xereixeXy^drjTe 
varepov rov TTLcrTevaai avrco. 
i||]\f.,r.,2;i-i2."/3 124'^'""AAA?77^ TrapafioXrji' (XKOva-are. avO pcairos ^ 
|Lii. 20:9-19. ^jy OLKo8€cr7roT7]9, 0(TTi9 ichyTevaeu dpTveXaiua, -'/cat 

i-s. 5:i,etC. ^ ,„ ' ^ ,1 ^ , ,-.-/ 

(ppay/jLov auTcp TrepiepyjKep, Kai wpv^ev €i> avrca A7]vov, 
Kcu coKoBofxrjaev irvpyov, Koi i^eSoro avrou yecopyoif, 
Kai d7re8i]iJ.-i]aei', '' ore 8e rjyyiaev 6 Kaipof rav Kap- 
Tratv, dwea-TeLXev tovs 8ovXov9 avTov irpos rovs yecap- 
yovs XajBelv tovs Kapirov? avrov- '^^ Kai Xa^ovre^ ol 
yecopyol Tovf SovXov^ avrov, ov fxev k8eipav, ov 8e 
ciTreKTeLvav, ov 8e iXiOojSoXrjaav. "''^ TraXiv avreoTetAei' 
aAAow SovXov^ TrXeiova^ toiv irpcoTcav, Kai iiroirjaav 
§ z avroLs aaavrco^. ' ^ varepov 8e direcrreiXev Trpos av- 

Tovs Tov v'lov avrov Xeycov, ' EvrpaTnjo-ovrat rov vlov 
fxov. "^ ol 8e yecopyol I86vres rov vlov elwov iv eav- 
Tols, Ovros eariv 6 KXrjpovop.09- 8evre, aTroKreivco/jiev 
avrov, Kai ' axmixev rrjv KXrjpovofxiav avrov. Kai 
Xa^ovre? avrov i^e/SaXov e^ca rod dpireXcovof Kai 
dweKreivav. '^'^orav ovv eXdy 6 Kvpcos rov dfXTreXaivo^, 
ri Troirjcrei rois yecopyol^ eKeivois ; Xeyovaiv avrw, 
Ka/cony KaKaf aTroXecrec avrovf, Kai rov a/XTreXcova 

dico Tobis quia publicani et 
meretrices praecetlcnt vos in 
regno dei. ^' Vcnit enim ad 
vos lohannes in via iustitiae, 
et non credidistis ei: publicani 
auteni ct meretrices credide- 
runt ci, vos autem videntes nee 
pacnitentiani habuistis postea 
ut crederetis ei. 

33 (219,5.) Aliam parabolara au- 
dite. Homo erat pater fami- 
lias qui plantavit vineam, et 
saepe circumdedit ei, et fodit in 
ea torcular, et acdificavit tur- 
rcra, et locavit earn agricolis, 
et percgre profectus est. ^'Cum 
autem tempus fructuum appro- 
pinquasset, misit servos suo3 
ad agricolas ut acciperent fruc- 
tus eius. ^^Et agricolae ad- 
prehensis servis eius alium cae- 
ciderimt, alium occidcrunt, 
alium vero lapidaverunt. ^^Ite- 
rura misit alios servos plures 
prioribus, et fecerunt illis simi- 
liter. "Novissime autem misit 
ad eos filium suum dicens, Ve- 
rebuntur filium nieum. ^'Agri- 
colae autem videntes filium dix- 
erunt intra se, Hie est heres: 
venite, occidamus eum, et ha- 
bcbimushereditatem eius. ^'Et 
apprehensum eum eieeerunt 
extra vineam, et occidcrunt. 
*"Cum ergo venerit dominus 
viiicae, quid faciet agricolis illis? 
■" Aiunt illi, Malos male perdet, 
et vineam locabit aliis agricolis, 

31. IijffOi/e] KvpsoQ E*. nt vid. 

.32. Iwavi'ns ■^fioQ vfiag B.B%.CL. 33. c. 

JFA\\. Orig.\u.Tl\^.\ 1;.Trp. vjj. luiavv. 

T. DX. rel. (Latt.) Syrr. Jlenqih. ] 

cm. TTpot* i'fiag Arm.Zoh. 

— oi Se Tt\. K. ai Trap. tirtoT. ai/ry] om. 
G. II 5c] om. F. II Kaia'i TropvaC] om. X. 

— i'liiiQ Sf id rou Trior, aur.] om. A. 

— ovSt B. 1. 33. 69. (Latt.) Syrr. Menipli. 
iEth. //"t7.718i'.|tou '^. CL. rel. Orig. 
iii.770''. 771'=. | om. D. e. (haec). 

— avTip ult.] praem. ev 33. Orig. iii. 
770''. 771"=. 

33. oi'SpMTTof] f add. Tig <r. C^X. rel. e.f. 
h.m. Syrr.Crt.&Pst. Arm. (/>-en. 277). 
Eui. Tlieoph. (ap. Mai 122). j om. B. 
Bth.Blc.C*DLA. 1. 33. KSV. (Latt. 
biat «). Syr.Hcl. Memph. TEth. Orig. 
iii. 772». 786'=. Hil.7l&''. Lrf.lid. 

— 7ripitOi)Kiv~\ -Kcw K(non X). 

— iv avTtp~\ om. Ev 69. V. 

— tKtcoTo BiC**DM.rel. Orig. iii. 774'. 
786». Thcoph. | -cero C*L. 


34. avTov ult.] vineae ejus ff^. Syr.Pst. 
(om. Syr.Crt.) 

35. Kai Xa/3. oi yeiop. r, SnvX. civt.] om. 
69. (om. oi yciapy. semel Syr.Hier.) 

— ov Sc 1°] 6 li D*. 

— airtKTUi'av t\i9o^o\r}<Tav Vulg. 

f.ff'.g'-'''m. Syr.Hcl. Mempb. Arm. Orig. 
iii. 776°. (78 iJ.) Eus. Tbeoph.|fXi9.... 
aTTfKT. a.b.c.eff'.h. Syrr.Crt.&Pst. iEth. 
Iren. 277. Lcf. 146. 

36. tthXu'] add. ovv D. | Contra, Eus. 

— Tiov TTpiorwr] om. ct.e. -Lcf. 146. 

— aurotg'] om. 69. 

37. irpof avTovt: BCZ. rel. Vulg. /.(s'-'- 
ap. Sabat. i. q. Vulg.) Eus. Tbeopb. | 
avTots T>. a.b.c.ff'.h. Iren. 277. Lcf. 
146. I om. e.J}''(g' '• ap. Griesb.) 

— v'tov avrov'} add. unicum a.b.c.e.Jf'*-^- 
h.m. Iren. Lcf. (unigenitum /l) 

— Xiyiov] add lawgb.c.e.ff'.h. Syrr.Crt.& 
Syr.Hcl. Memph. iEtli. Eus. Theoph. 

33. tv iavroiq] om. V. | tv avroiq L. 

— (Tj;(j/i£i' BDZL. 1. 33. Arm. Orig. iii. 
776*=. 1 J Krtracrxw/iev ^. C. rel. Eus. 

— avTov'\ ante ti}V KXtjpnvofiiav 1. 

39. i^ejiaXov e^cu rov aji-rr. Kai aniKruvav 
BC(Z). Vulg../^'.;/'-'-'«- Syrr. Memph. 
Arm. iEth. Iren. 277. Orig. iii. {770'^). 
784". £ms. Theoph. (eSt/SaWor Z [Con- 
tra, Orig."] om. 69.) | avtKTUvav Kai 
I'^ij^aXav e^oj rov afnr. D. a.h,c.e.ff~.h. 
Lcf. 146. (vid. Mar. etLuc.) 

41. Xiyovtyiv avrtp Orig. iii. 784*=. Eus. 
Theoph. I om. 69. 

— avroXtiTsi Orig. | avaXu}aei L. 

— - avrovgl om. Latt. (cxc. Jf *.) Ire7t. 
277. I Contra, Orig. Lcf. 

— tKSuiiyiTai DLXd. 1. 33. EGHKMU. 
Orij^.iii.777i'.784'=. £««. Theoph. 1 JjK^o- 
o-trai s". BsCO 69. FsSsVs. |£Kt^w(7£i C. 
(f atrai Z.) 

31. in re^pium CI. | 33. sepcm Ct, \ turreu. 
Ci. I 35. caedoruut Jm.»* 

XXII. 4. 


™r°"c.'p.'H. ^ iKSaa-erat" ccAAoty yeapyols, o'lrive? a7ro8a>aovaiu 
Memph. avTco Tovf Kapwovs eV Tcits Kmpoif avTcov. Aeyei 

avTols o 'hjaouf, Ovdewore aveyvcore Iv ralf ypa(j)aLf, 
Ts. ii8(ii7);22, kyY/^oy ov dTsSoy.ioiyrxTixv 01 olxoSof^ovvTsg, OVTOg 
iysvyj^Tj slg xsi^tajjrjv lycoviag. ivapa, y.vplov iys- 
vsTO a,VT7j, xai sttiv ()a,'j[jt.a.TTrj iv 64>0aJ\.f^oig Tjfi.c'dv; 
'^ 8ia TovTO Xeyco vjxiv on apO-qaeraL a(j) v/xcoi' ?} 
l3aa-tXela rov 6eov, koI Sodijcrerai eOvei ttolovvtl 

«i ..„v A ^,^;..,. ;^^. .X.. xie. 

Kai o Tcearcou eTvi rov 


44. L».-ai o ■Kta.... ^ ^ • > > ,\ ^< >s / 

XtKfi. airov.] TOVTOv (Tvi'dXaaOvaeTar ^ ed) bu o av Trecrrj, XiK 

"■Dan. 2:34. , , , ' ^ 

jxiicrei avTov. 

iS.aKova.ii uk 19.'^'*^K/^> Au-ni'trrntiTC^ n'l nr,\/icnf7c^ urn ot $«■ 



125 ^^Kat aKOvaavres ol ap^Lepeis " Kat oi 
piaaioL TOii irapa^oXas avrov kyvwaav otl irepi 
avTcov Xeyer kul (^i]TOvvTes avrou KpaTTjcrai, e(po- 
^i]67]aav TOVS 6)(Xov9, * eVet " * ety' Trpocpr/rrju avrou 

qui reddant ei fructum tempo- 
rilms suis. « Dicit illis Icsiis, 
Nuiuquam legistis in scripturis, 
Lapidem qucm reprobaverunt 
acditicantcs, liic factus est in 
caput anguli ; a domino factum 
est istud, Gt est mirabile in ocu- 
lis nostris? "Ideo dico vobis 
quia aufei'etur a vobis regnura 
dei et dabitur genti facienti 
fructus eius. " Et qui cecidc- 
rit super lapidem istuni cou- 
fringetur: super quern vcro cc- 
cidcrit, conteret cum. 

45(220,1.5 Et cum audissent 
priuei]50s sacerdotum et Pha- 
risaei parabolas eius, cognuve- 
ruut quod de ipsis diceret : ^^ et 
quaerentes eum tenere tiniu- 
erunt turbas, quoniani sicut 
prophetam eum habebaut. 

XXII. ^^' "f 

"Lu. 14:16—24. 

° Kat a7roKpt6ei9 6 h](rovs "rrdXiv eiirev * iv irapa- 
^oXoLS avTols Xeycou, " "Q,p.oiU)dr] rj (SaaiXela roov ov- 
pavav audpunrcp ^acnXei, octtls iiroLrjaev yapovs tm 
vim avTov- "^ kol aTreareLXeu tovs SovXovs avrov 
KaXeaai rov? KeKXrip.evovs eJf rovs yapov9, Kai ovk 
ijdeXov iXdelu. ^ yrdXiu dwecrreLXev aXXovs SovXovy 
Xeycov, E'lTrare roi? KeKXr]pevoL9, \8ov ro apicrrov p.ov 
* T^roip.aKa," ol ravpol /xov Kai ra cririara redvp-eua, 

I (22i,5.)-j5( respondens lesus 
dixit iterum in parabolis eis 
dicens, ^ Simile factum est reg- 
num caelorum homini regi qui 
fecit nuptias filio sue. ^ Et mi- 
sit servos suos vocare invitatoa 
ad nuptias, et nolebant venire. 
'Iterum misit alios servos di- 
cens, Dicite invitatis, Ecce 
praudium meum paravi, tauri 
mei et altilia occisa et omnia 

42. £V rais ypa^atg Orig. iii. 784«. Eus. 

Theoph. I iv TaiQ iq 'il ayiaiQ ?Taig 

bis scr.] ypaipaiQ Z. 

— OK Orijr. iii. 784°. £«s. Theoph. I om.L. 

— 71I1IUV BCD'Z. rel. Orig. iii. 784«. Eus. 
Theoph. I itfiuv D*. 1. 69. d. 

4.3. tOvii Orig. saepe. Eus.\ om.Syr.Hier. 

— av-iiQ Orig. saepe. [ om. Syrr.Crt.& 
Pst. ff'. 

44. ver.] om. D. 33. a(ut vid. e spat.).6. 
e.Jf''^- (In comm. ad loc. hunc versicu- 
limi non attingit Orig.: bis habet irae 6 
■!r((Tu)v kt\. iv. 25''. 343''. qu: e Luc. 
XX. 15.) I Contra, BCZ. rel. Vulg. c.f- 
g'-^h. vv. (quisquis enim Syr.Crt.) 

— S' ar] ^£ av A. 

TECTj;] TTEO-fl X. 

45. Kai oKoutrai'-ffBCD.rel. Latt. (hiata). 
SyiT rst.&IIcl iEth. Orig. iii. 786''. | 
aKovaavTtQ Be ZL. 33. Syr.Crt. Memph. 

— rae TrapapoXag O/iVy. |r>)i' trapafioKijv 

46. t^ojiriBi]aav Orig. \ f0o/3j)9jj A. 

— TovQ o-xXovQ BD. rel. Orig. iii. 786''. 
788''('^>- I Tov ox^ov C. b. SyiT.Crt.& 

— £7ra B.B/e.D (£m)L. 1.33. Ong. iii. 
786''. 788''. 789». | |f!r£iJ)j. S". C. rel. 

— eig BL. 1. Oriff.iii. 78G^ 788^ 789^1 
+ wg S-. CD. rel. Latt. Syrr. Memph. 
Arm. [jEth.] 

1. TraXij' post I)]rTovg /. Syr.Hcl. | post 
eiTrev 33. "Vulg. g''. Orig. iii. 791':. | 
post inrtv avToig o.b.c.c.ffKg^.h. | ante 
aTToap. Arm. 1 ante Ijjffotic _^^ Syr.Fst. 
1 om. F. ] Iterum respondit Jesus et dixit 
illis. Syr.Crt. et respondit illis rursus 
Jesus. Memph. Iterum dominus Jesus 
respondit et locutus est. JElh. 

— EiTTtv avTotg'] om. E. 

— £u napafioXaig avToig B.2?c/^DL. 1. 
33. C9. Vulg. Orig. iii. 791'=. | tavrotg 
iv TrapafioXaig <^. CX. rel. Syn-.Crt. 
&Hcl. Arm. (om. avroig SjT.Pst. iEth. 
om. tr Trapaji. I.) 

1. Xeyiov (Latt.) Syr.Hcl. JEth. | om.^. 
III. Syrr.Crt.(&Pst.) Arm. (in parabo- 
lis et dixit Syr.Crt.) 

2. w;ioiw6/;] npouo9)j 1, 69. F. 

— iTToiijatv Eus. in Ps. 436''. | ttouov (om. 
mox Koi) l.(vid. Orig.iil 791'=. & 824".) 

3. roue SovXovg^ ser^-um, cod. ap. Hieron. 
inloc. (vii. 172.) 

— tic rovg yapovg Ori^. iii. 799''.lora.33. 

— Kai ouK ijdtXov eXdeiv] om. C ut vi- 
detur : (sed qu.) 

4. a7re(TT£tXiv~\ airoureXXH L. 

— rtpiiTT-oj' /(Oil] om. fiou 1. Ori'3.iii.800''. 

— )jro(/iaKa BC*DL. 1.33. \ ^ijToipaira 
S. ex. rel. Orig. 

— ravpoi pov Orig. iii. 800'^'''* [ om. pov 
A b.e.ff\ (om. Kat seq. Syr. Crt.) 

— aiTtura | ainvra G. Orig. iii. 792".) 
1 ii<ld.povX.ff'.g'.h. Syrr. jEth. (Con- 
tra, Jreti. 279. Orig. iii. 800':-''-) 

41. vineam suam CI. 
4. occisa sunt CL 



^T ?l??^' KOL irdvTa eTOLua- Sevre elf row ydaovs. ol 8e d/j,€- 
1. 33. 69. Xriaaures a-rrnXdov, * os aeu eis tov iotou aypou, os 

§ j^g^ Oe ' €7rt Ti]u efiTTopiap avrov ^ ol oe aolttol Kparrj- 

aavres tovs SouXovs avrov vfiptaav kou direKTeLvav. 

T . TO arpdnvna ^ * 6 5e (BacnXevs" atpyicrOri kou Trep-yj/as; rd arpaTiv- 
p.aTa avTov diroiXeaev rovf ^oveis eKeiuovf, koI rrjv 
ttoXlv avTU)v IveTrprjcrev. ^ Tore Xeyei toIs SovXols 
avTOV, 'O p.ev ydp.os €TOLp.os iariv, ol Se KeKXrjpevoi 
ovK rjo-av d^ioi. ^ TTopevecrOe ovv iirl rds Sie^oSovs 
Twv bhwv, KOU oaovs * idv' evpr/re, KaXeaare els tovs 
ydp.ov9. ^°/cai e^eXOovres ol dovXoL eKelvoi els ras 
oSovs avurjyayou iravras oaovs evpov, Trovqpovs 

io.bviin<pCov&vttK. re Koi dyadovs- koL eirXrjadrj 6 ydp.os dvaKeipevav . 

""i^ ^^ elcreXdcou 8e 6 jSao-LXevs Oedcraa-Oai rovs dvaKeip.e- 

vovs el8ev eKel dvdpayKov ovk evSeSv/Jieuou eu8vp.a 

ydp,ov ^' Koi Xeyei avrai, 'Eraipe, ttcos el(rrjXdes coSe 

fiTj eywv ev8vp,a ydpov ; 6 8e e(pip.U)dr]. rore 6 

13. iiwiv 6 jSaiT. ^aaiXevs elirev " roh StaKOUois, Arjaaures avrov 
TToSas /cat x^^P^^^ eK^dXere avrov els ro aKoros ro 
e^corepov eKel earai 6 KXavd/xos Kal 6 ^pvypos rmv 

» c. 2o:i6. oSoi'rcoi'.'' ^* TToXXol ydp elcTLV kXtjtol, oXiyoi 8e e/cAe/c- 


XXII. 5. 

parata: venite ad nuptias. 'lUi 
iiutem neglexerutit, et abierunt 
alius in villain suani, alius vero 
ad negotiationem suam. ' Reli- 
qui vero tenuerunt servos eius et 
contumelia adfectos occiderunt, 
' Rex autem cum audisset iratus 
est, et missis exercitibus suis 
perdidit homicidas illos, et 
civitatem illorum succendit. 
'Tunc ait scrvis suis, Nuptiae 
quidem paratae sunt, sed qui 
invitati erant non t'uerunt digni. 
' Ite ergo ad exitus viarum, et 
quoscumque inveneritis vocate 
ad nuptias. '" Kt egressi servi 
eius in vias congregaverunt 
omnes quos invenerunt, males 
et bonos, et impletae sunt nup- 
tiae discumbentium. " '■^-^' '"•' 
Intravit autem rex ut videret 
discumbentes, et vidit ibi ho- 
minem non vestitum veste nup- 
tial!, '^ et ait illi. Amice, quo- 
modo hue intrasti non liabens 
vestem nuptialem? At ille ob- 
mutuit. " Tunc dixit rex mi- 
nistris, Ligatis pedibus eius et 
manibus mittite eum in tene- 
bras exteriores : ibi erit fletus 
et stridor dentium. " Multi 
autem sunt vocati, pauci vero 

5. oc n^v B.BckL. 1. 69. Orig. iii. 792^. 
794'^. (33 hiat.) | ^o /icv '^. CXU. rel. 
unusquisque e. ol iiivV). b.c.Jf^.li. (liiat 
a) Jren. 279. Lcf. 147. [ Contra, Vulg. 

— oe h B.Bch-C*L. 1. 33. 69. Orig. iii. 
792". 794^ I to 5£ S. C**XU. rel. | 
oi Be D. b.c.e.ff'.h. (hiat a). Iren. 279. 
Lcf. I Contra, Vnlg.f.ffKg'-^- 

— tm BCD. 33. 69. Latt. Orig. bis. Lcf. 
I J (IS T. L. rel. 

— avTov~\ avTiov D. 

6. avTov CD. rel. vv. (Orig. iii. 774".) ] 
om.B(Xn.)L. OnV/.iii. 794'!. Eus. inPs. 
436''. (ante r. lovX. Orig. iii. 792''.) 

7. o fi jiauiXtvQ BL. 1. I. (Syr.Crt.) 
Memph.MS. Tlicb. ^th. (et iratus est 
rex Syr.Crt. Mih.) \ id. add. aKovaag 
69. Vulg._^'.j'-'-A. MemjA. impr. Arm. 
Iren. 219. Etis.'mVs. 436''. | Kai ukov- 
aae 6 fSaaiXivc ikhvos CXAEFGHK 
MSUV. f.\%aK0ii(Tae Bt 6 fiaaiXtvi; '^. 

(33. aK vs) Syrr.Pst.&Hcl. ] add. 

(KtLvoe 33. Syr.Hcl. (add. id. post 
rex. Syr.Crt.) ] tKeivog o jSarr. aKovffag 
D. (a).6.(c).(<.)(#'). W- '■»7- (ille 
autem a.ce.ff^.) \ non Iialiunt tKuvoc 


S-. BL. 1. 69. Vulg. ff'.g'yU. Syr. 
Pst. Memph. Theb. Arm. iEtli. Iren. 

7. Ta dTpaTtv^iara BiC. rel. S}Tr.Pst.& 
Hcl. Theb. Arm. iEth. /)-cn. 279. -Ems. 
inPs.436''. (Or/p. iii. 803^) (i/iV. 720''.) 
1 TO CTpaTEVfia D. 1. Latt. (e.xc. Vulg. 

jr'-'-) Syr.Crt. Memph. OriV/. iii. 792°. 
(774^ 794''. 801'=.) {Eus. in Ps. 189'=. 
in Luc. ap. Mai. 186.) Lcf. 147. 

— airuXtatv Eus. in Ps. | aveiXev 1. 
Or/f/.iii. 792'=. (hiat 33). 

8. toTtf] om. A. Orig. iii. 792"=. 

9. eav B.Bch.CXA. 1. 33. 69. EFHMUV. 
On'sr. iii. 802". \ tav '^. DL. rel. Orig. 
iii. 792''. 

10. iKeivoi] avTov D. (Latt. exc.yi) Iren. 
279. I om. Ai-m. Lcf. 147. 

— o(7ovg (Latt.) | ol/g D. Vulg. f.g'. 
{Orig. 111792''.) 

— tvpov'\ fi'pav D. 

— o yafiog B\in mg.)i?c/i.(C)D. rel. Orig. 
iii. 794''. 802'=. (793'''.) 1 6 vvp.ipu>v B txt.* 
Bch.\j. (o ayayiog C). 

— avaKtiptvuvBC'Tu. rel. Or»;. iii. 794''. 
802'=. (793".) I pracm. twv 1). 69. | ava- 
Kiipti'ov sic K. {ayaKtii'oji' C*). 

li.ovK B«C*. rel. ( Orig. iii. 802'=.) | firi CD. 
(vid. Or^j. iv. 379".) 

12. ti(Ti]\ete Vulg. fh. Syrr.Pst.&Hcl. 
Orig. iii. 79.3=. Orig. Int. i. 87''. ii. 17 1'. 
iii. 368«. I TjXees D. (Latt. hiat a). Syr. 
Crt. Iren. 279. {Lcf. 147 habet utr.q.) 

— o Is BCL. rel. Orig. iii.793'=.|6e Se D. 

13. 6 paaiXevs enrcv BL. 33. 69. | {fiTr. 

/3a(r. '^. CD. rel. vv. Iren. Lcf. 

— BijtravTeg avrov noSag Kat ^^ctjoaej 
fadd. apart avrov icai S'. CX. rel. 

/•(#'•) Syr.Hcl. | om.B.BcA.L. 1. 69. 
Am. Fuld. g'--- Syr.Pst. Memph. Theb. 
Arm.iEth. On■i^.iv.379''.iii.774'=.794i'•'l■ 
793''. Orig. Int. i. 87''. {avr. x^ip-Kai ttoS. 
M. Vulg.C/. c.ff-'.l. Syrr. Memjih. Theb. 
JEth. Orig. Int.) \ apart avrov ttoBwv 
Kat xtipwy cat D. a.b.{c).e.ff'^.h. Syr. 
Crt. /ren.279. Hil.72\\ Lif. U7. 

— iKlSaXere B.Bc/i. Orig. iv. 379". Eus. 
in Ps. 260^ I iKliaXXtrt XF{B.Btli/. 
? sphalma) 1 eKJ^aXaTt A. jiaXirai D. 

1 /3a\£T£ H. 69. Latt. 

— avrov (ante it£ to) BDL. 1. (Latt.) 

6. contumeliis affectos CI. | 13. manibus et 
pedibus ujus (7. 1 U. multi enim C{. 

XXII. 25. 

Vvig.a.b.c. NB' 
Memph.[Theb.] // 

Arm. £th. 
P||Mar. 12:13— 17. 
II Lu. 20:20 — 26. 

16. Xiyol'TiQ 


17. ilTTOV 


1 ||Mnr. 12:18 — 27. 
IjLn. 20:27—39. 

'Deu. 25:5. 


126 ^^PToreTTopey^eVrff o\ ^apiaaioi crvfil3ov\iou 
i'Xa^oi' OTTO)? avTou TrayiSeuacoa-iu ev Aoyw. /cat 
airoareXXovaLV avrw tovs fxadrjTa^ avTcou /xera twv 
'HpcoSiaucov^XeYOfTa?^' AiddaKaXe, otSa/xei^ oTL^aXr]- 
Orjy el Koi Ti]v odou rov 6eov ev dXydeia SiSaarKeis, 
/cat 01) /xeXet ctol irepl ovSevo?, ov yap /SAeTrety ely 
-irpocrcoTrov dudpcoircou. ^' elire ovv rjplu, tl aoL SoKel; 
e^eaTLv oovvai. Krji/crou Kaicrapi, 77 ov ; yvovs oe o 
^Yrjcrovs Trjv Troprjptav avTcov etVev, T/ p,e ireipaQre, 
vTTOKpLral; ^^ iTTLSei^are (jlol to vop-iafia rod Krjvaov. 
01 8e 7rpo(n']veyKav avrco Sr/vapLOV. ~ /cat Xeyei av- 
roty, TtVoy ^ eiKCOu avrrj /cat rj eTTLypacprj ;^ ~ Xeyov- 
ULV avTO), Kaiaapos. Tore XeyeL avrolf, AttoSotc 
ovv TO. Kaiaapos' Kalaapi, /cat ra tov 6eov tco 6ew. 
^^ Koi d-Kovaavres (.davpaaav, kcu dipevres avTOU 
^ diniXOav. ' 

127 23 q 'gj^ iKeivrj rrj r]p,ipa TrpoariXOov avrm '2a8- 
BovKOLOL^ Xeyovres prj eivac dvaaraaiv^ /cat eTrrjpcorrj- 
aav avTov '^ Xeyovres, AiSdaKaXe, * M&JucrJyy e'lTreu, 
'■'Eav rig d^iroBdyr] [^7j s%cov rixva, iTCiyaf^/Spsvosi 
6 d,?ja'K^og a,vrov rrjV fyvvaJiyia avrov, y.ou avaTTrjTSi 
(T'Kepiho, TCO a,QsA(pio avrov. -qaav oe Trap rjpLv eirra 

i5(5a,5.) Tune abenntes Pha- 
ris.iei consilium inieiuiu ut ca- 
pcrent eum in scrmoiie. '^ Et 
mittunt ei discipulos sues cum 
Herodianis dicentes, Magister, 
scimus quia verax cs et viam 
dei in veritate doces, et non est 
tibi cura de aliquo : non enim 
respicis personam horainum : 
" die ergo nobis quid tibi vi- 
deatur, licet censum dari Cae- 
sari an non ? " Cognita au- 
tem lesus nequitia eorum ait, 
Quid me temtatis, hjpocritae ? 
" Osteudite mihi nomisma cen- 
sus. At illi optulerunt ei de- 
narinm. ^"Et ait illis lesus, 
Cuius est imago haec ct supra- 
scriptio? ^' Dicunt ei, Caesaris. 
Tunc ait illis, Reddite ergo 
quae sunt Caesaris Caesari, et 
quae sunt dei deo. "Et au- 
dientes mirati sunt, et relicto eo 

^ In illo die accesserunt ad 
eum Sadducaei, qui dicunt non 
esse resurrectionem, et inteiTO- 
gaverunt eum ^'dicentes, Ma- 
gister, Moses dixit, Si <iuis mor- 
tuus fuerit non habens filium, 
ut ducat frater eius uxorem 
illius et suscitet semen fratri 
suo. '^ Eraut autem apud nos 

Syrr. Memph. Tlieb. Arm. Mth. Iren. 
279. Orijr. iv. 3r9^ iii.774'. -Eus.iuPs. 
260''. Lcf. 147. I *om. s". CX. rel. b.f. 
14. ver.] om. 33. 

— yap'] enim Vulg. CI. e.f.ff'-^- Syrr. rel. 
Ireji. 279. Orig. iii. 791=. 803'^-''- Hil. 
164<:.| autem Am. For. Fuld. a.b.c.g'-''-h. 

— kXjjt-oi] praem. ot L. 1. OWj. iii. 803"=. 
IContra, B. rel. Orig. 791'=. BOS'!. 

— iKXtKToi] praem. ot L. 1. 

1."). (Xal3ov~\ add. kut' avrov Cmg. A. 1. 
33. Memph. (Arm.) Orii/.iii.804'.(cit.) 
810» I add. Kara rov lijirov CM. 

— uTTiDg Ori'j. iii. 804". 8 lO". Uil. 72l\ \ 
iruig D. f. Syrr. 

16. avTifi \ u]g. Jf.g^-'-h. \ rrpog avrov D. 
a.c.f. (om. b.e.ff'.) 

— Xiyoi'rag B.Blli/.l,. (Syrr.Crt.&Pst. 
ut vid. jEth.) I iXeyovreg f^. CD. rel. 
(vv. non liquent). 

— IV aXijQiKf BCZ. rel. Orig. iii. 806''. 
Bus. in Ps. 238''. | ett' a\t]9sia D*. 
(-eetacD=). £«s. in Ps. 141=. 

— fitWu 1. EFGHMU. 

— ai'9pu7riu)'] av9pwirov l.G. For. Syrr. 
Crt.&Pst. Arm.impr. A'Ah.'. 
Eus.iu Ps. 238". (om. Eus. in Ps. UK). 

17. eiTT. ovv -iipiv Vulg. c./.g^-'-^'-h. Eus. 
in Ps. 141=. I om. D. a.b.e.Jf'K 

— tiTTt BCD. rel. Eus. (om. ovv Syr. 
Crt.) I enrov ZL. 33. 

— Vfiiv] vp.iv 69. 

— e^eariv~\ add. riiiiv 1. 

— Kj/rffoi'] om. A*, (add. ' ante Sovvai). 

18. EtTTfi'] add. avroig 33. e. Syr.Cit. 
Theb. iEth. 

20. Kai Xtyfi BZL. rel. Vulg. a.c.f. 
Memph. rel. | 6 Se Xeya C. | Xcya D. 

— avroigl add. 6 lijaovg DZL. 33. 69. 
(Latt.) Syrr.Crt.&Pot. Memph. Arm. 
MSS. JEth. I om. BCX. 1. rel. /. Syr. 
Hcl. Theb. Arm.impr. 

— avT7j~\ post ETTtypa^;/ ZL. | Contra, BC 
D. rel. {eiKuiva L.) 

21. aur((j CDZ. rel.l om. B. Syr.Pst. Arm. 

— avT-oic] add. Jesus a.b.c/.ff' .g^.h. \ 
Contra, Vulg. e.ff^.g'. 

— ovv BCZ. rel. Vulg. f.,tP.g'. Syrr.Pst. 
&Hcl. Theb. jom.D. a.b.c.e.ff\ Syr.Crt. 
Memph. Arm.Mth.Tert. de Cor. Mil. 12. 

— Kaitrapi] praem. ry DAK. Just. Ap. 
i. 17. iClern. 172). Orig. iii. (807=.) 
808''-=-810».lContra,BCZ. rel. C/m.306. 

22. a-Kr)\eav BD. | XannXQov S- Z. rel 
Orig. iii. 804'. 809=. 

23. 2a^&] praem. ol 69. Arm. 

— Xtyovrto] t praem. ol <^. L. rel. Syr. 
Hcl. Memph. Theb. Arm. (vid. Luc. 
XX. 27). qui dicunt (Latt.) Hil. 722». 
(negantes^''.) | om. BDZA. 1.33. MS. 
(et dicentes ei. Syrr.Crt.&Pst.) ^th. 
On'j. iii. 809''. 811^ (Xiy. /iri itvai.... 
tirqp. avrov. om. A), oirivig iXiyov 
Orig. iii. 812''. (in comm.). 

— iiTr]pii)ri)rjav~\ i]pujri}aav U. 

24. Mwuo-;jf BUZL. 33. 69. KM.| + Mw- 
(Tijc S"- 1- E. rel. Orij. iii. 812=. 821<:. 

— iiTTiv'] add. ifpiv Syr.Crt. Memph. 

— TtKva] add. iva DZ (ut vid.) Latt. 
(hiat a). Mcmjih. | Contra, BL. 1. 33. 
rel. Syrr. Theb. Arm. ^th. Orig.'m. 
812=. I TtKva Kai 69. (tiliiim Vulg.'-'-) 

— rijv yvvaiKa avrov] om. D. (non 33. 
Orig.) (sit uxor ejus fratri ejus Syr. 

— aj'a(rrj;ff£t] £^ai'ao'7i)(7f(FHM.(nonG). 

25. h BZ. rel. Or;9.iii.821=. j om. D. 

I", videtur CI. \ dari CI. j 20. Buperscriptio CI. 


B D (Z). 


1. 33. 69. 





a5eX0o/- ^ Koi 6 Trpcorof^ * yw°^^" ereXevrrjcrev, Kol 
/XT) e)((av cnvepfjLa a(^rjKev tj-jv yvuaiKa avTov Tw dSeX- 
(pu> avTov. "■'" ofjLOLCos KOL 6 SevTepo? Kol 6 Tp'iTos, ewy 
Twv eTTTcc. "^^ vfTTepov 8e iravrcav aiveOavev [/cat J 77 
yvv-q. "^ iv rrj ' duaarao'ei ovv tlvos rSiv iirra kcTTai 
yvvrj; TravTe^ yap ecrxov avTi-jV. ~' diroKpLOels 8e 6 
'It^o-ow etTref avrois, YlXavdaOe p.r] etSore? ra? ypa- 
(j)a9 firjSe ri-jv 8vvapLv rod deov. "^ eV yap rfj dva- 
(TToiaei ovre ya/xovcriv ovre * ya/xl^ouTai^ aAA coy 
ayyeXot ^ iu * tw" ovpavca elaiv. '^ irepl Se rrji dva- 
(TTaaecos tcov v€Kpu>v ovk ai^eyvcare to prjoev vp.LV vtto 

■Ex. 3:6. Tov Oeov XeyovTos, ^^^'Eyw el[/.i 6 $sog 'A/ xai 
6 Ssog 'IfTaccx xoA hshg 'Iaxro/3; ovk taTiv 6 deos^ 
veKpu)v, dXXd ^(ovtwv. "" /cat dKOvaavTes ol o^Xoi 
i^eirXriaa-ovTO liri tyj SLda^rj avTov. 

MIMar.iaTat'-ai!^^ 128^*'Ot 8e ^apiaaloL aKOvaavTts otl ((plficoaev 

Lu. io;25-27. .;-oyy '2a88ovKaiov9, avvq^Orjcrav eirl to avTO, ^ kolI 

iTTTjpMTrjaeu ely e'^ avTav vofXLKOs Treipa^cov avTov^ 

^'' AL8daKaXe, wola eVroA?) peydXr] eV tw ; "^ 6 8e^ 

XXII. 26. 

septem fratres: et primus uxore 
ducta ilefunctus est, et non ha- 
bens semen reliquit tixorera 
suam fratri suo. ^* Similiter 
secimdiis et tertius, usque ad 
septimum. -' Novissinie autera 
omniura et mulier deluncta est. 
"' In resurrectione ergo cuius 
erit de septem uxor ? omneis 
cnim habuerunt earn. ^ Re- 
spoudens autem lesus ait illis, 
Krratis, uescientes scripturas 
neque Yirtutem dei. ™ In re- 
surrectione enim neque nulicnt 
neque nubentur, sed sunt sicut 
angeli dei in caelo. " De re- 
surrectione autem mortuorum 
non legistis quod dictum est a 
dco dicente vobis, '^Ego sum 
deus Abraham et deus Isaac ct 
deus lacob? Non est deus mor- 
tuorum sed viventinm. ^^ Et 
audientes turbae mirabantur in 
doctrina eius. 

31 (2w,6.5 pharisaei autem au- 
dientes quod silentium inpo- 
suisset Sadducacis, conveiie- 
runt in unum, ^et inteiTogavit 
eum unus ex eis legis doctor 
temtans eum, *Magistcr, quod 
est mandatimi magnum in lege i 

25. yTjftac BL. 1. 33. Orig. iii. 82 1«. | 
^ ya^i](raQ ^. D. rel. 

— avTov'] om. L. (et fuit uxor ejus Syr. 

26. o/ioiug] add. ii U. 

— EMf] praem. kui M*. Syr.Pst. 

27. Traj'rwv] om. A. e. 

— Kai 17 yvvii Y>. 33. 69. rel. (Latt.)rell 
om.KaiB./;(/y.LA. 1. U.e.Syr.Crt. ^tli. 

28. avaaranit ovv BDL. 1. 69. Vulg. 
J]ff''^g'.h.l. (res. autem b.c.c.) \ '^ovv 

avaaraatt S". I^- rel. 

— Toiv inra | om. i.e. Syr.Crt. (liiat a.) 
(«ic)/. I post ftrrai D. Vulg. c.ff^-'- 

— yuj/jj] praem. i) 1. r. Arm. 

— TraiTtc] septem be. Syr.Crt. 

— avTiji'l add. yvvaiKa 33. GM supra 
rubr. Syr.Hcl. Ann. 

29. avToio] om. SV. (post aTToKp. Arm.) 

30. yafii^uvTcn Ji./lch.J)L. I. (vid. Clem. 
533.) Orig. iii. 823<i. 824'^. | yn/itir- 
KovTai 33. Orig. i. 284''. iii. 827''''- 
WiKyafuKovrat '^ . Syr. Hcl. mg. Gr. 
Orig. i. 822". (vid. Luc.) tyyafunKovrai 
69. 1 nubentur Vulg. e.f.ff'.g'. (hiat a). 
uxorcs duciint A.(c.)J/^ 

— aW] aXXa I). 

— ayytXoi] praem. oi 1. Orig. i. 284''. 
iii. 823''. 824''. 827''. 


30. ayyiXoi BD. 1. W. Harl*. a.(ut vid.) 
b c.e.f.ff^.h. Syr.Crt. Theli. Ann. Orig. 
i. 284''. iii. 823''. 824''. 827''. Orig. Int. 
iu. 978"^. 1 add. diov L. 33. 69. | f.iii. 
TOV Oiov s. A. rel. Yulg.ff'.g'. Syrr. 
Pst.&Hd. Memph. ^th. Orig. Int. iv. 
493''. 503''. 537'^. 667». 

— fv] praem. ol U. 

— rifj ovp. BL. 1.33. 69. Memph. Thcb. 
Orig. iii. 823''. 824''. 827''. | *om. rqi ^. 
D. rel. 

— £10-11'] ante we 1. Lsitt. Memph. Theb. 
Arm. Orig. i. 284''. iii. 823''. 824''. 827''. 
I ante tv t({j ovp. 69. 

31. vfiiv Orig. iii. 82S\ iv. 340=. 1 om. A. 
K. e. Syrr.Crt.&IIcl. Iren. 232. | post 
Xtyorroc Vulg. b.f.ff'-'-g'-H. (Contra, 
Fuld. For. c.h. hiat a). 

— iiTTo Orig. iii. 828».|a?ro ed. 1524. sed 
non B iu coll. Btly, ubi t'>7ro legitur. 

32. lo-an/c] JnaK D. 

— icai o fltog IaKw/3 I om. 69. 

— i7Ttv'] add. di 69. 

— fiTTtv !> eiog Orig. iii. 828". 829'>.|ora. 
6 1)H. (vid. Mar.) 

— VEKpajv^ -j- praem. (Jeoc'r'-E.rel.Syr.lIcl. 
Arm. (.-Eth.) Orig. iii. 82»'>. 82!!". iv. 
341\| om. BULA. 1. 33. Latt. Syrr.Crt. 
&l'st. Mempli. Thcb. Orig. i. 745^ Iren. 
232. IIil.77': 500°. 722'-. 

33. ^i^axiij diOa(TKa\i^ M. 

34. aKuvcravTic^ cum vidissent e. Syr.Crt. 
(Bar Hebr.) 

— tTTi TO avTo Vulg. ff'.g'-^- Syrr.Pst. 
&Hcl. Memph. Arm. Orig. Int. iii. 
830*. I inter se. Theb. | err' avTov 
D. b.c.e.ffK Syr.Crt. ^th. (hiat a.) 
in unum ad cuvaf. advevsus eimi h. Hil. 

35. Kai 1"] om. A. 

— ro/iiKoe] om. \. e. Arm. Orig. Int. 
iii. SSO" 1 scriba Syr.Crt. iEth. | add. 
Tie FGH. 

— ad fin.] fadd. icai Xeyajj' =;•. D. b.c.f. 
ff\h. (hiat a). Syrr.Crt.&Hcl. (Arm.) 

|om. B.Btly.Blc.h. 33. Vulg. e.ff'.g'-'l. 
Syr.Pst. Memph. Theb. .^Eth. Orig, 
Int. iii. 830^ 

36. /ityaXi/] post vo/Kf) D. (mandatum 
magnum et primum Syr.Crt.) 

37. 6 ^f ] om. D. Latt. Syr.Crt. ||t add.I^jaooe 
S". 1. E.rel. Syrr.Pst.&Hel. Arm. iEth. 
I om. BL. 33. Memph. Thcb. Orig. 
Int. iii. 830". | post avrqj D. Latt. Syr. 

— £0>; BDLA. 1.33. EFGHKMSUVr.l 
JfiTTfC '5'. 69a\ 

30. eruut sicut CI. 

XXIII. 1, 


Vulg. a. b. c. 

Syrr. C. P. H, 

Memph. Theb. 

Ann. ^tli. 

"Dou. 6:5. 


" Lev. 19: 18. 

^ €(j)j]" avTca, "'Ajax'^TSig ^ Kvpiov rov Bso'v (tov, iv 
oXt] Trj xapSla. iTov, xou iv oKrrj tt] 4^v%yj tov, xou iv 
oATj TY] (}ia,voio> (TOV. avTj] eariu 1] * fxeyaAi] kul 

TTpcorrj ii/ToXi]. ''"' Sevrepa Se ofj-ola olvtyj, ^ 'AyaT^y- 
(Teig TOV tcKyitiov rrov cog (tsoajtov. ev ravraus raLS 
Bvalv evToXais oAo? 6 vofxoi ^Kpefiarai Kol ol TrpocpiJTai.' 

«iiAf ^'^ .'^!i* 12d ^^'''''EvurfYpevcou Se tcou ^apLaalcov eTTi^pcoTi]- 

IILii. 20:41-44. (reu avTOVi o Irjaouy Aeycou, ii vpnv ookh irepi 

TOV ■)(pi(TTOv ; Ttuof v'lof ecTTLV ; XeyovcTLu avTcp, Toy 

^AavelS." ■^''Af'yet avTols, 11(5? ovv ^AafelS' eV irvev- 

»Psa. iio(iot)):i. paTL ^ KaXu avTov KvpLOV ;' Xeywv, ' ^ E/T£V* xvpiog 
Tm xvpun u^ov, KdOov ix Ss^u7)V f^ov scog aiv $co Tovg 
i')(Ppovg rrov * VTCOxdTco" T&v tcoSiov (tov. el ovv *Aau- 
ei5 KaXel avrou KvpLou, ttw? vlof avTOv iaTLU ; 
""g '^'^ KOL ov8ei9 e8vuaT0 * dTTOKpcdrjuai avTco Xoyov ov8e 
iroXprjaev tis dir iKeivrjs Trjs rjpepas eTrepcoTrjaaL 
avTov ouKeTi. 

^' Ait illi lesns, Diligcs domi- 
num dcum tiuim ex toto conle 
tuo et ex tota anima tua et in 
tola mente tua. " Hoc est cnim 
maximum et primum manda- 
tum. ^'Secundum autcm si- 
mile est liuic, Diliges proximum 
tuum sicut te ipsum. '" In his 
duobus mandatis universa lex 
pcndet et prophetae. 

<i (225,2.) Congregatis autem 
Piiarisaeis intcrrogavit eos lesus 
^^ dit'eiis. Quid vobis videtur de 
Clnisto? Cuius tilius est? Di- 
cuut ci, David. ■'^Ait illis 
Quoraodo ergo David in spiritu 
vocat eum dominum dicens, 
"Dixit dominus domino meo, 
Sede a dextris meis donee ])o- 
nam inimicos tuos scabillum 
pedum tuiirum? *'Si ergo 
David vocat cum donnnuni, 
quoraodo filins eius est? *( 226,2.) 
Et nemo poterat responrlere ei 
verlmm, neque ausus fuit quis- 
quam ex ilia die eura amplius 


Ns-' 0-K? 

130^ Tore 6 'Iriaovs iXaXijaeu T0I9 oyXois' kol '<^''°:'Tunc lesns locutns 

est ad turbas et ad discipulcis 

37. Ty Kapfi</ DZL. rel.|om. t7j H.Bcli.A. 
60. EFGHUVr. Clem. 304. 

— fi' oXj; 2°] om. ev 1. 

— '"? '•P^'X'j'] om. ry. AEFGHUVr. ] 
Contra, 67cm. 30+ || ry irrxvi 33. 

— Siavoi^ (TOV (Latt.) Syr.Hcl. Memph. 
Theb. Arm. Orig. Int. i. SS^. Hil. 
723<^. I tffxvL (jov c. Syr.Crt. Clem. 
304. tTTj^vi uov Kcu tv o\y ry ^lavoitf (rov 
69. Syr.Pst. Syi-.Hier. Mempli.cod. 
iEth. Orig. Int. iii. 30«. 830'. 83F. iv. 
618*'. I (in omni justitia et in tota cogi- 
tatione tua e.) 

38. tariv i) BZLA. 1. 33. 69. Arm. | *om. 
i] S"- D- rel. 

— /tiynXti KOI TTftuTi) BDGr.Z(L) 1. 33. 
69. (Latt.) Syrr.Crt.&Pst. Syr.Hicr. 
Memph. Theb. iEth. Orig. Int. iii. 830». 
831". Hil. 723. (j) ante Trpwri; L.) | 
ijrpuiTij Kat fityaXt] c:. T. rel. _/". Syr. 
Hcl. Arm. 

39. h ofioin DZL. rel. | o/ioims B. 

— rn'rry (.sic) L 33.69. r(om.'R.Blli/.Bk:) 
huie (Latt.) illi e. dativum w. omnes. 

ai'Tij (sine nota) L. ap. Tisch. (au 

tantum Z) | avrt) EFGHK 
MUV I Tavry D. | avTtjc A. 

— treavTov Clem. 304. | iaurov 1. 69. 
H*V. I add. aov (s/e). 1. 

40. Tail] om. M. 

40. dXoc] om. Syrr.Cvt.&Pst.Meraph.Theb. 

— Kpt^iarai Kat ol 7rpu(p}jrai BDZL. 33. 
Latt. Syrr.Crt.&Pst. Orig. Int. 
i. 85^ iii. 30'. 972''. iv. 618''. Teri.adv. 
Psych. 2. Cypr. 199. 264. |t urat oi Trpoi^. 
KpijiavTai <^, 1. rel. Syr.Hcl. Memph. 
Theb. Arm. Or(£r. iii. 981^ C/em. 304. 
(466.705.) Or/i/. /ft(. iii. 831=. 

41. T(ov~\ om. A. 

— avTovo] avToiQ FK. 

— I))(Toiij] om. Syr.Crt. 

42. \tyov(yiv avTiji^ Tou AaviiS~\ om. 33. 

43. auT-oif] add. d lr)<!0VQ ZL. 1. SS.fff'. 
Memph. Arm. JKth. Orig. Int. iii. 833". 
I Contra, BD. 69. rel. (Latt.) Syrr. 
Theb. Grig. Int. iv. 633". 

— AauEii^] om. A. 

— 7r)'6ii/jari] add. ayiy Syr.Crt. Syr. 
Hier**. JEth. (vocat cum in spiritu, 
mi domine Theb.) 

— KaXti avTOV Kvpiov BD. 33. (Latt.) 
Syrr.Crt.&Pst. Memph. (Theb.) | /caXti 

KvpiOV aVTOV ZL. | KVplOV KoXil aVTOV 

69. Syr.Hcl. Orig. Int. iii. 833=. | {ki;- 
pioi' avTov KoKii S- !• rel. e. Arm. 
Orig. Int. iv. 633. (om. iEth.) 

44. Kvpioq] fpi-acm. o S"- L. rel. (vid. 
LXX.) I om. B.Bth.DZ. 

— av] om. F*. 

— inroKaTix) BDZL. 69. GUr. b.e./i. Syrr. 

Crt.&Pst. Memph. Theb. ] + vttottoBwv 
S'. 1. 33. rel. (Latt.) Syr.Hcl. Arm. 
JEth. Orig. /jK. iii. 833''. IIil.72i\ (vid. 
LXX. ct Mar. et Luc.) 

45. KaXfi] praem. tv Vfivftari DA. 69. 
KM. a.b.c.f.ff\g\h.l Syr.Hcl.* Syr. 
Hier. Memph. Eus. in Ps. 702'=. Hil. 
724". (eum in spiritu vocat Dominum 
a.l.) I Contra, BL. 1.33. rel. Vulg. 
cffKgK Syrr.Crt.&Pst. Theb. (Memph. 
odd.) Orig. Int. 

— KoKii avTov Kvpiov DZL. rel. Eus. in 
Ps. 702':. I ^„p avr. koX. B.iSrf^. (sed?) 
0;7j. /n<. iii. 833''. | Kvp. kuX. avr. Syr. 
Crt. iEth. 

46. t^vvuTo B*DZ. rel. 1 j;()i;i'rtro B /-ec. 1. 

— aTTOKpiOrjt'at avrtji BDZLA. 33. 69. K. 
Am. Fuld. For. Tol. a.h.c.g^-'-h.l. Syrr. 
Orig. Int. iii. 833''. | Jaw-. awoKp. '^. 1. 
rel. Vulg.CT. c/#'-"- Orig. /n<.iv.633=. 

— ilfiipaq BZL. rel. (Latt.) Syrr.Pst.& 
Hcl.txt. Memph. Theb. Arm. ^th. | 
iipaq D. I. E*utvid. a. Syr.Crt. Syr. 
Hcl. rag. Oruj. Int. iii. 833''. 

1. o I))crot/e ZL. rel. (om. o B.iJrfy.V)| 
post [\aXrt<Ttv D. 69. Syr.Crt. yEth. 
Orig. Int. iii. 835''. (ora. ver. e). 

37. iu tota anima CT. | SS. om. ouim CI. 
4G. ei respoudere CI. 



XXIII. 2. 

B rC] D (Z). 

1. 33. 69. 


> Lu. 1 1 : 46. 


II Mar. 12:38,39. 
Lu. 11:43. 


f Theb. 

' Lu. 14: II. 


Toif fiadT/Tois avTov Xeya)v,'^7n. r^f ^Mcouo-eco? " Kade- 
Spaf iKadicrau ol ypafi/iareLf kcu o'l ^apiaaior irav- 
Ta ovv oaa av elwcaaLV v/xiu* ^ TroLrjaare kcu Trjpiire.' 
Kara 8e ra kpya avTcou pi] Troieire' Xeyovaiu^ yap 
Kol ov TTOLOvcTLV. ■ Seapevovaiv * 8e" (jyoprla fiapea 
[^Koi 5i;o"/3acrraKTaj kol tTTLTLOeaaLV ein tovs iipovs 
tS)v avOpooTTCov * avToi 8e tco SaKTvXw avrcov ov 
OeXovaiv KLvrjcrat avrd. iravTa 8e to. (pya avraiu 
TTOiovcriu irpos to Oeadrjvai T019 avOpunroi^. irXarv- 
vovcTLV ^yap' to. ^vXaKTrjpia avrcov kou ptyaXvv ova lv 
ra Kpacnriha''' '' ^ (j)iXovcriu * 8e rrju irpcoTOKXiaiav iu 
Tolf belirvois koX 7as TrpcoroKadeSpias ev rals crvvayoi- 
yals, ^ Kal rouy acnracrpovs ev rah ayopaif, Kal Ka- 
XelcrOai vtto tcov dvOpcoircov, pa/3fii^' vpel? 8e prj 
KXi-jOrjTe, pa^^L, els yap eariv vpcov 6 ^SiSaaKaXos, * 
Travres 8e vpeis aSeXipol eare. ' Kal Trarepa p.r] KoXe- 
arjTe vpatv ern. rrfs y^S" els yap eariv * vpwv 6 Trarrjp 6 
* ovpavLOS. p7]8e KXrjdrjre Kadr)yr]Tai, ^ ' on Kadrjyr)r7]S 
vpcov icTTiv €(y," 6 -)(piaTos. o 8e pel^cov vpav earai 
vpwv 8iaKOvos. ' " oans 8e vyj/cocreL eavrov raTreivco- 
B-qaeraL- kcu oans Taireivcoaei eavrov vxjrcodrjaerai.^ ^ 

suos ^dicens, Super cathedram 
llosi sederunt scribae et I'lia- 
risaei: 'omnia ergo quaecum- 
que dixeriut vobis serrate et 
facite ; secundum opera vero 
eorum nolite facere : dicunt 
enim et non faciunt. ".''''>,'■'• 
Alligant autem onera gravia 
et inportabilia et inponunt in 
umeros hominum, digito autem 
suo nolunt ea movere. ^ (^^.2.) 
Omnia vero opera sua faciunt 
ut videantur ab hoininibus: di- 
latant enim pliilacteria sua et 
magnificant fimbrias : ^ amant 
enim primos recubitus in caenis 
et ])rimas cathedras in sj-na- 
gogis, ' et salutationes in foro, 
el vocari ab hominibus, rabbi. 
8 (230,10.) Yqj autem nolite vo- 
cari, rabbi: unus enim est ma- 
gister vcster, omnes autem vos 
fratres estis. 'Et patrem no- 
lite vocare vobis super terram : 
unus enim est pater vester qui 
in caelis est. '"Nee vocemini 
magistri, quia magister vester 
unus est, Christus. "i23i.5.)Qu[ 
maior est vestrum, erit minister 
vester: "qui autem se exalla- 
verit humiliabitur, et qui se 
humiliaverit exaltabitur. 

2. Xeywj/] om. Syr.Crt. 

— Mwi-fffwf B.i?</y.(D)ZL. 33. (69). K. 
(post KaOtcpas D. 69. Latt. Iren. 241. 
(Oriy,iii.752''.) Orig. Ijit.m.835''. Eus. 
in Ps. 374'!. Hil. IS''. aS."". SOS':. 724<1.) 
1 jMwcTfuj s". 1. E. rel. 

3. av ^. BsDFsICsSsr. Eus. in Ps. | eav 
ZLA. 1. 33. 69. EGHJIUV. 

— vfiii'l om. DGr. |]f add. nipuv ?•. 33. 
rel. /♦.(ntvid.) Syrr.Pst.&Hcl. add. 
TTOietv r. Orig. Int. iii. 836«. | om. BD 
ZL. 1. Latt. SjT.Crt. Memph. Theb. 
Arm. ^th. Iren. 241. Orig. Int. iii. 
382''. 835''. Eus. in Ps. 374''. Hil SOS'^. 

— TTOitjaari Kai rripun B(D)ZL. (1). For. 
S^T.Hier. Memph. Theb. Arm. JEth. 
£ms. in Ps.(s!c.) Hil. SOS":. (TroifirE D. 
'^)-\t'^np('Tt Kai TToiiiTf s". E.rel. Latt. 
(hiat a). Syrr. Iren. Hil. 28. | TTOiare 
tantnra r. Orig. Int. iii. 835''. 836^ 
(Hil. IS'.) (auditeet facite. Orig. Int. 
iii. 382''.) (rijpti km iroiuTi F.) 

4. ft (post (i(Tn.) BLA. 1. 33. M. Am. 
a./j.cff'-^g>-'l. Syrr. Memph. Theb. | 
tyap T. DK(sic.) rel. Vulg. CI. e.f.h. 
Iren. 2i[. (7///. 724'.) | om. DT. Arm. 

— Kcii cvBJiaaraKTa Bs(IJ). rel. Vulg. 
cZ-ff'-g'-"- Syr.HcI. Theb. Arm. Ji:ih. 


(koi of tiff. D*). vid.Luc. xi. 46.|om. L. 

1. a.b.e.jP.h. Syrr.Crt.&Pst. Memph. 

/ren. 241. i7;7. 724'. (ut vid). Schol.Gr. 
:. avToi h T(f,' BDL. 33. SyiT.Cit.&Pst. 

Memph. Theb. ^th. Iren. | J ry ^£ 

1^. 1. E. rel. Latt. Syr.Hcl. Arm. | rqi 

laxr. avr.^ om. 'R.Bch. (ut vid.) sed 

habent Btly. et Blc. 
i. yap (post TrXarDr.) BDL(X in Comm.) 

1. 33. 69. Latt. Syrr.Pst.&Hel. Memph. 

Theb.|t5£ '=. E.rel. Syr.Crt. om. Arm. 

— 0u\. avTit}V~\ t^v\. favTwv 1. 

— Kpao-jre^a] f add. twv ifxaTiUV avTwi' 
T. (L). 33. rel. f.ff^h. Syrr. Memph. 
Arm. Orig. Int. iii. 837'. | om. BDX in 
comm. 1. (L.att. sed avn^v hab. b.c.) 
sic et Theb. .,Eth. | om. avrojv LA. 

1. 0iX. <^£ B.B((v.DLA. 1. 69. K. (hiat 
33.) (Latt.) Syr.Hcl. Memph. Theb. 
1 t(!.iX. TC S-. E. rel. [Syrr.Crt.&Pst. 
iEth.] (enim Am. Fuhl. e.) | ^iXoirffij' 
tantum r. Ann. Ci/pr. 305. 

— Tijv TrpojToKXiaiav B(D)E. rel. b.eff-. 
Cypr. 305. (r. TzpuiKktwmv D.) | -)]V 
■7rpujT0K\t]<Tiav A. 69. FGUVI". | rag 
TrpioroKXiiaiag L(sic). 1.33. A''ulg. a.c. 

fjp.g'"h. Syrr. Am. iEth. 

7. pa/3/3t semel B.BcA.LA. 1. 33 (iit vi- 
detur e spatio). Latt. Syr.Pst. Memph. 
Theb. Arm. Ciipr.305. \ fbis T- DEr. 
rel. SyiT.Crt.tcHcl. Arm. {pafifiu DA. 
69. EFK. Theb. sed Kr ncn sic ver. S.) 

8. v/i. It fill k\. pajSfii] om. Tlieb. (ne- 
minem vocate magistrum Arm.) 

— ^(^aiTKaXocB. 33. U. Orig. iii. (182''.) pi) 
KaXiXv di^cKTKaXov iTrl rjjf yijg Ens. 
in Ps. ap. Mai. 98. | J Ka9t]yt]Tj]Q'^. DL. 
1. rel. (vid. ver. 10). ||f add. o Xpiirroe 
T. E. rel. Syrr.Crt.&HcL* | om. BDL. 
1. 33 e spatio. E-. Latt. SyiT.Pst.(& 
HcLMS.) Syr.Hier. Memph. Theb. 
Arm. ^th. Cgpr. 305. (om. o HU). 

— Trai'reg fc vpug aCtXtpoi etrrt \ ad fin. 
ver. 9. U. I om. irai'Tcg Syr.Crt. 

9. KaXetTJjre] KaXeaOs A. 

— ipwi' 1°] om. 33. I vfiiii' D. Latt. vv. 

— iipiiiv 6 Trartip B. 33. U. | J 6 narijp 
ipoiv s'. DL. rel. Latt. 

— o ovpai'tog BL. 33. 69. Arm. M.h. \ 
tv ovpavoig DA. I. | ^6 €V roig ov- 

4. Alligant enim CI. \ 0. amant autem CI. 1 
S. est enim Ct. | 9. est enim Ct. j 13. vae vobis, 
scribae et Pliarisaei hypocritae , quia come- 
ditis domos viduarum, orationes longas orautea, 
propter hoc nmplius accipietis judicium. Ct. 
(poi^t ver. 14.) 

XXIII. 22. 

Vulg. a.(l>.)c. "^ 
Syrr. C. P. H. t 

Memph. (Theb) 
Arm. Mth. 

^ Lu. 1 1 : 5-2. 

§ Z 






131*''0(}at (5e v/xlv, ypafx/jLarelf kou ^aptcraioL 
VTTOKpiTai,^ OTL KXeUre ttju (Saa-iXelau Ta>v ovpavcov 
e/uLTrpoadeu rSiv avdpdnvwv ^ vp-els yap ovk (Icrep- 
Xeade, ovSe row^ elaepy^op(.vovs ucfyUre elaeXdelvy ' ^ 
^^ oval, ypap-fiarets /cat ^apiaaloL inroKptTai^ on 
Trepcdyere ttjp ddXacraau kol t^^v ^rjpdu iroLrjaat ^i>a 
TTpoarjXvTOV, kou hrav yevrjTat, Troieire avrou viov 
ytevvrj? SiirXoTepov vpmv. ^'^ oval vplv, oSrjyol Tv(f)- 
Xol, OL Xeyovres, O? av opoar) Iv tw uam, ov8tv 
icTTLV' 09 8' dv opoar] ev rw xpvcrco rod vaov, o(peLXei, 
p-copol Ka\ rvcfjXol, tis yap p.ei^u>i> eariv, 6 xpvcros. 





''rj o vao9 o *ayLaaas tov ')(^pv(T0v ; " Kai, O? 
6p.6crr] iv Tca dvaiacrTrjpLcp, ovSev iariv or 8 dv 
op-oar] iv tco Scopco tw iiravw avTov, oCpeiXeL. ' TV(f)- 
Xor TL yap p.el^ov, to Scopov, rj to OvaiaaTripLOv to 
dyid^ov to 8u>pov ; ~ 6 ovv opoaas iv tco OvcnacrTr]- 
plco opvveL iv avTW Kal iv Trdatv tols evravco avTov' 
^^ Kal 6 6p.6(ra9 iv tco vaco opvvei iv avTco Kal iv tw 
* KaTOLKT)cravTL avTov, " Kal 6 6p.oaas iv tco ovpavco 
op-vvei iv TCO Opovcp tou deoO kou iv tco Kadrjp.(vcp 
eiravco avTov. 

14 (232,5.) Vae autem vobia 
scrihae ct I'harisaei hypocritae, 
fjiiia (^laudiiis regiuim 'caelo- 
rum ante homines : vos enim 
non intnitis, nee introeiintes 
sinitis intrare. isCi^ y^g 
vobi.s, scribac ct Pharisaei hy- 
pocritae, quia circuitis mare et 
aridam ut faciatis unum prose- 
lytura, ct euni fuerit factug, 
faeitis earn filium gehennae du- 
plo quam vos. '* Vae vobis, 
duces eaeci qui dicitis, Qiiicura- 
que iuraverit per templum, ni- 
liil est; qui autem iaraverit in 
aurum teiiii>li, debet. " Stulti 
et caeci, quid enini maius eat, 
aurum an templum quod sanc- 
tifioat anrura ? " Et quicum- 
que iuraverit in altare, nihil est j 
qui autem iuraverit ia dono 
quod est super illud, debet. 
'" Caeci, quid enim mains est, 
donnm an altare quod sanctiti- 
cat donura? ™ Qui ergo iurat 
in altare, iurat in eo et in omni- 
bus quae super illud sunt: " et 
qui iuraverit in tem]ilo, iurat in 
illo et in eo qui inhabitat in 
~ ipso : "'' et qui iurat in caelo, 
iurat in throno dei etin eo qui 
sedei super eam._ 

pavoic <^. E.rel. Latt.(Cfe»i. 551.) Tert. 
de Orat. 2. [Syrr.] 

10. ort KuOjjytjrtjc; vfiioi' etrni' t'tc; B(D)L. 
33. G. Vulg. {b.)c.ff'''-y'---h.l. {itctu- 
Tiv D [non G] Latt. lurtv om. b.')\ on 
KaQi/y. vfioiv 1. a.(e). Syr.Crt. Arm. ] 
Xtig yap vptjiv iOTiv 6 KaQriyr)TriQ <=r. 
E. rel. /. Syrr.Pst.&Hcl. Memph. (ut 
vid. ) ^tii. {t(jrtv vjjujiv A.) || v/xojv] 
post Ka9i]yiiTt)Q 69. om. K. (d ante Ka- 
dtiy. 6m. U.) 

11. 5f] om. D. (d 5f puZmv ifiwi'] qui vo- 
luerit inter vos ut sit niagnus Syr.Crt.) 

— forat] idTM G. it. X in comm. 

— vpiav post SiaKovoo] X in comm. 
— , 12. StaKovotyri^ sic ^.Bthj. 

12. h'] ovv 1. iyap Syrr.Crt.&Pst.) 

^ — lavTov 1". Orig. i. 489^ | avrov L 
(M 2».) 

13. f ovai vpiv ypappciTiiQ Kcii ipapitraioi 
f VTTOKpiTai, OTL KaritjQiiTl Tag OLKiag 
f rwv x^P^v^Kai Trpo^affti pnKpa -rrpoa- 
\ f.vxoptvoi' dia TovTo Xij^eaOe Trepitr- 
•[ (TOTtpov Kpipa'] om.BDZ(e spat.)L. 1. 
33. Am. Fuid. For. Em. Harl. etc. a.e.ff^. 
g^-^- Memph.MSS. Tlicb, (ap.Mnt.) Arm. 
Zoh. (et in cod. omnibus). Orig. iv. 352^ 
disertej dicitenim, EVT^ Kara Maj-eaiof, 

6 TTpoQ Toi'Q ypapiumlg Kai ipapirraiovQ 
divrepog TaXavtapogovroig txtt^ ovai 
vp. ypap. «". ^ap. viroKp. on iripiayen 
ktX. Ens. in canone. |habent antever.l4. 
5(.3. jiEFGHKMSsUVr. /. Syrr.Pst. 
&Hc.l. Memph. impr. JEth. \ habent post 
ver. 14. Eh. 69. Vulg CI. b.c.ff'.h. Syr. 
Crt. Hil. 725''. (vid. et 89^) vid. Mar. 
xii. 40. Luc. XX. 47. || ovai vpiv'] ovai It 
vpiv St.3.AEF(utvid.)GnKMUr. 69. 
(? S)/. I non habent ct Eh. V. (Latt.) 
Syrr. Memph. ^th. || raj oiiciac] om. 
rag A ]\ Kai irpo^atjtil om. Vulg.C/. 

14. ovai Be (ante on icXtiiri") DL. 1. Elz. 
(hiat33.) (Latt.) Memph.|om.^£ A. 69. 
EF(utvid.)GHKMUVr. St.3. (?BS.) 
f.h. Syrr. Memph.MS. Arm. ^th. Orig. 

/n/.iii. 8.39". £«s. in Ps. 374=. Hil.725'^. 
— ■ vTTOKpirai'] om. A. 

— oUjOrtJ'wf J add. vpuc yap E*. 

— yap] om. A. Arm. | St M. Fuld.ff'-'- 

— itm\d(iv~\ om. V. 

15. TToiTjaai e. Or;^. iv. 352». jpraem. row 
A. 69, I iva irotijirtjrai D. (Latt.) 

16. ot XtyovTtQ I om. o'l D*. 

— Of av] oe (av M. 

— opocy OQ B'av^ om. G. 

17. Tis yap fiti^wv B(D). rel. {ptiCw D) 


I ri yap pui^ov Z. Latt. (quid enim 
major 3^.) (/isiJoj'F.) 

17. ayiatrnf BDZ | Xayuii:,u)V ?■.. CL. rel. 
(praes. Latt:) ■ 

18. OS av BCDL. 33. 69: FE: 1 'J o£ Jav 
<^. E. rel.- (hiat Z.) 

— opotjig dc ^'ai'] ora. Syr.Cit. per 

errorem librarii Si' opoiortK. 

— rij;(post Suipipy] TOii,,\. sic. 

19. TvifKoi] f<w^ai (cat ^. HsC. 
rel. c/- Syrr.P8t.A Hel.(*ut yid.>Memph. 
impr. Theb. (ap. Mut.) Arm. Orig. Int. 
iii. 841°. (vid: ver. 17.) | om. DZL. 1. 
Vulg. a. (hiat V). e.ff'-^-g^''-h.\. Syr.Crt. 
Mempli. MSS. Ml\\. 

— n] Tig 33. FH. (non G). 

— ptiZov'] pti'Ciav GH (non 33.) | ptiZia 
D. I add. tuTiv 33. 69. (mox/cairoSu- 
tjiatr. V. et mox to oyia^wv CEH.) 

20. firai'w] ..(i. e. fir' ut viiU) Z. 

21. opoaag^ opvvwv V. 

-- KaTom,]aavri CDZLA. 33. EFGKM 
UV. I t/carou:ou>/n =r. Bs. Is. 69. HSi. 
(praes. Latt. Syrr. Arm. jEth.) 

-r- avTov'] ev avTip Qt. 

16. in auro CI. | IS. quicuraque autem jur. 
Am'", a. I -20. in altari CI. | 21. et quicumquo 
CL I qui habitat CI. 



XXIIL 23. 

BCD (Z). 

1 [X] A. 

1. 33. 69. 


' Lu. 11:4-2. 



^ Lu. 11:39-44. 

t Syr.Crt. 

27. 5r«po/jotaJf7-£ 

'Lu. 11:47-51. £ 

132 " Ovai vfXLU, ypafJLfJLarels^ koI ^apiaoLOL 
VTTOKpiTai, on OLTroSeKarovTe to rjSvoo-fjioi' km to 
avTjOov KaL to kvjxlvov, kou d(pi]KaTe Ta /BapvTepa tov 
vop.ov, Trjv Kplatv Kol * to eXeos Koi ttjv iriaTLV 
TavTa oe ^oeu TroLyaai, KUKeiva p.j] *a(p€Luai. oor)- 
yol TV(f)Xol, ^ 8ivXi^ovT€^ TOV KcovatTra, ti]u 8e Kap.7]Xov 

133 - Ovcu v/MU^ ypafXfiaTels kcu ^apiaaioi viro- 
KpiTalj OTi Kadapi^eTe to e^coOev tov TroTrjpiov kol 
Tijf 7rapo\j/i8oy, eacodeu 8e ^ ye/xova-iu [e'^J apirayrjs 
Koi uKpaaias. ~'^ ^apLaaie TV(j)Xe, KaOapLtrov irpwTov 
TO IvTOS TOV TTOTrjploV KOL TTji TTapoy^L^os, Lva yeVTJTUL 
Koi TO e/croy * avTov' ku 

134* Ovou v/jlIv, ypap.p.aTei9 koI ^apiaaioi viro- 

KpLTai, OTl * 6/X0ld^€Te" Td(j)OLS KeK0VLap.4v0LS, OLTLVes 

e^coOev piev (pacvovTai 'wpaioi, eau>6ev 5e yepovaiv 
ocTTewv veKpcou koI Tracrr]? ^ aKadapa-laf. ' ovtws koi 
vfjiels e^codeu fxev (paiveade to'ls' dvdpunroL^ SIkulol, 
kacoOiv Se * eVre p.eaTol VTroKpiarecos kou dvop,Las. 

135' "^ Oval vplv, ypap.p.aTeTs KOL ^apicratoL viro- 
KpiTai, OTL olKo8op.eiT€ TOV^ Ta(j)ovf Tmv 7rpo(f)T]Ta>i>, 

23(234,5.) Y^g voWs, scribae 
et Pharisaei hypocritac, quia 
(lecimatis mentam et anetimm 
et cyminum, et reliquistis quae 
graviora sunt legis, iudicium 
et misericordiam et fidem : liaec 
oportuit facere et ilia non omit- 
tere. 21(235,10.) Duces caeci, exco- 
lantes culicem, camelum autem 
gluttientes. ^^ (236,5.) Vae vobis, 
scribae et Pharisaei hypocritae, 
quia raundatis quod deforis est 
calicis et parapsidis, intus au- 
tem pleni sunt rapina et in- 
munditia. ^* Pharisee caece, 
munda prius quod intus est 
calicis et parapsidis, ut fiat et 
id quod deforis est mundum. 

27 (237, 5.) Yae vobis scribae et 
Pharisaei hypocritae, quia si- 
miles estis sepulchris dealbatis, 
quae aforis parent hominibus 
speciosa, intus vero plena sunt 
ossibus mortuorum et omni 
spurcitia. ^ Sic et vos aforis 
quidemparetis hominibus iusti, 
intus autem pleni estis hypo- 
crisi et iniquitate. 

29 (238,5.) Y^g vobis, Ecribae et 
Pharisaei hypocritae, qui aedl- 
ficatis sepulchra prophetarum 

23. afijicarf] wpiiKtrt B*Bck. 

— /3opii-£pa] jiapta 1. 

— Ti]v Kpiaiv'] praem. Kai 69. 

— TO tXeos BDL. 33. | + tov iXtov S". C. 
rel. (to tXtov M.) 

— TavTu St BCLA. 33. KM. a.*.(hiat 6.) 
Syrr. Memph. ^th. Orig. Int. iii. 842'. 
I *om. ^£ ■^. D. rel. (Latt.) Arm. 

— aipiivai 'B.Blli/.L,. \ ia^ttvat '^. CD. rel. 

24. fiuXiJoj/Tte] ■(■ praem. oi ^. D**rel. ] 
om. BD*L. Latt. | ol livXt'iovrat C*.SyiT. 

7"';!'] TOV D. 

— ica/i);Xo)'] KafiiXov M. 

25. e^ioSiv BC. rel. j e?w DX(in com.) 
Clem. 282. 

— irupoiptSoe Clem. | add. tov mvaKog 
M. Syr.Hcl.* (et in mg. Gr.) (vid. Luc. 
xi. 9). 1 Km TOV TTivuKot tantum Syr.Crt. 

— tdweti'] tluietv (sic) 69. (evdoBiv Clem.) 

— yf/xoi/o-.j/] yiiiH X (in comm.) 

— iK B.5L. rel. I om. CDX in Comm. 
Latt. Memph. Arm. 

— axpaaiaQ BDLA. 1. 33. 69. a.c.jP.h. 
(hiat A). Syr.Hcl. Arm. incontinentia e. 
intemperantia et dolo Orig. Int. iii. 843°. 
(add. Kat atiKiag Syr.Hcl.fJ. | ucikiiiq 
CEFGHKSUV. (it. X in comm.) /. 
Syr.Pst. I TrXiovt^iaQ M. | aKaGapmai: 


Vulg. ffKg'-'-l. Memph. Theb. (ap. 
Mnt.) Clem. 282. (om. opTrayijj Kat). 
1 adiKiaQ Kai nXfovtKiag _^tli. 

26. £vroe] lauiOtv AKM. (tvSov Clem.) 

— Kat r>ig irapoipiSog BC. rel. vv. Orig. 
Int. iii. 843". | om. D. 1. a.e.(hiat b.) 
Clem. 282. 

— TO £KTot-] 7-0 fiaiOev D. Clem. 282. ] 
om. TO A. 

— avTov B*B<:h.T). 1. 69. E*. a.f.(hiat l>.) 
^th.| Jaiij-wi' ^. C. rel. Syrr.Pst.&Hcl. 
Memph. Arm. ] 0111. X in comm. (Latt.) 
Iien.250. C/em.282. On'^r./nt. iii. 843=. 

27. o^LoiaL,iTi B. 1. i J 7^apo^ola^Er£ ^. 
CD. rel. Eus. in Ps. 374^ (lifiowi £ot£ 
C/em. 282). 

— KtKovia/iivoig Clem. Hipp. Phil. v. 8 
(111). Oriy. ii. 720^ Eus. | kikovm- 
(Tfiivoig 69. 

— oir(i'£f e^ti)d€v fiiv ^aivovTai wpatot 
£(7. de yifiovaiv BC. rel. Orig. Int. iii. 
844*^. I i^ioOtv 6 Taipoc faiviTi wpaiog 
la. de yefii D. Iren. 250 (foris enim). 
Clem. 282 (fvSov St). ( ante £?w- 
^£1' 69. om. A). 1 ^au'orrat iopaioi\ 
ipaiviaQt Toig ai'OpojTroig diKatot 33. 
tpaii^ovTai Toig uvOptxiTroig utp. F. Latt, 
(cxc. e). (Orig. Int.iy. 501^.) Lcf. 148. 

28. ^£] om. 69. 

— e<TTE iiiuToi B.Btly.CBJj. 33. 69. | 
"IfuaToi £(T7-£ S"- X. rel. Latt. Iren. 
Lcf. (pleni iniquitate et rapina et hypo- 
crisi ^th.) 

29. Tiiiv ^tKotio)'] om. H*. 

30. np.tQa his B.BcA.CDLXA. 33. 69. 
EFGHV. Orig. i. 20'=.(MS.) 2P.(MS.) 
I \i)iiivUs <5-. 1. KMSsU. Orig.\.W. 

— auTwv Koii'wi'ot 'B.Btlt/.D. 1. 69. 1 
Xkoiv. avT. s- C. rel. Orig.i. 20". 

31. iavToie Orig.i.20'=. \ om. 69. ] avToig l.AL 

32. wXiipuiaaTt B**CL. rel. Orig. i. 20':. 
Eiis. D.E. 384=. I 7rX/jpwtrfT£ B*Bch. 
adimplebitis e. \ iirXiipuiaaTt DH. (im- 
pletis /). 

33. yfi/rij/jara] yevtjfi, H. 

— <j)vyt]Ti Orig.i. 20'^. \ (pvytrat (1.6. -Tt) 
DXtxt. 69. H. (potestis fugere a judicio 
futuro Syr.Hcl .rag.) 

— aTro] om. F. 

34. iSovl om. E*. 

— £yw Orig. i. 477". Orig. Int. iii. 845''. 
Lcf. 150. I om. D. Iren.2\0.23'. Orig. 
i. 20":. Lcf. 149. 150. 

23. qui decimatis CI. | 25. pleni eatis Cl. \ 
26. ut fiat id. Cl. 

XXIII. 37. 


Vnls. (I r/< 1 c >- " ^ " " «■ ' 30 V 1 ' 

SyTT(C)P H '^"' KOo-fifLTe Ta ixvrjjjLeLa T(av oiKatcav, Kai Aeyere, 

Memph. £( t rjfjieOa' Iv Tois rj^epais tu)v TTixTepcov rj/mwu, ovk 

Arm. Xth. >\ t >/ /i '/ t > " \i/ > ~ -/ 

au * Tjfxeoa * avTcou kolvcovol eu tco aL/iari rcou irpo- 

(l)TqTa)v. ""' (oare fj-apTvpeiTe eavToiis on viol ecrre rmv 

"^^ (j)ovevaavT(ov tovs 7rpo(f)i]Tay' ''' kou vp-eis "rrXrjpcaaaje 

TO perpou Twu irarepcdu vp-cau. o(peLs yevvrip.aTa 

€)(^l8i'6)v, ttw? (pvyrjTe airo Trji KpLcrecas ti]s yeei^vrjs ; 

"1^ Slo. tovto l8ou iyci) aTTOcrreAAft) irpos vpa? 7rpo({)rj- 

Ta9 Kol (TO(f)ovs Koi ypapp-arels' ^ e^ avTcov aTroKre- 

velre kol crTavpaxreTe, koI e^ auraiu p-aariyaxrere eV 

TOLf crvvaycoyoLi kol 8lco^€T€ oltto TroXeco^ et? 

ttoXlv "''' OTTO)? e'A^ry e0' vp.a.s irav alp-a SiKaiov * e'/c- 

^vvvopievov iirl ttjs yrjs, otto tou aip-aros A/3eA tov 

SiKaiou ecos TOV alp,aTos T^jayapiov vlov Ba|Oa>(toii, ov 

€(j)ovev(TaTe p.eTa^v tov vaov kou tov OvaLaar-qpiov. 

36. ravra Travra ap.r]v Aeyco vp.Lu, r]^€L * TTUVTa TavTU eiTL Tr]v yeveav 

"t^a Tavrnv. "'^lepovaaXnp.'lepovcraXvu.rja.TroKTeivovaa 

'LU. 13:34,35. £ V JL'VN/loV" ^' \ ' 

TOVS' TTpoCprjTas' Kai XLUopoXovaa tovs aiveaTaXpevovs 

TTpos avTTjv, iroaaKLS rjOeXTjaa iirLavvayayelv Ta TeKva 

(TOV, ov TpoTTOv * opvLs eTTKTVuayei Ta uocrcrla 

'■'7c] \avTr]s\ vtto Tas TTTepvyas, Kai ovk rjUeArjcraTe ; 

''° et dicitis. Si fuissemus in 
diebus patnim nostroriuu, nou 
essemus socii eorum in san- 
guine prophetarum. ^' Itaque 
testimonio estis vobismet ipsia 
quia filii estis eorum qui pro- 
jihetas occiderunt. '' <^'' '"•' 
Et vos iniplete mensurani pa- 
tnim vestrorum. ^^ Serpenteg 
genimina viperarum, quomodo 
fugietis a iudicio gehennae ? 
31 caM,5.) j(jg(j gggg ggQ jjiitto ad 

vos prophetas et sapientes et 
scribas, ex illis occidetis et cru- 
cifigetis, et ex eis flagellabitis in 
synagogis vestris et persequi- 
mini de civitate in civitatem, 
^ ut veniat super vos omnis 
sanguis iustus qui eftusiis est 
super terrain, a sanguine Abel 
iusti usque ad sanguinem Za- 
chariae iilii Barachiae, quem 
occidistis inter templum et al- 
tare. ^ Amen dico vobis, ve- 
nicnt haec omnia super gene- 
rationein istam. "i.^".^.>Hie- 
rusalem Hierusalem, quae oc- 
cidis prophetas et lapidas eos 
qui ad te missi sunt, quoties 
volui congregare filios tuos, 
quemadmodum gallina con- 
gregat pullos suos sub alas, et 

34. aTToareWoi BC. rel. Latt. Syrr.Pst.& 
Hcl. Ann. ^th. Iren.his. Oiig.i.^O". 
Lcf. I aTTOirreXw D. 33. Mempli. Orig. 
i. 477^ 

— 5rpo£ I'l/iac BC. rel. Iren. bis. Orig. i. 
20=. Or/(/. 7nt.iii.845''. (tie ir/iag Orig. 
i.477«.) I cm. D. 

— Kai ffo^oiis] om. X. (habet in comm.) 

— Kai ypa/ifi. Iren.his. OWj. i. 20'. 477°. 
I om. Kai L. (non 33). Meraph. 

— «? avruiv 1°] f praem. «rni <^. CD. rel. 
Vulg.C/. (Latt.) Syr.HcLt Memph. 
Arm.cdd. iEth. 7ren. 210. 237. (Orig 
i. 477".) Orig. /n<. iii. 84.5''. Lcf. | om'. 
BA. 1. 33. 69. M. Am. Fuld. Harl* 
e. Syr.Pst. Arm. Orig. i. 20"^. 

— a:roicT£i'£ire]] awoKTHveiTS D. 

— Kfit £^ aiir. fiatTTiy. iv t. trvv, vfiuv 
BC. reL Orig. i. 20'=. | ora. D. a. Iren. 
237. Lcf. 149. 150. | om. k. iK avr. 
fiaoTiy. E*. 

35. EXflj; BC*D. Orig. i. 20''. Lcf. \ praem. 
av C-. 33. 69. | iiriXeg L. 

— TTai'] om. 69. 

— £k-Xi'i'i'0;i£)'0)'C(D)A. 1.33. GU. (fx- 
Xvvv. D). 1 XiKx^^vo^ivov S". BsL. 69. 
rel. Orig. i. 20"'. 

— uTTo rov ai^. BC. rel. Orig. i. 21^. \ 

om. TOV DL. 33. Eus. Theoph. (ap. 
Mai. 125). (vid.Luc.xi.51). 

35. iitie TOV alp. BsCL. l.rel. Orig.i. Eus. 
Theoph. I om. tov D. 33. (vid. Luc. xi.) 

— TOV Bapaxiov non habet Eus. D.E. 
385^ (Contra, Iren. 3i0. Orig.) "In 
Evangelio quo utuntur Nazaraeni pro 
flio Barachiae, fiUum Joiadae rcperi- 
mus scriptum." /fi'cron. in loc.vii. 190. 

36. >';?fi] praem. on CXA. 3.3. 69. EFG 
HKIISUV. /. Sj-rr.Pst.&Hcl. Orig. i. 
21=1. I Contra, BsDL. 1. Latt. Arm. 
^th. 7re7i. 310. Lcf. 149. 

— iravTa Tavra BXA. 1. 33. EF( ms^) 
GHKUV. 1 I Tavra wavra ^. CD.Gr. 
LX in Comm. rel. Latt. Memph. Orig.i. 
Lcf. (om. TavTU c.) 

— TavTtjv Orig. i. | avrriv L. 

37. aTToKrEii'ouiTa BDX. 1. EH. rel. Clem. 
145. Orig. iii. 167'^. 205''. 212». 321f. 
Eus. M.^.Wi^. I aTToKT-fvi/oiitra CGK. 
1 airoKTtvovGa A. 33. 69. (ajroicrftvacra 
Orig.i. 21''. iii. 293^) 

— TrpoQ avTt)v BC. rel. Syrr.Pst.&Hcl. 
Mempb. Arm.(impr.) jEth. Clem. 145. 
Orig. i. 2 P. iii. 167'=. 205''. 212". 293''. 
321''. £i«. D.E. 189^ I wpoQ at D (ad 
te Latt.) Arm. (cdd. 3.) Iren. 281. 

Orig. Int. ii. 357''. iii. 108''. 848''. Cypr. 
37. opvi£ f TTKTurayti BDL. 1.33. 69. (K.) 
Latt. Memph. Orig. iii. 167'=. 205''. 
293". 322°. Eus. in Ps. 138''. (178'=.) 
436«. 496''. Hil. 509=. Orig. i. 21''. 
Orig. Int. ii. 357''. 221<=. 233''. iii. 848''. 
iv. 691''. (opj/is avvayii Clem. 106. 14.S.) 
I { iTTKTvv. opviQ S- CX. rel. Syn-.Pst. 
&Hel. (opvie tantum Iren. Cypr.) 

— voaata avrrjg B.7?cA.(sed qu. post 
ir-tp.) DA. 33. JL Orig. iii. 293". Iren. 
281.282. Hi7. 118<=. 728''. | Xvoama 
iavTt]Q ■?. CLX. 69. rel. Orig. i. 21''. 
iii. 322\ Ori'ji. 7n<. iii.848''. iv. 691''. | 
voaaia tantum Ti.Btly. Ori'g. iii. 167°. 
20.5''. Eus. in Ps. 138''. 178'=. 436^ 496''. 
Cypr. 278. 

— ■KTtpvyag] add. avrriQ Ji.Btlt/.^A. 
(Latt.) SyiT.Pst.&Hcl. Memph. Mth. 
Clem. 106. 143. Orig. iii. 167<=. Orig. 
Int.iv. 691''. Cypr. 278. i7i7. llS'. 728''. 
I Contra, CDL. rel. Vulg. J''. Arm. 
Iren. 281. 2S2. Orig. i. 21''. iii. 205'. 
29.3". 322". Eus. in Ps. 138=. 178'=. 436'=. 
496''. Orig. Int. iii. 848'". 

34. et ex illis CI. | persequemini CI. 



XXIII. 38. 

L(X)A. '"'"^ a(pL€Tac VfiLuo OiKos vfjicov eprj/xof. Xeyco yap 

EFGHKMSUV. '^^^^' 9^ ^1 f^ '^''^^ "T' f^^' ^^^ ^'^, ^'''^^^^' ^ ^^~ 
ePsa.iiSCny):^^ "KoyTjfASVOg 6 ip')(^0fA£V0g SV 6vOfl.Ol.Tl KvpioV. 

XXIV. 0^3 

"Plar.ian-c,. /3 
II Lu. 21:5-12. 

2. [01/] 


loG Kat i^eXdcou o'lrjaovs ^avro rod Upov iiro- 
pevero, kol TrpoarjAOou ol fxaOrjTou avrov iiriSei^ai avrw 
ray olKoSofias tov lepou. ^ 6 Se ^dTroKpideh" direv av- 
Tolf, Ov /SAeVere ^ ravra -jvavra;' dfirji' Xeyco vpxv, ov 
/XT) dcpedr) code XiOos eVt XiOov, o? ov^ KaTaXvOrjcreraL.'^ 
137 Kadij/xevov 8e avrov eVi rod opovs rcov 
eXaicou, irpoariXOov avrw ol /xadrjra). Kar ISiau Xe- 
yovres, EiTre rjplv irore ravra earai ; kou rl ro 
ar]ixeioi> rrjs crrjs irapovala? kcu * avvreXeias rov 
alcovos ; Kai aTroKpiOels 6 'Irjaovs elirev avroi^, BAe- 
were fxrj ri? vp.ds irXavrjcrrf. ttoXXoI yap iXevaovrai 
e-TTi ru> ovop.ari p.ov Xeyovre^, 'E/m elp.L 6 '^(^pLcrroi, 
Kai TToXXovs irXavrjaovcTLV. /xeAA^crere Be aKoveiv 
7roXe/xov9 Kat ccKoas TroXe/xcou- opdre, fxr] OpoeicrOe- 
del yap^ yeveadat, aAA' ovttco earlv ro reXoy. ^ iyep- 
0)]a€rai yap eOvos eVt eOvos kcll ^aaiXela eVt fiacri- 
T.lXoifio'tKaijXifioi Xeiav, Kai ecrourai Xi/xol^ Kai aeiap.o\ Kara roirovs. 

noluisti. ^' Ecce relinquitur 
vobis domus vcstra deserta. 
^' Dico eniiii vobis, noii me vi- 
debitis amodo donee dicatis, 
Bened ictus qui venit in nomine 

U2«,!.)Et egressus lesus de 
templo ibat, et accessenint disci- 
puli eius ut ostendcrent ei aedi- 
Hcationes templi. '' Ipse autera 
respondens dixit eis, Videtis 
haec omnia? Amen dico vobis, 
non relinquetiir hie lapis super 
lapidem qui non destruatur. 

3 (213,2.) Sedente autem eo su- 
per montem oliveti accessenint 
ad eum discipuli secreto di- 
centes, Die nobis quando haec 
erunt, et quod signum adventus 
tui et cousummationis saeculi ? 

* Et respondens lesus dixit eis, 
Vidote ne quis vos seducat. 

* Multi enim venicnt in nomine 
meo dicentes. Ego sum Chris- 
tus, et multos seducent. *Au- 
ditnri enim estis proelia et opi- 
iiiones proelioruni : videte ne 
turbemini; oponet enim haec 
fieri, sed nondum est finis. 
' Consurget enim gens in gen- 
tem et regnum in regnuni, et 
erunt pestileutiae et fames et 

38. v^iiiv~\ I'lfiiov D*. 

— cptj/ios CDX. rel. (Latt.) Syrr.Pst.& 
Hcl. Mempb. Theb. (ap. Mnt.) Arm. 
iEth. /mi. 281.282. C/m. 145. Orig. 
i. 21'>. iii. 167'^. bis. 184=. 205''. 219''. 
2P3':. 346'!. Eus. D.E. 189<^.292i. 401''. 
Ec. Pr. 170. in Es. 359". Orig. Int. 
ii. 95". 457». iii. 956". iv. 483". Eus^ 
Theoph. (ap. Mai. 127.) Ci/pr. 278. 
I om. BL. ff\ (Memph.crf. 1.) Orig. 
iii. 167S (MS.) semel. (vid.Luc.xiii. 35). 

39. v/itv Vulg. e.ff'.g'-'- ^th. | add. on 
D. 1.69. a.b.c.J.ff\h. SyiT.Pst.&HcJ. 
Arm. Orig. Int. iii. 848"'. 

— /it] om. X. 

— i^jjrt Clem. 145. | tiSijTt CAM. | ihrt 

— Kvpiav Clem. 145- | Oiov D. 

1. OTTO TOV Upov ITTOpCVtTO (B.Btlt/.)!) 

LA. 1. 33. 69. Latt.[t']. Syrr.Pst.&IIcI. 
Syr.Hier. Mcnqih. Arm. ^th. Orig. 
Int. iii. 850". Ilil. 728^ (« B).| {tTrop. 
avo T. lip. '^. ex. rel. 

— ■7rpoati\9ov'] add. avripF. (a^.c.f.ff-.g^. 
Ailh. Orig. Int. iii.850\ 

2. et airoKpiQue BDL. 1.33. 69. (Latt.) 
Su'.IIier. Memph. Ann. j'Etb. | Jo ^t 
li]tjovQ <^. ex. rel./ Syr.IIcl. j o St 


H. /. Syr.Pst. (Jesus autem respondens 
Orig. Int. iii. 850"). 

2. ov BC. 1. rel. SyiT.Pst.&Hcl. Orig. 
Int. 873''. lom. DLX. 33. Latt. Memph. 
Theb. (ap. Mnt.) Ann. Mth. Orig. 
Int. iii. 850". (vid. Mar. xiii. 2.) 

— ravra Travra B.Btli/.CLX. 1. 33. 69. 
HMUV. (Latt.) Syr.Pst. Memph. Ann. 
Orig. Lit. iii. 850". 873''. | f iravra ravra 
•S-. D. rel. e. Syr.HcI. 

— i'/itj'] add. on D. 

— Of ok] fadd. /«) <^. Is. 33.5. GKsU. 

— ad fin.] add, et post triduum aliud ex- 
citabitursinemanibus Cypr.280.(?Mar. 
vid. D in Mar. xiii. 2.) 

3. EKato}V^ add, tcara'ai'Tt rov upov C, 
(vid. Mar. xiii. 3.) 

— jiaBiirai BDL. rul. Latt. Syr.Hcl. Arm. 
I add. avrov CAU. c. Syr.Pst. Memph. 
^th. Orig. Int. iii. 851". 

— £i7r«] tiTTOv L. 1*. 33. 

— Troj-f] rort C. 

— ri)Q <yi]t; TTapovfjiao] rijg TrapovaiaQ 

(TOV D. 

— rrvvriXetai;^ fP'''"""' ''''IS ^' ^' ''^'-1 
om. ii.Bch.CL. 1. 33. 

4. Kai airoKp.'} avroKp. St 1. 33. 

4. avToisI °"^- <'•^•^■ 

5. XeyovTtg'] add. on C*. / SyiT.Pst.& 
Hcl. Arm. Orig. Int. iii. 851'=. (Contra, 
Orig. Int. iii. 852". 853".) 

6. fiiWtintTt Orig. hit. iii. 853». | /ttX- 
Xtrai D. -rt Orig. ii. 788". 

— ■yiviaOai'l f praem. rravra ^. C, rel. f. 
Syrr.Pst.«tHcl.|oni. BDL. 1.33. (Latt.) 
Memph. Theb. (ap. Mnt.) ^th. Orig. 
Int. iii. 853". (" haec" habent (L^tt. 
exc. eg'.) Syr.Hier, Cgpr. 268. " ista" e. 
" haec omnia"/ fieri haec omnia Arm.) 

— ofTTw] oi'K tvOaioc U. uEth. 

— tarii'l om. 33. U. 

7. tyepOijatrai'l tytpBijuovrai L. 

— tm 1". BsU. rel. | tir' CL. 1. K. 
(hiat 33.) 

— X</ioitantuniBDE*a.4.c^'=. /W. 729=. 
I Xip.ot f Kat Xotfioi ^. C. 1. 69. rel. h, 
Syrr.Pst.&Hcl. (ct Gr.) 
Memph. Arm. iEth. Orig. Int.i'n. 855". 
(vid. Luc. xxi. 11, rec.) | Xoifioi Kai Xi- 
lioi L. .33. Vulg. c.f.ff'.g'-H. (vid. Luc. 
xxi. 11.) 

8- iravra Ut ravra A.(et om. hab.) Syr. 

38. relinquett'.r Ct. 
2. dixit illis CL 

XXIV. 21. 

Vul?. a. h. c. ff^ 

Syrr. P. H. a 

Arm. Mfh. 

* c. lu: 22. 

Mar. 13:13. a^t 

Lu. 21:17. ' 


J c. 10:22. 


^ Mar. 13; 10. T 

' llMar.13: 14-23. - 


'" Dan. q:27. 

°Lu. 17:31. '^ 



^ TvdvTa 8e ravra apxv <^^i-va>v. ' Tore TrapaScoaovaiu 
vixas els OXiy^nv kolI airoKTevovaLV v/xas' koc eaeade 
fj.iaovfj.evoL viro iravTcav rmv IQvQtv Sia to ovofia fiov. 
^° KOLL t6t€ (TKavhaXLcrdrfcrovTaL tvoXXol kou aXKrjXovs'^ 
TrapaScoaovcTLu, Koi fiLarfaovaiv dXXrfXovs' kol ttoX- 
Act ylrevSoTTpocprJTai eyepOrjaouraL kol irXavrjaovcnv 
TToXXovs' ^' Kol 8id TO irXrfdvvOrjvaL ttju dvofLiav 
■^vyrfaeTai rj dyairr] tS)v iroXXcav. "'•' o 5e viropeivas 
€19 Tf'Aof, ovTos awByfaeTat. koi Krjpv^dT^o-eTaL tovto 
TO evayyeXiOu Trjs fiaaiXelas eV oAr; tyj o'lKovfLevrf 
els papTvpLov Trdcnv tols edveaLV kou. tot€ rj^ei to 
TeXos. ^^ '"Oraz/ ovi> 'iSifTe to ^ ^SeXvyfia Trjs iprffjco- 
aecos, " TO prjdev Slcc AavLrjX tov 7rpo(p7]TOV, * ecTos 
ev TOTTco dyico, (6 dvayiuaxTKcov voeiTco ;) ° TOTe ol 
ev Trj lovSaia (pevyeTcoaav 'et? Ta oprj- o eiri tov 
ScopaTos p.r] ^ KUTajSaTco" dpai ^ Ta eK ttjs oIkIus av- 
TOV Kai o ev rw aypco fxr) eTricrrpeyaTO) OTricrco 
dpai * TO IpaTiov ' avTov. oval 8e Tais ev yaaTpl 
e-)(ovcraLS Kal Tais OrfXa^ovaais ev eKelvais tols i]pe- 
pais. ^ 7rpoaev)(€a0€ 8e 'iva prj yevrjTai rj (l)vyq vfxmv 
^etpLcovos, firjSe ^ (rajS^aTco. ' ecTTau yap TOTe OXli^is 

terrae motus per loca. " Haec 
autcm omnia initia sunt dolo- 
rum. ^ (•"','•) Tunc tradent vos 
in tribulatione, et Occident vos, 
et eritis odio omnibus gentibus 
propter nomen meum. 'o (.245,10.) 
Et tunc scandalizabuntur mul- 
ti et inviccm tradent et odio 
habebunt invicem. '^ Et multi 
pseudoprophetae surgent et se- 
ducent multos. '' Et quoiiiara 
abunilabit iniquitas, refrigescet 
caritas multorum. '^ Qui au- 
tem perseveraverit usque in 
finem, hie salvus erit. " t^*'>^-J 
Et praedicabitur hoc evange- 
lium regni in universo orbe in 
testiniouiuni omnibus gentibus, 
et tunc veniet consuramatio. 
15(247,6.) Cum ergo videritis abo- 
minationem desolationis, quae 
dicta est a Danihelo propheta, 
stantem in loco sancto : qui 
legit inteliegat : '^'"''^•' tunc 
qui in ludaea sunt fugiant ad 
monies, " et qui in tecto non 
descendat tollere aliquid de 
domo sua, '^ et qui in agro non 
rcvertatnr tollere tunicam suam. 
" '.■-^''>--' Vae autem praegnanti- 
bus et nutrientibus in illis die- 
bus. ™(.»i.6-)0rate autem ut 
non fiat fuga vestra hieme vel 
sabbato: -'<^''''' erit enim tunc 

Hcl. Arm. vEtli. | ravra St iravra 1. 
69. Vulg. ce.f.ff^-'-gKl. Syr.Pst. 
Memph. (haec enim omnia if. Orig. 
Int. iii. 855'.) 

8. apx^] oSvvwv D*. 

9. TTopa^utCTOuffn'] -(jixXJiv A. 

— e,\ii|/n' BC(sic)D. rel. Theb. (ap. Mnt.) 
rel. I eXii^ac L. 1 . d.e.f. Syr.Pst.MSS. Syr. Arm.(cdd.) Or((/./n^ iii. 857''. 
(hiat 33.) | add. et in conventiculis et in 
potestatibus et ante reges stabitis €.{/.) 

• — airoKrivov<nv'\ airoKritvovfnv D. 

— ruiv t9vuiv (67. 3)BsU2LA. 33. 69. F. 
rel. (Latt.) SyiT.Pst.&Hcl.* rel. Cypr. 
268. {Hil. 729=.) Lcf. 149. | om. C. 1. /. 
Orig. Int. iii. 857''- (oni. rwv Eh. D*). 

— ad fin.] add. 6 dk vjro^iHvag £lq reXoQ 
ovToe au>di]atTai C eadem ad imam 
paginam M. 

11. lyipOrioovrai] t^eytpOrjrrovrat D. 

— "KXavijaovaiv ■jro\\ovif\ ttoX. rrXav. 
L. 33. 

12. Tr\r]9vv9ip>ni Hipp, in Dan. 121. 
Orig. iii. 143'. 204''. Eus. in Ps. 399^ | 
■jrXrjQvvai D. 

— -.pvxriairai K. 

14. 7-ouj-o BL. rel. Orig. Int. iii. 857". | 
post tvayytXiov D. Orig. i. 400*. Eus. 

D.E. 136''. Ci/pr. 268. | om. a. Arm. 
{Eus. in Ps. 364".) 

14. £v] om. 1. 

15. ovv'] ds L. Syr.Pst. Memph. (JRlh.) 
Iren. 322. Ens. D.E. 403"^. (hiat 33.) 

I om. Iren. 323. Hipp, de Ant. 62 

— Aavir]\~] Aai'tJjXoK D*. 

— 50T0C St. 3. li*Bch.V>*LA. 33. FGHV. 
(De hac forma vide in Lexico Liddell. et 
Scott.) IjEffrws EIz. D. 
man.rec. 1. 69(sic). EKMU. Hipp, de 
Ant. 62. (30). Eus. D.E. (hiat Z). 

16. £ic ra oprt BDA. 1. Vulg. f.ff'.g'-''- 
Arm. Iren. 322. Hipp. Eus.'m Luc. (ap. 
Mai 193.) Hil. 730». | {fTri r. 0. ^. ZL. 33. 
rel. Memph. (ut vid.) (in montibus a.b.c. 
e.Jf\h. inmontes Iren. 322. Ct/pr. 268.) 

17. o txi BsZL. rel. Orig. iii. 255'. | 6 dt 
im D. 33. e. | et qui in (Latt.) Syrr. 
Pst.&Hcl. (Memph.) iEth. Iren. 322. 
Cypr. 268. {Hil. 434'^.) 

— icarajiaTw BDZL. 33. Orig. iii. 255'. 
{■^ Karaftaiverui s. A. rel. Hipp. 

— ra BZLA. 69. E-FGHKMSUV. Syrr. 
Pst.&Hcl. Memph. Ony. iii. 255'. |t n 
S-. D 1. 33. E* Latt. Ann. iEth. Iren. 
322. H1UI. Cypr. Orig. Int. ii. 224^ 

338=. Hil. 730''. (434''.) vid. Mar. xiii. 

17. avrov BZ. rel. Vulg. c.e.f.ffKg'-'-h, 
Hipp, Orig, iii. | om. D. a.b.Jf". Iren^ 
Cypr. Hil. 

18. oTTiaui'] om. Latt. (exec.) | praem. eis 
ra. 33 (Hipp.) e Mar. xiii. 16. 

— TO tpaTiov BDZL. 1.33.69. K. (Latt.) 
Syr.Pst. Memph. Tlieb.(ap. Mnt.) ^th. 
Hipp. Cypr. 269. Hil. 730"'. | {ra l/ia- 
Tia ^. AE. rel./. Syr.Hcl. Arm. 

19. 6ij\a^ov(Taic Clem. 534. Hipp. Eus. 
H.E. iii. 7. (98). | iv9u\ai:ovaaic L. 1 
6i]\ai:iopii'aiQ D. 

20. <ra/3;3ary BA. 1.33.69. KSUV. (Latt.) 
Orig. i. 198». Eus. H.E. Orig. Int. iii. 
860''. Cypr. 269. Hil. 731''. | aaji^aTov 
DLM. (sabhatorum e.')\ ]iv" aaji^artii 
'^. Z[sed? nam litterae a6 (vocis 
lii]Si) ad init. lin. esse videutur]. E. rel. 

2 1. j-orf] om. K*. For.Harl*. Fuld. b.Jp.g' 
Iren. (274. 327.) 

9. in tribulationem CI. | 12. abuudavit CI. I 
15. Dauiele CI. | 19. praepiatibus Am. | 20. ill 
liieme C'i. 



XXIV. 22. 

B D (Z) rm. 'i •/>/ )».-/ n> -,-, 

L[X]]i /J-eyaArj, oia ov yeyovep air apxr]? Koa/xov ecu? tov vvv, 

1.33.69. avfi ovS OV ixri y€i>T]rai. "Koi €1 ui] iKo\o3codricrau al vuepaL 

eKCLfat ovK av ecrcoUr] iraaa (rap^- oia oe row e/cAe/croi;? 

§X Ko\o^cd6i](rovTaL al rjfiepai eKeluai. ^'^^Tore eav tls 

fi' vfjLii> €Lirrj, loov code o ^picrTOf, i] code, p.r] TncrTevcrrjTe. 

avS - YtyepQ-qaovTaL yap -^evSoxpco-Toi Kal \l/ev8oTrpo(l)rj- 

Tai, Kai Scoaovcni' ar]p.ela /meyaXa Kal repara, coarre 

irXavaaOaL, el Svuarou, koi rovf e/cAexroi;?. ^^ l8ov 

•Lu. 17:22-24. f '^poeipTjKa vp.iv. ^' eav ovi> enrcaaLv vp.Lv, Voov ev ty) 

— eprip.w icTTLV, p.rj i^eXOrjTe- 'l8ov iv rols Tap,eioi9, p.rj 

£ TTiaTevcrrjTe. coairep yap i] aarrpaTrr] e^ep^eraL airo 

avaroXcov Kai (paiverai ew? 8vap.a>v, ovrcof ecrrai* 7; 7ra- 

pLu. 17:37. e pOVCTLa TOV ViOV TOV aVOpOiTTOV. ^ OTTOV taV fj TO TTTCd- 

iilMar 1 -2 "'s '"■"' ^''^^' (TvvayOria-ovTaL ol deTol. "'■' '^ evOecos 8e p.eTa 

l|Ln. 21:25-33. T^v dXl\j/iv Twv -qpepcav eKecvcov 6 yXio^ <jK0TL(r6r)cr€Tai, 

Kal 7) a-eXrjVT] ov 8(ocr€i to (peyyos; avTrjs, Kal ol 

aaTepes TrecrovvTai airo tov ovpavov, kol al 8vvap.eLs 

^ Tcov ovpavcov a-aXevdrjaovTaL. Kai TOTe (pavi](reTat. 
to arjp.eiov tov vlov tov dvdpcoTrov ev * ovpavay Kal 
TOTe Koyj/ovTai irdaaL al (f)vXal ttj? 7^$"? Kf^l o'^ovTai 
TOV viov TOV av6 panrov ep'^opevov eirl tcov vecbeXcov 

tribulatio magna, qualis non 
fnit ab initio muntli usque 
motio nequc fiet ; '■'^'C'".^) et 
nisi brcviati fuissent (lies illi, 
non fieret salva omnis caro : 
sed propter electos breriabun- 
tur (iies illi. » C^W Xunc si 
quis vobis dixerit, Ecce hie 
Christus, aut illic: nolite cre- 
dere. 21(231,6.) Surgent enim 
pseudochristi et pseudoprophe- 
tae, et dabunt signa magna et 
prodigia, ita ut in crrorem in- 
dueantur, si fieri potest, etiara 
electi. ^ Ecce praedixi vobis. 
26 (255, 5.) g; gj.gQ dixerint vobis, 
Ecce in deserto est, nolite 
e.v:ire : Ecce in penetralibus, 
nolite credere. ^<^^'^-> Sicut 
eniin fulgiir exit ab oriente, et 
paret usque in occidentem, ita 
crit et adventus tilii hominis. 
-' (25', 5.) Ubicumque fuerit cor- 
pus, illuc congregaljuntur .aqui- 
lae. *'■'■''*< ^-J Statim autem post 
tribulationem dieruni illorum 
sol obscurabitur, et luna non 
dabit lumen siium, et stellae 
cadent de caelo. et virtutes cae- 
lorum commovebuntur: ^et 
tunc parebit signum filii homi- 
nis in caelo, t^w,.-.) g{ txyac 
plangent omnes tribus terrae, 
et vidcbunt filium hominis ve- 
nieutem in nubibus caeli cum 

21. ov ytyoviv BZ. rel. Eus. Theoph. 
(ap. MaL 133.) | ovk (ytviro DX in 
comm. Eus. H.E. 

— KOdftov'] praem. tov 1. 

— iwf TOV vvv BZ. rel. Eus. H.E. | om. 

~ ovS" ov lit, 'BZ. rel. £«s. H.E (MS). 
I oi'i^f/a; DAX in Conim. U. Eus. H.E. 

— yivijTai^ ytvoLTo D*. 

22. £i] om, K.*. 

— a'l ri/itp. 2".] om. at E. 

23. v/itv HTTP BDZ.rcl. Orig.'i. 423'^.] tiTry 
v/iiv L. d.e. C)/pr.269.\vftwv niry 69. 

— tj utSe BZ. rel. Orig. i. | q iku D. (aut 
ecce illic a.(4.)c.(e.)9'.A. ecce illic i.e. aut 
Ulic V,Ug./#'.s'-) 

— fir] martvaiiTi VZ.reh 0/-/j.i.(MSS.)| 
I nn martvijTi B.Bthj. (a corr. Bch.) 

24. \(/tvCoxpiarai /cat] om. A. 

BwfTOJtTlV Z. 

— irXavandai 7Aj. 1.33. Oriy. i. 423''. 
{airoTrXavcwOai Orig. iiu 143^)1^^X0- 
vriaai '^. B. rel.] w\ai'n9i,v(uV>. Vidg. 
*#"•»'•'• (liiata). (Contra, c.e.f.Jf'.h.) 

— rove ficXfKrouE] add. /xov c.ff^.h. 
Memph. Theod. (ap.Clem.) 969. | Con- 
tra, Orig. i. Cypr. 269. 

26. (KiKftnT(\ e|t\e,; K. 


26. iir) 1°] firiSi F. 

— iSov 2».] praem. r,. 33. b.ff\ Syr.Pst. 
jEth. I Contra, Orig. i. 423''. Orig. Int. 
iii. 864". 887*. 

— Tafiuoig] Orig. i. Taptuoig LX 1.33. 
1 ra/iioif E*G. 

27. tpaiverai BL. rel. Hipp, de Ant. 64 
(32). Orig. i. 423''. | ipmvu D. 1. G. 

— KTTai\ f add. Km s. A. 69s. Ms. Vn\g.'- Sjr.Hcl. iEth. Hipp. Cypr. 
269. 1 om. B.BcA.DLX. 1.33. EFGHK 
SUV. Harl. a.ff'.h. Syr.Pst. Memph. 
Theb. (ap. Mnt.) Arm. Orig. i. Orig. 
/«f.i. 68«. iii. 864°. 887'. Hil.474''. 

28. oTTou] fadd.yap ■?. AE. rel. c.ff\ Syr. 
Hcl. Ai-m. Orig. Int. iii. 864"^. | om. 
BDL. 1. 33. (Latt.) Menq)h. Theb. 
(ap. Mnt.) .^Eth. Hipp. Orig. Int. iii. 
951'. 0//)r.269. Hil.73l^. ((t£ Syr.Pst.) 

— £av] av D. Hipp. 

— oiaerot] praem. i-at Yalg.Cl. I. Iren. 
244. Hipp. I Contra, Ci/pr. 269. 

29. airo BL. rel. | £k D. Eus. in Es.489'' . 
in Ps. 640'=. 

30.£v otipai'ijj BL. Q//)r.(tadd.r<;) post £j"^. 
1.33.rel. £« Es ) | tov ev ovpavoic D. 

— TOT€ Ko\f/ovTai BsL, 33. rel. Orig. Int. 
iii. 865''. I Koi/zocrai roTE D. 1.69. a. (om. 
ror£ e. Cypr.y 

30. Traaat] om. 1. 

— Kai loKie ttoXXjjc BL. rel. /. Syrr. 
Memph. Theb. (ap. Mnt.) Ai-m. ^th. 
Orig. Int. iii. 868". Eus. in Ps. 501". | 
noWijs icat SoKilQ D. (Latt.) Ci/pr.269. 

31. atroffTEXfi Hipp, de Ant. 64. (32.) 
iE;«s.inPs. Or/j. /;if. iii. 872''. | airo- 
(TTfXXfi XH. h. (-XXeI H). 

— f wri/f BX. 33. rel. Theb. (ap. Mnt.) 
I lent ^(uj'ijs D. (Latt.) Hil. 577^ | 
psTa tpiovT]Q oaXinyyog peyaXtjg Syr, 
Hcl. {(pcivrji*) Syr.Hier. ^th. | om. 
0it;i';/f LA. I.e. Syr.Pst. Memph. Arm. 
Orig. Int. iii. 872'". Eus. in Ps. Cypr. 

— aTr' BL. rel. Eus. in 
Ps. I airo DX. 

— ovpavuiv Eus. in Ps. | praem. tu}v 69. 

— luiQ Tiiiv B. 1. 33. 69. I *om. T(ov S'. 
D. rel. Eus. in Ps. 

— ad. fin.] add. apxopivijjv Se rovTojv 
yett'trjQai avafiXi^liart Kai trrapaTt rag 
KE<pa\ag vpiov diori eyyti^ei // aTro- 
XvTpo}atig vpiov D. (vid. Luc. 
xxi. 28.) 1 (Contra, Hil) 

32. oTav r,^t]\ otl tantum H. 

— £K0D))] iKipvf, E(Tf.)FGHKMV. vv.] 

23. hie est Christus CI. 
aquilau CI. 

Ulic a. I ot 

XXIV. 39, 

Vnlg. a. h. c. 

Syrr. P. H. 


Arm. SXa.. 

33. TToi'ra ruvTa 

34. raxna iravTa 


NH' (T? 
' Mar. 13:32. T 

§ rr o?" 

' Lu. 17:26, 27. £ 



Tov ovpavov fiera Svudfxea^ kol So^ijf ttoAAt/s". '' Kat 
aTTOcTTeXel roir ayye'Aouy avTov jxtra aaXiTLyyo? 
(boovris fieydXrjs, koll ewLcrvva^ovaLv rovs eKXeKTovs 
avTOV e'/c tcov reaaapcov dve/uLcop, dir aKpcov ovpavwv 
ewy Twv aKpcou avra^v. '^' Atto 8e rrj^ (tvkt]^ fxa- 
Bere Trjv Trapa^oXrjv orav rjSr] 6 /cAaSoy avrrjs yevTjTai 
anraXos, koll ra (pvXXa tKCpvrj, yivcoaKere ort iyyv^ to 
Oepos' ovrcos Kai vfieis orav lOTjre * ravra iravra, 
yLvaaKere on iyyvs iariv lirl dvpais. " apu^v Xtyco OTi ov p-T] TrapeXdr] rj yevea avrr] ecos dv iravra 
ravra yevrjrau ''^ 6 ovpavos kcu tj yrj * irapeXevaerai, 
o'l 8e Xoyoi p.ov ov p.rj TrapeXOcocTLV.^ 

ob liepi oe r7]s rjpepa^ €K€Lvrj9 Kai copas ov- 
Seis olSev, ov8e ol dyyeXoi rwv ovpauav, el p.r} 6 wa- 
rijp p.ovo9- ^ ILcnrep yap at ijpepac rov IN we, 
ovrcos ecrrai * rj irapova-la rov vlov rod dvOpcoTrov. 

38 t * // \ 9 > ~ t / *r- , I -Iff 

* COS yap 7]aav ev rais -qpepats \jKeLvais\ rais 
TTpo rov KaraKXvapov, rpcoyovrey Ka\ Trlvovres, ya- 
pLOVvres koll eKyap-l^ovres, a^pL ')? r]p.epa9 elarjXOev 
Ncoe els rrjv KC^corov, ^^ koX ovk eyvooaav ecos rjXOev 
6 KaraKXva-pLos kuI rjpev airavras, ovrcos earai,^ 77 

Tirtute mnlta et maiestate. "Et 
mittct angelos suos cum tuba ct 
voce magna, et congrcgabunt 
electos eius a quattuor veiitis a 
summis caelonim usque ad ter- 
minos eorura. ^^ Ab arbore au- 
tem fiui (liseite parabolam. Cum 
iam ramus eius tener t'uerit et 
folia nata. scitis quia prope est 
aestas: "^ila et vos cum vide- 
ritis haec omnia, scitote quia 
prope est in ianuis. ^*Anien 
dico vobis quia non praeteribit 
baec geueratio donee omnia 
haec fiaut. ^ Caelum et terra 
transibunt, verba vero mea non 

36(260,6.) j5g Jig autem ilia et 
hora nemo scit,neque angeli cae- 
lorura, nisi pater solus. ^' i^'> w 
Sieut autem in diebus Noe, ita 
erit et adventus filii hominis. 
™Sicut enim erant in diebus 
ante diluvium comcdentes et 
bibente.s, nubentes et nuptum 
tradcntes, usque ad eura diem 
quo intravit in arcara Noe, ^'et 
non cognoverunt donee venit di- 
luvium et tulit omnes, ita erit et 

iK(jivr) S". B aman.rec.2?%.X. 1.33. 69. 
U. ff'. Arm. producit Orig. Int. iii. 
STa"". miserit Orig. Int. iii. 22''. 

32. yii'iuCTi-ET-s] ytj'wcTKerai I3.(?jBcA.)D. 

— tyyuf BLX. 1. rel. | add. laTtv D. 
Latt. Orig. Int. iii. j id. post 0(pog 33. 

33. ravra rtavra D. 1.33. 69. HKUV*. 
(Latt.) Syr.Pst. Memph. Arm. 1 % rravra 
ravra i^. BsLXGV^. rel. e. Syr.Hcl. 
Orig. Int. iii. 872''. || add. yivofiiva 33. 
a.c.f.h. (Contra, Vulg. b.e.iff'^.g'-'-)\J'\'\ 

34. a/ii;>'] add. Si L. 

— iijiiv on B.Btly.Blc.DL,. 1. 33. 69. F. 
Latt. Syn-.Pst.&Hcl. Orig. Int. iii. 872=. 
I "om. on <;■. AE. rel. 

— iravra ravra RtX. Is, 33. rel. Vulg. c. 
Syr.Hcl. | ravra iravra DL. 69. H. 
Vulg. MS.(ap.Gb.) a.e.ff\g'-Ni.l. Syr. 
Pst. Memph. Arm. (om. ravra For. 
Harl' b.f.ffK Orig. Int. iii.) 

35. TrapiKtvatrai BDL. 33. e. Iren. 336. 
(vid. Orig. i. 594''.) Eus. in Es. 574". 
in Ps. (ap. Mai 98). | J irapiXivaovrai 
■^. AE. rel. Orig. i. 594"!. iii. 568». 

36. eK(ivi]g Kai] iKttvrig t] 33. b. 

— wpac] t praem. n/c's". Is. 33s. (Syr.Hcl. 
mg.) I cm. BDA. 69. EFGHKMUV. 
I om. Kai uipag L. Eus. ad Mar. supp. 
(ap. Mai 283). 

36. oiipni'iur] add. oti^e 6 v'wg BD. For. 
a.b.c.{e).f.ff\h. Syr.Hier Arm. ^th. 
Iren. l.'iS. (? Mar.) Orig. Int. iii. 874\ 
(ffi/. 733'.) neque filius hominis c. 
Hil.1%1^'- (MSS.) (post ^oj-of Theb. 
ap. Mnt.) I Contra, L. 1. 33. rel. Cdd. 
Origenis (vid. infra). Vulg. j'-^' Syrr. 
Pst.&Hcl. Memph. " In quibusdam 
Latinis codicibus additum est neque 
filius; qnum in Graecis, et maxime 
Adamantii et Pierii exemplaribus hoc 
non habeatur adscriptum." Hieron. in 
loc. (vii. 199). 

— Ttarrjp'] f add. fiov ';. E. rel. / | om. 
BDLA. 1. 33. 69. (Latt.) Syrr.Pst. 
&Hcl. Syi-.Hier. Memph. Theb. 
(ap. Mnt.) Arm. .^th. Orig. Int. iii. 

37. uiairtp yap B.Bc/i.DII. e.m. Syr.Hcl. 
mg. Memph. Orig. Int. iii. 875''. | 
Xiiarrtp Si ^. L. rel. (Latt.) Syrr.Pst. 
&Hcl.txt. Arm. ^th. C/e»i.533. Orig. 
iii. 568''. 

— at I'l/iepai BDII. reL Orig. iii. | om. 
ai 69. 

— tcrat~\ t-idd. rai T- Dn(Tf.) rel. 
Vulg. a.b.e.f.ff-'.g'-'- Syr.Hcl. ^th. 
Orig. Int. iii. 875''. (vid. Luc. xvii. 26). 
I om. BII(.Tr.)LU. Harl.* cd.ff'.h. 

Syr.Pst. Memph. Arm. Clem. 533. 
Orig. iii. 569^ 

38. (if BII(Tr.)L. 33. Orig. iii. 569». | 
ti„Trrep ^. Dn(Tf.) rel. 

— r'ifiEpaig iKtivaig BD. b.c.f.ff' Syr. 
Hcl. (^th.)l*om. iKtivaig '^. ITL. 1. 
33. rel. Vulg. a.e.ff'.g'-'- Memph. AiTn. 
Orig. iii. 569». Orig. Int. iii. 875''. ^tv 
raig j/fiepatQ. . . . raig om. Syr.Pst.) 

— raig jrpo BII. 1. 33. rel. Latt. Syrr.Pst. 
&Hcl.Memph. Arm. JSth.indiebusante 
Orig. Int. iii. ] om. L. a.e.ff'. Theb. (ap. 
Mnt.) Orig. iii. (317"^.) 569».|om. raigT). 

— yafiovvreg BsII. 1. 33. rel. Orig. Int. 
iii. I praera. aai DL. a.m. Syr.Pst. 

— (Kyaftilovrtg IIL. 1. rel. | yafiul^ov- 
reg D. 33. | yafnanovreg B. 

— t;c] om. 69. | rijg D. 

— ilfiipag~\ add. yg D**. 

39. £we] add. oii A. 33. 

— arravrag BL. rel. Orig. iii. 317". | Trav- 
rag DII (ut vid. sed ?). 

— etrrail fadd. /cat 'S'. HL. rel. Vulg. 
ce.f.m. Syr.Hcl. Arm. Orig. Int. iii. 
8751=. I om. BD. a.b.ff'.g'.h. Syr.Pst. 
Memph. iEth. 

34. generatio haec CT. | 35. verba autem CI. 
36. solus pater CI. | 38. nuptui tradeutes CI. 
Noe in arcam CU 



[AlBrCTDrZVID rrM ' -,<-, ->/]' 40's.'>/ » 

L[X] A irapovaia tov vtov tov avupOuTTOv. rore ovo eaovrai ev 

1.33.69. TO) aypw' ^ els TrapaXauBduerai, Kol^ eh dihierai. ^8vo 

EFGHKMSUV. ^{'a ' " t ' s " ' ^ o' - ' 

' Lu. 17; 35. aAi-jdovaai ev Tea * fj.vAcp- fXLa irapaAaixpaueTai, kul /xia 

^ acpierai. yprj-yopeiTe ovv, on ovk oioare ttolo. *i]pepa 

"^'^ o KUptof v/xcou ep^eruL. HiKeLvo be yLvcoa-Kere, on ei 

■■Lu. 12:39-^6. p ,1 ^ , , -^ I ' X \ '• ' \ ' » 

yoei o oiKooeaTTOTrjs iroia (pvAaKr) o KAeTTTjjs ep^^erai, 

eyprj-yoprjaev dv kol ovk dv eiacrev * BLopv^Orjvai Tr]v 

o'lKiav avTov. 8id tovto kol vpets ylveaOe eTOLfior 

on f) ^ ov SoKelre copa 6 vlos tov dv6 pcoirov ep^erai. 

139 ^ T/y dpa earnv 6 "irLaros bovXos Koi (j)p6- 

vifJLOs, ov KaTearrjaeu 6 Kvpios^ eirl rrjs * olKeTelas" 

§C ^ avTov, TOV * oovvaL avTois Tr]u Tpo<p7]i> ei> Kaipco; 

J p-aKdpios 6 SovXof eKelvos ov eXOcov 6 Kvpios av- 

TOV evprjcreL * ovtws iroiovvTa. apTjv Aeyoy vpLv 

OTL eirl irdcnv toIs VTrap^^ovaii' avTov KaTaaT7]aei 

alt ' > 48'^s.v" < ^S'~\ >" > 

p avTov. eoLV oe evwy] o KaKos oovAoy eKeiuos ev tyj 
Kupoia avTOV, XpoviC^ei * pov o Kvpios , Kai ap^rj- 

XXIV. 40. 


48. 6 KvpioQ [A 


hovXovs avTov, * eaOlrj 8e 

\ I II \ r, n I 50 •■' h ' I "P 

Kai TTLvrj, pLeTa tmv peUvovTwv, T^^et o Kvpios tov j 


ov eKeivov ev rjpiepa y ov TrpocrooKa Kai ev copa 

adventus filii hominis. "(^ss.s.) 
Time duo ertint in agrro: unus 
adsunu'tur, et unus relinque- 
tur ; "duac molentes ill niola: 
una adsumctur, et una rclin- 
quetur. «i-<>3,6.) Vigilate ergo, 
quia nescitis qua hora doniinus 
vester venturus sit. <3(26j, 2.) 
Illud autem scitote, quoniam 
si seiret paterfamilias qua liora 
furrenturus esset, vigilarct uti- 
que et non sinerct perfodiri do- 
mum suam. ■•* Idco et vos e,-tote 
parati, quia qua nescitis hora 
tilius hominis venturus est. 

45 (265,5.) Qijjg pyf^j ggj fidelis 
servus et prudcns, quern con- 
stituit dominus suus supra fa- 
miliam suam, ut det illis cibuni 
in tempore? «t2«,i.) geatus ille 
servus quem cum venerit do- 
minus eius invenerit sic facien- 
tem. " Amen dico Tobis quo- 
niam super omnia bona sua 
constituet eum. 48(*i7, s.jg; 
autem dixerit mains servus ille 
in corde suo, Moram tacit do- 
minus mens venire, ^^ et coe- 
perii percutere conservos suos, 
manducet autem et bibat cum 
ebriis: ^"^veniet dominus servi 
illius in die qua non sperat et 
hora qua ignorat, ^' et dividet 


li 8. 

1) ov yivcocTKet, Kai OL^OTopLTjaei. avTov, kul to pepos 

40. Svo fuoi'T-ai DHL. rel.^. 
\ saovrai Svo B. h. (vid. Luc. xvii. 34). 

— f if bis I f praem. o bis S"- E. rel. | om. 
BD1IL(A 1"). 1. 33. Syrr. ut vid. (hiat 
II in 2° Inco). 

41. juuXyBII(utvid.espat.)LA.33.EFGK 
SUV. Or(jj.iii.594«. | ^ftvXuin •^ . DH.rel. 

— ad fin.] add. dvo iiri kXuvtjq hhuq' 
i'lQ irapaKafijiaviTai Kai uq aipurai D. 
69. Vii\g.Sixt. JEth. Orig. 
/n(. 111.876°. {Hil-733'.) (ad init. ha- 
bet e. in loc. hujus vcr. hab.^'-^-) om. 
fiiag exc. e.f. (e Luc. xvii. 34). | non 
habent Vulg. g'-'I. 

42. ,)/JEp?BDIIA. \. 33. 69. fjp. Syr.Hcl. 
Syr.Hler. Iren. 278. Hil. 734». | Jwpy 
S- L. re!. (Latt.) Syr.Pst. Mcmph. 
Arm. Orig. Int. ill. 876". (hora aut qua 
die e. diem aut tcmpus JElh. yfiep^ 
Km wpf Eus. in Ps. 431''). 

43. Bt] om. F*. 

— yivionK^Tt] om. A*. 

— fpuXaKy BDII. rel. Syrr.Pst.&Hcl. 
Tlieb. (ap. Mnt.) Arm. Orig. Int. ill. 
877». £«s in Ps. 588". | wp,} 33.69. 
GM. Latt. Syr.Hler. Mcmph. iEth. 

— OVK av] om. av D. 33. 

— ija(7€v D. 


43. SiopvxOTivai Dn(Tf.)L. 1. 33. {Swpv. . 
II. et litt. seq. x judicio saltern Tfi.) 
li^iopvytivai s'. B..B/C. rel. (^liopyrjvat 

sic in coll. Btly. cod. B.) 


— avrov BsL. Is. rcL | kavTov II. 33. 

44. y ov BoKtiTt topif BDII. Vulg. Mcmph. 
(de y sil. Btly.) | J y uipif ov loKSiTt ^. 
33. rel. ef.g'. Syrr.Pst.&Hcl. Ami. 

.^th. j 7; (jJp. 7] ov BoK. L. I y W|0^ ov 

yti'ionKtTt 1. I nescitis qua hora Tol. 
a.b.c.ff^-'-g-.h.l Hil. 1029». qua custodia 
non speratis Orig. Int. iii. 577". 

45. apa BL. rel. (hiat II.) 
Gr. Iren. 263. Eus. P.E. 575^| yap D. 
Orig. Int. iii. 878 

— KartaTTjaev'} KaraffTijtTeL M, 

— 6 (ci'piog] f add. aurow^.AE. rel. Vulg. 
b.c.f.ff^-'-g\ Syrr.Pst.&HcI. Memph. 
Arm. iEth. Orig. Int. iii. S78^ | om. 
B.BcA.DIIL. 1.33. For. a.e.g-.h.m. Iren. 
263. Orig. Int. iii. 878». 

— oiKETiias BIILA. 33.1 oiKiae 69. | %6t- 
paTTuat; ^. D. rel. 

— avTov^ iavTov C. (hiat II.) 

— roll] om, D. 

— ^oiirai BCDIILA. 1.33.69. U. ] Jct- 
Sovai ^. E. rel. 

45. Kaipifi] add. avTwv IITf.(?) 

46. oiirwc iroiouvra BCDIIL. 1.33.69. 
(Latt.) ^th. Iren. 262. Hil. 1029". 
I jTToioDvra ovThjQ ^. AE. rel.y. Syrr. 
Pst.&Hcl. Arm. Orig. Int. iii. esO''. 
(vid. Luc. xii. 43 ) 

47. avrov'] ante rote v7rap\ovfnv K. 

48. p.ov o Kvpiog BCDIIL. 33. Orig.i. 18^ 
I Jo KvpioQ /iou <S'. 1. rel. (vid. Luc, 
xii. 45.) II add. f i\9uv '^. UDIL rel. 
Orig. Int. iii. 8S0=.l om. B. 33. Memph. 
Theb. (ap. Mnt.) Iren. 262. | epxtadai. 
1. Orig.i. 18^ (vid. Luc.) 

49. apliirai] ap^trai 69. \ add. Xsyeiv sic 

— iTuvS. avTov BCDIIL. 1.33. 69. Latt. 
Arm. JEth. | *om. avrov S'. AE. rel. 

— s(!'y BCDIILA. 1. ESUV. 
(Latt.; Syrr.Pst.&Hcl. Memph. Arm. 
iEth. I t<!6iy....nn'ei 33. M. | laditt.. 

vivei 69. FHK. |{(CT9itii' -kivuv <^. 

(G irivifv). a. (vid. 7;-en.262? e Luc.) 
vid. Luc. xii. 45. 

— St BDL. rel. Latt. Syr.Hcl. | re C. 

43. perfodi CI. \ 45. super Ct. 
Am.* I 4a. ebriosis CI. 

46. eius om. 

XXV. 10. 


Vnlg. (a), h. . 

Syrr. P. H. 


Arm. Mth. 

aVTOV ixera TCOU VirOKpirav O-qaei- eKel ea-rai 6 kXuU- eum, partemqne eius ponet cum 
d/xhf Kol 6 l3pvyiUihf tS>V 686uTCOU. stridor demium "" '^"'"' " 







1 40 ^ Tore ofioicoO-qafTai rj ^aaiXeia tmu ovpa- 
vav SeKa irapdevotf, diTLves Xafiovcrat raf XapirdSa^ 
* iavTcou" ^ ^ e^rjXdov els * vTravTrjaiv" tov uv/xchiov. 
^' Trej^re oe + e^ avrcov rja-av + /xcopac kul Trevre (j)po- 
VLfjiOL-' ^ at yap' fxaypai Xa^ovaai tols XafxiraSas 

avTcav^ ovK eXaj3ou fxed' eavrav eXaiov 




(fypovijxoL eXa^ov kXaLov iv rols ayyilois ^ fxera rcof 
Xafj.7rd8(ov avrcop. ^ ')(^povL^ovros 8e tov i>vp.(p[ov euv- 
(TTa^au irdcrat kol eKaOevSov. *" fieo-Tj^ Se vvktos 
Kpavyrj yeyovev, 'l8ov 6 i>vp.(j)iof\ ^ i^ep-^^eaOe els 
diravTrjo-LV avrov. ^ Tore rjyepdiia-av irdcraL a'l Tvap- 
OevoL eKelvai, kol eKoap-rjo-av rar Xafnrd8a9 ^eavrcoi'". 

al Se fMcopal rah (^poviixois * eiirav" Aore rjplv ck 
TOV eXaLOV vp.S)V, oti al Xap.7ra8e9 rjpwv a^evvvvTaL. 

aTreKplOrjcrav 8e al (Ppoi^i/uLOi Xe'yovcrat, Mr/ vroTe * ov 
[XT] apKEO-rj rj/xii/ Kal iropeveade * p.dXXoi' Trpos 
Tovs TTCoXovuTaf, Kal dyopaaaT€ iavTais. ^° direp- 
■)(opiiva)v Se avTcov dyopdaai, rjXdev 6 uvp-Cplos, Kal al 

1 (268, 10.) Tunc .simile erit rcg- 
nxiin caelorum decern virgini- 
bus, quae accipientes lampades 
suas cxicrunt obviam sponsoet 
sponsae. ^Qiiinque autem ex 
eis eraiit fatiiae, et quinqiie 
prudentes: ^sed qiiinque fa- 
tiiae aceeptis larapadibus non 
snniserunt oleum secum, 'pru- 
dentes vero accepei'unt oleum 
in vasis siiis cum larapadibus. 
' Moram autem f'acientesponso 
doi'mitaverunt omnes et dor- 
mierunt. ^ Media autem nocte 
clamor factus est, Ecce spon- 
SHs venit, exite obviam ei- 
' Tunc surrexerunt omnes vir- 
gines illae et ornaverunt lam- 
pades suas. 'Fatuae autem sa- 
pientibus dixerunt, Date nobis 
de oleo restro, quia lampades 
nostrae extinguntur. 'Kespon- 
derunt prudentes dicentes, Ne 
forte non suflSciat nobis et vo- 
bis. ite potius ad vendentes et 
emite vobis. '° Dum autem 
irent emere, venit sponsns, et 
quae paratae erant iutraverunt 

1. 33. Syr.Pst. ^th. [anc. Memph. 

Arm.] (vid. Luc.) 
51. eri(TH Orig. 118'. | ante/<£raD. Latt. 

(biat a). Hil. 139\ 
1. iavTojv B.Blli/.T)L.\iavTuiv s'. CIIX. 

rel. Orig.iii. 824^ (ad avTiov ver. 3. 

om. F). 

— viravT)]niv Ji.Blli/.C. 1. | ^aTravTijinv 
T. DL. 33. rel. (n.l. Z). 

— TOV vv^tpiov'] Ti^ vv^ipuii C. II add. Kat 
Trie vv/jrpiie DX*. 1*. Latt. Syrr.Pst. 
&Hcl.* Arm. Orig. Int. iii. 880''. | Con- 
tra, BCZL. 33. rel. Mempli. Theb. (ap. 
Mnt.) JEtb. " Sponsa non in omnibus 
exemplaribus invenitur nominatim in 

2. TTivTC l"] praem. ai Z. 

— £? avTwv t/irav BCDZLA*. 1. Latt. 
Arm. (vEtb.) Orig. Int. iii. 880'. (biat 
a. n.l.^'.Syrr.) | Itjaav t? avTuiv s. 
X. 33«. rel. (Mempb.) 

— Hiopai...^povijiot B.Bch.CDZIj. 1.33. 
(Latt.) Syr.Hier. Mempb. Arm. ^th. 

Ori^. /n(. iii.880'. | +^poi'i/iot itui- 

pai ^.X. rel. / Syrr.Pst.&Hcl. 

— icac TTivTi BCDZL(Elz.) 1.33. K. | 
Rai ai TTivTi (St.3)XA. 69. EHMUSsVs. 
I al ^£ TTtvTt G. (biat F. mox fuupoi H). 

3. a'l yap BCL. 33. Memph. | al ovv D. 
ff^. I ai ^£ Z. (Latt.) ^th. (sed Latt. 
stultac autem ff^.) \ Jairiwc; '^. X. 
rel. (Syr.Hcl.) (Xa/3. St a'l /itop. 1. 
(cat al Syr.Pst. al Arm.) 

— avTiov BCDXA. 33. 69. FGHKMUV. 
b.c/.h. I om. L. Vulg. ff'-'-g'-H. Arm. 
I itavTwv S". Z(utvid.) Is. S*. [?E]. 

— /'<9'] jufr' Z. 

— iavTiov'\ avrwv A. 

— cXaioi"] add. iv toiq ayyiwi£ avTuv 
D- (!'■) 

4. ayytioie] f^'^''- auriui' <^. CX. rel. 
(Latt.) Syr.Hcl. Mempb. ^th. | om. 
BD Gr.ZL. 1. (hiat 33). For. h. Syr. 
Pst. Arm. 

— ^£ra Ttr}V Xa^nraOiov avr^^iv~\ om. E*. 

— avTojv DL. 1. 33. rel. {iavriov B.) 
b.c.h. rel. I om. CZ. (Latt.) jjf'.] 

5. [" fatuae obdonnuerunt" habet_^'.] 

6. yeyoviv] eyevtro B. 

— vvfifioi:'] f add. £px£rai S- C'X. 1. rel. 
Latt. ("est" 3'.) Syrr.Pst.&Hcl. Arm. 
JEth. Orig. Int. ni.SSl'-'- | om. BC*D 
ZL. Jlcmph. Theb. (ap. Mnt.) (hiat 

— £?£pXf'''9£] tyeipiaOi 1. l>.c.ff''. {iKtpxi- 
Tai D*.) 


6. airavTi]nn> ABDZ(sic.) 1. rel. | avv- 
avrrjuiv C. (h. 33). 

— avTov ADL. rel. ) om. B. ] avrtit C. 
Latt. (h. Z. 33). 

7. iKUvai Orig. Int. iii. 881^ | om. D. 

— lavTiov ABZL. | '^avrujv S". CD. 1. 
rel. (b. 33). 

8. tnrav BCL. 33. | {(in-oi/ S'- ADZ. rel. 

— ijfuvj add. tXaiQV A. 

— al] om. A. 

— rifiiov ABC=DZ. rel | v/iuiv C*LU. 

— (TfSEvvvvrai \ t^lSif. D. | ujitvvVTai H. 

9. ov fin BCDXA. 1. EFGHKMSUV. | 
t OVK <^. AZL. 33(s!C ) 69s. 

— apKtrry] apKtffu D. 33. 

— 7rop£i;£CT0£] f add. ^£ S". CZLK. rel. 
ff': Syrr.(Pst.)&Hcl. Memph.(W.) | 

om. ABDAEGHSV. (Latt.) Memph. 
(Schw.) Arm. ^th. Orig. Int. n.20l\ 
iii. 881''. 

— ayopaaaTt'] ayopaatTt 1. 

— iavTaiQ\ avraiQ L. 

10. aTrfpx^M^^"^*^ ^^ avTutv Orig. Int. iii. 
881'^. I iioQ virayovmv D, 

— al] om. L. 69. 

8. extinguuutur. CI. 



XXV. 11 


LX A. 

1. 33. 69. 


eroifioi elcrrjXdoi' /xer avrov 6if rovf yajxovs, Kai 
eKXelad-)] rj Ovpa. ^^ varepov 8e epyovraL [/catj at 
XoLTTol TrapOeuoi Xeyovaai, K^vpie Kvpie, auoL^ou 
^ 2 Tjfuv.^ ^^ 6 8e anoKpidels eiirev, ' Afxt-iv Xeyco vplv, ovk 

olSa vfjids. ^'^Tprjyope'LTe ovv, on ovk o'lSare rr^v i^pepav 
^'_ "1^ ov8e Trjv a)pav\ ' ^ coairep yap apOpconos airobrjpwv 

eKoXeaev tov^ ISlov? 8ouXov? kol irapeScoKev avTois ra 

"^ VTrdp^ovra avrov' ^ kol a> fiev e8coK€v Tvevre raXavra, 

w 8e Svo, o) 8e ev, e/cacrrw Kara rrjv I8[av Svvapiv Kat 

§« a.TreSrjp.Tja-ei' eudecos. ^^ TTopevOels \^8f\ 6 rairevre ^ tol- 

Xavra Xa^cov elpydcraro iv avrol?, koX * iKepSrjcreu 

17. oiaavTtos [koi] dXXa TvivTeK waavTOis KOL 6 Ta 8vo eKEpSrjcrei' dXXa 

ovo. 0€ TO €v Xapoav aireXdoiv copv^eu * yqu kul 

* eKpv\j/€v' TO dpyvpLov tov Kvplov avTOv. ' p.eTa 8e 

* TTOXVV ^pOVOV €p)(eTai 6 KVpiOS TCOV SovXcOV eKiLVOiV, 

Kai (TVvaLpeL ' Xoyou fX€T avTcov. kul irpoaeXUcov o 
Ta irevTe raXavTa Xa^cou Tvpocn-jveyKev dXXa irevTe Ta- 
XauTa Xeycop, K^vpie, irevTe ToXavTa poi TrapeScoKa?' 
'i8e dXXa TrevTe [^TaXavTaj eK€p8r]aa*. " i(pT] * avTco 
6 Kvptos avTOv, El) 8ovXe dyade Kal TrtaTe, iin oXiya 

cum eo ad nuptias, et clausa 
est ianua. " Novissime [vero] 
veniunt et reliquae yirgiiies di- 
centes, Domine domine, aperi 
nobis. '-At ille respondens 
ait, Amen dico vobis, nescio 
vos. '•'Vigilate itaque, quia 
iiescitis diem neque horam. 
1H263, 2.) Sicut enim homo pe- 
regrcproficiscensvocavit servos 
suos et tradidit illis bona sua, 
15 (270,5.) gj j,f,i dedit quinque 
talenta, alii autem duo, alii 
vero unum, tmicuique secun- 
dum propriam virtutem, et 
profcctus est statim. '^Abiit 
autem qui quinque talenta ac- 
ceperat, et operatus est in eis 
et lucratus est alia quinque. 
"Similiter qui duo acceperat 
lucratus est alia duo. " Qui 
autem unum acceperat, abiens 
fodit in terra et ahscondit pe- 
cuniam domini sui. '® Post 
multum vero teuiporis venit 
dominus servorum illorum et 
posuit rationem cum eis. ^ Et 
accedens qui quinque talenta 
acceperat optulit alia quinque 
talenta, dicens, Domine, quin- 
que talenta mihi tradidisti, et 
ecce alia quinque superlucra- 
tus sum. ^' Ait illi dominus 
eius, Euge bone serve et fidelis, 

10. erot^OL] iroifxai A. 

11. tpxovrai (Latt.) | ))\9ov D. c.f. 

— Kat ai ABC. rel. Vulg. .#' '-^-jt'-^- Syrr. 
Pst.&Hcl. Arm. Or/j;. /n(. iii. 881''. j 
om. KM DZH. b.c.f.h. Memph. ^th. 

12. a/iijv \iyut i>fiiv~\ om. 1. 

13. Tr]v ujpav~] fadd. ev y a vinQ tov av' 
OpuiTTov epx^Tai *^. C"*. 
69. E. rel. semcl.\om. AB 
C*ULXA. 1*. 33. Latt. Syrr.Pst.&Hcl. 
Syr.Hier.txt. bis. Mem]jh. Thcb. (ap. 
Mnt.) Arm. ^th. Eus. in P.s. 452". 
(ut vid.) 

14. yap Eus. Theoph. ap. Mai. 154. | om. 
D. Arm. On^. iii. 63 1^ 

— avdpwTTOQ^ add. rig C'FM (ap.Wtst.) 

— iSiovc c^ouXowe] SovX. tS. A*. 

— avTov Orig.Vn. \ avToiv A. 

15. i)'] fi'aD(in ver. 14 pro TrtvTt et Svo 
D habet £ et /3 et sic saepe). 

— iciav Bvvafiiv'] Cvva^w avrov D. 

— , 1 6. ivQiuiQ . nop. St ACDLX. rel. Vulg. 
g\ Syrr.Pst.&Hcl. (Meniph.) Orig. 
Int. iii.883". | evO. nop. B. h.ff'.g'. (et 
continue,^'.) | ivd Ct nop. l(sic). c.f. 
Jf'.lt. Syr.Iiier. (Trop. C( ev9. Arm. et 
aliiit statim yEtli.) 

— (ipyaTaro~\ jjpyatraro Dh. 09. 

— £>'] tn' 1. 


16. Kai ticipSt]iTiv A(man. rec.)BCDL. 1. 
33. 69. (L.att.) SyiT.Pst.& 
Memph. Arm. JEth. Orig. Int. iii. 883». 
I jKdi STToijjfffi' i^. A*, rel. Syr.Hcl. 
txt. (om. b-Jf^.} I add. ev avroig X. 

— nevTs'] fadd. ToXavra ^. ACDX. rel. 
/ Syr.Hcl. .^ith. Orig. Int. 883». | om. 

B.Bch.Blc.L. 1. 33. (Latt.) Syr.Pst. 
Syr.Hier. Memph. Tlieb. (ap. Mnt.) 

17. tjt(Tavru)Q~] add. Se A. | ofioiiog D. 

— Kot 6 ABC'D. 1. rel. Vulg.C/. a.c.f. 
tf'-<^-»-g'.h. rel. | om. Km C*L. 33. Am. 

— ffuo] add. ToKavTci Xff/3w)' D. c. yEth. 
I add. Xafiiov (Latt.) (Memph.) Orig. 
Int. iii. 383». | uon habent ABC. rel. 
Syrr.Pst.&Hcl. Arm. 

— • iKtpSt]atv] f add.K«t aVToq <^. AC'X. 
1. rel. h. Syr.Hcl. | praem. ead. D. | 
om.BC*L. 33. (Latt-) Syr.Pst. Memph. 
Theb (ap. Mnt.) Arm. ^th. Orig. Int. 
iii. 883^ (add. in eis a.b.c.ff'-^-) 

18. iv] add. ToKavTov A. Latt. (exc. 
Vulg.) I Contra, Orig. Int. iii. 

— aniXe^v Vulg.y:A. | om. D. (Latt.) 

— y);i'B(C»)L. 3.3./^ Arm. ..Eth. (rjjv 
yt])' C*.) I {£)' Tij yy "^T. AC^DX. rel. 
Am. Syrr.P»t.&Hcl. vid. ver. 25. (in tcr- 
ram Latt.) 

18. fKp!;i|/£i' ABCDL. 33. | *air(Kpv^tv 
T. X. rel. 

19. noXvv xpovov BCDL. 1. 33. 69. G. 
Latt, Arm. O/ijr. iii.631''. Orig. Int. Hi. 
884=. I txpovui/ TroXDj/ <^. AX. rel. 

— Xoyov /itr' avTuv BCDh. 1.33. (Latt.) 
Memph. Arm. .^th. | Xfitr avr. Xoy. 
^. AX. rel. ff'. Syrr.Pst.&Hcl. Orig. 

20. Kai npomXOtiiv^ nporreXO. Ss A. 
Memph. | Contra, Orig. Int. iii. 88 1'. 

— raXavra 2"] om. A. h. Syr.Pst. Mth. 

— naptSioKao] ceSojKaQ 1. b.Jf'K Syrr. 
Pst.(& Arm. ^th. | Contra, 
Syr.Hcl.txt. rel. Orig. Int. iii. 

— t^f] El Si sic U. 

— raXai'Ta (post tee ctXXa ttIite) AB 
C^D. rel. Syr.Hcl. Memph. Arm. Orig. 
Int. iii. 884f. | om. C*L. Latt. Syr.Pst. 
JEth. Orig. Int. iii. 884". 

— sKfpSijffa ff^.g^. \ intKtpSrjtTa D. (Latt.) 
Arm. Orig. Int. iti. 8840. yj-add. £?r' 
avToie S-. ACX. rel. Syrr.Pst.&Hcl. 
(_cv avToie EG.) I om. BUL. 33. Latt. 
Memph. Arm. JEth. 

21. £^ij] fadd. St s. AX. rel. Syr.Hcl. 

n. vero om. Am. \ 17. ^railiter et CI. [ IS. in 
teiTam CL I 20. tr;.didisLi mihi ecce Ct. | 
21, 23. serve bone CI. 

XXV. 30. 


^s^^r'"p"'H '^' ^S" TTtcrro?, eV/ ttoAAcSj' ere KaTaaTrja-w eiaeXOe eh Trjv 

Arm. £th. 

" c. 13: 12. 
Mar. 4:25. 
Lu. 8:18. 


yapav Tov Kvpiov crov. " irpoaeXOcav 8e kul o ra 8vo 
rdXavra ^ elTvev, Y^vpu, 8vo raXavra p,OL TrapeScoKa?' 
'i8e aXXa 8uo raXavra iKep8r)(ra\ ^' e(f)r) avTU> 6 Kvpio? 
avTov, Eu 8ovXe dyade kou inare, eiil oXiya rjf Trtoroy, 
eVt TToXXwv ae KaTaarrjcra)- elcreXOe els ttjv yjxpav tov 
Kvplov (TOV. " irpocreXOav 8e kou 6 to ev TaXavTov elXr]- 
(pcos elirev, Y^-vpte, eyvcav ae otl aKXrjpos el dvOpcowos 
6epi^cov OTTOV ovK eaireipai, kol avvaymv oOev ov 5te- 
(TKopTTiaas' ~^ Koi (pol3r]del9,d7reXdcoi> eKpvyj/a to TaXau- 
TOV crov ev tyj yrj' loe e^ei? to crov. airoKpLUeis oe o 
KvpLos avTOV elirev avTco, Ylovrjpe SovXe /cat OKvrjpe, 
jjSeif oTt depl^co OTTOV ovk ecrireipa, kol crvvayco hOev 
ov 8ieaKopirLaa ; "' eSei * ere ovv (SaXeiv to dpyvpiov 
jj-ov Toh Tpaire^LTais, kcu eXdcav eyco eKop.icrap.rjv dv 
TO ep.ov crvv tokco. apare ovv air avTov to TaXav- 

troa 7-oj;^ ^g(t oore T(p c^ovTL Ta ocKa TaXavTa. tco 

yap e')(OVTL iravrl Sodrjcrerai, kul Treptcraevdi]creTai.' 

' TOV 8e p.rj e)(0VT0s, Kal o e'x^ei apdrjaeraL air avTov. 

""^ ''^ Kal TOV dxpeiov SovXov ^ e'/c/3aAere " ^ els to aKOTOs 

qiiia super pauca fuisti fidclis, 
super nuilta te constitiiam : intra 
in gauiUum ilomini tui. "Ac- 
cessit auteni ct (|ui iluo talenta 
acceperat et ait, Domine, duo 
talenta trailijisti milii, ecce alia 
duo lucratus sum. ^^ Ait ilK do- 
minus eius, Eu}j:e bone serve et 
fidclis, quia super pauca fuisti 
fidelis, supra niulta te constitu- 
ani: intra in gaudium doniini 
tui. ^' Accedens autem et qui 
ununi talentum acceperat ait, 
Domine, scio quia homo durus 
es, et metis ubi non serainasti, et 
congregas ubi non sparsisti : 
^ et timens abii et abseondi ta- 
lentum tuum ill terra: ecce ba- 
bes quod tuum est. '^ Respon- 
dens autem dominus eius dixit 
ei. Serve male et pigei', sciebas 
quia meto ubi non semino, et 
congrego ubi nou sparsi ? 
^'^ ojiortuit ergo te mittcre pe- 
cuniam meam nummulariis, et 
veniens ego recepisseni utique 
quod meum est eum usura. 
" Tollitc itaque ab eo talentum, 
et date ei qui habet decern ta- 
lenta. '^ <^'> '■' Omni enim ha- 
benti dabitur et abundabit ; ei 
autem qui non habet, et quod 
videtnr habere auferetur ab eo. 
31) (272, 5.) j5t iiiutilem servum 

Memph. | om. BCDL. 33. EK. (Latt.) 
Syr.Pst. Arm. Orig. Int. iii. 884«. (et 
ait/#'. ^th.) 

21. £1; Orig. ii. 641'^. iv. 463 not. Eus. Pr. 
E. 575». I tvyi A* ut vid. Latt. Iren. 240. 
Orig. ii. 565<l. Orig. Int. ii. 467". iii. 
884«. iv. 507". 636''. 656^ Lcf. 205. 

— £7ri] fjrt (i.e. tirii) ett' D. Latt. Arm. 
Iren. 240. Orig. Int. ii. 407". iii. 884=. Lcf. 
\ Contra, MSS. vv. rel. Orig. ii. 565''. iv. 
Orig. Int. iv. 636'^. 656'^. Eus. Pr.E. 

22. irpooiXOtjiv] TrapeXQiov 1. 

— (■)£] om. KBtly. 

— i-ai] ora. U. Memph. b.ff-. 

— fiTTfj'] f praem. \al3wv <^. D. rel. 
Latt. (vv. 22, 23 om. a.) Memph. Arm. 
iEth. Orig. Int. iii. 8S4«.lom. ABCLA. 
1.33. 69. SyiT.Pst.&Hcl. 

— TTapi^wKa^'] -Keg D, 

— idt'\ idou D. 

• — ToKavra ult.] ora. V. Latt. (^ex./.ff'.) 
Syr.Pst. Memph. Orig. Int. iii. 884'". 

— (Kfph]aa'\ tadd. tn avroiQ S". ACX. 
rel. Syrr.Pst.&Hcl. ] om. BDL. 33. Latt. 
Memph. Arm. uEth. Orig. Int. iii. 884i=. 
(^tirtKipdijaa D). 

23. tu] tvyt A* ut vid. Latt. Orig. Int. 
iii. 8S4f. 

• — £xi] £7ri (i.e. ffffi) fjr'D. Latt. Arm. 
Orig. Int. in. 

23. Tie TriffTos] TTiffroc tie S.Btly. k. 

24. ^E KM Vulg. f.ff^h. Orig. Int. iii. 
885". I om. Km D. 1. a.b.cgK 

— sv~\ iva D*. 

— ti\)/0wsj \a/3wr F. 

— £yvwj'] tyvtac, K. 

— o-f ] om. D. Vulg. a.b.c. Arm. Hil. 738». 

— CTic\i)pof]«uiTrj)pof l.(Cont.,B.B/c.sic). 

— £i] suprascr. E^ | post avBpunrog G. 

— oTrov] oOtv 1. 

oQtV^ OKOV X). 

25. aTTtXSwj'] aTDiXOov km D. Latt. ^th. 

— i^f] eiSov D. 

2S. TTOvtipt Sou\i Clem. 317. Orig. iv. 
463 not. Orig. Int. SSSf. | ^ouXf Troiojpt 
A. Latt. (nequam serve male c.) Orig. 
Int. iv. 65 1». Lcf. 205. 

— ort] 6 69. 

27. « oi'i' BCL. 33. Syr.HcI. [n.l. Syr. 
Pst.Jltour o-tS-AD.rel. Latt. Memph. 
Oriy.Int.iii. 885'. (om. ovf Arm. Orig. 
iv. 463 nof) 

— TO apyvpwv Orig. iii. 295". iv. 463 
not. Orig. Int. ii. 175«. 669". 674''. iii. 
115''. 885^ I ra apyvpia B.Btlg Blc. 
(Syr.Hcl. puncta pi. habet.) 

— fXdiov fyw] tyui tXBuii' A. ff'.g-.h. 
Orig. iii. 29 5». Orig. Int. ii. 175'. 669". 

— rtr] ante tyw €koiil(T. L. 

— ToKi^^ praem. ti^j A. 

28. owl om. U. ff^. (Syr. Hcl. habet 
cum*). JElh. 

— ^£Kn] TTtvri D. 

29. irai'Ti Orig. iii. 97''. 466'^. 761°. iv. 
414':. 419". Orig. Int. iii. 886^. Hil. 
225':. 252'!. 738''. | om. D. Syr.Pst. 

— TTipifffftvOiiGtrai Orig, iii. 97''. 466*. 
761*:. I TrepKTireveTai D, 

— TOV ^f ^>) BDL. 1. 33. Latt. Syr.Pst. 
(Memph.) (Arm.) | iairo Sa tov lit] 
<^. AC. rel. Syr.Hcl. Orig. iii. 761':. 
iv. 441". (vid. Luc. xix. 26.) 

— Ex£t ABCDX. 1. H. rel. (ixi E) a.b. 
c.ff''-^-h. Syr.Pst. Memph. Arm. Orig. 
Int. iii. 886''. | Sokei txtiv LA. 33. 69. 
Vulg. fg'-^-l. Syr.Hcl. Orig. iii. 761":. 
iv. 441". Orig. Int. iii. 889'=. Terl. de 
fug. 11. (vid. Luc. viii. 18.) 

— ad fin.] add. raura XEywi' i^iovu, '0 
exiov ujra aKovHv aKovtro} C^'G^HV^ 
(F- habet inter lineas lit. rubr.) | ead. 
ad fin. ver. 30. 69. 1 raura ^£ E^oji'sticrX. 
habet M litt. rubr. in mg. 

30. om. ver. G*. 

— ek/SeAete AB.Bc/i,CLXA.l.EKMSUV. 
(£K/3a/\ar£33.) | {Eic/SrtUErE <r. 69. FsG 
Us. I /3a\\Ej-E E?w D. Latt.(ex. Vulg./j;'.) 

23. super Ct. | 24. om. et ante metis CI. [ 27. 
committere CI. 



i(X)£i. ^° el^coTepov €K€l ecrTai o KAavOfios kul o ppvy/xof 

1.33.69. T^i, 68oUTCOV.^ 

EFG(H)KMSUV ^ A-, 31"n ^' '\a ' '^ - ' a ' ' - 

So^T) avTov, Koi TrdvTey ol * ayyeXoL /xer avTOv, rore 
Kadlcrei Ittl Opovov 86^r]s avTOV, ^'" /cat * crvva^6r)(rov- 
rai, e/xirpoadiu avrov Trdura rd eOvy], kou d(f)opi€i 
§11 avTovs dir dXXrjXcov,^ cocnrep 6 Trocp-rju dcjjopL^ei rd 

f H Trpo/Sara drro rav Ipiipcav, "'" kcu (TT-qa-eL rd jxev Trpo^ara 

€K Se^iau avTov^ rd 8e €p[(f)La e'^ evcovvpLcov. "^^ rore 
§ Theb. ipel o ^acTiXevs TOLf e'/c Se^Lcov avrov, Aevre ^ol evXo- 

yrjpevoi rov irarpos p-ov, KXr}povop.rj(raTe rrjv rjToip.a- 
o-jxevriv vplv jSacrLXetau diro Kara^oXrjs Koa-p-ov. ^^eVe/- 
vaaa yap kou iScoKare p.oi (fyayelu, eSi-yj/rjaa /cat Ittot'l- 
crare p.e, ^evog rj/xi-jv Kal (rvi^ijydyere p.e, ^"^ yvpvos koL 
Trepie^aXere p.e- rjaOevrjaa kou iTreaKexj/acrde p.e, eV 
(f)vXaKr) r]p.r]v Kol * rjXOaTe " irpos p.e. ''^ Tore aTTOKpidiq- 
crovTaL avTw o'l SiKacoL Xeyovres, Kuyote, Trore ere * ei8a- 
fxev TreLvcovra kou eOpey^ap^ev ; i) Sixj/coi'Ta Kal eiro- 
TLcrajxev ; ^ "^ irore 8e ae eiBopev ^evov kou avurjyd- 

XXV. 31. 

S Gotl. 

39 . 


41. [oi] 

yop.ev ; rj yvp.vov Kal 7repLel3dXop.ev ; "-^ Trore Oe ae 
elSop-ei^ ^ dcrOevovvra rj Iv (pvXaKj], Kal ijX6op.ev irpos 
(re; kou diroKpidelf 6 /3acriXevs epel avrol^, 'Ap.r)v 
Xeyco vfuv, e0 oaov eyroLrjcrare ei/l rovrwv rav dSeX- 
(j)U)v p.ov rav eXa^laroov, ip.ol eiroLrjcrare. 

142 Tore epel kou rols i^ evcavvpLcav, YlopeveaOe 
arr epiov ol Karripap.evoi, els ro irvp ro alcoviov ro 

eicite in tenebras exteriores : 
illic erit fletus et stiiJoi" den- 

31 (273, 10.) Q^xn aiitem venerit 
filius horainis in maicstate sua, 
et omncs aiigeli cum eo, tunc 
sedebit sujjer sedem maiestatis 
suae, '' et congregabuntur ante 
eum omnes gentes, et separabit 
cos al) invicem sicut pastor 
segregat oves ab haedis, '^ et 
statuet oves quidem a dextris 
suis, liaedos autem a sinistris. 
■" Tunc dicet rex his qui a dex- 
tris eius erunt, Venite benedicti 
patris mci, possidete paratum 
vobis regnum a constitutione 
niundi. ^■' Esurivi enim et de- 
distis milii ni.anducare, sitivi et 
dedistis mihi bibere, liospes 
eram et collexisiis me, '■^^ nudus 
et operuistis me, intirmus et 
visitastis me, in carcere et ve- 
nistis ad me. '' Tunc respon- 
debunt ei iusti dicentes, Do- 
mine, quando te vidimus esuri- 
entem et pavimus, sitientera et 
dedimus tibi potum? ^'Quan- 
do autem te vidimus lios|)itera 
et colleximus te. ant nudum et 
cooperuimus? ^^ Aut quando 
te vidimus infirmum et in car- 
cere, et veniraus ad te ? '"' Et 
respondens rex dicet illis. Amen 
dice vobis, quamdiu fecistis uni 
de liis fratribus meis minimis, 
mihi fecistis. 

■" Tunc dicet et bis qui a 
sinistris erunt, Discedite a me 
maledicti in iguem aeternum 

31. ayyeXoi] f praem. ayioi S". A. rel./l 
Syrr.Pst.&Hcl.lom. BDL. 1.33. (Latt.) 
Syr.Hier. Memph. Arm. .^th. Orig. 
iii. 715». Orig. Int. SS6'. Eus. c. Mel. 
190'!. Fr. ap. Mai 315. Ci/pr. 245. 297. 
303. Hil. r.Sge. 

32. avvaxOijiToi'Tai'B.Btli/.Blc.lI'L. 33.69. 
GKU. Eus. c. Mel. igo^. I X rrvvaxBti- 
<xcTai ^. A. rel. Eus. Fr. 

— aipopiii Eus. c. Mel. | a(poptini LA. 1. 

— aw' ABII. rel. Eus. c. Mel. | utto D. 

— a<popic,i^] atpopiGH A. (om. V.) 

— tpKpiuv ADII. rel. Eus. c. Mel. | ipi- 
fiuv B.Blly.Dlc. 

33. /HI' Vulg.^'2.j'-=- Syr.Hcl. Memph. 
Eus. c. Mel. I om. D. (Latt.) Syrr.Pst. 
&Hcl.MS. Arm. iEth. 

— ftjiwv] -aQ. IL (ut mihi quidem 
videbatur). Contra, Tf. 

— aurow -EwA'.c. Mel. C///J7". 245.297.|om. 
A. yEth. Orig. Int. W.6-22\ Ci/pr. 303. 

34. tv\oy>iiifi>oi Clem. 307. 952. IJipp. de 


Ant. 65(32). Fr.( 27). Orig. i. 1 12. iv. 463 
not. Eus. c. Mel. 115=. 190''. inEs. 453^ 
in Ps.30=. 1 69':.388''.57 1^628':. | ijvXoy. A. 

34. vfitvl 7)fiiv K. 

35. iSiij/ijaa^ pracm. Kat A. Syrr.Pst.& 
HcL* I Contra, Ireyt. 251. Clem. 307. 
536. 467. 592. Orig. i. 1 12. iii. 213". 
Eus. in Ps. 169'. 

— trvvtjyayerf^ praera. 7rEpul3a\art /tf A*. 

36. tiXBan ABDLA. 33. 69. EFG. IJj/X- 
dire <^. Is. rel. Clem. 307.952. Orig. 
iii. 213". Eus. in Ps. leg"", (n.l. II). 

37. Of. SiKaLoX^ om. A. 

— eiSaiievB*Bch.lI.\lH^opei' '^. AB^D. 
rel. Clem. 952. 

— etfofiiv Tciiv TTOTi Se oe vcr. 38.] 

om. 33. 

38. BE EiSo/iEv ABsL. rel. Orig. Int. iii. 
SgO"". I EiSofiEv (7£ D. Clem. 952. | oe 
EiSafiEv II. (non sic in ver. 39.) 

— 1] yv/iv.l Kai yv/iv. D. 

— nEpuiiaXojiEv'] TripiE/iaXXofitv A. 

39. TTOTE Se ABIL 33 (sic.) rel. Syrr.(Pst.) 
&Hel. Cvpr. 245. 29S. 303. (quando #■'. 
Theb.[et inver. 38.] Arm.) | tittoteD. 
(Latt.) Memph. [et in v. 38.] Clem. 952. 
Orig. Int. iii. 890'1. 

— atrOEvovvTa BD. Clem. 952. | J aadEvri 
'^. All. rel. I anSti'tp' A. 

— J/ f»'] Km EV II. Cypr. ter. 

— rjXdojiEV Clem.\i]X9apEv D. (hiat II.) 

40. o /JaffiXfi'f] om. a. I post tpii avroi^T). 
I Contra, Clem. 952. Ci/pr. ter. 

— Tuiv aSiXipuiv jiov A.T){\l).Ya\.Ctem.^52. 
Orig. Int. iii. 889"'. 890'. (S90» diserte). 
Eus.ia Ps.ieO". Ci/pr. ter. i/;/. 536». | om. 
B.Btly. ff^-''- C/em.271.467. Orig. Int. 
iii. 830''. £«jt.inPs.209«. 7/i7.458>'. (roiff 
piKpote rovTois Clem. 307. [t-wv] ^iKpoiv 
Tutv aSEX^utv ftov [rwj/] EXaxf^Tiav IL) 

35. colIegistisC/. I 36. cooperuistisCY. | in car- 
cere eram CI. \ 37. pavimus te CL I 38. collegi- 
raus CI. 1 cooperuimus tc CI. | 39. aut in careers 
CL I 4U. es liis CI. [ 41. ad siuistria Am.* 

XXVL 8. 


Vulg. a. h. c. 

Syrr. P. H. 


[Goth.] Arm. iEth. 


■>]TOLfia(Tixevov tu> SiafSoXcp /cat rot? ayyeAotf avrov. 
*' iireivaaa yap kou ovk eScoKare jxol (payelp, iSLxjr-qcra 
Koi OVK eTToriaare fxe, "^ ^eVo? rjp.riv koI ov avvr}- 
■ydyeTe fie, yvfivos koI ov Trepte^aAere /xe, aaOfvrjs 
KOU ev (pvXaKrj, koI ovk liveaKe-^aaOe fie. ' rare 
aTTOKptdi^aovTaL^ kou avrol Xtyovres, K-vpie, Trore ae 
€'i8op.ev weLvwura 7) Sf^covra ?; ^evov i] yvp.vov r] acrOevrj 
77 ev (pvAaKYj, KaL ov ocrjKOi'rjcraiJ.ev aoc; Tore airoKpt- 
6r)(jeTaL avTolf Xeyaiv, Ap.r]v Xeyca vplv, e0 haov 
OVK iiroL-qaare eVi tovtcou t(ov eXa^icTTcov, ovSe ^ ep-ol 
eTroLrjaare. "^^ koi direXevcrouTai ovrot et? KoXaaLV 
al(ovLOv, o'l 8e SiKaioi ety ^o}r]u alcouiou. 

qui praeparatus est diabolo et 
angelis eius. " Esurivi cnim 
et noil dedistismilii manducare, 
sitivi et non dcdi.^tis mihi po- 
tum, ^^ hospes eram et non cul- 
lexistis me, iiudiis et non ope- 
riiistis me, infirmus et in car- 
cere et non visitastis me. '•^Tunc 
respondebunt et ipsi dicentes, 
Domine, quando te vidimus 
csurientem aut sitientem aut 
Iiospitera aut nudum aut in- 
firmum vel in carcere, et non 
ministravimus tibi ? "** Tunc 
respondebit illis dicens, Amen 
dico vobis, quamdiu non fecistis 
uni de miiioribns his, nee mihi 
fecistis. ■'^ Et ibunt hi in sup- 
plicium aeternum, iusti autem 
in vitam aeternam. 


I Mar. 14: 1,2. 

II Lu. 2-2; 1,2. 

y Jo. 1 1 -47. 
t Goth. 


» II Mar. 14: 3-9. a 
II Jo. i2:i-R. 
Lu. 7.36, etc. 

7. iroXyTifiov 

143 ^ Kai iyevcTO ore ireXeaev 6 'Irjaovf Trdvray 
Tovs Xoyovs T0VT0V9, elirev Tols jxaOriTais avrov, 
~ OtSare otl perd 8vo -qpepas to iraa^a ylvtraL, kou 
o uios" Tov dv6 pwTTov TrapaSiSoTai et? to aTavpcodrjuai. 
^Tore^ o-vvr]-)(6r](Tav o'l dp^iepel^* Ka\ ol irpeajivTe- 
poL TOV Xaov ^ els ttju avXrjv tov dp^Lepecos tov Xeyo- 
p.evov K.aid(pa, ^^ koCl avvef^ovXevaavro 'luaTou'lrjaovu 
' 8oXco Kparrjacoaii', /cat dTTOKTe'ivwaLV. eXeyov 8e, 
M77 eV TT) eopTT], tva p.r] dopv^os yevijTat ev tco Xaco. 

144*^^X01} 8e 'Irjaov yevop.evov ev Brjdavia ev 
o'lKia ^ipcovos TOV Xeirpov, irpoariXOev avTui yvvt] 
* e^ovaa dXd^aarpov p.vpov fiapvripov, /cat Kare^^eeu 
eVi * Tr]9 Kec^aXrjs" avTov dvaKeipevov. l8ovTes Se ol 

"(SJ^.I-) Et factum est cum 
consummasset lesus sermones 
hos omnes, dixit discipulissuis, 
" Scitis quia post biduum pascha 
fict, et filius hominis tradctur 
ut crucifigatur. ^<^='-<^-) Tunc 
congvegati sunt principes sa- 
cerdotum et seniores populi in 
atrium principis saeerdotum 
qui dicebaturCaiaphas, 'etcon- 
silium fecerunt ut lesum dolo 
tenerent et occiderent. * Dice- 
bant autem, Non in die festo, 
ne forte tumultus fieret in po- 

6(276,1.) Cum autem esset le- 
sus in Bethania in domo Si- 
monisleprosi, 'accessit ad eum 
mulier liabens alabastrum un- 
genti pretiosi, et etfudit super 
caput ipsius recumbentis. ' Vi- 

41. oi Kari/p. AD. rel. Orig. i. 113. iv. 
463 not. \ om. o! B.Btly.l,. 33. (hiat 11.) 

— TO I'lTotfiaff^svov ABIIL. rel. Vulg. 
f.if. O'iy. iv. 464 not. Orig. Int. iii. 1". 

1 \Z^. Ems. in Es. 457". in Ps. 349'' 452*^. 
674*. Ten. de Car. Chr. 14. (jo ijroi- 
^afffitvit} EF.)1 o ijToifiatTev 6 Trarjjp fiov 
D. 1. a.b.c.ffKg'-'-h.l. lien. (124) 221. 
273.287. 0//{r./M(.ii.l77f.298''. iii. 885''. 
Ci/pr. 245. 298. 303. ^(7.337^. 557''.1 100'. 
\ 6 ijToifiacTei' u Kvpiog Clem.&9. quem 
praeparavitDcusOWt/./nt.ii. 16 1^(346".) 
416'. 4311.4661'. TtW. adv. Herm. U. 

42. £dn//))ao]praem./caiBL. Syr.Pst.iEth. 
jContra, ADII(utvid.) rel. £« Ps. 

— fTTor. fii"] e-TTor. jiol 69. 

43. i!vvt]y. pi\ avvtjy. fioi 69. 

44. aTToKpiBiiuovTail -f add. avTip <^. 
V\i\g.Cl.f.ff-.h. (post icaiavToi l.)|om. 
ABDIILd. 33. 69. EFGKMSUV. Am. 
(Latt.) Sjrr.Pst&.Hcl. Memph. Theb. 

Goth. Ai-m. Mth. Ci/pr. 245. 248. 303. 
(a7roKpi6i;«rat Kai avroig U*.) 

44. ttote] add. Se G. 

— SiijKoi'rjdapiv'] SiaKovrjcrafiiv A*. 

45. aTTOKpiOjjfreTai] add. Kai U, 

— €Vl] 'ivi A. 

— TovTiDV Tu)v'\ add. aSt\^ sic. E*. 

— ovSt] om. 69. 

1. liTt ErEXtfffi'] oTiXtnev D*. j brt (jvvt- 
TiXtutv M. I MQ iTiXiatv U Tf. 

— TravTaq~\ om. E. 

— , 2. avTov, otdare^ om. D, 

3. apxispeig] f *''''• i""^ "' ypapjiaTiiQ '^. 
E. rel. (om. oi AS.) c.f.g''. Syrr.Pst.&Hcl. 
Arm. Or/3./nf.iii.891^ (vid.Mar.xiv.l. 
etLuc.xxii.2.) | om.AB.B%.DL. 1.33 
(ut vid. e spatio) 69. (Latt.) Memph. 
Theb. iEth. 

— TOV Xaov ADL. rel. 0/-;>. //it. 111.891". 
I om. M.Bthj. 

— Kam^a ABL. rel. Am. Memph. ) Kaifa 
D. Vulg.a. (Latt.) Theb. 

4. avt^e^ovXevaavro'] -Xevovto D. 

4. SoXqt Kpanqatautv ABDLA. 1. 33. 69. 
EFGHKMSUV. Latt. Syrr.Pst.&Hcl. 
Arm. .^th. Orig. Int iii. 891". |t k-par. 
SoXiji S'. Memph. Theb. 

— airoKTUvuKnv habet in mg. B.Btly. 

5. ii'O fit]'] p.i]iroTZ L. 

— y£j'7;rai] yivtrai F. 

6. tV 0LK10.Q A. 

— XtTrpov~\ XiTTpuicrov D*. 

7. txovffa aXafiaffrpov p.vpov BDL. 33, 
69. Latt. Syrr.Pst.&Hcl. Memph. Theb. 
Arm. iEth. OWsr./«(.iii. 892".! taAa/3. 

HVp. tx- 'S- -A- '■'^'■ 

— /3apuri^oi'B. 1.69.rel.Syr.Hcl.txt. I jro- 
Xvripov ADL. 33. M. Syrr.Pst.& 
(Memph. Theb. ut vid.) (vid. Joh. xii. 3.) 

— rtis KKpaXtje BD. 1.69. M. | iriiv 
KtipaXijV S'- AL. 33«. rel. 

— avaKuiitvov~] add. avrov D Gr. a.b.c. 
f.ffKh. (Contra, Vulg.#'.s'-'-) 

41. qui paratus CI. I 43. collegistis CI. \ co- 

operuistisCT. ! 44.eietipsiCV. | aut in carcere Ci. 

3. Caiphas CI. | Jesus esset CI. \ 7. ungueuti CI. 



XXVI. 9. 

^^LA /JLadrjTai^ riyavoLKTrjaav Xeyovres, Et? rt 77 aTrcoXeia 

1.33.69. avTTj : ' -nSwaTO yap tovto^ TvpaOrivaL ttoXXov kol 

oooy^vaL tttco^ol^. yuovf oe o lyaovs eiwev avTOis, 

Ti KOTTOvf irapi^ere rrj yvvaiKi; epyou yap KaKov 

elpyaaaro eh ip.e. ^ iravroTe yap tovs tttoj^ovs ^'x^t^ 

g fj.ed' eavTcov, e'/xe 8e ov TravTore e'x^Te. ~ jSaXovaa yap 
avTTf] TO pvpov TOVTO eVt rov amparos pou, Trpoy to 
iuTacpiaaai pe eTToirjaev. '' ap.rjv Xeyco vplv, iirov 
lav KrjpvxOfi TO evayyeXiou tovto ev oAw tco Koapcp, 
XaXrjOiqaeTaL Kal o iwoLrjaev avTH], elf pLV-i-jpocrvvou 


""^ 145^^ ''Tore TTOpevOels eis twv ScoSeKa, 6 Xeyo- 

' II Mar. 14:10, u. p.evo9'lov8af'laKapia>Ti]s, irpos Tovsapxiepels ^ elirev, 

Ti OeXeTe poi Sovvai, Kayco vplv TrapaScoaco auTOv ; 

ol 8e eaTTjaav avTco TpiaKOVTa dpyvpLa- " Kal aTro 

TOTe e^rJTei evKaipiav 'iva avrov TrapaSco. 

TAr ""T _„ J 46^'^ Tr) 8e TrpcoTT] tu)v d^vpcov TrpoarjXOov ol 

II Lu. 22: 7-23. piadrjTal tco \r]aov, XeyovTe^^ Tlov OeXeLS eTOLpaaco- 

pev aoL (payeiv to irda-xo- / ^ o 8e eiirev, 'YirdytTe els 

Tijv ttoXlv irpos Tov Seiva, Kal eliraTe avTco, O 8i8a- 

cr/caAoy Xeyei., O Katpos pov eyyvs eaTLv, irpos (re 

denies autem discipuli indig- 
nad sunt dicentes, Utquid per- 
ditio liacc? 'Putuit euim is- 
tud veimndari multo et dari 
paiiperibiis. "■ Sciens autem 
lesus ait illis. Quid molesti 
estisraulieri? opus bonum ope- 
rata est in me. " Nam semper 
jjauperes habetis vobiscum, me 
autem non semper habetis. 
12(277,4.) Mittens enim haec un- 
gentum hoc in corpus meum ad 
sepelieiidum me fecit. "Amen 
dico vobis, ubicumque praedi- 
catura t'uerit hoc evangelium 
ill toto mundo, dicetur et quud 
haec fecit in memoriam eius. 

11 (278,2.) Tunc abiit unus de 
duodecim, qui dicebatur ludas 
Scariot, ad principcs sacerdo- 
tum '* et ait illis, Quid vultis 
mihi dare, et ego vobis eum 
tradam? At illi constitueruni; 
ei tiiginta argenleos. "" Et 
exinde quaerebat oportunila- 
teni ut eum traderet. 

'^ Prima autem azymorum 
accesserunt discipuli ad Icsuin 
dicentes, Ubi vis paremus tibi 
comedere pascha? '^ At lesus 
dixit, Ite in civitatemad quen- 
dam et dicite ei, Magister di- 
cit, Tempus meum prope est, 

8. liadtirail fadd. avrov ^. A. rel. c.f. 
Syrr.Pst.&Hcl. ^th. Orii/. Int. Vu.S92''. 
I om. BDL. 33. 69. (Latt.) Memph. 
Theb. Arm. 

— ad fin.] add. rovrov rov iivpov a.b. 
Syr.Hier. Arm. 

9. 7]0vvaTo Orig. iii. 490^ | tSvv. LAK. 

— tovto] f add. to /ivpoi' s". 1^.33.69. rel. c. 
Orig. iii. 490''. (? Mar.) (vid. Mar.xiv. 
5. Joh. xii. 5.)|om. ABDLA. 1*. (Latt.) 
Syrr.Pst.&HcI. Memph. Theb. Arm. 
vEth. Orig. Int. ill 17'. 892=. 

— TTTuixoiQ BL. 1.33.69. FsG(sic)MU. 
Orig. iii. 490«. j praem. toiq ADAE 
HsKSV. (et edit. MUlii) vid. Mar. 
xiv. .5. 

10. o Imrovg] om. o D. 

— yap'] om. 1. Am. Fuld. a.c.ff'.g''- 
Sjr.Pst. Memph.M.S. Theb. Arm. iEth. 
Orig. Int. iii. 894'. | Contra, Vulg.C/. 
b.f,tf\li. Syr.Hcl. Memph. 

— tipyatrnTol iipyaa. D. 

— iiQ t/je] IV ffioi M. 

11. vavTori yap roue TTTiaxovsTiDhG. rel. 
Latt. Syrr Pst.&Hcl. Tlieb. Arm. Orig. 
Int. iii. 17'. | tovq tttuix- 7«P- iravTOTi 
69. EFHM. Memph. ^Eth. 

13. ani)v Orig. /«<. iii. 394«. | add. Oe BA. 


Arm. (vid. Mar. xiv. 9.) (et amen Syr. 

13. lav] av DL. 69. Orig. iv. 14». 

— tovto] om. 69. 

— \a\ii9i]a(Tai] om. 69. 

14. l<TKaptiiiT7ic Syr.Hcl. Memph. Theb. 
Orig. iv. 385<=. Eus. D.E. 468''. 479''. 1 
^KapiioTtis D. Fuld. For, Syr.Pst. 
(Scariot Am. ff'. Orig. Int. 894^ Sca- 
rioth a.b.ff^.g^-'- Scariotha c. Scario- 
thesf. Carioth h.) 

15. ei7nv~\ praem. Kai D. Latt. (praec. 
" abiit "). Syr.Pst. ^th. Orig. Int. iii. 
8941. I Contra, Orig. iv. 385"=. Eus. 
D.E. bis. II add. avTotg D. Latt. Syr. 
Pst. Memph. ^Eth. Orig. Int. ii.lGlK 
iii. 894«. Eus.D.E.bis. \ Contra, rel. 
Orig. iv. 385=. 

— Kayu) ABE*, rel. Orig. iv. 385'. Eus. 
D.E. bis. I KOI lyu Da. 1. E^f GH 

— 01 Si] oic t^e D*. 

— avT({t'\ avTwv A, 

— apyvpia BL. rel. Vulg. c./^''.p''- rel. 
Orig. iv.385«. Eus. D.E. 468=. | apyvpa 
A. I aTOTtipag D. a.b. Orig. Int. iii. 
894". Eus. D.E. 479''. 1 araTtipag apyv- 

pLOV 1 . A, 

16. rtTrort (.sic') D. 

— Trapadt^] add. avToig D Gr. b.c.h. 
Syr.Hier. Memph. Arm. Orig. Int. iii. 
894«. Eus. D.E. 468''. (vid. Luc. xxii. 6). 
I Contra, BL. 69. rel. (Latt.) Syrr.Pst. 
&Hcl. Theb. JEth. 

17. XcyoiTft;] ante ti{) lijfrov 1. Ufadd. 
avTif} <^. A. rel. /. Syr.Pst. .,3ith. Orig. 
inr iii. 895'^. (vid. Mar. xiv. 12). | om. 
BDLA. 1. 33. 69. K. (Latt.) Syr. H 
Memph. Theb. Arm. Hil.HO^. 

— iToi^aaw^ev ABL. 33 (sic) rel. Latt. 
rel. |-<TOyu£j' D. 1. 69. KU. Orig. iii. 256''. 

18. 6 Se b.c.fff''.g\h. \ add. lijffowe L. 33. 
69. M. Vulg. a.ffKg'. ^Eth. Orig. Int. 
iii. 895=. 

— eiTTfi/ Vulg. ///■'•=-3'---/i. Syr.Hcl. Orig. 
Int. iii. I add. avroic 69. KM. a.b.c. 
Syr.Pst. Memph. Theb. Arm. JEth. 

— i'Trays V. 

— ■ 6 CidaaicaXog Xfyci] om. A. 

TTOllo] TroLtJ(TUJ D. 

19. (Tyt'fra^fi'] TrpoaeTa^iv M tst.U. 

— Kat jjToifiatrav to Tratrxa] om. G. 

20. SwSiKa BD(i/3). 1. rel. Theb. | add. /la- 

10. huic mulieri CI. \ opus enim CI. | 14. Is- 
cariotcs Ct. | 17. autem (lie Ct. 

XXVI. 28. 


Vulg. a.h.c. _ " '^ ' "■ - a " 19 V > / 

Syrr. P. H. iroioi TO TTaa')(a. jxiTaTwv ixaorjTcov jxov. Kai eiroLrjaav 

^Aj^'^^Mh^^' ''^ fx-aOi-jTOii cof avvera^ev avroif 6 'Irjcrou?, kol r/rol- 
jxaaav to 7ra<T)(a. 

147 ''^'O'^Las Se Yevojxevri^ aveKeiTO fieTa tcov 5m- 

g OEKa Kai eauLovTOiv avTcou etirev, A/xrjv Aeyco vjxlv 
§z av Of I e[y ^ f ^ vfimv TrapaScoaei fie. "kol \v7rovfxevoi 

§ c acpodpa rjp^avTO Xeyeiu avTco,^ els" eKacxTos^ M.i]tc 

"^^ iyco el/xi, Kvpie ; ^ 6 de diroKpLdels eiirev, 'O ifjifiay\ras 
fieT ifiov * Tiju X^V" f'^ ^9 Tpv^Xlco^' ovtos p-e rrapa- 
axrei. o pav vlos tov avoptOTrov virayeL KaUais ye- 
airfi ypaiTTai TTepl avTov, oual 8e TO) avOpijoTTCd iKecuco Sl 

oil 6 vlo9 TOV audpcoTTou TrapaSlSoTar KaXou rjv avTw, 

"^^'^ el OVK eyevvrjOrj 6 avOpcairos eKeluos- " airoKpLOeX? 8e 
\ov8as 6 irapaSidovs auTou eiirev, Mj;ri eyoo elp.i, 

pa^^i; Xeyei avTui, '^v eiiras. 

" "^ 148' "'KadtouTcou 8e avTCJU Xa^cov 6 'Irjcrovs^ 
<^i Cor. 11:23-25. apTOv KOL evXoyqoras eKXaaeu, kol ^ 8ovs" T019 p.a6i]- 

Tals^ ehrev, Aa^ere (fyayeTe- tovto eaTiu to crcop-a 

a pLOV. Kai Xapcou TroTrjpLOV |_AcatJ eu)(^api.<TTi]craf 
eScoKeu avTOif Xeycov, Iltere e^ avTov irdvTes' ~ tovto 
yap laTLv to aip.a p.ov * Trjf KaLvrjs SiadiqKTjf, to irepX 

apud te facio pascha cum dis- 
cipulis meis. "Et fecenint 
discipuli sicut constituit illis 
lesus, et paraverunt pascha. 

^'Vespere autem facto dis- 
cunibel)at cum duodeeim disci- 
piilis; 2' (»V-) et edentibus illis 
dixit, Amen dico vobis quia 
unus vostrura me traditurus est. 
22 (280, 1.) Et contristati valde 
coeperunt singuli dicere, Num- 
quid egosum, domiiie? ^H'^^'M 
At ipse respondens ait, Qui in- 
tingit mecura manum iu pa- 
ra|)side, hie me tradet. ^* Fi- 
lius quidem hominis vadit sicut 
scriptura est de illo; <.'^*^A)vae 
autem homini illi per quem 
filius hominis traditur: bouum 
erat ei si uatus non fuisset homo 
ille. ^i^**.'"-) Respomlens au- 
tem Itidas, qui tradidit eum, 
dixit, Numquid egosum, rabbi ? 
ait illi, Tu dixisti. 

26 (284,1.) Cenantibus .autem eia 
ac ft'egit deditque discipuhs suis 
et ait, Accipite et comedite : 
hoc est corpus meum. 27(285,a.> 
Et aceipiens ealicem gratias 
egit et dedit illis dicens, Bibite 
e.x hoc omnes: ^s hie est enim 
sanguis meus novi testamenti, 

Bitrmv ALA. 33. M. Am. f.ff'.g'. Syr. 
Hcl. Syr.Hier. Memph. Ariu. | add. 
fiaO. avTov Vulg.C/. Sjr.Pst. 
jEth. Orig Int. iii. 896". 

21. a^ii]v ca \fyu> V. 

22. ai<T<ij ABZ. 1. 33. rel. Syn-.Pst.&Hcl. 
Theb. I om. D. G9. Latt. Memph. jEth. 
Orig. Int. iii. 896". £us. D.E. 475''. 
(Xiyeiv, ^i)TL tyuiora. rel. Orig. iv.436''). 

— elf tV-atTT-og BCDZL. 33. 69. M. /. 
Syr.Hchmg. (Memph. ut vid.) Theb. 
.^ih. (unus unus Syr.Pst.) | *om. ug 
<;. AE. rel. Syr.Hcl.txt. Arm. Eus. 
D.E. (singuli dicere Vulg. b.c.f.ff^'-- 
g^-''-h. Orig Int. iii. dicere singuli a). 
II add. ^av-MV •?. AD. rel. SyiT.Pst.& 
Hcl. Memph. Arm. Eus. D.E. | om. 
BCZL. 33. Latt. Theb. ^th. 

23. 6 ce] add. Iijtrovg 69. a. Theb. 

— 6 E/j/3ai//ac Orig. i. 407''. 442». | o iv- 

— fiiT tfiov r7]>' x'fipn ev r<i> rpii/3Xiif) 
ABZL. 33. Latt. (Arm.) iEth. Orig. 
i. (407''.) Orig. Int. iii. 897''. (fif to 
Tpv^XiOV Orig. i.) | njv x^^P^ f^^"^' ^p-ov 
tig TO TpvjiXwv D. (Syrr.Pst.&Hcl.) 
Memph. Theb. (Arm. cdd.) (Orig.iw 
442\) {iv Tin rpii/3Xiw Gr. 

Orig.') I XfiiT ifiov iv ri^i rpv^Xn^ tijv 
X^ipa •=• C. rel. 

24. /If 1'] add. ovv DZ. | Contra, ABC. rel. 

— :rf|Ot avTov'] Tzipi lavrov A. 

— Ka\ov~\ praem. ^la tovto D. 

— ti ouk] 7} OVK AA. {tytV)}Qi) A.) 

25. 6 lovoac D. 

— pa;3/50 pa/3/3£t ADA.EFK. Theb. j 
Contra, BsCL. 1. 33. 69. GHMSsUVs. 
(h. Z). 

26. (ddiovTMV Se avTiav Vulg. yj^''. Orig. 
Int. iii. 898'^. | avrioi' Si effQiovTutv D, 
69. a.b.c.ff\g'-^-h. Syrr. 

— 6 Iri^rovg'] ante Xafiiov D. (Contra, 
Orig. Int. iii.) | om. A. | om. o M. 

— aproi'] f praem. tov ';. A. rel. | om. 
BCDZL. 1. 3.3. G. 

— fuXoyjjcrae BCDZL. 33. G. Latt. Syrr. 
Pst.& Memph. Theb. Arm. 
^th. I tvxapitJTijuag AA. 1. 69. EFH 
KMSUV. Syr.Hcl.txt. Orig. Int. iii. 
898". (vid. Luc. xxii. 19 et 1 Cor. xi. 24). 

— hovg Toig jiaQ. enrtv BDZL. 1. 33. 69. 
Memph. | iiSclov" roig /laO. f/cai" 
tiTTEi' '^. AC. rel. (Latt.) Syrr.Pst.& 
Hcl. (Iheb.) Arm. ^th. ||/ia9;;raif] 
add. avTov U. Latt. Syr.Pst. jEtli. 
Orig. Int. iii. 

27. TTOTtjpiot''] f praem. to ^. ACD. 69. rel. 
I om. BZLA. 1. 33. EFG. 

— Kai evxiip. ABD. rel. Orig. Int. iii. 
898"=. 1 om. Kai CZLA. 1. 33. Arm. 
(gratias egit Vulg. b.c. [hiat a.]). 

— TTtfrf] praem. Xafitrt b.g'.h. (Syr.Pst.) 
(Memph.) 'vid. Clem. 186. Orig. iii. 

— Trtfrf £? avT. TrajT.] om. a.c. 

— TTavTig Iren.332.^. Orig. 
Int. iii. Cijpr. 106. ) om. D nunc, ubi 
deficit membrana. b. 

28. yap Orig. Int. in. Ci/pr. 106. j om. 
C^. 1. a.c. Syr.Pst. ^tli. Iren.332. 

— /*<"'] fi'ifl- '■" ^- -A^C. rel. Syr.Hcl. | 
om. B.Bth/.Blc.DZL. 33. Syr.Pst. 

— Kaii^tig dia9t]Kijg ACD. rel. Latt. Syrr. 
Pst.&HcL Memph. Arm. .lEth. Iren. 
332. Orig. Int. iii. 898». Ci/pr. 106. 
(hiat Theb.) (novi et aeterni A). | om. 
Kaivijg BZL. 33. (vid. Mar. xiv. 24, 
ubi KaivTjg non legitur in BCDL. et 

— TTfpt Clem. 186. | iirtp D. Orig. iii. 

20. discipulis suis Ct. | 23. om. in Am.* \ 
24. tradotur «. | 28. id. 



XXVI. 29. 



1. 33. 69. 


20. Katv. fieO' i'fi, 

% Z O'TTT 

^||Mar.i4:26-3i. t 
II Lu. 22:39. ^ 


§ n 'T'rq 

'Zee. 13:7. ■? 

'Lu. 22: 33, 34. <T7r0 
Jo. 13:38. a 


sprar. 14:32-42. a 
36.fia97]TaiQ avrov 

TToAAcou * eK^vvvofJitvov (IS a(p€acv a/uLapricov. Aeyco 
8e u/xii),* ou fjcrj ttlco cltt apri e/c tovtov tuu ^yei^rj/jLaros 
rrjs d/xTreXov, eo)? r^f rj/xepas tKelvrjs orav avro ttlvco 
fieO' v/xcou^ KaLvov Iv rrj fiacnXeia tov iraTpos p-ov. 
Kat vpvrjaavTes €^i]Xdou eiy to bpos Tcav iXaimv. 
149 '''Tore Xeyei avrols 6 'Irjaovs, Hdi'Tes vp-eis 
(TKavSaXLO-OijaecrOe ev ip.ol iv Tjj ' vvktI Tavry yi- 
ypaTTTCLL yap, '^ Yla^raJ^co tov icoif^iva, xoa * StaTxop- 
iritrS'jo'OVTai" ra, itpo^ara, t% To'iy^vrjg. '^^ pLerd 8e to 
eyepdrjval p.e Trpod^co vp.ds eh ttjv VaXiXalav. "^ diro- 
Kpidelf 8e 6 TleTpos eiwev avTco, Et* iravTes CTKavSa- 
XiadrjaovTaL ev croi, eyco ovSeTroTe (rKai^8aXiadr] 
e(p7} avTcp o Irjo-ovs, Apujv Aeyco croc otl ev TavTr) 
Ty vvKTL Trplu dXeKTopa (pcoviio-ac Tp'ts dirapvi^a-rj pe. 
^ Xeyei avTco 6 YleTpos, Kaf Ser) p.e aw cro). dnoda- 
veiv, ov pLT) (re airapvrjaopai. op.oicos kul iravTes ol p.a- 
OrjTcu elirov. ''*' ^ Tore epyerai p.eT avTU)v 6 'Irjcrovs eh 
)(a)p[ov Xeyop.evov * Ve6(jrip.avel, kou Xeyeu toIs p-adrj- 
Toif, Y%.a6iaaTe avTov, ew? ov direXOcov * e'/cei irpoa- 
ev^oopiai." ' Kcd irapaXa^cov tov UeTpov kol tovs 8vo 

qui pro multis effunditur in re- 
niissionem peccatoruni. ^Dieo 
aiitem vobis, noii bibam a rnodo 
de hoc genimine vitis usque in 
diem [iiiimi] cum illud bibaiu 
vobiscum novum in regno patris 
mei. ™ (=»'=. «•) Et liymno dieto 
exierunt in moutem oliveti. 

31 (287,4.) Tunc dicit illis lesns, 
Omnes vos scandalura patie- 
mini in me in ista nocte : ('■'■*•' 
scriptum e.'Jt enim, Percutiam 
pastorem, et dispargentur oves 
gregis. *' Postqiiam autem re- 
surrcxero, praecedam vos in 
Galilaeam. » (.269,1.) Respon- 
dcns autera Petrus ait illi, Etsi 
omnes scaudalizati fuerint in te, 
ego nuniquam seandalizabor. 
'* Ait illi lesus, Amen dico tibi 
quia in liac nocte ante qiiam 
galliis caiitet ter me ncgabis. 
^ t™, 6.) Ait illi Petrus, Etiamsi 
oportuerit me mori tecum, uon 
te negabo. Similiter et omnes 
discipuli dixerunt. ^ '*"• '•' 
Tunc venit lesus cum illis in 
villam quae dicitur Geseinani, 
(29:.', 6.) g( dixit discipiilis suis, 
Sedete hie donee vadara illuc et 
oi-em. " Et adsumto Petro et 

28. fKxvm'oiitvov ACDZLA. 1. 33. | Jfic- 
Xvi'Ofievov <^. Bs. rel. Orig. iii, (cic- 
Xio/iii'ov Clem. 186). 

29. i/xiv'i fadd. on T- ABsCL. re\.f.ff\ 
f. Syrr.Pst.&Hcl. Memph. (vid. Mar. 
XIV. 25). I om. DZ. 1.33.69. (Latt.) 
Arm. ^th. Iren. 332. Orig. iii. 194'. 

— TOVTOV Tov~\ om. TOVTOV A. Arm. [om. 

— 7f»'j;/iaroeACDLA.l.EFHMUV.(h.Z). 
I J 7E)'j';;^aroc =r. B«. 33s. 69s. GKSs. 
Clem. 186. (yfi'i'ij/m Gr.) 

— TTLvu) ABC (e spat.) rel. | -mio T>. Clem. 
186. Ori'^.iii. £«s.inEs.454''.inP.s.448l>. 

— liiB' vfiuiv Kaivov ABD. rel. tv. (om. 
jjLiff itji. c.) Iren. 332. Orig. iii. Orig. 
Int.i. 104'>. ii. 220'. 221». iii. 89''. 899". | 
Kau'oi' /ie9' t'i/((u»' CZL. 1. 33. ^th. 
Eus. in Es. in Ps. 

31. (V ifioi Orig. i. 104''. iv. 411^ 412". 
453». Hil 743''. {(V iiot L). | om. 69. 
JJil. 87'!. 

— CiaaKopTriaOijaovrai Ali Blly.ClIh. 33. 
69. GH*M. Orig. iv.453». | X^iaaKop- 
TriaOiimTat S". D. rel. Om'jt. iv. 412'^. 
Eus. Ec. Pr. 130. in Ps. 383». (vid. 
Barnab. 5). 

33. fi] fadd. Koi S- F»KM». Syrr.Pst.& 


Hcl. Arm. ^th. Orig. iv. 412":. 437". 
I om. ABCDIILA. 1. 33. 69. EGHS 
UV. a.bc.p. Memiih. Theb. Orig. 
/«?. iii. 900'. (etsi Vulg. //f'.j'-'-A.) 

33. tyw] add. ^£ C^ 69. EFGHKMU. 
h. Memph. Theb. Arm. ^tli. | Contra, 
ABC*DIILA. 1. 33. FSV. Latt. Syn-. 
Pst.&Hcl. Orig. \y. bis. Orig. Int. iii. 

— ad fin.] add, tv trot F. 

34. tv Vulg. fff'.g'-''- I om. D. a.b.c.h. 

— irpiv~\ add. 7; X.. 

— a\tKTOpa ^wi'7;(Tai] aXtKTOpo^cortac 
L. 1. On'ijr. i.401''. {wpo oKtKT. Oiig.i.) 

— Tpig'] post anapv. fit A. (Contra, 
Orig. Int. iii. 897''. 900'. 913'.) 

— aTrapvrfiyy ADIEL. rel. | -ati TiBthj.C. 

— /tt] anteaTra/DV. 33. Latt. Hil.liW 

35. o TltTpoq] om. 6 D. 

— ItT] /je] ^ti] jiai AC. 33. I CEOi/it 69. 

— a-n-apvTjaopai B.4CDII. rel. | airapvi]- 
auiixai A. 69. EGKUV. | apvrtaojxm H. 

— 6/ioiws] add. ^E AA. 1. 69. EFGHK 
MUV. (u). Memph. Theb. ^tli. (vid. 
Mar. xiv. 3 1 ). 1 Contra, BsCDZ. 33s. rel. 

— Koi] om. 69. 

— EiTTor] EtTrai' 33. 69. 

36. tpxtrm'] tpxovrai E*. 

— piT avruv f.h. Orig. Int.\n.90\'. Hil. 

741". I post Ii)<ro!ic D. (Latt.) Arm. 
(om. 6 li)GovQ Memph.) 
Z&.TtBaniiavti AB.Brfv.CII(L) 1.(33). 
69. F(K)S(U). Gr. Vulg. 
Cl.ffKg'-''- (Memph.) Theb. Orig. Int. 
iii. 901'. Hillil^. (r[..]ff?)/<avft II 
I -VI L. 33. U. Memph.) 
I Ttrraiifiavti AEG'V. | Ttdaapavtt D. 
/ Arm.ed. | Vtamifiavri G*H. | {TEe- 
cripavr] s". M txt. rH9.Mmg.rubr. 
(Getlia.seman JEth. Gedsemani Am, 
Gedsamani a.b. Gessamani c.h. Get- 
s.iiuani ff'. Gedsimon Syr.Pst.) 

— ro((; /ta0/;rrt(t*] add. avTov ACD. 1. 
Latt. Syrr.Pst.&Hcl. Meinpli. ^Eth. Hil. 

I om. avTov BsII (ut vid. e. spat.) L. 
33. rel. Theb. | avrotg 69. Arm. 

— fiiTou post Ka9. Gr. Orig. 
Int. iii. 902'. | woe 33. | om. avrov C*. 

— ou ABsII. rel. | om. C. 33. M*. [ (ou 
av A) I av DLA. 1. 69. KM man.rec. 

— tKti Trpoaivt BDL. 33. 69. a.b.c.f. 
ff\h. Memph. Theb. iEth. Hil. 741'=. 

Orig. Int. iii. 902'. j \ irpoutv^. tKtt S". 
ACII.rel. Syr.Hcl. (ilUie et orem. Vulg. 
Jf'.g'-'h.) (om. £t.-Ei Syr.Pst. Arm.). 

II 7rpo(TEi;?iu/i<«] -^o/iai DFH. 

29. in diem cum lUum Am. | 36. Gethsemani CI. 

XXVI. 45. 


Vnig.« /.c. j^jp^y ZejSeSalov r'jpharo KvirelaOaL koI aSriixoveiv. 

Memph.Theb. ffi^y •^^ t-ot-j AeVet avToh, YlepiXviTos eaTLv ?; yvx''] /J-ou 

Arm. iEth. c„„/ , t^v - .,~ 

6wy Oavarov fieiuare code Kai yp-qyopeLre yuer efiov. 
"^^ ^^ Koi * irpoaeXOcov" aiKpov eirea-ev iiri Trpo(ru>irov 

avTov 'n-po(rev')(op.ivo9 kul Aeyav, iiarep \_ijlov,] et 

"a 8vvaTov laTLv, * irapeXdaTco" utt i/Mov to Trorr/piou 

"^"^ TOUTO- itKi]v ov^ C09 fyu) ueAco, aAA ws crv. kul 

ep-)(^TaL irpos row fiaOi-jTas kol evplaKei avT0V9 Ka9- 

ev8ovTa9, Koi Xeyei tw Ylerpcp, Ovtms ovk la\vaaTe 



ixiav capav ypr]yopi]aac /xer ep.ov ; ~ yprjyopeiTe kul 
irpocrevyecrOe 'iva p-i) elaeXdi^re €«? Treipaaixov. to jxev 
TTvevpia 7rpo6vp.ov, rj 3e aap^ dadevrjs: 

150^"naAii' e'/c SevTepov direXdcoi' irpoo-qv^aTO 
keycav, YlaTep p.ov, el ov SvuaTaL tovto^ irapeXOelv^ 
eav p.i) avTO irico, yeuijdi'jTco to deXrjfia aov. "^ /cat 
eXOcov ^ ttclXlv evpev avTOv? KadevSovTa?' fjaau yap 
avTwu ol 6(f)daXp.ol l3efiaprjp.evoi. koll d(peh avTovs 

44. [k- rpiVov] ^TTOiXiv direXOcov" Trpoaiju^aro e/c tp'ltov, tov civtov Xo- 

"f yov elirmv. ^^ TOTe epx^Tut^ Trpos' tow fxadrjTas^ kou 
Xeyei avToh, Ka0ev8eTe [to] Xolttov koi dvaTravearde' 


(luobus filiis Zebedaei coepit 
contrist.iri et mestus esse."<®^>'-5 
Tunc ait illis, Tristis est anima 
inca usque ad raortem: susti- 
ncte liie et vigilate mecum. 
39 (29<, I.) Et progressus pusillura 
procidit in faciem suam oran3 
et dicens, Pater, si possibile est 
transcat [a me] calix iste: 
(^'^■'•> verum tamen non sicut 
ego volo sed sicut tu. ■"'■<*"'■ ^•> 
Et venit ad discipulos et in- 
venit eos dormieutcs, et dicit 
Petro, Sic non potuistis una 
bora vigilare mecura? " Vigi- 
late et orate ut non intretis in 
temtationem ; C"', '•) spiritus 
quidem proratus est, caro au- 
tem iufimia. 

42(298,6.) jtgf^m secundo abiit 
ct oravit dicens, Pater mi, si 
non potest hie calix transire 
nisi biham ilium, fiat voluntas 
tua. ■"Et venit iterumet inve- 
nit eos dormientes; erant enlm 
oculi eorum gravati. ■" Et re- 
lictis illis iterum abiit et oravit 
tertio eundem sermonem di- 
cens. "'.MS,'.) Tunc venit ad dis- 
cipulos suos et dicit illis, Dor- 
mite iam et requiescite : ecce 

38. avToisI add. o Iriaovg C'AEFGHKM 
SUV a./.h. Syr.HcI. | Contra, ABC* 
DILL. 1.33 (sic.) 69. Vulg. i.c.^''-^- 
g'---l. SyrPst. rel. 

39. 7rpo(T£X0wj/ ACDIILA. 1.33.69. EF 
GHKSUV Syr.Hcl. | tTrpot\9wv '^. 
B«M. vv. ut vid. (progressus Latt.) 

— irarip fiov ABiCDII. rel. (Latt.) vid. 
ver. 42. Hil. :43<'. 10.59'^. 1060>. | om. 
^ov La. 1. Avi.a. Iren.Gr. 38. Orig. i. 
291b.o. 092a.b. 409a.i'.734a. iv.248'.443>. 
Orig. Int. iii. 902'". 903". 952<:. Etis. 
J).E. 224=. in Es. 544'>. in Ps. 53". SS^. 
550=. 5521'. Ci/pr. 20S. 311. Hil. 741-^. 

— TTtiptXBaTu ACDLA. 33. EFG.jtTra- 
ptXBtrui '^. BsIL rel. Iren. Orig. scp- 
ties. Dion. Alex. ^.30. Eus. D.E. in Es. 
in Ps. quater. (om. av' e/tov Am.) 

— ad fin.] add. Luc. xxii. 43, 44. C'mg. 

40. fiaOtiTasI add. avrov D. Vulg.C/. 
(Latt.) Syr.Pst. Slemph. .Eth. Orig. 
Int. DOS'!. Hil. 1060^ | Contra, ^4ni. 3=. 
Syr.IIcl. Theb. Arm. 

— avrovQ\ post KaOtvcovrac L. 

— Tii> nf-p((j] avTois 69. FKJM. Syr.Hcl. 

— oiirwe] om. A. 1. 

42. KrxvTuTe BCDIL rel. Orig. Int. iii. 
903"'. 905^ Hil. 1060''. | i(Jx.vcrag A. 
ffW- Arm. cdd. 

— £K civTtpovl post aireXOiov 33. Syr. 
Pst. (post irpoaiivK. Memph.) 

— Trpoo-Jfyjaro] add. 6 Irjaovc L. 1.69. 

— Xtyojv'] om. H.Blhj.Blc. g^. 

— Ttarrip /loii] om. fiov a.c. Eus. in Ps. 
550''. 552''. Hil. 741'. 744''. | Contra, 
Or!(/. i. 4 ! 0''. Orig. Int. iii. 90i^. Hil. 
1061 1", (vid. ver. 39.) 

— ov'] om. 69. 

— ^vvarai'] ? dvvarov E'*'. 

— rouro] om. V. ||fadd. to 7ror);p(Oi"5'. 
E. rel. (Latt.) Syr.Pst. Memph. Arm, 
Hil. Til'. I habet ante tovto D. 69. /. 
HiV.loei''. I om.ABCIIL. 1.33. b.ff'. 
Syr.Hcl. Theb. ^th. OWp.i. 409<:.410''. 
Orig. Int. 904^ Eus. D.E. 224'^. in Es. 
544':. in pg. 55od ssab. (om. et A e eorr. 
habet A* post a7r' c^iov). 

— 7rapfX0eii'] aireXOtii' H. [ "f add. a7r' 
t/iov •^. ACn. Yci.f.ff'. Syr.Hcl. Arm. 
Orig. Int. 90i^. Hil. 1061''. (vid. ver. 39.) 
1 om. BDL. 1. 33 (ut vid. e spat.) 69. 
(Latt.) Syr.Pst. Memph. Theb. JEth. 
Orig. 409*:. 410^. £ks. D.E. 224'. 550'!. 
552^ 7/(7.741'. 744''. 

43. iraXiv tvp. avrovg 'B.Btlt/.CDlIh. 1. 
33. (Vulg.) (Latt.) Syrr.Pst.&Hcl. 
mg. (Memph. Theb.) Arm. (ttoXiv ante 
(X9u>v Theb. (^th.) iterum ad suos 
discipulos Memph.) | %ivp. avrovc ira- 
Xiv '^, A. rel. a. Syr.Hcl.txt. || evpev 
ABCDIILA. 1.33.69. K. \ levpi<TKet 
'^. E. rel. 

— ad fin.] add. a-rro vttvov (a.)b.gK 

44. TraXiv ante aireXewv BCDIIL. 33. 
(Latt.) Memph. (Theb.) (ante avrovg 
Theb.) I post TrpocrjjwSaro AAK. Syr. 
Hcl. I Jpost aTrfXSiu)/ ^. E. rel./. 
Syr.Pst. JEth. (post ex rpiTov Arm.) | 
om. 1.69. Utxt. For. a. 

— EK rpiTov BCIIL. rel. (Latt.) rel. | ora. 
AD. 1. K. a.b. I om. tc E*. 

— eiTTdjv ACDII (e spatio) rel. ] add. 
TraXiv BL. (a.) Jlemph. 

45. fiaOiiTacI tadd. avrov ■^. D. rel. 
Latt. Syr.Pst. Jlemph. ^th. Orig. Int. 
905f. 1 om. ABCLA. 1. 33 (ut vid. e spat.) 
69. KM. Syr.Hcl. Theb. Arm. 

— TO XoiTToi'] om. TO BCL. (vid. Mar. 
xiv. 41.) I Contra, AD. rel. (Mat 33.) 

— at'OTraveade] •etrOe ; XJ. 

30. pnter mi CI. | om. a me Am. | 40. disci- 
pulos suos CI. 



XXVI. 46. 



1. 33. 69. 


SE' T 
'>i|Mar.i4:43-46. a 
II Lu. 22:47-49. 
II Jo. 18:3, etc. 



'II Mar. 14: 47-52. a 
||Lii. 22: 50-53. 
||Jo. 18:10,11. 

i Rev. 13:10. 

53. aprt post Si- 

I80V rjyycKeu rj oypa, koX 6 ulo? rov avOputwov irapa- 
SlSorai el? \elpa9 apaprmXav . " eyelpeaOe ayu>p.ev' 
I80U rjyyiKev 6 irapabibov^ p.€. 

151 ^^'^Kal ere avTov XaXovvTOf, l8ov 'lovSa^ elf 
Tcav 8u>8eKa ijXdeu, Kol fxer avrov o^Xos ttoXvs p-era 
p.ayaipS)V KOL ^vXcou, airo rav ap^Lepemv kol irpeafiv- 
Tepcov Tov Xaov. ^ 6 8e TrapaSiSovs avrov eScoKev 
avTols (Tr]p.€LOv Xeycov, Ov av (j)LXrj(rco, avros iariv 
Kparrja-are avrov. '^^ /cat evOeco? TrpocreXdcop rw 'Irjaov 
elirev, Y^aipe pajBjBi, koll KarecplXTjcrev avrov. ^ 6 8e 
'IrjCTOVs elrrev avrw, 'Erat/ae, ^ i(f) o' vapei; rare 
TrpoaeXOovref irre^aXov ra^ )(^e7pas eVt rov Irjcrovv 
Kal eKpdrrjaav avrov. ^^ ^ Kal l8ov elf rcov pera 'Irjaov 
eKrelvas rrjv X^^P^ air ecnracrev ri]v pa^aipav avrov, 
Kou irara^as rov 8ovXov rov ap^i-epecoi a^elXev avrov 
ro ariov. ^' rare Xeyei avrco 6 'iT^froOy, ATrocrrpeyJAOV 
* rrjv p-d^aipav crov el? rov rorrov avrrjf ^ iravres 
yap o'l XajBovres pLa^aLpav iv * p.axaLpr] diroXovvrai. 
^"^ 1] 8oKeis on ov ^ TrapaKaXecrat rov warepa 
p.ov, Kal irapaarrjaei p.01 dprL * rrXelco ^ 8(o8€Ka 

appropinqnavit hora, et filius 
hominis tratlctur in manus pec- 
catorum. *^ Surgite, eamus: 
ecce adpropinquavit qui me 

" (300,1.) Adhuc ipso loqiiente, 
ecce ludas unus de duodecira 
venit, et cum eo tiirba multa 
cum gladiis et fustibus, raissi a 
principibus sacerdotum et se- 
nioribus populi. "C^'i,.!.) Qui 
autem tradidit eum, dedit illis 
signum dicens, Quemcumque 
osculatus fuero, ipse est, tenete 
eum. ■■' Et confestim accedens 
ad lesum dixit. Have rabbi, et 
osculatus est eum. '" Dixitque 
illi lesus. Amice, ad quod ve- 
nisti? Tunc accesserunt et ma- 
nus iniecerunt in lesum et te- 
nuerunt eum. " '^°-' '•> Et ecce 
unus ex his qui erant cum lesu 
extendens manum exemit gla- 
dium suum, et percutiens ser- 
vum principis sacerdotum am- 
putavit auriculam eius. ^'^i.^VO-l 
Tunc ait illi lesus, Converte 
gladium tuum in locum suum: 
omnes enim qui acceperint gla- 
dium gladio peribunt. *^An 
putas quia non possum rogare 
patrem meum, et exhibebit mihi 
modo plus quam duodecim le- 

45. tJoii Orig. Inl.'m. \ om. 1. | add. yap 
BE. Tlieb. Arm. (add. post jjyytKtv 1.) 

— iipa] add. /jou l.| Contra, Orig. Int.'m. 

— Kai o utog TOV av9p, Orig. Int. iii. | 
TOV VLOV TOV avQp, Kai L. 

46. aywniv~\ add. evrevQE G. a. Arm. 

47. Kcii in f. Orig. 90&>. Hil.745'^. 
I sTi Se D. I adhuc (Latt.) Theb. Lcf. 

— avTov] TovTov 69. 

— 7^p€(Jl3vT€pl^J^>'] pracm. rwv A. 

48. av BCDL. lel. Orig. i. 395^. | eav 
AAEFGHKMV. Orig. i. 435^ Eus. 
D.E. 475''. 

49. tiTTfii] add. avTqi C. Mcmph. ^tli. 
£«s.D.E. 475'!. I Contra, Orig. Int.iu. 

— p(T/3/3t] pa/3/3et AB.B//^.DA. 69. EF 
HKM, Theb. (Contra, CL. 1. 33. GS« 
UVs. Memph.) 

50. 6 Se Ijjffoue tiTTiv avTifj Orig. Int. iii. 
906". I eiTTEj' (i£ oDT(/j 6 IrjdovgT). (Latt.) 
(iEth.) (£e/;219.) 

— troipt] post Trapti 1). a.c.f. Syr.Pst. 
Lcf. I Contra, Latt. rel. Orig. Int. iii. 
Eus. D.E. 475''. 

— ff a AB./JcA.CDLA. 69. EFGHK 
ilSV I Xitp' v z- Is. 33. U. Eus.V.Ti. 

"'■ tcai iKpaT7jiTai'^ KpaTrjfjav A. 


51. jutra l!)(rou ACD. rel. Orig. Int. in. 
907'. liiiT avTov Ti.Bthj.Blc.\^iTa tov 

ll](T0V L. 

— a7rt(T7ra(Ttv^ iirEtyiram 69. 

— waralaq Vulg. ff'. Orig. (i. 395''.) 
OW^./n(. iii. I nrara^tv J). (Latt.) 
Syrr.Pst.&Hcl. Lcf. 

— aijinXiv Vulg. ,/f' . Orig. Int. iii. | 
pracm. /cai DU* (Latt.) Syrr.Pst.&Hcl. 

— wrioi'] add. ro Sti,iov g'. Memph. 

52. rort] om. Mtxt. 

— Ttjv fiax- oov B.Brfy.DL. 1. 69. Latt. 
Orig. i. 395''. | ^ <tov tijv fiax. S". AC. 
rel. I om.aov 33. KU. Syr.Pst. Memph. 

— \afiovTiQ Orig.'i. \ \anl3avovrie 1. 

— /mx'rtipp AB*BjA.C(ecorr.?*)L. 33. 
\ Ifiaxaipif S". B'C*D. rel. Orig. i. 

— (iTroXoiiiTat ABCDL. 1.33. rel. Orig. 
i. Orig. Int.'m. 907^-'^- \ airoOavovi'rai 
A. 69. FHKMSUV. Syrr.Pst.&Hcl. 

53. ^oKEij] SoKti dot C*. ut vid. 1. Syr. Orig. i. 395'=. 

— *aprt post vapaar. /loi BL. 33. Vulg. 
ff'.g\ Syr.Pst. Memph. Theb. Arm. ] 
fante irapaKaX. =:. ACD. rel. a.b.{c)._ff'^. 
g-.h. Syr.Hcl. Orig.i. Orig. Int. iii. 907'. 
(om.//. .a;tli. Or!^. /««. iii. 908".) 

53. TrXfiw BD. I % ttXhovq S". AC. rel. 
Orig. i. | praem. wSe 1. 

— SioSitca] tpraem. )j ^. AC. rel. Orig. i. 
1 om. BDL. II add. milia b.c.fff'.g'.h. 
Hit. 94^ 745"'. 

— Xfyiioiiae B. 1. 69. rel. Orig. i. Orig. 
Int. iii. bis. \ Xcytiuiv)]g D* (Xfyiioi'ag 
D=.) I Xtyiovae (sic.) 
XiyiwviDV C. 33. K. | Xtyeovmv AA. | 
Xiytojt'ojv L. 

— ayytXwv Orig. i. Orig. Int. iii. | ayyf- 
Xov£ AK. 

.54. irXtipujdcixnv Orig. i. 395'=. | 7r\>;pw- 
Otiaovrai D. (Scr. prophetarumi.c./Jf .) 

— Sii Orig.i. \ tSei C. 1. 

55. HTTiV 6 LjCrOUC] O iTJffOVQ UTTtv D. a. 

— trijXeart ABCLA. 33. 69. EFG. | nX- 
9aTi D. I te?)(X96r£ s- K. rel. Eus. 
D.E. 476''. Pet. Alex. ap. Kouth. iv. 33. 
(add. ad me a.c.) 

— Trpoe viiag CD. 1. rel. Latt. Syrr.Pst. 
&Hcl. Arm. Orig. Int. iii. 906^ Eus. 
D.E. (vid. Mar. xiv. 49.) | om. BL. 33. 
Memph. Theb. | post iKaOilo^rp' A. 

— IV T(it upiji ante iKa9. BL. 1. 33. Syr. 

46, tiadet CL \ 47. adhuc eo CI. \ 49. ave CI. 
50. ad quid CL 

XXVI. 61. 

Vulg. a. b. c. 
Syrr. P. H. 
Kemph. Theb. 
Arm. Etii. —^ 

II Lu. 22:^,55. a 



'II Lu. 2-2:66-71. /3 

■^ Jo. 2:ig. 
c. 27:40. 
61. [aifrov] oUod. 


Xeyeauay ayyiXutv; ^^Trwy ovv irXr^pcaOuiaiv al ypa- 
(j)a.l oTi ovTcof 8(1 yevecrdai ; 

152 ■^'^'Ej' iKtLvrj Trj copa elireu 6 'Irjaov^ toI? 
o)(XoLS, '^S iirl Xrjarrju ^i^riXBare' fxera fia^aipwv /cat 
^vKcov avXXafielv pa ; KaO' rjpepau [tt/jo? vp-d^j * iu 
TU) upw eKadt^oprjv SiSaaKcop , Kol ovk eKpaTi^aaTe 
p.e. TOVTO 5e oXoi> yeyoveu, Iva TrXrjpoiOtacnv al 
ypa(f)a.l rcou Trpocp-i^Tcoi'. rore ol p-adyrai iravres dcfxi'- 
re? avTov e(jivyov. ^' 01 Se Kpari^aavres rov 'Irjaovu 
d-irriyayov irpos Vi.aLa(f)au tov dp^iepea, oirov ol ypap- 
p-arets kol ol ^TrpeafiuTepot avvrj^drjaav. ^ o Be Ylerpoi 
rjKoXovOeL avTW divo pLaKpodev ecof r^f avXrjs tov 
dp^Lepecos, kcu elaeXOaiv eaco iKadr/TO pera twiv vittj- 
peTcov iSeiu to TeXos- 

153 ^^'Ot 8e dpxiepels* KOL to avvedptov oXov 
e^rjTovv yJAevSopapTvpiav Kara tov Irjaov, ottw? avTov 
* davaTcoaovcrii'," '^^ /cat ov^ evpov,^ ttoXXHou * TrpoaeX- 
OovToiv •^evBop.apTvpcou *• vaTepov Se irpoa-fXOovTes 
Svo * "^ elirop, OiToy f^??? ^ Avuapai KUTaXvcraL tov 
vaov TOV 6eov, koX Sia Tpccov rip.€pcou OLKoSop-ijcraL^ 

giones angelorum? " Quo- 
modo ergo implebuntur scrip- 
turae quia sic opoitet fieri? 

55 (204,1.) In ju^.^ ,,o,.a (,ixit 
lesiis turbis, Tamquam ad la- 
troiiem existis cum gladiis et 
fustibusconipreheiidereine: co- 
tidie apiid vos sedebam docens 
in tciiipio, ct noil me tenuistis. 
56(305,6.) j£q(, jiutem totum fac- 
tum est ut implereotur scrip- 
turae prophetarum. Tunc di- 
scipiUi omiies relicto eo fuge- 
runt. "(™>'-5 At illi tenentes 
lesiim duxcrunt ad Caiaphan 
principerasacerdotura, ubiscri- 
bae et seniorcs convenerant. 
5s (307,j.) pgjfjjg autem seque- 
batur eum a longe usque in 
atrium principis sacerdotum : 
et ingrcssus intro sedebat cum 
ministris ut videret finem. 

6» (3oe,5.) principes autem sa- 
cerdotum et omne concilium 
quaerebant falsura testimonium 
contra Icsum, ut eum morti 
traderent, *" et non invenerunt, 
cum multi falsi testes accessis- 
sent: (™''''-> novissime autem 
vcnerunt duo falsi testes *' et 
di.xerunt, Hie dixit, Possum 
destruere templum dei et post 
triduum aedificare illud. 

Pst. (Memph. Theb.) Arm. Orig.Int.m. 
908'^. (e/caS. Kaff ijfi. cv ti^i 'upij>. Memph. 
Theb.) I post ikuQ. CDK. a.b.c.ff^y'.h. 
Arm. (cdd.) (.Ilth.) Eus. D.E. Orig. 
Int. iii. 906^ | J post ctcaaKiov <^. A. 
rel. Vulg./#'.9'. Syr.Hcl. 

55. (Ka9eZo^7iv Eus, D.E. | €Ka9i]fi7jv 

— ci^auKojv'] om. 1. 

56. fiaOijrai^ add. avrov '^.Btly.Hlc. a.h, 
Theb. iEth. | Contra, ACD. rel. 

• — , 57. etpvyov oi Se Kpa'ijoavTiQ his 

57. aTTjjyayov OrigAv. 386*. [ aTryyop C. 
(add. avrov Memph. Theb.) 

— Kaia^av Am. Orig. iv. | Kaei^av D. 
Caipham Vulg.C/. (Latt.) | KauKJia 

58. i}Ko\ov9ii avrt^i'] rjKo\ov9(Tav w (sic, 
ut vid.) 33. (om. avri^ g-.) 

— airo ABDN rel. Orig. Int. iii. 909». 1 
om. CLA. 1. 33. F. Arm. 

59. oi St apxitpiiQ MSS. (Latt.) rel. Orig. 
Int. iii. 909'. {Eus. in Ps. 386«.) | 6 ft 
apx'tpfuc (fl). Memph. (cdd.) Theb. 
On'jf. i. 315^ ir. 386''MS. (princeps 
vero a.) Ufadd. Kat oi TrpiajSvripoi s. 
ACN. rel./. Syrr.Pst.&Hcl. ^th. Orig. 
Int. iii. 909'. | om. BDL. 69. (Latt.) 

Memph. Theb. Ami. Orig. i. 315''. iv. 
38 6». Eus. in Ps. 

59. oXov] ante to avvtSpiov N. 

— avrov 9avaTuj<T. BCD Gr.NL. 1.33. 
69. Latt. Orig. Int. iii. 909^.\9avaroj<r. 
avrov AAEFGHKMSUV. Arm, Orig. 
i. iv. 386^ Eus. in Ps. 

— 9avaTuiaov(rtv ACDNLAEFGH. Orig. 
iv. I X-auaiv <^. Bs(?C*). Is. 3.3s. 69. 
rel. Orig. i. 

60. ovx BC. rel. 1 ouk ADN. 

— fi'pov ABsCDK. rel. OW<^.i. 315''. iv. 
SSe^lrji'ipoi' NEG. Ilfadd.rai s". AC 
W. 33. rel. f.jP.h. Syrr.Pst.&Hcl. ^th. 
Orig. Int. iii. 909'. 1 om. BC*N*L. 1. 
Vulg. a.b.ff'.g'-N. Memph. Theb. Arm. 
Orig. i. 315'. iv. 386>'.|add. ro t?/;c Kai 
D. (om. Kai ovx tvp. c). 

— TToWuJV •Kpo(7e\9ovrwv -.pevdofiapTV- 
pwv ABL. 33. Oriff. i. 315'. iv. 386^', 
7!-po(!i\9.Tro\\.\P(vd. 1. (Syr.Pst.) (Syr. 
Ilier.) Memph. Theb. I JiroXXwi" \j/ev- 
copaprvputv 7rpo(TeX9ovTixii' ^. ON. rel. 
Latt. (Syr.Hcl.) Arm. | ttoWuiv \(/sv- 
dofiapTvpujv t\9ovT(jijv 69. IC j TroXXot 
•jTpo(7i)X9ov ipevdo^aprvpig D. (Syrr. 
Pst.&Hel.) (S)T.Hier.) (^th.) (Orig. 
/«(. iii.909'.) Iltadd.oi'xti'poj' s"- AC^. 
33. rel. a.(c.)(/.)(#».)(A.) Syr.Hcl. 

(iEth.) (ovx ivpov N-EG.) Orig.Int.m. 
909'. I om. BC*N*L. 1. Vulg. b.Jf''.g'-"-l. 
Syr.Pst. Syr.Hier. Memph. Theb. Arm. 
Orig. i. iv. || add. Kai ovk tvpov to i^ijg 

— ■7rpotji\9ovTf(;^ 7j\9ov T). Latt. 

— ad fin.] fadd. xl/tvSoiiapTvptg '^. A^ 
CD. rel. Latt. Syr.Hcl. Arm. Orig. iv. 
Orig. Int. iii. 909'. (fiapTvpiQ A* ut 
vid. Tivtg ^€vtofiapTvpe(; N.) | om. BL. 
1. Syr.Pst. Syr.Hier. Memph. Theb. 
^th. Orig. i. 

61. sixov] praem. Kai D. Latt. Syr.Pst. 
JEth. I Contra, Orig. i. iv. Orig. Int. 
iii. 909'. 

— ouT-of eipi] Vulg. a.ff'.g'-^- Orig.i. 315'. 
3948. iv. 200*'. 386''. | rowroi' ijKovaa- 
^Ltv Xiyovra D. (A).(c).(/).(#=).(A). 

— rou 0fou Orig. i. bis. iv. bis. Orig. Int. 
iii. I TovTov C-. (hoc Dei b.c.Jp.h.) 

— oiKoSofir]aaL~\ add. \ avrov '^. ADN.rel. 
Vulg. a.f.ff'-^'-g'-^- Syrr.Pst.&Hcl. Orig. 
Int. iii. 931'. 1 om. B. 1. 69. Arm. iEth. 
Orig. i. bis. iv. 386''. | ante otKoS. CL. 
33. b.h. Orig. iv. 200''. Orig. Int. iii. 
(aliud ante oikoS. c.) 

56. adiraplercntur CI. 
Gl. reacdificare CI. 

6?. Caipham CI. 



XXVI. 62. 



1. 33. 69. 



§ Goth. riji 

65. ^XatTtprj/Jiiav 

||Lu. 22:63-65. 

§ X S^ n 
°||Mar.i4:69-7i. c 

II Lu. 22:55-62. 

IJJo. 18:17,18. 

71. auToig tKcl, 
[icai] ovTog yu 


/cat avaaras o ap-^Lcpevy eLTrev avrco, Uuoei' wrro- 
KpLvrj ; TL ouTOL crov ■ KaTajxaprvpovaiv ; o oe 
'lr](Tovf, eaicoira. KaV 6 ap^iepevs elirev avrco, 'E^op- 
klQo ae Kara rov Oeov rov ^avro^, Iva tj/mu e'lTrr)^ el 
(TV el 6 \pi(TTos 6 vlo^ Tov deov. Xeyei avrco 6 
Irjcrov?, 2li etVay TvXrjv Xeyco vpuv, air apri by^tcrOe 
rov VLOV rov avOpwirov KaOrj/xeuoi' e'/c Se^icov r?;? 8vva- 
/xecof Kal ep^^o/xeuou irrl ru>v i'e(j)eXcou rov ovpavov. 

rore 6 ap-^iepevs Siepprj^ev^ ra Ifidria avrov Xeycou, 
^ 'El3Xacr(prjpT]aeu- rl en ')(^peiav ^ e^Oyu.ei' jxaprvpcav ; 
i5e vvv rjKouaare rrju fiXaafpifp^lav^ rl vplv SoKel; 
01 8e airoKpiOevres elirov, Ei/o^of Oavarov earlv. 
*" ° rore eveirrvaav els ro rrpocroiiTov avrov koll Iko- 
Xd(f)Laav avrov ol 8e * epdinaav" ""* Xeyovres, Tlpo- 
(f)7]revaou rjfuv, ■)(piare, rls iariv 6 iraiaas ere; 

jg^69o§'Q ^^ Y\erp09 * eKaOrjTO e^co" ev rrj avXrj- 
Kac TTpoarjXOev avrco pna TraiSLaKy Xeyovaa, Kat av 
i]a6a jxera 'Ivjaov rov TaXiXalov. ' 6 8e rjpv-ijaaro 
ep-wpocrOev Trdvrcov Xeycov, Ovk olSa rl Xeyen. ' i^eX- 
Bovra 8e * etf rov irvXcova elSev avrov aAA?;, /cat Xeyei 
roLs exe?,^ Kat ovros rjv perd 'h]aov rov l^a^copaiov. 
'~ Kou TraXiv rjpvyjaaro ^ pera opKOV hri Ovk ol8a rov 

^' Et surgens princeps sacerdo- 
tuin ait illi, Niliil respondis ad 
ea quae isti adversiira te testifl- 
cautur? *^Iesiis autem tacebat. 
Et princeps sacerdotuni ait illi, 
Adiuro te per deum viviun ut 
dicas nobis si tu es Christus 
filiiis dei. "<™,i.)])icitilli le- 
sas, Tu dixisti : verum tamcn 
dico vobis, a niodo videbitis 
filiuin liominis sedentem a dex- 
tiis virtutis, et venienteni in 
nubibus caeli. «s(3ii,6.) Tunc 
princeps sacerdotum scidit vcs- 
timenta sua diccns, Blasphe- 
mavit: '^'-''■'■'quid adliuc cge- 
mus testibus ? ecce nunc au- 
distis blasplieiniani. "" Quid 
vobis videtur? At illi rcspon- 
dcntcs dixerunt. Kens est mor- 
tis, "t^'^''-' Tunc expucrunt 
in faciem eius et colapliis eum 
ceciderunt, alii autem palnias 
in t'aciem ei dedcrunt, " dicen- 
tcs, Prophetiza nobis, Christe, 
quis est qui te percussit? 

69C3n,i.)petrus vero sedebat 
foris in atrio, et accessit ad eum 
una ancilla dicens, Et tu cum 
lesu Galilaeo eras. '°At ille 
negavit coram omnibus dicens, 
Nescio quid dicis. "csii.DEx- 
eunte autem illo ianuam vidit 
eum alia et ait bis qui erant ibi, 
Et hie erat cum lesu Nazareno. 
'^ Et itcrum negavit cum iura- 
meuto quia iiou novi homiuem. 

62. a7rQicpn'ij~\ -j'ti H. 
. — uovl GOl A*. 
'63. Ii/iTotif] ora. EF. 

— laiuira. Kai] fadd. aTfOKpiBug ^. A 
CN. rcl. a.b.c.f.ff:h. Syn-.Pst.&Hcl. 
Tlieb. Arm. | cm. BZL. 1. 33. 69. G. 
Vulg.ff'Kg'---!. Mcmph. .,Etli. Orig.iv. 
3861'. Orig. Inl.m.9W.\i(su,nra avoKp. 

^t U. I tCTiOJTra ClTTOKp. ovv i). 

— fJopK-iJu ABCZN. rel. On'g. iv. | op- 
Kijw DL. 69. 

. — rov 9tov 2°] add. rov ^wvrog C*NA. 
J'^ Syr.Hcl. Memph. Theb. | Contra, 
ABC^ZL. rel. Orig.iv. Orig. 

64. tirrac] add. on lyio ufii A. 

— ttX))!'] add. ^£ A* Syr.Pst. 

— i/iiv] add. on D. Syr.Pst. 

— £Ku9jjfin'ov N*. 

C5. Xiywv} tadd. on ■^. AC*. | om. BC 
DZL. 33. Latt. Syrr.Pst.&Hcl. Arm. 
^th. Orig.iv. 386'. Onj. /nMii. 91 P. 

— iXOfiev^ £Xw/(£)' H. 

■ — li\auipi)}iiav~] f add. ((uroy '^. AC. I'el 
l':f:ff'W- Goth. Arm. 
>Eth.O/ij.iv. Or/(/./«(.iii.911\|om.BD 
ZL. Vulg. a.c.J\g'li.t. Mcmph. Thcb. 


66. a-rroKpiBivrtQ Vulg././/'''^'g''^' Orig.iv. 
386^'. I airenpiOijaav jravrtg Kai D. 

eiTTOJ'] ttTTrtl' 33. 

67. ol Si'] aWoi St D. (Latt.) Goth. 

— tpamaav ACDZLA. | ^ippaTritjav 9". 
Bs. rel. II add. avrov D. 1. G. 

ff'.g'. Syrr.Pst.&Hcl. (in faciem Am. 
g^. in faciem ei Orig. Int. iii. 911"^. in 
faciem ejus Vulg.C/. Tlieb.) 

69. iKcidijro ante tjw BDZL. 1. 33. Latt. 
Syr.Pst. Syr.Hier. Memph. Theb. Arm. 
^th. Orig. I lit. iii. 912=. | J post ^. ACX. 
rel. Syr.Hcl. Goth. | postawXy A*. 

— TaXCKaiov Orig. Int. iii. | 'SaS^uipaiov 
C. Syr.Pst. 

70. e^irpoffOev'] add. avTuii' AC*XA. 1. 
EHKMSUV. Goth.(utvid.) | Contra, 
BCM)ZL. 33. 69. EG. Latt. rel. Orig. 
/«(. iii. 900''. 912''. 

— Travrojv'] om. K. 

— n] o 1. 

— Xtyiig Orig. Int. iii. iiia. \ add. ovSe 
imarafiai DA. 1. a.b. Syr.Hier. 

71. t^EXCovra c"i] tadd. avrov ^. AC. 
rcl. A. Arm. I ora. BZL. 33. a. Goth. I 

iliXBovTos StavrovD. (Latt.) Memph. 
Theb. Orig. Int. iii. 912''. 

71. avrov (ante a\X);)] om. 1. 

— aXXj)] add. iraiciaKii T). Yu\g.Cl.a.b. 
c.ff'^.h. (Arm.) Orig. Int. \ Contra, Am. 


— roiQ ik-fi BUGi-KSs. A^erss. | avroig 
iKH ACZLXA. I. 33. 69. E'FHMUV. 
(? Goth.) (ei ibi Oriy. Int.) 

— Kai oiirog ACL. rel. Verss. | om. Kai 
B.Btli/.D. Syr.Pst.erf. Theb. 

— 'Ha^iopatov'] 'Nail^aviivov 1. | FaXi- 
Xnioo E* (ut vid.) 

72. fura A'B.Dtli/.CLA. 33. K. \ J^ae' 
^. D. rel. 

— on Vulg./iT'.^'-Vi.l XiyiovD.b.c.if.) 

73. 7rpo(7«Xeo)'7-£e] praem. TraXa' l.(rpo(T- 
iXeoT-fe 33.) 

— Kai av Vulg../.jf' -V-'- 1 om. D. 1. 1 post 
es a.(} \ om. kui 

— Kat yap Orig. Int. iii. 9 li"". | add. To- 

G'2. respoudes CL | fii. virtutis dei Ci. | 
67. ejus dedcrunt CL | 70. quod Jj/i.* I 71. alia 
ancillu Ci. 



Vuig. ,,_?,c. avOpcoTVQv. '^ fjLera /xiKpou 8e irpoaeXOovTes ol iarai- " Et post pusUium accesserunt 

byrr. l-. ±1. _ . . . . . , . _ q,,; stabiuit et dixerunt Putro, 

Vere et tu ex illis es 

Meinph. Theb. 7-fy ^LTTOV TCO YleTpU), KKriOcoS Kai (TV (h aVTCOV €L 
[Goth.J Arm. .ffith. ^ v ' x ' ^ ' !- ~ ^ ' -71-' >/ j- 

Kai yap ?) AaAia aov oi]Aou ere ttoul. Tore lip'qaro 

* KaraOepiaTL^eLV kcu op-vvnv on Ovk oiSa rov avdpcu- 

Q TTOV. KUL * evovi aAeKTCop €(pcovi](rei'. /cat epvr^am-j 
6 TieTpo^ Tov prjparoi^ hjcrou €ipi]KOTO?* on Y\p\v 
aXtKTopa (jycovrjaaL rpls airapvYjarj pc kcu e^eXOcov 
e^co eKXavcrev TTiKpcoy. 

nam et 

Io(iuella tua manifestum te f'ucit. 
"Tunc cocpit detestari et iurare 
quianonnuvisset hoininem. Et 
continuo gallus cantavit. ^^ t3i6,2.) 
Et recordatus est Petrus verbi 
lesu quod dixerat, Prius quara 
gallus cantet ter me negabis, et 
cgressus ibras ploravit amare. 


XXVII. • 'Jj" 1 55 * P Upcolas' 8e yevopevrjs avp^ovXiov e'Aa/Soz/ 

P||Mar.i5: 1. TTajTe? OL dp^iepflf KOL OL TTpea^VTepOL TOV Xaov 

||Jo. 18:28. J Kara rov Irjaov, uxrre UavarcoaaL avTov, kul orj- 
aavTes avTov air-qyayov kol napeScoKau^ ^HiXarco tco 

156"" Tore I8a>v 'Ioi;5a? 6 ^ irapaSov^ avrou otl 
KareKpLdr], pera/xeXrjdels * earpeyj/eu' ra rpLaKovra 
apyvpLa tol^ ap^LepevcTLV /cat* Trpecr^vTepoiy Xeycop, 
Hpaprou TTapaSovf alpa adwov. ol 8e elirov, Tt irpos 
Tjpas ; (TV '^ o\lrrj. kol plyj/a^ ra apyvpia * et? rou 
vaov" ave)((aprjaev, kol airfXOwv airrjy^ '^ o'l 8e 
dp-)(iepel9 XafSovres rd dpyvpia * elirav, Ovk e^eanu 
Koppdv (iaXdv avTa et? rou Kopfiavdv, eirel nptj alparos 


4. alfia SiKaLOV 

1(317,2.) Jiane autem fiicto 
con.siIiura inierunt omuesprin- 
cipes sacerdotumet seniores po- 
puli adversus lesum, ut eum 
morti tradei-ent. ^'^"''-^Etvinc* 
tnin adduxerunt eum et tradi- 
derunt Pontic Pilato praesidi. 
3 1319, 10.) 'f |,„(, videns ludas, qui 
eum tradidit, quod dainnatus 
Ciset, paeuitcntia ductu.s rettu- 
lit trigiuta argenteos principi- 
bus sacerdotum et senioribus 
■•dicens, Peccavi tradens san- 
guinem iiistum. At illi dixe- 
runt, Quid adnos? tu videris. 
^ Et proicctis avgenteis in tem- 
plo recessit, et abiens laqueo se 
susijcndit. ^Principes autem 
sacerdotum acceptis argenteis 
dixerunt, Non licet mittere eos 
in corbanau, quia pretium san- 

XiXaiog Et, Krai C*. Syr.Hcl*. ] ad fin. ver. 
om. L. 

73. liiXov ff£ TTOui Vulg^./fi.^i''' Orig.Int. 
iii. I bjioia'Cu D. a.b.cjf'^.h. 

74. KaTaOeiiiTii^uv ABCDLXA 1. 3.3. 69. 
EFGUKMSVVlt Karavaei^itriZav^. 

— ivBvQ BL. I JtuflEwf s". ACD. 1.33. 

75. Iijaovl f pracm. roll s'. C-L. rel. | om. 

— (ipijKOToel t •'If'''. "«'■';' S". ACX. rel. 
4.(hiiit a.)/. Syrr. & Hcl. Memidi. 
-ffith. Orig.Iiit.iu. Qia-".] om. BDL. 33. 
(Latt.) Theb. Arm. 

— on] om. D. Latt. ^■Eth. 

— 7rptv~\ add. ij A. 

— aXtKTopa tpujv)](Tai \ a\tKroporpuii>ias 
1. I aXiKrop ipwviiaai 69. 

— rpie] post airapvriaij jit 69. | {aizap- 
vrj(T€t C.) 

1. (Xafiov (Latt.) rel. Orig.Int. iii. 914". 
1 iTTonjrrav X). a.c.f. Arm. 

— ijidTt OavaTioaai^ iva OavarwrroviTtv 
D. I (wffj-t] oircug S.) I avrov ante 
Bavaruiaai 69 txt. Savaruiaovaiv 69 

2. Trapf^wKa)'] f !m'<1- a>"'o>' T- AC. rel. 
Syrr.Pst.(&Hcl.t) Memph. Theb. Goth. 
Orig. Int. iii. 914''. Pet. Alex. ap. Routh. 
iv.33. I om. B.B(?i/.7?/c.C*L. 33. K. 
Latt. Syr.Hcl.f Arm. Orig. iv. 435=. 
Orig.Int. iii. 914\ 

— ITiXari.j] f praem. \lovTni> '^. ACX. 
rel. Latt. d. Syr.Hcl. Goth. Arm. Mxh. 
Orig. Int. iii. | om. BL. 33. Syr.Pst. 
Jlemph. Theb. Orig. iv. Pet. Alex. 

— Til) 7/yt/i.] om. Tit) A. 

3. irapaSovt B Blli/.L. 33. Latt. Syr.Hcl. 
07/(7. /rt/. iii. 914^. I ^Trapa^i^ouQ =:. 
AC. rel. Orig. i. 396>. Eus. D.E. 480"'. 

— £iTrp£i//£)'BL. Orig. i. iv. 435^ (tiTT-pt^t 
Orig. iv.435°.) misit d. (hiat D.)l t a^t- 
(TTpiiptv r^. AC. rel. £hs. D.E. 

— 7rp£(T/3yr£po(e] fpraem. rots <S'. AX. 
rel. I om. B.fl//^.(in ipsa eoll.)CL. 33. 
Orig. i. iv. 435'^-«- Eus. D.E. (ipsa col- 
latio Bentleii non om. roie ante apxiip.) 
II add. TOV Xaov Arm. JEth. 

4. (iBuiov ABtxt.ScA.C. rel. Syrr.Pst.& 
HcI.( Gr.) Goth. Orig. i. 
396'' MS. iv. 435'. Eus. D.E. 480". 
(hiat D.) I SiKaiov Syr. 

Hier. Memph. Theb. Arm. Orig. i. 
396''-''- ed. iv. 436». 445''. justum Latt. 
Orig. Int. iii. 914'=. iv. 664'^. Ci/pr. 290i 
(dis.) Hil. 746''. Lcf. 221. utramque 
Icctionem habet ^Eth. 

4. enrov Orig.i.\ enravJj.33, Eus.D.H. 

— oxl^y ABCLXA. 33.69(?').FGHKMSV. Orig iv.435'=. | X oipet <^. 
1. 69* ut vid. EU. Orig. i. Eus. D.E. 

5. us TOV vaov BL. 33. 69. Goth. .^th. 
Orig.i. £«s. D.E. 480'!. 481". | itv 
Ttii vaoj ^. AC. rel. Latt. Syrr. 

— ai'fxwp7/<7£i' Orig. Eus. D.E. \ a-jreX' C 

6. Eijraj/B.B^.L. 3.3. £ks. D.E. | J £i7roi/ 
T. AC. rel. 

— Kop/SnvavAB-.Bc/i.CL.rel. ^ni. (iff'.) 
Syr.ncl.(et mg. Gr.) Arm. Eus. D.E. 
Hil. 747». I Kopjiav B*Bch. f.g'. JEth. 
Corbam a.d.h. (loeulum b.c.Jf~\) | Kop- 
jiai'a X. (Syr.Pst. Syr.Hier.)|Kop/3oj'a 
33. 1 K-opliovav EIvM. 69mg*. ( Vulg. Ct.) 
Orig. Int. iii. 9l¥. | yoXyoeau 69 txt. | 
Kopfiavov Menipli. (Theb.) Goth. 

76. flevit a. 
ti. 603 mittere CI. 



XXVII. 7. 


L (X) A. 

1. 33. 69. 


1 Act. 1 ; ly. 

iOTTLV. ^ (Tv^fiovXiov 8e Xa^ovTe? rjyopacrav i^ avTcov 
Tov aypov tov Kepa/j-ecof, eis Ta(pr]v rois ^euois. olo 
eKXrjOrj 6 aypos eKeivos dypoy ai/xaros ** ewy Tr]9 o-qp-e- 
pov. ' Tore iTrXrjpwdr) to prjOeu 8ia 'lepep-lov tov 
■?rpo(j)rjTOv XeyovTos, ^ Ka/ fXa/Sov rk rpirixovra, a,p- 

vicov i(Tpa.7]K, xoA sQwxa.y awra sn; tov a/ypov tov 
xspcx^f/yicog, -/mMo, cvvsTo^^iv f/^oi xvpiog. 

157 ^'O 8e 'Ir/aov^ ^ io-raOrj" epLirpoaOev tov 
r/yep-ovof' ' koI eTrrjpcoTrjaeu avTou 6 i^yep-cov Xeycov, 
2i; el 6 fiaaiXevs Tav 'lovSalcou^ ; 6 8e 'Irjaov^ ^^Vi 
'■^" avTcp, 2y Xeyeii. koll kv Ta> KaTrjyopetaOai avTou vtto 
Twv dp^upewv Kol tS>v 7rpeaj3vTepcoi'' ovSeu^ direKpi- 
vaTO. "" TOTe XeyeL avTco o YIiXoltos; Ovk aKOveis Trocra 
(TOV KaTap.apTvpov(TLv; koX ovk aTreKpiOr} avTW irpos 

ovBe ev prjfxa^ coaTe davp.a^fLV tov riyepiova Xlav. 

"Jo. 18:39,40. ft 158 ' " Kara 8e eopTrjv eicodei 6 rjyepLCOv divoXveiv 

' Zee. 11:1a, 

•||Mar.i5:2-20. tk 
II Lu. 23:2-25. a 

« Jo. 18:33. 


guinis est. ' Consilio autem ini- 
to emerunt ex illis agrum figuli 
in sepulturam peregrinorum. 
* Propter lioc vocatus est ager 
ille Acheldemach, ager sangui- 
nis, usque in hodiernum diem. 
° Et tunc impletum est quod 
dictum est per Hieremiam pro- 
piictam dicentem, Et accepe- 
runt triginta argenteos pretium 
appretiati quem appretiaverunt 
a filiis Israliel, "et dederunt 
eos in agram figuli, sicut con- 
stituit mihi dominus. 

11(320,1.) Jt-sus autem stetit 
ante praesidem, et interrogavit 
eura praeses dicAs, Tu es rex 
ludaeorum? Dicit ei lesus, Tu 
dicis. '^(^'''''Et cum accusa- 
retur a principibus sacerdotum 
et senioribus, nihil respondit. 
" Tunc dicit illi Pilatus, Non 
audis quanta adversum te dicant 
testimonia? " Et non respondit 
ei ad ullum verbura, ita ut mi- 
raretur praeses vehementer. 

IS (342,2.) pgf fiiem autem sol- 
Icmnem consuevcrat praeses di- 

7. tf\ T( HM. 

8. aypog tKtivog'] add. Haceldama hoc est. 
Vulg.C/. Acheldamac hoc est a.{Jf''). 
Achcddemach quod est h,c.g\ff--y-.h.}. 
Acheldeniacli Am. {Fuld.) Orig.Int.m. 
914''. Echcldcmach hoc est rf. | om._/. 
Eus. D.E. 481°. 

9. 'Upifiiov BL. rel. (Latt.) Sjr.Hcl.txt. 

. Orig. Int. iii. Eus. D.E. | om. 3.3. a.b. 
Syr.Pst. I liiptfiiov AC*. | rjpifttov 69. | 
Esaiam I. Zachariam Syr. IIcl. mg. ] 
" Inter ea quae scripta sunt non in- 
Tenitur hoc Jeremias alicubi prophe- 
tasse in libris suis qui vel in ecclesiis 
leguntur, vel apud Jud-teos referuntur: 
si quis autem potest scire, ostendat ubi 
sit scriptum : suspicor ant errorem esse 
scripturae, et pro Zacharia positum 
Jeremiam aut esse aliquam secretam 
Jeremiae scripturam in qua scriljitur." 
Orig. Int. iii. 916^. [monendus est lector 
de hiatibus prophetae Jeremiae in ver- 
sione LXX, sicut in ecclesiis legeba- 
tur.] ^KTrtfTTi'itTBiQ, tTni fu) ravra (fiipt- 
Tai IV Ty Tuv 'Iipifiiov Trpo^jjrei'p, ure 
Xpri iiTTOvotiv TTipiypijaBai aiira tj aii- 
TiJQKaTa Tiva pafiovpyiav, ij Kai a<pd\fia 
•/patpiKbv yiyovivai, twv afttKiartpov 
TO. tCjv Upwv tvayyiXiuiv avr'iypaipa 
TreTTOtijfitvwv afaXivrog rn'og, Kat avri 
fiiv Tuv Xa\apiov 'lipifitai' TtOtiKurog 
Eus. D.E. 481''. "Hoc testimonium in 


Jeremianon invenitur; in Zacharia vero, 
qui pene ultimus est dnodecim propheta- 
rum, quacdam siniilitudo ferlur, et quam- 
quam sciisus non multum discrcpet, 
tomen et ordo et verha divcvsa sunt. 
Lcgi nupcr in quodam Mebraicc toIu- 
mine, quod Nazarenae sectae mijii He- 
braeus obtulit, Jeremiae apociyphum, 
in quo haec ad verbum scripta reperi: 
sed tainen niibi videtur magis de Za- 
charia sumtum testimonium." Hier. in 
loc. (vii. 228). " Si quis autem movetur 
quod hoc testimonium non invenitur 
in Scriptura Jeremiae prophetae, et 
ideo putat fidei evangelistae aliquid 
derogandum, primo noverit non omnes 
codices evangeliorum habere, quod per 
Jeremiam dictum sit, sed taiitum modo 
per prophetam. Possemus ergo dicere 
his potius codicibus esse credendum, qui 
Jeremiae non habent : dictum est enim 
hoc |)cr prophetam, sed Zachariam, unde 
putatur codices esse mendosos qui ha- 
bent nomen Jeremiae, quia vel Zacha- 
riae habere debuerunt, vel nullius, sicut 
quidam, sed tantum, per prophetam 
dicentem, qui utique intelligitur Za- 
charias. Sed utatur ista defensione, 
cui placet : mihi autem cur non pla- 
eeat, haec caussa est, quia et plures 
codices habent Jeremiae nomen ; ct 
qui diligcntius in Graecis txcmplaribus 
Evangclium consideraverunt, in anti- 

quioribus Graecis ita se perhibent inve- 
nisse: et nulla fuit caussa cur adderetur 
hoc nomen, ut mendositas fieret : cur 
autem de nonnullis codicibus toUeretur, 
fuit utique caussa, ut hoc auda.x inipe- 
ritia faceret, cum turbaretur quaestione, 
quod hoc testimonium apud Jeremiam 
non inveniretur." August, de cons. Evan- 
gelist, iii. 7.29. (Ed. Bassani. iv. 150). 

9. IiTpa;;/\] om. K. 

\0. tluiKav Orig.Int.m. £«s. D.E. 481^ 
(ed.) I i^wKtv A*utvid. \ ijSaXov 69. [ 
iSwKa Syn-.Pst.&Hcl. Syr.Hier. Eus. 

— Ka0a Eus. D.E. | KaSug 1. 

— Kvpiog Eus. D.E. | praem. o 1. 

11. eara9^ BCL. 1.33. OWj. i. 315"^ (MS). 
I Jtffr?) '^. A. rel. Oiig.i.3lS'(ed.) 
(tan EK). 

— lil<Tovg2<> Orig.i. OWjr. 7n(. iii. 916'. [ 
om. L. 

— avTifi Orig. i. Orig. Int. iii. | om. L. 
33. a. Syr.Hier. Memph. Theb. Arm. 

12. Tiov TTptajS. AB.«A. rel. | om. tuv LX. 
1.69. (hiat 33). OW^. i. SIS'", iv. 386'=. 

— aireKpivuTo AB«LA. 1. rel. (hiat 33). 
(Latt.) Syrr. Orig. i. ed. | airiKpuviTO 
D. h.ffKh. Syr.Hier. Onj. i.MS. et iv. 
Orig. /n<. iii. 917''. 

8. n.iccldama hoc est ager s,inguinis CI. \ 
9. 0111. et ante tunc CI. | 11. dicit illi CI. j 
13. dicuut CI. 

XXVII. 23. 


Vvig.n.b.c. Tcy gj/cc TM oyAo) Secraiou, ov riOeXov. elvou Se Tore 

Syrr.P.H. I ' .^, ' , ' tj qq- IT 

Memph. Theb. oea/j.iov eTrKrij/MOu, Aeyofxevov Uapappau- o-vurjyfxe- 
cGotii.,Arm.a;th. ^^^ ^.^ ^^^^^ j^^^ ^^^^^s h UiXaTO^, Tiva deAere 

17. [ri.r] B«pa/3- aTToAu'crct) vfJLLv ; Bapa/S/Stti', r; 'iT/croDt' rof Xeyoixevov 

XpiaTOP ; jjoet yap otl ota (paouoi' wapeocoKau au- 

ml Tov. ^'^ Kadr]\xivov 5e avrov iirl rod ^jj/jLarof, dire- 

areiXev wpo? avrov rj yvvrj avrov Xeyovcra, M?;5ei' 

f Goth '^^'^ '^"' ''"? ^LKaica ^ eKeifO)- iroXXayap kiraOov o-i-jixe- 

^f pov Kar ovap 8i avrov. '" o'l be ap^Lipels nal ol rrpea- 

j3vrep0L eireLaav rov? 6)(Xov?, iva alr-qacovrai rov 

Bapa/S/Saj/, rov 8e 'Irjaovv diroXea-axriv. ' awoKpLOeif 

8e 6 rjyep.(ov elwev avroif, Tlva OeXere diro rwv 8vo 

"^ diroXvcru) ; ol Se^elvav," *Tov"Bapal3l3dv. "Xiyei 

avrols 6 ritAaTOf, T/ ovv Troirja-co Irjcrovv rov Xeyo- 

fxevov ^pLcrrov ; AeyovaLV^ Travre?, "Eravpcod/jrco. 

2^- '^J^^;jtr''^ ° ^"6 5e^ e0r;, Ti yap KaKov eiroirjaev ; ol 8e Treptcro-w? 

iKpa^ov Xeyovre?, ^ravpcodrjrco. 

mittcre popiilo unum vinctum 
qucm voluissent. ""(^".^-'Ha- 
bebat autem tunc vinctum in- 
signem qui dicebatur Barabbas. 
" Congrcgatis ergo illis dixit 
Pilatus, Qucm vultis dimittam 
vobis, Barabban an lesum qui 
dicitur Cbristus? " Sciebat 
cnim quod per invidiam tradi- 
dissent eum. '» (=='■ '°-' Sedente 
autcm illo pro tribunal! misit 
ad ilium uxor eius dicens, Nihil 
tibi et iusto illi : multa enim 
passa sum hodie per visum 
propter eum. ™ (a".'-) Principes 
autem sacerdotum et seniores 
persuaserunt populis utpeterent 
Barabban, lesiira vero perde- 
rent. " Respondens autem prae- 
ses ait illis, Quem vultis vobis de 
duobus dimitti? At illi dixe- 
runt, Barabban. 22(326,1.) Dicit 
illis Pilatus, Quid igitur faeiam 
de lesu qui dicitur Christvis? 
2' Dicunt omnes, Crucifigatur. 
Ait illis praeses. Quid enira mali 
fecit? At illi magis elamabant 
dicentes, Cracitigatur. 

13. TToffa] Toaa D*. 

— ffou] post Kara/iiaprvpoutTiv D*.( Con- 
tra, Orig. i.3l5'>.) 

— Karafiaprvpovaiv Orig.i.\KaTi}yopov- 
aiv 1. -lEth. (hiat 33). 

14. TTpos ow^e ABs(L)A. 1. 33.rel. (^Orig. 
i.31.5''). I om. D. Latt. (exc. Vulg.) 
Theb. (Arm.) 

— ovSt Ev] ov^iv L. Orig. i.315'^. 

— TOV ijycfjoj'a] om. Syr.Pst. 

15. foprijv] praem. ti)v D. 

— tva 7(fi ox\(p Sea^iov ABLA. 1. rel. 
Theb. Goth. ^th. | iva Stap.. t. oxX. 
D. Syrr.(Pst.)&Hcl. Memph. | r. oxX. 
iva SiHji. 69. M. Am. Latt. Syr.Hier. 
Orig. Int. m.SM^. (populo dimittere 
unum vinctum Vulg.C/.) | iva post r. 
oy\. ^ifjp. Arm. sic vel om. 33. 

16. £ix;oi'] habebatVulg. J".^'. Orig.Int. 
iii. 918''. 

— Xfyo^sroj'] praem. tov D. 

— Bapa/3/3av Gr. | Bap- 
pafiav 69. c.g^. || praem. 'lr)aovv sic 1*. 
Syr.Hier. Arm. (de hoc nomine in hoc 
loco tacent et Origenes ipse et Origenis 
interpres.) I Contra, ABDL. 1**. 33. rel. 
Latt. Syrr.Pst.&Hcl. Memph. Theb. 
Goth. ^th. Orig.Int. {sic) 'm.^\&'. 
rid. Hil. 748'>. 

17. ovvABsL. 1. 33.rel.Vulg.^'. Syr.Hel. 
Memph. Theb. | ct V>. 69. a.kc.f.ff\g'. 
h. (Syr.Pst.) Goth, (^th.) | om. Arm. 

— Tiva QeXtre airoXvaui vfiLv^ om. E*. 

II post GtXeTs add. tiov 5vo A. a. Syr.Hier. 
Arm. Orig. i. 3 1 6». Orig. Int. ii. 24.5». 
(Contra, On'jr./Hf.iii.918'^.) || ujuii/] ante 
a-TToXvaiD J). I .add.rwv^uo 1*. 
17. BapafSjiav sic sine add. ADL. reL | 
praem. rov B.B%. Orig.i.316'. Upraera. 
'li](Tovv TOV 1*. Syr.Hier. Arm. Orig. 
Int. iii. 918'. Scholia Graeca. In co- 
dice S et aliis apud Bch. in margine est 
scholion : ' AvatrTaffiog iTriaKOTrog 'Av- 
Tiox- llaXaioXg irdvv dvTiypa(j)Oie iv- 
Tvxii>v I'opov Ka'i axjTbv tov 'Bapa^jiav 
'lr]rTovv XlyoptvoV o'vTiOQ yoijv iix^^ *? 
TOV HlXutov TTivK'Q ("tt, " Tiva BiXtTS 
Ttbv ^vo dnoXvaiij vplv^ 'lijtroi'v tov 
liapa^ftav fj 'Irjaovv tov Xeyo/ievov 
Xpttrro)':" ijig yap toiKiv TraTpojvviiia 
TOV XyiTTOv t)v 6 B«pa/3/3ac, oTrep ipfiij- 
vnriTat CidacTKaXov vwg. (" In multis 
exemplaribus non continetur quod Ba- 
rabbas etiani Jesus dicebatur, et for- 
sitan reete, ut ne nomen Jesu conve- 
niat alicui iniquorura." Orig. Int. iii. 
918"^.) I Ij/o'oiii' non habent ABDL. 
33. rel. Latt. Syrr.Pst.&Hcl. Memph. 
Theb. Goth. .Sth. et Origenes ipse 
i. 316'. Optime redarguit eos Lach- 
mannus qui putent post verba lri<Tovv 
Bapajijiav in ver. 17 (et etiam in judi- 
cio nonnuUorum in ver. 16) evange- 
listam seribere potuisse in ver. 20, 'iva 
alrijaoJVTai riiv Bapfr/S/Sav rov Si 
'liiaovv cLTToXicruiinv. — Haec lectio 

orta fuisse videtur e litteris posteriori- 
bus vocis v/uv casu bis scriptis ; sic 
TMININ; hinc YMININ i.e. vpTiv et 
'ijjCTofiv, sicut per compendium seri- 
bitur hoc nomen. 

20. oi Of npx-] princeps autem sacerdotum 
Am. f.h. 

— ■jrpt(TjivTtpoi'\ add. tov Xaov I'. 

— ainjffttivrat Orig. iv. 386''. | -ttovTai 
EF^HV. (-(TuiTi Eus. in Ps. SSe''.) 

21. tiwav DL. 33. | Xuirov ^. ABs. rel. 

— TOV Bap. BL. 1. 33. | *om. rov <^. 
AD. rel. 

22. TTotttoo, AB. rel. Vulg. d.fff'.g'-'- \ 
Troinmofiiv D.Gr. a.b.c.ff^.h. Orig.Int. 

— XfyoiKTij'] f add. avTip S'. L. rel. J". 
Mlh. I om. ABDA. 1.33. 69. K. (Latt.) 
Sy Syr.Hier. Memph. Theb. 
Arm. Orig. Int. i'li. 919\ 

— OTavpioOijTuj bis. K, jEth. 

23. 6 ^£ i<pi] B. 33. 69. Syr.Hier. Theb. 
Arm. I o ^£ f riycpu>v" c^r) ^. A. rel. 
Syr.Hel. \ Xeyei avTotgo y'lyepuiv DL. 1. 
Latt. Memph. Mth. (dicit eis Pilatus 
Mm. Syr.Pst.etf.) 

— TrepLtrfftogl irtpiaffoTipov 1. 

— £Kprt?oi'] iKpa^av D. Syr.Pst. (Con- 
tra, Syr.Hel. Syr.Hier.) 

— Xfyovrec] om. 1. K. a.b. Theb. 

15. populo dimittere CI. \ 19. .id eum uxor CI. 
I 20. priuceps Am. 



XXVII. 24. 

1.33.69. ixaXkov dopuBof yiverai, Xaficav vScop a-JTevL^/aTO tols 

^eipas * KarevavTL rov o^Aou Aeycop, Aacoos eifjii 
cnro Tov ai/xaro^ [rov SiKaiovj tovtov v/xeiy 6\^eo"^e. 
'' Koi OLTroKpidei? Trav 6 Aaoy elirev^ To ai/xa avrov 
'■'''' e^ T^/Lia? /cai eiri ra rcKva iifxatv. rore aireAvaev 



" Jo. 19:2, etc. 

29. eve-TraiKav 

avTOLS TOV RapajS^dv ' rov de 'Irjaovv (ppayeXXcoaas 
7rape8a>K€v Iva aravpwOr). 

1 60 ■' Tore o'l arpariaruL rov rjyefJLOvos, vrapaXa- 
^ovres rov Irjaovv eh ro irpaircopiov, avvrjyayov eV 
avrov oArjV rrjv (nreipav KaL eKOvaavrey avrov 

* ^Aa/uJSa KOKKivrjv irepieBrjKav avrco- " Kal rrXe^t 


^ II 

re? are(f)avov i^ aKavdcov, iiredi-jKav eVi ' ri]s K€(f)aXrif 
avrov, Kal KoiXafMOv * ev rrj 8e^ia avrov- /cat yovv- 
Trerrjaavres efiirpoadev avrov eveiraiQiv avrco Xeyov- 
rX res, Xatpe * /SacriAeu " rmv 'lovSalcov Kal efxirrv- 
aavres els avrov eXa/Bov rov KaXa/xov KaL ervirrov els 
rr]v KecpaX^v avrov. ''^ /cat ore eveirai^av avrca, i^e- 
Svcrav avrov rrjv ■)^Xa^v8a, Ka\ iveSvaav avrov ra 
Ifiaria avrov- Kal aTrrjyayov avrov els ro aravpaaai. 

tusquia nihil proficcret seti ma- 
f^i.s tumuUusfieret, acceptaaqua 
lavit maniis coram populo di- 
cens, Innocens ego sura a 
fjiiine iiisti hiiius: vos yideritis. 
"Et re^pondens universiis po- 
pulus dixit, Santruis eiiis .su- 
])er nos et super filios nostros. 
^ <^=».'-)Tunc dimisit iUis Barab- 
ban, lesum autem fJageliatuin 
tradidit eis ut crucitigeretur. 

i7C3»,<.)Xunc milites praesi- 
dis suscipientes lesura in prae- 
torio congregaverunt ad eum 
universam cohortem: ''^etexu- 
entes euin clamydem cocci- 
neam circumdederunt ei, ^^ et 
plectentes eoronam de spinis 
posuerunt super caput eius et 
harundinem in dextera eius, et 
genuflexo .ante eum inludebant 
dicentes. Have rex ludaeorum. 
30(330,6.) jjt exspucntes in eum 
acceperunt harundinem et per- 
cutiebant caput eius. ^'Etpost 
quam inluserunt ei, exuerunt 
eum clamyde et induerunt eum 
vestimentis eius, et duxcrunt 
eum ut crucific'erent. ^^ i^si.i.) 

24. o0h\); E*. 

— KUTivavTi BD. I %airfvavTi <^. A. rel. 

— £i;i(] add. tyw D. Latt. 

— TOV SiKaiov rovrov ^. L. 1. 33. reh 
Vulg. c.#'-(=-9'-=- ut Tid.) Syr.Hcl. ] tov- 
tov TOV ciKatov AA. f.k. Syr. 
Hier. Memph. Theb. Arm. ^th. ) om. 
TOV SiKaiov BD. a.b. Orig. Int. ii. 245'=. 
iii. 917». Sig-i. 

25. Traf] post o XaoQ L. 

26. aniX, avTovg V, 

— (ppaylWuiaas'] 0\ayfXX. D*. 

— iraptuoKiv ABs. 33.rel. ladd.avroicD 
NL. 1. r. Latt.(exe.A.) Syr.Hier. ^th. 

— aTnvpwGti ABN. rcl. Vulg. f.ff'.g'-'- 
1 (jravptoiTfoiTiv avTOj' D, a.b.c.jff'^Ji. 
Syr.Hier. iEth. 

27. avvTiyayov'] -ytv T)Gr. \ praem. koi 
33. (Contra, Eiis. D.E. 504'=.) 

28. eKSvaavTfs ANLA. 1. 33. 69. rcl. Vulg. 

./l^'-»'("tvid.)(;'.A. Syrr.Pst.&Hcl. Syr. 

Hier. Memph.Theb. Arm.£'i/s.D.E. 504'=. 

levcuo-. BD. a.b.c.ff'K Orig.Int. iii. 91 9». 

I hoc add././/, (vid. Jlar. xv. 17.) | ovi. 

iKcvrr, avT. yEth, 

— avTov'] om. i. | add. iifuiTinv Tropifiv- 
povv Kai D. a.b.c.f.ff'.h. vid. Hil. 748''. 
(vid. Mar. xv. 17.) | add. ro i/in7-ia av- 
Tov 33. Syr.Hcl. mg. | non habcnt ABsN. 
1. rel. Vulg. ff''.g\ rcl. Etis. D.E. 


29. x^^t^' K0KKn'7]ii TTtpiiQiiKav avTtij. 
BDL. 69. Latt. Syi-.Hier. Memph. 
Theb. £«s. D.E. 505". | X-mpue. avT. 
xXa/i' KOK. <^. AN. rel. Syrr.Pst.&Hcl. 
Arm. (JEth.) (chlamydem coccineam et 
purpuram circumdederunt ei. Orig. Int. 
iii.) I xXa/iucn] -Cav'D.(om. kokk. JEth.) 

— irXiKavTig Vulg. y^'.j'--' | om. a.b. 
c.Jf. Orig. Int. iii. 

— £7rfe;)Ka)'ADL. 33.rel. iTiK.D.E.SOS". 
1 ■n-cpttBtiKciv B. I tBiiKav NA. 1. 69. K. 

— Ti)Q Ktfl)a\ijQ'Slj. 69. Eus.~D.'F,.\'\.Tr}v 
K((l>a\tiv '^. ADN. I ry Kt<paXy 33. H. 
( avTov Ty Kf(paXij tir^Qi^Kal' 33.) 

— £1' Ty hKii} ABDN(L). 1. 33. 69. Vulg. 
a.c.ffKg'--- Syrr.Pst.& Syr.Hier. 
Memph. Theb. Arm. iEth. {nrr]Sii,ia L.) 
|{£jri Tr)v di^iav i^.A.rel. b.f.ff'.h. Syr. 
Hcl.txt. (^iv ry x^'P*- -^"s. D.E.) 

— yovvTrertiiravTig^ -tovvtzq 69. 

— ivtiraiZov AN. rel. Latt. Syrr.Pst. 
&Hcl. Syr.Hier. Eus.T)IEi.\tviTrai^av 
BDL. 3.3. (vid. ver. 31.) 

— avTov~\ om. Am. For. Tvl. b.ff'.((/'--- 
ut vid.) Syr.Hcl.MS. Arm. 

— Xfyoi'rec] (^€povTeg A. 

— PaatXivB.Bch.DA.\.(.l3aaiXcvc'B.BlIi/. 
i. e. collator o cditionis Cephalaei decsse 
tantum uotavit) | J o fSaaiXive S- AN , 
33. rel. Eus. D.E. (vid. Joh. xix. 3.) 

30. eif avTov Eus. D.E. | avTiji 33. (in 

faciem ejus a.b.) 
S\. e^eSvrrav £«s. D.E. 50i'^.\eKCv(jai'Teg 

L. 33. 

— avTov T. xX.~\ avrov t. xX. 69. 

— Kai tvtS.'] om. Kai 33. Theb. 

— Kai awtiy. £«s. D.E. | om. kol D*. 

— avrov nit".] om. 69. 

32. tiipov] rivpov NEFG. 

— K-vprijiaiovl add. ug aTravrtjffvv au- 
Tov D. a.b.c.ff^.g''h. \ Contra, Vulg. 

.f.ff'-g'. rel. Orig. Int. iii. 920'=. [ add. 
ipXOjxmov air aypov 33. 

33. sXBovresI cJsXSorrff M. 

— TOTTOV ADNL. rel. | rov tottov rov 

— roXyo9a Vulg. c.f,(r-''-g^"h. Memph. 
Theb. Arm. ^^th. j ToXyoXQa A. \ ToX- 
yoSav N. | FoXXyoQa F. (Golgotaha a. 
Golcotha b. Gogoltha Syrr.Pst.&Hcl. 
Golgoltha Syr.Hier.) 

— o luriv B.Brf^.DNL. 1.33. 69. E*F 
GIIKMU. Latt. Memph. Theb. | fog 
tun S"- AASsVjt. 

KpaVlOV TOTTOQ Xsyo^uvoQ BL. 1.33. 

ffK I XXiyofi. Kpav. roTT. <^. AN. rel. 

27. in practorium Ci. | 29. illudebant ei CI. 

XXVII. 42. 


^m- pV '^n" ''' e^ep\oiJL€voL 8e €vpov avdpcoirov Kvpi]uaLOi>, ovo/xari 
Memph. 'Elactjva' TOVTOV i]yyapevaau Iva aprj top aTavpov 

Arm, ^th. , ^ ^ 

"llMar 1^-21- wf ''^^Kai iX9ovT€9 ils TOTTov Xeyopevov VoXyoOa, 
||Lu. 23:26. 7x^ Xq" iaTLV ^ Koaviov tottos Xeyotxevo^^' "^ eScoKUV avrw 

||Jo. 19:18. s „ t , ", , .^^'^/ V ,f 

^u 7ri€Li/ * OLVov pera )(^oXi]s pepiypevou, Kai ^' yeucra- 

^^^ /iei'o? ovK ^ rjOiXrjo-ev Tneif. '^'^ cTTavpwaavTes 8e 

35. ^aXovTiQ avTov ^LepepLcravTo ra Ip-arta avTov, ^aXXovre^ kX^]- 

^^^ pov'' *^ Koi KaQ-qptvoL iri^povv avrov eKel. ' kou eVe'- 

OrjKav eiravco rrjs Ke(jiaXi]9 avrou ti-jv aiTLav avrov 

yeypapip.evr]v, Ovtos iariv Yrjaovs 6 ^aaiXevs twv 


^J 161 "'"'Tore aravpovvrai aw avTco 8vo XrjcrTal, eW 

'■'^J e'/c Se^ccop koI ei? e'^ evcouvpcou. "^ ol Se Trapawopevo- 

pevoL elSXacrcpr'jp.ovi' avTov Kivovvres ras Ke(j)aXay 

avTcov, Koi XeyovTe^, 'O KaraXvcou rou vaov kou Iv 

Tpialu rjpiepaLS OLKoSopcop, aaaov creavTOV el v'io9 fi 

40. eeov d '^J' Tov deov, KaTa.^i]di dwo rod aTavpov. 6p.oicos L^eJ 
Ka). ol ap^iepely Ipirai^ovres p.€Ta tS>v ypap-parecov 
Kal irpeajivTepmv kXeyov^ ' AXXovs kawaev, eavTOU 

Excuutes autcm invenenint ho- 
miiiem Cyreiieuin nomiue Si- 
monem : hunc augiiriavenmt ut 
toUeret crueem eius. 

33(332,1.) Et venenmt in lo- 
cum qui (licitur Golgotha, quod 
est calvariae locus. ^* <■''■'■'• '•) Et 
dedcruut ei vinura bibere cum 
telle mixtum, et cum gustasset 
noluit bibere. '^ i'^'' '•> Post- 
quam autcm crucifixerunt eum, 
(iiviserunt vestimenta eius sor- 
tem inittentes, ut impleretur 
quod dictum est per prophetam, 
Diviseruntsibi vestimenta mea, 
et super vestem meam miserunt 
sortem. ^''Etsedeiitesservabant 
eura. ^' (335,1.) Et iuposuerunt 
super caput eius causam ipsius 
scriptam, Hie est lesus rex lu- 

38 (336, ..) -punc crucifixi sunt 
cumeoduolatrones, unusadex- 
tris et unus a sinistris. '^ f^"- *-J 
Praetereuntes autem blasphe- 
mabant eum, moventes capita 
sua '" et dicentes, Qni destrue- 
bat templiim dei et in triduo 
illud reaeditieabut: salva teraet 
ipsum : si filius dei es, descende 
de cruce. ■" (336,2.) Similiter et 
principcs sacerdotum iuluden- 
tes cum seribis et senioribus di- 
centes, ■'-'Alios salvos fecit, se 

Syr.Hcl. {\iyofiivov Kp. t. N). j om. Xt- 
yo/j£i'of D. (Latt.) Mempli. Theb. Arm. 
1 iitOEpfnji'euofiii'OQ Kpav. tott. M. Syr. 
Pst. (^Eth.) 

34. towKoi'] praem. xai D. Latt. (exc. /".) 
Syr.Pst, Orig.Int.Vu.n'i'^. 

— miiv 1°. ABsN. rel. |om. L. Memph. 
Arm.MSS. | 7THvV){bis). (Contra, 2". 
Orig. i. 703'=.) 

— oivov BDL. 1.33.69. K. Vulg. o.ft. 
ff'-^g'-'l. Syr.Hier.(6is). 
Memph. Theb. Arm. iEth. Hil. 748f. 
|to?o£ ^. AN. rel. c.f.h. Syrr.Pst.& 
Hcl.txt. Syr.Hier. a sec. man. (semel.) 
Orig. Int. iii.919''. 

— 7)9£\?;ffEj'BDL. 1.33.69. E^ Latt.SjTr. 
Pst.&Hcl. Or/3./n(.iii. | JjjSfXe <?. A. rel . 

35. jiaWovTiQ BsL. rel. | fioKovTit AD. 
1. Eus. D.E. SOS''. 

— ad fin.] fadd. iva TrXjjpwOy to pr]Qtv 
VTTO TOV TTpOflJTOV, AupfpiaavTO Ta 
ifiaTia fiov savToiQ. Kat €7n tov ifia- 
Tw^ov pov ejSaXov kXtjpoi' <^. (A). I. 
(69). Vulg.C/. et Am. a.b.c.g\h. (Syr. 
Pst. in cdd. nonnuUis). Syr.Hcl.txt. 
Arm. Eus. D.E. SOS^ | om. ABDL. 33. 
EFGHKMSUV. Fuld. For. Tol. Emm. 
f-ff'W-l- Syrr.Pst.&Hclmg. Memph. 

Theb. Mth. "Haecperiochaprophetae 
non inventa est in duobus (codd. Asse- 

maui "tribus") cxeniplaribus Graecis, 
neipte iti illo antiquo Syriaco." Syr.HcI. 
mg. Orig. Int. iii. 919«. H//.749*. (e 
sil.) I Cia T. Trpof. et avToiQ A. {Sia r. 
Trpoif). Eus.} I dia T. TTpotp. et KXrjpovQ 
e corr. 69. 

36. iKsi Orig. Int. iii. 920=. | om. Latt. 
(exc./) Arm. JBus. D.E. SOS":. 

37. (TTiOijKai''] -Ojjirav A. 

— Ti]v aiTiav avTov'] ante iiravto r. Kstp. 
avT. 33. (post yifp. add. " haebreiee 
(sic) gracce et latine," A). 

— Ii]aovg~] ora. a b.ff'. Memph. Theb. ] 
Contra, Orig. Int. iii. 921". 92S». 

38. post St^iiov add. nomine Zoatham, et 
post cvtoi'vpuiv add nomine Camma c. 

39. avTov'] om. E. 

— Tas Ki<paXa<; Eus. D.E. 477''. 498'=. | 
Tiiv KKpaXiiv D. Memph.MS. 

40. Xiyot'Tig] add. ova DAM. Vulg. C/. 
a.h.c,p.g^h.l Syr.Hcl, (et mg. Gr.) 
Syr.Hier. Arm. O//;/. /nMii.921'=.922''. 
Eus. D.E. 498°. in Ps. 82»-i'- | Contra, 
ABL.rel. Am.fff'.g'. Syr.Pst. Jlemph. 
Theb. ^.th. £«s. D.E. 477". in Ps.396». 
Hil. 749''. 

— vaov"] add. Dei Yit\g.a.b.c.f.ff'-'-g'. 
Syr.Ilier. Memph. Oriy. /n<. iii. 922«. 
Hil. I Contr.a, g'.h. Theb. Arm. JEth. 
Orig. /«/. iii.921'=. 

40. £1'] om. L. 

— oiKoSofuov^ pi'aem. auroj'Latt. (Tiieb ) 
(Syr.Hier.) Hil. 

— H TOV Oeov ADL. rel. Eus. D.E. 498'=. 
in Ps. 82''. I Biov u B. Latt. Orig. Int. 
iii. 921». iv. 629''. 

— Karn/3/)9i] praem. Kai AD. 
Syr.Pst. Syr.Hier. | Contra, BL. rel. 
Vulg. /#'•■■•(/'. Syr.Hcl. Memph. Theb. 
Orig. Int. iii. Eus. D.E. in Ps. 

41. opoiwg Se Kai BD. rel. ff'. Syr.Hcl. 
(^th.) Eus. D.E. 498'=. | om. Se AL. 
1. 33. 69. KTf. (Latt.) Syr.Pst. Memph. 
Arm. Orig. Int. iii. Eus. in Ps. 82''. | 
om. Kai AL. For. b. Memph.MS. Theb. 

— ■ Kai Trpeajivrepuiv ABsL. 1. 33. 69. rel. 
Vulg. ffK Memph. Theb. ^th. | om. 
Arm.ed. (liabcnt MSS.)1 Kai (papiffaiujv 
D. ab.cff'.g'---h. Eus. in Ps. 82''. (ante 
r. ypapp.) \ add. Kai tpapitraiwv AEF 
GHKMSUV. y. Syrr.Pst.&Hcl. Orig. 
Int. iii. 921"=. 

— eXtyov Vulg.C/. a.h.c.f.ff'--li. Arm. 
Orig. Int. iii. Eus. D.E. in Ps. 82''. | 
Xfyoi'rfc D Gr. Am. g'--- Syrr.(Pst.)& 
Hcl. Memph. Theb. yEth. 

35. ut impleretur .... taisenmt sortem Ct. 
Am. otn. Fuld. For. Tol. etc | pt'oplietam di- 
centem CI. | 40. dicentes, Vali C!. | destruis CI. 
-it fi</rf. I rsaedifiCiis ('(. -cat Fuld. | H. dice- 
bant CI. 



XXVII. 43. 

ov Sui^araL accxrai. * /3ao"tAey? -lapariX iaTif, Kara- 
^drco vvv diro tov araupov, kol Tnarevaofxev eV 

* avTov." '^ ^ irsTtoiOsv eiti tov ^sov pva-do-dco vvv [au- 

TOV, J ii 7£A£/ u/jTdV eiTTeu yap oTi aeov ei/juvios. to 
8' avTo Kou ol Xr](TTai ol avvcTTavpcoOevTes aw avTco 

A 3 IC] D. 

1. 33. 69. 
§ Goth. 

'Psa.22(2i):8. /S 

[Si^ov *avTov. 

'Atto 8e eKTT]f apas aKOTOs iyeueTO eVt 

'■/'" irdaav Trjv yrjv ew? wpa^ * ivarrjs'' " Trept 8e ttjv 

' ivoLTTjv capau * ijSorjarev 6 Irjaou^ (pcoi'r) jxeyaXrj, 

y Ps;i. 22(21): 1. Xiyoov, ^ 'H/./ 'HX/, * Ae^aa (Ta^ayBavsi;" tovt eaTiu, 

§c Gei ^lou ^ee f^ov, IvcctI f^s s<yxo.TsKn:sg ; " ^ tlvIs 8e 

Tcoi' €K€i * ecrTrjKOTCov aKovcrauTef eXeyov otl WXiav 

^'^ (f)coi'el ovTOs. '^^ Koi evOecos Spa/xwu els e^ avTcov kol 

Xa^cov airoyyov, irX-qcras re o^ovs /cat TvepLOeis KaXa- 

fico, tTTOTi^ei' avTov OL oe Xolttol * enrav, Acpes, 

'f'y 'ISa/xev el fp-)(^eTai 'HA/a? acoacou avTOv. 6 Se 

'Irjcrovf TvaXiv Kpa^as (pcovrj fxeyaXr] d(j)7]Kev to 


ipsuin non potest salvum fa- 
cere: si rex Israhel est, descendat 
nunc de cruce, et credimus ei. 
■" Confidet in deo : liberet nunc 
eum si vult; dixit enim quia 
dei filius sum. « (339,3.) id ip. 
sum autem et latrones qui cruci 
fixi erant cum eo inpropera- 
bant ei. 

<5 (340,0.)^ sexta autem hora 
tenebrae factae sunt super uni- 
versara terram usque ad horam 
nonam. «(3<i,6.) Circa horam 
vero nonam clamavit Icsus voce 
magna dicens, Heli hcli lema 
sabacthani, hoc est, Dcus mens 
deus nieus, ut quid dereliquisli 
me? 'Quidam autem illicstan- 
tes et audientes dicebant, He- 
liam vocat iste. '«<342,2.)E{gon. 
tinuo currens unus ex eis ac- 
ceptamspongiam implevit aceto 
et inposuit hai'imdini, et dabat 
ei bibere. ■" Ceteri vero dice- 
bant. Sine videamus an veniat 
Helias libcrans eum. 5«(3<3,i.) 
lesus autem iterum damans 
voce magna emisit spiritiira. 



163^^ Kai ISov TO KaTajreTaap-a tov vaov ecrxio-0r] ='("'''-iEtecce velum templi 

42. /SaffiXfuf] f praem. ci <^. A. rel. Latt. 
Sjrr.Pst.&Hc). Meniph. Arm. ^th. 
Orig. Lit. iii. 921''. Eus. D.E. 498"=. in 
Ps. 82»-i'-396». (vid. Luc. xxiii.aS).] om. 
BDL. 33. Theb. 

— vvv'] cm. A. 

— TnaTivaoitiv BD.rel. Syr.Hcl. (Meniph. 
Tlieb. ut vid.) Ai-m. ^th. Eus. D.E. in 
Ps. 82»-<^- 396^ I 7ri0T£ii<rw/i(f)' LA. 33. 
69. EFHM. (ut videamus et cvedamus 
f. Sjr.Pst.ed. Goth.) | TnoTivoiiiv A. 
(Latt.) Orig. Int. ii']. 

— iw' BLA. 33. EFGHKMSUV. Syrr. 
Pst.&Hcl. I *om. s- AD. 1. 69. Latt. 
Goth. Arm. Eus. D.E. in Ps. 82»-<-- 
Orig. Int. iii. Sge^ 

— avTov BL. 33. | %avT<i> '^. AD. rel. 
Latt. Eus. D.E. in Ps. 82»<:- 396''. 

43. TrcTToStv'] praem. ti D. 1. a.b.h.l. 
Memph. Theb. Arm. (^tli.) Eus. D.E. 
498'. I Contra, AB. rel. Vulg. cf.ff'.g' '■ 
Syrr. Goth. Or/jr. /?iMii. 921''. Ens. in 
Ps. 82'=. 

— TOV 9(01' ADL. rel. Eus. D.E. | rijj 
en/j B. Eus. in I's. 82"^. 

— vvv Orig. Int. iii. £hs. D.E. jom. A. 69. 
H.^'^. Memph. Eus in Ps.82':.(vid.Psal.) 

— avrov 1° AD. rel. Am. For. (Latt.) 
rel. Eus. D.E. in Ps. 82'--. | om. BI-. 33. 
Vulg.C/. O/'S. /««. iii. 921''. (om. au- 
Tuv 2° Am. Ear. ff''.'/-") 


44. TO S'"] TO Si D. 

— aiivdTavpuQtvTtc AH. rel. | BTavpui- 
BiVTig DL. 

— ffvv avri^ BDL. I *om. uvv <^. A. 

— avTov ABDLA. 1. 33. 69. EFGHK 
MSUV. I tawri^u <^. 

45. ad init. " et postquam crucifixus est" 

— aicoTOt] post (yii'iTO AU. Syrr. Goth. 
I Contra, Eus. D.E. 292''. 486'=. 490''. 

— ivaT,]Q AB.i?(///.DLA. 1. 33. EFHIC 
MUV. £»s. D.E. ter. | {fi'va-i;? ■r. 
69. GSs. (ante iipuQ D). 

46. tvarriv AB.Bt!i/.LA. 1. 33. EFHK 
MUV. Eus. D.E. 486<=. 490''. | J evvanit' 
T. D. 69. GSs. 

— ilBoijaiv B.Bch.Blc.l,. 33. 69. Eus. 
D.E. 490''. I Jai'f/3o?)trf)/ <^. AD. rel. 
£ms. D.E.486':. 

— 6 IijfTovQ Ens. D.E. 1 om. 6 D. 

— i)Xi j)Xi A, 69. FGHKMSiUVs. 
Vulg.C/. cff^.g^h. C/em. Eel. 1003. 
Orig. Int. iii. 924''. Eus. D.E. 486''.(ed.) 
Heli Heli Am. For. a.b.<I.f(ff' semel) 
g'. I j]\ti tiXti DA. 1. E. jEus.D.E. 
490''. (sec. loco), in Es. 544''. | iXwii 
«X(uti B. Hurl. Memph. (sXwsi/i iXunfi 
Eus. D.E. 490''.) I fXoii sXwi 33. [ rir/Xi 
«»iXi L. jE:as.D.E.486'-.(MSS.) 

— Xtfia B.B(/y.L. 33. Am. For. Hurl. 

ff'.g'. Eus. D.E. 486':.(MSS.) 490'*. bis 
"(MSS.) I Xifia AA. 69. KU. /. Syr. 
Hcl. Goth. Eus. in Es. 544''. | Xttfia 
EFGHMSV. I X7,;i<a B.Bch. \ tXapa 
T. D. 1. a(vid. Irici)J.A. Arm. iEth. 
Orig. Int.iii. JB«s.D.E.(cd.)ter. lamma 
Vulg.C/. eg'', (lemono Syr.Pst. elema 

46. aafiax^avii AB.BcA.A. 1.69. 
Es. 544''. {aa(iaKTavH B.Btli/.) | Jcra- 
fiaxBavi <j. L. 33. EF«GHKMSsUVs. 
Vulg. c./ff'-^-g^l. Memph. Eus. D.E. 
ter. I Ja^0a)'ft D*. aaipSavu D'. (zah- 
thani a. zaptaui b. (For.""*) sabachtani 
ffK zabacthani p'. zapthani A.) 

— lyKUTiXiTTiQ BsDL. rel. Iren. Gr. 38. 
Orig. i. 467'. ii. 642''. Eus. D.E. 490''. 
I -XiiTTSQ AA. 33. EFGHKM. (in Syr. 
Pst. interpretatio deest.) 

47. 7-w)'] tToiv A*Gr. (dicebant A Lat. !) 

— t<JTi}KOTu}v BCL. 33. I XiarwTMV <^. 
AD. rel. 

— uTi ABC. rel./. Syr.Hcl. Goth. Orig. 
Int. iii. I om. DL. 33. Latt, (exc./.) 
Syr.Pst. Arm. ^Etb. 

48. TTXi](Ta(; Tt o^oi't;] 7rXj;(Tag o^ov D. 
(o^oi; C9.) 

43. conftdit CI. I imiic si vult euro Ci. \ filiu8 
dei Ct. I 44. om. cnici Am.* \ 46. et circa horam 
nonam VI. \ Eli eli lamma Ct. 

XXVTT. 58. 


ImP*H? '^r ' "^"' ^vaOev (COS kolto) ^ eh 8vo,' koI t] yrj iaeia-dij, 
Memph. Theb. /fctj at TTeToai e(r\i(rdrj(Tav, '" /cat ra Livriada avtco- 

[ . r , , V / -^ r- /r- ^ ^ 

^diqaav, Kai ■noKKa awfiara twu KeKOi/j.ijfu.ei'MU ayicoi^ 
* ^yepdyaav," ^'^ /cat i^eXdovres e/c rtSf ^vrj^elcov fj.era 
Trjv eyepcTLV avTou, elarjXOov ety Tr]v ay'iav TVoXiv kol 

evefpavLcrOrjaav TroAAoty. 

^'^ 164''^'0 5e eKarovrap^os /cat ot /xer' avrov Trj- 
povvTe? Tov Irjaovv ISovres tov aeL<jp.ov Kai ra 

* yivo/jL€ua, e(pol3'>]drj(rau (r(f)o8pa Xeyovres; AXrjdcoy 

54 61011 vib ^^^ ^ vlof Oeov" r]v ovTos. "'Ho'ai' 8e e'/cet yvvoiKes ttoX- 

Xal airo fxaKpoOev Oewpovcrai, airLves rjKoXovOrjaav 

TO) 'Irjaou awo ttj^ TaXiXalaf, SiaKOvovaat aurco' 

^^ ev afy rjv Mapla rj MaySaXyjurj, /cat Mapia rj tov 

56. 'luaritj, 'laK(DJ3ov Kol 'IcocT?; p-qTrjp, Kcu rj prjTrjp Twv v'lwv 


ah T/nj IQ^^^ ^'Oxjrlaf 8e yei^opei^rjs r/Xdev avdpcoTTOf ttXov- 

•II Mar. 15:42-47. Q-^Qp ^^Q 'Apipadalay, rovvopa 'lcoai](f), by /cat avrof 

||Jo. 19:38-42. + ejjiaOrjrevdi-i tco irjaov ourof irpoaeXocov ra 

HiXdro), ^TrjcraTO to o-atfia tov lr](rov. tot€ 6 Hi- 

spissum est in rluas pavtesa siim- 
mo usqiie ileorsimi, i^«, 10.) ^f 
terra mota est, et petrae seissae 
sunt, ^^ et moniunenta aperta 
stmt, et multa corpora sancto- 
rum qui dormierant surrexe- 
runt. '' Et exeuntcs de monu ■ 
mentis post resurreetionem eius 
veneruut in sanctam civitatem 
et apparuerunt ranltis. 

54 (316,2.) Centnrio autem et 
qui cum eo erant custodientes 
lesum, viso terrae motu et his 
quae fiebant, timuerunt valde 
dicentes, Vere dei filius erat 
iste. "'^"■'••' Erant autem ibl 
mulieres multae a longe, quae 
secutae erant lesnm a Galilaea 
ministrantes ei : *'' inter quas 
erat Maria Magdalene, et JIaria 
laeobi et loseph mater, et mater 
filiorum Zebedaei. 

57 c3«,i.) Cum sero autem fac- 
tum esset, vcnit quidam homo 
dives ab Arimathia, nomine 
loscph, qui et ipse discipulus 
erat lesu: ^'hic accessit ad Pi- 
latum et petit corpus lesu . Tunc 

48. Kai TTfpifffis] ora. cat 33. Ai'm. 

49. \ot7roi] XoiTTOi' L. 

— enrav B(R 69.) (tixov D. 69.) a.h.c. 
ffWM^^nor' T. AC. rel. Vulg./#>. 
g'.h. Syrr.Pst.&Hcl. 

— a0£gj a^tTt 33. Syr.Pst. 

— ffwo-wv ABC. rel. Vulg. ff'-g'. Ami. 
^th. I Kai amau D. 1. a.b.c.ff'.h.l. 
Orig. Int. iii. 925K \ auiaai 69. //. 
Syrr.Pst.&Hcl. Goth. 

— ad fin.] add. aWoc St Xajiiav Xoyx;;i' 
ivv^tv avTov rtjv irXtvpav kul EiijXBiv 
i^aip KCU a'liia BCL. Gat. Mm. Syr.Hier. 
semet. JEth. (Xoyxi" ^.Bch.Blc. Xoyxo" 
B.Btli/.) add. eadem, sed tvdtuic iK'lXS. 
a'ljia K. iihop U. (e Joh. xix. 34.) | non 
habent ADA. 1.33. 69. rel. Vulg. Latt. 
rel. Syrr. Pst. & Hcl. Syr.Hier. scmel. 
Memph. Goth. Ai-m. Hil. ijSi] S' avrov 
aTToQavovTog tic Tit)v (jrparutirwv 
Xoyxj; KTT-X. Orig. i. 41 6^ vid. et Oiig. 
iv. 298''. et Orig. Int. iii. 925,6. 

50. vaXiv Orig. Int. iii. 926'^. | om.LF. A. 
iOrig. iv. 298".) 

51. air' 'B.Btly.C. 33. | Jaffo 'S- AD. rel. 
lom. L. {Orig. iv. 298«.) | jtt" 69. (K 
hahet antea vaov non itpou.) 

— tiQ ovo post a. avioS. e. Karut B.Btlt/. 
C*L. 33. Memph. ^th. | Jante ^. 
AC=(?)rel. Latt. Syrr.Pst.&Hcl. Goth. 
Arm. Orig. Int. iii. 923". 926''. | iig cvo 

fiipri D. Latt. Orig. Int. \ om. ttg Svo 
C\?) Eu.f. D.E. 292". Eel. Pr. 164. 
Orig. iv. 298". (i. 414".) 

52. fiviiptia Orig. iv. 298^ (i. 414». iii. 
566\) I fivii/iara A. 

— ai'Mxdriaav BC-'T).ro\. Orig.h:29S'^.\ 
aviu>x9') A.|i;i'fux^') C!*. O;;^. i.414'>. 
1 TjviiiJx^V^^^' C'^L. 1.33. 

— )]ytpet]aav B.Bch-BL. 1. 33. 69. G. 
Orig. ii. 552^ iv. 298". I X ^l^P^I ^■ 
AC. rel. 

53. £K Tuiv ixvriiiuoiv'] om. Syr.Pst. 

— fiera rriv ty. avT."] om. Syi". Hier. 
(praem. "et" Syr.Pst.) 

— tinnXdov Orig. iv. 298=. | i]Xeov D. 
Latt. (exc.y.) 

— ivicj>avi<T9ri(Tai' Orig. iv. | i(pavr]aav 
D*. I tvfL<t>ai'ii(jav D. corr. 

54. iKaTovTapxaq] -X'K ^- Orig. i. 416=. 

— yivo^iva B.Bthj.D. 33. Latt. Orig. i. 
416''. Orig. Int. iii. 928f. 929«. | ty£vo- 
fieva <s-. AC. rel. Orig. iv. 299». 

— vioediov BDGr. Vulg.C/. b.h.l. Orig. 
Int. ii. 155". Onj/. /nt. iii. 928'. | tetou 
vioe S-- ACL. rel. Am. a.c.d./#'-'-j'-'- 
Goth. OrigA.ilG'^. iv. Hil. 913». 

— i)v Orig. i. iv. ] ((ttiv C. f.g'. Goth. 

55. ecsi] om. D. 

— yi'j'atKEcl pi''i<^iii' '^«* Dlj. 33. FK. 
Syr.Hcl.nig. I Contra, Orig. Int. iii.929». 
Ens. in Es. 462''. ad Mar.ii. 260. 

55. airo Eus. in Es. ad Mar. | om. AAK. 

— 9(iiipovirat~] om. Vulg.Jf^.g'.l. \ Con- 
tra, a.b.c.f.ff'.h. Eus. (non K.) 

— Tij) I/)(Toii] avTtf> F. Eus. in Es. ad 
Mar. (" a Cana Galile.a" mox a.) 

56. ))!■] add rai C*. (om. C^. 

— Mnpia 1°. AB(D). rel. Latt. Orig. Int. 
iii. 929''. Es.462'^. ad Mar.ii. 260. 
(om.seq. >i D*.)[M(ipiayu CLA. 1. Syr. 
Hcl. (hiat 33.) 

— Uapia 2». ABDL. 1. rel. Syr.Hcl. 
Orig. Int. iii. Eus. in Es. | Mapiafi CA. 

— >( rov Eus. a.d Mar. ] om. E. £!«-. inEs. 

— Iwtr;j ABC. rel. Syrr.Pst.&Hcl.txt. 
Goth. Arm. £us. in Es. |Iik!ti)0D*L. 69'. 
Latt. (hiat a.) Memph. JEth. 
Orig. Int. iii. Eus. tid Mnv. | Iw(T7/roo 
D^ ||/ii;r/;p seq.] om. i.e. 

57. ^f] supr. lin. A. 

— ApiftaOaiag Vulg.C/. Jf"'. | Aptifta- 
Oung D. Am. a.b.c.f.ff'.g'-^-ih.) Orig. 
Int. iii. 

— roi'i'o^rt] TO oi'opa D. nomine L.Ttt. 

— tna9ijTtvet} CD. 1. 33(....£«0....) 
Syrr. ut \ii.Wc jiaOifrtvatv s". ABs. rel. 

58. TrpoffeXOuJt^] Trpo(Tt}X9ei' icai (post 

UiXaT<{>) D. Latt. 

— TOTt^ add. ovv 1. 

54. filius dei CI. | 57. .lutem sero CI. | 
thaea a. I 68. petiit CI. 


A B C D. ;-/ 
LA. < 

1. 33. C9. 

% Goti. 

XXVIII. "'^ 


l.[f£] (7a/3/3. (for- 
san legendum, 
l-ttra TiJQ Kov- 
(TTwSiaQ 6\Ls 
najijiariov, Tij 
" II Mar. 16:1-11. 
II 1^11- 24:1-12. 
II Jo. 20:], etc. 


Aarof fKeXevaev aTro8odrjvai [to au)ixa.'\ ^^ Koi Xa^cov 
TO aco/xa 6 lco(n](}) ivervXi^eu avTO " Iv" aiuSouL ku- 
oapa, Kat eurjKev avTO ev tco kuluco auTov fivrj/xeico o 
iXaToixrjcrev eV ttj TreTpa, koll TrpoaKvXicTa^ Xidov 
/xeyav tyj Bvpa tov jxvrjfxelov oarriXOev. ^^ r)v 8e f'/cet 
Mapia rj MaySaXijvrj /cat 7} aXXy Mapla, Kadrj/xei/at 
aTTevavTL tov Ta(j)ov. 

lUO Ijl 0€ iiravpLov, ijtls eaTiu /xiTa ttjv Trapa- 
aKevrji', avi'7]^dr]crav ol dpxtepeis Koi 01 ^aptaalot 
Trpos YliXaTov "'^ Xeyovres, ¥s.vpLe, ep.vii]adr]p.ev otl 
€Kelvos 6 TrXavos elirev en ^S)v, Mera Tpels -qixepas 
eyeipo/ KeXevaov ovv aa(f)aXi(TOrjvaL tov Ta(j)ou 
ewf Trjf TpiTrjs i)p.epa9, p.y] TroTe iXBovTes o'l /xadrjrai 
avTOv* kX€\}/coo-lp avTOu, kcu eLTVcaaiv tco Xaw, 'Hyepdrj 
aiTo TOiv veKpmv Kac eaTai rj eo-)(aTT] irXavrj ■^eipcov 
Trj9 TrpcoTTjf. ''^ e'</)^ ^ avTols 6 UlXoltos,' E;(ere kovctto)- 
Slav virdyeTe da(paX[aaa-de wy o'lSuTe. *'*' ol Se tto- 
pev6evT€s rj(T(paXi(Tai>TO tov Tcicpov cr^pay'iaavTes tov^ 
XlOov /xeTa ttjs KovcrTcoSlas' 

ibi " 0\f/e §€ aafi^oLTcov, Trj e7n(f)o}a-Kovar] eh 
fxiav aajB^oLTCov, rjXOev Mapla t) MaySaX-rjvr) /cat rj 
aXXr] Mapla decoprjaai tov rdcpov. *' /cat iSov aeiap.09 
eyeveTO /xeyay ayyeXos yap Kvplov KaTa^ds e^ ov- 

XXVII. 59. 

Pihitiis iussit rcddi coq)us. ^' 
(30, 1.) Y,t acccptocoipore loseph 
invulvit illiul in sindoiie niunda, 
^"ctposuit illiid in nioniimciito 
suo novo cpicMl excidcrat in pe- 
tra, et advolvit saxum nniginiin 
ad ostium inonninenti, et abiit. 
61 (350,6.) E,.at aiilem ibi JIaria 
Magdalene et altera Maria, ee- 
dentes contra sepulclirum. 

62(351,10) Altera autem die, 
quae est post parasceven, con ve- 
nerunt principes sacerdotum et 
Pliarisaei ad Pilatum^^ dicentes, 
Uomine, rccordati sumiis quia 
seductor ille dixitadhiic vivens. 
Post tres dies resurgam. ^* lube 
ergo eustodiri sejiulcbrum us- 
que in diem teitiiim, nc forte 
vcniaiit discipuli eius et furen- 
tur eum et dicant plebi, Sur- 
ri'xit a mortuis, et crit novissi- 
nius error peior priore. ^*Ait 
illis Pilatus, Habetis custodinm : 
ite custodite sicut scilis. ""lUi 
aiitem abeuntes munierunt se- 
pulclirum signantes lapidem 
cum custodibus. 

I (352,1.) Ygspgre autera sab- 
bati, quaelucescit m prima sab- 
bati, venit Maria Magdalene et 
altera Maria vidcresepulebrum. 
"Et ecce terrae inotus factus 
est magnus: angelus enim do- 

58. TO awfia 2°. ACD. rel. Oiig. Int. iii. 
930'i. Latt. Sjrr.Pst.&IIel. Gotli. Arm. 
.Eth. I om. BL. 1.33. Syr.Hier. i,'-id." 

59. XafSuiv'] TrapaXajiuv D. 

— TO (Tui/ia o lujtTijip'] Iu)(7);0 TO rrufta D. 
a. Sjr.Pst. II 6 om. DL. 

— ei/eTv\iKtv~] evu\v(yev 69. 

— ev aivSovi B.Btlt/.D. Latt. (exc. g'.) 
Memph. | *om. iv S". AC. rel. Uil. 
750''. bis. (hiat 33). 

60. otii-o] om. L. 69. Ann. 

KfUl'lJj] KlVlil 1. 69. 

— auTou] om. Arm. ^Etli. 

— oj w L. 

— 7rpofriciiXi(7nf] TTpoaKtXvauQ 69. [-Trpoa- 
tKv\t(7a£ U. 

— /(fy«i'] jjlya 69. MU. 

— rrj 0Dp(i] pracm. eiri A. Latt. 

61. MafHa 1". AD. 3.3s. rel. Orig.Int. iii. 
930". I Mapm/i "R.Bthj.ChA. 1. 

— 7/ Moy^.] om. ri D*. 

— >) aXX); BsC. rel. | om. >) AD. 

— Mapta '2°.] Maptafi A. 

— nTTivnvTil urtTit'lit'Ti i). 


62. ^f] om. L. 

63. Kfn'of 6 T7Xai'0£ AB*7y.(C*?)DL. 
rel. Syrr.Pst.&Hcl. Goth. Orig. Int. 
iii. 931». I i ttX. ek. B'C=. 33. 69. E* 
(fortasse, quia nunc in ras.)G. Latt. 
(hiat a.) Mempli. Arm. Orig. Int. i. 
Ul"". (C'n.l.) 

— Soiv] add. on D. Sj-rr.Pst.&Iicl. Arm. 
Orig. hit. i. (Contra, Latt.) 

64. TtjQ rpiTi/t; rifiipag ABC. rel. | om. 
7»;s DL. I I'lfifp. ante rpir. D. Latt. 

— avTov ACD. rel. j om. B. 

— kX£i//w(7i)'] f pracm. 7>vKTog ^. C^L. 
69s. FsGMU. Arm. | om. AB.Bcli.C* 
DA. 1. 33. EHKV. Latt. Syr.Hcl. 
Memph. Goth. Oriy. /«t. iii.931''.| post 
k-Xi//. avT. S. Syr.Pst. JEth. 

flTTWdll'] (povtjiv D. 

— iiycp9t)] praem. oti 33. ii.^(P. Syrr. 
Pst.&Hel. Ann. 

— X"P""'] X'P'"' I^L. 

65. i(pri] f.add. St T. ACDA. Is. M*Ss 
UsVs. Syr.IIei*. Orig. Int. iii. 931''. | 
om. B.Bch.lj. .33. 69. EFGHKM^. Latt. 
Syl■.P^t. Memph. Goth. Arm. 

— KovuTioSiav Vulg. ff'.g". Syr.Hcl. et 
mg.Gr. I ^vXaKoe D*. Arm. Use. (cus- 
todes a.b c.f.ff'.g'. milites A.) | icoditto- 
Siav 69. I KovaTovStav D(man. rec.) 

— wf] iaig L. 

66. ;;(T0a\i(7«j'ro] i}(r^aXi(Tav D*. 

TilQ KQVffTul^Lac] TiiJV ^vXaKtOV D*. 

Arm. 1 7»/c Kov(7ToSiag 69. (rijg kukttov- 
Siag A.') T7)g Kov(7TovSia ^. D(iiian. ree.) 
1. le ABsCD. rel. vv. Eus. ad Mar. ii. 
257. 1 om. LH. 33. (_Orig. i. 440'.) Orig. 
Int.i'i. laS". £hs.D.E. 493'>. Dion. Alex. 
bis (ap. Routli. iii. 224, 225.) 

— aafifiarwr ry Orig. 1.440*=. Eus.V.'E. 
493''. ad Mar. i. 255. ii. 257. iv. 266. 
Dian, Alex. bis. ) aa^fiaTiit ry LA. (Sab- 
bati 4is Latt. (exc. ff". qui 2°. liabet 
" Sabbathorum.") 

— Mapia 1". ABsD. rel. Orig.i. Eus. 
D.E. ad Mar. ii. Vivu. Alex. (225.) 
I Mapia/j CLA. || om. seq. i; JJ"". 

— i; aKXri Orig. i. (iv. 386''.) Eus. D.E. 
ad Mar. ii. Dion. Alex. \ om. >) A. 

— Mapia 2". Orig. i. Eus. D.E. ad Mar. 
ii. Dion. Alex. \ Mnpinp LA. | om. H. 

XXVIII. 12. 


s'^rr P h"^ P^^'OV KOu" TTpOaeXOcOV cartKvXL(TtV TOP K16ov\ Koi 

Memph. eKadrjTO iirdvco avTov. ' rju 8e r) ' elSea avTOU wy 

(Goth.) Arm. ^th. 

-1 ' 

larpaTTi] koI to euSv/xa avrov XevKov ^ w? ^iiov. 
OLTTO Be Tov <po^ov avTov eaeiaOrjaav o'l Ti-jpovvres, 

^'7 KUi * eyevrjui'jcrav *&)? veKpoi. aTTOKpioeif oe o ayye- 
Aoy elirev rai^ yvvai^lv, Mr; (pojSe^ade v/xels' ol8a 
yap OTL '\r]crovv tov eaTavpcofxtvov ^rjTelTe. *^ ovk 
ecTTLV code- rjyepdi] yap KaOws elTvev. 8evT£ ISeTe tov 
TOTTOv oirov eKeiTO [6 Kvpio^.j Kal Ta^v iropevdelcraL 
e'lTraTe toIs /JiadrjTaif avTov oti yyepd-r] diro tcov veK- 
pa>v, Kal l8ov TTpoayei v/xdf eh ti]v VaXiXalav eKel 
avTov oxjrea-de. ISov elirov 

'^^ 163 "Kat ** direXOovaai Ta-^v diro Tov pivqp.e[ov 
p.eTa (po^ou Kal ■^apds p.eyaXr]s, e8pa/j.ov carayyelXaL 

'"''' Tols fJ.a$rjTais avTov.* Kal l8ov 6 Irjcrovf * virrjVTi]- 
crev avTais Xeycov, ^alpeTe. al 8e TrpocreXOovaaL 
eKpaTTfjaav avTov tov9 iroBas Kal irpoaeKwrjaav avTw. 
TOTe Xeyei avTais 6 Ir^crovf, M?^ (f)ofieLcrde' vwayeTe 
dirayyeiXaTe toIs d8eX(poL^ p.ov Iva diveXOaiaLv e!f Ty]v 
TaXcXalav, KUKel p.e oxjrovTai. 

169 Ilopevop.evcov 8e avTcov, l8ov Tive^ Trjf kov- 
(TTcoSLas eXOovTes els ti]v ttoXlv din-jyyeCXav tols ap- 
-)(iepev(nv airavTa to. yevop.eva. ' Kal crvva^OevTes 

mini deacendit de caelo et ac- 
ccdens revulvit lapidem, et se- 
debat super eum : 'erat aiitem 
aspectus eiiis sicut fulgur et ves- 
timeiitum eiiis sicut iii.x. * Prae 
tiniore autem eiiis exterriti sunt 
custodes et facti sunt velut 
mortui. ^(^^'^-'Respondens au- 
tem angelus dixit mulieribus, 
Nolitc timere vos ; scio enim 
quod lesum qui crucifixus est 
quaeritis: ^non est hie, surrexit 
enim sicut dixit: venite videte 
locum ubi positus erat dominus. 
' Et cito euntes dicite disci- 
pulis eius quia surrexit, et ecce 
jiraecedit vos in GalUacam: ibi 
eum videbitis. Ecce praedixi 

8 (354, 2.) Et exierunt cito de 
monumento cum tiraore et 
magno gaudio, currentes nun- 
tiare discipulis eius. 'c^".'"-) Et 
ecce lesus occurrit illis dicens, 
Havete. Illae autem accesse- 
ruiit et tcnuerunt pedes eius et 
adoraverunt eum. '"Tunc ait 
illis lesus, Nolite timere: ite 
nuntiate fratribus meis ut eant 
in Galilaeam: ibi me videbunt. 

" Quae cum abissent, ecce qni- 
dam de custodibus venerunt in 
civitatera et nuiitiaveruni; prin- 
cipibus sacerdotum omnia quae 
facta fuerant. '^Et congregati 

2. c| Orig. i. Eus. D.E. 493"=. ad Mar. ii. 

Eus. ad Mar. Suppl. p. 283. Dion. 

(Latt.) Syr.Pst. Syr.Hier. Memph. 

259. Dion. Alex. (ap. Routh. iii. 226.) 



1 air D. (de Latt.) 

4. (ij vtKpoi AB.iJrfy.DLA. 1. | J uictt 

9. 6 Iriaovg B«DL. 1.33.69. Ss. Orig.i. 

— Kai irpomXd. B.Btli/.Blc.CL. 33. Latt. 

vtKp. <^. C. rel. Eus. ad Mar. | oij oi 

440':. £„g^ D,E. 508". 1 om. o AC (ut 

Syr.Pst. Memph. JEth. Orig. i. Dion. 

vtKp. 69. 


Akx. 1 *om. Kai <;. AD. rcl. Syr.Hcl. 

5. 0£] om. C (ut vid.) 

— virtii^rijcTev H.Btli/.C 1. Orig. i. 1 

Arm. £««.D.E. 

— £(Travpujfi€vov'\ evuravp. E. (Jesum 

Xa7ri]vTij<Tti> '^. AD. rel. Eus. D.E. 

— XiQov^ f add. otto ti)q Qvpag S". AC. 

* Kazarenum." Syr.Hcl.) 

— avraic'] avTOi£ A. 

rel. f.h. Syr.Pst. Arm. (_Eus. ad Mar. ii. 

6. yap Eus. ad. Mar. iv. 266. Dion. Alex. 

— aurou] post rovg volag D. Latt. ] 

«K. T. 9.) 1 add. aTto ri]g Qvp. tov 

1 om. A. 33. JfK Urig. Int. ii. ISS*". 

Contra, Orig. i. Eus. D.E. ad Mar. iii. 

Hvrintwv L. 1.33. EF(M)U. Syr.Hcl. 

— Kvpios ACD. rel. Latt. Syrr. | om. B. 


Memph. Bus. D.E. (-o« fivriinov sup. 

33. Memph. Arm. ^th. Orig.Intn. 

10. Itfjovsl om. b. 1 om. 6 B.Bck. \ 

ras. E. Mmg. man. rec.) | om. BD. 

7. TTopevBtiaai] -KopivBug L. (om. raxv 

Contra, ACD. rel. Eus. D.E. 

Vulg. a.b.c.ff'-'-g^H. ..Eth. Dion. Alex. 

■nropivQ. a.) 

— 7-)))'] om. D*. 

QHil. 751^) 

— avro Tiov vexpoiv For. c.f.ff-.g''. \ om. 

— /cdKH BsCX?)DL. 1. 33. G. rel. Eus. 

3. eiSia ABB^CDEHM. | % iha <^. L. 

D. Vulg. a.b.e.ff'.g'.h.l. Arm. Orig. 

D.E. 1 Kai £Kji A(C*?)A. 69. EFHK 

rel. (mox w^- arrr. liabct K. sicut '^.) 

Int. ii. 


— Xivnov a.b.e.f.ff-.h. | om. Vulg. c.Jf'. 

— nfou 1°.] om. D. a.b.c.ff^'.h.Orig.Int.ii. 

— o-^ovrail oxl/iaOai D. e.h.\ o-^^uivrai U. 


— itov trn-ov'] sicut dixit/. 

11. aTrriyySLXav^ avqyynXav D. 

— loQ \Hi>v l&.Bthj.T). 1. K.jt w(T£t x'w^ 

8. a-TTiXeovaai B.Btli/.Blc.CI^- 33.69. | 


'^. AC. Dion. Alex, {uiaij x- 69.) 

t iKiXBovaai. <^. AD. rel. 

— UTravra'] Travra A. Orig.iv. 

4. ipojiov avTov^ ipopov A. [ om. avrov A. 

— avTov] om. 69. f. Arm. 

— • y£vofiei'a'\ yiv- H. 


— ad fin.] tadd. (Jc Se tiroptuovTO airay- 
ytiKai roiQ iiadijraiQ avrov •?. AC. rcl. 

— e'lvrjOriaav B./;%.Bfc.CD(L). 33. 

3. erat enim Am. \ 6. venite et videte CI. | 

(fyfiT. L.)! itytroiTo S- A(?C»*). rel. 

/. Syr.Hcl. iEth. 1 om. BD. 33. 69. 

". pvaecedet CI. | 8. gaudio magno O. 



XXVIII. 13-20. 

A B (C) D. 

1. 33. 69. 
Vulg. a. b. c. 
Syrr. P. H. 

Arm. Sith. 



"• Mar. 16:15. 

19. ^aTTTl^OVTlQ 

jxiTa Twv Trpecr^vTepoiv <Tvp.fiovXiov re Kafiovres, 
dpyvpia iKaua eScoKau tols arparmrais Xeyov- 
T€9, EfTrare bri ol fjLadyral avrov vvktos eXdovres 
eKXeyjrau avrov rjpcov KOLpayp-ivcov ^'^ kcu iau olkov- 
(rdrj TovTO * VTTO Tov r]y€p.6v09, ripels ireiaop.ev \^avTov\ 
Kou vp.df dp.epLp.v0v9 7roirj(rop.ev.^ ^'' 01 8e XalSovref rd 
apyvpia eTroirjcrav cos i8i8a')(drj(Tav. kol 8ie(pr)p.Lcrdri 
o Xoyo9 ovTos Tvapa lovSalois p-^ypL ttj^ crr}p.epov 
T]p.epa9 . 
170 Ot Se evSeKa paOrjrai eiropevO-qcrav els tt]v 
VaXiXaiav.) els to opos ov era^aro avrols 6 'Irjcrovs. 

Koi ISovres^ avrov TrpoaeKvvrjaav* , ol Se iSiaraaav. 

Kal TrpocreXOcov 6 Irjaovs eXaXrjarev avrols^ Xeycov, 
E8odr] p.OL irdaa e^ovaia iv ovpavco Koi eVi rrjs" 
yj;?. TTopevoevres [ovv] p.aar]revcrare iravra ra 

eOvr], * ^aTrrlcravres" avrovs els to 6vop.a rod irarpos 
Kai rov VLOv Kai rov ayiov 7rvevp.aT0s, oioaaKOvres 
avrovs rv/peiv iravra oaa eveT€iXap.r]v Ka) l8ov 
eyco peff vp.d)v elp.1 iracras rds rjp.epas ecos rrjs crvvre- 
Xelas rov ald>vos-^ 


cum senioribus consilio accepto 
peciiniara copiosam dederunt 
militibus, " dicentes, Dicite quia 
discipuli eius nocte venenint et 
furati sunt oum nobis doiiuien- 
tibus: '"'et si hoc auditum fue- 
rit a praeside, nos suadebimus secures vosfaciemus. '^At 
illi accepta pecunia fecerunt si 
cut erant docti. Etdivulgatum 
est verbuta istud apud ludaeos 
usque in hodiernum diem. 

■^ tjndecim autem discipuli 
abierunt in Galilaeani, in mon- 
tem ubi constituerat illis lesus, 
" et videntes eum ador.averunt, 
quidam autem dubitaverunt. 
" Et accedens lesus locutus est 
eis dicens, Data est milii omnis 
potestas in eaelo et in terra, 
'^ Eurites ergo docete omnes gen- 
tes, baptizantes eos in nomine 
patris et filii et spiritus sancti, 
^"docentes eos servare omnia 
quaecumque mandavi vobis : et 
ecce ego vobiscum sum omnibus 
diebus usque ad consumma- 
tionem saeculi. Amen. 

12. 7-t] om. D. {aviip. rt Xa/3. om. Syr. 

— apy vpia iKava ff\ Ori(/.iv.3S6'^.\ap- 
yvpiov iKavov D. (Latt.) S.vr.Pst. Arm. 

13. on Oiig. i. 367*. iv. 386''. Eus. ad 
Mar. ii. 258. | om. 33. 

— Tijx. Koifi.'l ante o\ iiaO. F. 

14. cat tav Orig. i. 367''. | rat av D*L. | 
nav Orig. iv. 386«. 

— iiTTo BD. Latt. Orig. i. ap. quosd. | 
JfTTt i^. AC. rel. Orig. i. iiDTpr. iv. 386''. 

— ■jTiiaofitv Orig. i. et iv. | -aai/iev 69. 

— avTov ACD. rel. Orig. iv. (MS. et 
imp.) I om. B. 33. e. ^th. Orig. i. 
et iv. (MS.) 

— iroiijao/tfv Orig. i. et iv. | -atufiiv 33. 
69. E*FGHM. 

15. tSiCaxStiaav'] TrpoatTaxBifaav H. 

— SiiipttixiaOri'] tprimaOij A. 33. Orig. i. 
249^ iv. 455':. 

— TTopn] add. roig D. | Contra, Orig. i. 
et iv. 

— /iiXP' Orig. iv. | twf D. Orig. i. 

15. arj/ifpov rifitpae BDL. (Latt.) | *om. 
rj/itpag S". A. rel. e. Orig. i. et iv. 

16. £if r;))'ra\.] om. 33. (om. tif to opof 1.) 

— o l7]aovc Eus. ad Mar. suppl. p. 301. | 
om. o D. 

17. i^oiTff] tdov 69. 

— irpoffSKwrjaav'] fadd. avT(p ^. A. rel. 
Syrr.Pst.&Hcl. | om. B.Btlt/.Blc.D. 33. 
Latt Eus. ad Mar. 

\8. ovpavifi Orig. i.24l\2i2'^. | -voig D. 

— TjjC yris B.Btly.D. Memph. Eua. in 
Ps. 328^6I6^ I *om. Ti)f i^. A. rel. 
Orig. i.241''. 242«. (sed vid. vi. 10). 

19. TTOpevOevreQ'] iropsvtaOai D. 

— ovv BsA. 1. 33. Vulg. c.e.f.ff'-''g\ 
Syrr.Pst.&Hcl. Memph. Arm. iEth. 
Ct/pr. 34. 110. 131.295. | om. A. 69. E 
rG(litt. curs.)HKMSUV. Syr.Pst.MS. 
Iren. 208. Hipp. c.'Noet. \i (16). Orig. 
i.412Mv.262''. Orig. Int.'w. 554^.626''. 
Eus. D.E. 6^ 9». 24<:. 132i'. 136». 445<^. 
c. Mel. 3":. 159''. inEs. 425''. in Ps. 328". 
364».461''.636«. Lcf.\1. \ vvv D. a.h.h. 
Nil. 42^. 177''.787\ 

19. fSaiTTiaavrte Ti.Btlt/.Blc.J).\ i-KovTCC 
'^. A. rel. //(>/). c. Noet. 14(16). Eus. 
c. Mel. 3'=. 

— TOV vtov Hipp. Eus. [ om. rov D. 

20. ^iff vfi. eipi Orig. i. 3941=. 351<:. 519». 
554^ iv. 1 69^-':- 170". 265''.453^ Eus.D.E. 
139". 252". c.Mcl. 182". in Es. 5 14". 523':. 
in Ps. 62":. 97". 407":. 412''. 413'^. 461''. | 
fi/it iitff iifi. D. Orig. iii. 177":. 302". 

— ad fin.] fadd. aprjv '^. A**D.rel. Am. 
(Latt.) SyiT.Pst.&Hcl. Memph. MS. 
^th. I om. A*BD. 1. 33. Vulg. CI. e.ff'.h. 
Memph. Ann. 

Subscriptio] Kara Ma99aiov B. | tvay- 
ytXiov Kara MarOaiov AA. 33. E(H) 
(K)UV. I evayyiXtov Kara MaBOaiov 
iTiXitrdjj apx^rat ivayyeXiov Kara Iw- 
avvi]i' D. I add. ernx. Px ^' ^'"^ etiam 
S. I add. (TTLX. p^p TO Kara Mar9. ivay^ 
yeXwv f^eSoQij vtt' avrov tv tepoaoXv- 
potQ fiera xpovovg H ttj^ rov x^ aya- 
Xrj^sui^ K. 

16. edocti CI. | 20. om. Amen. CI. 




' <'>^'' Initiiim evangelii lesii 
l/j\//' t'f"! 'TT ■'■ " Christ) filii dei: "sicut scriptum 

*Kada)9 yeypairraL 'ev [rwj tlaaia rep irpo- est in Esaia propheta, Ecce 

1 ' Ap-)Q] Tov evayyeXiov 'Irjo-ov ^pLcrrov vlov^ 
deod- -< 

-KOV (TOV, Og XaTaCXSVaTSl TTIV oSoV (TOv\ ^^^COVTJ BoCOV- "''"^"^ '"'""= ^i^.'^'voxcUman- 

)_, „ , , , , ' v f rv\ ' >/i ■> ''•'*> '" deserto parate viam do- 

TOg, hiV rj] SpVjf^m SrOlf^aTare TTjV O^OV XVpiOV, avBstag mini, rectas faclte semitas eius. 

— ...r— . _>. • _.'/3,. « •_ ~ 4*17' ' 'T ' • ' // *<'■*■' Fuit loliannes in deserto 

TOISITS rai,^ TpipiOVg aVTOV. iUyeuerO Icoavvyf O baptizans et praedicans baptis- 

fiaTTTL^COV Iv rfj ipT^fia, [/cat] KypvaaCOU fidlVTLapa ""™ paemtentiae in remissi- 

ABD[P]. ~ 

L \. 

1. 33. 69. 


Vul?. a. b. c. 

Syrr. P. H. ^ 


Goth. Arm. .ffith. 


' Mai. 3: 1. 
Matt. 11:10. 
Luc. 7 :27. 
" Es. 40:3. 
Luc. 3:3-17. 
4. om. Kal 



in ADLA. 1. 33. EHKMS«Ur. 


in BF. 



(To Kara MapKov G man. rec. litteris 


1. v'tov'] fadd. TOV ^. A. rel. | om. BDL. 
(om. viov 9iov Iren. Gr. et Lat. 191. 
Orig. i. 389«. iv. IS'-'- 125". | Contra, 
MSS. vv. /reH. 187. 205 rfis. Orig. Int. 
iv. 464>.) 

2. KadiOQ B.Btly.JjA. 1. 33. K. Orig. iv. 
15M25M26».| Jwc 'T. AJ)P. rel. Iren. 
Gr. 191. OWj. i. 389=. 

— Tifi 'H(Tat^ T({i Trpotpijry B(D)LA. 
(1). 33. Latt. Syrr.Pst.& (ap. 
White). S^'r.Hier. Memph. Goth. Arm. 
MSS. Ori^. iv. 12o<=. 126». Orig. Int. W. 
464». (om. Ttji 1» D. 1. /;cn. Gr. 191. 
Or/jr. i. 389^ iv. lb'^.)\ {roij Trpoip>)Taig 
'^. AP. rel. Syr.Hcl.txt. Arm.Zoh. 
^th. 7ren. 187. 205. ("Malachi: in 
alio exemplari, in Esaia propheta" 
Syr.Hcl. mg. MS. In cod. MS. altero, 
" In Esaia propheta et in Malachi pro- 
pheta." ap. Adlerum.) MapKoc liio 

TTpotptjTeiaQ iv Statpopoig eipijfievag to- 

TTOtQ IfTTO Svo TT po<pT]TiilV f.lQ 'iv (TVVayixiV 

TrtTToiTjKa' Kadujt; ■yeypairrai tv rifi 
'H(Tai^ T<p TTpot^ii^Ty kt\, Orig.iv. 126*. 
TovTO 7rpo<pt]rtK6v MaXax'Ou ktrrtv ovx 
'Htratov Ypaipstog roivvv iuri <Tipa.\p.a 
oic ip^^iv 'EvGifiLOQ 6 KaiffapttaQ tv ri^ 
•jrpui; Mrtptroi' Trtpi Trjg 6oKov<r7jQ tv 
ToiQ tifayytXiotg irtpi TriQ avatrrafftuiQ 
Sia(pujviag. Scholion in Codicibus qui- 
busdam: et in Catena apud Cramer. 
De Porphyrio haec habet Hieronymus 
in Matt. iii. " Quum enim testimo- 
nium de Malachia Isaiaqne contestum 
sit quacrit [Porphyrius] quomodo velut 
ab uno Isaia exempUim putemus assum- 
tum . . . nos autem nomcn Isaiae puta- 
musadditum Scriptorumvitio." (vii.l7). 
2. aTrooTEXXw] f praem. tyo) 9". APLA. 
rel. Vulg.C/. Syr.Hcl. Goth. Arm. 
^th. Orig. i. 389^ iii. 769''. (ed.) iv. 15^ 
125M26'. £««. D.E. 430^ (vid. Matt. 
xi. 10). I om. BD. Am. Fii/d. (Latt.) 
Syr.Pst. Memph. Iren. IS7. Orig.iii. 
769'>.(MS.) Orig. Int. a. i03^. Tert. 
adv. Jud. 9. 

— TTpoffwTTOi' ffou] Trpoff. /toi; 69*(?corr.'). 

— ad fin.] fadd. tfnrpotyQtv aov f^. AA. 
rel. Vulg.CT. /#'-=-p'-'- Syr.Hcl. 
Memph.W. Goth. Arm. Orig. i. 389'. 
iii. 769''. iv. 125". Ens. D.E. (vid. Matt. 
xi. 10. Luc.vii. 27). [ om. BDPLK. Am. 
Fuld. Tot. a.b.c.l. Syr.Pst. Syr.Hier. 

Memph. Sch. ^th. 7rcn. 187. Orig.iv. 
15'. 126''-';- diserte. 

3. jiouivroq, Ei' ry tptifKfi'] Sic interpun- 
gendura est ex auctoritate accentuum 
in textu Hebraico Esaiae prophetae; 
sic etiam corrigendus est locus Matt, 
iii. 3 supra; ubi eadem leguntur. 

— rpi^ovQ avTov ABP. rel. Viilg. ^'.3'. 
Syrr.Pst&IIcl.txt. Memph. Arm. ^th. 
On'sr. iv. 15M25«. 126>'^- rfiser(e. | rpi- 
jSoifC rov Otov viitttv D. dei nostri a.b. 
c.f.ffKg''- Syr.Hcl mg.MS. Goth. (rp. 
T. 9. iifiuiv LXX. Es. xl. 3). ante deum 
nostrum Iren. 187 bis. \ add. omnis 
vallis replebitur et omnis mons et collis 
humiliabitur et omnia prava erunt recta 
et aspera in planitiem, et videbitur 
gloria domini, et videbit omnis caro 
salutare dei nostri, quoniam deus locu- 
t us est. Vox dicentis, Clama: et dixit, 
Quid clamabo? omnis caro fenum et 
omnis gloria ejus sicut flos feni; aruit 
fenum, et flos cecidit; verbum autem 
domini manet in aeternnm c. 

4. 6 fiavrt'Cuiv B.Btly.LA. 33. | *om. o 
T. A(D)P. rel. || tv ry ipiin'ii ante 
jiaTTTiKiiiv D. Latt. (exc./.) Vulg. Syr. 
Pi^t. I Contra, MSS./. Syr.Hcl. Memph. 
Goth. Arm. JEth. 

— Kai Kt)pvaau>v ADL. rel. vv. | om. koi 
'S.Blly.Blc. 33. (hiatP). 

Efo initto CT. I viam tuam ante te CI. 



I. 5. 

6. iiv dk 

ABrc]D(P). jxeravoLas fiy a(j)eaLV afxapTLmv. ' /cat i^eTropevero 
1.33.69. TTOof avTov TTOLCTa 7] 'lovSula Y^P'^ '^"' ^''- ^^poo^oXv 

EF[G]HKMSUVr. \~ ♦ / v >r> '>- ,/+,..-. 

s.^vrv'io^.v.^r. yi^'T«f ^ TTaz/rey, /cat i^aTrri^oi'TO ^ vir avTov eu rep 
inr' avT. 'lopSdvT) TTOTa/xo)", e^ofj.oXoyovp.evoi ra? afxaprlaf av- 
Tuiv. "^^/cat r]v" o 'Icoauvrjf €u8€8u/j.ei>os rpL-^as Ka- 
[xi]Xov KOI ^(ovrjv BepfiaTlvrjv Trepl ryv oaipvu avrov, 
^ Koi ^ eaOcov" uKpiSas koI fxeXi aypLov. koL iKT]pvcraev 
Xeyciv, ' E/3T(erat 6 la^vporepos p-ov oiriaco p.ov, ov ovk 
elpl LKauo9 Kv\j/as Xvaai tov 'ipiavra tcou v7ro8i]p.aTU>u 
avrov. ^e'yw^ ifiaivriaa [eV] vSari, avros Be 
^airriaeL vp.a.9 [eV] Trvevp-ari ayiw. 

2^''Kai iyevero ev eKeivais rah rjp.epai^, rjXOev 
^Irjcrovs oLTTo Na^apeO rrjs FaAtAa/ay /cai efiairnaOr] 
^ €is rov lopoavrjv vtto icaavvov • KaL ^ evovs ava- 
^aivoiv * e'/c* rov vSaroy eiSeu a-)(^L^op-evov9 rovs ovpa- 
U0V9 KOJ. ro TTuevfia * w? irepLarepav Karafialvov 

8. viiaQ v^. 

« IIMatt. 3:13-17. t 
Luc. 3:21,22. a 
9. 'Sai^apET 

onem peccatonira. ^ Et egre- 
dicbatur ad ilium omnis lu- 
daeae regio et Hierosolyinitae 
universi, et baptizabaiitur ab 
illo in lordane flumine confi- 
tentes peccata sua. * Et erat 
lohannes vcstitus pilis cameli, 
et zona pellicia circa lunibos 
eius, et lucustas et mcl silvestre 
edeliat. Et praedicabat dicens, 
7 (4, 1.) Venit fortior me post me, 
cuius non sum dignus procum- 
bens solvere corrigiam calcia- 
mentorum eius: ' ego baptizavi 
vos aqua, ille vero baptizabit 
vos sjiiritu sancto. 

"(=.'■) Et factum est in diebus 
illis venit Jesus a Nazareth Ga- 
lilaeae. et baptizatus est in lor- 
dane ab lohanne. "^ Et statim 
ascendcns dc afjuavidit apertos 
caelos et spiritum tamquam co- 
lumbam descendentem et ma- 

5. iKcroptviTo'] -ovTo LEFHSV. Harl* 
b.ff'.gK Goth. I Contra, AB«DP. rel. 
Vulg. a.(_c)fjf\ rel. Orig. iv. 129». 

— ); low^.] om. ij H. 

— oi] om. D. 

— Trarrft'] finte Kai elSaTrrtZovro EDLA. 
33. Vulg. {a).b.l. Memph. Arm. Orig. 
iv. (126=.) 130^ [^'.g'-'-n.l.] tpost '^. 
AP. rel. Syr.Hcl. Goth. (^'Eth.) | om. 
69. /. (om. Kai 69. a). | ante ol 'lip. 
c,ff\ Syr.Pst. 

— i'lr' avrov~\ ante iv r. XopZ. tt. BL. 33. 
Vulg. h.c.f.ff'-''g'-N. Ai-m. Orig.W. 
(126».) 130". I %post <^. ADP.rel. Syr. 
Hcl. Goth. (vid. Matt. iii. 6). [Syr.Pst. 
Memph. JEth.] 

— T(/)] om. D*. 

— TTorafitji'] om. D. a.b.c. (On'jr. iv. 127°.) 
I Contra, MSS. Vulg. /</'•=•[ ?#'-^-] 

rel. Orig. iv. 1 30*. 

6. ("erat autem mel silvestre," post 

"spiritu sancto" ver. 8. a). 

— icnif;r BL. .3.3. Vulg. b.(l.ff'.g'.{?K) 
Memph.W. \tiv Si <^. ADGr.P. 69. 
rel.'. Syrr.Pst.&IIcl. Memph. 
Schw. Goth. Arm. iEth. (vid. Matt.iii.3). 

— o Imavi'Tie B.Btlt/.VL,. 1. 69. EFK 
MUV. Syr.Hcl. (.Johannes ipse c). 
I *om. o rj. ADA. 33. rel. 

— Tpixai^^ Sippr]V T)Gr. a. 

— (cat ^wv. Sip^. mpi T. o(T(b. avrov'] om. 
D.'. I Contra, Vulg. c.f.ffKg'-'- 

— laBujv B.Btly.I3lc.L*A.S3(,-wt>)\iia9L- 
uv T- ADP. rel. 

7. iKijpvaffli^'] iKlKpayiv T. 


7, 8. sic in T>. koi iKeyiv avroiQ, Eyw 
jxiv ii/iac /3a7r7-i?w iv vSari, tpxirai Si 


iifii iKavoQ \vaai rov ifiavra tojv iitto- 
Srjfiarwv avrov Kat avroQ vfia^ ^air- 
riGii IV wvivfiari ayt*^ sic etiam {a).Jf^. 
(vid. Luc. iii. 16). ] Contra, MSS. vv. 
Orig.iv. 132*. 

7. KTxvporipoc'] KTxvpog A. | Contra. 
Or/^.iv. 131M34''. 

— oTTKTij /lou] om. A. Jp. II om. fiov B. 
Orig. iv. 131"=. | Contra, AD(supra)P. 
rel. vv. 

— KViljael om. D(supra). a.b.c.Jf'.gK \ 
Contra, Vulg. f.ff'.g''. Orig.iv. 132". 
134^ 135'^. diserte. \\ add. Si P. 

— rwj' vTToSti^arwv] rov viroSijfiarog L. 
Syr.Hcl. Memph. C/em. 679(? Luc.) | 
Contra, Clem. 241 (? Luc.) Orig. iv. 

8. lyui] fadd. /.iiv '^. AD(supra)P. rel. 
a.f.ff^ Syr.Hcl. Goth. iEth. (vid. Matt, 
et Luc.) I om. BL. 33. 69. Vulg. b.c. 

ff'.g'-'- Syr.Pst. Memph. Ann. Orig. 
iv. 132». 

— iliaTrriaa ifias MSS. Vulg. a.g^. rel. 
Orig. iv. (j'/mc il^aTrritra 69). I i'fiag 
^aTrrito) D(supra). hc.f.ff'.g''. (bap- 
tizo vos ff''.) 

— IV vSari] om. tv BA. 33. H. Vulg. 
Orig. iv. 132». | Contra, ADPJ.,. rel. 
Latt. vv. ut vid. (sic Matt. iii. 1 1 ). || add. 
"in paenitentiam" a. ^ovoq Mar9a7og 
rovri^^ irpotjiQr^Ki ro, etc fxiTavoiav 
Orig. iv. 133". 

8. Si\ om. 69. 

— iipaQ jiaTrriaei D(supra). 69. a._^^.[A]. 

— IV TTV.'] om. fi' BL. Vulg. b. \ Contra, 
ADPA. 33. rel. (Latt.) Orig. iv. 132». 
(sic Matt. iii. 11). 

— aytv] ^^'^- ''"'" """P' ^- Syr.Hcl.* (vid. 
Miitt.iii. 11, et Luc. iii. 16). | Contra, 

9. Kai 1".] om. B. | Contra, ADP. rel. 
Orig. 150<^. (om. Kai lyiviro a). 

— iKiivaig] post i)pipaiq DA. b./.J^^-^-g', 
I Contra, MSS. Vulg. ac. rel. Orig. 
iv. 150^ 

— Irinovgl pvaem. o D. 69. Mr. | Contra, 
rel. Orig. iv. 

— aTTo] itg F. 

— yiaZapc9 (Eh.) DGr. 1. 69*. EFHK 
(77.)MUV. Vulg. c. Memph. Goth.j 
SaZapiT (St. 3). B.Btfy.LA. 33. 69^. 
SsP. a b.d.f. Orig. iv. j Na^apar AP. 

— iiQ rov lopSavrjv vtto lu)avvov BDL. 
33. 69. (iv riji lopSavy vtto luiavvov 
1.) Am. Fuld. a.b.ff'-'-g'-''- Syr.Pst. 
Memph. Orig. iv. (om. vtto lioav. /.) 
ig rt]v lop. D*. sic. \ % vtto iioal'vov lig 
rov lopSavijv S- AP. rel. Vulg.C/. c.J". 
Syr.Hcl. Goth. Arm. ^ 

10. ivOvg BLA. 33. (JftiSewc <^. AP. rel.) 
Vulg. c.f.ff'.gK rel. | om. D. a.b. 

— tk- BDL. 33. 69. Latt. Goth. Arm. 
JEth. (ut vid.) I trtTTo <r. AP. rel. (vid. 
Matt. iii. 16). 

5. ad eum Ci. j Jord;uiis CL j 9. ;i Johauuc 
in Jordane CI. \ 10. caelos apertos CI. 

I. 18. 


Vnlg. o.(/,.)c. 

Syrr. P. H. 


Goth. Arm. 5) th^ 

Up r 

'i||Matt.4:i-i]. fi 

Lu. 4:1-13. 


§G ^ 

'||Matt.4:i2, 17. 17 
Lu. 4:14, 15. B 

14. MsTa Be 

15. [k^'] \tytov 

f ||Matt.4:i8-2'2 


* etf avTov Kol (pcavi] eyevero eK tmv ovpauaju, 
2f ei o yJoy /xod 6 ayairrjToSj Iv^ ^ croV (vBoKrjaa. 

o rvat evavs to iri^evfia avrov (KpaAAei €19 ti)v 

eprj/j.oi'. ^^ '^ Koi i]v ^ ev rfj epr/ficp * TeaaepoLKOvTa 

i)p.4pa9 7reLpa^op.evos vtto tov aaTaua, kol rjv p.eTa 

tS)V drjpLuiv^ KaL o'c ayyeAoL 8li]Kovovv avTco. 

I 4 '^ * Kal fiera to Trapatiodrjuai. tov 'Icodwqv 

rjX.d(v 6 hja-Qu? eh tjjv VaXiXaiav, Kijpvaacov to 

evayyiXiov^ tov deed, ^"^ kou Xeycav otl YieirX-qpaiTaL 

6 Kaipos Koi rjyyiKeu ?) jSaatXela tov 0€OV' p.eTa- 

voelre, koi inaTeveTe ev tw evayyeXlco. ^"^^KOLTra- 

paycov irapa ttjv daXaaaav Trjs TaXiXaia?, el8ev 

_ "El/xcova Kal AvSpe'av tov u8eX(l)ov * 'Eipcovof" * apchi- 

^ /SaXXovTa^ * iv Trj daXdacrrj' rjcrav yap dXiels' ^^ Kal 

elirev avToh o Irjaovs, AevTe ottio-Q) p.ov, Kal ttoltjctco 

^ vpids yeveaOaL aXuls dvOpcoTToiv. ^^ /cat evOews dd)ev^ 

ncntcm in ipso, " et vox facta 
est tic raelis, Tu es filius mens 
ililectus, iu te coinplacui. 

'^'^''■'Et statim spiritiis ex- 
pelliteum in desertiim. "Etcrat 
qiiailraginta noctilMis. ct temta- 
batur a satana, ('.'>■) eratqiie 
cum bestiis, et angeli mliiistra- 
bant illi, 

" (8,4.) postq„_^„j auten, tr_^. 

ditus est loliaiiiies, venit lesus 
in Galilaeam, (V-Jpraedicans 
cvangelium regni dei, '*et di- 
cens quoniam Impletum est 
tempus et appropinqiiavit reg- 
niim dei: paunitemini et cre- 
dite evangelio. "= Et praete- 
i-iens secus mare Galilaeae vidit 
Simonem et Andream fi-atrem 
eius, mittentes retia in mare; 
erant enira piscatores. "cn>,2.) 
Et dixit eis Icsus, Venite post 
me, et faciam vos fieri pisca- 
tores hominum. " Et protinus 

10. roi'] TO D*. 

— etJfi'] add. Itjirovc P (i^f ic) ap.Knittel. 
sed qu. 

— (TxtZofiei'Qvi^'] r]i'vyf.uvovQ D. 

— wc AB.i?(/^.DLAEFHKSUVr. (Syr. | Iwau s- P- (1- 33. 
69. M. e. sil) vid. Matt. iii. 16 et Luc. 
iii. 22. I laairep B.Bch. 

— Kara/3aivov] (-vuiv D*). || add. Kai 
lievov 33. Vulg. b.ff'-'.g'N. Memph.W. 
JEth. (A spat. vac. habet.) vid. Job. i. 
33. 1 Contra, MSS. a.c.f. Syrr.Pst.&Hcl. 
Memph.Schw. Goth. Arm. 

• — €iQ avTov BD. 69. a,{h).L \ JfTr' avTov 
=:. AP. rel. f.g\ (" in ipso" Vulg. ff'-'- 
g'.) vid. Matt. iii. 16, et Luc. iii. 22. 

11. lytviTo'] om. D. ff-. 

— tv (701 BDGr.LA. 1. 33. 69. Vulg. 
a.c.ff-.fl. Syrr.Pst.&Hcl.txt. Mcmph. 
Schw. Goth. Arm.Zoh. .^th. | Xiv ^ 
<S. A. rel. (hiat P). b.{d).(f).g\ Syr. 
Hcl.nig. Memph.W. Arm.MSS. 

— [vBoKrj(Ta ABsD* rel. I j/d^ok. D-AE 

12. tv9v£ B.Btli/.'LA. 33. 69. rel. | tvOiuje 
AD. 1. E*KMm<;. 

— TTVsvfia'] add. to ayiov D, 

— avTov etcjSaWet AB5L. 1. rel. Goth. 
Arm. I iKl3. avr. DA. 33. 69. Latt. 

13. ?))'] f add. tKU >;. A. 1. rel. Syrr.Pst. 
&Hcl. Arm. | om. ABDL. 33. Latt. 
Memph. Goth. ^th. Orig. iv. 16F. 
(om. Kai r)v a). 

— ei' rjji fp>;//(fj] om. 1. 69. K. a. Arm. 
(Contra, Orig. iv.) 

\Z, TtGtrtpaKovTa AI>A. | ^TiatjapaKovTa 
<^. E. rel. (? B. /; D). || Xpost I'ljitpaQ 
S". ADA. rel. c. Goth. Arm. | Contra, 
BL. 33. Vulg. {a^ Memph. Orig. 
iv. 161'!. £ws. D.E. 433''. | piacm. £7rt 
1. 69. II add. kui TtaatpaKovra vvktuq 
L. 33 (j-E(7(rap.) Vulg. (c)ff'.g'.l. Syr. JElh.^Ong.iw.ed. jB«s. D.E.j 
add. Kai vvkt. rtaij. M, (vid. Matt. iv. 
2). I om. ABD. rel. a.b.f.Jp.g". ut vid. 
Syrr.Pst.&Hcl.txt. Goth. Arm. Orig. 
iv. MS. 

— TTupa^ofievoc^ praem. kul D. (et 
tcmptabatur Latt.) | Contra, Orig. iv. 
£««. D.E. 

— ot ayyeXoi BaDL. rel. Orig.'w, \ om. 
oi A. 33. M (vid. Matt. iv. 11). 

\i. Kai fitra BDGr. a.{c). Memph.W.& 
Schw.j J/ura It ^. AL.rel. Yn\g.f.ffK 
g-. Syrr.Pst.&Hcl. Goth. Arm. .^th. 
Orig.iy. 1611. Eus. H.E. iii. 24(117). 1 
sed postquam, b.d.g^.(ff'). 

— TOV BsDL. rel. Orig. iv. Eus. H.E. 
(MSS.) I om. AEFG*HSUVr. Eus. 
H.E (ed.) 

— o l(;croi/g BiDLA. rel. Orig.W. | om. 
V». 1 om. 6 AEFHKMUV=r. Eus. H.E. 

— r«X(\atav] add. Bt^aatciop kul L. | 
Contra, OW3. iv. 161''.(170'^). 

— evayytXiov^ fadd. Tj]g fiatnXtiag <=r. 
AD. rel. Vulg. a.f.ffKg'"- Syrr.Pst.& 
Hcl.MS. ^th. (vid. Matt. iv. 23). j om. 
BL. 1. 33. 69. b.c.ff'^. Syr.Hcl.ed. 
Memph. Goth, Arm. Orig. iv. bis. 

15. Kai Xtytjjv] om. c. Orig.W. 161''. [ om. 


ra. ADEFGHSUVr. | Contra, BsLA. 
1. 33. 69. KM. 

15. TTtTrXtjptijTaL 6 Katpo^ AUs'L.TQi. Vulg. 
fff'-9^- ''el. Orig. iv. | TmrXijpujvrat oi 

naipoi D. a.b.cjf"'.g'. 

16. Kut wapayuiv BDL. 33. 69. Latt. (Syr. Memph. Goth. Arm.jjTrjpi- 
irariav Be <^. AA. rel. Syrr.(Pst.)&Hcl. 
txt. (vid. Matt. iv. 18). 

— Xtfiojva^ praem. tov D. 69. 

— Sipiui'oc BLM. (7-0U Si/(wTOf AA. I. 
69. E-). a. Jlcmph. Arm. | Jawrou S". 
D. 33. Gr. Latt. Syr.Pst. JEth. (vid. 
Matt. iv. 18). I avTov tov Si/iwi-oj E*F 
HKSUV. Syr.Hcl. Goth. 

— apipiftaXXovTae ABDLA. 33. 69. H* 
FGHKSUV. {aiKpiiiaXovTag K(Tf.) 
ap.iptjiaXXoi'TtQ A"). | XfiuXXovTag <s. 
1. E'Mr. Arm. (vid. Matt. iv. 18). 
\\-\&M.a^(j)ijiXt](!Tpov <s. AA.rel. b.£\ 
Syr.Hcl. Memph. Goth. (vid. Matt. iv. 
18). I add. Ta CiKTva D. 69. Vulg. a.c. 

fff'-g^-'''l- Syr.Pst. Arm. | pracnL afi- 
^ifiXijCTTa 1. I non habent B.Btli/ BlcL. 
33. ^th. (ut vid.) 

— IV Tij 6aX.] £if Tijv SaX. K*(?). | eig 
T1JV QaXaarjav 69. 

— aXitiQ Bs'. {uXuiiQ D). rel. 1 aXuig A A. 
(n.l. L). 

17. ytviuBai] om. 1. 69. b. Syr.Pst. Mlh. 
(vid. Matt. iv. 19). | Contra, rel. 

— aXiHQ BsD. rel. | aXiug ACLA. 

18. tt/eewe] tvdvs L. 33. 

12. expulit Ct. 



^LA.°' '" ''"^^ '''" S^KTva* r]KoXov6r}aav avrco. ^"^ Kal irpo^a?* 
1.33.69. oXlyov elbev ^laKOiBov Tov Tov XeQebaiov KCLi IcoavvTiv 

EFG(H)KMSUVr. r ' , 5. , , v .IT v , x . - . , / 

TOP uoeA(pou avTOv, Kat avTovs ev tco irAoLcp Karapri- 
^oura? TO. SiKTva, ~ kcu * evOvs' iKoXecrev avrouf 
kclI a(pei'Te^ top irarepa avTwv Z€l3e8aLoi> eV tco irXoim 

aera twv fxicrOwTcop, aTrrjKOov ottlo-co avTov. 

s Li.4:3i-37. v •'^ '^ ^ Kat (.IcnTopevovTaL et? ^ Via(f)apvaovix- Koi 

evdeco9 Tols ad(3^aaiv [^elaeXdcopj el? rrju avvaycoyrjv 

iSlSaa-Kep. '~ kol e^eirXrjaa-ovTO eVt^ rrj ^L^a^r) av- 
Tov- r]v yap 8i8daKcou avrovs w? i^ovaiav i^atv, kcu 
ov\ wf o'l ypa/xfiarelf. "^ kcu f)v ei> rrj avpaycoyr] 
auTWP dvOpcoTTOs ev Trvevp,aTL aKadaprco, kul aue- 
Kpa^ev '"' Xeycov,^ T/ j']pii' Koi aol, 'Irjaou Na^aprjve ; 
rjXde^ oLTToXeo-aL rjp.df ; ol8a ere tl9 eZ, o ayLOS tov 
deov. ^■^ KOI iTreTifjirjaep avrco 6 'Irjcrovs Xeycav, '^jjxco;: 
OrjTi Kal e^eXde e^ avrov. ''^ Ka\ cnrapd^av avTOP to 
rrvevpa to oLKaOapTov Kal * (j)courjcrap (pcovrj /xeyaXr] 

I. 19. 

If " 




2) . 

Kai \_tue 






rclictis retilnis secuti sunt cum. 
i9(ise.)Et pvogressus iiule pii- 
sillnm vidit lacobuni Zeliedaei 
et loliannem fratrcm eius, et 
ipsos in navi cumponcntes retia, 
^''et statim vocavit illos. Et 
relicto i)atre suo Zebcdaco in 
navi cum mercennariis secuti 
sunt cum. 

!ici2,8.)j;t ingrediuntur Ca- 
pli.irnaum, et statim satibalis 
ingrcs.=^us synai^ogam docebat 
cos, 22(13,2.) et stupebant super 
doctrina eins: crat enim docens 
COS quasi potestatem liabens et 
non sicut scribae. 2J(H,b.)j;|. 
erat in synagoga eorum liomo 
in .spiritu iumundo, et excla- 
mavit 2< ilicens. Quid nobis et 
tibi, lesu Nazaiene ? venisti 
perdere nos? scio quis e.s, sanc- 
tus dei. 25 Et comminatus est 
ei lesus dicens, Obmutesce et 
exi de homine. ^" Et discer- 
pens cum spiritns inmundus et 
exclamans voce magna exivit 

18. ra StKTva ABC. rel. Vulg. f.ff'.g'-^- 
Syr.Pst. Jlcmpli. Goth. Arm. | iravTa 
X>. a.h.c.ff'-. II f add. avruiv ^. A. rel. 
f.g\ Syrr.Pst.&Hcl. yEtb. | cm. 
BCL. 33. 69. Vulg ffKf. Mempb. Arm. 

— 7]Ko\ovSf](7av ACD. rel. | tit;o\ov6ovv 

19. 7rpo/3ae] TrpoaPag D*. ] f add. iKiiBtv 
S. AC. rel. Vulg. cf.ff'.g'''- Syr.Hcl. 
Goth. Arm. ^tb. (vid. Matt. iv. 21). | 
add. post oXiyoi' 33. | om. BDL. 1. 
a b.ff'. Syr.Pst. Meniph. 

— (?iK7-ya] add. avTO)i> CKMr. Syrr. 
Pst.S:Hcl.* JEth. | om. ABC*I). rel. 

20. (veve B.Brf/y.L. 33. (J ji)0£ws <?. ACD. 
rel.)VuIg. a/.p.g'-''- Syr.IIcl. Gotb. | om. 
hie A. cff-. Syr.Pst. Arm.|om. i. ^Etb. 

— a<pivTtg~]praem.tii9iiOE A. (fii0i/£69). 
c.jff\ Syr.Pst. Arm. 

■ — ^l(79tx}Tulv'] flKrOlWV 1. 

— cnrriXSov ottiitw avTov ABC. rel. Syrr. 
Pst.&Hcl. Mempb. Schw. Goth. Arm.| 
r]KoKovQi)aav avTiji D. Latt. Memph.W. 
.lEth. I (awroTj] avrwv K). 

21. iimroptvuvrai ABC. rel. Vulg. f/.jr'. 
Syrr.Pst.&Hcl. Mcmiib. yEth. Orig. iv. 
170'^. (iugrcdicntes e).\Hmrop(v(Tai \.\ 
eiiyeiropevoi'To V)Gr. 33. {^a,h.f.)\tia7ro- 
ptvojitvoQ Orig. iv. 161''. (sic add. " cum 
cis" c). 

— Kaijiapvanvft BDA. 33. 69. Latt. 
Mempb. Goth. Orig.'w.bis. \ JIvajrEp- 
vaovfi S- AC. rel. 


21. (vBcag Orig.ix. 161=. | ivSvc L. 1. 33. 
Orig.iv. 170'^. | om. jEth. 

— rot£ aajiji ] ]U'aem. iv CG. | Contra, 
Orig. iv. bis. 

— tiatXeiov ABsD.'rel. (Lutt.) Syr.Hcl. 
Goth. Arm. ^th. | om. CLA. 69. (c). 
Syr.Pst. Mempb. Orig.iv. bis. 

— rrvvaywytjv'] add. avrwi' A. S^'r.Pst. 
(om. Ttjv Elz.) 

— iSiSarjKiv'] hie ABDA. rel. Latt. Syr. 
Hcl Goth. Arm. ..Eth. | ante tie L. 
33. 69. Orig iv. bis. | ante (fv) toiq C. 
Syr.Pst. Mem|di. || add. avTovQ D. 
(Latt.) Syr.Hcl.* Goth. Arm. Ml\\. 
(populum c). I Contra, rel. Orig. iv. 

22. t^tir\r]UtjQVTo 0/"/^. iv. 170*^. \ -rroi'To 

— ai/rofc] avTOiQ E*. 

— Kai ovx Vulg. /jP'^'g'-^' rel. | om. koi 
I)*. Lc.d.e. 

— ypafipardf;'] add. avrwi' CA. 33. M. 
cf.g\ SyiT.Pst.&Hcl. ^Etb. | Contra, 
ABD. rel. Vulg. b.e.ff'-^-gK Mcmph. 
Gotb. Arm. ||add. et larasaei e.g'. 

23. KCH lo] add. (v9vs BL. 1. 33. Mempb. 
O/ig.iv.\70'^. | om. ACD. rel. Latt. 
Syrr.Pst.&HcI. Goth. Arm. .^th. 

— rjv^ post avriDi' C. Orig.iv. \ Contra, 
ABD. rel. vv. 

— avnoi' ABC. rel. Vulg. f-ff'-g". Syrr. 
Pst.&Hcl. Menipb.Schw. Gotb. Arm. 
Orig.iv. 1 om. DL. h.e.cjf^.y'. llcmpli.W. 

23. aviKpaKii'l ii'SKp. D. | Contra, rel. 
Orig. iv. 

24. Xfywi'] f add. Ea T- (A)C. rel. Syr. 
Hcl, Goth Arm. Orig.iv.nO'^. Ens. 
D.E. 272''. in Ps. 600''. (aia A), vid. 
Luc. iv. 34. I om. BD. Latt. Syr.Pst. 
Memph. JEih. 

— r)fiiv~] I'lfitDV AG/'. 

— aoi CD. rel. | au AKBtli/.Ar. 

— 'SaZapijvi'] NnJiDpi;)'£ 69. 

— aTroXeuai jj/tac] I//!. airoX. C.| Contra, 
rel. Orig.iv. (nTroXtanTroXscrni 1)1.1. D). 

— oiSa AB.S-CD. rel. Latt. Syrr.P3t.& 
Hcl. Goth. I oiSn^uv LAGr. Mcmph. 
Arm. jEth. /rra. 234. Orig.iv. 170'^. 
389". Orig. Int.ii.iSS". jB«s. D.E. in 
Ps. 600''. (ct ap. Mai 107). 'J'ert. adv. 
Prax. 26. || (mox pro aytog balict Orig. 
v'wc iv. 170''. sed contra 389'). 

25. 6 I(;!Toucl om. D. b.g'. | Contra, rel. 
Orig. iv. 170''. 

— tj] ott" L. 33. 11. f. IP g'-y. Orig. Int. 
ii.333''. I Contra, ABsCDG. rel. Vulg. 
b.e. rel. Orig. iv. 

— 6? avTov ABC. rel. /. rel. Orig. iv. | 
en TOV avOpiDwov D. (Latt.) || add. 
Trvivjia aKadapTov D. b.e.e.Jf^.g''^' 
Goth. ^:h. I Contra, Vulg.rel. Orig.iv. 

26. sic in D koi 6?))X0£)' to Trvivjxa to 
aKadapTov airapataq avTOV Kai Kpa^aQ 
(fiiiivy i.iiya\y tJjjXSef air' avTOV (e). 

10. compouentes retia in navi CI. | 21. iu 
6yii!lgog;;iu Ct. I 24. scio qui sis Cl. | 26. exiit Cl. 


^s'^T.'p; H."' i^ri^^Oev €^ avTov. '' Kat i6aixfir]6r}(rav ^airavm" (aare 

Memph. awttiTelv TToor ^ eavTovs" Xeyovra^, Ti ia-riu tovto ; 

Goth. Arm. ffith. * rv ^ v t / * t , ,^ ' , v ^ / 

^ OLOaxy Kaivrj , ^ kut e^ovcTLav Kat tol9 Truevfj-acriv 

Tols oLKaOdpTOLS iTTLTaacrei, koll uTraKovovcriv avrca ; 

~^ ' Koi i^rjXdei'" rj rxKorj avrov [^evdvy] [iravra- 

;)(oi}]" el? oXijp rrjv 'irep'i)(copov ti)? VaXiXaias. 

Lu. 4:3H-40. rjAoeu et? ttju oiKtav 2,tfjicouo? /cat Avopeov, /xera 

gov laKcopov KaL Icoaviiov. rj oe irevuepa Zip.copos' Kare- 

KeiTO TTvpeaa-ova-a, Koi * €vdv9 Xeyovcriu avra> Trepl 

avTijs. ''^ Kou TrpoaeXOcov rjyeipeu avrijv Kparyaas 

T?79 ;)(et/)oy [aiV^y] /cat d(pjiKev avrijv 6 vry/jero?*, 

% H KOi SiriKOueL avTols- 

r' 7 '^''Oxj/iaf'Se yeuofMeurjs, ore * e'Sycrez/ 6 ijXios, 

€(f)epou TTpof avTov TrduTas tov? kukw e^ovTas /cat 
Tovs 8aL/xopt^o/j.ei^ovs' '^"'^/cat rju oXr} rj ttoXls eTrt- 
avvrjyiJ,€ur]' irpos ti]v Ovpav. "^ /cat eOepairevaev 

ab eo. " Et mirati sunt omnes, 
ita ut conqiiirerent inter se di- 
centcs, Quidniim est hoe? quae 
doctrina Iiaec nova ? quia in 
potestatc ct spiritibus inmundis 
iinperat, ct ubuediunt ei. ^^ Et 
proeessit runiur eius statim in 
oniiicm rofrionem Galihieae. 

»(i5, '.)Et protinus egredi- 
cntes de synagoga veneinnt in 
domnra Siinonis et Aiidreae, 
cum lacobo et lohanne. ^° De- 
cumbeliat autem socrus Simonis 
fehrifitans. et statim dieunt ei 
de ilhi. ^' Et aceedens elevavit 
earn, adprehensa maim eius: et 
continuo diniisit earn febris, et 
nunistrabat eis. 

■'^ Vespere antem facto, cum 
occidisset sol, art'erebant ad eum 
omnes male habentes et daemo- 
nia liabentes, '^et erat omnis 
civitas congregata ad ianuam; 
^' ct curavit niiUtos qui vexa- 

Cf). I Contra, Latt. rel. Orig.ivA70'^. 

26. TO TTi'ivfta ACD (supra) rel. Orig. iv. 
I om. B. 

— ipiopijffav BL. 33. On'g.iv. \ ^Kpa^av 
^. AC (vid. D supra), rel. 

— £? ABsL. rel. Goth. Arm. rel. ut vid. 
Orig. iv. | ott' CD(supra)A. 33. M. 

27. tBafilir]9i]aav~\ tdaftjir]<rav D. Orig. 
iv. 170''. 1 Contra, rel. 

— airavTiQ BLU. Orig. iv. ] \ TravTiQ ^. 
ACD. rel. 

— TTpoj] cm. 'B.Btly.Blc. 

— iavTovQ ACDA. 1. 33. 69. EFHKM 
UV. (se Vulg. c.f.g'.) | Jairrone s"- 
BsLGTa'. (om. irpoe iavr. Xey b.e.ff-). 

— XiyovTUQ BOLA*. rel. | -TtQ ACA^ 
33. E*M. (vid. Luc. iv.3R). 

— TL lariv TOVTO ABC. rel. Vulg. f.g^. 
rel. I om. I). b.c.e.ff'''''y'. 

— liSaxn Kaivii B.Blly.Blc.l,. 1.33. ()'y 
did. B.Bch.) Memph. Arm. .ffitli. | frif 
7] " hSax^i t I'l " KaivTf s". CA.rel. (Latt.) 
Syrr.Pst.&Hcl. Goth. (om. Kaivri c.e. 

ff'\ \ Tig i) Kaivij avTrj diSax^l A. \ Ttg 
>/ StSaxtj th:£ivi] ii Kaivtj D. ] Tig ij Kait'ij 
diSaxn 69. Ilfadd. aur;) S'- CD. rel. 
Latt. SyiT.Pst.&Hcl. Goth, (ante ^t- 
Sax't A). I om. BL. 33. Memph. 

— KaT t^ovuiav] f praem. oti "=7. AC. 
rel. Vulg. f.ff'.g'-''- Syr.Hcl. Memph. 
Goth. Arm. jEth. | om. BL. 1. 33. (i.e. 
e.ff^). Syr.Pst. ] ij ii,ovoia on D. 

28. Kai ilt^xetv BCDLA. 33. M. (Latt.) 
Syr.l'st. Memph. ^^th. [ % e^'A^ev St 
^. A. rel. /. Syr.Hcl. Goth. Arm. 

— ivSvq ACD. rel. Vulg./#'.(7^ Syrr.Pst. 
&Hcl. Memph.Schw. Gotli. | om. B.Bch. 
1.33. b.c.e.ff''.g'. Memph.W. Arm..,Eth. 
II add. TTuvraxov BC. 69. (TravTax'l L). 
b.e. Memph. | *om. s"- AD. rel. Vulg. 
c.f.ff'-^-g'--- Syrr.Pst.&Hcl. Goth. Arm. 

29. ivBvc BLA. l■^^33. 69. (Xtveiai: '^. A 
C.rcl.) Vulg. {b).f.ff'. Syr.Hcl. Memph. 
Goth. Arm. | om. D. l^. c.eff'.g'. Syr. 
Pst. .iEth. (in D sic, (lt\9u)V St tK rrie 
aw. jjXSev. (b.c) <■). 

— liiXBoir n^Siv B(D supra). 1.G9. {b.c. 
e-.f-.ff'W)- Syr.Hcl. MS mg. Arm. ^th. 
1 ftKi\9oi'Ttg tiXeov ^. AC. rel. Vulir. 
Syrr.Pst. &Ilcl.txt. Memph. Goth, 
(egredicns vencrunt Tul. ff'K Syr.Pst. 
MS.) II 7;Xeo>'] ))X9av L. | aaiiXeov A. 

30. KartKiiTO dt i) -aivBtpa ^ijion'oq D. 
Latt. (exc./). 

— 2i/iM»'oj] praem. row LA. 1. 69. M | 
Contra, rel. 

— ivGvQ BDL. 33. 69. {X^vdiMS •^. AC. 
rel.) \n)'i.e.f(l\y\ Syr.Hcl. Memph. 
I om. 1. b.c.ff\g\ Syr.Pst. ^Eth. 

31. )jyiiptv avTrjv KpaTijaus T';e X"f°£ 
aiirne] iKTlivaQ TtjV X"P" KparlfaaQ 
iiyuptv avTtjV D. (4)/. j Contra, rel. 
(koi ante npuT. praem. 69). 

— Xiipoe au7-?;e] om. auriig B.Btly.Blc. 

L. I Contra, AC. rel. (vid. D. b. supra). 
Latt. (exc. b). vv. rel. 

31. TTuptroc] fadd. tvdiiaQ <^. A. rel. (b). 
Syr.Hcl. Goth. iEth. | ante a^ijictv 
habent D. Vulg. cf.ff^g'-'- Syr.Pst. | 
om.BCL. 1.33. e. Memph. Arm. ||add. 
et surrexit Syr.Hcl.* iEth. (vid. Matt, 
viii. 15). 

32. iSvaip BD. | ^iSv <^. AC. rel. 

— f*fpoj'] tipipoaav D. | add. iravTtQ 
sic 69. 

— f^oiTac] add. voaotq TTOiioiXoif D. 
b.c.e.Jp.y'. (vid. Luc. iv. 40). | Contra, 
Vulg. f.g\ 

— ad tin.] add. et eiciebat dacmonia ab 
eis b. et eic. ilia ab illis e. 

33. Km 1)1' b\t] t) TToXie tmavvnyfiti'tl B. 
Btli/.CDh. 33. Vulg. b.e.l. Memph. 
Schw. (tTTiffui'Jjy.] (Tuvtjy. B.Bch.) \ 
J /cat 7/ jToXis oXi) tTn<Jvvr)ynivi] r]V ^. 
A. rel. c.f.iffW''-) Syrr.Pst.&Hcl. 
Memph.W. Goth. Arm. J¥a\\. ||»)i'] 
om. Ur. I ante nnavviiy. 69. 

— riji^ Bvpavl add. avrov D. c.(ff^.g'. 
ut vid.) 

34. sic in D. Kai tdipaiTtvniv avTOVQ Kat 
Tovg Sainoj'ia ixovTag £?£/3aX£)' avTa 
air' avTuv Kai odk i/^itc aura XoXeiv 
on i]ictiaav avrov Kai tOipantvatv 


ffOif, Kai daifiovia jroXXa t^el^aXiv. 

27. q'.;aeuam doctriua CI. 

I eti.ara spiritibus CI, 



I. 35. 

'^'la"' '^ TToXXovs KaKm e'xovras iroLKlXais voctol^- ^ koL dai- 
1.33.69. uovLa TToXXa i^e^aXev, /cat ovk r](hLei> XaXeiu ra Sai- 

E(T)GKMSUVr. ' "^ , „ .'^ ' ' 35iK- ^ .v t ./ u ^ ' 

§ a ^ fj-ovia oTi rjoeLcrav avrov. IVat irpcoL * evvvxa Xluv 

'Lu. 442-44. >j avaaras i^rjXOev Kou aTrrjXdeu ety epr]fiov tottov, 

KUKel TTooavvx^TO. ^^ Kttt KaTeSico^av avrov [6] 2/- 
ST.ivpovTtsavTov ^(^p ^ai 01 /xeT avTov * KaL evpov avTov KaL 

Aeyoutrit' aurw ort llarref (pf]TOva-Lv ere. /cai Aeyet 
3S. [uXXaxof] avroLf, "AycojjLeu * dXXaxov" els ras ixofieuas kco/j-o- 

TToAetf, 'iva kolkel Krjpv^co' eU rovro yap * e^rjXOov. 

39. K«i.)v KaL ^ 1^X6 ev Kijpvcra-av * eis ras crvvaycoyaf avrmv 

ety 0A771/ T771' TaXiXaiav, kcu ra Sai/xouia eK^aXXmv. 
.„,, „ ^' '2 1 S^^JKat epveraL irpos avrov Xerrpos wapaKaXcov 
Lu. 5:i'2-i4. avrov I Ktti yoi^uTTercoi' afroi^,] /cat Aeycov avrco on 

40. Om. Kui 70V. ,^ \ /I '^ cs ' ' /I ' 41 t ^ " \ 

n,',r. Eaj^ 6eXr]f OvvacraL fie KUtlapicraL. * KaL (TirKayxyL- 

*^- ° ttrx'''™''^ 0-6'et? eKreivas rrjv X^^^P"? * auroi) rj-^j/aro" Kal XeyeL 

rp 't avTcp, QeXco, KadapladrjTL.^ '^' KaV ^ evdvs" aTrriXOev 

\ajr avrov rj Xerrpa, koll eKaOapia-dTj. " Kal ep.l3pLp.T]- 

bantur yariis lanj^noribus, et 
daeiiionia multa eiciebat, i."'.'-' 
et non siiicbat luqui ea, quo- 
niam sciebaiit earn. ^*'">'-'Et 
dihiculo vaUle surgens egressus 
abiit in desertuni locum, ibiquc 
orabat. "^ Et seeutus est eum 
Simon et qui cum illo erant; 
" et cum invenissent eum, dix- 
ei'uut ei quia Omnes quaerunt 
te. ™ Et ait illis, Eamus in 
proximos vices ct civitates ut 
et ibi praedicem: ad hoc enim 
veni. ** Et ernt praedicans in 
synagogis eorum et omni Gali- 
laea, et daemonia eiciens. 

40(18,2.) Et venit ad eum le- 
prosus deprecans cum, et genu 
flexo dixit [ei], Si vis, pntes 
nie mundare. ^' lesus autcm 
miscitus eius extendi! nianum 
suam, et tangens eum ait ill!, 
Volo, mundare. " Et cum di.x- 
isset, statim discessit ab eo lepra, 
et mundatus est. '^ Et commi- 

34. TTOiKiXaic j'ouois] om. Ij. (TTOii-rXoif 
voa. 69). 

— \a\eiv ra fai/io)'ia ACL. rel. /. vv. | 
ra eaifiovia XaXiiv B. | avra \a\iiv 
(D ut supra). Vulg Ct. (Latt.) ^th. 
(loqui ea, Am. Fuld.) 

— yhiaav avTov AD(supra)A.rel. Vulg. 
a.b.e.f.ff'g\ Syr.Pst. Goth. | add. 
Xpi^Tov Hvai BL. 1. (add.rov xp'cfo'' 
eivai 33(utvid.)69. GMsir.) Syr.Hcl.* 
Memph. Arm. .lEth. (vid.Luc.iv.41).'i 
yctitrav Tov \piaTov avrov Hvat C. 

35. evvvxa BCDL. 1. 33. | tivvvxov ^. 
A. rel. Oriy. 1.216''. 

— avaffrof] om. D. a.c. \ Contra, Latt. 
rel. Orig. i. || praem. /cat 69. 

— KOI a7r7;XeEi.ACD. rel. Vulg. a/^'.g^ 
Syr.Hcl. Memph. Goth. Arm. TEth. 
Orig.i. \ om. B. b c.e.ff'.gK Syr.Pst. 
Memph.W. ||add. i I/)ffou£ C^FGV. 

— £pj(/iov] pracm. TOV D.| Contra, On'g.'u 

— KaKu BCL. rel. Orig. i. ] mat ikh AD. 
[h. 33]. 

. — Trpo(Tt]vx^To'\ TTpo(Ttiv^€To D. | Coutra, 
Orig. i. 

36. KaTihuiKav A(?B)CD. rel. a.b.c e.f.jf\ 
g'. rel. I -?e.' B.iJfc.MU. Vulg. Jf'.g^ 

— 6 Tifiuiv AC. rel. I om. 6 BL. 33. | o 
Tt Si^uui' 1. 69. K. I 7-e Si/jui- D*. | 
Ton Si/(aii' D'. (I. 

— 01 ptT avTovl add. ijaav A. Vulg. | 
oiD. 01 Ti.Bch. 


37. KOI ti'pov avrov Kai BL. e. Memph. 
MS. JEth. ( Kai ore tvpov avrov XiGr. 
Vulg. Syrr.Pst.&Hcl. | f"-'- tvpovrcg 
avrov s. AC. rel. a.d.f.ffOy.'.gU'- 
Memph. Goth. Arm. (om. b.c). 

— Z'iroviTtv (7£ BjCDLA. 1. 33. Vulg. 
(_b).(c).e.ff'"-g^-''- Arm. | at Z'lrovaiv A 
EFGKMSUVr. a.f. Goth. | om. <t£ 69. 

38. auroif] add. o liiaovg A. 

— ayiiiptv] add. aXXaxov BC*L. 33. 
Memph. (Arm.) (^Eth.) | *om. ^. 
ACJD.rel. L.att. Syrr.Pst.&Hcl. Goth. 

— exofiivag A(?B,C. rel. | ixofiiva B. 
Btti/. I evyvg D. | epxofitvag 69. 

— KufioTToXeif ABjCL. rel. Syr.Hcl. & Memph. Arm, ^th. | jroXeie 
69. I Ki»iiag Kat it£ rag TroXsig'J). Latt. 
Syr.Pst. Gotli. I Kw^io (.sic) koi voXiig A. 

— KaKii BDL. 33. Ss. | Kai cku ACA. 
1. 69. EFGKMUVr. 

— t5,,xew BCL. 33. Syr.Hcl.txt. \ Js?- 
tXTiXv9a s. AD. rel. | (\ii\v9a A. (19. 
Arm. (veni Latt. vv. ut 
vid.) II praem. koi C. 

39. rjXOiv BL. Memph. ^th. | Xr/v ACD. 
rel. Latt. Syrr.Pst.&Hcl. Goth. Arm. 
(vid. Luc. iv. 44). 

— tig rag avvayioyag AB.Bch.BIc.CD 
LA. 1. 69. K. I {fv raig avrayuiyaig 
=:. E. rel. (hiat 33). Latt. ?vv. 

— £K/3aXXui»'] tKpaXuiv G. 

40. XfTrpos] o ri£-poe 69*. (eorr.* ut viil.) 

— TrapaKaXiof'l epujrwv D, 

40. avrov (post TrapaKaXtiiv)^ om. 69. 

— Kai yovvtrtruiv avrov AC(L)A. (1). 
33. rel. Vulg. e.f.ff'.g'. Syrr.(Pst.)&Hcl. 
Memph. Goth. (Arm.) jEth. | ante 
irapaKaX. Syr.Pst. | om. avrov L. 1. 
Arm. I non habent BDGr. a.b.c.ff^gK 

— Kai ante Xtyuivl om. B. 69*. 

— nwrijj] om. Dr. Am. Ann. ||add. Kvpit 
B.Bthj.CL. c.e.Jf-.g'. Memph. Arm. 
iEth. (vid. Matt.viii.2. et Luc.v.l2). | 
Contra, ADA. 33. rel. Vulg. a.b,f.{ffK 
g") Syrr.Pst.&Hcl. Goth. 

— on ABA. 33. rel. a. SyrHcl. Goth. 
1 om.DCL. Vulg. b.c.e.f'ff'-"-g'-''-l. Syr. 

— 0fX;)c] -^«'f D. 

— dvvaaai ACD. rel. ! (vvi] B. [h. 33]. 
41. Kai l" BD. a.b.e.jff'^. Memph.W. | {o 

^£ lt\aovg s. AC. rel. Vulg. c.f.g''. 
Syrr.Pst.&Hcl. Mcmph.Schw. Goth. 
Arm. (/Eth.) | {arrXayx. St o Itjaovg 
L. ^Eth.) 

— aTrXayxviaOtig ABC. rel. Vulg. (c).e/ 
g'. Syrr.Pst.&Hcl. Mcmi)h. Goth. Aini. 
iEth. I (om. b g'.) \ opyiaeiig D. a.Jf. 

— X^'P"] '*''''■ "vrov D. vv. I Contra, 
ABC. rel. b. Arm. 

— avrov i/iliaro BL. | J>;>//a7-o avrov '^. 
ACD. rel. Vulg. a.e.JXJf-.g'-'-) Goth. 

34. ea loqui CI. | 36. proscciitus CI. ] 39. in 
omni CI. | 40. om. ei Am. j 43. comminatus est 
ei, statimque ejecit CI. 

II. 4. 


Goth. Arm. 51th. 

Vole. r«1 be ' ' " t ' a^ " ' i' 'a \ ' ' •tt ^ \ ' 

Syrr.p H cra/xevof avTcp, * evOvs e^epaAeu avrou, Kat Aeyei 

avTco, Opa, /XTjSev). \_fj.r]8evj e'lirrjs' * dXXa" viraye 

(TiavTov Sel^ov rw lepel, kou wpoaeveyKe irepl tov 

KaOapiap-ov crov a irpocrera^ev ^MajfO"^?', et? /xaprv- 

piov avTOif. 6 8e i^eKOcov r/p^aro Krjpvaaeiv iroXXa 

Kcu 8ia(f)7]fxi^€iv TOV Xoyov, ware p.i]KeTL avrov Sv- 

uaadat (pauepioy eU ttoXlu elaeXdelv ^aXXa e^co ^eV" 

€prjp.ois TOTTOis rjv, KUL rjp^ovTO Trpos avTOV 

'a " 

iiatiH ei statim cicit ilium, *' ot 
(licit ei. Vide ncmiiii dixeris, 
sell vade ostende te principi 
saccrdotum, et oficr ])ro cmuu- 
datione tua quae praecepit 
Moses, in testimonium illis, 
45 cm, 10.) j^[ iiig cgressus coepit 
praedicare et dirt'aniare sermo- 
nem, ita uc iani non posset ma- 
nifeste in civitatem iutroire sed 
foris in desertis loeis esse, et 
conveniebant ad eum undiquo. 


II- ^ 9 Kai *€lcreXdcov tvoXlv" els ^^ac^apvaovp.' 8l 
I'lpepcov, ^ rjKOvcrOr] on ^iu olkco" ecmv 'kou [ev- 
6ea)s\ crvvrj^Orja-av ttoXXo'l, axTre p-ifKeTL ')(a)pelv p,rj8e 
Ta irpos Ti-ju Ovpav, koI eXaXei avrolf tov Xoyov. 

k II Matt, q: 2-8. E' 3 k ^ " ^ ' ^ t a, ' \ ^ " 

Lu. 5:18-26. '^*' ep')(0VTai irpof avTov ^(pepovTes irapaXvTLKOv 

3. <pipoiiT(Q vpoQ alpop.€vov VTTO TiCTcrapoov. KOU p.rj 8vvap.evot Tvpocr- 

avT. TrapaXvT. , 3"t,\\j/.. , / v 

4. TTpoatvkyKaL (yyicTat avTcp oia TOV o)(Xov, aireaTeyaaav ttjv 

' (20, 1.) Et iterum intravit 
Capharnaum post dies ; ' et 
auditum est quod in donio es- 
set, et convenerunt multi, ita ut 
non caperet neque ad ianuam, 
et loquebatur eis verbum. ' Et 
venerunt ferentes ad eum para- 
lyticum qui a quattuor porta- 
batur. ■" Et cum nou possent 
offerre eum illi prae turba, nu- 
daverunt tectum ubi erat, et 

Arm. (vid. Matt. viii. .3. et Luc. v. 13). | 
om. i.e. 

41. Kat Xtyet] Xeyutv 69. 

— aur((j] cm. 1. b.c. Syr.Pst. (vid. Matt. 
et Luc.) 

42. om. ver. M txt. (in mg.*) 

— KUL P] f add. EtTToiToc awrou '^. AC. 
rel. Vu\g.f.g-. Syr.Hcl. Goth. Arm. 
JEth. I om. BDL. 69. a.b.c.e.ff''.g'. Syr. 
Pst. Memph. | (add. et "ei" Arm.) 

— ev9ve BL. 33. | IcveiuQ T- ACD. 
rel. I (om. b.c.) 

— OTnjXOev ajr' avrov t) \t7rpa BDL.rel. 
Latt. Syi-.Pst. Memph.MS. Arm. | >; 
XtTTpa aTrtjXBev air' avrov C. Memph. 
W.&Schw. Goth. (vid. Luc. v. 13.) | 
airriX9. r/ X. air' avr. AK. Syr.Hcl. | 
aTTTjXO. )') X. avr. A. [jEth.] 

— iKaGapwSt]'] -6ip- ACLAG. | Contra, 
rel. (ct supra in his cdd.) 

43. tvevQ BDL. 3.3. I Itveeios ?r. C. rel. 
I (post avrov AK. Arm. j om. Syr.Pst. 
JEth.) II add. Kai A. 

44. n>iS(v BjC. 1. rel. Syr.Hcl. Goth. 
Arm. I cm. ADLA. 33. 69. Latt. Syr. 
Pst. Memph. ^th. (vid. Matt. viii. 4. 
et Luc. V. 14). 

— aXXa ACDLAEGKU. ] + aXX' s. Bs. 

— (Teavrov ^fi^or] cu^of uinvrov D. 

— rt^ iipiC\ r(p apxiipii 33. 69. Vulg. 
ff'.{g'').l. I Contra, rel. Latt. rel. 

44. TTfpi] VTTtp 33. 

— d ABC^D. rel. | ica9ujg C*. JEth. (vid. 
Lnc.v. 14). I Ka9' a 33. 

— Mio«(Ti)c BDAKV. (Latt.) | XMiotriiQ 
S'. AC rel. Am. 

— avrotQ'] avrtj) A* ut vid. 

45. TToXXa ABC. rel. | om. D. Latt. 

— avrov~\ om. D. 

— ipavEpijt}Q €ig TToXiv HueXOtiv ABs. rel. 
Am. Fuld. (Latt. rel.) Syr.Hcl. Goth. 
Arm. I (jiav. tiatXS.iiQ noX. D. Vulg.C/. 
Syr.Pst. I ug TToX. ipai/. iiatXd. CL. 33. 

— aXXa ACDAM. | JaXX' <?. BiL. rel. 

— tw' fpr]fi. BLA. I f fi/ cpiifi. 9". ACD. 
rel. (vid. Luc. v. 16). 

— riv ACD. rel. Vulg.O. a.g\ rel. (" esse" 
Am. c.d./.ff'.g'.l.') [ om. B. b.e. (om. et 
Kat seq. b.e.) 

— Trayroeiv ABCDLA. 1. 33. KMS. | 
^iravra^oBtv f^. 69. rel. 

1. tiaiXOuiv rraXiv B.Blc.DGr.Jj. 33. 
a.(,c). Memph. Arm. JElh. \ tiariXGtv 
rraXiv AB.BtlyBcli.CA. 1. 69. EKM 
UV. e. Syr.Hcl. Goih.(vid.iii. 1). ekt/jX- 
etv u I)i<Tove rraXiv FGT. Syr.Pst. | 
tiraXiv eii!7iXetv ^. Vulg. b.df.ff'-''- 
^'■'* j om. TraXfi' S. c. 

— Yiaipapvaovix BDA. 33. Latt. Mempb. 
I J KaTTfpraoD/i '^. AC. 69. rel. 

— i)Kova9t]'\ f praem. Kai ^. ACD. rel. 
Vulg. b.e.g'. SyrrPst.&Hcl. Goth.| om. 
BL. 33. a.c.f. Memph. Arm. [^Eth.] 

1. tv oiKif, BDL. 33. (Latt.) Memph. | 
J tie oiKov (J-. AC. rel. p'. (domi e). 

2. Kat tv9tu}Q] om. tvOtwQ H.Bch.Blc.Tj, 
33. Vulg. b.l. Syr.Pst. Memph. Arm. 
^th. I Contra, ACD. rel. a.c.e.f.Jf'.g'. 
Syr.Hcl. Goth. 

— TToXXoi] pracm. 0,^X01 1. 

— ri]v OujOai'] ry 9vpfji L-U^. 

— avToig rov Xoyoj' ABC. rel. Vulg. a. 
e.f.g^. rel. | rrpoq avrovg Xoyov D. 6. 

3. TTpog avTOV (ptpovriQ TrapaXvriKoi' C* 
D. 1.69. G. Vulg. a. a.b.(c).{e).(f).ff\ 
Syrr.Pst.&Hcl. Arm. | <pipovrcg irpog 
avrov TrapaXvrtKov BL. 33. Am, g' I. 
(Memph.) | J irpog avrov irapaXvr. fe- 
povng ^. AC. rel. Goth. ^th. 

— irTTo] airo L. | tin A. (om. aip. viro 
rtaa. b.c). \ add. in lecto Memph. .Sth. 

4. irpontyyiaai ACD. l.rel. a.(^b).c.e.Jf. 
g'-2- Syr.Pst. Goth. Arm. | irpoaivtyKai 
BL. (^-yKHv 33). Vulg. /. Syr.Hcl. 
Memph. jEth. 

— avr<ij ii.BC. rel. Vulg. rel. | om. DK*. 
(Latt.) Arm.MSS. | ante irpoiyy. (sup. 
scr.) K'. 

— Sia TOV oxXov ABC. rel. a. \ airo rov 
oxXou D. Vulg. Latt. rel. ||add. as- 
cenderunt in tectum Syr.Pst. 

— airecrreyaaav^ ainarayav A. 

45. introire in civitatem CL \ locis esset CU 
'i. ad eum fereutes CL 






1. 33. 69. 

§H _^ 
5. Kai lCoju 

7. on ouroi; 


8. OTt [oiirwc] 
- * [aiTOf]" dia- 

9. trot a'l aft. 

10. atfuitmt dfiapr. 
i. T. yi'is 

areyrjv oirov rjv, ^ koll l^opv^avres xaXuxTLv tov 
^ KpajBaTTOv , ^OTTOV 6 irapakvTLKos KareKeiTO. '^ IScoi' 
8e 6 h](rovf ti-jv iriaTLv avTutv Xeyec rco TrapaXvTiKU), 
eKvov, ^aqyieiirai * aou ai apapriai . -qaav oe 
TLves rSiv ypapparecov (Kel KaOrjpevoL kou biaXoyL^o- 
p.iV0L iv rdi? KapSiai? avriav, T/ ovtos ovtcos XaXel; 
* l3Xa(r(Prjper tl9 Bvvarai a^ievaL a/xapTLa^, el /x?) 
etf o tfeos i ^ KUL * evavf eTriyi'ov? o lT](rov^ tco 
TTuevfiarL avrov on ovrcof 8LaXoyiQ)i>TaL ev eavTols, 
^ Xeyei" avrols, T/ ravra 8iaXoyi^e(rde eV tols Kap- 
Biais vp.av ; t'l eanv evKOTTcorepov, eliretv rco irapa- 
XvTLKM, ^'A(pL€VTaL' ^ (TOV at ajxapTiai, 7] elirelv, 
* Eyelpov , \_Kalj apov ^tov Kpaliarrov aov", Kanrepi- 
Trarei ; Lva oe €Lorjre on e^ovcnau €)(^eL o vLOf tov 
audpairov ^ein rrjs yrjs a(j)LevaL afiapria?, Xeyei 
Tft) TrapaXvTLKU), 2oi Xiyoo, ^ eyeipe'', * dpou tov 

batiim in quo paralyticus iace- 
bat. * Cum vidisset autem le- 
sus fidem illonira, ait paraly- 
tii'O, Fill, dimittuntur tilii pcc- 
cata. ^ Erant autem iliic qui- 
dam de scribi.s sedeutes et cofji- 
tautes in cordibus suis, ' Quid 
hie sic lo(}uitur? bUisiiheuuat: 
qnis potest dimittere peccata 
nisi solus dens? * Quo statira 
Ccjgnito Ic-us spii'itu suo quia 
sic cogit.arent inter se, dicit illis, 
Quid ista cositatis in cordibus 
vestris? ' Quid est faeilius, 
dicere paralytioo, Dimittuntur 
tibi peccatii, an dicere, Surge 
et tolle grabattum tuuni et am- 
bula? '° Ut autem sciatis quia 
potestatem habct filius honiinis 
in terra dimittendi peccata, ait 
paralytico, " Tibi dico, Surge 
toUe grabattum tuum et vade 

4. jjv] add. 6 I)((Totic DA. (Latt.) Syr. 
Pst. Goth. Arm. j-Etli.l Contra, ABC. 
rcl. Vulg. h. Syr.Hd. Memph. 

— liopviavTiQ ABC. rel. Vulg. /. Syr. 
Hcl. Memph. Arm. | om. D. (Latt.) 
Syr.Pst. ^th. 

— Kpa^uTTov ACDLA. 1. 33. 69. EGH 
MUr. I J Kpaftliarov ^. BiVi. | Kpa- 
jiarov K. 

— inrov (ante o -napaX.) BDL. a.p'. | 
t e<p' <f 'S: AC. rel. (Latt.) Syn-.Pst.& 
Hcl. Memph. Goth. Arm. JEth. | t^' 
oil 33. 69. I eip' 6 V. || add. ijv et Kara- 
KCi/itvos (post o Trap ) D. g'', 

5. iSwv l( AD. 1. rcl. (Latt.) SyiT.Pst.& 
Hcl. Goth. Arm. | Kat tcutv BCL. 33. 
69. e. Memph. JElh. (vid. Matt. i.x. 2 
et Luc. V. 20). 

— TCKvov'] praem. Gapaa C. 

— atpiiVTai B. 33. Vulg. a.c.e.g'. Svrr. 
Pst.&Hcl. Goth. I {a^tui-rai S'. ACD. 
rel. b.f. (Memph.? Arm. ^Eih.ut vid.) 
vid. Luc. V. 23. 1 a^iovTai A. [ atptovrai 
G. 69. 

— aov ai uftapTtai BDGr.LA. 1''. 33. C9. 
G. I aoi a'l aftapriai C*. Am. b.e ff'-^- 
I JiToi ai aj-iapriai miv <^. AC. rel. 

Vulg.CV. a.c.rl.J. Syrr.Pst.&Hcl. 
(Mcnipli.) Arm. ^Cth. Orig. hit. ii. 
'ill', (vid. Luc. V. 20). | aov a'l I'lfiapr. 
aov M*. (^afiaprvpiai A*). 

6. avT<t)v'\ add. Xtyovrtg D. (Latt.) 
Vulg./.rel. (add.ea Pharasaeis Svr.Pst.) 


7. Ti ACD. rel. | on B. 

— OVTOQ ovtioq] oi'TOQ ouToQ SIC H. (om. 
oiiTioe Syr.Pst.) 

— liKaaiptiiiu B.Bch.Blc.'DK (Latt.) 
Memph.MS. | t/3Xao-^?;/«ac S"- AC. 
rel. e. Syrr.Pst.&Hcl. Memph.ed. Goth. 
Arm. ^th. (vid. Luc. v. 21). | /3Xa- 
a^}}ixag AGr. 

— afiaprtac'] praem. rat; D*. 

— fif] om. DG'r. 

8. ivQve BL. 33. (t£t'0£ue <^. AC. rcl.) 
Vulg. e.f.g\ Syr.Hd. Memph. Goth. | 
om. D. a.b.c.ff'-.gK Syr.Pst. Arm. JEth. 

— o Ii/CTotii,'] supra K. 

— avTov'] om. D.^. Mcmph.W. 
I Contra, rel. Vulg. f.gK 
Hcl. Memph.Schw. Goth. Arm. ^th. 
(" spiritu sancto" jr'). 

— o'vTuiQ ACD. rel. Vulg. f.g''. Syrr. 
(r»t.)&Hcl. Memph. Goth. Arm. ^th. 
I om. B. a.b.c.e.ff"'.gK || add. avToi AC 
A. 33. 69. EFHKMSUVr. Syr.Hcl. 
Goth. I Contra, BsDL. 1. G. Latt. Syr. 
Pst. Memph. Arm. iEth. 

— iavrot(;~\ avroig L. 

— \eyu B.Iitli/ L. 33. Vulg. e.f. | JeiTrjr 
T- ACD. rel. a.b.cff'iy'. (vid. JIatt. 
ix. 4 et Luc. v. 22). 

— nuT-otf] om. 'RIHly. ff". \ Contra, rel. 

— Tavra'] om. L. 

9. Ti^j ■KapctXi^TiKip^ om. 33. o.e. 

— aijiiiv-ai M.Btlij. Vulg. a.c.f^.g'. Syrr. 
Pst.&Hcl. Goth. I %a<j,iiavTai <^. ACD. 
rel. 6. (Mcmjih.? Arm. .Etli. ut -sid.) 

Eiis. in Ps. 600'i. (vid. Luc. v. 23). | 
aip^ovTat 69. 
9. (eyttpf apov tov KpafiaTTOV aov Kat 
vwayt (ig TOV oiKov aov, ij u-Ktiv, arpat- 
wvTat aot a'l afiapTiat D). 

— aov a'l ciftapTiat BL. 1''^. 33. 69. EFG 
HKMUV. I Xaoi at d/i. s. ACDAPs. 
TV. ut vid. E'ls in Ps. (vid. Luc. v. 23). 
II add. aov a.b (om. aoi).c.f. Syrr.Pst.& 
Hcl. Slemph. Goth. Arm. Mlh. (vid. 
Luc.v ) I Contra, Vulg. e. Eus. in Ps. 

— eyiipov BL. I tyiipi ACD. 1. 33. 69. 
EFGHK(iic)MSVr. 1 liytipai s- AU. 

— K«t apov ABs. rel. Am. a.d.g'-'-'"'- Syr. 
Hcl. Goth. -S;th. Ib.c.e']. \ om. Kat G 
DGr.L. 1.33. Vulg.CA F«W././. Syr. 
Pst. Memph.W. et Schw. Arm. 

— apov TOV Kpafi. aov ABCDL. 1. 69. 
KM. Vulg. a.f.g^-<--^-l. Eus. in Ps. j 
Xapov aov t. Kp. <?• ^- 33. G. rel. | 
om. b.c.e. (et ambula et tolle grabbatum 
tuum et vade in domum g''}. ||t.-p«/3nr- 
Tov hie ut in vcr. 4, sed idem hie h.a- 
bent F'KV. | Kpaparov F*. | Ji-pa/i- 
jSuTov T. Bs. 

— TnpnraTH ABC. rel. Vulg. b.c.e.f.g'. 
Syrr.Pst.&Hcl. Memph. ^".th. | iimiyt 
D(supra)LA. a.^V- Goth, (ut vid.) 
Arm. (vid. vcr. 11). Ijadd.tii; tov oikov 

5. cum niltcm vidisset CI. | filii Jm. | ti b 
peccata tua CI. | 8. intra se CI. | 9. surtio 
tolle Ct. I 10. quia filius homiuis habet potes- 
tatem CI. 

11. 16. 


Vulg. n. h. c. 
Syrr. P. H. 
Goth. Arm. ^th. 
1 2. tfiTrpotjOti' 
— OifSsTT, our. 

I II Mutt. 9: 9-13. 
ha. 5:27-32. 



Id. Kat iysvero 

— tlKo\ov9}jfTai> 
16. ol yp. Kai 01 <I>a- 
ptffdlot idoVTZQ 

^ KpdfiaTTOv" crov, kol vTraye els tou oIkov aov. ' kol 
yyepdrj, ^ kol evdvs" apas rov ^ Kpa(3aTT0u i^rjXdev 
ivavTiov irdvTcov, cocrre i^iaracrdai iravras kolL 8o^d- 
^eiv Tov 6eov, Xeyovras otl *OvTcas ovSeirore *6t'- 
Bafxeu . 

10 ^■' ' Kat i^rjXdev irdXiv irapd rrjv OdXaaaav, kou 
Trds 6 6')(Xo9 r)p-^eTO irpos avTov, Kai eSiSaaKeu av- 
Tovs. KOL Trapaycov eiSef AeuiV tou tov 'AA^a/oii 
KaOrjpievov eVt to reXwvLOv, kcu Xtyet avTw, 'Ako- 
Xoudei fjiOL. Kai avaaras riKoXovdi]aeu avTco. 

11 ^^ Kat *yLveTai" [Jv rdij KaraKeladai avTov eV 
rr] oLKLa auTOu, kol ttoXXol reXduai Kcd afiapTcoXol 
avvaveKeivTO tu> Irjaov ncd rois ixaOrjTois avrou- 
rjcrav yap ttoXXol, Kai * rjKoXovdovu avrco '' /cat ol 
ypap-fiaTels * tu)v ^apiaaicav Kai ISoures * otl 
rjcrOiev yuera twv ' apLapTcoXwv Kat TeXcavMv kXeyov 

in (lomiim tiuim. " Et statim 
illc siiiTcxit siil)lato grabatto 
aliiit coram oninilms, ita ut 
ammiraicntur onincs ct liono- 
rificarent deum. dicentcs quia 
nuinquam sic viilimus. 

rj (SI, 2.) f;t egrcssiis est rur- 
sus aii marc, omnisqiie turba 
veiiiebat ad eum, et docebat 
COS. ' ' Et cum praeteriret, vidit 
Levin Alphei sedentcm ad telo- 
ncum, ct ait ill!, Sequere me. 
Et surgens secutus est eum. 

15 (2s,2.) Et factum est cum 
accumbjret in domo illius, 
multi publicani et peccatores 
siraul discumbcbant cum lesu 
et discipulis eius; erant enim 
multi qui et sequebantur eum. 
"• Et scribae et Pharisaei vi- 
dentes quia manducaret cum 
peccatoribus et publicanis 

aov D(supra). 33.'^. Arm. (vid. 
ver. 11). 

10. txi E. 

— fTTt Tr\Q yrjQ a^ni'ai c't^tapnaQ CDLA. 
33. HM. Latt. Syr.Pst. Meraph. Goth. 
Arm. (cm, fTrt r. y. b). | atpitvat a^apr. 
£7rt T. yi]Q B. ^th. | Ja^tfj'at ein r. y, 
a;anpr.'^. A. 1.69.EFGKSUVr.Syr.Hcl. 

11. lyitpe AB.Bch.CD. I''. 33. 69. EFG 
HMSVr. I Xiyiipai ^. LAU. | eyeipov 
K. Ilf.idd. Kai <^. AA. 1. rel. c.d y'. 
Syr.Hcl. (Goth.) JEth. \ om. BCDGr. 
L. 33. r. Vnlg. ab.e.f.ff'-y'.l. Syr.Pst. 
Mem|ih. Arm. 

— Kpajiarroi' JISS. ] ^Kpa(3(3arov S". 

12. 7]ytpe>] Kcn £l«evc B(C*)L. 33. (-SEwe 
C) Memph.MS. Arm. \ ivBeojc iiyipOt] 
Kat D. (Vulg.) (a).(/).j'./. Mcmph. 
Schw. I %riyipBr] ivdiiug Kai ^. AC^A. 
l.rel. Syrr.Pst.&Hcl. Goth. ^th. | om. 
iv9. b-ccf. 

— Krpn/Sarroi'] vid. ver. 11. | add. avrov 
L. 33. H. c. Syr.Pst. Memph. ^th. | 
Contra, MSS. (Latt.) Syr.Hcl. Goth. 

— evavTiQi' ACDA. 1. rel. | erwirtov 33. 
[ £fnrpo(79ii> BL. 

— TTavrag^ -Ttg A. 

— Xtyovrac AC LA. 1. 33. rel. (Latt.) 
Memph. rel. | om. B. h. ] Kat Xeynv D. 

— oiTuif ovCiTTOTi BDL. {b).e. Arm. ] 
J ovdiTTOTt oiiriuf ^. AC. rel. Vulg. 
a.c.f'.ff". Syr.Hcl. | [Syr.Pst. Memph. 

12. fiftr/jfi' CD.l Ja^ojufj/ <^. ABs. rel.| 
-utftti' 69. 

13. TraXii'] om. D Gr. Memph.MS. | 
pracm. o lt)<Tovg 69. 

— Trapa] £7n 69*. 

— ox^.] om. D*. 

14. Kat Trapayojv] irapay. ^e 69. [|| add. 
6 Ii;iTouf FGHr. (non 33). 

— Atviv C. 1. rel. {-uv B. Bt?v.LE*M). 
Am. f.ff'-f- (^^f"' -^^- 33. Kr. Vulg. 
CI.) Syrr.Pst.&Hcl. Memph. Goth. 
Arm. yEtb. | laKi»liov D. 69. a b.c.e, 

fi^.p^. "Effru* ^i Kat 6 Af/3^c ti\u)vi}q 
aKoXovQ i](TaQ 7(jU 'li]aov' aW ovre ye 
TOV apiOfxov Twu cnrotTToXwv avTov ijv^ 
u fJ-q Kara rtva tuiv avTiypaipbiv TOV 
Kara ^lapKov ivayytXiov. (vid. et Mar. 
iii. 18). Orig. 1.376''. 

— tlKoXovdrjijiv'] -ett C*. 1. I Contra, A 
BsC^D. rel. 

15. yivET-at BL. 33. | ifytvtro S". ACD. 
1**. rel. vv. ut vid. (vid. Matt. ix. 10). 
[1*. n.l.] 

— tv ry KaraKtiudai avrov AC. 1. rel, 
Vulg. fff'.g'"' rel. I KaTUKHdOai avT, 
(om. f 1/ rifi) '&.Btly Btc.L. 33. 69. | ev rif 
KaTaK\t6Tji'at avrov A. [ KaraKetftet'wv 
avTiov D. a.b.c.eff'^, 

— IV ry~\ add. odfi) 69*. 

— Kat TToXXotl om. Kat D. 1. Latt. Syr. 
Pst. I Contra, rel. 

— Kat a;uaprw\o<] om. Syr.Hcl. impr. 
Arm.Usc. ||add. tXQovriQ AC*, (vid. 
Matt. ix. 10).| om. BiC'DL. rel. Yerss. 

— TcoXXni Kai] ttoXXoi oi Kat D. Vulg. b.f. 
ffKcj^'^- (Arm.) "multi qui" a.c e.Jf^.l. 

15. nKoXovOovv BLA. Vulg. ff'-^-y'-''- \ 
%t)KoXovdriaav S'- ACD. 1. 33. rel. 
a.b.c.e.f. Syrr.Pst.&Hcl. rel. ut vid. 

16. Kat oi] om. B.Bch. A. Memph. | ol] 
om. L. 33. 

— rujv (papiaattov BLA. 33. b. Memph. 
MS. I jKaioi^apio-aiot s". ACD. (Liitt.) 
Syrr.Pst.&HcL Memph.W.&S. Goth. 
Arm. jEth. (vid. Matt, ix, 11, et Luc. 
v. 30). 

— *Kai" iSovrtg BBc/i.LA. 33. Memph. 
jEth. 1 Kat fi?av D. i. [e.n.l.] | iSov- 
rce S-. AC. rel. (Latt.) Syrr.Pst.&Hcl. 
Goth. Arm. (vid. Matt. i.\. 11). 

— on i)(r9i(v DL. Vulg. c.(ff''.y'). Syr. 
Hcl. JRth. I ort f(79i£t B.Blli/. 33. b.d. 
Syr.Pst. [? Memph. Arm.] | ^avrov 
taSiovra '^. CA. rel. a.f. Goth. [e. n.l.] 
(aiTor hie, et toQiovra ante tXiyov 

— ap.aprb)Xwv Kat riXutvwv 1". B.Btly. 
(D)L*. (33). Am. a.b.c.ffKgK Memph. 
MS. ^th. {afiap. K. ruiv reX. D. 33). j 
iriXwvojv Kat a/iapr. <^. ACL**, rel. 
Vulg.CT./;iP. Syrr.Pst.&Hcl. Memjih. 
W.&S. Goth. Arm. [e]. | Knt afiap- 
rwXwi'] om. 69. Syr.Hier. 

— eXfyov] praem. Kai D. 

12. statim suiTexitilleet CI. | ut mirarentur 
CI I 14. Levi CT. I 16. manducaret cum publi- 
canis et peccatoribus CI. 



II. 17. 

1. 33. 69. 

TOLS ixadi-jTois avTov, * On /xera Ttou ^ a/xapTcoXaii' kul 
Tcov TtAwvcov eaaw — 

eaaiei Kai iriveL; 

KUL UKOvaas o 

E(F)GHKMSXJTr. >t - ^ ' > - i^ ' / v , , / 

■» II Matt. 9:18-22. 
Lu. 5; 33-38- 

18. QinOi;''"'] '■• 

21. paKKOVQ 

^ ovres larpov, aAA ol AcaKcoy f^oi^rey. ou/c rjXdou Ka- 
XeaaL 8iKa[ov9, aXXa apapTcoXovs'' • 

12^^™ Kai -qaav 01 /xadyrai 'Icodvuov Koi ol *$a- 
picraloL vriaTevovTiS' kou kpxovrai kou Xeyovcriu 
avTCO, Aia TL ol jxaOrjTaL Icoavvov kou ol padrjToi 
TMv ^apiaaicov vrjo-revovcriu, ol 8e aol /jLadrjrai ov 
vT]crTevovcnv ; koI ilirev avroi^ 6 'Irjaov^, M77 8v- 
vavTaL ol vlo\ rov vvpcpiavoi ev w o vviJ.<pios p.€T 
avTcou eariv vqareveLV ; o(tov xP^vov * exovaiu tov 

It y ■, ^ II t ^ I I 20 >N ' 

vvp(piov jxtT avTcov , ov ovvavrai vqareveLv eAev- 
aovTai 8e rjpepai orav aivapOfj oltt avra)i> 6 vvp<pLos, 
Kol t6t€ vr]aT€vaovaLV iv * eKeivrf rrj rj/xepa * ov- 
Sel? i7r[l3Xr]fJ.a paKOVS a^va^ov * eTripaTrreL eVt 

diccbant discipulis eius, Quare 
cum iiublicanis et ijeccatoribus 
mamiiicat et bibit magi.ster 
vester? i'c«, 2.)Hoc aiuUto 
lesns ait illis, Non neccsse ha- 
bent sani nicilioum scd qui male 
halient: non enini vcni voeare 
iustos sed pcccalores. 

" Et erant discipuli lobannis 
et Pharisaei ieiunantes: et ve- 
niunt et dicunt illi, Quare disci- 
puli lobannis et Pbarisacorum 
ieiunant, tui autem di•^cipuli 
non ieiunant? '' Et ait illis 
Icsus, Numquid possunt fllii 
nuptiarum quamdiu sponsxis 
cum illis est ieiunare? Quanto 
tempore babent secum spon- 
sum, non possunt ieiunare. 
^° Venient autem dies cum au- 
feretur ab eis sponsus, ct tunc 
ieiunabunt in ilia die. " Nemo 
assumentum panni rudis as- 
suit vestimento veteri : alioquia 

16. on BL. 33. | t n" on <^. AC. rel. | lia 
n D. Latt. (vid. Matt.ix.l 1, et Luc.v.30). 

— rwr aiiapTwXtiiv kcu twv TtXiiivujv B. 
Sch.T). a. JEth. (rwv ante diiapr. om. B. 
Stlt/.') I Jrojv reX. Km ctftapr. ^. AC. 
rel. vv. (vid. Matt. i.\. 1 1, et Luc. v. 30). 
\\Tiov TiX. tantum U. 

— taGiu Kai TTivti ACLA. 1.33. rel. Vulg. 
c.f. Syrr.Pst.&Hcl. (Memph.) Goth. 
Arm.MSS. (^tb.) | om. Kai mvii BD. 
a.b.e.ffK ( | taQiuTt 
Kai irivHTi G. Syr.Hier. Arm.Zoh. 
(vid. Luc. V. 30). || eaSui ante fitra B. 
Bch. eaBtii Kai irivii ante fitra Memph. 
laOiii ante ^tra et Kai -Kivti ad fin. ver. 
^th. II a;!(c tad. Kai niv. praem. 6 Si- 
SaaKaXog ifxiav C. JEth. ad fin. ver. 
habent LA. 69. Yulg.f.ffKg'.l Memph. 
ed. quare magistcr vester cum publi- 
canis, etc. c. edit et bibit magi.ster 
vester cum publicanis Memph. MS. (vid. 
Matt. ix. 11). I non habent ABD. 1.33. 
rel. a b.e.ff-. Syrr.Pst.&Hcl. 

17. avToio] om. D. 1. a.b.r.ff'.g'. \ Con- 
tra, rel. Vulg. efy''. || add. on B.Blli/. 
A. I Contra, rel. 

— aXX'] aWa B.Btli/. 

— ouK ABsD. rel. a.b.e.ff'.g'. Syrr.Pst. 
&HcI. Memiih.MS. Goth. Arm. (JEth.) 
I ov yap CL. Vulg. c./.ff'.g^. Memph.ed. 

— aXXa^ aXX' 1". 

— ad fin.] f add.fic^erarotai' ^.C. Img. 
(man. rcc.) 33. 69. rel. a.c.ff'.i/'. \ om. A 
BDLA. 1*. K. Yu\g. Syrr. 
Pst.&Hcl. Jlcmph, Goth. Arm. JEtli. 


18. ol fapiaawi ABCD. 69. KM. Vulg. 
b.c.e.f.p.f.i. Syr.Hcl.(txt.) Memph. 
Goth. Arm. | Jot rwi' ^apiiraiotv ^. 
LA. 1.33. a.ffKg'. Syrr.Pst.&Hcl.(mg.) 
iEth. (vid. infra, et Luc. v. 33). 

— Kai 01 * jiaOrirai" rujv fftapirjaiuil' BC* 
L. 33. e. ^tb. | Kai oi 
riav (paptaaiuiv f^. C'D. rel. Vulg. (6). 
c.JfKg'. Syrr.Pst.&Hcl.(txt.) Memph. 
Schw. (vid. Luc. v. 33). | om. A. j om. 
o! A. I et pharasaei a.f.Jf'.g\ Memph. 
W. Goth. Arm. (vid. ante). 

— (701 na9r]Tai ACD. rel. | om. ftaOjjTai 
B. (vid. Luc. V. 33). | i^adijTai aov E*. | 
o'oi' ^aOijTai A. 

19. 6 IrjiTovg'] om. D. b,{. 

— offoj' Xpovov ov Svv. vrjfTTtvtiv A 

BC.rel. Vu\g.c.ff'.g''. Syr.Hcl. Memph. 
Arm. I om. DU. 1. 33. a.b.e.jff'.g'.i. 
Syr.Pst. ^th. (vid. Matt. ix. 15 et Luc. 
V. 34). 

— iXovfTiv TOV wiifpiov fitr avTiov BC 
(L). (c). Memph. W. (liiB' iavruiv L. 
fieQ' avT. B.i?c/i.)l +/t£0' iavrwv 1%^^^^ 
TOV vvfKpiov ^. AA.rel. (Vulg.)_/;/f'. 
5^ Syr.Hcl. Memph. Scliw. Goth. Arm. 

20. aTrapfij;] apBy C. 69. (Memph. ut 

— vj}(jTiv<Tov(yiv ABsCD-L. rel. | vrj- 
OTivovaiv D*. 1". rU. I -otomv E*. 

— iKHvy Ty vfitpif ABCDLA. 1. 33. 69. 
K. Am. ffM.l. Syrr.Pst.&IIcl. Goth. 
Arm. JKth. \ ^tKeivait; Taig y'l^epaiQ s. 
E. rel. Vulg.CV. a.b.c.e.f. Memph. (vid. 
Luc. V. 35). 

21. oufee] f praem. Kai s". EF«HUV«r. 
^th. I add. Si DGM. a.c.(j'). Syr.Hcl. 
mg. (vid. Matt. ix. 16). | nil addunt AB 
CLA. 1 . 33. 69. KS. Vulg. h.e.f.i. SyiT. 
Pst &Hcl.(txt.) Memph. Goth. Arm. 

— e-TTifiaXjjua E*. 

— paKovs BsCL. rel. | paKKovg AD. 33. 
69. FGHMr. 

— ayvafov ABsCD. rel. ] -(Jiovg LAE 

— ETTipaTTTii ACLA. 1. 69. EFGHV. | 
Xe-n-ippaTTTei —. Bs. 33s. rel. | ejri- 
(TvvpaTTTei D. 

— £7ri] om. 69. 

— 'ifiaTiov TraXaiov BCDL. 33. | fificf 
Tiifi 7raXai((j s'. AA. rel. (vid. Matt, 
ix. 16). 

— /«;] fiTiye A. 33. (?K. sil. Trs. et Tf. 

— aipei TO TrXijpiofia avTov CE. rel. Syr. 
Pst. (Arm.) .iEth. | atpii to irXiipiofia 
D. 69. (Latt.) (Memph.) | aipii to ttX. 
aip' favTov B. I aipti to ttX. mr' avTov 
L. 1. Goth. I aipii utt' avT. to ttX. AA. 
33. K. /. Syr.Hcl. {apu H). 

— TO Kan'ov'} TO Koivov H. II add. otto 
D. 69. Vulg. a.b.e.f. Syrr.Pst.&Hcl. 
Ann. [c]. 

— Kai x^'poJ' oxiafia yivtTai^ om. L. 

22. ^l,, ABsD. rel. | /ijjyt CLWTf. 

— TToXaioDf ] add. sed in novos a.b c. 

— p>,?4i BCDL. 33. Vulg. b,tf'.g'. | 
ipriaini T. AA. rel. c.e.ff". Syr.Hcl. 

17. medico CI. \ 20. in illis dicbus CI. 

II. 26. 


^S^pV' ^Ifidriou TTokaiov"- d Se /xrj, a'lpei to irX-qptaixa 
Memph. fai^roOl TO Kaivov Tov iraXaiov, kol •)(ilpov a^Lapa 

Goth. Arm. SMi. , o.) \ • ^ v /-> ' \ \ •> ' > > ^ 

■/LveTai. " Kai ovoeL^ paAAei olvov veov etr aaKovs 
TraXaiovf el 8e /xtq, ^ prj^ei" 6 olvos'' Tovf daKovf, 

22. [f/cxerrat] KOI ^^^^ ^ olvos ^ diToXXvTaL KOL ol daKoi" \_a.XXd olvov 
veov eh aaKov? Kaivov? iSXrjTeov.j 

13'^ "Rat eyeveTo^ ^ auTov ev tol? aa^^aaiv 
SiaTTopevecrdaL" 8id twv aTroplpcov, kol * ol ixaOrjTai 
avTOV rjp^avTo" 68ov iroLelv TiXXovTes tovs orTa^vas. 
■^ /cat ol ^apiaaiot eXeyov avTW, '\8e t'l ttolovctlv ^ 
Toh ad^^acTLV o ovk e^ecTTtv ; ~^ koL^ ^Xeyei" avToh, 

» 1 Sam. 21:6. OvSeTTOTe dveyvcoTe °t'l iTTol-qaev ^AaveiS , otc T^petav 
ecr^ev KaL eireLvaaev avTos KUL 01 p.eT auTov, [ttms-J 

26. [ro5] apx- (lo-ijXOev elf TOV oLKOv TOV Oeov eiTi 'A(3iadap * dp- 
Xiepea?, kol tov? dpTov? tt)? Trpodeaeco? eipayev, ov? 

— roi'e Upi~,s OVK e^ecTTLv (payelv el fir) tol? lepevaiv, kol eScoKev 

ot aoKoi aTTo- 

°||Matt. 12:1-8.^ 
II Lu. 6:1-5. /3 

23. oSo'TToieXv 

auferet supplcmentiiin no^iim 
a vetcri, et inaior scissiira tit. 
^' Ec nemo mittit vinum novel- 
luiu in litres veteres: alioquin 
disrumpet vinum utres, et vi- 
num ert'unditur et utres peri- 
Imnt : sed vinum novum in 
utres novos mitti debet. 

23 C21, 2.) Et factum est iterum 
cum s.ibbatis ambiilaret per 
sata, et discipuli eius coeperunt 
praegredi et vellere spicas. 
-' Pharisaei autera dicebant ei, 
Ecce quid faciunt sabhatis quod 
non licet? ^ Et ait illis. Num- 
quam legistis quid fecerit Da- 
vid, quando necessitatem ha- 
buit et esuriit ipse et qui cum 
eo erant? ^ quoniodo introiit 
domuni dei sub Abiathar prin- 
cipe sacerdotura et panes pro- 
positiouis manducavit, quos 
non licet manducare nisi sacer- 
dotibus, et dedit eis qui cum eo 

Memph. Goth. Arm. JEih. \ ni di- 
rumpat J", sic et Syr.Pst.|rumpentur a. 
22. o oivog 1° (om. a. 6.)] f add. 6 veoe s'. 
AC^A.rel. e.f. Syr.Hcl. Goth. iEth. (vid. 
Luc. V. 37). I om. BC*DL. 69. Vulg. 
c.ff'--g'.i.l. Syr.Pst, Memph. Arm. 

— V Qwog aTToWvrai Kai oi affKoi B.B/c. 
(Bell.) Memph. (aTroXourat habet B. 
Sch.) \ airoWvrai tantum "B.Bth/. \ 
{KxttTat Kat 01 afTKot L. | 6 oii'o^ Kai ot 
ao-Koi airoXovvTai D. a.b.e.ff'.i. \ |o 
oivos (Kxtirai (vid. Matt. ix. 17). icat oi 
affKot aTToXovvTm (vid. Luc. v. 37). s. 
AC. rel. Vulg. c.f.ff'.g'. Syr.Hcl. Goth. 
Arm. .^th. | et utres pereunt et vinum 
effunditur. Syr.Pst. 

— aX\a otvov viov eit; aatcovg Katrovg 
fiXriTtov} om. D. a.b.ffKi. \ Contra, MSS. 
Vulg. c.e.f.gK VT. rel. (vid. Luc. v. 38). 

— aXXa] aXX' A. 1. H^ 

— /SXijrfor] om. B. | Contra, rel. || add. 
Kat afi(por€poi trvvrtjpovvTai e.f.g^. ^Eth. 
m.a. (vid. Matt. ix. 17. et Luc. v. 37). 

23. lyivtTo'] add. TraXii- D. Vulg. a.ff'-''- 
g'-'-l. I praem. id. 69. | non habent MSS. 
b.c.e.f. TV. reL 

— avTov ev toi£ aafifiaaiv SimroptviaBai 

BD. ^TOIQ Gaftl3. ^laTTOp. aVTOV C). 

Vnlg. a.b.c.e.f.Jf'---g'-''-i. Arm. (Latt. 
om. 6v). I avTov TotQ (Tn^(S. irapairo- 
ptvtaQt A. ] iv ToiQ tral^jS. irapairop. 
avTov (L). 33. (L om. tv). | avrov 
TropividOai fi' rote <7a/3/3. 69. | avrov 
■jrapairop. ev roic aajiji. U. | Jjrapa- 
voptviadai avTov ev roiq aajiji. ^. A 

G.rel. Syrr.(Pst.)&Hcl. Memph. Goth, 
(^th.) I £1-] om. 1. 

23. ^'la rtttv ffTTopi/twv] ante ev toiq rrajiji. 

— ot fiaQrjrai avrov rjp^avro BC(D)L. 
33. 69. (Latt.) Memph. (Arm.) ^th. 
(om. avrov T)Gr. ff-. Arm.) | tiP" 
XavTo ot p-aOtfrat avrov <^. A. rel. 
Syr.Hcl. Goth. (om. ripKavro f. Syr. 

— o^oj' TTotEii' ACL. rel. | o^oTrottiv BG 
H. I b^otrropovvreq 69. || om. D. b.c.e. 
ff'.g'.i.] Contra, rel. Vulg. a.ff'.gM rel 

— T-tXXovrtf ABC. rel. | rtXXftv D. Latt. 
Arm. (vid. Matt. xii. 1). 

— TovQ~] om. L. 

— ad fin.] add. et manducare c.e.ff^. 
Arm. add. et edere a, (vid. Matt. xii. 
1). add. et manibus confricantes man- 
ducabant 17'. (vid. Luc. vi. 1). 

24. Kat ol] oi i'e D. Vulg. a.b.c.e.f. 

— aurt^] om. D. i. 

— Troioi'ffti'] add. oi paOijrat (Tou D. 1. 
69. M. a.b.(c),f.ff^-''-(g'-''-)i.l. SjT.Hier. 
Goth. ^th. (vid. Matt.xii.2). | Contra, 
ABsCL. 33. reL Vulg. e. Syrr.Pst.& 
Hcl. Memph. Arm. 

— TotQ aajiji.'] f praem. ev '^. L. rel. | 
om. ABCDA. 1. 69. KM. Latt. | roig 
aajiji. post e^eartv A. | ante rt Trotou- 
aiv A. 

— eKeariv'] add. avroic D. a.h-C.jf-.g^. \ 
Contra, rel. Vulg. e.f.ffKg'.i. 

25. Kat 1°] fadd. avrog '^. AA. rel. c.e. 
Syr.Hcl. | add. airoKpiQttg D. a. (vid. 

S Jesus (Syr.Pst.) Goth. 
(Arm.) ^th. (vid. Luc. vi. 3). j non 
habent BCL. 33. 69. Vulg. b.f.Jp.g'. 

25. Xeyit CL. 33. 69. Vulg. b.f.g'. Memph. 
IttXEyEi/ ^. AB.rel. Syr.Hcl. Memph. 
MS. I EijTEv D. a.c.e.ffK Syr.Pst. (vid. 
Matt. xii. 3). 

— per avTov'\ add. oi't-ec D. (Latt.) | 
add. riaav A. 

26. TToiQ ACLA. rel. (vid. Matt. xii. 4). 
" et " a. I om. BD. 

— eiariXeev] riXGivB.Bdi/. {Contra, B!c.) 

— rov Oeov] om. rov C*. 

— ETTi AjiiaGap apxiEpEwg] om. D. a.b.e. 
Jf\i. I Contra, rel. Vulg. c.f.gK 

— apxiepi^i] f praem. rov <^. ACA. 1. 
33. 69. Memph. j om. B.Brfy.LEGHK 
MSUVr. Goth. I iEpEwe A. /. Goth. 

— TTpoBeatug'] irpoaBtaeutQ D. 

— vote upevaiv ACD. rel. \ rovq 'lepeiq B. 
(rote ifpfe L). II add. (itovoie A. 33. 
b.c.e.f.ffKg'-'-l. Memph.W. Goth. Arm. 
^th. (vid. Matt. xii. 4). \ praem. id. 69. 
1 non habent ABC. rel. Vulg. a.ffU. 
Syrr.Pst.&Hcl. Meraph.Schw. 

— sic in D eipayev Kat ecuiKev rote per' av- 
rov ovaiv oiiQ ouK e^eartv (payetv pr} rotf 
tepevatv a.h.{c).e.gKi. Arm. (vid. Luc. 
vi. 4). I Contra, rel. Vulg. .//' f. vv. 
(om. Kat eS. k. roiq a. avr. Jf.) 

21. aiifert CI. j 22. novum CI. I dirampet CI. 
I effimdetur CI. \ 23. cum Dominus s,aDba'. 
CI. I progredi CI. [ 26. introivit in domum «. | 
licebat CL 



II. 27. 

Li. (j '^'"■'^ ''"'"f '''^'^ auro) ovaiv ; kul eAeyev avTOLS, io 
1.33.69. aaBBarov 8ia tov olpOomtvov eyevero, kul ov\ o 

EmSHKMSUVr. „ '^'^ ^ V V 'oo 28 " ' / / , '^ . 

avopcoTTOf Ota to aappaTov. axTxe Kvpios ecTTLV a 
v'iof TOV avOpcoTTOv Koi TOV cralS^aTOV. 
III. z' ' 14 ^K.a'L€LcrrjXdeu7raAii'€h[Trjvjcrvi'ayu>yr]i',Kal 

P II Matt, 


itt. i^-fi-M- \^rji>j e/cet avOpwiros e^tjpapp.ei'rji' e^wv tt]i> -^elpa, kol 
2. irapiTtipovvro irapeTrjpovv avTov el TOLs aa^^aaLv Bepairevaei av- 
Tov, "iva * KaTrjyoprjaovaiv avTOv. koi Xeyei tco 
dvdpcoirco TCO ^ Trjv X^^P^ i^ovTi ^r/pdu", ^' Eyeipe eh 
TO peaov. KOL Xeyei avrois, E^ecrrti' T019 craj3- 
^aaiv ayaOoiroLrjaai ?; KaKOTTonjcrai, rj/vxjju aa- 
aai i] OLTTOKTeivai ; oi 8e eakcojtcov. koX irepL^Xe- 
§p yj/dpei'OS' auTOVf peT opyrjf, crvXXv:7T^fiei'09 ^ eVi 

TT) Trcopaxret TrjS KapSias avTcov, Xeyei tco avOpcaircp, 

§F 'EKreLuou Ti]v X'^^P'^ \_crov\J kol e^eTeivev, kol 

g * aTreKaTecTTaUr) 77 X^'^P olvtov . Kai e^eAoovTes 
01 ^apicroLOL ' evOvs peTa twv Yipwhiavuiv avp- 

erant? =' <«. =•> Et dicebat eis, 
Sabhatum propter hominem 
factum est, et non homo propter 
sabbatum: ^ itaqiie dominus 
est tilius hominis etiam sabbati. 

' Et introiit iterum synaeo- 
gam, ct erat ibi homo habens 
niaimm aridam : ^et obscrvabaiit 
eura si saljbatis curaret, ut ac- 
eusarent ilium. ' Et ait ho- 
mini habenti manum aridam 
Surge in medium. * Et dicit 
eis. Licet sabbatis bene facere 
an male? animam salvam fa- 
cere an perdere? At illi tace- 
bant. * Et circnmspiciens eos 
cum ira, contristatu-; super cae- 
citate cordis eorum, dicit ho- 
mini, Exteude manum tuam. 
Et extendit, et restituta est 
manus illi. <>'■*.<•) Exeuntes 
autem statim Pharisaei cura 
Herodianis consilium faciebant 

27. Kai t\£y(v avToig ABC. rel. Vulg. f. 
ff'-g-. rel. I Xfyw St vfiiv D. a.b.c.e.ff'. 
g'.i. (vid. Matt. xii. 7). 

^, 28. TO (Ta(3j3aTov Sia Sia ro (Tajt-J- 

ParoV wan] om. D. a.c.e.ff^.i. (vid. 
Luc. vi. 5). I Contra, ABC. reL Vulg. 
b.f.ff'-g'-'-l. rel. Eus. in Can. 

— tyei'iTo'] hctktOij 1. Syr.Pst. 

— rat ovx B.Btli/.C*J.A. 33. Vulg. (P. 
g'-'-l. Syn-.Pst.(&Hcl.+) Mcmph. JEth. 
i *om. Kai ^. AC. rel. b.f. Syr.Hcl.f 
Goth. Arm. 

28 ad fin.] add. cap. iii.21. a. 

1. eig T7JV away. ACD. rel. (vid. Matt, 
xii. 9 et Luc. vi. 6). | iig away. B.Blli/. 

— tjv ante octi CDLA. rel. Vulg. f.ff'-''- 
g'-'-i. TV. rel. (vid. Luc.) | post A. (ve- 
nit ad ilium i. accessit ad eum c.e). ] 
om. Ti.Bch. 

— (K'lpafiiitvi]v'] KtjpavD. (vid. Matt. xii. 

2. Traptrtjpow BsC'L. 33s. 69. rel. | irape- 
TTjpovvTo AC*DA. 1, (vid. Luc. vi. 7). 

— d] om. M*. 

— 7-oie tra/3/3.] praem. iv CDHM. Memph. 
I Contra, ABsL. rel. Latt. Goth. 

— Oipairtvati] QtpaTTtvH A. 

— auTov 2"] om. D. Latt. Goth. JEth. 
(vid. Luc. vi. 7). | Contra, rel. (ante 
efpoJT. K). 

— KaTr]yopT}aovaiV CD. | J -auiaiv <^. 
ABs. rel. (liiat 33). 

— avTov] avrov D*. 


3. avOpioTTip'] add. 6 li^aovg 1. f-ff^. 

— r»;v x^'-P^ tx^^^^ Ktjpav B(L). a, Syr. 
Hcl. Memph. ^th. (exov L). | ttjv 
K>)pav x^'P" <X'"'''' C*A 1 K'ipav {xo"""! 
TJJV x^'P" 33. I IXOVTl Ttiv x^'P" E?'?" 
pa/iiKvrjv D. (Latt.) {-paptvrjv D* Fet 
in ver. 1). ) X^^^P^PP^^'^'^' ^xovn r}}v 
X^i-P"- T. A. rel. Syr.Pst. Guth. (Arm.) 

II fX**'^''^] fx'^*''''* -^^■ 

— tyapi AB.BcA.CDLA. 1. 33. 69. EF 
(Wtst.)GHKMSV. I Xtyiipai T- Ur. 
II add. Kai arr/St D. c.(e).(/). (Arm.) 
Mth. (vid. Luc. vi. 8). 

— £ig TO peaov] iv pfatp D. 

4. Xtyfi] tiTTiv D. a.b.c.e.f.g^. \ Contra, 

Mss. Vulg. ff-'-g"- 

— avroi^ 7rpo(; avTOVQ D. a.b.c.f.ff'-.g^. 
(Contra, Vulg. eg''). || add. Ti 1. E». | 
add. "Si" Harl.* j'-^- 

— roif (7a/3/3.] praem. iv AD. 69. E. 
Memph. Goth. | Contra, BsCL. rel. 

— ayaSoTroiijffat] ti ayadov woii]aaL D. 
b.e.g\ (Contra, rel.) 

— (ToKTat] add. paWov D. 

— aTroKrfij/ai ABsCD. rel. S)T.Hcl. 
Memph. ^th. (hiat 33). | airoXtaai 
LA. 1. Latt. Syr.Pst. Goth. Arm. 
(vid. Luc. vi. 9). 

— taiio7rwv~\ -TTtjaav L. a.g^. (Contra, 

5. iroiputaei'] vtKpttiati D, c.ff^.i. \ Contra, 
MSS. Syrr.Pst.&Hcl. Memph. Goth. 

("caecitate" Vulg. a.b.e.f.g'.l. Arm. 

5. Xeyti] t\iytv L. | Contra, rel. (dixit 

— X'V ""^ ACDPLA. l(s!'c). rel. vv. | 
om. aov BEMSUVr. (hiat 33). 

— mriKarEaTaBi] AB.BcA.PLA. 33. EF 
GHKMSUVr. I iaTroKUTiaTaer) '^ . 
D. l(«'e). I aTrtKUTtaTi] C (ut vid.) ) 
airtKravQ)} (sic) 69. 

— aurou] add. tvOiuig D. _^\((/' ■'■)'• 

— ad fin.] fadd. vyuj^ wg r) aW;/ <^, 
C^L. 69. E. rel. (vid. Matt. xii. 13). | 
add. we 7] aWri a.b.c.g'. Syr.Hier. (vid. 
Luc. vi. 10). I om. ABC*DPA. 1.33. 
K. Vulg. e.f.ff'g'.i. Syrr.Pst.&Hel. 
Memph. Goth. Arm. JEth. 

6. Kai (KtXeovTts ABsCP. rel. a.e.ff'.i. 
rel. I ii,t\9ovTiq dt D. Vulg. b.c.f. 


— ivOvc BCA. 33. (ItvQews ^. AP. 
rel.) Vulg. (a).(e)./. Syrr.Pst.(&Hcl.) 
(Memph.) Goth. (Arm.) | om. DL. 
i.c-JT'-g'"'- -*th. (vid. Matt. xii. 

— fCtSovi' BL. 69. Memph.Schw. (?Syrr. 
Pst.&Hcl.)|teToio!/)' T. AP.rel. Vulg. 
(Latt.) Memph. W. Goth. Arm. jfTroi- 
7]aav CA. I TToiowTtg DGr. a. [n.l. 

1. introivit iterum in syn. Ct. | 6. Pharasaei 

Btatim Ct. 

III. 13. 


Vulg. a. I), c. 

Syi-r. P. H. 


Goth. Arm. Eth. 

6. tTT-uioVV 

* iSiSovv ' 

oTrcos avTOV drro- 

7. ei£ T. Ga\. 

8. aicovrravris 

— ITrolH 

fiovXiov * e6i6ovv Kar avTOV, 

15 ' Kat 6 '\r]aovs ^ fxera rav fiaOi-jTwv airov ave- 

"^ ^aprjaeu" Trpos rrjv OaXacraav, kcu ttoXv ttXtjOos octto 
TTjs VaXiXaias ^rjKoXovOrjcreu *, /cat avro rrjf 'lov- 
Saias ^ KCU utto 'lepocroXv/jicov Kol diro rrj? 'ISov- 
fj,aia9 Koi irepav rov 'lopSauov, Koi* irepX Tvpov kcu 
"SiScova, TrXT]do9 TToXv, * oiKOvouTef ocra ^ttoicl rjXdov 
Trpos avTov. ' koll eiirev tols paOrjTOLs avTOv iva 
TrXoiapiou TrpocrKMpTeprj avTW Sia tov b^Xov, Iva 
firj 0Xi/3cq(ni' avTov. ttoXXovs yap idepaTrevaeu, 
cocrre lirLTVLTrreiv avrco, \va avTov ay^covrai, bcrot 
eL-^ou jxaaTLyas Kai ra irvevpara ra aKat/apra 

,j OTav avTou * eaecopovf , * irpocreTrprTov avTw, 

KCU ^tKpa^ov' XiyovTa otl ISu et 6 v'los rod deov. 

^ TToXXd iireTLjx.a avrois 'iva /xr] avrov (f)aue- 

H' k9 \ t - // i3a \r ^ ' o ' ' ^ " \ 

sllLu.6: 12-16. ^ po^ ^TTOLCoaiv . ^ \ avapaLveL eis to opos kul 

(Matt. 10:1-4). 

adversns eiuu, quoraodo eum 

' Et lesus cum discipulis suis 
secessit ad mare, <^'' '•' et multa 
turba a Galilaea et Iiidaca se- 
ciitaesteum: " ab Hierosolymis 
et ab Idumaea et trans lorda- 
ncn, et qui circa Tyrum et Si- 
donem, multitudo magna, au- 
dientes quae faciebat venerunt 
ad eum. ^ Et dixit discipulis 
suis ut navicula sibi deserviret 
propter turbam, ne comprime- 
renteum: '^multos enimsana- 
bat, ita ut inniercnt in eum ut 
ilium tangerent: quotquot au- 
teni iiabebant plagas, " et spi- 
ritus inmundi cum ilium vide- 
bant, procidebant ei, '^" '•' et 
clamabaut dicentes, " Tu es 
filius dei. Et vehementer com- 
minabatur eis ne manifestarent 
ilium. " t'^. '-i Et ascendens 

6. avrow] avrov E* ut vid. 

7. KM 6] 6 ^£ D. Vulg.C/. a.b.c.e.j:ff'-^-g'. 
(Contra, Am. g'). 

— fitTa Tuiv naQiiTutv avrov avixuipi^aiv 
BCDLA. 1. 33. 69. Vulg. a.ff^-^- Syr. 
Pst. Memph. Arm. | Javtx'wp. /*. t_ 
fiad. avT. C'. AP. rel. b.c.e.f. Syr.Hcl. 
Goth. I [^th.] 

— TrpoQ ABsCL. 1. 33(sic). rel. ] eis D 
PH. I TTupa 69. 

. — TToXv 7r\>/0oc] noXvQ oxXoQ T>. Vulg. 
(et cum audisset turba magna a). 

— FaXiXaiat:] add. Kat airo 'lepoaoXv^ujv 
33 hie, et om. in vcr. 8. 

— i;«roXou0;(<7£i/ AE.Bthj.Bch.VL. 1. G 
K^MS.^ (Vulg. /(/'•=•) Memph.W. | 
X-6itaav S-. B.B/c.(C)(A). 33s. 69. E 
FHK*UVsr. ff\ Memph.Schw. Goth. 
(Arm. .^th. ut vid.) | om. D. a.b.c.e. 
jP.i. I post lovSaiac CA. Vulg. f.g'-^-l. 
Meraph.MS. || f add. aurij) S". A P. rel. 
Vulg. f.ff'.g'. S)Tr,Pst.&Hcl. Goth. 
Arm. JEth. (auroi/ A). | om. BCL(D. 
a.b.c.e.ff'.i. ut supra). Memph. 

— Kat otto] om. Kat 69. | om. awo D. 
Vulg. a.{b).c.e.f.Jf\ Memph.W. 

— Kat arro rr]Q loyoaias] post 'lipoaoXv- 

fiWV 1. 

8. Kat airo rijQ iSovftata^ ABCG(sic) 
rel. I om. 1. c.ff'. Arm. | om. aire 
DGr. Memph.W. | om. otfo Tijt' 

— Trepav] praem. oi DGr. /. 

8. TTtpi] f praem. o'l <^. ADGr.P. rel. 
Vulg. a.gK Syr.Hcl. Memph. Goth. 
Arm. I om. BCLA. b.c.d.e.f.ff'-'-gM. 
Syr.Pst. iEth. 

— Sicwva] praem. ol Trtpi DGr. | add. 
Kat 1. 

— aKovovrtc BA. 1. 69. Vulg. b.c.d.e.f. 
Memph. Goth. .^Eth. | \aKovaavTiQ S". 
ACDGr.PL. 33. rel. Syrr.Pst.&Hcl. 
Arm. (in Tcr. 7. a). | praem. " seque- 
bantur ilium" (s. eum) i.e. om. mox 
7;\9. irp. avr. (qui venerant audientes 
quanta faciebat ut viderent eum e). 

— oaa ABsPL. rel. b.c.e.f. Syn-.Pst.& 
Hcl. Goth. Arm. ^th. | a CD. Vulg. 
a.g^.i. Memph. 

— TToiEi BL. I ttTToiEi T. ACDP. rcl. 

— j)\0ov] riXeav D. | nXQiv U. 

9. iimv~\ etTTOv E. 

— TrXoiapiov ACDP. rel. ] rrXotapta B. 

— Trpo(rKaprepy~] -pet F. 69. 

— ad fin.] add. ttoXXoi D. a.i. | add. ot 
oxXoi 69. (if-)- 

10. idepa-n-ivaev'] eOfpawiViv K. Vulg. 
a.b.c.e.f.ff\g'-'- Syr.Pst. (Contra, ^P. 

— aur(fj] praem. tv D. Latt. 

— avrov'] avrtf} 69. F. 

— ai/zcuirai ABs(C)DP. rel. | airrwvrat 
KU. I a^ovrat H. i^a-^tnv C). 

— (iffoi] praem. Kat A. /. Syr.Pst. Goth. 
— , 11. {jiaartyaQKatTTi'evparaaKaQapra' 

orav ovv HGr.) (Goth.) 

11. ra TTvntfiara ra aKaOapra"] om. ra 
bis D. 69. (raTTirdaKa^aiora sic K). 

— letupovv BCDLA. 33. 69. G. | Je9fw- 
pu S-- AP. rel. I -pi) FH. 

— Trporrarnrrov A(B)CDLA. 33. 69. F 
GKM. {-rrpoaeTrtTrrav B.Bch.)\ ^irpoff- 
tirtirrtv '^. E. rel. (hiat P). 

— avrtfj] avrov T. 

— tKpa'iov ABCDLA. 1. 33. 69. FGKr. 
I Jf/cpa^e ■?. EM. rel. (hiat P). 

— Xeyovra ABCLA. 69*. rel. | Xtyovrig 
D. 69". K. (h. P). 

— on] om. D. (Latt.) SjT.Pst. Memph. 
^th. I Contra, rel./. Syr.Hcl. Goth. Arm, 

— 6 uioe] praem. o xP'"^"! *--M. Syr. 
Hcl.* (6 Btoc vtoQ rov 9eov 69). 

12. auT-oj' favepov BCDGr.A. 1. 33. 69. 
a.b.{e).ff'.\ (pavspov avrov APLEFGH 
KMSUVr. (Vulg. c.d.f.g'). vid. Matt, 
xii. 16. 

— Troiaiatv DL. 69. K. | { TroiTjo-ioffii/ <^. 
ABsCP. rel. (vid. Matt.) 

— ad fin.] add. ort ij^etaav avrov xpfrrov 
itvat C. a. add. quoniam sciebant 
eum J.y'-'' sciebant enini eum ff''. \ 
Contra, ABDPL. rel. Vulg. c.e.f.ffK 
vv. rel. 

13. avajiatvet'] ave[5tj P. 1. 

— opocj add. 6 Ijjtrovs 69. 

7. Jesus autem | 8. Et ab Hier. CI. | 10. om. 
autem Ct. 



III. 14. 



1. 33. 69. 


15. eKovtriav 

ISipaTTiiieiv ^ 
rdc V01J0VQ P 

16. njj Si'fi. ovofui 

TTpOO-KaXeiTai OVS lldeXeV avroy, Koi airriXOov -JTOOS "" montem rocavit ad se quos 
, , Toluit ipse, et veneruat ad eum. 



Lu. ll:15seq. /3 

IG^^Kai eTToirjaeu ScoSeKa Iva uxtlv /xer avTov, 
Koi Iva oLTTOo-TeXXr] avTovs Krjpvcraiiv ^ Koi e^eiu 
e^ovo-Luv * iK(3a.XXeLv ra Baifiovia- ^ koi livtOrjKev 
* oVo/xa TW 'EifJ.coui" Ylerpov' ^' Koi 'la/cw^of tov tov 
Ze^edaiov koL 'Icodvurju tov u8eX(pov tov 'laKcofSov,'^ 
/cat i7redrjK€v avTols ovofxaTa * ^oavrjpyes , a icTTLV 
viol IBpovTjjs' ^^ Koi 'AuSpeap, Kol ^IXLinrov, Koi 
BapdoXopLolou, KOL * Maddaiou , koI Qcofxav, kcu 
'luKcolSov TOV TOV 'AX(j)a[ov, Kcd QaSSaiov, kol 
2,ipa>va TOV * Wavavaiov , Kai iovoav * i(TKapicoo , 
o? /cat TrapeScoKev avTov. '^ Kai ep^ovTac els oIkov, 
/cat avvep^eTai ttolXlv 6 o^Aof, ctxrre /jlt] 8vva- 
aoaL avTovs p.r]oe aprov (payeiv. Kai aKovcravTes 
ol Trap' avTOV i^rjXdov KpaTjjaai avTOV. eXeyov yap 
oTi i^eaTTj. '^ '' /cat ol ypafifxaTets ol airo 'lepoaoXv- 

" Et fecit ut essent duodecim 
cum illo, et ut niitterct cos prae- 
dicai'e evangelium : " et dcdit 
illis potestatem curandi infir- 
mitates et eiciendi daenionia. 
16 (30, 2.) -£,1 imposuit Siinoni no- 
men Petrus, " et lacobum Ze- 
bedaei et lohanncni fratrcni 
lacobi, et imposuit cis nomina 
Boanerges, quod est, tilii toni- 
trui, " et Andrcam et Philip- 
pum et Bartholomeum et Mat- 
theum et Thomam et lacobum 
Alphei et Taddaeum ct Si- 
monem Cananaeum '" et ludam 
Scariot, qui et tradidit ilium. 
20 (31, 10.) jjt veniunt ad domum, 
et convenit iterum turba, ita 
ut non possent neque panem 
manducare. ^' Et cum audis- 
sent sui, exierunt tenere eum: 
dicebant enim quoniam in furo- 
rem versus est. ''' C- "•' Et 
scribae qui ab Hierosolymis 

13. jjSeXfj'] i;9fX);iTei/ 69. 

— Kai awtjXO.'] 01 Ce a;r;jX0. CA. 

— a-in)\9ov'] aTrrjXdtv A*L. | ]]\6ov D. 
Latt. (h. P). 

14. Bii>SiKa~\ post ti>a wirij' D. Vulg. a.c. 
LI. (non (6).c./. Syir.Pst.&Hcl. Goth. 
Arm.) ||A;c, et add. oiis kui airoaro- 
XovQ lavoiiaaiv BC* (ut vid.) 69. Syr. Memph. (.lEth.) (vid. Luc. vi. 
13). {'iva uitnv fitr' avrov SioStKa ovg 
Kai aTTotTToXovc iovofiatjtp A). | non 
addunt AC'DPL. rel. Latt. SyiT.Pst. 
&Hcl.txt. Goth. Ai-ra. 

— Kai iva a-TTOtmWjj avTov Kiipvppeiv'] 
om. hie eg', sed habeut ad hn. ver. 15. 
a.e. habent utroque loco. 

— it'a 2°] om. B. 

— aTToffreXXj/] aTrotrrtXij D*F. 1 -XXei 


— KtjpvaiTuv'] add. to tvayytXiov X). Atit. 
(non Vulg. C/.) b.e.f.ff'-^g'.i. (ad fin. 
ver. 15 a.ce.g'). 

15. fx*'*'] tt^uKCfi' avToig I). Vulg. i.c.y. 
Jf"\y'-I. JElh. (vid. Matt. x. 1 et Luc. 
ix. 1). I Contra, MS. (a.e). vv. 

— t^ovtriav'] j"add. Otpamvuv rag vo- 
aovQ Kai '~^. AC^DP (ut vid. e spat.) 
rel. Latt. Syrr.Pst.&IIcl. (Memph.MS. 
man. rec.) Goth. Arm. (vid. Matt. x. 1 
Luc. i.x. 1). I om. BC*LA. Memph. 
(jEth. ad fin. ver.) 

16. ab init.] add. Kai tiroiijatv ro^c ^w- 
liKa BC*(ut vid.)A. .aith.m. (vid. ver. 


14). 1 non habent' AC^DPL. rel. Latt. 
Syrr.Pst.&Hcl. Jlemph. Goth. Arm. 
j35th.ed. 1 add. TrpwTov Si^uwz'o 69. (vid. 
Matt. X. 2). 

16. £7ri9iiKsv'] add. avroig] ovofiara 33. 

— ovofia Tip ^ifiiuvi BCLA. ce. Memph. 
Arm. I Jr((j 'Si/iuvi ovofia ^. A(D)P. 
rel. (D. om. Tip"). (Latt.) S}Tr.Pst.& 
Hcl. Goth. [jEth.n.l.] | om. ovojia 

— nfTpoi/] lltTpog A. Vulg. b.c.f.ff^.g^. 
(Contra, MSS. a.e.ff-.g-). \ TliTpuv 

17. laKuifiov roi'] tov laKuijiov D et mox 

TOV lljjavVlJV TOV. 

— TOV laKiu^iov BDPL. 33. rel. | om. tov 
CA. 1. KS. I avTov 'laKujiov AF. | 
avTov tantiim 69. G(sic). g'. 

— ovopaTa] ovopa DGr. Syr.Pst. 

— Boavripyeg AB.Blhj .C1.A\ 1". 33. 69. 
M(Tf.) I Boavipyus D. Memph. | % Bo- 
avtpytg =7. E. rcl. Meinpli.MS. Jtist. 
Tr. 106. I T&oavapyig A*. 

18. Kai Avopiav~\ oin. g'^. (" Erant autem 
hi, Simon et Andreas .Jacobus et Jo- 
hannes PhiHppus" etc. 4.(c).e). 

— MaBdawv sic D (et B ut vid.) | JMar- 
9aiov S- AC. rel. | add. tov TtXiavi)v 
69 (vid. Matt. x. 3). 

— MaOOaiov Kai Quiiiav] ©lu/j. k. MutB. 

— KOI laK. tov tov AX^. koi OaS.2 cm. C. 

IS.eaSlaiov ABL. rel. Vulg. vv. | TaS- 
Satov A*, c.f. 1 TiaOBaiov A^ Ta- 
theus g'. \ Mjijiaiov D. a.bff'.i. (Ae- 
/3i)f TiXiovtig Oriy. i. 376''. vid. supra 
cap. ii. 14). I Judas (ante Ma90.) e. 

— Kavavaiov BCDLA. 33. Latt. Syr. 
Pst. Memph. JEth. | %KavaviTi]v s"- 
A. rel. Syr.Hcl. Goth. Arm. 

19. JovSav} lovSag D. b.c. (vid. Matt. 

— laKapiu9 B.Btl!/.B;h.ChA. 33. Tol 
(_l(yKapiio9i]v B.Btli/. ap. Ford, per er- 
rorem). | ^KapiwO D. b.ff"'-g'---l. Sca- 
riot Am. Scariotha c. Syr.Pst. Cari- 
otlia e. Scariotheny. ...Scariot... a. j 
iluKapiaiTijv '^. A. rel. Vulg.C/. Syr. 
Hcl. Memph. Goth. 

20. Kai tpxovrai tig oiKov'] om. c. (" et 
convenit turba iterum ad domura" 

— epxovrai ABC. rel. vv. | ciaipxovTai 
J), venit b. introivit e.ff'.i. 

— <7vvepxtTai~^ ipX^Tai M. c. 

— 6 oxXos AB.£(/^.DL'A. Memph.W.& 
S. I *om. 6 S". CL* (sed con-.'), rel. 
Memph. || add. TroXvf 1. M\,\i. 

— ware] u)g E*. 1 og F. 

— avTovg~\ om. D. 

— fitjit AB.Btly.l^A. 33. KU. Memph. 
I tfiriri ^. CD. rel. 

14. om. ev.angelium CI, | 18. Thaddaeum CI. | 
19. Iscariotem Ci. 

III. 29. 


Memph. oTi 'Ej' TOO apyovTi Tcbv 8aLu,ovicov eKBaXXfL ra Sai- 

Goth. Ann. 5:th._ , o^j v , / , v , 

Xy /xovia. ~ Kai TrpoaKaAeo-a/xeuo^ avTovs ev irapa- 
' fioXais eXeyev avToi?, Has SvuaraL aaxavas cra- 
TavoLv EK^aXXeiv ; '' kcu lav ^aa-iXela e0 iavrijv 
fiepia-dfj, ov Sufarat aTaOijuai ?; ^acriXela eKtivrj' 
"' KCU lav oiKLa i(f) iavrijv /xepiadjj, ov * Svurja-eraL 
* rj OLKia €K€Lvr) (rrrjuai . Kai ei a aaravas aveari-j 

26. Kai ititplaBt) e'0' euvTou Kox pepLepicTTai, ov Swarai * aTrjvai , 

27. [dW] ovhtg aXXa TeXos ^X^'" " ^XX' * ouSe'is Swarai * els tjju 
— rd (TK. T. iTx- olKLav Tov layvpou, elaeXdav ra crKevi] avrov 

ucrt\9. eig r. oik. - , ,\\ - \, ^?.' \ 

oiapiracrai, eav /jlt} irpcarov tov Kr^vpov oijcrr], Kac 
'jf T0T€ TTjv oiKiav uvTOV oiapiraaeL. apL-qv Aeya> vp.LV 
OTi iravTa a.(pedrja€rai * rot? viols tcov avdpanrcov ra 
ap.apTijp.aTa , Kai ai pXa(r(pr]p.iai * oaa * eav 
l3Xao-(pr] ' os S' av l3Xa(TCJ)rjp.rj(Tr) els to 
7rvevp.a to ayiov, ovk e)(ei. a(j)ecrtv els tov alcova, 

descenderant dicebant quoniam 
Beelzebub habet, et quia in 
principe daemonum eicit dae- 
monia. ^ '■"• '■'> Et convocatis 
eis in parabolis dicebnt illis, 
Quomodo potest satanas sa- 
tanan eieere? " Et si regnum 
in se dividatur, non potest stare 
regnum iliud. ^ Et si domus 
super semet ipsam dispertiatur, 
non potest domus ilia stare. 
"* Et si satanas consurrexit in 
semet ijjsum, dispertitus est, et 
non poterit stare sed finem ha- 
bet. -' Nemo potest vasa fortis 
ingressus domum diripere, nisi 
prius fortem aUiget, et tunc do- 
mum eius deripiet. ^ (^^ ^-^ A- 
men dico vobis quoniam omnia 
dimittentur iiliis hominum pee- 
cat.a et blasphemiae quibus 
blasphemaverint: ^ qui autem 
blasphemaverit in spiritum 
sanctum, non habet remissi- 
onem in aeternum, sed reus 

20. apTov'] aprovQ DGr, 

21. Kai aKOvaavTtg oi Trap' avrov ABCL. 
rel. Vulg. I. w. rel. | Kat ore ijKouffav 
TTtpi avrov oi ypapfiarttg Kai oi XotTTOt 
D. (Latt.) Goth. (Scribae et Phara- 
saei c). 

— t^iarr) ABCL. rel. Vulg. a(ad fin. 
cap. ii.)/3'-^7. \T. I fSfffrarat D*. 69. | 
i^iuTai v. I cm. c.e. || add. avrovg D. \ 
exsentiat eos a.b.ff^.i. 

22. ypaiipaTug] add. Kai H. a. (Contra, 
Vulg. 4./:[n.l.c.e]). 

— BftX^e/JouX] BitlifiovX B. 

— Sai^6ru}V 69. 

23. t\ty(v'\ UTTtv 33. 

— avToiq] om. D. 33. b. 

— Toij] praem. 6 Kvpiog Itjaovg D. a.ff-. 
g'-'^-i. (iEth. ante tv Trap.) | praem. o 
Ijjcroue U. b.c. (Syr.Pst.) | non habent 
ABC. rel. Vulg. e.f. Syr.Hcl. Memph. 
Goth. Arm. 

— tKjSaWtivl IKliaXtiv D. 69. 

24. tai'2 av L. 

— »; ftaniKtia ov cvv. ar. (ver. 25)] 

om. 33. 

25. Kai lav oiKta oiKia iKiwt]] om. 69. 

— fupw9i]1 tfxtpiaSt) B.Bch. 

— Svvtiairai B.Blli/.Blc.CLA. Fuld.a.g'. 
i. I XSvvarai <; . AD. rel. Vulg. b.c.e.f. 
ff\ vv. rel. (vid. ver. 24). [JEth.] 

— 7; oiKia tKtivri ariivai BL. (j; oik. ek. 
aTa9,ivai CA. — idTavai D). Vulg. c. 

fff'.g\ SjT.Pst. I XoTaet]vai i) OIK. IK. 

T. A. rel. a.(!i). Syr.Hcl. Memph. 
Goth. (Arm. .^Ith.) | arrival i) oik. ek. 

K. (Kai tav OIK OIK. iKuvjj om. 69. 

c^. om. ri OIK. £K. e). 

26. d] tav D. 

— aveiTTTj ov cvvarai ar. ABC. rel. 

Vulg. f.y'^. w. I aaravav tK^aXKti fit- 
Htpiarai (-9ai D*) tip' iavTov ov dv- 
varai (7Ta9i]vai j) ^auikiia avrov D. 
a.b.(c.e.ff%g\i. (vid. Matt. xii. 26). 
II avtarif] eari] T. 

— Kat 2°] om. A. Vulg. f.g'. 

— Iii/iipiarai AC^D. 33. rel. | C)iEpi- 
a9n B.Bt!g.Blc.C*LA. (vid. Matt. xii. 
26). ||.ldd. Kai C*(uti-id.)A. Vulg././. 

— artp'ai BCL. | JoraSi/i'Ut S'- -AD 
(supra), rel. 

— rfXoi:] praem. to T). 

27. ab init. aXX' BC*(ut Tid.)LA. 1. 33. 
69. Memph. Arm. | Kai 
C-'(ut Tid.)G. -lEth. I *om. <r. AD. rel. 
Latt. Syrr.Pst.&Hcl.txt. Goth. 

— ovSete Svvarai ADL. I. 33. 69. EFGH 
KMSUVr. Latt. Syrr.Pst.&Hcl. Goth. 
Ann. I Jou Svvarai ovdus 9'. BCA. 

— fit; rjjv oiKiav rov iiTxvpov siinXOiav 
ra iTKivn B.Btlg.CLA. 33. (SjT.Pst.) 
(Memph.) ^th. (sic sed om. tiae\9uiv 
H.Bch.) I X''''^ aKtv>i rov laxvpov tio-cX- 
6wv €tg rijv olkulv ^. AD. rel. Latt. 
S3T.HCI. Goth. Ann. 

— Ei(n\9wv eiQ Ti]v otKiav avrov^ om. G. 
(post SiapTraaai b.c.e). 

27. a«rou] om. D. Vulg. a.b.c.e. (Contra, 

— OtapTrairatJ apiraffai 69. 

— OtapTracrct BsCLA. rel. [ -'iu D. j •ai^ 
A. 33. EFGKUVr. 

28. rote vioic ritiv av9pio7rijjv ra afiap^ 
rtj/iara ABCDL. 1. 33. Vulg. a.b.g'.l. 
Memph. Arm. | :t ^a dfiapr. roig vioig 
Tu)v av9p. S". 69. E. rel. (/). Syrr. 
(Pst.)&Hcl. Goth. I roif avdputTTOig 
ra dfiaprrj^ara A. [c.e. .^th.] | ra 
dfiapTT}fiara'\ om. F. 

— ai /3\aff0. ABCLA. 1. 33. 69. EFGH. 
Memph. | *om. at <;■. D. rel. 

— (iXaafTjptai'] fiXaa^ripia 'D*Gr. 

— otra BDA. 69. E*GH. | Xouac <r. AC 

LE'. rel. (oir /SXatr^. om. a.b.c.e.ff^. 

g'.i. O/pr. 18. 314. | Contra, Vulg./). 

— lav BCLA. 33. E*F. ] tav '^. AD. 

{3\a(T(p7]pJ]TtOf7tV~\ -(Tovtriv L. 

29. 6g ^ af] 6g av Si rig D. 

(i\a(7fpT}l.l1JfTy~\ -ffH H. 

— fie 1°] om. DGr. Vulg. a.b. Goth. 
Arm. I Contra, MSS. c.d.e.f.ff-.g\i. 
(^sic). w. 

— etc rov atui'a] om. D. 1. a.b.e.ff'.g'. 
Ct/pr. 18. 3\i. I Contra, MSS. Vidg. 
c.f. vv. 

22. daemouiorum CI. \ 24. reguumillud stare 
CI. stare reguum illius Am. | 26- consurrexerit 
CI. I 2". in domum CI. Am.** | diripiet CI. | 
29. non habebit CI. 



III. 30. 


LA. Xe 

1. 33. 69. /3 
• II Matt. 12:46-50. 
Lu. 8:19-21. 
29. fvox- s(rTai 
— dftapriug 

32.a^f X^oi frov[Kai 
at dStX^ai (Toi'] 

33. Kal CLTrtKpiOii 
ai/Tois X'syojif 

f r 

34. Idoii 

t » .. ,. \ // 3/ ^^ / > > / ♦ r / I' 30 rl 

* aAAa evo-)(os earLV aicoviov * a/xapTrj/xarof • on 

"\ TT ^ ' 'a " 31 s t K" ^ " " 

eAeyou, lli^eu/xa aKaOaprou ex*'* '^'^'- e/'X''^^"' 

* rj fxrjTTjp avTov /cat ol dSeXcjyol avTov , Kol e^co 

* (TTriKOVTes a.7re<TT€iXav Trpos avTou, * KaXovvre^ 
avTou. Kai eKaarjro * Trepi avTou oxAoy , * /cat Ae- 
yovcTLV auTcp, ISov rj pr]Trjp aov kou ol dSeXcpoi aov 
e^co ^■)]Tovaiu ere. "^ /cat ^ dTroKptdels" ^avrois Xeyei", 
Tf'y iaTLv 7] pirjrrip fxov ^ kol" ol d8eX(pol [/xoujy 

Koi TrepilSXeyj/dixeuoy ^ TOV9 irepl aurou kvkXco" ^ 
KaOrjpevovs Aeyet, ' I5e rj p-rjrrjp /xov koI ol dSeXcpoc 
p.ov. Of [yap^ dv TToirjar] to OeXrifxa rod 6eov, 
ovTOs dBeX(f)os p-ov /cat d8eX(f)r) * /cat p-rjrrjp iarii'. 

erit aetemi delicti. ^° Quoniam 
dicebant, Spiritum inraundum 
habet. " i^. ^-J Et veniunt ma- 
ter eius et fratres, et foris stan- 
tes niiserunt ad eum vocantes 
eum; ^'^ et sedebat circa eum 
tui-ba, et dicunt ei, Ecce mater 
tua et fratres tui foris quaerunt 
te. '^ Et respondens eis ait, 
Quae est mater mea et fratres 
mei? ^' Et circumspiciens eos 
qui in circuitu eius sedebant 
ait, Ecce mater mea et fratres 
mei: ^ qui enim fecerit volun- 
tatcm dei, hie frater meus et 
soror mea et mater est. 

rv. T? 

* ||Matt.i3:i-23. /3 ■ "^ ^ ^ ir-^^'- ^ - y ^"'^, '"r" • i^ - ~^ cere ad mare, et congregata est 

||Lu. 8:4-15. XaacraV Kai * CrVVayeraL TrpOS aVTOV O'^OS^TrXeLOrrOS , ad eum turba multa, Ita ut in 

17^*Kai Tra'Ait' ijp^aro SiSdaKeiv irapd tvv da- '"''''■' Et itcrum coepit do- 

29. aWa ADLA. | % aW ^. BsC. rel. 

€V0\0^~\ tVOQ D*. 

— tariv ABsC. Is. 69(si'c). rel. 6. Syrr. 
Pst.&Hcl. Memph.W.&S. Goth. Cypr. 
18. I ftrrat DLA. 33. (Latt.) Arm. 
(^th. utvid.) Cypr. 314. 

— dfiaprij^aros BLA. 33. (djjiapTiag C* 
utvid. D. 69). Vu!g. a.b.c.e.ff^g'.l. 
Memph. Goth. Arm. Ci/pr. bis. | J Kpi- 
aeuQ s. A. 1. rel. Tol. f. Syrr.Pst.& 
Hcl. ("in condemnationc" iEth.) 

30. sXeyo)'] add. on A. 

— fx" ABL. rel. Vulg. f.ffKg'. vv. | 
avTov ixti C. .3Jth. I ixuv D. a.b.c.e. 

31. Kai fpx- B.Bch.CVhA. 1. 69. G. Latt. 
Syr.Pst. Memph. Goth. (Arm. om. Kai). 
JEth. I ^epxovrac ovv <;. A. rel. Syr. 
Hcl. II epxovTai'] epxerai. DG. a.b.e.ff'. 
g'. I Contra, rel. Vulg. c.f. vv. 

— 7/ fttjTijp avTov Kai 0( actXipoi avrov 
BCDLA. (1). 33. G. (Vulg.) (a).b.c. 
(«)/:^''-(?')- Syr.Pst. Memph. Goth. 
.iEth. (om. avTov 1" 1. Vulg. om. 2° 
a.c.g'). I oi aOtX^. avT. k. j) /iijr. avr. 
AKM. I Joi al(\(p. Kai 7) fiijT. avrov. 
S". 69. E. rel. 

— ariiKovTiQ B.Bch.Blc.C*A. (iirrtiKov- 
rtf B.Btly.) I iariiKoTig C'L. 1. G. | 
XiaTuTig S'. AD. rel. ||add. tK<a L. om. 
Kai £{m ante. 

— KaXovvTig BGL. 1. 69. | J ^wvotivrt e 
<^. D. rel. I l^ri-rovvTes A. (vid. Matt. 
xii. 46, 47). Contra, Verss. || om. koX. 
avrov A(sp. vac.) a. om. irpoc avrov 
supra Arm. 


32. eKaOtjvro A. 

— mpi avrov oxXoc ABCLA. 1. 33. 69. 
KM. Vulg. b.c.d.(,e).f.ff'-^-g'-'- Syrr. 
Pst.&Hcl. Goth. I wpog rov oxXor D. | 
turbae (tantum) a. \ Xox^og mpi avrov 
c:. E. rel. (Memph.) (Arm.) ^.th. 

— Kai \iyovaiv B.Brfi^.CDLA. 69. Vulg. 
b.(e)./.ff'-''-g'-'-I. Syr.Pst. 
MS. Memph. ^th. | Itnrov Se ^. 
A. rel. (a.e. om. St). Syr.Hcl. Goth. 

— aStX^oi iTov'] add. Kai at aSiKtpai aov 
ADEFHMSUVr. a.b.c.f.ffM. Syr.Hcl. 
mg. Goth. I Contra, BCLA. 1. 33. 69. 
GK. Vulg. e.ff'.g'-''- Syr.Pst. Memph. 
Arm. Mth. 

33. Kai arroKpiQtig 'B.Bthj.Bk.CLA. Vulg. 
(c).(«). Syr.Hcl. Memph. | J Kai airi- 
KpiSri s". AD. rel. o.(A)-/ Goth. Arm. 
Mth. I om. Kai 1. Syr.Pst.MS. | Kai 
tiwtv 33. 

— avroiQ Xeyci B.Bt/^.LA. Vulg. (c).(e). 
Syr.Hcl. Memph. | Xiyti avroie C. 
(JElh.) I avroig Kai Xtyii B.Bch. 1. 69. 
I Jauroif Xtyuii' ^. AD. rel./". Goth. 
Arm. [i]. I avroig tantum 33. a. 

— Kai 01 aS. B.BcA.CLA. 1. GUV. Vulg. 
a.b.g'.l. Syrr.Pst.&Hcl. Memph. | {i; oi 
aS. s. A(D). reL ic).e.f.ff'. Goth. 
Arm. .^th. | om. 01 D. 

— aJtX./jovJom. ^oi/B.BcA.DGr. Arm. I 
Contra, ACL. rel. vv. 

34. Kai r] om. B. (om. vers. g''). 

— rovQ iripi avrov KVKXifi BCLA. Memph. 
I roiig kiikXiij D. qui in circuitu ejus 
Vulg. c.J'.Jf'-^-g'.l. qui in cu'cuitu b. 

qui circa eum a. qui circum e. \ rovg 
KVKXtp TTtpi avrov 1. 69. ) ^kvkXijI rovg 
irtpi avrov S". A. rel. (jripifiXfi^a^iivog 
kvkXi/).... T). Syr.Hcl. Goth. Arm. 
[Syr.Pst. jEth.] l|add. fiaenrag 69. 
34. Xeyei] eimv D. 69. G. a.c.ff'. | Con- 
tra, Vulg. b.e.f.ff'.g\ 

— lit B.9CL. rel. | iSov ADA. X'. 33. 69. 
GKM. (vid. Matt. xii. 47). 

Ztu yap ACD.rel. Vulg./^''.^'. w. (vid. 
Matt. xii. 50). | om. B. a.b.c.e. Memph. 

— TToiijirei H. 

— 70 9iX7iiia ACD. rel. | ra QiXrijiara 

— aS(X(pog /tou] p-ov adtX^og D. b.e.g'. \ 
Contra, Vulg. a.c.f.ff'. 

— aSiXipiil fadd. pov s". C. rel. Vulg. 
a-fflg'. Syrr.Pst.&Hcl. Memph. ^th. 
I om. ABDLA. 1. 33. 69. b.c.e.f.ffKgK 

— p.ririip'\ add. pov H*. a.l. 
1. Kai TraXtv] rraXiv St 69. 

— TraXi)' t)p^aro~\ tjp^aro rraXiv D. a.b.c. 
e.gK iEth. Oci'sr. /nt.iii. 835''. | Contra, 
MSS. Vulg. / vv. 

— TTapa"] TTpog D. ■ 

— (TvvayiTai BCLA. 69. | avvtpxirai 1. 

I X <7vvt)x9'i '^. D. rel. Latt. Syr.Hcl.MS. 

\-iJx8it(rav A. Syrr.Pst.(&Hcl.impr.) 
Memph. (Goth. Arm. ^th. cum uom. 
pi.) vid. Matt. xiii. 2. 

— ox^oc] o Xaog D. 

— TrXcKTrog BCLA.] Jn-oXue s'- AD. rel. 

1. ita ut navlm CI. 

IV. 8. 


Sm. P. H. wcTT€ avTov * ety TTAOLOv e/J-pavTa Katirjaaai iv tj) 
Memph. OaXacrar)' kou was o ovXof Trpoy Trji> OaXaaaav eiii rrts 

Goth. Arm. 5:th. ^ . ^ '' ,/ 2 v ,.\ '^ , v , o ■> - 

e' y^is rjcrav • Kai eoioacrKei' avrovs ei> irapapoAais 

TToXXd, KOI eXeyev avrois iv rfj 8i8a^rj avrov, "^ 'Akov- 
€T€. ISov i^rjXOev 6 aireipcov \tov\ aire^par koI iye- 
vero eV tw cnreipetu, o jxev eireaev irapa rr/v oSou, kcu 
rjXOcv TO. weTeiva. ^ kou Karecpayev avTO. ^ * /cat aXXo" 
eirecrev eiri to irerpui^es, * [^Koij ottou ovk ii^^v yrju 
TToXXrjv, Koi ^ evdvs" e^avereiXev Siaro prj e^av fSados 
6. iKavfiariaet) yrjS' " ^ KOU. 0X6 aueTeiXfv 6 ijXios ^iKavpaTiadrjaav" , kcu 
oia TO /JLT) e^eti' pi-io.v e^ypai/urj. Kai aXXo eirecrev ety 
ray aKavOas, kcu ave^rjaav u'l aKavOai, kou crvveTrvi^av 
avTo, KOU Kapvov ovk e8a)Kev. kcu aXXo eirecr^v els ttju 
yrjv TTju KaXrjV, kou idiSou Kapirov ava^aivovTa kou 

8. Kai dWa 

(V ter. 

^ av^avop.€vov , kcu k(j)epev 

els TpiaKOi'Ta, kou ^els 

navem ascendens sederet in 
mari : ct omnis turba circa 
mare super terram erat. ^ Et 
docebat illos in parabolis raulta, 
et diccbat illis in doctrina .sua, 
^ Audite. Ecce exiit seminans 
ad seminandiim. ' Et dum se- 
minat, aliud cecidit circa viam, 
et venerunt volucres et com- 
ederunt illud. ^ Aliud vero 
cecidit super petrosa ubi non 
liabuit terram multam, et sta- 
tim exortum est, quoniam non 
habebat altitudinem terrae; * et 
quando exortus est sol, ex- 
aestuavit, [et] eo quod non 
haberct radicem exaruit. ' Et 
aliud cecidit in spinis, et as- 
cenderunt spinae et suffocave- 
runt illud, et fructum non de- 
dit. ' Et aliud cecidit in terram 
bonam, et dabat fructum as- 
cendentem et crescentem, et ad- 
ferebat unum triginta et unum 

1. efi/3auTa post irXotov BCDLA. 33. U. 
Latt. Ann. | ^post oktti avrov '^. A. 
1. 69. rel. Syr.Hcl. Goth. ^th. Orig. 
Int. iii. 835'. (in K sic liiare ffi\Tov 
f/i/3a>'ra). | post Kadt)a9ai Syr.Pst. 

— n-Xoio)'] t praem. ro s- AD. rel. 
Memph. | om. B.B%.CL. 1. 33. KM. 
Goth, {ifijiavra KaBr}a9ai hq to ttXolov 

— iv ry 9a\a(T<Tf ABC. rel. Vulg. /^'. 
g^. vv. I TTipav Trie 9a\a(r(7rie D. circa 
litus maris a. ad litus b.e. proxime litus 
c.Jf\ (om. g'). 

— TTpoQ Tijv BaXatTirav ABC. rel. Vulg. 
ff'.gK yv. (om. JElh.) | nepav riig 9a- 
XatTfTijt; "DGr. [ irapa tijv 9a\aaaav 
1. I HQ T>)v 9a\. A. I circa mare a.d.L 
in litore'. 

— £5ri T7JC yTigl om. D. a.b.c.e.f.ff\gK \ 
Contra, Vulg. ff'.g'. Orig. Int. 

— ijaav BCLA. 33. d. | {i/v S". ADGr. 
rel. Vulg. a.b.ff'.g\ Syr.Hcl. Orig. Int. 

I stabat J.ff^.g'. staret c. sedebat e. 

2. jroXXa ABC. rel. Vulg. a./, rr. | ttoX- 
Xais D. I om. b.c.e. et habent " dicens.'' 

— avToig'] om. L. b.c.e. Syr.Pst. \ Contra, 
Vulg. a.f.ff'-'g'-"- I avTove EH. || ad 
fin. ver. om. b.ce. 

3. oKovtre] -(Tare C. (om. c). 

— Tov airtipai'] om. DGr. Memph. MS. 

II om. TOV B. I Contra, ACL. rel. Eus. 
c. Mel. 169''. (seminare a.b.c.d.e.ff'.g''. 
ad seminandum Vulg. Jf'.g'). ||add. 
TOV aiTopov avTov E. g'^. Goth. (vid. 
Luc. viii. 3). 

4. tytviTo AJJC. rel. a. Syr.Hcl. (jsic) rel. 

I om. DF. (Latt.) Syr.Pst. (vid. Matt, 
xiii. 4. Luc. viii. 3). 

4. a'!rupuv~\ airiipai D. 

— o] a. 33. 

— Tfrtpa] «7rt 33. 

— ,)Xetv ABsCL. I ijXeai- D. I nX9ov A. 
33. HK. 

— Trereival f add. tov ovpavov '^, DGM. 
Vulg.C/. a.ff'Ktf. (vid. Luc. viii. 5). I om. 
ABCLA. l.'33(e spat.) 69. EFHKSUV. 
Am.Fuld. Tol. b.c.e.f.J'.g'.!. Syrr.Pst. 
&Hcl. Memph. Goth. Arm. iEth. 

— Kart^aytv'] -yav D. 

— avTol avra 33. | ai'rov H*. 

5. Kai aXXo BCLAM'. a.d. Memph. 
(..Eth.) I Kat aXXa DGr. 33. | aXXo 
M*. b. I taXXo h s- A. rel. Vulg. c.f. 
Syrr. Pst.&Hcl. Goth. Arm. | aXXa St 
69. e. 

— £7r£cr£v] -ffav D. 

— TO wtrpujSis ABsC. rel. (a). \-v. | ra 
TriTpwSij D. 1. 33. Vulg. b.c.{d).e.f.l. 
(vid. Matt. xiii. 5). || * add. Kai B.Blly. 
D. a(i?) \ Contra, ^. AC. 
rel. Vulg. /. Verss. (vid. Matt. xiii. 5). 

— OTTOU Vulg. a.f.g'. \ on D. b.c.e ff^. 


— £iX^v'] ex^v A. 

— iv9ve BCDLA. (h. 33). j tiv9e(u£ =r. 
A. rel. (liiBiiwe sic H). 

— itaveniXev^ itaviariiXiv D*. ] i^t- 
fiXaffT7j(7£v 1. 69. 

— (la TO fit] fia9og yi;s] om. b.c.e. 

— /3a9oc yijf AC. rel. Memph. Goth. | 
(3a9oc TtjQ yr)S Ti.Btll/. \ l3a9os Ti)v yr)v 
D. I ytiQ (ia9oQ L. 

6. Kat on avtTuXiv b i)Xioq BCDLA. 
Vulg. ffM.l. Memph. (h. 33). | % >l^'ov 
^£ avtreiXavroc S"- A. rel. a.f. Syrr. 
Pst.&Hcl. Goth. Arm. ^th. (vid. Matt, 
xiii. 6). [ice]. 

— (KaviiariaBijaav BDGr. a.e. \ ^tKav- 
liaTia9)) S". AC. rel. Vulg. (b).c.d.f. 
JP.i. Memph. Goth, (vid Matt. xiii. 6). 

— iXi]pav9i] ABsC. rel. (Latt.) w. | 
-9iiuav X)Gr. e. 

7. aXXo] aXXa 33. 

— iig ABsLA.rcl. jtn-i CD. 33. b. Memph. 
MSS. (vid. Matt. xiii. 7). 

— avviirvi^av avTo~\ amiTviXav avra 33. 
(vid. Matt.) 

— t^uiKei''] -Kav 33. 

8. Kai aXXo ADA. 1. 69. rel. (Latt.) SyiT. 
Pst.&Hcl. Goth. Arm. ^Eth. | Kai aXXa 
BCL. 33. e. Memph. (vid. Matt. xiii. 8). 

— UQ ABiD. rel. Syr.Pst.MS. rel. | itri 

C. l.(h.33).Syrr.rst.&Hcl. (vid. Matt.) 

— £^i^ou] eSiSoffav C. 

— avKavofievov AB.i?cA.DLA. (av^avo- 
fisva B.Btly.Blc.) \ ^avKavovTa S". C 
(sic) rel. 

— itpEpev ABsL. rel. ( e^tpov C. j 0£pft 

D. (6). 

— £if ter. BC*(Ll'')AGr. (Syr.Hcl. 
Meraph. Goth. JEth. vel Iv). \ fiv ter. 
<?. 69. Ss. Latt. Syr.Pst.(ut vid.) | iv 
AC=D(L 2° et 3'). 1 ev (sic) 1 . 33(hiat 1°). 

2. docebat eos CI. | 4. volucres caeli CI. | 
G. om. et ante eo quod Am. coutra, Futd. | uon 
habebat CI. | 7. in spinas Ct. | 8. o»i. et ante 
uuum sexaginta Ct. 



IV. 9. 



1. 33. 69. 



"Es. 6:q, 10. 

12. avroiQ [_rd 



15. ev rate Kap^i- 
aic at'Tiuv 

16. [^ofioitticl s. uft. 

e^rjKovTa, Kai +€ff eKaroi^. kul eAeyev , * U? e^^et 
coTa aKOveiv aKoverco. 

lo * ore eyefero /cara /mouaf, * rjpcorcou 
avTov o'l irepi avrov aw rois ScoSeKa * ra^ irapa- 
fioAay . Kol iAeyev avrois, Y/xlv * ro /xvaTrjpiou 
SeSorai ^ ttjs ^acriXelaf tov deov- eKelvoi^ Se Toi^ 
e^co eV 7rapaj3o\ais ra iravTa yiverai, '^Iva /QAe'- 


(oatu KOL jxr] avvLmaLv, /xt] irore eTnarpei^roiaLV kou 
aipeOrj avT0i9 *. Koi Xeyei avTOif, Ovk o'lSare ttjv 
irapa^oXi-jv ravrrju; kou TTwy iraaas ray irapafioXas 
yvaaeade; 6 cmeipcov tov Xoyov (nveipei. ^ ovtol 
8e tlaLV OL irapa ti]i> oSou ottov aTrelperai 6 Xoyof, 
KOL orav OLKOvaaxTiv, * evBvs' ep^erai 6 aaravas kou 
aipei TOV Xoyov tov icnrap/xevov * elr avTovs • ^ kou 
OVTOL elcTLv ojXQijms o'i eVt ra vreTpcoSi] aTreipopievoL, o\ 
OTav oLKovaaxrcv tov Xoyov, * evOvs /xeTa ^apas Xap- 

sexaginta et umim centum. ' Et 
diccliat, Qui habct auves au- 
dienJi aadiat. 

'" Et cum esset singularis, 
interrogaverunt eum hi qui 
cum eo erant cum duodecim 
parabolas. " Et dicebat eis, 
Vobis datum est scire myste- 
rium regni dei, f^i'-^ illis au- 
tem qui foris sunt in parabolis 
omnia iiunt, " ut videntes vi- 
deant et non rideaiit, et audi- 
entes audiant et non intelle- 
gant, ne quando convertantur 
et dimittantur eis peccata. '^ Et 
ait illis. Nescitis parabolam 
banc, et quomodo omnes ]iara- 
bolascognoscetis? "'^''-'-'Qui 
seminat, verbum seniinat. '■'^ Hi 
autem sunt qui circa viam ubi 
seminatiir verbum, et cum au- 
dierint, confestim venit satanas 
et aufert verbum quod senii- 
natum est in corda eorum. 
'^ Et hi sunt similiter qui super 
petrosa seminantur, qui cum 
audierint verbum, statim cum 

9. fXtyfii] fadd. avroiQ ^. M**mg.Ss. | 
cm. ABCDLA. 1. 33. 69. EFGHKM* 
UV. Latt. Sj-rr.Pst.&Hcl. Memph. 
Goth. Arm. iEth. 

— Of fx«t BC*(.sic)DA. I X f -^w)/ C-. A 
C^. rel. (vid. Matt. xiii. 9. Luc. viii. 8). 

— ad fin.] add. Kai 6 trvvetujv avveurio 

D. a.b.JP.g''"-i. | non hab. 
rel. Vulg. c.fff'. rel. 

10. Kai ore BCDL4. Latt. Memph. Goth. 
1 to" ^f S". A. rel. Syrr.Pst.&Hcl. 
Arm. iEth. 

— ripuiruiv AB(C)LA. 33. a.b. Orig. Int. 
iii. 835"*. (tipojTovv C). | f7n)pit>TU)v V). 
(vid. Luc. viii. 9). | J /jpwrj/o-ai' ^. 1. 

E. rel. Vulg. c.f.ffK Syrr.Pst.&Hcl. | 
eTrtjpioTi}(Tav 69. 

Ot TTtpt aVTOV aw TOIQ SlO^iKCl ABsC. 

rel. Am. f. w. " qui circa eum cum 
discipulis" Arm. (om. avv toiq Vulg. 
C7.)l o! paOijTai avTov D. 69. a.b.c.Jf"'. 
g'.i. Orig. Int. iii. 835''. (vid. Luc.) ( om. 
ot TTfpi avrov L. 

— rag 7rapa/3oXac BCLA. Am. g^. Memph. 
W.&S. I Xrriv irapajioKriv =■. A. rel. 
Vulg.C/. Syr.Pst. Memph.MS. Goth. 
Arm. iEth. | tiq j; TrapafioXi] avrri D. 
69. a.b.c.f.ff'.g\i. OW(/. //!<. (vid. Luc.) 

11. i\iyiv~\ \iyii D. a.b.f. \ Contra, rel. 
Vulg. rel. (dixit c). 

. — avToio] om. 33. 

— TO pvrTTtjpLov ^iCorai BC'*(ut vid.)L. 
ffK (Memph.) \ X Ctcorai yiftovai to pva- 
Ti)piov ■^. C=DA.rel. (Latt.) Syrr.Pst. 


&Hcl. Memph.MS. Goth. (Arm.) ^th. 
(vid. C/ewi.694). Luc. 
viii. 10. II fom. yvm'ai ABC*LK. ffK 
Memph.W.&S. | Contra, s- C^D. rel. 
II TO pvtjTijpwi'^ Ta pV(JTtJpia 1, G. 
Memph. Ann.Zoh. (Contra, JISS.) vid. 
Matt, et Luc. (^coorai] Stluirai F). 

11. Toig] om. A. 

— £?w ACD.rcl. Ono. ii.702f. I f^weEj/B. 

— Ta iravTa'] om. b.c.ff'.g^.i. | Contra, 
Vulg. a.f.ff^. rel. [ante tv Trapa/S. Mtxt. 
II om. ra DK. 

— yti'crat] Xcyerat D. a.6.c.^^.^'.^.l Con- 
tra, rel. Vulg. fff'. 

12. /SXsTTMtnj'] praem./(i; AE*FGH. Orig. 
i. 114. 125. (vid. Luc. viii. 10). | Contra, 
rel. (biat 33). Verss. 

— Kai jxri icujaiv^ om. A. Orig. i. his. 
(vid. Matt. xiii. 13. Luc. viii. 10). 

— aKovtijciv~\ -(Tiitaiv CM. 69. | Contra, 
rel. Orig. i. 1 14. || praem. /it) A. 

— avviwatv'] avvojaLV D*L. 1. j Contra, 
ABsCD**A. 33. 69. rel. Orig. i. bis. 

— afiQy BsCLA. rel. Vulg. a.b.f.ffK vv. 
Orig. i. 125. | a<pt9i](!(Tai AIC Orig. i. 
114. I a^ieijaopai D*. d.Jf\gKi. Mth. 
(a^fffw D**). 

— aurotc] fadd. r« dpapTij/iaTa '^ . A 
D. rel. (Latt.) Syrr.Pst.&Ilcl. Goth. 
iEth. (vid. iii. 2, 8). | add. et avTuiv A. 
Syr.Hcl.» iEth. | om. BCL. 1. b.i. 
Mcuiph. Arm. Orig. i. bis, 

14. o cTTTfipw)'] qui loquitur a.b.c. 

15. inrov MSS. Vulg. ff'.g'. Syr.Hcl.rel. 

I olc D. 691 jP.g'. (SjT.Pst.) I ojrou 
mrtip. Xoy.] qui neglegenter verbum 
suscipiunt a.b.{c).f. 

15. Kai oTav~\ o'l oTav B. 

— QKoi'ffwffti'] aKovit)(Tiv D*(corr. ')G. 

— (vOvs BCLA. 33. 69. | J«t)9fMC <t. 
AD. rel. | om. 1. Arm. 

— aipei ABsL. rel. | dpjrajet CA. (vid. 
Matt. xiii. 19). j aipipet D. 

— eig avTovg B. 1. 69. (ev avroiQ CLA. 
c). Memph.W.&S. | Jer 
Tnig KapSiaiQ avriov ^. D. 33. rel. 
(Latt.) Syrr.Pst.&Hcl.txt. Memph. 
MS.** Goth. Arm. (vid. Matt. xiii. 19). 
1 a-TTo Ttjg Kapdiag avTiov A. /. .^th. 
(vid. Luc. viii. 12). 

16. ofiotuig post [laiv ABs. rel. Vulg.^'. 
g\ Syr.Hcl. Goth. | ante ciaiv CLA. 33. 
Memph. (ut vid.) jEth. | om. D. 1. 69. 
a.b.c.Jp.g'.i. Syr.Pst. Arm. Orig.i.308\ 

TTiTpiJjSlig D. 

— a-rreipoptvoi'} add. Xoyot M. 

— tueuf BCLA.33. (t«y«fuif ^. A. 1.69. 
rel. Orig.i.) Y\x\g. a.b.f. ff'.g'--- Memph. 
Schw. rel. [ om. D. r.Jf~\i. Memph. W. 

— Xappavovaivl Jjx'"'''"' ^- (vid. Luc. 
viii. 13). 

— avTov'] ora. 1. 69. Arm. Orig. i. 

17. pi^av'] vdu}p V. 

— tavT."] avr. L. 

— irpoKaipoi F. 

— ij ^iwy.] Kai Bioiy. D. Vulg. c.f.ff'-''- 

10. qui cum co erant duodecim parabolam CI. 
111. uosse mysterium C'l. j 15. in cordibus CL 

IV. 24. 

Vtilg. n{. b. c. 

Syrr. P. H. 


Goth. Ann. 5;tli. 

20. ovrot eifftv 

— fl' 


" M.att 

u : 33- 

" Matt 

22. In 

10:26. n 
12: 2. /3 

] KpviTTOV 

— M 

« Matt 


7: 2. 



fiavovcriv avrov, Kctl ovk e^ovaLV pl^av ev eavrol^, 
(^aAAa TTpocTKaipol ela-ivl elra yevopievTjs dXi\j/ea)f rj 
Sicoy/uLov Sia tov Xoyov, * evOvi" o-Kai/SaAl^ouTai.. 
/cat ' aAAOL ucnv 01 eis ras aKavaa^ aTreipofxeuor 
ovToi elaiu ol tov Xoyov ^ aKOvaavres", ^ /cat al 
fxepifMvaL TOV almvo^ * /cat rj airarr] tov ttXovtov kou 
al irepL Ta Xonra ewtdvfXLaL elaTrupevofiei'ai ctv/jlttvl- 
yovartv TOV Xoyov, KOLL OLKapTTOs ylveTaL. ' kcu^ eKelvoi" 
elaiu ol €7rt tt]v yrjv ttjv KaXrjv a7rapevT€f, oiTLves 
OLKOvovcrtv TOV Xoyov /cat ■rrapa8e-)(0VTai, kou KapTro(f)o- 
povaiv * iv" TpiaKOVTa /cat * iv" e^rjKOVTa /cat * iv" 
eKUTov. ^ Kat eXeyev avToiy, M7;rt * ep^eTai 6 

Xv^voy Iva VTTo TOV /J-oSiov Tedr] i) vtto ti]v kXlvtjv ; 
ov)(^ iva CTTt Tr]v Xv)(viav * Teoj] ; ov yap ecTTiv 

KpviTTOV,'' lav p-T) (pavepcodrj, ovSe iyeveTO a7roKpv(pov, 
aAA tt'a eXarj et? (pavepov . etrt? e^^et cora aKOveiv, 
oiKOveTco. ~' Kat eXeyev avTols, ^ BAeTrere ri a/cowere. 

gaudio acciplunt illiid, " et 
non hahent radicem in se sed 
temporales sunt, deinde orta 
tribulatione et persecutione 
propter verbum confestim scan- 
dulizantur. '" Et alii sunt qui 
in spinis seminantur : hi sunt 
qui verbum audiunt, " et 
aerumnae saeculi et deceptio 
divitiarum et circa reliqua con- 
cupiscentiae introeuntes suffo- 
cant verbum, et sine fructu 
eiBcitur. ^ Et h i sunt qui super 
terram bonam seminati sunt, 
qui audiunt verbum et susci- 
piunt, et fructificant unum tri- 
ginta et unuin sexaginta et 
unum centum. '" (*". '^-J Et di- 
cebat illis, Numquid venit lu- 
cerna ut sub medio ponatur 
aut sub lecto ? nonne ut su- 
per candelabrum ponatur ? 
ac«,2.)Non enim est aliquid 
absconditum quod non mani- 
festetur, nee factum est occul- 
tum sed ut in palam veniat. 
^ Si quis habet aures .audiendi, 
audiat. =' (^'. ^■'> Et dicebat illis, 
Videte quid audiatis: iu qua 

g\l I Contra, rel. a.b. vv. Ony. i. 308=. 
(om. rj Siuty. £ta r. Xoy. i.vQ. I). 
M.tvQvc, BCLA. 33. | XivQiiaq T. AD. 
rel. Orig. i. 

— aKav^aXiC,QVTaiOrig\. \ -Xt(T07;fToJ'raiD. 

18. aWai BC*DLd. Vulg. b.c.ff'-''-g^-''i. 
Memph. (hiat a). \ Joyroi '^. AC^. 
33. GHK. rel. /. Syrr.Pst.&Hcl. Goth, 
^th. (vid. Luc. viii. 14). | om. 1. 69. Arm. 

— Haiv 1°] om. 1. b.c. Arm. 

— oi (iq'\ oiQ K. I om. 01 AGr. 

— €ig rag] ctti rag CA. 

— ovToi simv BC*DLA. 1. 69. (Latt.) 
Syrr.Pst.&Hcl. Memph. (Goth.) Arm. 
(hiat a). | om. (Eh. 1633). AC. 33. 
EFGHKMSUV. / ^th. 

— Xoyov] add. fiov 1. 

— aKoDo-aiTEe BCDLA. 69. Syr.Pst. 
Memph. | ^aKovot'rtg s"- A. rel. Latt. 
Syr.Hel. Goth. Arm. ^th. 

19. at fiEpiiivai'] a'l fitpifivaLg D*. (per 
sollicitudines /). 

— ab init.] et per sollicitudines vitae et in 
errore saeculi b. et solUcitudinibus vlcti 
et delectationibus mundi offocant, etc. c. 
...-nes vitae et oblectationes saeculi e. et 
prae soUicitudiue victus et en-ore mundi 
i. et sollicitudines vietus et errores mun- 
di et deceptio divitiarum g'. et sollicitu- 
dines victus et delectationes mundi ff^. 

— aiuivog ABiC. rel. Vulg. f-ff'-g'. rel. 
I /3iou DGr. Goth. (vid. Lue. viii. 14). 
victus d,ff^. victi e. vitae b.e. (hiat a. 
" U " tantum, partem vocis "sae- 

culi" habet Blanchinius, sed " di " 

partem " mundi " habet Iricius). 
lit add. rotirou '^. A. rel. /. Syrr.Pst. 
&Hcl. Memph. Goth. ^Eth. ] om. BC 
DLA. 1. Vulg. a.b.c.ff'.g". Arm. 

19. Kat ?; airarr) tov TT-Xofrou] om. M*. 

— 1} OTrar/;] aTrarot D. Arm. | »} ayaTr;; 
AGr. (utramque ALat.) 

— ttXoutov] Ko<TfiovT>.{a.b).c.e.ff^.g' .Arm. 
(ut vid.) I Contra, rel. Vulg. fjf'.g-. 

— Kat ai IT. T. X. fTTtSu^iat] om. D. 1. 
a.bc.ff^.i. Arm. | Contra, rel. Vulg. 


— aKapTTog ytverai] atcapTrot- yuvovrai 
D. b.c e.ff^.g'.i. (Memph.MS. ut vid.) | 
Contra, rel. Vulg. /.g-. 

20. CKHvoi BCLA. Syr.Pst. | { oi'-rot <^. AD. 
rel. (hi Latt.) Syr.Hel. Memph. Goth. 
Arm.iEth. O/-((;.i.308f.(vid.Luc.viii.l5). 

— Ttjv yr]v Tijv KaXtjv Orig. i. [ tijv Ka- 
Xijv y;/z' C. 

— (TTTapei'Tsg^ om. j. 

aK0V0V<TLv2 -ttilTL 69. 

— TOV Xoy.] om. tov 69. 

— tv ABCDA. (ter ADA.— om. 2» et 3» 
B. om. 2» C* ut vid. | Contra, Orig. i.) 
iv ter (sic). 1. 33. 69. EFGHICMSUV. 
SyiT.Pst.&HcL I iiv ter ^. Ss. Latt. 
Memiih. Goth. Arm. (^Eth.) | iv.... 

iv iv L(Tf. in N. Test., in editione 

eodicis silet). 

21. fXeycv] Xcyft 1. 

— avToig] add. ort BL. | add. ii"£r£ 69. | 
non habent ACD. rel. 

21. Epxerai 6 \vxvog BCLA. 1. 33. Vulg. 
(A)./. Syrr.Pst.&Hcl. Memph.Schw. | 
aTrrerat o Xvxvog D. c.e.(f).ff'^.g^.i. 
Memph. W. .Sth. | ^o Xvxvog tpxtrat 
S". A. rel. Goth. Arm. | Xvxvog Ka.- 
iTat (om. 6) 69. 

— TlOlJ 1°] VTrOTl9y G. 

— jj] add. ii'a 1. 69. 

— kXivijv'] add. TfQij 69. 

— ovx iva^ Kat ovx iva D. | ou^t iva A. 

— tjrt] viro B*.Bch. 33. 69. 

— TtBp 2" BCDLA. 33. 69. | {"""% 
1^. AK. rel. | add. ut omnibus luceat g\ 

22. KpvTTTov'] f praem. ti s". ACL. 33. 
rel. Vulg. c.f.ff'.g'. Goth. Arm. | om. 
BD. 1. 69. HKMU. b.e.^'.g^i. Memph. 
ut vid. JEth. 

— tav fir] AB.5c/i.CL. 33. K. | tav /i?; 
\va B.Btly.A. \ u /irj Iva 1. 69. | aXX' 
iva D. b (f.i. (vid. post.) "quod non" 
Vulg. c.f. Goth. I ^6" eavnn <^. EF 
GHMSV. I og av /iri U. 

— aXX' iva BiCDL. 33. 69. rel. (aXXa 
iva A). Vulg. i.f. (quod non c). | ti 
ftij iva 1. 

— (X9y tig ipavepov CDLA. Memph. | 
Xng <pav. iX9. <^. A. rel. Latt.[n.l.e]. 
Syr.Hel. Arm. (vid. Luc. viii. 17). | 
(pavipuiQg B. Syr.Pst. ^th. (vid. antea). 

23. txn wra] tx^iv 69. 

24. tXcytv] Xiyct 1. (Kat. . . . aKOVEn om. /). 

— rt] Ta DGr. 

20. om. et ayitc unum sexaginta CI. 
eoim CI. 



IV. 25. 



1. 33. 69. hl^ 

>■ Matt. 25 : 29. 

LU. 19: 26. ~Jy 

27. ftjjtcvi'eraL 

30. Tlvi o/i. nB 

— ^0/^ irapa- /3 

(io\y TTapafin- 

Xwjuev at'Ti]!'; 

^llLu. 13:18,19. 

II Matt. 13:31-33. 

eV M fj.eTpco /xerpfLTe /jifTprjdijaeTai vpuv, /cat irpoare- 
drjaerai vplv''. "^ ^ o? yap* * e'xet ", SodrjaeruL avrw, 
Kol by ou/c ex^'' '^'''^ ^ ^X^' apOrjaerai car avTOv. 
''^ Kai eXeyeu, Ovrco? iariv rj ^aaiXeia tov Oeov, ws * 
avOpcoiros I3a\r] tov cnropov evrt Trj9 yrjs, ~ Kai Ka- 
6ev8r) KOLL iyelprjraL i/vKTa koI i^jxepav, koX 6 airopos 
^ fiXacTTa" Koi fXTjKvvrjraL w? ovk olSev avTos. " avro- 
fioLTT] * Tj yr) KapTTO^opel irpwTov \opTov eira ara- 
Xy^i ^'■'^oc * TrXriprji alros ev rw ara^vi. " hrav Se 
* wapaSol' 6 Kapiroi, * evOvs oaroaTeXXeL to Speira- 

" ' ' /) ' 30 IT ^ "\ 1 FT " " 

vov, OTL 7rapeaT7]Kev o oeptapos. Ivai €Xey€v, * Viws 
bfxoiaxTcoixev tyjv fiaaiXeiav tov Oeov; i] iu ^ t'lvl' 

32. fieli^ov 

^ avTTju TTapafioXrj Ompev' ; ^ w? ^ kokkou crtva- 

irecos, OS oTav airaprj e-rn ttjs yrjs, * puKpoTepov ov" 
TTavTwv Tcov aTTepfiaTcov tcov eTri ttj^ yr)s Kai oTav 
o-Traprj, avafiaivu, kol yiveTai * fxel^cou iravTcav tcov 
Xa^avoiv , KOL Tfoiel KXaSovf fxeyaXovs, oxrre Swa- 

niensiira mens! fueritis rcme- 
tictur vobis. et adicietur vobis. 
2o(J2,!.) Qui e„i,„ habet, dabi- 
tur illi, et qui non habet, etiiim 
quod habet auferetur ab illo. 
=6 (", 10.) Et dicebat. Sic est 
regnuni dci, quemadmodum si 
homo iaciat seinentem iu ter- 
rain, ^ et dormiat et e.xsurgat 
nocte ac die, et semen gcrminet 
et increscat dum nescit ille. 
-' Ultro enim terra fructificat 
primum herbam deinde spicam, 
deinde plenum frumentum in 
spica. ''' Et cum se produxerit 
fructus, statim mittit falrem, 
quoniam adest mcssis. ™'^ '•'-•' Et 
diceliat, Cui adsimilabimus 
regntuii dei, aut cui parabolae 
comparabimus illud? ^' Sicut 
granum sinapis, quod cum se- 
minatum fuerit in terra, minus 
est omnibus seminibus quae 
sunt in terra, ^- et cum semi- 
natuin fuerit, ascendit et fit 
mains omnibus holeribus et 
facit ramos magnos, ita ut pos- 

24. ev ifi jitrp. fitrp. fitTp. vfiiv^ post air' 
avTov yei:25. 69. (iitrp. vfiuiv A). 

— Kai irpoartB/iatTai vfiiv ABCLA. 1. 
69. rel. Vulg. c.f.ff'^.f. Syrr.Pst.&Hcl. 
Memph. Goth. (Arm. post aKovirt). 
M'Ca. I om. DG. h.e.gK \ om. ii/iii/ 33. 
Arm. II f add. roie aKoi/ouiTir S- A. 1. 
33. 69. G. rel. .Syrr.Pst.&Hcl. | om. B 
CDLA. (Latt.) Memph. Ann. ^th. 
(add. credentibus f. Goth.) 

25. yapl fadd. av ^. AD. rel. (tav M). 
vid. Luc. viii. 18. \ om. '&.BlhJ.Ch^. 69. 
(6c ixu yap 69). 

— cx" 1° B.Sc/i.CDLA. 69. E*FHK. 
Latt. I X^XV "^- AE'M. rel. (vid. Luc.) 

— Sodr]atTat] TrpoaTiQi)(jtTai. D. 

OVK tX^i] OVK ix^i E*G. 

— o fx"] " ^xn G- 

— ad fin.] add. e ver. 24. (vid. supra) et 
postea add. koi TrpoareOijfferaL vfiiv 69. 

26. oirrwg] praera. on C*? 

— oig] fadd. tav S". A. rel. (av C). 
(Latt.) I non habent BDGr.LA. 1. 33. 
69. (To?, c ut vid.) Memph. | uairip 

— /SaXp TOV airopov AB(C). rel. iPaXy 
TO airop, C*). I /3aXX») rov awop. F. | 
(iaWfi airopov 69. j airopov (ia\?i D. 
(Contra, vv.) ||praem. orai/ ]. 

— TIC yjc] ")" yj" 1- 

27. KaQivdy'] -Su 33. 69. EFHU(aon M). 
I -Cav A. 

— {yfipijrai] -ptrai L. 69. EFGIIM. | 
lyipdtl D. (postea vvkto<; C*?). 


27. fiXaaTO. BC*DLA. | tpXaaTavy <^. 
AC. rei. I -vu 33. EFH. 

— firjKvi'iiTai ACL. rel. | -I'Erai B.ZJc/i. 

28. ayro^arj;] f add. yap 9". A. rel. 
Latt. Syrr.Pst.(om. avro/i) &IIcl.MS. 
Memph.MS. Goth. | om. ABCL. Syr. 
Hcl. impr. Memph.W.&S. ^th. | praem. 
on D. Arm. 

— Trpwroj'] add. /«)' A. 

— Xoprov^ add. Kai 69. 

— araxvi'^ araxvnq D Gr. || (^eiTiv his A. 
Eire.. .tiTW L). 

— irXtjpi^ aiTog B(D). (ttX. 6 astT, D). 
Memph. | irXiipne aiTov C* ut vid. ] 
J irXripri aiTov <^. AC^. rel. 

29. OTav dt ABC. rel. Syrr.Pst.&Hcl. 
Memph. iEth. | cat oTav D. Vulg. 

— ;rapaJoi BDA. | iirapaS<iJ S'. AC. rel. 

— tvOve BCL. I tE«9£ws S-. AD.rel. 
(om. c.e). I Tore 1. 

— eKairoanXXu 69. 

T0~] TOV L. 

30. TTwe BCLA. 33. 69. 
1 1 Tivi ^. AD. rel. 



Vulg. a(utvid.). 

.i. Syrr.Pst.&Hcl.(txt.) Memph. 

Arm. ^th. Ori'y. ili. 446''. (vid. 

Luc. xiii. 18. et postea in hoc ver.) 

- o/iotwtrufiji' ABsD.rel. OW^.iii.(impr.) 
\ -aoiitv C. 1. Latt. Oni/. iii. (MS.) j 
-mo 69. K. (sed mox irapajiaXioiuv K). 
Arm. MS. (vid. Luc.) 

- Tivi BC*i,utvid.)LA. 1. 69. Latt. Syr. Memph. .^th. | jTroi^t 'S'. 
AC=D. 33s. rel. Syrr.Pst.&Hcl.(txt.) 
Goth. Arm. 

30. avTfiv irapalioX7j Oui/iiv BC*(nt vid.) 
LA. b. Syr.Hcl. Memph. Orig. iii. ] 
irapafioXy Buijiiv avrrjv irapajiaXofitv 
avTijv 69. I jTrapa/SoXj) irapajiaXuijitv 
avTtiv s. AC^D. 33. rel. (Latt.) Syrr. 
Pst.&Hcl.(txt.) Arm. | bpoimpaTi ira- 
pafiaXuiptv avTtjv 1. | simile erit JEth. 
(7rapa/3aXa>/i£i/] -Xofitv F). 

31. wf] o/ioia (artv D. Memph. (vid. ILatt. 
xiii.31. Luc.xiii. 19).] simile est regnum 
Dei sicut c. 

— KoKKov ABsBth/.CL. 1. 33. 69. EFG 
HKMSUV. I f'oKKv '^.BsBch.D. (vid. 
Matt, et Luc.) | kokms A. 

— 6q OTav'] OTi av D*. 

— airapiL K. 

— Tt]g yJie ABsC. rel. | riji' yijv DL. 

— fiiKpoT T))£ yi](f\ om. 69. 

— /iiicporepoi' BD*LA. 33. M. jj-poc '^. 
ACD'^. rel. (praem. Kai 33 Wtst.) add. 
Iiiv D^ 

— ov B.Bt!!/.SIc.(l,)A. (w)' L). b.e. (Arm. 
^Eth.) I * om. ^. ACD. rel. Vulg. g\ 
Syrr.Pst.&Hcl. | fiiv B'. 

— o-TTfp/iarwj'] f add. tori <s. C. rel. | 
ante irai'Twv DMing. Vulg. c.f.ff^.g'.l. 
I post yije A. I om. BLA. b.e. Syrr.Pst. 
&Hcl. Memijh.MS. Arm. Mlh. 

— Tav tin Trie yt]s ABsL. rel. TV. | om. 

26. ot eo Ct. I 27. et die CI. | 29. om. se C 


IV. 40. 



^Syrr"! H*^ '''^"' ^^° ''"'1^ o-Ktai/ avTov TO. TTereiva Tov ovpavov 
Memph. ,,e KaTacmrivovv. "^^ Kat Toiavrai^ irapajBoXah ttoXXols 

Goth. Arm. aith. T ,. ,^ . « \ , / /i^ i >5>' // . / 

33. [TroWmt] €AaA€i avTOLs TOV Aoyov, Kauco? eovvavTO UKOVeiV 

sint sub umbra eins aves caeli 

haliitare. =3 (45, e.) jjj taijbus 

multis parabolis lorjuebatur eis 

verbum, prout potcrant audire; 

— . ^ ^ , , / . - , ^^ ^''"' parabola autem non lo- 

''^ '^ YCOptf 5e Trapa^oXm OVK eXaXei avroiS' KUT Idiau quebatur eis, <«. '"J seorsnm 

' '^ • autem discipulis suis disserebat 


cum sero cssct factum, Trans- 
eanuis contra. ^ Et dimitten- 
tes turbam adsumunt earn ita 
ut craut in navi, et aliae naves 
crant cum illo. ^' Et facta est 
procella magna venti, et fluctus 
mittebat in navem, ita ut im- 
pleretur navis. ^^ Et erat ipse 
in puppi supra cervical dor- 
miens: et excitant eum et di- 
cunt ei, Magister, non ad te 
pertinet quia perimus ? ^ Et 
exsurgens comrainatus est 
vento et dixit mari, Tace et 
obmutesce. Et cessavit ventus, 
ct facta est tranquillitas magna. 
■"" Et ait illis, Quid timidi estis? 

34. Tine Iciote - ^\ r. ^ ~ >«>/, / 

fiuDiirate oe TOLf ixat)r]rai9 avTou eTreAvev Tvavra. 

«Matt.8: 23-27-/3 , f . , , '' '36 '^ T' , , / 

||Lu. 8:22-25. yevofjievris, /LSieXacop-eu et? to TTipav. Kai acpevTes 
TOV ox^Xou TrapaXap-^avovaiv avTov as rjv ev tco ttXolco, 
Kol aXXa '' * TrXola r/u /jlet avTOV. '^' Kol yiueTai Xal- 
Xa^j/ ^ p-eyaXr) avep.ov , */cat ra KV/jLciTa iire^aXXev et? 
3s. aiiTOQ i)v TO ttXoIov, wcTTe ^7)^7] yepl^eaduL TO irXolov . '^ koI r)u 
avTos iu' TTTj irpvpLvrj eVt to TrpoaKecpaXatou Kadev- 
Scow KOL * eyeipovaLv' avTov, koI Xtyovatv avrw, At- 
SaaKaXe, ov yLte'Aet ctol otl airoXXvp-eda'; ''' koI Sie- 
yepOeis iir€TLp,y](Tev to dvefico, Kai ehrev Trj daXaaarj, 
^icoTra, Trecpipcocro. koI eKOiraaev o avep.09, kol eyeveTO 
yaXrjvrj peydXtj. ' kol elireu avTois, Tt SeiXol iaTe ^ ; 

C. b.e. (vid. Matt. xiii. 32). | a uaiv 
COT Tr)Q ytjg D. Vulg. a.c.f.ff''.g^.l. 

32. Kat orav iTTraptj avafiaii'Si] ora. D. 
(4).(e).(. II (TTrapy'] creverit 
(vid. Matt. xiii. 32). 

— /i£i?. Trap-. T. Xax- BCDLA. 1. 33. 
Mmg. Latt. Syrr.Pst.&Hcl. (Memph.) 
Arm. ./Eth. | jTrarr. r. Xax- M"?- '^■ 
A. reL Goth. [\iiuZo,v B.BcA.DA. 1. 
69. rel. | /ittZov AKBtli/.CU 33. EV. 

— Ta TfiT£iva~\ praem. travra A. (om. 
TOV ovpavov Syr.Pst.) 

— KaTaaK7]i'ovv ACDL. rel. | -voiv B. 
(vid. Matt. xiii. 32). I icarao-Ki/j'we sic A. 

33. TToWaic ABsC'.rel. Syr.Hcl. Memph. 
MS. Arm. (C*n.l.) | ante xapaPoXaig 

D. Vulg. /.Jp.g'.l. Goth. | om. LA. 1. 
33. Wist, b.c.e. Syr.Pst. Memph.W. Arm. 

— avToi{~\ ora. D. ff-.g^.i. \ Contra, rel. 
{om.Tov Xoyov b.c.e. Syr.Pst. habei33). 

— KaButg iXaXei avroig (ver. 34).] 

om. e. 

— tSwavTo A(?B)DL. 69. EGHKMV. 
I XriSvv. T. CA. \s. 33. FiSsTJ. 

34. xwp'C J« ACD. rel. Latt. Syr.Hcl. 
Goth. Arm. .35th. | koi x<^P'S B. Sjtt. 
Pst. Memph. (vid. Matt. xiii. 34). 

— avTotg'] add, tov Xoyov 33. 

— KaT iCtav^ Kad' itiav DA. 

— /laOi/raif avTov AD. 1. 33. 69. rel. 
ViJg. b.c.e.f. {fiaBi]TaiQ tantumff'^. i.l). 
1 iCiotQ ftaOijTaiQ BCLA. (^iCtOLQ flaOti- 
Taig avTov 'B.Bch.) 

— tvtXvat 69. 

34. TravTa~\ cnravTa A. | avTaq D. e.ff'^.i. 

35. Xfyei] iktytv 69. 

36. aipivTiQ ABsC. rel. Vulg. b.f. Syr. 
Hcl. rel. I a(piov(TLV (et Kat post oxXov 
D. 69. c. Syr.Pst.) 

— TOV oxXov^ avTov A. 

— aXXa] fadd. C( S". AC=D. rel. \ om. B 
C*LA. Vulg. b.c.f.ff'-''-g'---i. Syr.Pst. 
Memph. Arm. | (et simul multi erant 
cum CO e). [ om. aXXa b.i. 

— irXota ABCDA. 1. 33. 69. KIVL | 
I -wXoiapia =r- L. rel. || add. voXXa D. 
33. (praem. b.i). (ra a\Xa Ta ovTa 
//£r' avTov TrXoia 1. Arm. sed ^rXoia 
post aXXa. | aXXai St irXoiai iroXXai 
[aXXa St irXoia iroXXa D".] jjaav fitr' 
avTov D*). 

— )))'] om. L. 1. Memph.TV.&MS. Arm. 
^th. I 7iaav DA. Am. \ Contra, rel. 

— fitr avTOV~\ fitT avTiov A. Syrr.Pst. 
(& Memph.MS. 

37. yivtrai] tytvtTO D. Vulg. b.c. Arm. 

— fityaXi] avtfiov B.Btly.DlfA. 1. 69. 
Vulg. b.c. Syr.Pst. Ami. .^th. | Xavt- 
fiov fityaXT] s. A. rel./. Syr.Hcl. Goth. 
[Memph.] | avtfiov ^tyaXov C. (e). 

— Kat Ta BCDLA. 1. 69. Latt. Syr.Pst. 
Memph. Goth. ..Eth. | JraOE <r. A. 
rel. Syr.Hcl. Arm. 

— tTTtjiaXXiv ABsCA. Is. 69. rel. Latt, 
Syrr.Pst.&Hcl. | t(iaXtv D. | tiriliaXtv 
LE*FM. 1 tvtjiaXXtv U. I tTTtjiaXXov 33. 

— w(TTt ijS?} ytjxt'CtoOnt TO irXotov BCD 
LA. (Latt.) Memph. .^ith. 

(om. e). I XbidTt avTO i^Si) yttitZtaSai 
'^. A. rel. Syrr.Pst.&Hcl.txt. Goth. 
Arm. I om. r]Si] Latt.(exc. a). Mt'iu 
II ytiu^.taBai'] livQiZtaBai 1. 33. G. {avTO 
post /3u9i?. 33). 

38. rjv avTog AD. 1. 33. 69. rel. Vulg. 
(b)'---g'-^- Syr.Hcl. Goth. [Syr. 
Pst. Memph. Arm. vEth.] | avrog ijv 
BCLA. (a). 

— tv Ty ABCDLA. 1. 69. Latt. [ %iwi 
Ty ^. E. rel. 

— TO TTpofTKtipaXaiov'] om. to (D). I. | 
irporyKattpaXatov D. 

— tyitpovaiv B.jBfc.C*(ut vid.)A. | J^it- 
ytipovoiv <^. AC^ rel. | SttyttpavTig 
(om.mox Kat) D. (69). b.c.f.ff'^.i. (tytip. 
69). (Contra, Vulg. (a).e.ff'.g'-'-) 

39. ouytpGttg'\ tyipdtig D. 69. 

— itTTtv Ty QaX.~\ Ty 9aX. Kat tiiriv D. 1. 
b {c).e.jff'^.i. Arm. | Contra, AB«C. rel. 
Vulg./. Syrr.Pst.&Hcl. Memph. Goth, 
^th. (hiat a). 

— Kat ttTTtv 6 avtftogi ora. A ((Ttw?ra] 

om. b.c.e. ff-. (hi. a). | Contra, Vulg./ 
ff^.g^''^-i. I (TiojTrarE L). 

— TTtipijxuitTo Ens. in Ps. 695*^. | Kat tpt/xui- 
9i]Tt D. Memph. | (pifiuiao L. 

40. tt7rtv~\ tXtyiv L. 

— Effrt] f add. ovTwg <^. AC. 33. rel. 
Syrr.Pst.&Hcl. Goth. | post rt I. 69. 
Arm. I om. BDLA. Latt. Memph. .Sth. 

35. om. in Am. (contra, Fuld.) I 36. ut crat CI. 
I 37. navim CI. j 38. super CI. | dicunt Uli CI, | 
39, tace obm. CI. 



1. 33. 69. 


IV. 41. 

^ OVTTCo" evere TTLaTLV ; *^ KoL l(hofir)9r]0-av (hofiov U.(- necdum habetis fidem? Et ti- 

^ ^ V >x^/v FTi'v ■?'> rauerunt magnotimore, et dice- 

yav, Kai eAeyOU irpOS aAA-qXoVS, 1 if apa OVTO? eariV, bant ad alterutnim, Quis putas 

« V t V ^ ' Zl ' 1 J ' / // . " est iste, quia et ventus et mare 

OTL Kai o avejxos Kai. r; OaAaaaa * viruKovei avTcp ; oboediuntei? 

v. lA' 

I'll Matt. 8: 28-34. 
II Lu. 8; 26-39. 
1. rtpy£(T?/J'wv. 

3. [oi'Ken] 

20 * '' Kai rjXOop els; ro ivipav rrj^ daXdcrcrr]? eh 
TTjv Ycopav Twv ^Tepacrrjvwu' . kol ^ e^eXOovTOs av- 
Tov eK Tov ttXoiovj [j evovs J vir-qvTTqaev avTco e/c 
Tu>v fxvruxeLCOv avOpcoiros ev irvevpaTi aKadapTco, "^ bf 
TTju KaTOLKi^aiv ei^ev ev Toh * p.vr]p.aaiv , kol * ovSe 
* aXvaei ovKen ovoei^ ' eovvaro avTov or)(raL, 
'^ 8ia TO avTov ttoXXcckls' Tre'Sour kol aXvaeaiv 8e8e- 
adai, KOL SieaTraadaL vir avTov rag aXvaeLS kol ray 
ireSas (TvvTerp'i(p6aL, koll ovSeh * 'iaxvev avTov" 8a- 
fiaaar ^ /cat SiaTravTOS vvktos koll -qpLepas * ev tols 
fjLvrjfJLaaiv Kai ev tols opecriv" rjv Kpd^cov Kai KaTa- 

' Et venerunt trans fretum 
maris in regionem Geraseno- 
rum. '■' Et exeunti ei de iiavi 
statim occurrit ei de monu- 
mentis homo in spiritu inmun- 
do, ^ qui domicilium habebat 
in monunientis, et iieque cate- 
nis iam quisquam eum poterat 
ligare, ■* quoniara saepe com- 
pedibus et catenis vinctus dis- 
rupisset catenas et compedes 
comminuisset, et nemo poterat 
cum domare, ^ et semper nocte 
ac die in monumentis et in mon- 
tibus erat et damans et conci- 

40. ouitmB.BcA.DLA. 1.69. Latt. Memph. 
Arm. JEth. et Bill/, (in coll.} \ jTrwc 
ovK ?r. AC. SSs/c. rel. (/). Syrr.Pst.& 
Hcl. Goth. (oni. e). 

41. ovTog eoTij'] ftrru' ovtoq D. Vulg. c. 
Aral. [b.e]. \ Contra, rel. 

— 6 avijMOc ABaC. rel. Vulg. e.f.g'. Syr. 
Hcl. Goth. Ami. ] oi avijiot D. 1. 33. 
E.'.i. Syr.Pst. Memph. ^th. 
(vid. Matt.viii.27). (khi oi av. post j) 
BaX. D. aMo\ff-)- 

— iiiraKovti avrqi BL. (J vvaKovovmv 
avTif <?. A. 33. rel. viil. Luc. viii.25). 
Vulg. b.c.e.f.g'-'. Memph. Gotli. Arm. 
[ff'.i. iEth.] I avrij) v-rraKovd CA. 1. 
69. I vTTaicovovaiV tantuni DGr. 

1. ri\9ov ABD. rel. Latt. 
Memph.MS**. Goth. (TEtli.) | ijX^"' C 
LA. 69. GM. Syrr.Pst.&IIcl.txt. Memph. 
W.&S. Arm. || add. o ti](TovQ G. 

— rijE eaXaaariQ ABsC. rel. (Verss.) | 
(cat tantum DGr. | cm. 69. d.f^. Mlh. 
(trans fretum maris Vulg. c.g^. trans 
fretum b.f.i.l. trans mare e). 

— TtpaarjVMV BD. Latt. | Vipyt(!i]vuv 
J^AGr. 1. 33. V. Memph. 
Arm. ^th. Epiph. " riov rip-fiarjviai' 
uig 6 MapKog \iyei" Lib. IL tom. ii. 
Haer. 66. (i. p. 6.'50). | XTaSaptp'oiv <?. 
AC. 69. EFG1IKMS.«V.5. Syn-.Pst.& 
Hcl.txt. Goth. (De lectione Imjus vocis 
vid. Onj. iv. 140, 1: qui nondum ut 
videtur in codicibus sacris nomen Vep- 
yeaiiviiv invencrat : quod tamen in 
orlhographia tantum a Tipa(!t]vu>v ab- 


2. iliKBovToq avTov BCLA. 1. 33. 69. 
b.f. Syrr.Pst.&Hcl. Memph. .^th. | 
it'itX9ovTi avTif ';. A. rel. Vulg. p'. 
Goth. Arm. (vid. Luc. viii. 27). | t%- 
iKQovTtiiv avTiov D. c.€.{ff^), 

— svevs CLA. (Jtuefwf S- AD. rel.) 
Vulg. f.gK Syr.IIcl. Memph. Goth. 
Arm. I cm. B. b.c.e.ff'.i. Syr.Pst. Arm. 

— iTDjvrijO'ex' BCDLA. 1.69. G.jtaTD/v- 
rrjffev ^. A. rel. 

€K Tti}V ^VTjfl. aV0jO.] av9p. SK TU)V pVTlp.. 

D. (Jb^.e.f.i. Goth. Arm. | Contra, Vulg. 
ff\ rel. 

3. OQ T1JV KaToiK. eix£v~\ oq iix^^ t- kut. 
DGr. o.(i).c.e. | Contra, rel. Vulg. 


— pvtipamv ABCLA. 33- 69 (supra scr.) 
EFGKMSUV. I tf"'>]fi^'ote <^. D. Is. 
69t.rt. H. 

— ovSe BCDLA. 33. | ^0"" '^. A. rel. 

— oXuo-fi BC"L. 33. c.e. (om.g''}.\Xd\v- 
(Ttaiv ^. AC=D. rel. Vulg. b.f.ff'-'-g'.i. 
Syrr.Pst.&Hcl. Memph. Goth. Arm. 
^th. (vid. ver. 4). 

— ovKtTi ovdiig BC*DLA. 69. (Latt.) | 
*om. ouKtrt S". AC^. rel. i. Syrr.Pst.& 
Hcl. Memph. Goth. ^th. | ovSiig ft 
1. (?Arm.) 

— eSvvaTo AC*(D)LA. 33. 69. EGHK 
VY uivid. (post avTov D). ) ii]dvvaro 
S. BsC^. \s. FsSs. I iToXpa M, 

4. (ort TToWaKig avTov ^tStpevoif TrtSeg 
[i.e. -atg'] Kai aXvaeaiv tv aig edrjffav 
SutTTraKivai Kai rag -TrtSag avi'Terpt- 
ipwai Kat pr/dtva avTOV if7xviv (-x^'i'*) 
da/iaaai 1). (.ff'-i)-!, \ dia ro avrov woX- 

Xag irtSag Kai d\va£tg aig e^Tjffav <ivTov 
^tfUTTuKiviii Kai tyvvTiTpiipivai Kat ov- 
^eig fff;^l'ffei' aVTOt' ^apatrai X. | '* Quo- 
niani compedes etiani frangebat ac con- 
terebat" (oni. rel.) JEth.) 

4. dta] praem. Kai EFH. | (ro auroj'] rov 

— ^ffCTTrtcrOrtt] SufTTrapaBe A. 

— vtt' avTov"] a-jr' avr. V. (om. Syr.) 

— tax- avTov ABCL(A). 1. 33. 69. KM 
U. Latt. Memph. Goth. | ^avrov taxve 
1^. E. rel. (D vid. supra). ||to'xi'«J'] 
iirxvatv l(«c). V. llai/T-ov] avTO AGr. 

— Sapauai'] ^?/(rat A. 

5. icat ^lUTrat'Tog vvktoq'] vvKTog dt D. 
b.c.ejr\i. I Contra, rel. ViUg. (a)/. 

— ft^'rjp. Kai €v roig opemv ABCLA. 1. 
33. 69. KMU. Vulg. f.ff'.l. Syrr.Pst. 
&Hcl. Memph. Goth. Arm. ^th. | 
^opstTi Kai tv Toig /xvrjfi. ^. D. reL 
{b).e.i. ("in monumentis" tantum c). 

■ — iivripaaiv'] pvtip.tioig D. 1. 69. 

— KpaZtov'] -Z,ov D. I Kpavya^uiv 69. 

— tavTOv'] avTov A. 

6. K«t i^iov BCLA. 1. 69. Memph. I ft^tuv 
St 'S. AD. rel. Vulg. 6.c./#'-'^-(/'-=-[c]. 
Syrr.Pst.&Hcl. Goth. Arm. ^th. (vid. 
Luc. viii. 28). 

— otto] om. ALKM. Goth. | Contra, Bi 
CD. rel. Verss. 

— npoiytKinnimv~\ TtpotjiTriatv F. 

— avTuiBsD. 1.33.69.rel.lau7-oi'ACLA. 

41. timore magno CI. (contra, Avi. sic et 

2. om. ei 2^ C7. I 3. poterat eum Cl.\i. diru- 
l^issct CI. I 5. die ac uocte Ci. \ erat clamaiis CI. 

V. 13. 


Vnlg. a J. b. c. 

Syrr. P. H. 


Goth. Arm. EXb. 

6. lOiop ^l 

- TTpoaiKvv. av- 


12. irapiKoKovv 

KOTTTWv eavTov Aiaois. * Kai locou rov Irjcrovv airo 
/jLaKpodeu eSpa/Liev kol TTpocreKVurjaev avrco, kol 
Kpa^as (pcovrj jXiyaXr) * Xeyei , T/ ip-ol kol aol, 'Irjaov, 
vie Tov 0(ov Tou vyj/larou ; opKi^co ere toi' 6e6v, p.y] 
fxe iSaaaularj^- eXeyev yap avra/K^eXde, to Truev/xa 
TO OLKOiOapTov e'/c TOV dudptoTTOV. KOL e7n]pa>Ta avTov, 

L * ovopia croL ; Kai * Aeyei avTco , * Aeyicoi/ ovopa 
fioi, OTL TToXXoL eafj.ei'. /cat irapeKaXei avTov iroXXa 
iva fXT] * avTa airocTTeLXr] e^co Trjf ')(a)pas. rjv be 
iKei TTpoi * T(p opei {ayeX-)] ■)(^oipa>v peydXrj ^oaKOpcevr]- 

Koi TrapeKoiXeaav avTov * * XiyovTes, Ilep\j/ov rjpds 
ety T0V9 ^oipovs, 'iva ely avTovs elaeXdcop.ei'' ^'^ Kai 
iireTpe^j/eu avToif ^ \ /cat i^eXdouTa to. irvevpaTa to. 
o-KaOapTa elarjXOov els tovs \oipovs, kcu (opp-rjaev 
7] dyeXrj /cara Tov Kp-rfjxvov els ttjv OaXaaaav ^ 

dens so lapidibus. ' Videns 
antem lesuni a longe cucurrit 
et adoravit cum, ' et damans 
voce magna dicit. Quid mihi 
et tibi, lesu fili dei summi ? 
adiuro te per dcum, ne me tor- 
(lueas. ' Dicebat enim illi, Exi 
spiritus inmunde ab homine. 
^ Et inteirogabat eum. Quod 
tibi nomcu est? Et dicit ei, 
Legio nomen mihi est, quia 
multi sumus. '" Et depreca- 
biitur cum multum ne se ex- 
pcllerct extra rcgionem. " Erat 
autem ibi circa montem grex 
porcorum magnus pascens : '^ et 
deprecabantur eum spiritus di- 
centes, Mitte nos in porcos, ut 
in eos introeamus, '-^ Et con- 
cessit eis statim lesus; et ex- 
euntes spiritus inmundi intro- 
icrunt in jjorcos, et magno ira- 
petn grex praecipitatus est in 
mare ad duo milia, et suftbcati 

7. Xfyft ABCLA. 1. 33. KM. Am. Arm. 
\\u-Kiv '5. D. rel. Vnlg.C/. 
Memph. Goth. (vid. Lnc. viii. 28). 

— tftoi] noliis Syr.Hcl.t.xt. 

— <rot^ (TV Fa. 

— I()<Tou] om. 1. 33. (vid. Matt. viii. 29). 

— TOV v^itjTov'] TOV t^covTog A. Syr.HcI. 
mg. (vid. Matt. xvi. 16). 

. — ■ f3a(TavL(TSL(; H. 

8. yap] om. A* ut vid.G. 
— ■ avTiji'] add. o l?](Tovg J). 

— t^fXOs] postaKoSaproj' A.|Contra,rel. 

— IK BCD. rel. a.b.e. vv. | otto A. 33. 
Vulg. c.fJ. 

9. iirnptoTa BCD. rel. Vulg. b.f. Syr. 
Hcl. I -Ttiatv A. a.c.e.i. Syr.Pst. (vid. 
Luc. \\n. 30). 

— ovoiia mi ABCLA. 1. 33. 69. KM. 
S}T.Hcl. Arm. | J o-ot ovo/ia S'. D. rel. 
Latt. Orig. Int. n. 2H'. || add. serrtv D. 
Latt. (Memph.) Orig. Int. (vid. Luc. 

— Xiyii avTiji ABCLA. 1.69. KM. VuJg. 
g^./. SyiT.Pbt.&Hcl. Memph. Goth. 
(Arm.) ^th. | aTttKpiOt) D. a.b.e.f.i. 
(dixit j'). I XaTTtKpiOr) \iytav ^. E.rel. 
(qui respondens di.xit c). hiat 33. 

— \iyiMV B*.Bc/i.CDLA. Latt. (pro 
more). Syrr.Pst.&Hcl. Memph. (hiat 
33). I XUyti^v T. A&. 1. 69(.s(e). rel. 
Orig. ii. 537=. (vid. Luc. viii. 30). 

— /(oi] om. 1. ] nobis Syr.Pst. ||add. 
inriv B. 69. Vulg. f.g''.i.I. (h.c.gK 
Memph. alio ordine. | tariv ftoi ovo/xa 
\iy. D).| non addunt ACLA. 1. 33. rel. 
ae. vv. Orig.ii. 

10. TrapiKaXEi BsCDL. rel. Vulg. b.e.f.i. 
Goth. I -iraptKoKovv AA. (1). c.Jf'^.g'-^- 
Aim. {irctpaKa\ovv I). 

— TToWa] om. L. 

— aura oTroffrfiXj; BCA. se expelleret 
Vulg. g^.l. I Jonroiif aTrooTfiXp T. D. 
rel. gK (sic post x"P«S 1). avTOvg 
aTTOffTEtXtt H. I avTov cnroaTeiXrj L. 
i.e. I aTTOfTTtiKy avTovg AM. c.f.ff-.i. 
Syr.Hcl. (Memph.) Goth. Arm. | aTrowr. 
avTov K. Syr.Pst. ^th. (h. 33). 

11. TrpoQ rq, opit (A)BCDLA. (69). EF 
GH(KM)S(U)V. Latt. SyiT.Pst.(& 
Hcl.) (Memph.) (Goth.) Ai-rn. (^th.) 
(post jioanoii. in AKMU. Syr.Hcl. 
Memph. Goth. ^th. vid. Lnc. viii. 32. 
post ixcyaXri 69. c). | {Trpof ra opr) 
S". I om. 1. 33 (ut vid.) om. vel trans. 

— iityaXt] ABsC. rel. Vulg. c.f.ff'.g'-^- 
rel. I om. DLU. b.e.ffM. (Vulg.MS.) 
Goth. (vid. Luc.) hiat 33. | post /3off- 
Kopivi) M. Arm. 

— linaKofiivi) BsCDGr. rel. Vulg. c.e.f. 
ff'-^g'-'- Syrr.Pst.&Hcl. rel. [^tb.] | 
-Hivuiv ALA. b.d. (vid. Luc. ?) hiat 

12. TraptKaXtaav BsCLA. 1. 33. rel. c. 
Syr.Hcl. Memph.MS. | waptKaXovv A 
DKM. Vulg. b.e.f.ffKg.'--'- Syr.Pst. 
Memph.W.&S. (vid. Matt. viii. 31). | 
TtapaKaXtcaVTiQ avr. (nrov 69. 

— avTov'] fadd. -jravTiQ <;. A. 33. rel. 
a. Syr.Hcl. Goth. Arm. (add. "mul- 
tum" M\.\\.) I om. BCDLA. 1. 69. KM. 
Vulg. b.c.e.f.ff\g''-H. Syr.Pst. Memph. 

II fadd. (post TravTiq) o\ Zmpoviq <5-. 
A. 33. rel. a.c.f.ff'.g^-''- Syrr.Pst.&Hcl. 
Goth. Arm. (vid. Matt. viii. 31). | ra 
Satfioi'ta D. spiritus Vulg. b. \ om. B 
CLA. 1. 69. Memjih. JEth. 

— Xeyovreg'] om. 69. | Xsyovrag L. | 


— fiuiXdbjptv ABsC. rel. {ti<riX9ojXiv 
KTf.) I aiveX9iop.iv D. 

13. (/cat evOtoig Kvpiog \i}aovg nrtn'^iv av- 
Tovg eig rovg xoipovg ktX. D. (c).^'*. 
nee non a aliqua ex parte). 

— e-Trerpeypev avroic] eTrefi:pev avTovg D 
(supra)H. (auroig] -rovg U). Ufadd. 
evBewg ^. A. 33. E. rel. Vulg. / Syr 
Hcl. (transponunt D(vid. supra), a.c.ff' 
g'--.i.l. Goth.) I om. BCLA. 1 . b.e. Syr.Pst. 
Memph. Arm. JEth. ][ f add. postea o 
IriiTovg S. A. 33. rel. Vulg./. Syr.Hcl. 
^th. (transponunt D(vid. snpra). a.c. 
jf\g'.i. "Dominus" i). | om. BCLA. 

1. E. b.e. Syr.Pst. Memph. Arm. 

— Ta aKa9apra~\ om. A*F. (^Tam'ivjxa- 
TaaKa9apTa sic K. ra OKaOapra nvtv- 
fiara 33). 

— uar,X9ov ACT), rel. | -9tv B.Bch. 

— opfiijfjev LE*. 

— Kara tov Kpijfivov'] oni. Vulg. 

— 6aXa<T<raj'] t add. 7]<rav St ^. AC^. 33. 
rel. a./.f.i. (Syr.Hcl.) (Memph.?) 
Goth. (Arm.) | om. BCDLA. 1. Vulg. 
b.c.e.ff^.g'. Syr.Pst. | (om. ad fin. ver. 

7. dixit CI. I filii Am. 
I. mihi uomeu CI. 

dei altissimi CI. 



V. 14. 


1. 33. 69. 

'Matt. 9:1. 
Lu. 8 :40. 

ths 8i(r\tXior Koi lirviyovTO ev rfj daXdacrr]. * /cat 
o'l" fioaKovrei ^ avrovs €(f)vyou Koi ^ dirriyyeiXav eh 
TTjV TToXlV Kol €£$" T0V9 dypovs' KOU * rj\9ov" ISeiu TL 
eaTLV TO yeyovos- ^ koll kp^ovraL 7rpo9 tov Irjcrovu, 
KOI OecdpovcTLv TOV Saipovi^opevov KaOrjpevov^ Iparicr- 
jxevov KOU aaxppovovi'Ta, ^ov ia^rjKora tov * XeyiSyvtxi, 
KOL e(f)of3y]dr]o-av. koI ^iriyrigjivTO avTols o'l l8ovTes'i 
Tvas eyeveTO tw 8aLp.ovi^opevcp, Kal irepl tcov •)(OLpa)v.\ 
^ Koi rjp^avTO irapuKaXelv avTov aireXOelv diro tS)v 
bplcov avTcav. koi ^ i/j.l3atvovT09 avTov eh to irXoIov, 
TrapeKccXet avTov 6 Saipovicrdeh tva * fxeT avTov fj . 

'/cat ovk" d(f)rjKev avTov, aAAa Xeyei avTca, Yiraye 
et? TOV OLKOV (TOV 7rpo9 T0V9 crovs, /cat * airayyeiXov 
avToh ocra '6 Kvpio^ aoi ^ TveTroLiqKev koli i)X^jr^ev ae. 

Kat d.7rrjX0ev /cat rjp^aTO KTjpvaaeiv ev Trj Ae/cavroAet, 

oaa eTTolrjaev auTco 6 'Irjcrovf /cat iravTes eOavpa^ov. 

2j -1 c j^^^ 8iairepdaavT09 tov 'Irjo-ov ev tw ttXolco 

TraXiv eh to irepav, crvvrj^dy] 6)(^Xof TroXuf eV avTOV, 

sunt in mare. " Qui autem 
pascebaut eos fugcrunt ct nuu- 
tiaverunt in eivitatcm et in 
agros : et egressi sunt videre 
quid esset facti. '' Et veniunt 
ad lesura, et vident ilium qui 
a daemonio vexabatur scden- 
tem vestitum et sanae mentis, 
et timuerunt. '^ Et narrtive- 
I'unt illis qui vidcrant qualiter 
factum esset ei qui daemonium 
lialiucrat, et de porcis. " Et ro- 
gare eum coeperunt ut discede- 
i-etafiuibuseorum. "''■"■"•)Cum- 
que ascenderet navem, coepit 
ilium deprecari qui daemonio 
vexatus f'ucrat ut esset cum illo. 
" Et non admisit eum, sed ait 
illi, Vade in domum tuara ad 
tuos, et adnuntia illis quanta 
tibi dominus fecerit et misertus 
sit tui. ™ Et abiit et coepit 
praedicare in Deca])oli quanta 
sibi fecisset lesus, et omnes mi- 

21 c«, 2.) Et eum transcendisset 
losus in navi rursus trans fre- 
tum, convenit turba multa ad 

13. wf Si(Txi\ioi ACD. rel. | cm. H.Bch. 
Sic. Syr.Widmanstadt. (non rel.) | wg 

]! B.Bllt/. I wg xiXioi H. 

14. rai ol ABCLA. 1. 33. 69. M. a.e. 
Syrr.Pst.&Hcl. Memph. Goth. ^.tli. | 
Jol ^f •^. DE. rel. Vulg. b.c.f.ff-.g\ 
Arm. (vid. Matt.viii.33). 

— avTovi; BCDLA. 69. Latt. Sp'.Pst. 
Memph. (^Eth.) {avroq D»). | Jrouf 
Xoipovc 'S'. A. 1. 33. K. rel. Syr.Hcl. 
Goth. Arm. 

— oTrriyyeiXav ABCDL. 1. 33. KM. | 
taviiyy. S- A. 69. EFGHSsUVs. 

— i,\eov ABL. 33. KMU. Syr.Hcl. 
Memph. Goth. | te?;)X8oj/ T. CD. rel. 
Vulg. b.c.e./. Syr.Pst. Ann. ^th. (vid. 
Luc. viii. 33). 

— Ti £(TTiv~\ cm. H. (om. eariv A* ut vid.) 

15. 6tiopov(m>'\ add. aurov D. b.{c). {-wffiv 

— KctOjjfitvoi''] om. A. e. 

— ifiaTirrftivnt'l f praem. Kai ^. AC. rel. 
Syr.Hcl. Goth. ( [Syr.Pst.] ] om. 
BDLA. 1.33.69. Latt. Memph. Arm. 
(om. Km ifiartafi. M». g'. habet M'mg.) 

— TOV E<rX' '■o" Xty.] om. D. Latt. | Con- 
tra, MSS.&Vv. (et Mm.) 

— Xeyiiova B(Ln.& jry^)LA. | ^Xeyitova 
S. AC. rel. 

16. Kai SiriyrjaavTo ABCLA. rel. Vulg. 
e.f. vv. I SitjyrjnavTo ct DEFHUV. 


16. LCovrE{;~] tiSorig A. 

' — tyiVETO Ttj> ^ai^oviZ,o^uvt}i'\ etrojOrj 6 
daifiovKjOtig 1. | eysv. avrtij riii ^ai^. D. 

17. tipKavro TTapaKaXiiv MSS. (Vulg.) 
h.{c).e.f.{ff^).g^. I -KapiKoXovv D. 
( ...bant a). 

— a-Kt\9uv'] praem. /cm H. | iva airtkBt] 
D. (ut non recederet i). 

aTTo] £K A. 

18. efiPaivovToe ABCDLA. 1". 33. KM. 
I ItuPavTOQ <^. E. rel. 

— irapiKoKti] j^p^aroTropafcaXfivD.Vulg. 
(c).f,ff\g^-'-i.l. I Contra, MSS. b.e. vv. 

— iva fitr' avTov y AB.Bch.&Btli/.in coll. 
CL(A). 1.33. 69. KMU. e. Syrr.Pst.& 
Hcl. Goth. Arm. {rjv A). \ J iva j; /itr' 
avrov S"' D. rel. Vulg. h.c.f. Memph. 

19. Kot OVK ABCLA. 1. 33. KM. Vulg. 
/./. Syrr.Pst.&Hcl. Memph. Goth. | Km 

b li)aovQ OVK 69. | Jo ^f Ijjffouf ovk S- 
D. rel. b.c.e.ff'-^-g'.i. Ai'm. iEth. (om. 

OVK H). 

— aWa Xsyst] Kai eiira' D. 

— awayyuXov B.Blly.CA. \ JavayytiXor 
<^. AL. 33. rel. | StayyttXov D. 1. 69. 

— ai/roif] om. U. I Totg aoig K. 

— 6 Kvpios ffoi BCA. Am. ff'. (Syr.Hcl.) 
Memph. | J iroi 6 Kvpioe ^. AL. 1. 33. 
69. rel. Vulg. a. {a).b.c.e,f.g\i. Syr.Pst. 
Goth. Arm. (iEth.) | aoi 6 0ioc D. 
(vid. Luc. viii. 39). 

19. irnroiiiKtv AB.Bc7i.CLA. 33. 69. (E) 
FGHMSUV. (£7rf7roi(;K£i' E). | Xtiroi- 
rjiTiv s. D. 1. K. 

— ilXnidiv'] praem. on D. b.(c).ff'g''.U. 
Syr.Pst. I om. rel. Vulg. a.f. vv. [e]. 

20. offa] a CA. (sed A habet oaa supr. scr.) 

21. £»< r({j TrXoiif)] om. D. 1. a.b.c.eff'-^'i. 
Arm. I Contra, rel. Vulg. f.i/. vv. 

— Tiji ACL. rel. | om. B. 

— TraXiv] post inpav D. a.b.e.Jf'-'^'g'.i. 
Syrr.Pst.&Hcl. | Contra, MSS. Vulg. 
rel. I ante Jesus c (om. £ic to vepav). 
II add. jjXetv 69. 

— ett' auj-or ABsC.rel. Syr.Hcl. Memph. 
Goth. iEth. (ante oxXof 33. Syr.Pst. 
Arm.) I jrpof avrov D. 69. Latt. 

— KOI ijv] om. D. b.c.e.f.ff'-^i. .^th. 1 
Contra, rel. Vulg. a.</'. vv. 

22. fp^frai] f praem. i^ou ^. AC. rel. - 
c.f.l. Syr.Hcl. Goth. Arm. (vid. Luc. 
viii. 41). I om. BDLA. Vulg. a.b.e.ff^. 
g.'-'- Syr.Pst. Memph. iEth. 

— fif] TiQ D. Latt. (exc. A). 

— ovoixan laftpof] om. D. a.e.ff'.i. (vid. 
Matt. ix. 18). I Contra, rel. Vulg. b.c.f. 
gis. w. (latpoQ C*). 

— ■ icoi ituiv avrov TTiTrret] Kai Trpocttrt- 
div D. (e). 


13. sunt iu mari CI. (contra, Am. Fuld.) \ 
14. essot factum C7. 1 J7. coeperunt eum VI. \ de 
fiuibua CI. 1 18. navim CL \ a daemonio CI. \ 
21. rursum CL 

V. 30. 

Vnlg. (I. h.c. IB' 

Syrr, P. H. 


Goth. Arm. Mih. 

" II ^ratt. 9:18-26. 

II Lu. 8:41-56. 


25. SujdeKa trt} 

27. [rd] TTfpi 

28. ''Edv li^ujftat 
Kav Tuiv ifiar. 


KOL riv irapa. rnv ddXaacrau. "^koX^ epx^rat eh tcov 
apy^Lavvaycoycov, ovopaTi laeipo^, kul locov avrov 
TTLTTTeL TTpos Tovs TToSas avTOV, ""koI ^ TTapaKaXei" 
avTov TToXXa Xeywv otl To Ovyarpiov pov ea-^aTcas 
k\ei- Iva IXOcov iTndfj? ^ ras x^ipas avrfj", ^Iva" 
(Tcodfj Koi * ^rjcrj" . '"' /cat aTrijXdeu p.eT avrov, kou 
rjKoXovdet avrw o^Xos ttoXvs kou o-vvcOXl^ov avrov. 
~^ Kol yvvT) * ov(ra kv pvtrei alp.aros err] ScoSeKa, ' Kal 
TToXXa iradovcra viro iroXXav larpajv, /cat Sairavr]- 
craaa ra ^ irap' avrrjs" ivavra, Kal p.r}8tv cotpeXydeiaa 
dXXa p.S.XXou eh ro x^lpov iXOovcra, ~' aKovcraaa 
Trepl rov 'Irjaov, iXOovcra iu rw oyXw OTViaQev rjylraro 
rov ipariov avrov eXeyeu yap on F\.au rwv ipa- 
ricov avrov dy^aip.aL awdi^aopaL. " Kal evOvs igfj' 
pdvdr] rj 7n]yr} rov a1.paros avrrjs, Kal eyvco rep 


v> t. 

acdpLarL on larai diro rrjs p^aariyos. "" Kai ' ev$vy 

6 'lyjaov^ liTLyvovs ev eavrm rrjv i^ avrov Svuaptu i^- 

eXBovaav, iiriarpacjieh Iv rco o'xAoj, eXeyev, T/y p.ov 

ilium, ct erat circa mare. ^ Et 
venit quidam de archesyna- 
gogis, nomine lainis, et videns 
eum j>rocidit ad pedes eius, 
^ ct deprecabatur eum multum, 
dicciis quoniam Filia mca in 
extremis est: veni iiipone ma- 
ntis super earn, ut salva sit et 
vivat. '" Et abiit cum illo, et 
sequebatur eum turlia multa, et 
coraprimebant ilium. '"' Et rau- 
lier quae erat in profluvio san- 
guinis annis duodecim, ^ et 
fuerat multa perpessa a com- 
pluribus medicis et erogaverat 
omnia sua, nee quicquam pro- 
fecerat sed magis deterius ha- 
bebat, " cum audisset de lesu, 
venit in turba retro et tetigit 
vestimentum eius: ^' dicebat 
enim quia Si vel vestimentum 
eius tetigero, salva ero. '^ Et 
confestira siccatus est fons san- 
guinis eius, et sensit coi^pore 
quod sanata esset a plaga. ^° Et 
statim lesus cognoscens in se- 
met ipso virtutem quae exierat 
de eo, conversus ad turbam 
aiebat, Quis tetigit vestimenta 

22. jTiTrrti] irpomn-KTU 69. 

— irpoQ TovQ Troc^af] post awroi' 1. 

23. irapaKoXH ACL. 33. g'--- | JlTrapf- 
KaXei T. BsX rel. Vulg. c./. Meniph. 
Goth. Ai-m. I TrapaKnXuv D. a.b.e.ff'^.i. 

— TToXXa] om. D. b c.ff-.i. \ Contra, rel. 
Vulg. a e.f. 

■ — Xeyuv] praem. kcu D. a.bjp.i. \ Con- 
tra, c.e. 

— on] om. D. 69. a.c. Sjr.Pst. 

— €(rxaTu}g bis C. 

— iva iXQuv emOTig ABsC. rel. («).(#=). 
Syr.Hcl. Memph. Goth. Arm. | i\9s dtpai 
D. Vulg. b.ce.f.g'-'-i.l. Syr.Pst. ^th. 
(cTTie^c] iTn9i) SU. I imBuQ LHM). 

— Tag xupag avry BCL(A). 1. Vulg. 
"/• ('■• X- <"'U avT. A. c. Syr.Pst. 
Memph. .^th.) [ avTTjg £k tujv x^^P^v 
GOV D. b.ff^J. I Xavry rag x^ipcig S"- 
rel. Syr.Hcl. Goth. Arm. | avTtf) Tag 
X£ip. AK. I xE'P" "wp 69- ("manum 
tuam super earn" g'-'- " cam" c). 

— iva 2° BCDLA. 69. | JoTrwf 'T- A. 
rel. (^om. cum seq. awQ. c.e). 

— ?i)iT{, BCDLA. 69. Vulg. a.b.f.ff\ 
Memph. Goth.) JSijcrfmi '^. A. rel. c.e. 
Arm. (vid. Matt. ix. 18). 

24. aTTT^XOei'] -Qov TJ. | inrijy^v T>. (vid. 
iiTTayeiv Luc. viii. 42). 

— rjKoXoveu ABsD. rel. (-9;; FH). Latt. 
Syrr. | -Briaev CL. (Memph. Goth.) 
vid. Matt. ix. 19. 

25. yvv))] fadd. Tig s"- D. rel. a.f. Syr. 
Pst. Goth. Arm. | om. ABCLA. 1. 33. 
Vulg. Syr.Hcl. Memph. .^th. 

— ITT) Iwhica AD. rel. Latt. | luiStKa 
iT)] B.Btfy.CLX 1. 33. 69. (vid. Matt. 

26. Kai 1"] /, D. b.c.f.ff-.i. (Syr.Pst.) | 
Contra, rel. Vulg. a.e. vv. 

— Ta Trap' avTiig AB.Btly.lj. 33. 69(«ic). 
EFGHJISUV. (ra Trap avTr]v B. 
Bch.) I J ra trap' eavTrig S"- CAK(sic). 
I Ta iavTTjg D. 1. Latt. 

— eig TO x^^pov tXdovtra'] e-iri to x^fpov D. 

27. aKovaa<Ta~\ add. Ta BC*(m< !;;d.)A. | 
om. AC-DL. rel. Latt. Syrr.Pst.&Hcl. 
Memph. Goth. Arm. jEth. 

— £1/ Tifj oxXf Vulg. c.f.JfX rel. | post 
iftaT. avTov D. a. \ post oinaBtv b.i. \ 
Hg Tov oyXov 69. | om. 1. e. 

— iyi/aTo'] praem. Kai D*. Latt. Syrr.Pst. 
&Hcl.f I cm. rel. || add. tov KpaivtSov 
1. 33. M. -Sth. (vid. Matt. Lx. 20 et 
Luc. viii. 44). 

28. iXtyiv yap ABsC. rel. Vulg. a.e.f. 
vv. I Xiyovaa D. b.c.ff\i. iEth. ||add. 
IV iavTy D. 1. 33. K a.c.Jf'Ki. Arm. 
(vid. Matt. ix. 21). | om. rel. Vulg. 
i.e./. vv. 

— on] om. 33. a.b.c.e.ff-.i. Arm. | Con- 
tra, Vulg. f. rel. 

— Kav Tuiv iftaT. avT. d-^p. A(D), 1. rel. 
(Latt.) Syrr.Pst.&Hcl. Goth. Arm. | 

tav d^wnai Kav twv ifiaTiojv avrov B. 
Bch. et Btly.{in ipsa coU.)C'LX \ lav 
fiorov d-^opai rov ifiaTiov avrov 33- 
Memph. (vid. Matt.) \\d\(/u)^iat1 d\po- 
fiai 33. 69. H. II Tuiv l^uanajv] tov 
iliaTiov D. 33. Latt. (vid. Matt.) jlai;- 
row] iavTov D. (cum attigerim extre- 
mitatem vestis ejus ^th.) 

28. uoiOijaoipaL 69. K. 

29. tvOvg BCLA. 33. | Xivdiug '^. KD. 

— njc iiadTiyog'] om. Ti]g C. 

30. (vQvg BCLA. 33.| j£ue£we '^. AD. rel. 

— 6 lT](Tovg iTTLyvovg AB5C. rel. Am, 
Fuld. (VuIg.C/.) /s'-'- Syrr.(Pst.)& 
Hcl. Goth. Arm. | tTTiyvovg 6 Iriaovg 
DL. a.{b.c.e).jp.ii). Memph. ^th. 
II add. KOL ante 6 I/jo-. D*Gr. 

— IV iavTiir\ om. D. -^Eth. | 
Contra, rel. Vulg. a.f.g'-'- rel. | tv avT<f) 
L. I om. ev V. 

— T7JV £^ avTov Bvvajiiv i^iKQovaav £7rt- 
GTpa^iig'] Triv Svv. [add. r;)j' **] tt(\d. 
a7r' avTov Kai iiriBTpaiptig D. Syr.Pst. 

— iv Ttji oxXijj] ^"i tui-bam Vulg. a.b.c. 
(ff'-).y^-^i.l. turbis e. 

— £\Ey£»'] £t7r£i' D. a.b.e. (vid. Luc. viii. 
45). I Contra, Vulg./.g'-'- (ait. c.ff'.i).- 

— /uou] post iiiaTiiov D. Latt. (exc. e). 

21. ad eum CL j 23. manum CI. | 24. com- 
primebant eum CI. | 29. quia s.auata CI. j 30. in 
semet ipso coguoscens CI. \ de illo CI. 






1. 33. 69. 

36. cLKovfraQ 

37. a 


ijyj/aTO Twv ifj.aTLCou; "" koI eXeyou aurco ol fxadrjTou 
avTov, BAeTTftf toi' oxXov avvOXi^ovra ae, koI Aeyet?, 
T/f fJ-ov ij-^aro ; ''' kou irepLefiXeireTO l8eLv rr/u tovto 
TToir/aaaav. "^ rj 8e yvur] (pojSridelaa koI rpefiovcra, 
elSvIa o yeyovev avrrj, rjXdei' Koi TrpoaeTreaev avTco 
Kol elTrev avrcp iraaav tt]i> aXrjdeLav. '' 6 5e etVef 
avTTj, * QvyaTTJp , rj Trlcmf crov aeawKev ere' viraye 
ei? eipTjvrjv, koI 'Icrdi vyLrjs oltto Trjs paariyof aov. 
€Ti avTov XaXovfTOf ep^ovTai airo rov ap-)(Lcrvva- 
ycoyov Xeyoure^, on 'H duyarrjp aov a-rredavev rl en 
aKvXXeiy Tov 8i8do-KaXov ; '^ 6 8e 'Irjcrovf* ^irapaKOv- 
aa9 TOV Xoyov XaXovjxevov XeytL rco apy(j.<TVvay(ayco, 
M?; (pofiov, povov Trlareve. koi ouk d(priKev ov8eva 
^ p.eT avTov crvvaKoXovdrjcraL, el purj tov Yierpov kol 
'laKcolSov Kal 'lcodvvi]v rov d8eX(j)ov 'laKca^ov. kou 
* epypvrai ety rov olkov tov dp^iavvaycoyov kol 
Becopei Oopv^ov kou" KXaiovras kol dXaXd^ovras 
TToXXd, Koi elaeXdcov Xeyei avTolf, T/ dopvjSelcrde 
Kai KXaiere ; to 7rat8iov ovk aireOavev, aXXa Ka6ev8ei. 

mea? " Et dicebant ei disci- 
piili sui, Vides turbam compri- 
mcntcm te, et dicis, Quis me 
tetigit? ^^ Et circumspiciebat 
vidcre cam quae hoc f'eccrat. 
"^ Mulier autem timens et tre- 
mens, sciens quod factum e.sset 
in se, venit et procidit ante 
eum et dixit ei omnem verita- 
tcm. '■• Hie autem dixit ei, 
Filia, fides tua te salvam fecit: 
vade in pace, et esto sana a 
plaga tua. ^* Adhuc eo lo- 
quente veniunt ab arcliesyna- 
gogo dicentes quia filia tua 
mortua est : quid ultra vcxas 
magistrum? "^ lesus autem 
verbo quod dicebatur audito 
ait archesynagogo, Nolitimere, 
tantummodo crede. ^' Et non 
adniisit quemquam sequi se 
nisi Petrum et lacobura et lo- 
hannem i'ratrem lacobi. ^' Et 
veniunt in domum archesyna- 
gogi, et videt tumultum et 
flentes et heiulantes multum, 
^' et ingressus ait eis. Quid 
turbamini et ploratis ? puella 
non est mortua sed dormit. 

31. (Cat cXfyov avTiji ol ftaOrjrai avTov A 
BC. rel. Vulg. (i.e./). vv. | ol Se fxa- 
Orjrat avrov Xeyoixriv avT(^ D. (a).e. 
g'.i. dicunt ergo discipuli ejus ff^. 

32. TTOtJ/caffai'] TrtTroujKvinv 1. 

33. TpEfiovira^ add. Sw TnnoitjKtiXaQpa D. 
a.ff-.i. Arm.] om. rel. Vulg. c.e.f.g'.[/>']. 

■ — avTi) BCDL. ipsa!, ei a. "illi"vel 
" ad eam " Syrr.Pst.&Hcl. Memph. 
Arm. I fen-"'aurj; '^. A. 1. 33. rel. 
Goth. I tv avTy F Wist. Vulg. c.f.g'. 
.3Dth. [i.e]. | fjr' avrriv 69. (iJoi/e yt- 
yov. ev. avTT] A). 

— TTpoueTTEaEV avTtf}~^ TTpoaiKvvriaiv av- 
Tov c. 

— vaaav] praem. i^wpoaSiv vavruiv 69. 

— a\)j0£ia)/] aiTiav 1. (vid. Luc. viii. 47). 
1 aiTiav aVTi}Q 69. 

34. o ^£] add. Itjctows CD. 1. 69. Mmjr. 
a.b.c.f,p.i. Syr.Hcl.* Arm. (vid. Matt. 
ix. 22). I om. ABiLA. 33. rel. Vulg. e. 
Syr.Pst. Memph. Goth. (^Eth.) 

— aury] avnf A. | om. 1. (vid. Matt. 
ix.22). I add. Bapnu C^. (vid. Matt, et 
Luc. viii. 48). 

— Ovyartip B.C%.D. | ^-Tep T. AC. rel. 

35. XaXouvToe] add. avroig A. 

— aTTO TOV apXifTvjmyujyov'] a-jro tov av- 
vayoiyov 33*(corr. ?*) " ad archisyna- 
gogum" Memph. JEth. 

— Xeyoi/rfj] add. avTip D. 33. l/.i. (vid. 
Luc. viii. 49). 


36. I))o-ouc] fadd. tvdtwc ^. AC. 33. rel. 
(a). SyrHcl. Goth. | om. BDLd. 1. 
Vulg. b.c.ef.ff\gKl. Syr.Pst. Memph. 
Arm. JEth. 

— TrapaKovouQ BLA. " neglexit" e.\ %a- 
Kov<7as s- ACD. rel. (vid. Luc. viii. 50). 

— rov Xoyoi' XaXovusvov"] tovtov tov 
Xoyov Vi. (a.c.e).f.ff'^.i. | Contra, AC. 
rel. Vulg. g^-~' rel. (ora. b). \ rov Xoyov 
TOV XaXovp€vov 'B.Btli/. 

37. ovStva'] ovSe iva T>. \ om. M*. 

— fiiT avTov B.Blli/.Blc.CLA. e. Syr. 
Pst. Goth. I iavTv ^. A(D). 1.33. rel. 
(Latt) Syr.Hcl. 

— avvciKoXovBriam BsCLA. 69. rel. 
(Goth. Arm. hoc ord.) | axoXovOrjaai 
AK. et sic anie avrip 33. Am. a.b.c.f. 
g'.i. Syrr.Pst.&Hcl. Memph. (Contra, 
Yu\g.Cl. ^ff^.g''. "introire" e). | irapa- 
KoXovOtjdat 1. et sic ante avTi:) DGr. 

— TOV UsTpov B.Btly.CA. | * om. tov ^. 
AD. rel. (vid. Luc. viii. 51). 

— IaKw/3oi/ AB«CL. rel. (Latt.) Syrr. 
Pst.&Hcl.* rel. (praem. tov FH). | 
avrov DA. 1. G. a. Syr.Hcl.txt. 

38. tpxovraL ABCDA. 1. 33. F. Vulg. 
b.e.g'-'ii).l. Syr.Pst. Memph. | 
rai T. L. rel. a.c.f.ff\ Syr.Hcl 
Arm. jEth. 

— rtjv oiKuav D. 

— &Uiipfi\ eOsiopet D. 

— eopviiov Kai AB.Bch.CLA. 1. 33. 69 


MU. Vulg. g\l. Syrr.Pst.&Hcl. Goth. 
Arm. .^th. | *om. Kai ^. D. rel. a.b. 
c.e.fff^.i. Memph. (KXaiovrujv Kai aX- 
XaZovrmv D. a.) | om. noXXa Syr.Pst. 

39. H(!tX9u>v'] om. 1. 

— KXaurt] praem. ri D. b./.Jp.i. \ om. 
Vulg. a.c.e.g'^. 

— naiSiov^ Kopaaiov 33. (vid. Matt. ix. 

40. Kai KaTiy.'] ot de Karty. D. Latt. (exc. 
Vulg. /). 

— KareyiXovv K. 

. — avrov~\ add. eiSoreg on airtOaviv 69, 
(vid. Luc. viii. 53). 

— avTOi Si BCDLA. 33. Latt. Memph. 
Goth. (ut vid.) I Jo Jf S'. A. rel. Syr. 
Hcl.txt. Arm. ^th.(utvid.) | o Scltj- 
aovg 1. M. Syrr.Pst.&Hcl.* 

— vavrag ACLA. 1. 3.3. 69. EFGIIK 
MUV. I JaTToiTag ^. BsSs. | rovg 
oxXoi'f ejiu D. b.c.e.{ff-.i). vid. et Matt, 
ix. 25. I Contra, Vulg. a.f.g^. 

— rov TTaiSwv^ post fitirtpa D, Latt. 
(om. K. T. firjr. e). 

— avrov'] add. ovrag D. Latt. 

— iiuiroptvtTai] -ovrai 33. \\ei(Ti7ropevero 
D. Latt. (exc. Vulg.) 

— oTrou] ov A. 

— TraiSiov] fadd. avoKet^tvov ^, AC. 

33. mulier vero CI. \ 3(i. audito verbo quod 
dicebatur CI. | 37. se setiui CI. \ 39. ait illis CI. 

VI. 3. 


Vul?. a. Ii. c. 

Syrr. P. H. 

Mem ph. 

Goth. Arm. .Stli. 

41. KOI' 

KUL KaTeyeAoiu avrou. * avros oe tKpaAcov * irav- 
ras irapaXa^fidvei tov irarepa tov TraiBiov kcu rrju 
/j.i]T€pa KCU Tovy /J.€T avTou, Kol elcrTTopeveTaL orrov 
i]u TO TraiSloi' *. koI Kpan^aas rijf xeLpos tov ttui- 
8iov Xeyei avrrj, TaXida ^ kov/jl' , o eariu p.e0ep/j.r]- 
v€vopi€vov, To KopaaLOv, ao\ Xeyco, * eyeipe". *'" /cat 
* €v9vs avecTTi] TO Kopacriou, kou TTepidTraTer rjv yap 
^Ta)v 8co8eKa' kol i^ecrTi](Tau \_€vdvf\ eKCTTacreL 
/xeyaXr). ' '^ kol SieaTelXaTO avTois iroXXa lua firjSeis 
' yvol Touro' kolI eiireu SoOrjuac avrrj (payeiu. 

■"" Et inridebant eum. Ipse vero 
eiectis omnibus adsumit patrem 
et matrera puellae et qui sccura 
er.ant, et ingreditur ubi erat 
puclla iaccns. ■" Et teiiens ma- 
num pnellac ait illi, Talitba 
cumi, quod est interprctatum, 
Piiclla, tibi dico, surge. '-' Et 
confestim surrexit puclla et ani- 
bulabat: erat autem annorura 
duodecim: et obstipuerunt stu- 
pore maximo. " Et praecepit 
illis vehcmenter ut nemo id 
sciret, et dixit dari illi mandu- 

VI. ^ 22 " Kat e^YjXOev iKeWev kcll * 'Ipy^^rai' eiy rijv 
Kc^^fxi^^"^'^^' """'"pi'^a avTOv, /cat aKoXovOovcriv avrw o'l /.ladrjral 
j avTov. ~ /cat yevofievov cra^^aTOv rjp^aTO * SiSdaKeipl 
) iv rrj avvaycoyrj" • Kal vroXXol aKovovrei i^eTrXi^a- 
crovro Xeyovre^, YVoOev tovtco ravra; kou tls tj 
^ ao(f)[a 7] 8odeI(ra * tovtco , * /cat Svi/ap-eif Toiav- 
^ Tat Sid Twv ')(eipS)v avTov ^ yLvop-evai ; '' ov^ 0VT09 
eoTTii' 6 TeKTcov, 6 VLOf Trjf Map/a?, * /cat dSeXcpo^ 

-. [o(] TToW. 

— (IKOVOai'TtQ 

— ^o9. avrqi 

— [^ai"] ^vi', 

— yivofrat 

3. [r/)f] Map. 

1 (50,1.) £[ egressiis inde abiit 
in patriara suam, et sequeban- 
tur ilium discipuli siii. ' Et 
facto sabbato coepit i» syna- 
goga docere : et multi audientes 
admirabantur in doctrina eius 
dicentes, Unde huic haec om- 
nia? ct quae est sapicnlia quae 
data est illi, et virtutes tales 
quae per nianus eius efficiuntur? 
^ Nonae iste est faber, filius 
Mariae, frater lacobi et loseph 

33. rel. Vulg. cf.gM. Syrr.rst.&IIcl. 
Goth. (Arm.) 1 KaTaKHfitvuv 1. | Kara- 
KXifiti'ov 69. I om. BDLA. a.h.ejf.i. 
Memph. JEih. 

41. Tt]r i^tipog^ Tiji' x^'P" I^. 

— aiTj/] avr<ii L. || add. fiajifSi D. 

— TaXtOa ACL. rel. Vulg. /. Syrr.Pst.& Memph. Arm. | ra\(i0a 
B. 69. Goth, thalitha </'. | 0ai3ira V. 
c. tabitha a.Jf^g''.!. .Tith. thabitha b.i. 
tabca acultha e. \ -nXira A. 

— Kuv^i B.Bcli.Btli/.CL. 1. 33. M. Jf'. \ 
iKov/it ^. DA. rel. Vulg. b.c.f. Syrr.Pst. 
&Hcl.etmg. Gr. Memph. Arm. JEth.\ 
KovfiH A. 69. Goth, cumhi e. cbumi gK 
(om. o./). I ad fin. ver. om. Syr.Pst. 

— (yiipe AB.Bch.CBlfA. 1. 33. 69. EF 
GHKMSV. I ieyetpai ^. Vsic. \ antea 
<jv A. I puella puella, tibi dico ex- 
surge e. 

42. £y8yfl»BLA.33.1t£u0£wf<^.ACD.rcI. 

— yap] h D. Latt. (.Eth.) 

— trwr] praem. uaei C. A. | wg I. 33. 
Arm. I Contra, rel. 

— ^w^ffca] CfKacvo I. 

— evens (post) iit(T-.'] B(mg.B(/!/.)CLA. 
33. Memph. JEth. | *om. <^. AB(txt. 
jBrfy.)D.rel. Latt.vv. (vid Lue.viii.56). 

— s/coracTEi] praem. TrcwTig D. c.f.ff-.g-.i. 
1 Contr.i, Vulg. a.h.e. 

43. TToXXa] om. D. Latt. (exc. Vulg. a). 

— yvoi ABDL. I Jyvifj T. CA. rel. 

43. ^oOi]vai\ ^ovi'ai D. 

— aurj;] aurip 33. | avrtjv K. 

1. Kat ipxirai BCLA. 1 Xxai 
i]\eiv S". A. 1. rel. Goth. Arm.MSS. 
(om. Zoh.) O/-/^. iii. 461'. | Ka7n}\0tv 
sic D (? Icgcndum kul aTrrjXOiv) hiat 
33. I et venit a. abiit Vulg. b.c.df.Jp. 
g'-'-I. (praceimte "egressus"), sicetiam 
e. (praeeunte "cum exisset"). 

2. yti'Oiitvov aajijiaTov Vulg. (o);/". jsiib- 
bato b,e. sabbatis c. ] i)/(£p^ (To/5/3arwj/ 
D. ff^.i. 

— diSafTKUv £1' ry trvvayioyy H.Btlt/.CTf 
LA. 33. /.#'-. Syrr.Pst.&Hcl. Memph. 
Arm. (.3ith.) | tiv ry aw. SiS. <^. A. 
rel. Vulg. a.b.c.e. Goth. 

— TToXXoi] praem. oi BL. 69. | Contra, 
ACDA. rel. 

— oKoi'oj'T-ff ABsC. rel. Vulg. d.f.ff^. \ 
uKovaavTEe DGr.LA. 69. FH. a. (Syrr. 
Pst.&Hcl.) I om. b.c.e. 

— f^tTrXr^ffffoiTo] add. £7ri ry ^idaxy nv- 
Tov D. Latt. (exc. e). Sjt.HcL Arm. 
(vid. Matt. xxii. 33. Mar. i. 22. xi. 18. 
Luc. iv. 32). I Contra, rel. 

— ravra~\ add. ajraj'ra C*. {iravra C^). 
Vulg./. (vid. Matt. xiii. 56). I praem. 
Travra A. 

— TovT(j> 2° B.iB/(y.CLA. Memph. | \avTii> 
<^. AD. rel. Latt. (om.e). ||fadd.ons. 
U. (b).f.ff'.i. Syrr.Pst.&Hcl. Goth. Arm. 
I add. im C*DK. | non liabent ABC=LA. 


l(sic). 33. 69. EFGHMSV. Vulg. a. 
c.e. Memph. jEth. 

2. Kai Svi'.'] om. cat U. (^^o« 1 ). Syr.Pst. 
Goth. Arm. 

— ^ui-a/iEig] praem. al BA, 33. (vid. 
Matt. xiii. 54). | om. ACDL. 1. rel. 

— rotaurai] praem. at A. | add. at LA. 
Vulg. c. (Memph.) 

— yii'Oju£j'aiBLA. 3-3. Memph. j Xytvofrat 
'^. AC(sic). l.rel. Liitt. Syrr.Pst.&Hcl. 
Goth. (-ZEth.) I yitvMVTat DK. Arm.Zoh. 

3. ovx] ovK D*. 

— TiKTiov b wios ABCD. rel. Vulg. f. 
Syrr.Pst.&Hcl. Memph. Goth. | o tov 
reKTovoc vtoQ Kat 33. 69. Toh a.b.c.{e).i. 
(om. Kai e). (Ai'm. jEth.) Joseph fa- 
bri filius et g^, fabri filius Joseph et g'K 

(o TOV TSKTOVOS 33). I om. 6 TiKTiiiV 

Syr.Hier. | " Xiyuv (Celsus sc.) Ivti 

TiKTtOV IjV Tl)v TeXVTJV, .... OV fiXiTTtOV 

oTt oiiSafiov Tutv iv rate tKKXjjaiatg 
ipipopkvoji' tuayytXiwv TiKTUiv auTog b 
'lijffovQ avaysypaTTTai." O/"/^. i. 659''*^- 

— Tt]s Mapiag BCLA. | *om. ri)s '^. A 
D. rel. (hiat 33). 

— K«t aStX<poe BC(DL)A. e. Syr.Pst. 
Memph. (k. 6 aStX. DL). | JatfX^of 
Se -. A. rel. (hiat 33). Syr.Hcl. Goth. 
1 [Vulg. a.b.c.f. Arm.] 

40. paella erat CI. | 42. obstupuerunt atu- 
pore magno CI. 

1. sequebantur eum CI. | 3. nonue hie CI, 


' Lu. 4:24. 
Joh. 4:44. 


J, J VaKwpov Kai lQ)ai]T0S' kul lovoa kul Zi/mcovos ; kul 

efgVkmsuv °^'^ ^'^'^ "' u8e\(()al ahrod mSe Trpw v/xa?; koL 

1^ ^a KavSaXl^ovTo eV avTw. ' * kcu ekeyev" avrols 6 

Itjcrov? OTL OvK ecTTLv 7rpo(j)^rr]9 arifjios e/. ^.r] Iv rfj 

TrarpiSi aurou kol eV To'19 ^ avyyevevaLv" * avTov" kol 

eV T^ OLKia avTov. ^ kol ovk * iSvuaTo" e/cei * TroirjaaL 

ov8ep.[av 8vvapLiv", el /xrj oXlyois appcoarois e-rndeh 

ray x^^P"-^ edepdireucrei'. ''kol idau/xa^eu 8ia rrjv 

ainaTLav avrav. 

/3 ^^ JVat irepniyev ras /cco/xa? kvkaco OLOaaKcov. 

epiatt lo't-K 'ii " ^"' TrpocTKaXe'LTai. rovy 8co8eKa, koL ijp^aro avTovs 

||Lii. g:i- b. airocTTeXXeLV 8vo 8vo, koI i8[8ov avrols e^ovalav rcov 

irvevixaTcov rmv aKaOdprcov ^ kol Trapi^yyeiXev avTols, 

iva fj.r/8ei' alp^a-LU els 68ou el /xi) pd(38oi' p.6vov, * fxri 

aprov, ixr) ir-qpav", fxrj els rrjv ^coviju xaA/coT/, '^ 'dXXa 

9. Miaa^eai v7ro8e8e/xevovs aav8dXia, Koi fj.rf ev8var]a6e 8vo x'tw- 

VI. 4 

ct Iiulae ct Simonis? nonne et 
sorores eius hie nobisciiin sunt? 
Et scand.ilizabantur in illo. 
■> C5I, I.) Et (liccbat eis Icsus quia 
non est proplieta sine lionore 
nisi ill pati'ia sua et in cogua- 
tione sua ct in domo sua. ^ Et 
non potcrat ibi virtutcui uUam 
facerc, nisi paucos inlirmos in- 
positis luanibus euravit. '' Et 
mirabatur propter incredulita- 
tem illorum. 

(52, 2.) Et eircumibat castella 
in cireuitu doeens. '' <~^^<--'> 'Et 
convoeaTit duodecim, et coe- 
pit cos mittere binos, et dabat 
illis potestatem spirituum in- 
nnmdorum, ^ ct praecepit eis 
ne quid tollerent in via nisi 
virgam tantum, non peram non 
panem ncquc in zona aes, ' sed 
calciatos sandaliis, et ne indn- 

3. Kai loiatjTos Ti.Btli/.Blc.Bl.A. 33. 69. 
a. Memph. | frai Iwct); 5. AC. rel. 
SyiT.Pst.&Hcl. Gotli. Arm. I et Joseph 
Vulg. b.e.f.g'-'- JEth. \ om. c.ffli. 

— Km OVK e. I ovxi Kai D. a.c.f. \ nonne 
b.g"-. nonne et Vulg. j'. | ov A. 

— £1(711' e. I post I'luac T). Vulg. a.f. \ 
post wSi be. 

— i>ti] om. JI*. 

4. Km tXiyiv B.Btli/.CBLA. 33. Vulg. a. 
b.e.f.U. Syr.Pst. Mcniph. | JtXfyt fi 
T. A. rcl. c. Syr.Hcl. Goth. Arm. 

— nKrois] om. 1. C9. 

— d-i] om. A. 69. S. Syr.Pst. Arm. 

— Trarpi^i] post tavrov 69. | praem. loi^r 
AL. I Contra, rel. 

— aurou] lavTov L. 69. 

— roif avyyii'tvmv B.BcA.D'LA. 1. 33. 
69. EFGHUV. 1 ^Toie avyyu'eiTiv <^. 
A(C)(D*).rcl. {t>}Q CTuyy. C. raif truyy. 
D*E* ut vkl.) \ Tf avyyei'iiif K*. | om. 
Kat £. r. avyy. c.e. 

— (Tuyy. Hurou BC*L(A)KMmg. (,'aur. 
A). Vulg. b.,lf.ff'-9'-'l Syn-.Pst.&Hcl. 
Memph. ..Eth. | *om. av-ov t. AC'D 
Gr. rel. (hiat 33). a.iff-.) Goth. Arm. 

5. iSuvuTo AB*7'/:CLKM. OW3.iii.466'= 
(2°)f-| tn^vvciTo '^. UA. rcl. On^.iii. 
466''(1»;. I (noluit a,f.g->.i). 

— TTOtijirni ovcifitav Smafuv BCLA. 1. 
(Syr.Pst.) Mempli. (iEth.)| owl ttoojct. 
Svv. X). a. Orig.iu.46G''-'- \ JouiT. Ivy. 
^o";t. <7. A. rcl. Svr.Hel. Gutli. | 


virtutcm uUam faeero Vulg.y. virtutes 
multas facere g". virtutcm multam fa- 
cere i. non facicbat illic virtutes mul- 
tas c. non fae. ibi (illic e) uUam vir- 
tutcm b.e. non fecit ibi virtutes mul- 
tas ff\ 

6. Kni iBavfuii^iv ACD. rcl. Vulg. a.c.f. 
(ff')-ff-- Syrr.Pst.&Hcl. | kih lOavfia- 
aev H.Bthj.E' ntvid. \ om. b.e. \\Kat 
i6. cut r. nTTiu-. aurwi'] om. A. (spat, 

— aTnaTiai'l Tnanv D Gr. 

— wipiniyiv] add. d Ii}aovg 69. 

— Kufiag kukX(;)] kvk\(:i /cw/inc L. 69. 

7. '-TrpoGKaXeirm^ TrpooKaXttra/ffi'OC T>. 1. 
a.b.c. (vid. Matt.x. 1). | Contra, MSS. 
Vulg. (/). rcl. 

— fwifti-a] add. /iaOtirag X). b.ff-.g-.i. 
(vid. Jlatt.) 

— Kai ijp^aro avrovg aTrocrrEWfu'] rtTTi- 
UTiiXn' avTove D. a.b.c. e.ff', JEth. \ 
Contra, Vulg. fg^-'^- rel. | ijplaro 
rtTToffrfWEU' avTovQ (om. Kai) 1. 

— Svo Svol ava ji D. Goth. (om. e). 

— Km t^i<!ou] SovQ D. c.ff-.i. \ Contra, rel. 

— tJouiTia)'] praem. ti]v H. | add. Kara 
A. (Arm.) iKth. 

— Toiv w. Tuiv o/cnO.] om. tuv utrq. C 
A. 33. 69. (vid. Jlatt.x. 1). ] Contra, rcl. 

— ad fin.] add. ut cjiecrent eos Syr.Pst. 
(vid. Matt.x. 1). | fugare ante tuiv irv. 
c.ff-. cjicere g'. 

8. ■7rapi)yyH\iv'] 7rapiiyyt\n' F. | ira- 
pi(yy£,\Xu' ElIV. 

8. aipoiaiv ABsD. rel. | apiDcriv CLA. 69. 

— fiQ 6^01''] ei' ry ocip K. Vulg. a.c.e.f.l. 
I Contra, Tol ff'.i. (om. A). 

— jxovtjv A. 

— pri apTov fii) Tnipai' BCLA. 33. Memph. 
JEth.\:^ pi] TTJip. pfj'apr. ^. A. rel. Latt. 
(e.Kc. a). SyiT.Pst.&Hcl. Goth. Arm. 
(vid. Luc. X. 3). I piiTS Tnjp. pij-i apr. 
D. a. (vid. Luc.) | tunc /o/rt D. 

— Ziovijv'] add. u^wj' A Gr. Memph. 

9. aWa AB.Btly.CDXV. \ |a\\' S". 
A. rel. 

— ii'Svaiiaee (Si.) ACDA. 1. 69. EFG 
HMUV. a. Memph. Goth. Arm. (iu^v- 
ar)<rBmsic scr. ADA). | tvSviraaBai Eh. 
WBch.S. Vulg. (A.e).e.(^2j,i.2.,-)_ gy^r. 
Pst.&Hcl. iEth. I Ey^vaarrOa B*Bch. 
33. I lyOeSvaOai L. | tSvaiiaSe K. 

10. tXeyEi'] \fyfi A. b. 


— av 1» ADLA. | Jfni' <r. BsC. rel. 

— eiQ QiKiai'^ om. D. a.ff~.i. \ Contra, 
Vulg. b.e.f. 

— iuj£ ay e^t\9tiT£ eKeiOei''] Kai eKSiOey 
tKipxf'dt 33. (vid. Luc. ix. 4). 

11. Of ay ToiroQ pt] Sii,r)Tai BLAGr. 69. Memph. Mt\\. | dj av pi/ 
tff4i/rat C*(utvid.) 1. (vid. Matt. x. 
14). I ^offoi ay pr] SeKi07'Tai ^. (AC* 
P. 33). rcl. Latt. Syrr.Pst.&Hcl.txt. 
Goth. Arm. Orig. Int. ii. 71^ (vid. Luc. 

4. diccbat illis CI. | in domo sua et iu cop^na- 
tione sua Ct. \ 6. comm CI. I circuibat CI. I 
7. Et vocavit CI. 

VI. 17. 


Vnlg. a. h. c. I'lt 

Syrr. P. H. ji 

Mempli. ~^ 

Goth.Arm.aith. ^3 

1 1. oijoi «r ^i) ^£- 

12. fieravoij- J't 

13. iKil^aXov 

IE' »/? 
i'|lMntt.i4:i,2. /3 

II Lu. g -.7-9. 
14. s\(yor 

'||Matt.i4;3-i2. v0 

Lll. 3:19,20. ;3 

j^ay. '" /cat eXeyev avToh, "Ottov * ai/" elaeX6i]Te els 
OLKiav, e/ce? fxeuere ecos av e^eXdijTe eK€L0eu. koI 

* Of af TOTTO'i fxrj Se^ijrai' ufidf, /J-ySe aKOVcrcoaiu 
vjxwu, eKTropevo/jLemi eKeWev eKTipd^are rov x°^^ 


^'^ Kal e^eXOovres * eKrjpv^av" Iva * fjieravoSxTiv , 
^'" /cat Sai/jLouca TroXXa e^elSaXXou, /cat rjXei(f)oi^ eXaico 
TroAAofs" appcocTTOvs kou. iOepaTvevov. 

24"^'Kat rJKOvcrev 6 ^acriXew 'HpcoSr]?, (^avepov 
yap eyevero to 6vop.a avrov^ /cat eXeyev on Icaai/vrj? 
6 j^aiTTL^mv ^ eyijyeprai iK veKpSiv' , kol dia tovto 
ivepyovcriv at Svvdpei^ iv avrCo. '^ aXXot 8e eXeyov 
OTi 'HAt'a? iariv dXXoi 8e eXeyov on n/3o07;r77? \ * 
a»y ely raiv 7rpo(f)r]TU)v. ^^ a/couVay 8e 6 HpaSrjs 

* eXeyev", * 'Ou eyco d7r£Ke(f)dXLa-a 'lcoduv)]u, ovtos * 
■>iyep6i] \_Ik veKpwv\ ^' ' A^roy yap 6 'HpcoSr]? diro- 

crcntin'ilualiiis timlcis. i»(;<,5.) 
Kt (Ucc'Iiat ois, C^uocumque iii- 
troieritis in (lomiiiii,illic manote 
cloiicc excatis inde. " (^'.'-i Et 
fjuiciimquc iion rcccperint vos 
iiec audierin t vos, excuiites indo 
cxcutite pulvcrem dc pedihus 
vestris in testimonium illis. 
12(56,8.) jjj exeuiitcs praedica- 
bant lit paciiitentiam agercnt, 
" ct daenioiila miilta eiciebant, 
et ungcbaiit oleo nuiltos cgro- 
tos ct saiiabant. 

'^ (".=■> Et audivit Hcrodes 
I'cx, manifestiim enim factum 
est nomcn ciiis, ct dicebat quia 
lolianncs baptista resurrexit a 
mortuis, et [n'optcrea operantur 
virtutos in illo. " Alii autem 
dicebant quia Ilclias est, alii 
vero dicebant quia Propheta 
est, quasi unus ex pvophetis. 
16 (59,2.) Qiio audito Herodes ait. 
Quern ego decoUavi lohannen, 
liic a mortuis resurrexit. " '='.'•) 
Ipse enim Herodes misit ac te- 

ix. 5). \\av'](av AC^D. 33. HK. {St- 
Kovrai HK). 
\\. OKovtriorTLv'] aKovuy 1. |I add. tovq 
\oyovQ 1. SjT.Hcl. 

— iKti9ev~\ om. A Gr. 

— Xovv~\ KovwpTov 33. sic etiam ante (k- 
TivaS,iTi 1. (vid. Matt. X.14. Luc. ix.5). 

— TOV uTTOTOT-aj] 0111. D. 33. Latt. exc 
(e). Arm. ^th. (vid. Matt. x. 14). ] 
Contra, rel. 

— ad fin.] add. f «/")'' Xfyw i'/'"'' "I'fK- 
^TOTtpov iarai ^odopoiQ ?/ Tofxoppoig 

■ftl' I't^tfp^ Kpi(TiWQ ij Ty TToXn iKill'y 

S". A.rel. ti.f.g''. Syrr.Pst.&Hcl. Memph. 
Schw. Goth. ^tli. {'S.o^ajioiq r) To/top- 
poiq'] yii 2o(V/(wi' K^i Fofioppag 33). 
vid. Matt. X. 14. | non hubent BCD 
LA. Vulg. b.cff-.g'.l. jremph.ap.Mill. 

12. fKjjpiiJni' BCDLA. Syrr.Pst.& 
Goth. I XiKi)pv(Taov T. A. rel. Latt. 
[c]. Syr.Hcl.txt. | turipvacnvF. 

— /lerarouKrij' BDL. | :{: /if ra roj/fTtdtn «^. 
AC. lel. 

13. i^tPaWov ABsL. rel. Latt. [/]. Syrr. 
Pst.&Hcl. Goth. I tKtfiaXov CDA. 33. M. 

— ri\(t<pov ABsL. rel. Vulg. a.f.g'-''' rel. 
I eXifpov C. I aXti^amq D, b.c.ff-.i. 

— tXaii^~\ tXaiQi' G. 

— apiaoTovQ D. II Kai seq.] om. D. i.e. 
^P-i/.i. (Contra, Vulg. a.f.g''). 

— tQipa-mvov^ -ovto H. g^. || add. avrovg 
69. M. Arm. 

14. ("i /3aff. "Hp. ABsC»L. rel. Vulg.C/. 
ff\g\ Syr.HcI. Memph. Goth. Ami.| 

'Hp. 6 Pad. CDF. Am. a.b.c.f.i. Syr. 
Pst. iEth. II add. riji' aK0i]V IijcroD 69. 
M (non K). (Syr.Pst.) -sid. Matt. xiv. 1. 

14. tXtytv ACLA. rel. Vulg.c/.f/'. Syrr. 
Pst.&Hcl. Memph. Goth. Arm. iEth. 

I tXtyov B. {iXtyoaav D). a.bjf"'. (vid. 
ver. 15). 

— /3f(jrrijwi' ABiCL. 1. rel. | jiawTia- 
T>i£ D. 33. 69. S. Vulg. a.b.c.f. Arm. 
(vid. Matt. xiv. 2). | om.ff'.g''. 

— iyijytpTai JK veKp(ov BDLA. 33. Latt. 
Syr.Pst. Memph. Arm. jEth. | riyepOti 
CB I'EKpwi' C. (vid. Luc. ix. 9). | Jf/c 
I'CKpwv iiytpSr] =:. 1. 69. E. rel. (ek 
i'£k-p. avKjTt) AK). Syr.Hcl. Goth. 

— • £i'(pyoii(7il' at ciui'a/jfie] «i Cvv. tvepy. 
A. 33. K. Vulg.C/. fl.(<0.(if").(0- Syrr. 
Pst.&Hcl. (vid. Matt. xiv. 2). | Contra, 
Am. b.g~. 

15. aXXoi 'HX. Effni'] om. 33. G. 

— aXXoi*Si" 1° AH.Btli/.CULA. 1. 69. 
EHKS. Latt. Syr.IIcl. Memph. Gotli. 
[^Eth.] I *om. h S-. FsMsicUVs. Syr. 
Pst. Arm. 

— aXXoi ^£2°] Jf Vnig.* 

— (Xiyov 2»] om. 1. a.b.c.jP. Syr.Pst. 
Arm. I Contra, Vulg. f.g'.i. Syr.Hcl. 

— TTpotpriTijc we BC"'L(A). (rel. vid. infra), 
(vv.) Orig. iii. 469'. | om. D. h.c.Jp.i. 

II f post Trpo^. add. iittiv <;■. AC'^ 69. 
rel. Vulg. a/i/'.Syrr.Pst.&Hcl. Memph. 
Goth. Arm. ^Eth. | om. BC*LA. 1.33. 
(;;!' post TTpo(pr)TMV Orig. iii.') ||fadd. 
i; ante wf s". A. 1- Syr.Hcl. Arm. | 
om. ABCL. 33. 69. EFGHKJISUV. 

Vulg. f.gKl. (vid. a infra). Syr.Pst. 
Memph. Goth. iEth. Orig.iii. 

15. wg lie Tuiv Trpo^ijrwi'] om. a. \ nc 
Tuiv apxaimv avtiyri} 33. (wf] og K). 

16. o 'HpwJfje] 0111. o CDK*UV. I Contra, 
ABsLA. rel. 

— iXiyiv BCLA. 33./. | {(iTrE)' S". A 
D. rcl. a.cff-. Syrr.Pst.&Hcl. (vid. 
Matt.xiv.2. Luc. ix. 9). ait Vulg. i.j'-'-'- 

— o)'] tpraem. un <^. AC. rel. Memph. 
Goth. I 0111. B.Bc/i.DL. 1. 33. Liitt. 
Syrr.Pst.&Hcl. Arm. iEth. Orig. i\: 

— Iijrtj')';))'] om. D. I Contra, rcl. Orig. 
iv. [ ante bv tyio mrfK. Syrr.Pst.&Hcl. 
jEth. (vid. 1 infra). 

— oiTOg] I add. trrra' aurog T. AC. rel. 
(«.4.0. Syr.Hcl. Gotli. Arm. (.Eth.)| 
om.BDLA. 69. Vnig.c.ff-.g'"- Memph. 
I avToi: tantnni habcut 33. /. Syr.Pst. 
( r/i/.) | (ourof forij' I(u- 
avuiiQ avToQ 1. a.b.i. Orig. iv. (vid. Matt, 
xiv. 2). I Contra, Vulg. c.f.ff'.g'---) 

— )iyip0t] IK vtKpuiv A. l.rel. b.c.J.f.ff'-. 
Syrr.Pst.&Hcl. Goth. Arm. vEth. | 
tiyepBrj aTTO Tuiv viKpaiv C. Orig. iv. 
115'=. (vid. Matt.xiv.2). | ek vck-ptov 
nyipdr) D. 69. Vulg. a.j'-'-j. | om. ek 
viKpuv BLA. 33. Syr.Hier. Memph. 

17. avTOQ yap o] om. o D. 69. | o yap 
L. Memph, (vid. Matt. xiv. 3). j uvtoq 
^E o A. g^. 

13. aogros CI. \ 14. rex Herodes CI. | inopi- 
nauturvirtutcs^m./ virt.oper. e(./ opeiautur 
virfc. Fidd. \ 15. quia 2°. om. Ai,i. 



1. 33. 69. 


19. ilr/Tti avTov 

20. ij/Toptr^ 


21. tTToitl 

22. lai'Tric'] 

— Kal ape(jaa7j£ 


(TTelXaf eKpaTi-jaev tov Iwavvrjv Koi eSrjcreu avrov ev 
* (pvXaKrj, 8ia 'HpcoSLaSa ti]v yvvaiKa ^PiXlttttov 
TOV ad€A(pov avTov, on avTrjv eyafiTjcrev eAeyev 
yap o 'Icodpvq? Ta> 'UpaSr] otl Ovk e^eaTiv ctol e^eiu 
Trjv yuvaiKa rou a8e\(pov crov. ' i) 8e lipcodias' 
evelyiv avTCO, koI rjdeXev avTov airOKTelvar /cat ovk 
rjSvuaTO- ^^ o yap 'lipa)8r]s i(f)ol3eLTO tov 'Icoduvrju, 
elScof avTou auSpa Sikuiou kcu ayiov, Kai avvfTrjpei 
avTov KCU aKOvaai avTov iroKXa iTroiei, Kai rjSecos 
^ avTOv rjKOvev. ~ kcll yevop-evq^ rjiJ-epas evKaipov ^ 
oTe 'Wpu)8i]s Tols yevealoLs avTov SeLiruov * eiroirjcrev 
T0L9 fxeyiaTcia-LV avTov Koi toIs ^tXLap-^OLS Kat T0I9 
irpuiTois TJ]9 TaXiXaLos, " Kai eiaeXOovcrr]^ Trjs 
OvyaTpoi avTTjs Trji 'H|Oq»5ta5oy, kou bp')(r)a-aii.evrii 
^ -qpecrev" tco 'HpcoSrj koL T0I9 avvavaKeifievoLS, *6 
5e (BacTiXev^ eiirev" tco Kopacruo, A'lTrjcTOV /xe cav 
OiXrjs, KOL dcoao) aor ^ /cat cofioaev avTrj otl O iau 
H^ cuTrjaris Scocrco croi ecoy y/xicrovs Trjs ^aaiXcias 

VI. 18. 

nuit lohannen ct vinxit eum In 
carcere propter Herodiadam 
uxorem Pliilippi fratris su i, quia 
duxcrat earn: " dicebat eniui 
loliannes Hcrodi, Non licet tibi 
haliere uxorem I'ratristui. " Hc- 
rodias autem insidiabatur illi et 
volebat occidcre eum, nee po- 
tcrat; -" Hcrodcs enim uietu- 
ebat lohannen, sciens enm vi- 
rum iiistum et sanctum, ct 
custodiebat eum, et audito eo 
midta faciebat, et libentcr eum 
audiebat. -' <''».''■> Et cum dies 
oportunus aceidisset, Herodcs 
natalis siii caenam fecit princi- 
pibus et tribunis et priniis Ga- 
lilaeae : ^'cumque introisset filia 
ipsius Ilcrodiadis et sallasset et 
placuisset Herodi simulque re- 
cumt)cutibii5, rex ait puellae, 
Pete a me quod vis, et dabo tibi. 
^' Et iuravit illi quia Quicquid 
pctieris dabo tibi, licet dimi- 

17. Kat i^jjir^v avTov"] post ^vXaKy A. 

— ^vXaKp'] fpraem. ry <^, Is. | om. AB 
CLA. 33. EFGHKMSUV. Goth. ||k«, 
tjlaXiv fif (jjvXuKrjv D. 69. a.b./.ff'.i. 
Syr.Pst.MS. Arm. i Contra, "mSS. 
Vulg. eg'-'- Syr.Hel. Mcmph. Goth, 
^th. (Syr.Pst. impr. habct fjiaXtv su- 
pra loco iCTiaev). 

— TTji' yvi'aiKa Bmg.Ty. 

— on avTi)v tyafitjun''] on lyafnjaiv 
avTi]v \y. Vulg. a.(Ji).c.f.g\ \ Contra, 
ff''. I om. g\i. 

18. fXtyfi'] tXfyav KTf. 

— d Iwrtvi/j/f] om. d D. Ilpracm. avrqi 
(om. mox rijj 'Hpwf y) 33. (vid. Matt. 
xiv. 4). 

— on] om. D. Vulg. c.f.ff^'.gK JFa\i. \ 
Contra, a.b.l. rel. 

— <roi] at IJ. a. \ Contra, Latt. rel. Orig. 
iii. 47I^ 

— ex«"'] Pfist yvvaiKa 1. | Contra, Orig. 

— Ti)v yuj'fiiifrt roll aciXipov (rov] avTijv 
33. (iirf. Matt. xiv. 4). 

19. jj St 'Hpwliag ii'tixf avTi/i'] om. 33. 
(vid. Matt. xiv. 5). 

— Kin 1"] om. E*. 

— ti9iXtv ABaC'D Gr. rel. Vulg. fff'. 
rel. I ti^rjrtt C*. a.b.c.d.i. 

— avTOv airoKTfivai AB«C^. rel. l>.f, \ 
aiTOKT. avT. PU. Vulg. a.c.t. | avrov 
aTToXcaai C*. 


19. })tviiaTO BsCD. rel. | iSvii. AAK. 

20. iiKciiov] prophetam 

• — Km ciyioj'] om. 1. ||'niD. (f).p'.!. 

— Kai avviT.^ om. Kat B. 

— -n-oXXa Vulg. a.f.ff^. \ add. a C9. 
" quia (quod (/'.) multa faciebat" i.p'. 
" ilium niitlta faccre" c. 

— tiroiu ACD.rel. Latt. SyiT.Pst.&Hd. 
Goth. Arm. ^Eth. ] rjiroptt BL. Memph. 
I om. cum Kai seq. A. 

TJKOVei''] 1]K0V<71V 69. 

21. ytvojitvijo] add. it D*. (ii).b.c. Mcmph. 

— drt ABC. rel. | om. D. a.b. {non lia- 
bent et Vulg. c.f.ff^. sed ante legunt 
" cum.") 

— ytrtaiotgl ytt'txX^otg'D*. \ yf rtOXioi^D'^ 

— tTTonjaii' BCDLA. 69. Latt. | Xittoki 
■S-. A. 1.33. rel. Syrr.Pst.&IIcl. 

— fity. aiToi'] om. avrov D. 1. Vulg. 
a.b.f. I Contra, c.i. rel. 

— raXiXaiaf"] civitatis Syr.Hel. mg. 

22. Kat £iiT{X6oii(7i;s] iicriXB. ct D Gr. 
(Vulg.) (a.c). I Contra, i./^-. 

— avrtiQ T;;f AC. 33. 69. rel. Syr.Hel. 
(ipsius Vulg. a.d.ff^.g'). | avrov BDL 
A.|om. aun)c 1. b.c.f. Syr.Pst. Mcmph. 
Goth. Arm. -Slth. 

— tjpiatv BC*L. 33. (vid. A infra), e.^'-. 
Memph. Arm. (vid. Matt. xiv. 6).] J koi 
api(jaa)}Q =r. AC'D. 1. rel. Vulg. a.b. 

f.g": (Syrr.Pst &Hcl.) Goth, (^th.) | 

('Hpw^iaJoc opx^iya^uytjv Kai. pidiv 
sic A). 

22. d h I3aa. inriv BC*LA. 33. (rex ait 
Vnlg.ff-). I tei7ra'd/3rt(r.s--C^I>-l-rel. 
a.b.(f).ff\ Syr.Hel. Goth. Aim. ("tunc 
dixit rex" c. "dixit" tantum !)• I "- 
TTfi' ft o /3o(7. A. (Syr.Pst.) Mcmph. 

— £ai'] om. DA. 1. a.b.c.f. | av 69. 

— efX),f] -Xiig DL. 1. H. I leiXiie A. 

— Kai Sioau) ffoi] ante d tav 6tXt]g K. 

23. Kai lojxoatv SuxTui ffot] om. T. Syr. 

Hier. \\Kaiio^ioi7. avT.'\ post fia^.^iov 1. 
(w/ioo'Ci'] ii)noXoyi]iTti' F). || on a (av fit 
air. duttrio ffoi^ om. 1. 

— nurj/] om. L. ||add. jroXXa D. o.(A 
"mulicri" pro "multnm"). J/''. Arm.' 
Contra, Vnlg. c.f. 

— in d lav AC=L. rel. Latt. rel. (C* n.l. 
vid, 1 supra). | o ri eav H.Blli/.X uri 
b av 69. I (I ri av T> Gr. 

— ■ fit airtj<ryg~] ainjTyg fit AK. Goth, 
Arm. ||om. /I! L. 69. H. Vulg. b. 
c.l. Memph. | Contra, MSS. a.f.ff\ 
Syrr.Pst.&Hcl. (Goth. Arm. sui>ra). 
[^Elh.] I {atrtiai] A). 

— ioig I'liiKTovg ABsC. rel. | iu>g I'miav L 
A. I iiog I'lfunov K. | iuig iipiatiog S. | 
Kai ro I'lfititrv D. Latt, 

24. Kai ante tUXO. B.2?c/i.LA. 33. Memph. 

17. Horodiadcm CU 

VI. 30. 


Vwlg. <i. h. c. 

Syrr. P. H. 



24. 1/ ci iKi\. 


fj.ov. " * Kal" e^eXdovaa elirev rfj firjrpl avrrjs, Tt 
^ aiTrjCTUifxai" ; rj 8e elivev, Ti^v Ke(f)aX-)]u 'Icoavuov tov 

2G. ai'T. aOir. 
27. tyixf^tjvat 

^ ^aiJ-TL^ovTo^". "^ Koi elaeXOovaa ^ evOvs /xera 
(Tirovbrii tt/jo? tov (SacrtXea, rjrrjcraTO Xeyovcra, QeXco 
"iva * i^avTrj9 5«y fioi" iiVL irivaKL ttju KecpaXrjv Ico- 
avvov TOV (SaTTTicTTov. ~" Koi TrepiXvTTOf yevofiivo^ 
6 /SaciAei^y Sia tovs opKovs kou tov^ * dvaKei/xevovs 
OVK TjUeXijaeu * atfeTijarai avTrju . Kat * evUvs airo- 
aTelXaf 6 ^aaiXev? * (nreKOvXaropa" liveTa^ev ^ iviy- 
kul" ttjv Ke(paX-)]v avTov. ^ kol" aireXOcov «7re/c60a- 
Xicrei> avTov iv ty) (pvXaKrj, Kac T]veyKev Tijv 

Ke(j)aXrju avTov eirl Trhaia, kol eScoKeu avTrjv tco 
Kopacrup, KOU to Kopacnov eScoKev avTrfv tyj firjTpL 
avTTjf. ' Kai aK.ov(TavT€9 OL fiaarjTat avTOV rjAoav , 
KOU rjpav TO TTTco/xa avTOV /cat edt-jKav avTo ^v p-vrj- 
\) /leia. 
^Lif''''*-lo \" 25^''JKat avvdyovTai o't diroaToXoL irpos tov 'I?;- 
H Goth. aovv, KOU aTTi'jyyeiXav avTco iravra * haa i7rolr](rav^' 

dium rcgni mei. -' Quae cum 
exisset, dixit m.itri suae, Quid 
])ctani? Et ilia dixit, Caput 
lohamiishaptistae. ^ Cnmque 
introisset statim cum festina- 
tioiic ad regcm, petivit diccns, 
Volo ut protinus dcs mihi iu 
disco caput lohannis ba)itistae. 
** Et contristatus rex propter 
iusiur.andum et propter sinuil 
recumbentes noluit earn con- 
tristare, " sed misso specula- 
tore praccepit adl'erri caput 
cius ill disco. Et decollavit cum 
in carcere, '^ et attulit cajiut 
cius in disco et dedit ilhul pu- 
cUae, et puclla dedit matri suae. 
-' Quo audito discipuli cius ve- 
neruut et tulcrunt corpus eius 
et posuerunt illud in monu- 

3o<6i,s.) jjf convenientes apos- 
toli ad Icsura rcnunti.averunt 
illi omnia quae egerant et do- 

^th. [Vulg. c. Ann.] "et ilia" gKi.\ 
t .; ds =r. ACD. rel. a.b.f.f. Syrr.Pst. 
&Hcl. Goth. (vid. Matt. xiv. 8. et infra). 

24. f^eXOovffa] eXGovrra A. 

— atTijauiiim AB.Bcli.CBLA. 33. G. | 
J-tro/iai s". 1*. E. rel. 

— TOV /3a— riJojToc B.C^.LA. Syr.HcI. 

(om. TOV B.Blc") j ^TOV ftaWTlGTOV ^. 

ACD. .33 (sic), rel. vv. (vid. JIatt. xiv. 
8. et vcr. 25). 

25. n'ei'f BCA. 33. (Jsi'Sfwe ^. A. rel.) 
Vulg.//^'-. Syrr.Pst.&Hcl. Goth. Arm. 
(sic). JEtb. I om. Vh. 1. a.b.c.i.l. 

— fiiTa anov^ijo] om. D. a.b.c.\ Contra, 
Vulg. /. 

— Trpoc] (ig II. 

— riTrirTaToXiyovna ABsC. 33. rel. Vulg. 
/. Syr.Hel. Memph. Goth. (iEth.) | 
uTTiv DA. 1. a{b)._g^.i. (SjT.Pst.) 
Arm. (add. illi Syr.Pst.) [c]. 

— 8t\u> ii'a] om. D. a.b (c).ff^.i.\ConUa, 
Vulg. / 

— ffaurTjc ^w? /"" BC*LA. Vulg. a.b, 
(ff^).i. Syr.Pst. Memph. iEth. (des 
mihiy). I '^fioi ^(iig iKavTijc S". AC\ 
1.33. rel. (Syr.Hel.) Ami. [c]. | log 
/!ioi D. I om. t^avTtjg D. f. Goth. (vid. 
Matt. xiv. 8). 

— TTiraicij add. uih T>. (vid. Matt.) 

l^aTTTLffTOv'] fia-TTTt^oi'Tog L. 

26. KOI 1°] om. D Gr. 

26. yei'Ofxei'og'] yevafitvog A. 

— /SaffiXti'c] add. wf )jkod(T£1' D Gr. c. 
,§'"-.g''.i. I Contra, Vulg. a.b.f. 

— k-aiToue] KOI ^m roi'f D. Latt. (exec). 

— avuKHfUvovg 'R.Bthj.C(nt vid.)LA. 
Syr.Pst. I X uvi'ai'UKei^ei'ovg ^. AC'D. 
rel. vv. (vid. Matt. xiv. 9). | avvuKei- 
fi€vovg sic K. 

— >]6i\iiaev'] 7t9e\ev 1. 

— a9iTi](Tai aVTt]v BCLA. | Xavn]v 
aOiTi^aai 'S. AD. rel. VV. [c]. | avra- 
0€T7j(Tai sic 69. 

27. k-n.] aWa D. Vulg.'.g'.l. Syr. 
Pst. I Contra, b. Syr.Hel. rel. 

— (vOvg BCLA. | tiveeag S"- AD. 
rel. I om. Vulg. cjf'.g'.i.l. (Contra, 

— a-!rotTT(t\ag~\ airoXvaag 1. 

— o pacnXfvg} om. D. 1. Latt. | Contra, 
rel. (ante a-n-oaTeiXag K). 

— inriKOvXaTopa AB.Btl!/.(T))hA. 1. 33. 
Graece. (-TOpav T>*. Cn.l.) \ J-rwpa 

^. r sic. (ffTTEKoX. D). 

— iviyKai BCA. I Jtrex^')''"' S". ADL. 
rel. [ txOjjpai 69. 

— Tijt' Ki<p. aiirou] rtiT. r. Kif. K, (Jo- 
hannis Syr.Pst.) ||add. nri vivaKi CA. 
Vulg. c.<f. (vid. ver. 28). | Contra, A 
BDL. rel. rel. 

— KM a7rt\9u>v B.Btly.CJ>A. 1. a.c.ff^'.i. 

Syr.Pst. Memph.Sehw. (iEth.) | "et" 
(tantum) Vulg. e. | Jo ^t mnXQ. 
S. AD. rel. (b.f). Syr.Hel. Goth. 
Arm. ] ad iji'ty. t. Knp. ai'rou] om. 33. 

28. aii7-ou] om. D. a. (Johannis Syr.Pst. 

— avTijv 1°] om. LA. 1. (nan 33). b.c. 
Syr.Pst. Arm. | Contra, rel. 

— tCoiKiv 2»] ijviyKtv C. 33. Memph.MS. 
I Contra, ABsDLA. 1. rel. vv. (Arm. 
utrq. lect. habet). 

— auT);v2°] om. D. 33. Latt. (exc. b.f). 
Syr.Pst. Arm. TEth. | Contra, ABsC LA. 
1. rel. b.f. Syr.Hel. Memph. Goth. 

29. Kai aKovaavTtg MSS. a. vv. ) aKov- 
navng St D. Memph.W. | [Vulg. b. 

— ijXeav BL. 33. I tiiXSov <^. ACD. 

— fn'qfui<ii^ praem. rij) St. D. Is. \ om. 
Eh. AB.Bch.CLA. 33. 69. EFaGIIK 

30. Traira] fadd. xai '^. A. rel. Syr. 
Hcl. Goth. I om. B.Bch.CBLA. 1. 33. 
EV. Latt. Syr.Pst. Memph. Arm. 

— tTrotrjaav Kai urra tcifajn)'] icic. k. 
u(ja iTTOi. K. I (iTToiiiafV A). 

24. at ilia a. I 26. est rex CL | discumbcntes 
Ci. I 30. ei omnia CI. 



VI. 31. 




j^^ ■ "'" /cat ocra eotoa^av. ' Kai ^ Aeyei avroi^, LMvre vjxeis 
1.33.69. avTol KUT ISlai^ eff k'piiuov TOTTOv, KoX ^ avaiTavaaaOe' 

EFGHKMSUVr. , , ^ v ^ , . / v , . / 

oALyov. rjaav yap oi ep)(Ofj.ei'oi Kai ol virayovref 

■^ II Matt. ij: 14-2. TToAAo/, Kul ov8e (poyelv ^ evKatpovv"^ . '^" "^ /cat diryX- 

Lu. 9:11-17. 0Q2/ (If ep-naov tottov tco ttXoico Kar ISiau. ''^ Kol 

llJoh. G: ,-,3. , '^r , , \ , jS, ,, t 

Matt. 15: 32, etc. ELOou avTovs vTTayovTa^ ' /cat * tyvcoaav ttoXAol, 

c.ip. 8; i,ctc. V <.,„ , V „ „ / /. , - 

32. [r,p ttXoiV] f«' 7re(,7J aTTO TTaaCOV TCOV TTOAeCOU aVViOpapOV €K€L 

i^' ^y Koi TT^rjXOov avT0V9^. ''^ Koi i^eXOcov eiSev ^ ttoXvv 
0)^X01^, /cat ecTTrXayyvLaOi^ * eV avrovf' , on rjcrav 

(uy irpofiara pi] €)(0VTa iroipeva, kol rjp^aro Sida- 

^ cTKeiv avTovs iroXXd. '^^ /cat ijSrj oopas iroXXrjs yevo- 
pevi]s TrpoaeXOovre^ avrco ol paOrjTou avrov * eXeyov" 
oTi Kpijpo? laTLv 6 TOTTOV, Kou rjSrj CO pa ttoXXtj- 
OLTToXvaov avTovs, Iva direXOovres et? tovs kvkXco 
aypovs /cat Kcopas dyopaaaxriu eavToh ^ rl ^ (j)a- 
yco(rii> \ "" 6 de UTroKpideh ilirev avrols; Aore av- 

cucrant. 3i(C2,io.) jj^ (jj,. jujg^ 
Venitc seorsum in descrtum 
locum et re(iiiiescitc inisilliim. 
Erant enim qui venicbaiit ct rc- 
dicbant multi, iicc manducandi 
spatium habebant. ^-C'^."'-) Et 
ascendentes in navi abieruiit in 
desertum locum seorsum. ^-"Et 
viderunt cos abcuntcs ct cogno- 
vcrunt multi, et pedcstros do 
omnibus civitatibus concurre- 
ruiit ilhic et praevcncrunt cos. 
^' Et exiens vidit multam tur- 
bani Icsus ct miscrtus est super 
cos, quia erant sicut ovos non 
liabciites pastorem, et coejiit 
docere illos niulta. S5(6i, 1.) j^t 
cum iara bora multa iieret, ac- 
ce.sserunt discipuli cius dicon- 
tes, Desertus est locus hie, et 
iam hora practcrivit : ^* dimitto 
illos, ut euntes in proximas 
villas et vicos cniant sibi eibos 
quos manduccnt. '' Et respon- 
deus ait illis, Date cis [vos] 

30. 6aa2o] cm. C*. 1. Latt. ("quomodo" 
c). I Contra, ABC'D. rel. vv. 

31. Xeyu B.Btli/.Cl,A. 33. (Latt.)| Xinriv 
<^. AD. rel. a. 

— auroie] add. o Itjaovg D. 69. Latt. 
(exc. Vulg.^^.) I Contra, rel. 

— iifUiQ avToi KUT i^iav ABsCLA. 33. 
rel. Syr.Hcl. lom.auroi 1. b.f.l. Memph. 
Arm. I v-a-ayuifuv D. {a').c.ff''.i. JEl\\. \ 
eanius seorsum a. seorsum (tantum) 
Vulg. (abeamus in descrtum nos soli 

ilQ~\ iTT^ LA. 

— avairavaacrBt AB.Bch.CA. 69. M. | 
^avaTTuviaBs ^. 1)L. rel. 

— oi t'ljray.] om. ol KM. ( ? C*). 

— ivKaipovv AB.Bthj.(LA). 69. EFGII 
Vr. (evKaipov LA). | ^tjvKaipoui' s". 
C. Is. 33. KMSsU. I tvKcupwe (-Of*) 

32. Kat] add. avaj3avT€g sig to ttXoiov 
(vid. infra) 1). Latt. (exc. A). 

— aviiXeoiq -Oiv 69. EFGIIVr. 1 Con- 
tra, rel. 

— £if iprip. row. T<ii nXoKtJ A. (1). rel. 
Syrr.Pst.&Hcl. ^th. (t-ijj 7rXotapi(,> 1). 
1 tv Till 7r\oi((j ug ipijpov tottov BLA. 
(33 om. fv). 69. Memph. Arm. (vid. 
Matt.xiv. 13). I (iQ ipiipov tottov tan- 
tarn D. Latt. 

33. eidov'} ii^av IX | ilovrti; 1. (om. Kai 
ante tyvujirav'). 

— inrayovrag'] f add.ol oxXoi 'Z . 09. (vid. 
Matt. xiv. 13. Luc. ix. 11). | om. ABDLA. 
1.33. EFGIIKMSUVr. Latt. Svr.IIcl. 


Memph. Arm. iEth. (praem. iroXXot 
Syi'.Pst. om.postea). |]om. /cai seq. 1. 6. 

33. lyvuiaav W^Bch.T). 1. | Xcmyvinaav 
<^. AB-L. 33. rel. Ufadd. avrov ■S". 69. 
r. rel. I add. avrovQ ALA. 33. KMU. 

/. Syrr.Pst.&Hcl. Memph. ^th. | non 
liabciit BD. 1. Vulg. (i.b.c.l. Arm. 

— TToXXoi] om. 69. 

— TTt'Cy] TTtZoi L. "pcdcstres" Latt. 
(" pcdcstre" d). 

— TraiTwv rujv~\ Travrwv T). 

— (Tvi't^pafiov fKti Kai TTpoiiXOov avrovg 
AB. rel. Vulg. y. Syr.Hcl, Memph. Arm. 
JEth.\sic scd TTpoaijXB. LA. 69. T. (ay- 
roi£ A. avrifi 69. avTOi T). | avvtSpapov 
Kai 7jX6ov eKH 1. I avvidpapov vpog av- 
rovg 33. 1 om. Kat TrporiX9. avr. D. (Latt. 
ct Syr.Pst. vid. infra). ||fadd. Kai airj/- 
>]XQov rrpog avrov r;. 33.J/. Syr.Ilcl. 
jEtli. I add. Kut uvvedpapov irpog avrov 
A. I add. Kai (jvvttmiXOoi' npog avr. 69. j 
add. Kai avv>iX9ov avrov D. li.(c).Jf~'.i. \ 
om. BLA. 1. Vulg.c./. Syr.Pst. Memph. 
Arm. I (concurrcrunt ibi ct venerunt a. 
coneurrerant ibi et convcnerant illuc i. 
ct concurrcrunt illuc c. concur, illuc 
et conven. illuc ff-.i. .■vntevertcrunt 
cum illuc Syr.Pst.) 

34. iiHtv'] Kai tiSuiv D. (,a.l).c.ff^).i. Jfadd. 
6 Ii/ffouf s'. A. rel. ff-. Syr.Ilcl, | 
praem. id. ATI. c.f.{i). Syr.Pst. JEth.\ 
id. post TToX. o^Xov D. Vulg, a.b.l. \ 
om. BL. 1. 33. 69. </'. Memph. Ann. 

— TToXtT oxXov'] oxXov TToXvv 33. Vulg. 
CI. a.f. I ContiM, Am. b [c]. 

34. Kat fffn-X.] om. Kai D. a.b.c.ff^.i. \ 

Contra, Vulg. /. 

— sir' avrovg BDF. ] l^eir' avrotg S"- A 
L. rel. (vid. Matt. xiv. 14). | illis c.ff-. 
eis a. (Contra, Vulg. b./.i). 

• — ^iSaffKeii' avrovgl avrovg SiSaiTKUV AK. 
r. Vulg. Cl.,p. 1 Contra, rel. ^Hi.Latt.rcl. 

35. Kai iji'i;] rjdi] h D. a, 

— yiivopevijg D. 

— avroi 01 fiaOTjrai avrov tXfyoi' BLA. 
33. Memph. | Jaurr^j ol padr]Tai avrov 
Xtyovaiv <^. E.rcl. Syrr.(Pst.)&Hel. (di- 
ccntcs Liitt.) 1 ol ;ia9. a vr. Xiyovuii' avriti 
DK. b.g'. \oifia9. avnii Xcyovaiv A. ] om. 
ai»7-oy 1. 69. c. Arm. | om. avriii Vulg. a. 
Arm. JEih. \ post Xiyovaiv add. avrqi 69. 

— iartv b roTTog Kai"] eariv roirog D*. 

— t]Stl 2°] j) L. I (») uipn iiSt] TToXXt] 1). 

36. KVKXipl (yyiara D. Latt. 

— uypovg Kat Kiopag'] Kw^ag Kai aypovg I. 

— Kw/iaj] fig rag Kiopag Ira D. (om. Kai 
Kiopag A). 

— iavroig^ avroig L*K. I sauroiif 33. 
09. M. (^ayopaawffiv iavrotg aprovg~\ 
KaraXvaiuiTi 1). Iltpost iavrovg add, 
aprovg s. A. rel. Vulg. b.c.f.l. Syrr. 
Pst.&IIcl. iEth. (vid. 1 supra). | om. 
BDLA. a.Jf.i. Memph. Arm. 

— ri ipayuaiv BLA. Vulg. a.c.ff'.g'.i.l. 
Memph. I ri ipayuv D. | Ti tyap" (ia- 
yuaiv touK txovmv" i^. A. rel. (^b).J', 
Syrr.Pst.&Hcl. (Arm.) .lEth. 

31. redibant CI. \ et uec spatium raaiiducaudi 
CI. 1 3'2. iia\im Ct. j 33. add. et (ante de) Am. | 

34. turbam multam CL j illos docere CI. | 

35. pi-aeteriit CI. j 37. illis CL | om. vos Am. 

VI. 44. 


Vulg. a. h. c. 

Syrr. P. H. 



37. (iwcrw/(fr 

33. ix^^^ liprovQ 
— X'tyoutTtv [rt('- 

41. TrapariOiiirriv 

43. K\a(rfiaTa dio- 
— KOtpU'iov 

Toi? u/i€?f (payeli^. koI Xeyovaiu avTco, ' KireXdov- 
ref dyopao-co/ieu * Sijuaplcov SLaKOcrlcov" aprovs, Kcii 
* Scocrofieu" avroi? (payeii' ; "^^ 6 Se Xeyei avrols, ITo- 
aovs aprovs e)(eTe ; inrayere^ 'ISere. kol yuovres Ae- 
yovaip, YliVTf, KOL Suo l-)(dvas. ■"' /cat iirera^ev avrols 
avaKXlvaL iravras avp.7rocria (Tvp-iroaia eVt rco ■^Xcopw 
^opTO). Kat ^aviireaav rrpaaLai Trpaaiai, * Kara 

eKarov kcu ^Kara irevr-qKOvra. Kai Xajicov rovs 

Trevre aprovs KcCi rovs 8vo l-)^6vas, ava^Xei^as els rov 
ovpavov evXoyrjcrev, Kal KareKXaaev rovs aprovs kou 
iSiSov rocs p-adrjrais \ Iva TrapaOmcriv avrols, kcu 
rovs 8vo l^Ovas ifxepLaev iraaLv. *" /cat e(f)ayoi> irdv- 
res Kal e^opracrdrjaav, ' /cat rjpav KXaa/idrcov 8a>- 
SeKa Kocpivovs ^TrXrjpcofiara' , Kal aTro rcov \-^6vwv. 
Kai rjaav o'l (payoures rovs aprovs * irevraKLa^iXioL 

manducare. Et ilixcnint ei. 
Euiitcs emamus tlcnariis dii- 
ccntis panes, et dabiinus eis 
maiulucare. •"' Et tlicit eis, 
Quot panes habctis? ite et vi- 
detc. Et cum cognovissent, 
dicunt, Quinque, et duos pisces. 
^' Et pvaeccpit illis ut accum- 
bcrc facerent orancs secundum 
contvd:iernia super viridc fae- 
nuni. *" Et discubuci-unt in 
p.artcs per centcnos et per quin- 
quagenos. ^' Et acceptis quin- 
que panibus et duobus piscibus 
intuons in cacUim bencdixit, et 
fregit panes et dcdit discipulis 
suis ut poncrcut ante eos, et 
duos pisces divisit omnibus. 
''- Et manducaverunt omnes et 
saturati sunt : " et sustulerunt 
reliquias I'ragmcntorum duodc- 
cim copliinos plenos, ct de pis- 
cibus. •■' Erant autem qui man- 
ducaverunt quinque railia vi- 

37. o ^£] KM D. Latt. [c]. ^th. 

— avToig 1" BsDA. 69. rel. vv. | om. A 
L. 1. 33. II add. o Iriaovq D. a.ic^.i. 
(ante tnnv f.ffKg^). \ Contra, Vulg. b. 

— Kai Xty.] ol ^£ Xty. 33. 

— avTt^~\ om. 1. 

— ayopaauijXiv'\ -aofiiv L*. 1. Tul. a.h. 
c.ff-'.g'. I Contra, Vulg. f.g\ 

— frjvapiuiv ^laKoaiiov ABLA. 1. 33. 69. 
EFGHKSUV. Am.aXf.g\i. Syr.IIcl. | 
X StaK. h]vap. T. DMr. Vulg. CI c,ff\g\ 
Syi-.Pst. Arm. iEth. (vid. Job. vi. 7). 

— apTovg'] avTovq sic 33. | avToig A*. \ 
Tovg aprovg A\ 

— Suiaopiv AJi.Btli/.BlcJjA. Latt. | c^wcru- 
fiiv B.Bch.D. 33. G9.1 J^w^fj/ ^. l.rel. 

— avToig ipayen/'] (payliv avroig 33. | nii- 
rovg <pay. L. Ijadd. iva tKaarog jipa-^v 
Xajiij 69. (vid. Job. vi. 7). 

38. 6 St Xtyn avToig ABsL. rel. c.ff^. \\. 
1 Kai \(yti avT. D. Vulg. {a).f.g\ J&ih. 
[4. Arm.] II add. 6 Ii/doug D. b. 

— aprovg exiTS AD. 1.33. 69. rel. Vulg. 
a.b.(c^,f.!p.(f.i. Syrr.Pst.&Hcl. Mcmpli. 
Arm. (vid. Matt. XV. 34). | tx^ri aprovg 
BLA. iEtb. (vid. cap. viii. 5). | (fX£r£eD). 

— i^£r£] f praem. koi '^. AA. rel. Vulg. 
a.f.ff'. Syr.IIcl. | om. B.Bc/i.DL. 1.33. 
i.e. Syr.Pst. J\Iemiili. Arm.Zoh. ^th. 

— Kai yvovng'] om. /cat \.\yvovrtgSt A. 

— XfyouCTii/] add. avriji AD. 69. Mmg. 
Tol. a.b.f.ff\i.l, Syr.Pst. Arm. iEtb. 
(vid. Matt..xiv. 17). | Contra, BsLA. 1. 
33. rcl. Vulg. c. Syr.Hcl. Mempb. 

— irtvrtj add. aprovg D. a.c.f.ff-.i. Syr. 

Pst. Mempb. (vid._ Matt. xiv. 17). | 
Contra, rel. Vulg. bg'^.l. rel. 

39. avToig'] om. D G;-. | Contra, Oiig.'m. 
479'. 509f. II add. 6 \i)aovg D. a.b.f.g-. 
I Contra, Vulg. c.ff'. rel. Orig. iii. bis. 

— avaKXivai AB-Sc/i.DLA. 33. rel. Orig. 
iii. 510". I avaK\i0tivai B*Bch. 1.69. 
G. 0;-i'^. iii. 47 9<^. 

— iravrag sic Orig. iii. 509'. (ante ai'aKX.) 
I om. Arm. j avrovg 33. (^vaaiv ante 
avuKX. Orig. iii. 479'=). 

— trvfxiroGia avfiTroam Orig. iii. 479"^. | 
senielJj. \ Kara ri}v cvviroaiav D. Latt. 
(om. a). 

40. av£7r£(ro)/B.5cA.A. l.EFGII7y:MV.| 
:j:ai'£jr£a'oi' ^. ADL.rel. On'jr. iii.479'=. 

— Ttparyiai Trpaaiai] semet LA. | in partes 
Vultr. b.d.ff'.l. omncs in partes g'. 
plurimi c. per contubernia f. convi- 
via per contubernia i. (om. q). 

— Kara Aw BD. (Mempb. KATA PP... 
KATA N N vocabulo Graeco scrvato). 
I {aj/a <^. AL. rel. (vid. Luc. i.x. 14). 
1" sic 33. Orig. iii. 479". 2° om. 33. a.l. 
Orig. iii. 

41. rovg rrtvrt (vid. O/'/^. iii. 510^).] om. 
Tovg D. (raox ai'sjlXi^ag A). 

— }lv\oy7i{Tiv LA. 

— Karf/cXarrfi'] fjcXatrfj' L. (vid. Matt. 
XV. 36). I KXaaag tSojKii' roig ^laOijratg 
Tovg aprovg 33. (vid. Matt. xiv. 19). 

— aprovg'] praem. Trtvre D. b.c. 

— ^laOiiraigl fadd. avrov <^. AD Gr. 
rel. (Latt.) Syrr.Pst.&Hcl. vKtb. | om. 
BLA. 33. cl.g\ Mempb. Arm. 

41. rrapaQuxTiv AD. 1. 33. rel. [ rrapari- 
Gioaiv BLAM*. 

— avroig ABL. rel. c. vv. [ Karei'ai'ri 
avrwv D. (Latt.) | Tifi oxXijj M*. 

— ifiepiatv'] praem. Kai S. j TrapiQriKtv 
Mmg. (fiEptat V). 

42. Travr. k. £;^o/3r.] k. i\opr. iravr. 1. (vid. 
Luc. i.x. 17). II om. rravrig 33. Arm.Zob. 

43. Jipav] add. ro rrtpiauivov rujv PU. 
iEtb. (vid. M.att.xiv.20. xv.37). | add. 
ra irtpiufjtvj.iara 33. Latt. (exc. i.c). 
vid. cap. viii. 8. 

— KXaff^tariov SujdeKa AD. 33. 69. rel. 
Latt. Syrr.Pst.(&IIcl.) Mempb. (vid. 
Matt. xiv. 20). | KXaa^ara SwSiKa 
yi.Btlg.Blc.L,A. Arm. | SudtKa tantum 
1. [^Etb.] 

— Koipivovg ADLA. 33. rel. Latt. (vid. 
Matt.) I Koiptmov B. 1. 69. 

— TrXijpiofiara BLA. 1.69. | ij; 7rX;;p£t(; 
<^. AD. rel. Latt. nt vid. (om./i). vid. 
M.att. [iEtb.] (b. 33). 

— ixdviov'] praem. Svo 69. 

44. j;(Tav] om. M*. 

— rovg aprovg] om. D. 1. Vulg. a.b.l. 
Arm. (vid. Matt.xiv.21. xv.38). | Con- 
tra, c.y. \ rovg Trevrt aprovg M. 

— TTfi'T-aK.] -f praem. iliaii '^. Is. Arm. 
(vid. Matt.xiv.21). | om. ABDLA. 33. 
09. EFGIffiMSUVr. Latt. Syrr.Pst. 
&IIcl. Mempb. iEtb. 

— ad fin.] add. praetcr faeminas ct libc- 
ros iEth.a.jH. 

37. due. deu. CI. | illis CI. | -10. om. por 2" CI. 



VI. 45. 

26''^'Kai *ev6vi" rjvayKaaev rovs fxadrjras: avrov 

1.33.69. eiiBiivai eh to ttXolov koll irpoayeLV els to irepav irpos 

EFGHKMSUVr. J""^' . , „ , , j , \ / ,/ v v . ^ 46 v 

i||Matt.i4:2-2-36.|? BrjUcraioai^, ecoy avTos * aTTOAvei tov oxAov. /cat 

IIJoii. 6:i6-2i^ airoTa^aiJLevos avTols aTrrjXdev eh to opos irpoaev^a- 
8 "' ^s o"^"'- "^ '^^'^ ^ oy^LCcS^yevoixevr^s rjv to TrXolov ev fieaw 



48. [^Klli^ TTlpi 

50. o ci iliB. 


Trjs daXaaa-ijs, Kai avTos jjlovos tiri T-qs yi^s 
^IScou" avTovs fiaaavi^o/xevovs ev tco eXhvveLV, \f}v 
yap 6 aue/xos evavTLOs avToh,) ^ wepl TeTupTrju (pvXa- 
Kr]v TrjS VVKTOS ep^eTUi Tvpos avTOVs TrepLTraTCOv eiri 
TTjs daXaaai-jS. kol rjdeXev TrapeXOeTv avTovs- " ol 
8e ISovTes avTov Tre pLiraTOvvTa ein rrjs daXaaarjs, 

vcs hi' ? \»//- 50'' 

eoo^av (pavTaafxa eivuL kul aveKpat^av iravTes 

yap avTOV * eiSav", Kal eTapa^diiaav. kox ^ evOvs eXa- 
X-qaev p.eT avTwv, Kal Xeyei avToh, QapaeiTe, iya> 
elfxi, /i?) (f)ol3eiade. ^^ Ka) ave^rj Trpos avTovs eh to 

« (65,6.) Et statim coegit dis- 
eipulos suos ascenilcrc naveni 
ut praececlerent cum trans fre- 
tuni ad Bethsaidain, diim ipse 
dimitteret populum. -16(66,2.) fit 
cum dimisisset eos, aliiit in mon- 
tem orare. " <*'■ '•> Et cum sero 
csset, erat navis in medio mari, 
ct ipse solus in terra. *^ Et vi- 
dens eos laborantes in remigan- 
do, erat enim ventus contrarius 
eis, et circa quartam vigiliam 
noctis venit ad eos ambulans 
super mare, ct volcbat praete- 
rire eos. " At ilii ut viderunt 
cum ambulantcm super marc, 
putaverunt plumtasma esse, et 
exclamaverunt : '" onincs enim 
eum viderunt et eontnrbati sunt. 
Et statim locutus est eum eis 
et di.Kit illis, Conliditc, ego sum, 
nolite timere. " <**''*■' Et as- 
ccndit ad illos in navcra, et ces- 

45. ivBvs BLA. (hiat33). | itv9tioe T- 
AD. rcl. Or/jf. iii. 482'. ||add. fjtytp- 
Otie D. a.b.c.ff\gM. I Contra, Vulg./. 
rcl. Oiig. iii. 

— TO jrXotov Or;9. iii. | om. ro 1. 33. 

— Trpoayeiv'] irporjayuv D*. Ijadd. nu- 
Toi' I). 1. 69. Latt. ("ante cos" j'). 
Syr.Pst. Mempb. Arm. ^tli. Orig.m. 
482''. (vid. Matt. xiv. 22). | Contra, A 
B«L. rcl. (hiat 33). Syr.Hel. 

— TO iripuv TTpog] oni. 1. (r. Trip. tiQ 
Orig. iii.) 

— Hijdaai^av BsL. 69. (r).rel. Vulg. c./ 
ff^-g''. Arm. | HiiQcraila 1. Orig. 'in. \ 

BiiSaaiSav A. 4. | BtjSaaida Mempli. | 
li}](T(Tai5av D. a.(0' 1 Bi](7aida AGr, 
(hiat 33). 

— iiag avTOQ MSS. Vulg. a.c.d.f. rcl. | 
avToQ ds D Gr. b. \ iwQ avTOVQ L. \ 
iwf tcuv avTov A. 

— aTToXvii BDLA. 1. | a-7ro\va£i C9. E* 
Kr. I iaTToXvay s". A. rcl. (vid. Matt. 
xiv. 22). 

— TOV o^^Xoj'] roi'c ox^ovQ 1. C9. (Syrr. 
puncta pi. babent). Arm.MSS. ^Eth. 
(vid. Matt.) 

46. a-TDjXdti''] ainiXOev 1. 

47. >/!'] om. A. II add. traXat D Gr. 1. b. 

— £v ^£(T^^] ifi^itjiii ALAM*. I om. w 
K*. I (er Hi-<yy Ty OaXaocy \)). 

— iTTi TJiQ 7'/c] pracm. tjv AU. | add. 
tjv M. Memph. 

48. tSi.ii' BDLA. Vulg. a.b/.Jp. Memph. 
I Jti^fi/ ^. AX. rel. (0- Syrr.Pst.& 
llcl. Arm. ^th. (invenit c). 

— IV rot tXavt'uv ABsLX. rcl. Vul^;. /". 


Memph. Arm. | sat EXavvovTae D. 
{a.b.c.ff-). (Syrr.Pst.&Hcl.) [.Eth.] 
II praeni. tv rijj TrXoiifi A. 

48. o avifioQ tvavTiOi] evavT. u av. A. 1. 
(vid. Matt. xiv. 24). | Contra, rcl. 

— auT-oic] om. 1. (vid. Matt.) || add. 
(T^ocpa 69. 

— TTipt] fpraem. km <^. ADX. rel. Vulg. 
{c),f.ff'.{i). Syrr.Pst.&Hcl. Arm. yEth. 

I om. BLA. a.{h). [Memph.] 

— tpXf:Tai~\ add. 6 lijffovg D. (.o.f).^K 
(3").!. Syr.Pst. I Contra, Vulg. b.c. rcl. 

— Trpos avTovc^ om. D. a.b.c.ff^. i. \ Con- 
tra, Vulg. f.g''. 

— ireptTraruiv tiri Ti}Q QaXatjai)(^~\ etti Ti]g 
6aX. TrepnraT. 1. | TrtptTrar. ev Ty 6a- 
XacTffy 33. 

— KaL t^QiXtv TrapiXOsiv avrovg'] om. G 
(vid. Matt.) WrjOtXtv'i ti9iX>i<Tev T>. 

II aiTouf;] avToig L. 

49. TTipnraTovvTa £7rt rrjc 9aXaa(TJic AD 
X. 1. 69. rel. Latt. Syrr.Pst.&Hcl. 
Mempli. Arm. iEth. | itti Tijg 9aX. 
TTtpiiraT. BLA. 33. (vid. Matt. xiv. 26 
ubi etiam in verborum ordine varictas in- 
est : ibi tamcu versiones praeter Syri- 
acas ordinem alteram habcnt, ct hie 
alteram : inde facile liquet quaenara 
vera Marci quae Matthaei lectio judi- 
canda sit). 

— t^o^av~\ post tpavTaafia \. 

— tpavTaafia itvac ADX. (1). 69. rel. 
Latt. Arm. | on tpavraufia tffTtv BLA. 
33. (vid. Matt. xiv. 26). 

50. yapavTovtt^.'\om.T).a.b.c.Jf'^.i.\Cunt., 
Vulg./. Iltntaj' B. I ^twov T. AL. rel. 

50 KOI ante tv9. ADX. 1. 69. rcl. L.aft. 
[c. n.l.] Syrr.Pst.&Hcl. Arm. .^Eth. | 
6 h 'Q.Bthj.'LA. 33. Memph. 

— iv9vQ B.Iitli/.LA. iitv9iuiij fr;. AX. 
rel.) vv. I om. D. 33. ci. 

— ju£r' avTtov Kai Xtyet avTOiq ABsLX. 
1. rel. Vulg.y. vv. | jrpoe avrovg Xiyuiv 
D (iiM-ff^.i). (Arm.) | vpog avTovg 
KuL Xtyii avTOtg 33. [c]. 

— 9ap<jeiTt'] om. G. 

51 . irpof avTovgl post ttXoio)' D. a(iit vid.). 
ci. Mempli. | Contra, Vulg. b.f. rel. 

— • Xiav'] om.D Gr. 1. b. (Arm. h.ibet ad 
fin. vcr.) I Contra, rel. Vulg. a.c.d.f. 

— tK Trepicrmv AX. 33. 69. rel. (tKirt- 
ptaauig 1.) Vulg. c.(/). Syr.Hel. Arm. 
1 irtpiaauig D. b. \ om. BLA. a(utvid.). 
Syr.Pst. Memph. (ut vid.). ^Eth. 

— iavT0ig~\ avToig L. 

— t^iaTavTo"] t^iaravTo D*. | fSe7r\i;ff- 
aovTO 1. II f add. Kai i9av^a2^ov S'- AD 
X. 33. rel. [a).b.f. Syrr.Pst.&Hcl. Arm. 
.yEth. (vid. Act. ii. 7). | om. V,.Bch.Blc 
LA. 1. Vulg. c.i.l. Memph. 

52. Toig apT0ig~\ Totg avToig A. ("' ile 
his" A !). 

— aXX' nv BLA. 33. M=mg S. Syr.HcI. 
mg. Memph. (eor autem Ulorum ob- 
tusum erat 6). | Jjjv yap '^. ADX. 1. 
rel. (Latt.) SJ^T.Pst.&Hcl.(txt.) Arm. 

— avTuv t) Kapd'ia AH.Bch.X. 33. EFG 

45, 51 . n.ivim CI. \ 48. supra marc CI. \ 49. id. 
1 51). vidcruut evim Ct, \ dixit eis CI. 

VII. 1. 


Syfr P.V ttXoIov, kol iKOTTaaev 6 avefjios' kol Aig.f [^eV Trepta- 
Memph. crov iv iavTols ehicTTavTO . "oil yap arvvriKav ein 

[Goth] Arm. fflth. ^ -^ „ ,,,%„,, ^ , /, JT ' 

51. £4iffrn)To[Kca TOLS apTOif * aAA rjv * avTwv rj KapoLa TreTTOipcopevi]. 

52. ,/.' yap -y ^ ^ xvat OLairepaa-avTes rjAaov ein rrjv yrjv * 1 e^- 
§ Q^jth. PTjo-aper" ^ Koi Trpoa-copfiiadijcrai'. '""^ /cat e^eXOovrav 

avTwv iK Tov ttXoIov *ev9vs lirLyvovTes avTov '^'' *7re- 
pieopapov oArjv ryv *-^copai> eKeLPTjv, Kac rjp^apTO 
eVi ror? ^ Kpal^aTTOLs" tovs /ca/cw? e'xouTas' 7r€pL(bep€ii>, 
OTTOV r/Kovou on [e'/cet ] icmv. ^^ kou ottov av elae- 
TTopeuero et? Kcopas y (h TroAei? ?; ei?" dypovs, ii> 
Tois ayopals ^eTiOecrav rovs dadevovpra^, Koi TrapeKO.- 
Xgvv avTov 'iva kolv tov KpaaireBov tov I/jLutlov avTov 
ay^covTai, kou octol av ^rjyj/avTo' avTov, iaco^ovTO. 


VII. IH'-o 
"llMatt. 15:1-20. ( 

savit vcntus : et plus magis in- 
tra se stupebant. " Non enim 
intellexerant de ijanibiis : erat 
enim cor illorum obcaecatum. 

53 (69,5.) Et cum transfretas- 
seut, ijcrrcncriint in tcnara 
Gennesareth et applicuerunt. 
^' Cumque egressi esscnt de 
navi, continuo cognoverant 
eiim, ^'et percurreiites nnivcv- 
sam rcgioiicm illam coeperunt 
in grabattis cos qui se male ha- 
bebant circumfeire ubi audie- 
bant eum esse. ^ Et quocuni- 
que inlroibat in vicos vel in 
villas aut in civitate.s, in plateis 
ponebant infirmos, et depreca- 
bantnr eum nt vel fimbriani 
vestimenti eius tangerent, et 
quotquot tangebant enra salvi 

28 ™ Kat CrVvdyOVTaL TVpoS aVTOV ol ^apicraiOl ' C'"''"-' Et conveniunt ad 

eum Pharisaei et quidam de 

HKMSUVr. I Xi) Kap^ia uvtmv '^. 
DLA. 1. 69. Latt. 

53. SiaTepaaavTeo] add. ii;n9tv J), h.c. 
Jff^. (praem. a.i). \ cm. Vulg. f.g\ rel. 

— r]\9ov CTTi Tt]v yjiv AD. 1. rel. Latt. 
Syn-.Pst.&Hcl. Memph.(e sil. Schw.) 

JEtli. I ii\6ov £1J T>IV yijV X. I TjXBoV 
eis ynv 69. (om. rr]v yi)v Arm.) | etti 
Ttiv yr]v i]\dov iiQ BL. 33. | tin ti]v 
yijv £ig A. 

— Tevt'ijcrapfr ALA. 33. Mr. a. ( iTnn]- 
aapiT s. B (ap. Btly., scd ed. Cephalaei 
qua usus est collator habet unum tan- 
tum V, sic etiam Matt. xiv. 34). | Viv- 
viiaapiQ B*77.X. 1. EGKSUV. Am. 

/(/'■=• SjT.Hcl. Memph. ] Tii>t}(!ap(d 69. 
FH. Vulg.C/. (^tb.) I Tivvriaap D. b. 
Syr.Pst. Genesar c.ff^. (om. i). 

— Kai •7rpo(riopfii<T6t](Tav ABLX. 33. rel. 
Vulg. f.g\ Syr.Hcl. Mcmph. Gotb. 
JEth. I om. D. 1. a.b.cjf-.i. Syr.Pst. 
Arm. (vid. Matt. xiv. 34). 

54. avTuji''] in mg. B.Btli/. 

— ivBi's BLA. 69. I J{u0£wf ^. AD. 

— (TTtyvovreg ABsLX. rel. Goth. Arm. 
1 iTTiyvitiaav D. Latt. Syrr.Pst.&IIcI. 
Memph. JEth. 

— avTOvJ add. oi avSptg tov tottov ikh- 
vov AA. 1. 33. (69). G. (f ).(/'. Syr.Pst. 
Arm. (om. txtivov 69). vid. Matt. xiv. 
35. I om. BDLX. rcL Vulg. a.b.f. Syr. 
Hcl. Memph. Goth. yEtli. 

55. irtpit^papov BLA. 33. 69. Memph. 
iEth. (et cucurrerunt Syr.Pst.) | J tte- 
piSpafiovrfg s'. AX. rel. Gotb. (et cum 

cucurrissent Syr.IIcl.) | TrtpiSpa/iovTig 
^t D. a. I Kat iKTTipt^papovTtQ 1. ((cat 
TTipilpapoi'Ttg Latt. Arm.) || add. eig 69. 
55. xwpni' B.Btli/JjA. 33. (Latt.) Syr. 
Pst. Memph. Gr. Goth. (iEth.)| trrtpi- 
Xitipoi' T. ADX. rel. b. Syr.Hcl. Arm. 
(vid. Matt. xiv. 35). 

— rai rjplavTo BLA. 33. 69. Syr.Pst. 
Memph. ("et attulerunt" ^Eth.)|*om. 
cats'. ADX. l.rel. (vid. Latt. rel. supra). 

— ToiQ Kp.~\ om. -oif D. 1. 69. 

— upafiaTToig AL. 1. 33. 69. F-'GKMU 
Vr.| )cpa/3aro<s B*7y:XAr*. | ypa/3ar- 
Toig D. I XKpap^aroiQ ';. 'B-Tf.^ii&s. 

— rovQ KaKt3}Q ix^vrag Trept^epeiv ABL. 
rel. Vulg. c.f. (Goth.) | ^fpai' -n-av- 
rag Tovg kcikuiq ixovrag D. a.b.ff'.(i). 
Mcmph. (Arm. JEtb.) (om. wavrag i. 
Arm.Zoh. iEth.) | adducerc eos qui 
pessime aifecti erant, ferentes eos in 
grabattis Syr.Pst. adducere in gra- 
battis male affectus Syr.Hcl.) 

— 7r£pi^sp4ii>] 0£pfij' D(ut supra). 1. M. 
Mempli. (\it supra). Goth. 

■ — ottov'} praem. Trepietpfpov yap avrovg D. 
a.b.ff-.i. JEih. I Contra, Vulg. c.f. rel. 

— i]Kovov~\ av i)Kovuav D. 

— on fKH tariv AX. 33. 69. rel. Syr.Hcl. 
Memph. Arm. | on tariv txci 1. | on 
lariv BLA. Syr.Pst. Goth. iEtli. eum 
esse Vulg. c.f.h ilium esse i. | tov Itiaovv 
uvaijy. a.{b).ff-. (add. I/jcroz.c M-3y.) 

56. OTTOV av ABsL. 69. rel. | ottov iav 
XA. 33. r. I oTTor' av 1. | ttou av D. 

— £t(T£Trop£i'fro BsDX. rel. [ £i(r£7rop£u* 
oi'TO ALM. [ iicj-iropivovTat A. 

56. Kw/ia^] Kwfiijv F. 

— TToXfif )j] ante Kui/Aag M. JEth. (to- 
\iv M*). 

— *eig" TToXcig tj *iig" aypovg B(L)A. 
33. (Vulg.) c. Syr.Hcl. Goth. Arm. 
(fiC aypovg om. L*. 9'). | tig aypovg i] 
eig Tag iroXcig D. (Vulg. a.b.fjf'.g'). 
I HQ TToXiig >; aypovg F. | JttoXeic tj 
aypovg <^. AX. rel. Memph. | TroXtig 
tar.tum 1. Syr.Pst. iEth. 

— ayopatg~\ TrXaTitaig D. Vulg. b.(c).f. 
ff'.g'-'-l. Syrr.Pst.&Hcl. Memph. Goth. 

1 Contra, ABL. rel. Ann. .<Eth. (a 
utramque leetionem habet). 

— tTiBcaav BLA. | +£ri0ouj' 1^. ADX. 
1. 33. 69. rel. 

— atj6evovvTag~] a(r9£vHg 1. 

■ — TOV iftaTtov} post avTov F. 

— ai/zwiTrtt] (i\povTai HK. 

— av ABsLX. rel. | eav Ur. | om. DA. 
1. 33. (vid. Matt. xiv. 36). 

— I'lipavTo B.Btli/.Blc.BGr.'LA. 1. 33. 69. 
a.Jf'i (vid. Matt.) | Ii/tttovto s. AX. 
rel. Vulg. b.c.d.f. Syrr.Pst.&Hcl. | j/tt- 


— avTovl avTOV D. l|om. A. a.b.ff^.i. \ 
Contra, Vulg. c.f.g'-'- 

— laiaZovTo AB«DL. rel. (Latt.) SyiT. 
Pst. & Hcl. 1 ^t£atoL,ovTO 1. 69. 1 £ffw0T;£Tar 
33. a. I citauidrfaav A. (vid. Matt. xiv. 

1. oi fap.} om. ol 1. 

52. inteUexerunt CI. \ cor oonim CI. | 53. ve- 
neruut Vl. \ GenesaretU 67. | 65. grabatis CI. | 
50. aut civitates CL 



vn. 2. 



1. 33. 69. 


KUL Tiv€f ra)v ypa/x/jLarecoi', eXdoi^re? utto lepocroXv- 
fxcov ' Koi Ihovres nvas ruJu paOrjTwv avrov on 


* Tovs" apTOVs\ "^ [ol yap ^apiaaioi Koi iravres ol 
lovBoLOi, lav jxrj Trvypr] vixj/oii'TaL ra? yelpas, ovk 
tadlovcTLV, KpaTovvres tijv TrapaSocriv ran' TrpealBv- 
repoji', Kai ^air ayopas eav p.rj ^aimcrccivTai, ovk 
iadiovaiv. kol aXXa TroAAa eaTiv a TrapeXa^ou 
Kparelu, fiaiTTLcrpovs {iroTr-jpiuiv kcu ^ecrrmv Kcd xoi-X- 


5. ol fine, aov ov ^apicTaioL KOL ol ypaauaTeis, A/.a tl ^ ov irepLTraTov- 
(Tiv OL p.avriTaL aov Kara rrju TrapaoocrLv rcov irpecr- 
fivrepoav, aXAa ^ kolvols ^epalv eadlovijiv rou aprov; 
" 6 5e * eiirev auTo7s \_0Tij KaAwy ^ iiTpo(l)i]Tevaev 
Waaias irepl vpcov rcov VTroKpirmv, a>? yeypairraL, 
" Ovrog 6 Xaog To'tg yjt'Asfriv y^s T/aa, rj ^s xapSla 
aJbrCov Tcop'pw a.'Ks.yj.i a.i: iij^ov- "^ fjua,T7jv Ss trs^oviui 
[jLiS oiSdcrxovTsg Sioaa-/.ctjJag^ svToXihara aySporTTcov. 

° E,';. 29:13. 

scribis, venientes ab Hierosoly- 
inis. - Et cum vidissent quos- 
(lam c.x discipiilis eiiis commu- 
nibiis manibus, id est non lotis, 
maiKlucare panes, vituperave- 
nmt. ^ Pliarisaei enim et om- 
iies ludaei, nisi crebro laverint 
manus, non manducant, tencn- 
tes traditionem seniorum, ' et 
a foro nisi baptizentur non 
coniedunt : et alia multa sunt 
quae tradita sunt illis scn'are, 
ba])tismata calicum et urceorum 
et aei-amentoruni et Icctorum. 
' '">'■' Et inteiTogant eum Pha- 
risaei et scribae, Quare discipuli 
tui non ambulant iuxta tradi- 
tionem Seniorum, sed commu- 
nibus manibus manducant pa- 
nem? " At ille respondens dixit 
eis. Bene proplietavit Esaias de 
Yobis liypocvitis, sicut scriptum 
est, Populus liic labiis me ho- 
norat, cor autem eorum longe 
est a me : ' in vanum autem me 
colunt, docentes doetrinas prae- 

2. (OoiTfr] tworcg D. 

— at/roll] add. eittoi' A. 

— *ori" Koiv....iadwv(yii' BLii. 33. (S}-r. 
Pst.) (Memph.)l Xi^oiv....ea9wrTai (et 
* om. on ") s- ADX. rel. a. Goth. rel. ut 
vid. manducare Vulg. b.c.d.f.ff.g-. \\ om. 
KoivaiQ et TOVT iariv b.c. Syr.Pst. jEtli. 

— TODf aprovQ BDLA. 33. 69. | *om. 
TovQ t"' AX. rel. |]f.idd. tfitfi-^avro 
^. 1.33.69. EKMSsU. Vulg. a.c.f.ff. 
g":!. Syrr.Pst.&Hcl. Arm. (t/if/nf/aro 33. 
F*). I add. KUTiyvioaav D. | om. ABLX 
A(sp.vae.)EGHVr. b. Mcmpli. Goth. 

3. TTDyjuj ABL.rel. Orlg. 
iii.494^ "crebro" Y\\\<^.f.g'.l. Memph. 
Goth. jEth. "primo" d. "momento" 
a. "subinde"6. "pugillo"c._^'.(. "prius 
crebro" (;'. diligenter Syrr.Pst.&HcI.(xf. 

I TrVKfil] DGr. I om. A. 

— vt^povraL E. 

— £(T9iovaLv'] -utaiv P. \\ add. aprov D. 
a.b.c.ff.i. (Arm.) JEth. rovaprov WTf. 
I Contra, rel. Vulg. f.g'.I. Orig. iii. 

■ — Ttjv Trapacoaiv'] om. F. 

4. ott' ABDLA. Ony. iii. 494'. | {otto 
T. X. rel. 

— ayopas] add. oral' <X9w(Ti)' D. n.i.(e). 
(f).ff.i.l. Arm. I Contra, rel. Vulg. 3=. 
vV. On'g.iu. 

— fSuTTTiacovrai AD. 1. 33. 69. FA rel. 
baptizati fuerint a. On'i/. iii.] /SaTrrifw)/- 


rat AE'(utvid.)F. baptizentur (Latt.) 
1 /SaTrrt^ovrat L, | /SajrritTorrat XK. ] 
pavTiaiovrai B. (praem. "prius" Arm.) 

4. a] c'lirip yi.Blc. I Contra, rel. Onjr. iii. 

— vapiKajiov ADL. rel. OW^. iii. | t\a- 
jiov R.Bllt/.Blc. II add. avroic D. Vulg. 
c.f.l. I Contra, rel, a.b. Orig. iii. 

— Kpariiv'] Ti]piiv D. I Contra, rel. Orig. 

— X'lf^imii'V AL. Orig.m. 

— KaiKXivuiv ADX. rel. On'j. iii. | om. 
BLA. Memph. 

5. Km iTTip. BDL. 1. 33. Vulg. a.b.c.ff.i. 
Syr.Pst. Memph. (JEth.) | icn-tira 
enep. S". AX. rel. /. Syr.Hcl. Goth. 
Arm. I e-jr£ira..' trnp. {sic) A. 

— avTov"] om. 69. 

— Kai 01 ypa^pariiq] om. A. (vid. Matt. 


— Sia Tl] praera. XtyoFTfc DA. 69. a.{c). 
ffrf.i. (vid. Matt. XV. 1). | Contra, rel. 
Vulg. b.f. 

— ov TTipiirarovcnv oi fiadtjrai aov BLA. 
33. Memph. iEth. j {oi /iaO. aov ante 
ov TTipnrar. f^. ADX. rel. Latt. Syrr. 
Pst.&HcI. Goth. Arm. (vid. ord. in Matt.) 

— Koivaig BD. 1. 33. Vulg. /.(. Memph. 
Arm. " imraundis" a. | {ai'iirroif '^. A 
LX.rel. b.c/.ffK Syrr.Pst.&Hcl. Goth. 
(^Eth.) (vid. Matt. xv. -20). | Koivaig 
Xipaiv aviTTToii 69. | (prae cunte aW 
r). II add. rn.f D. 

5. Tov aprov~\ om. rov l^-Tf. 

6. St] tadd. avoKpiBuQ ^. ADX. rel. 
Latt. Syr.Hcl. Goth. Arm. (vid. Matt. 
XV. 3). I om.BLA. 33. Syr.Pst. Memph. 

— in] om. 'R.Blly.Blc.'LA. 33. Vulg. a. 
c.f.ff.l. Syr.Pst. Memph. ^th. (vid. 
ver. 9 et Matt. xv. 7). | Contra, ADX. 
rel. b. Syr.Hcl. Goth. Arm. 

— t7rpo(piiTsvatv Ji.Bcli.DLA. 1. 33. | 
1^-7rpoe<p7jT€va€i' <^. AB-Ty.X. rel. 

— 'Hdaiat' TTEpt vputv] Trspi vfiojv 'Haatag 
A. g-. Syr.Pst.(add.propheta). Memph. 
(jEth.) vid. Matt, XV. 7. | Contra, rel. 

— Tutv i'TTOKp.'] om. TUIV D. 

— we ytypmrrai ABsLXM(s(c). rel. 
Vulg. f.g\ vv. I Kai tnrtv D. (a.6).i. 
(dicens c.ff.g^) \ u>e uinv 1. Arm. 
||add. iiriBL. Syr.Pst. j Contra, AD. 

— ovroq Xaoc ALXA. 1. 33. 69. rel. 
Syr.Hcl. Memph. Goth. Arm. JEth. Clem. 
Bom. ad Cor. i. 15, qui potius ad hune 
locum quam ad Matt. xv. 8 respicere 
videtur. | 6 \aoc ovroq BD. Vulg. b.c. 

f.g'.i.l. Syr.Pst. (vid. Matt. xv. 8). 1 
om. ovTOQ a.ff. 

— T'/'?] ayaTTf DGr. a.b.c] Contra, rel. 
Vulg. d./.ff.g'. (^Eth. utr. lect. habet). 

— avrutv] avTov M. 

5. inteiTOgabant C[. j 7. et praecepta Ct. 

VII. 15. 

Vnlg. a.h.c. 

Syrr. P. H. 


Goth. Arm. SXb.. 

"Ex. 20-12. 

pEx. 21:17. 


^ ad)evTis ^ rrjv ivToXrjv tov deov, KpareiTe rrjv vrapd- 
8ocrLV Tcov avOpcDTTwv, \_^a-7rrLap.ov9 ^earwv kol ttottj- 
picov, Kcu aXka irapopoLa TOiaura ttoAAcc Troietre.] 
^ /cat eXeyev avT0i9, KaAco? aderelre r-qv evToXrjv tov 
6eov, Iva rrju TrapaSoaiv Vjxcav rt]prjai]T€. * Mwi;- 

arijs" yap elirev, ° Tii/yCf. tov TTaTspa (rov tt/v 
fji^'^TSpa, (TOV KOL P'O xaxoAoyfoy Tari/sa ly f^TjTspa. 
Savarco TsXsvTdTCO- ^^ vpeh 8e XeyeTe, 'Eai/ eiTrrj 

avOpOiTTOS TW TTttTpl ?) TY) pTJTpl, Kop^dv, (o ioTTll' 

Ad>poi>,) o idv e^ epov (D(f)€Xr]6rJ9, ' ^ ouk€TL d(pieT€ 
avTov ov8ev TroLrjaaL tco iraTpl ^ 7; ttj p.-)]Tpi \ " olkv- 
povvTes TOV Xoyov tov Oeov Trj TrapaSocrei vpLcoi' rj 
TrapeScoKUTe' kol irapop-oia ToiavTa iroXXa TroieiTe. 
^* KCU TrpoaKoXea-dp.ei'os ^irdXiv tov o^Xov eXeyev 
avTois, * AKOvaaTe p.ov iravTes Kai crvveTe . ov- 
Sev eaTLv e^codev tov dvdpwivov ela7ropevop.€vov ety 

cept.a homimini. ' Relinquen- 
tes eiiim mandala ilei tenetis 
trailitioncm homirium, baptis- 
mata urceorum et caliciim, et 
alia siniilia his facitis multa. 
' Et diccbat illis, Bene irritiim 
facitis praeceptiim dei ut tiadi- 
tioncni vestram servctis. '" Mo- 
ses enim dixit, Ilonoi-a patrem 
tuuin et matrern tuam, et Qui 
inaledixerit pati-i aut matri, 
mone moriatiu- : ' ' vos autcm 
dicitis, Si dixerit homo patri 
aut matri, Corban, quod est do- 
num, quodcumque ex me tibi 
profueiit, " et uUra non dimit- 
titis eum quicquam faecre patri 
suo aut matri, " reseindentes 
verbum dei per traditionera 
vestram quam tradidistis : et 
simiha luiiusmodi multa facitis. 
" Et advocans itcrum turbam 
dicebat illis, Audite me omnes 
et intellegite. " Nihil est extra 
hominem introiens in eum quod 
possit eum coinquinare, sed 
quae de homiue procedunt, ilia 

avTov, SvvaTat avTov KOLVCoaar 


'Ta e/c TOV 

ivdpcoTTOv €K7ropev6p.eva", \_iK€ivaj iaTiv Ta KOt- 


6. oTTEx" mt' ABsX. rel. | ainaTiv air 
L. Clem, Horn. \.\5, \ aTrstTTJj air' A. \ 
atpiciTt)Kiv a(p' D. I " est a" Vulg. a.h.c. 
(I.f.y'.l. "abesta"_^(ap. Blan.) "habetis 
a"^'(ap. Sabat.) | a-Ktxii^ira air 69*. 

7. StBaaKaKiaq] add. Kai 69^ Vulg.C/. 
a.c.f.g^. I Contra, Am. b.ff. 

8. a^evrte] tadd. yap S". A'S.irmg. rel. 
Vulg.//. Syrr.Pst.&Hcl. Goth. 1 om.B 
DLA*. a.b.c.ff.i. Memph. Arm. ^th. 

— liaTrntTfioug ^efTTiuv iroWa nouirt 

post av9puTrbiv AX. .33. rel. Vulg. /./. 
Syrr.rst.&Hcl. Goth. Arm.Usc. (^a;r- 
TWfiov A. aXXa] om. A. vid. ver. 13. 
voiuri] om. Sj'r.Pst. ante vroXXa EK. 
Vulg.) I ante a<ptvr£g D. a.b.c.ff.i. (roi. 
TToX. Troi.'\ a TTOu Toi. TToX, D.o.ff.i. Con- 
tra, b.c). I 7ion habent BLA. 1. Memph. 
Arm. in codd. MSS. omnibus, (confer 
ver.4 jBaTr-iiTfiovQ Trorijpiwv Kai K^rrriov, 
et de rel. ver. 13). 

9. Kai tXtytv ni'-oij] om. H.Blhj. 

■ — eiToXi/r] fiovKrfv A. ("mandatum" 
Cone. Cartli. iv. ap. Routh. iii. 102). 

— Tt]piiiT>]Tt ALXA. 33. rel. (r)jpjj-£ B. 
Bch.) Vulg. Syr.Hcl. Memph.(ut vid.) 
iEth. I (TTiia)irai'DGr. 1. ("statuatis" 
a.b.c.f.ff.i). Syr.Pst. Goth.(utvid.) Arm. 
Cone. Carth. ("tradatis" d). 

10. Mwii(T)jsB.J5%DA. 33.69. KM. Vulg. 
CI. Latt. rel. Memph. | jMujtrijj <^. A 
L. rel. Am. Goth. 

10. aov 2»] om. D. 69. Arm. (vid. Matt. 
XV. 4). 

— rfXti'raroj] TiXivriiTiii D. 

11. lav'} 6q av A. 33. (vid. Matt. XV. 5). 

— av9p(j)TT0Q] om. 33. (vid. Matt.) 

— Trarpi] add. avTov D. a.c.ff.g'.i. Syr. 
Est. Mem|)h. Goth. jEth. | Contra, rel. 
Vulg. b.f. Syr.Hcl. Arm. 

— Ty] om. A. 

— liilTpi] add. avTov K. Syr.Pst. Memph. 
jEth. 1 Contra, rel. Latt. Syr.Hcl. Goth. 

— d iUTiv ^wpo)'] om. Syr.Pst. ^th. 

— d tai"] om. d A. 69. \ o av T). 

— £? f^toi;] om. £? £. D*. 

12. ab init.] f add. Kai s- AX. rel. Vulg. 
f.g\ Syn-.Pst.&Hd. Goth. Arm. | add. 

in L. I om. BDA. 1. 69. a.b.c.ff.i. 
Memi)h. ^th. 

— owctri] ouK IV DGi: "non" a. Syr. 
Pst. Memph. 

— avTov'\ avTiiJ V, 

— Till Trar. j] ry f^itir.'] om. A. 

— Trarpi] -fndd. avrov S- -AX. 1.33. rel. 
Vulg. .f.ff.f.l. Syrr.Pst.&Hcl. Mempli. 
Goth.yEth. I oin.BDL. 69. r. a.i.c.i Arm. 

— /^iJjrpi] tadd.aiTO!) S- AX. 33. T.rel. 
Syrr.Pst.&Hcl. Memph. Goth. .^th. | 
om. BDL. 1. 69. Vulg. a.b.c.f.ff.gM.l. 

13. roi'Xoyoi'] ri)i' £i'roX/;i' 1. (vid. Matt. 
XV. 6). 

13. ii^iiov'] add. ry ^iwpi} D. a.b.c.ff.g'^.i. I Contra, rel. Vulg./. Syrr. 
Pst.&HcI.txt. rel. 

— 7rap£^u»/crtr£] TrapaS eSioKare A. 

— roiavTa] om. A. ] post TroXXa 1. 69, 
M*. I ra av-ra D. (praem. rai D**). 

14. TrnXii'BDLA. Vulg. {a).b.ff.y'-H. Syr. Jlemph. ^Eth. (om. c). | J iravra 
<5-. AX. rel./. Syrr.Pst.&Hcl.txt. Goth. 
Arm. II praem. o ItjaovQ T. Syr.Pst. 

— fX£y()'] Xfy£i Ji.Blly. (dixit a. Syr. 
Pst.) I Contra, Vulg. i.c././/'.^'--'. Syr.Hcl. 

— aKoii(Tnr£BDLlI. I toKODErf T. AX.rel. 

— fiou Travriq] om. A. (vid. Matt. xv. 
10). I om. navTti L. Memph. | iiov 
jravra H. 

— avviTs BLAH. | bvvlti D. j Jirui/iere 
<r. AX. rel. (vid. Matt. xv. 10). 

15. ov^'tariv D*. 

— d cvvarai avTov tcoivtoirai ADX. 1. 
33. rel. Vcrss. (d Cvvarai Koivwaai av- 
Tov L(A). sed d ante nairop. A. o). | 


Ta eK TOV avOpiOTTOV EKTToptVOfitva B 

DLA. 33. Latt. Memph. (Goth.) (^th.) 
I Jra EKjrop. ott' avTov ^. AX. rel. 
Syrr.Pst.&Hcl. Arm. 

— fKED'a] om. BLA. Memph. W. | Con- 
tra, ADX. reL Verss. | ad fin. ver. om. 

8. mandatum CI. | 10. vel matri «. 



VII. 16. 

A ED. 

LX A. 

1. 33. 69. 




vovvTa Tov avOpcoTTOv. \_ ^ el rty e'^er coTa uKOveii', 

29 Kat ore elcrijXdeu el? oIkov oltto tov o^Xov, 

iTrrjpcoTcov avTov ol ixaOrjTou avTov *Tr]u ivapafioX'ijv . 

/cat Aeyei avroLS, \JVTc09 Kai v/xei^ aavveroL eare; 

ov voeire on irav to e^coOeu eltnropevopievov els tov 

avOpcoTTOv ov BvvaTai avTov KOLvaxraL; ^^ otl ovk 

elcnropeveTai avTOv els Tifv KapSlav, dXX els ttjv 

KoiXiav, Koi els tov a(f)e8pc6va eKTTopeveTai, ^Kadapi- 

(^(xiv iravTa Ta ppcofxaTa. eAeyev be otl 1 o e/c tov 

avdpcoirov eKiropevop-evov, eKeivo koivol tov avOpojirov. 

eacoOev yap e/c tyjs KapSlas twv dvdpcoTrcov ol Sia- 

2\.noix--^opr4o>: Xoyiapol ol KaKol eKTTopevovTai, ^TTopvelat, ~' KXoirai, 

cf)ovoi, p.oi'x^eLai , wXeove^iac, Trovrjpiaij BoXos, daeX- 

yeia, oipdaX/xos Trovrjpos, fiXa(r<Priixia, V7reprj(f)avia, 

aippoavvrj. "^ rravTa TavTa Ta irovqpa ecrcoOev e'/c7ro- 

lllMatt i'i-21-"8 P^^^Tf^l- l^^l- KOIVOL TOV dvdpCOTTOV. 

2i.'EKiWtv Si o- 30 """^Kat eKelOev dvaaTas uTrriXOev els to, ^opia" 


sunt quae communicant homi- 
nera. '^ Si quis babet aurcs 
audienili, audiat. 

17 (72, 6.) £(. j,,j,jj introisset in 
(lomum a tuvba, interrogabant 
euni iliseipuli eius parabolam. 
" Et ait illis, Sic ct vos inpi'uden- 
tes estis? iion intellegitis quia 
omne extrinsecus introicns in 
liominem non potest eum cora- 
niunicare, '^ quia non introit 
in cor eius sed in ventrcra, ct 
in secessura exit, purgans cra- 
nes escas? -" Dicebat autem 
quoniani Quae dc homine ex- 
cunt, ilia communicant bomi- 
neni : -' ab intus euim de corde 
bomiuum cogitationes malae 
])roccdunt, adulteria, fornica- 
tioncs, bomicidia, ^ furta, ava- 
ritiac, nequitiae, dolus, inpudi- 
citia, oculus mains, blaspbemia, 
superbia, stultitia : -■' onmia 
baec mala ab intus procedunt 
et conmiunicant liominem. 

" Et inde surgens abiit in 
fines Tyri et Sidonis : et in- 

15. TOV avBp.'] cm. tov Ji.Bcli. 

16. om. ver. BLA*. Memph. | Contra, A 
DXA'. 1. 33. Verss. 

17. iiaijXQtvl -9ov XJ. Memph.(ap.Wilk.) 
1 add. lijaovg S. Syr.Pst. 

— eig oijcov] fit" T7]v oiKuav D. | ttg tov 


— tjrijpwrwj'] -Tiiaai' 1. 33. c. Syr.Pst. ] 
Contra, Latt. rcl. Syr.Hcl. | praem.rai M. 

— aurou] om. A. Ami. 

— Ttiv irapafSoXijv Ti.Bch.Blc.T)LA. 33. 
Latt. {Bthj. non om. Trtpi ante t)]v 
■Kapa^oXriv'). \ %Tnpi Trjg 7rapa/3oX);c 
'^. AX. rel. vv. 

18. ov vosire'] oviru voeiTe XiA. 1. U. y, (vid. Matt. xv. 17 var. lect. 
<^). I Contra, AJBD. rcl. Latt. rel. Syr. 
Hcl.txt. rel. 

— tJwSfi'] oni. A. 

19. uTi OVK ABL. rcl. Vulg. c.f.ff.g'-- rel. 
I ov yap D. a.b.i. 

' — ttt77ropivE7ai~] iiaip-^ETai D. 

— avTov post Kapciav DA. Latt. | Contra, 
ABL. rel. 

— aXX'] aWa AA. 69. 

— TOV a<j>t^puiva EKTroptuerai] tov oxiTov 
£?epX«7-oi D. 1 Contra, rel. ||om. roi' 1. 

— KaGapiCiJV AB.Bch.liXA. 1. 69. EF 
GHS. Orig. ii\.A9i'K Kara tov Ndpiwv 
tXtyt TavTa 6 aioTt'ip KuOapi'Cwv Truvra 
TO. lipwfiaTa. Greg. r/rnKw. 38". (vel ap. 


Koutli iii. 257) 6 awTi'ip 6 irdvra KaBa- 
pi^wv Ta fiputfiaTa | J icaQapi^ov <^. 33. 
KMUVsr. purgans Vulg. \ 
icaBaptZii DGr. Gotb. (Arm.) et pur- 
gat ;. 

20. f\£y£i'] -yov DGr.F. | add. yap 33. 

— fKjii'o] tKiiva D. Latt. (vid. Matt. xv. 

21. Tu>v avOp. 01 ^ia\.~\ o'l StaX. tojv avdp. 
A. 1 oui. 7"wJ' ai'OptiiTruJV 1. {tov dv- 

BpwTTOV M). 

— o\ KaKoi] om, 01 D*. 

— , 22. TTOpvHai KXoTrai <povOL poix^iai B. 
Bch.'LA. Mempb. jEtb. | Tropvtia KXcft- 
^laTa ^lotxuai ^ovog T)Gr, | "^fioixEiai 
TTopj'iiai tpovoi KXoTrai ^. AX. 69. rel. 
'V\\\^.fff. Syr.Hcl. 1 jioix-vopv. kXo-tt. 
<pov. 1.33. Syr.Pst. Arm. | /ioix.KXo;r. 
TTopv. tpov. a.b.c.d.i. (om. <pov g^.)\ Tropv. 
/loix- ipov. kXott. Goth. I bomicidia a- 
dulteria furta Orig. Int. ii. 317". 

22. irXtoviUai. AB. rel. Vulg. Syr.Hcl. 
Mempb. Gotb. Arm. | -?ia U. a.b.{c).f. 
ff-g'.i. Syr.Pst. (^Etb. sing, pro more 
ut vid.) 

— Trovijpua AB. rel. Vulg. Syr.Hcl. 
Mempb. Gotb. Ai'in. | irov^pia D. a. 
b.c.f.Jf'.i. Syr.Pst. iEth. (post tioXoc D. 
om. /). 

— nffsXyeiat 69. Vulg. /. Memph. 

— l3XaiTil:iipuc AB. rel. Vulg. a.d.f.ff. 
Syrr.Pst.&Hcl. Meniph.Schw. Arm. 

iEth. I -fuai DGr. b.c.g'. Memph.W. 
Goth. I om. A. 

22. iijTSpjj^aj'ia] -vtai T)Gr. b. 

23. Trai'ra] om. L. | post TavTa .33. Kr. 
Syr.Pst. Goth. 

— Ta TTOvtipa'] om. 1. | om. Ta E. 

— iKTropcvtrai^ -ovrai AGK. (ante laai- 
Oiv A). 

24. Kai iKuOtv avaaraq AX. 1. 69. rel. 
Vulg. Syr.Hcl.txt. Goth. Arm. (^tb.) 
"et" &c. a.b.c.i. (om. ikuBiv). \ Kai 
avaarag ikhQw D. f-ff.g^. | KaKuOtv d£ 
avatTTag 33. Memph. | iKEidtv oe avaa- 
Tug BLA. | (" inde sur- 
rexit Jesus et" Syr.Pst.) 

— ajD/Xeti' ABsD. rel. | ibiXOiv LA. ] 
ijXStv M. Arm. Or/j. iii.502'-=- 

— opi« BDLA. 1. 69. Orig. ni. bis.\ Xpe- 
Bopta <j. AX. rel. (hiat 33). 

— Kai ^iSioi'og ABs. 1. 33. rel. Vulg. cf. 
g'--- vv. rel. (vid. Matt. xv. 21). | om. D 
hA. a.b.Jf'.i. Orig. iii. bis. 

— oiKiav] fpraem. tijv s". C Orig. iii. 
502". I om. AB.Be/i.LXA. 1. 33. 69. E 
EGHKMSUVr. Goth, (domumquan- 
dam Syr.Pst.) 

— );9eX£)'] t]9eXi]<T£v A. 69. A'^ulg. a.b.d. 
f.ff. Oriy.iW. I Contra, rcl. c. Syrr.Pst. 


19. iutrat 67. | in ventrem vadit CI. \ 21. ma- 
lae cogitatioues CL | impudicitiae CI. 

VII. 31. 


g ^" p*h' Tupov Koi "EiScouos- Kou elcreXdau el? * olKiau ov8eva 

Memph. le' -nOeXev yvmvai, Koi ovk i^bwqdii Xadelv. "^ *aAA' 
Goth. Arm. .ffitli. ,„\,/ \ ii v.^^s ^ rt ' 

24. \_Kai •s.iccimg'] evtfvs aKovaaaa yvvrj irept avTov, i;? f tx^^ "^^ ovya- 

rpiov ai)Trj9 TTuevpa aKaOaprov, iXdovaa irpocreirecrev 

irpos Tovs TTOoas avrov '?/ yvurj oe i]v sUAAy^vLi, 

°y *^vpa ^oivLKLcraa rco y^vu, kcli i^poora avrov \va to 

BaLpovLOv ^eK^aXrj" e/c rrjs dvyarpo? avrrj?. " */cat 

eXfyev o-VTrj, A^ey irpaiTov ^opracrdrji'aL ra T€Kva' 

ov yap ^ecTTLV KaXov XajSelv tov aprov tu)v TeKvcov 

27. jSaX-ToTsKwap. Kal * T019 KVVapLOLS (ioXtlv . ' 1] Sc aTTeKpiOi] Kat 

Xeyei avrco, Nai Kvpie- kcu * Ta Kwapia vTroKarw 

Trjs TpaTre^rjs ^eaOiovaiv dwo rau ylri-)(^[a>u rcov Trat- 

ar 29'-'' >"A^ " ^■i' 

i(ov. Kai iiTTev avrrj, i\ia tovtov tov Xoyov 

viraye- e^eXrjXvOev to 8aipovLOv e/c Trjs Ovyarpos 

aov. KUL aireXUovaa eis tov oikov avT-qs eupev 

^TO TraiSiov ^e^Xripevov eVt Trjv kXIvtjv Kal to 8ai- 

povLOv i^eXr]Xvdo9' • 

31 ■'^ ' Kat irdXiv i^eXdcov e'/c tcop oplcov Tvpov 

29. tK r. 6uy. (TOV 
TO Baifi. 

gressus domum neminem to- 
liiit scire, et non potuit latere. 
'''' Mulier enim statim «t .audivit 
de CO, ouiiis habebat filia spi- 
ritum inmundum, intravit et 
procidit ad pedes eiiis : ^ crat 
aiitem mulier gcntilis, Syro- 
phoenissa genere, <.'^.'>-> et ro- 
gabat cum ut daemonium eice- 
ret de lilia eius. -' Qui dixit 
illi, Sine prius s.aturari filios : 
non est cnim bouum sumerc 
jianem filiorum et mittere ca- 
iiibus. '" At ilia respondit et 
dicit ei, Utique, domine : nam 
et catelli sub mensa comedunt 
do micis pucrovuin. ^^ Et ait 
illi. Propter hunc sermonem 
vade : exiit daemonium de filia 
tua. '"' Et cum abissct domum 
suam, invenit puellam iacentem 
supra lectum et daemonium 

K' oS 

31 (", '0.) Et iterum exiens de 
finibus Tyri venit per Sidonem 

24. i)Svvn9ii ADL. rel. | iSvvridt] AK. | 
tlSvvaaOri B. (hiat 33). 

2b. aW ev9vQ aKovaaaa yvvt) BLA. 33. 
/ Syrr.(Pst.)& Memph. | ywij 
Se evBuog (wg D*) aKovaaaa D. Vulg. 
b.c.i. I J aKovaaaa yap yuvt] s". AX. 1. 
rel. (a.g-). Syr.Hcl.txt. (yap non habent 
a. Goth. Arm. iEth.) | i) yvvrj 69. M. 
(mulier enim quaedam cujus filia habe- 
bat spiritum immundum statim ut an- 
divit y'). 

— aurijf AUsh. rel. | ora. DA. 1. 69. 
(hiat 33). 

— TTvev^a aKaOaprov^ ev Trvtv^aTi aKa- 
BapT<i) 69. 

— t\9ovaa'\ uaiKQovaa LA. I add. Kai 
D*A. a.df. 

— Trpoanriaiv Trpog rovQ TroSag avrov 
MSS. a.f.y^. rel, | irpoaiTriaiv avrc^j 1. 
69. (Arm.) | ad eum (tantum) b.c.i. 

26. }) de yvvii ip' BDLA. 1. 33. a. Syr. 
Pst. Memph. | %tiv ct i) yvvt] <^. AX. 
rel. Am.f.g'-''-(,i). Syr.Hcl. Goth. Arm. 
[jEth.] I om. y U. ] om. i) yvvij b. 

— "EXX/ji'is] 'EX\>iv A. 

— ^vpa <S>oiviKiaaa B.Bch.X. 69. (EF) 
G(H)MSte<. V(x(.r. Syrr.Pst.(&Hcl. ut 
vid.) Memph. Arm. ut vid. {-Ki]aaa E 
FH). I Supo^oii'iKio-TO AB.B(?y.(L)A. 1. 
KSms.'.Vmg. (hiat 33). Goth. ^th. | 
^vpa ^oiviaaa U. a.| X ^vpotpoiviaaa S". 

Vulg. b.c.d.f.ff.g^-N. I ^onnaaa J)Gr. 
i. (■ivv. D*). 

26. iKfiaXy ADLXA. 1. 33. EGsi'eKSUV 
rTy. I liKfiaWy s'. Bs. 69s(C (sedpost 
dvy. oDD/s) rel. e sil. | fK/3a/\Xfi M. 

— tK ABs. rel. (hiat 33). | otto D. c.ff. 
(de Vulg. a.b.d.f.g'-'-l). \ om. L. 1. 69. 

27. cai eXtyei/ BLA. 33. (/. Memph. (...tXj- 
yiv .33). qui dixit. Vulg. b.c.ff.{g^).i.l 
(qui dixit illis Jesus 9°). | koi Xfyti D. a. 
j'. (Syr.Pst. add. Jesus). | Jo ^e Iijtrowc 
UTTtv;. AKsic (non om. Itjaovg) 1. 69. 
rel. (/). Syr.Hcl. Goth. Arm. (^th.) 

— avTyl om. I.e. (vid. Matt. XV. 26). 

— iaTiv'Ka\ovTi.Bt!i/.T)T,A. 1. Latt. Syrr. 
Pst.&Hcl. I *Ka\ov[ianv S". AX.rel. 
(Iiiat 33). Goth. Arm. 

— roiQ Kvi'apioig jSaXfiv B. 1. | J/3oX. 
ToigKvv. ^. AD. rel. (vid. Matt. xv. 26). 

28. aTTiKpiQrj'Kai Xtyfi avTi^i ABLXA. rel. 
(Vulg.a.) Am. (b.cff.g-.) Goth. (^Eth.) 
1 aTTiKpiOtj avT(ii Xiyovaa D. a./.i.\aire- 
Kpidi) Xtyovaa 1. 69. (3'). (Arm.) 

— vai] om. D. 69. b.cff.i. Ami. | Con- 
tra, rel. Vulg. a.f.g'-'- 

— Kai] f add. yap T. ALX. rel. Vulg. 
a/3'-^- Syr.Hcl. Goth. (vid. Matt.xv. 
• 27). I om. BA. 33. 69. H. Syr.Pst. 

Memph. Arm. .^th. | aXXa Kat D. 4. 

— taewvaiv B.JSi/y.DLA. 1. 33. 69. | 
tiaeta <^. AX. rel. (vid. Matt.xv. 27). 

28. ipixiiav'] i/'t^wi' D. 

— TraiSiuiv] -mSoivT). ||add. "et vivunt " 

29. ^irt TovT. TOV Xoy. xnrayt ABsL. rel. 
Vulg.^. Syr.Hcl. Memph. Goth. Arm. 
jEth. I vTTayi ante ^la D. 1. ii.b.c.f.g'.i. 
Syr.Pst. I om. tov D. 

— TO Caiftoi'Lovl'eK tjjq 9vy. adv ADX. 
1. 33. rel. Vulg. Syrr.Pst.& 
Hcl. Jlemph.Schw. Goth. jVi-m. iEth. 
vid. ver. 26. (ek] otto T). ] (k rtjg 6vy. 
a. t. Saiji. BLA. Memph. W. [6]. 

30. TOV oiKoj'] om. tov DL. 

— ayrijc] om. D. 1. b.ff.i. \ Contra, a.c. 
f.g\ I UvTTjs 33. 

— TO Traidiov jiijiXmiivov tTTi tijv kXivijv 
Kai TO daipovwv i^tXijXvBog B(L)(A). 
(33). Vulg. ( Syr.Pst. Syr. 
Hier. Memph. (jEth.) («7ri] vtto L. 
om. to ante Saifi. A. Trjg KXivije 33). | 
Tiiv Bvyartpa jiijiXt)fitvr)v ini ri]v kXi- 
vijv K. T. oai/i. tJaX. D. (1). (tie kXi- 
J";? 1). I t™ Saiji. iKiX. K. T>iv Bvya- 
rtpa jiifiXmnv-ijv i-rn ri)g KXtvijg ^. 
AX. rel. (a). Syr.Hcl. Goth. Arm. 

— eXi]XvBog Kat'] tXTjXvBorai Iv. 

31. e^eXBi^v] add. Irjaovg X. 69. FGH 
Vr. (c). Syr.Pst. Syr.Hier. 

25. filia htibebat CI. | 20. er.^t eiiim CI. 

28. di.xit illi 67. | comeduiit sub meusa CI. 

29. a filia 



1. 33. 69. 
32. fioyiXdXoif 

35.[eu6£wc:] t'l 


36. UTTlOtTlV 

14:13, etc.T 

c. 6:30, etc. 

Lu. 9:10, etc. 

Jo. 6: I, etc. 


't^A^cj/ Sia ^iScovo^" 'e!?' rrjv OaXacrarau TrJ9 TaXc- 
Aaia? ava jxeaou Ta)v_ bpicov Ae/caTToAecoy. ■^"' kcu (f)€- 
povaiu avTcp Kco<pov kuY ^ fioyyiXaXov' , kou wapa- 
KaAovcTLV avTov Lva eTriur] avrco ti]v ^eipa. kul 

airoXa^opevos avrov airo tou o)(Xov kut ISlau e'/3a- 
Aei' revs' SaKTvXovs aurov els ra wra avrov kou 
irrvaas ij'^aro rrjs yXcocro-rjs avrov, "'^ Kal dva^Xexj/as 
eis rov ovpavov iareha^ep, Kai Xeyei avrco, 'E,(p(j)ada, 
eariv Aiai^oiy^6-)]ri. '^^ Kal ' * rjvoiyr^aav" avrov a'l 
aKoai, Kai eXvOi-j 6 Secrpos rrjs yXaxrays avrov, Kal 
eXaXei opdws. "^"^ /cat SiearelXaro avrols iva prjSei'l 
* Xeycoa-ii' • oarov Se ^ avrols Sieo-reXXcro, avrol" 
pdXXoii irepLcraonpov eKrjpvcrcrov. kou vwepwepia- 
acos i^eirXriaaovro Xeyopres, KaAcos" rrdpra TreTroLijKew 
Kai rovs Kco(f)ovs Troiet aKoveiu Kal ^ dXaXovs XaXelv. 

VII. 32. 

ad mare Galilaeae inter medios 
fines Decapoleos. ^ Et addu- 
cunt ei surdwm et mutiim, et 
deprccantur eum ut inponat illi 
mauum. ^' Et adprchcndens 
eum de turba seorsum misit 
digitos suos in am-iciilas, et 
expuens tetigit linguam eius, 
^' ct suspiciens in caelum inge- 
muit, et ait illi, Eti'etha, quod 
est adaperire. ^'' Et statim aper- 
tae sunt aures eius, et solutum 
est vinculum linguae eius, et 
loquebatur recte. * Et prae- 
ccpit illis ne cui dicerent : 
C7^ »•) quanto autem eis prae- 
cipiebat, tanto niagis plus prae- 
dicabant, ^' et eo amplius ad- 
mirabantur dicentes i™.»'' Be- 
ne omnia fecit, et suivlos fecit 
auclire et mutos loqui. 

32 '^'Ev eKelvaiS rals VUepaiS ^ TToXlv TToXXov" ' I" mis diebus iterum cum 

' turba multa esset nee haberent 

31. 7i\eiv ha Siiiuj'oe BBLA. 33. Latt. 
Syr.Hier. Memph. ^th.] iKaiXiSwvoc 
v'XQiv T. AX. rel. S)'rr.Pst.&Hcl. 
Goth. Arm. 

— fif BDLA. 1. 33. 69. | f^pos ^- AX. 
rel. (om. njv BaXaaaav Mlh.) 

— Itinoi'l fnaiov XE*K. 

— AsKanoXiio^'] pracm. tijq D. 

32. Kuxpoi' Km BBcIlVA. Latt. Aim.Zoh. 
^tli. I *om. Km <r. AL. re). SyiT.Pst. 
&IIcl. Jlemph. Goth. Arra.MSS. 

— ^loyyiXaXoi/ BLX4. 33. 69. EF-Hr. 
\tttoyi\a\ov ■^. AB*T/.D. 1. re!. 

— TrnpoKaXovan''] napiKaXovv 33. Vulg. 
a. Syr.Pst. 

— auroj/] avTiji V. 

— ^JCXfipa] T7JV xiipav D. | rar x^'pae 
A. 33. a. 

33. «7ro\n/3o/(£vof] e-iXa/^opirvQ E*r. | 

A«/3o/(£J'0£^ A. 

— «7ro] IK Ar. 

— t[iriXi>'~} cmftaXt 69. 

— avTov 1**] um. L. c. 

— TTTvaaq] ante tjiaXw IX a.b.c.i. (Con- 
tra, Vulg. fjf'). I ante fie tu wtu 69. 

• — yXojcaijg] x^'poc A. 

34. earava^tv'] avKTravuttv D. 69. 

— (ipipaBa AB.sL. rel. Meuiijh.Schw. | 
KpfiOa DGi. Vulg.CV. cff. Ettctha^m. 
cpita n. efl'eta Fukl. b. cft'eeta d. cp- 
phcta,/" I iTT^aBa A. JlemplLW. a(p- 
ipada Memph.MS. ephatali, taphateh 


34. 6 KTTiv^iavoix^iiTil om. Syr.Pst. Syr. 

35. Kat l"] fadd. ivBiotg '^. AX. rel. Vulg. 
c.f. SyiT.Pst.&Hel. Goth. Arm. ^th. 
I om. BDLA. 33. a.b.ff.i. Jlemph. 

— i]roiyj}(Tttv BDA. 1. 1 'iji'otxOiJf^ctv L, 
1 ^Ci7]voix0i}(7av ^. AX. rel. 

— avTov at flKoai] at «k. avT. D. Latt.] 
Contra, ABsL. rel. 

— iXvBi]] pvaem. ivOtue'L. iv9vs A.{JEih.) 

— yXu)-Ti](; A. 

36. heiTTttXaTo'] iveriiXaro A. 

— fitldivil siild. fDjSiv J), (vid. cap. i.44). 

— Xeyioaiv BLA. 33. | j^enrwaiv s". AD. 
rel. (vid. Matt. xvi. 20, ct cap. viii. 30 
var. Icct.) 

— uaou Se., ..OifarfXXero'] om. D. b.c.Jf'.i. 
(oi dt D*. b.c.ff:i). I Contra, rel. Vulg. 

— avToiQ 2"] fpraem. avrog S'. 69. E. 
rel. Syrr.Pst.&Hcl. Goth. Arm. ^th. | 
add. nwroe 33. | om. ABLXA. 1. Vulg. 
a.fg'.l. Mcmph. 

CiiOTlXXiTo'] SietJTtXlTQ X. I tV^TiXiTO 

sic A. 

— avToi BDLA. 33. /(vid.i.c.^./.supra). 
Syr.Pst. Memph. Goth. Arm.]*om. ^. 
AX. l.rel. Vulg. a.g-. Syr.IIcl. iEtb. 

— irepKTaoTSpoj''] Trfptafforepuji; D. 

37. v7rep7rfptiTuioQ']v7repeK7rtpia(riijg'DA.\J. 

— £^£7r\;/(TtToi'ro] -rroj'ro 69. 

— TTtTTOiijiiE)'] add. w£ B.Btli/. Memph. 
ut vid. 

37. TTotei oKoufii'] aKovew ttom A*. 

— rt\tr\o!)g] fpraem. rovg s". AD. rel. | 
om. BLA. 33. 

1. EKtn'atc] add. Se D. a.b.c.f.ff.i. Syr.Pst. 
Goth. (iEth.) I Contra, rcl. Vulg. jr*. 
Syr.Hcl. Memph. Arm. 

— TTuXiv TToWoii BDLA. 1. 33. 69. GM. 
Latt. Memph. Goth. Arm. ^Etli. | { Trafi- 
TToXXov s. A. rel. (Triei'TroXouX). Syrr. 

— EXOVTtov^ add. av-uiv D. 

— TTpocrKaXftrajKcroe] "fadd. 6 IrjuovQ s*. 
X. rel. /. (" cum Jesu" habet ante <f). 
\ om. AB.^cA.DLA. 1. 33. KM. Latt. 
(cxc./), Syrr.Pst.&Hcl. Memph. Goth. 
Ann. JEth. 

— paOrjTag] f add. avrov '^. AB.sX. 33. 
rel. g-. Syr.Pst. Memph. Arm. -lEth. 
(vid. Matt.xv.32). I ora. DLA. L Vulg. 
a.b.c./.ffJ. Syr.Hcl. Goth. 

— Xfyfi] pracm. ^aXiv A. 

2. Tov oxXov'\ add. rovTOf L. {a.b.cj'.jf). 
i. Syr.Pst. Memph. | Contra, MSS. 
Vulg. Syr.Hcl. Arm. JEth. | tov oxXov 
Tovrov D. 

— V^V^ post I'tfiEpaQ 1. 

— y'lptpai ADLX. 33. EFGHKMSUVr. 
It'lf^P"'' S'. A. 1. 69. 1 i';/-«pai£ rpicrt B. 

— TpEig] add. aaiv D. 

— TTpoffftsvovffiv fioi Kai ALXA. 1. 33. 

32. deprecabantur CL | 33. auriculas ejus CI. | 
34. Ephphetha CI. 
1. diebus illis CI. 


VIII. 9. 


Vulg. a. b. r. 

Syrr. P. H. 


Goth. Arm. ^Ith 

o^Aoi; ouTOf Koi fii] e'xoi'T-cot' tl (j)aya>(TLV, TrpoarKaXe- 
aaixevo9 * tov9 fxadjjras * Xeyei auroh, ~ STrAayx^'" 
^ojxaL eVi Tov ox^ov, otl rjSi] ' rj/jLepai" rpels Trpoa- 
piivovcrlv \_p.ol\, kcll ovk e)(Ovaii> t'l (paywaLv. "" Kat 
eav diroXvaa avTOVS vi]crTeL'i els oIkov avTwv, eKXvdi]- 
r.we yap cTOVTai Iv Tri oSco' * Koi Tiv€f avTMV uTTo fiaKpodeu 

I'^Kaaiv. ' Kol aireKptO-qcrav aurw o'l fxaOi-jTai avrov 
* otl" YloOev TOVTOU! huvrja-eTai Ti9~a>8e -^PpTaaaL 
apTcov eiT epj]p.[a9; '/cat ^rjpcora" avrov?, Hosrov? 


ex^TE apTOVs ; o'l 8e^ *ei7rau', 'Ettto.. "^ /cat ^irapay- 

ye'AAet" rw o;(A(m auairecreiu eVt tj]s yr]S- kol Xa^cou 
6. [rai] {^^"P- TOiif iiTTa apTOvs eLixa/9icrrj^cra9 eKXacrev, kul eoioov 
Tols p.a6r}Tah avrov "iva * TrapariOcoa-Li' ■ Kai irape- 
drjKau ru) o'xAco. ^ /cat ' eixav" Ix0v8ia oXiya- kol 
evXoyrjcras avra" eiTrev */cat ravra irapariOevaL . 
^ * KoX eipayoi/" /cat ixoprda-d-qaai', /cat rjpau irepia- 
aevpara KXaap-drcov eirrd aTrvplSa?. " rjcrau 8e 

quod raanJucarent, convocatis 
liiscipulis ait illis, - ilisereor 
super turba, quia eccc iam tri- 
duo sustinent me nee habent 
quod manducent, ' et si dimi- 
scro eos ieiunos in domum 
suain, deficient in via : quidam 
enim ex eis de longe venerunt. 

* Kt rcsponderunt ei disoipuli 
sui, Undc istos poterit quis hie 
saturare panibus in solitudine? 

* Et inteiTogavit eos, Quot pa- 
nes habetis ? Qui dixerunt 
Septcm. '' Et praecepit turbae 
discumbere supva terram : et 
accipiens septem panes gratias 
agens fregit, et dabat discipulis 
suis ut adponerent, et adposue- 
runt turbae. ' Et habebant 
pisciculos paucos : et ipsos be- 
nedixit et iussit adponi. ' Et 
manducaverunt et saturati sunt, 
et sustulerunt quod superaverat 
de fragmeutis, septem sportas. 
" Erant autem qui manducave- 

rcl. Vulg. gKI. Syrr.Pst.&Hcl. Memph. 
W.&Schw. Goth. Arm. ^th. (vid. 
5Iatt-xv.32). mecuni sunt et/. ) wpoa- 
fuvovniv Kai B. Menipli.MSS. | avo 
TTOTs u}^e (itTiv Kai D. a.b.i. est jam 
quod hie sunt et c.ff. 

2. ly^ovaivl exoKTiv LXA. 33. 

3. Kai sav] Kav L. | ora. Lav E. 

— fai' aTToXvtruj .. .. eK\v9ii(70i>Tai'] a-jro- 
Xvaat et ov 6i\io (post oik-oj') ^i/ ikXv- 
QujiTiv et oTi (post oSifi) D. a.b.(ff).!. 
(vid. Matt. .w. 32). ] Contra, MSS. 
"Vulg. c.f. rel. 

— oiKov avTiovl praem. tov 69. | om. 
avriov D. ff.i. (h. a. om. uc r. oik. ovt. 

— Km rii'te BDLA. 1. 33. (Syr.Pst.) 
Jlemph. {on Kai r. D. supra, qnoniam 
quidam a.b.c.i.') \ %TiviQ yap ^. AX. 
rel. Vulg. /. Syr.Hel. Goth. Arm. ^Eth. 
II add. e? D. cf.ff.g-.U. Syrr.Pst.&Hcl. 
I Contra, MSS. a.b. rel. 

• — arro ^aKpodiv B.Bt/i/.DhA. 1. 33. 69. 
Latt. Syrr.Pst.&Hcl. | *om. arro '^. A 
X. rel. 

— tjKaatv (St.') AD. 1.33.69. S(ut vid.) 
Vs. Latt. Syrr.Pst.&Hcl. Goth. Arm 
iEtb. I (jKoiiffii/ {Eh.) XEFGHKMUr. 
I tiaiv BLA. Memph. 

4. on iro9£)' BLA. | *om. on r^. AD. 
rel. (vid. Matt. xv. 33). 

— TovTovsl ora. 1. I om. hie Syr.Pst. 

— wcf] om. D. 69. H. VuIg.MS. b.c.ff.i. 

Goth. I Contra, MSS. Vulg.CT, et Am. 
I'el. I ante oui'. 1./. (ante rouroue a. 
post aprtov I). 

4. ap7-Mi'] uprov 1. FHKT. | .add. hos 
omncs Syr.Pst. | praem. avTovQ 1. 

— or' (pj)piag BDL. rel. Latt. rel. | tir' 
ipt]piuu: AK. I £7r' cpiJi-iaiQ A. 

5. 7]put-a BLA. I ItTTiipioTa <^. AD. rel. 
I iTrr]puiT)]an' M. Vulg. b.f.ff.g'--- Syr. 
Pst. (Contra, a.c. Syr.Hel.) 

— iXiTi aprovQ ABsli. l.rel. Goth. Ami. 
I apTovs ixtTi J). 33. Latt. Syrr.Pst.& 
Hcl. Memph. iEth. (vid. cap. vi. 38 et 
Matt. XV. 34). I om. aprovg X. 

— tnrai> KBtli/.A. | %Hwoi' s"- ACD. 
rel. ||add. ntir((j L. i.l. Syr.Pst. ^Eth. 

6. TrapayyiWii B.Bch.Blc.DLA-. {irapay- 
yeXiiB.Btli/.A*) Or/y. iii. 510». de 
historia habct ov KiXiim aXXa Trapay- 
yiXXtC vid. et Matt.xv.35. ] jTrapijy- 
yiiXev S". AC. rel. vv. (quae saepe prac- 
sentera per praet. exprimunt). 

— T'le yje] ^f' yi^ i- 33. (vid. Matt. 

XV. 35). 

— ivxapiaT.I pr.aem. Kai CDSV. a.f.g^. 
Syr.Pst. Goth. iEth. | Contra, ABsLX. 
1. 33. rel. Vulg. b.c.ff. Syr.Hel. Memph. 

— itapariQioalv BCLA. 33.69. M. 1 Xira- 
paOioniv T. AU. rel. 

7. fix«>' B.i?(/y.DA. I Jfixo"' T- AC. rel. 

— tvXoy7j(Tag~\ LVxapi(Trtjtrag D. 

— avTa post ivXoy. BCLA. Memph. 

(iEth.) I ante tvXoy. 1. 69. M. Latt. 
Syrr.Pst.&Hcl. Goth. Arm. | ravra 
ante ivXoy. AFK. | * non habent ^. D 
X. 33. EGHSUVr. 

7. Kai ravra rraparidivai B.Btli/.Blc.TiA. 
Memph. (om. Kai B.Bch.) \ Kai ravra 
irapadiri C. | Kai avra irapaStre 33. 
I avra irapaOtivai V. | Kai avrovQ 
tKtXivotv irapariiQivai D. | -napan- 
Orjrai Kai avra A. | ^TrapuBuyat Kai 
avra S". X. 69. M*. rel. {Trapa9j]vai 
EFHKr). Syr.Hel. Goth, (^th.) (om. 
KOI Syr.Pst.) I ■KuparSivai riji oxXip 
M^mg. I TzapaQiwai tantum 1. Latt. 
Arm. (vid. Luc. ix. 16). 

8. Kai iipayov BCDLA. 1. 33. Latt. Syr. 
Pst. Memph. ^th. | add. St B.BlIy. \ 
itipayovSt T. AX. 69. rel. Syr.Hel. 
Goth. [Arm.] 

— exopraodiiaav'] add. Travng 33. KM. 
(vid. M.att. xiv. .XV. et cap. vj.) 

— TTipiautvpara^ praem. ra C. Memph. | 
Trepiaatvaavra 33. (vid. 12). [ 
ro TTEpiffffevfia ru)V D. 

— - KXaanariDv"] om. A. | KXaafiara 33. 

— fVra airvpicagl a-ir. 'firra L. 6. aipv 
piSac Z D. I Contra, rcl. Latt. rel. 

— iTTTvpioas A^BCLXA. 1. 33. rel. | <r<pv- 
pilaQ A*D. II add. TrXijpcic 33. 69. ;'. 
(vid. Matt.) 

2. turbam CI | 4. Undo illos quis potorit CI. 
I 6. super CI. 



VIII. 10. 


1. 33. 69. 

[ot (f)ayovTe9] w rerpaKLo-^lXior /cat aTTeXvaev av- 


33 *" Kat * evdvs" ifJ.l3a9 els to irXolov /xera tmv 
fia6r]T(ov avTOu ijXOev e!? ra fJ-eprj AaX/xavovda. 

'piatt. 16:1-4.^0? 11 t ^Q,2 i^ijXdov ol ^apiaaioL koI rjp^avro avv'^rjreiv 

Lu. 12:54- 56. avTco, ^rjTOvvTes irap avrov (jrjp.eLOv dwo rod ov- 

"'' pavov, Treipd^ovres avrov. " koll dvaaTevd^as rw 

12. [fu'^ror-] TTvevpLaTL avTov Xe'yei, T/ ?/ yevea avrrj * ^rjrel a-q- 

— [iV"'] fieLou ; dp.r]v Xeyco vplv, el SodrjcreraL rr] yeved ravrrj 


34 ^'' Kai a0e£f avrovs ^ttoXlv e'/x/Sa?" [eif* '7tXo'iqv\ 

"II Matt. 16: 5-1-2. '-x/i ' ^ ' ii\x ^ ' \ 'a lo- 

Lu ,2;, airriXoev eis to irepav. Kat eweXaaovTO Xapeiv 

dpTovs, Kcti el /XT] eva dprov ovk e/^oi' pe0 eavrcov ev 

^^ "^ Tu> irXoLco. ^^ Koi SieareXXeTO avTOis Xeycou, 'Opdre, 

/SAeVere diro ttjs ^vp.r]s twv ^apiaaiaiv kou ttjs ^vjxr/s 

^ 'Y{pui8ov. ^'^ Kcd SieXoyi^ovTO rrpos dXX-qXovs \ otl 

rant qn.isi quattuor milia : et 
ilimisit eos. 

'° Et statira ascemlens iiavem 
cum discipulis suis venit in 
piirtcs Dalnianutha. " ("-'•' Et 
exienmt Pharisaci et cocperiint 
conquirere cum eo, quacrentes 
.nb illo signum <le cado teni- 
tantcs cum. '=('». <>•) Et inge- 
mcscens spiritu ait, Quiil gene- 
ratio i.sta quaerit signum ? A- 
men dico vubis, si dabitur gene- 
ration! isti signum. 

" Et dimittens eos ascendens 
iterum ahiit trans fretum. ''' Et 
obliti sunt sumere panes, et 
nisi unum piincm non habebant 
secum in navi. '^ (",-■) Et prae- 
cipiebat eis dicens, Videte ca- 
vete a fermento Pliarisaeorum 
ct fermento Herodis. '«c™.s-iEt 
cogitabant ad alterutrum di- 

9. 01 ipayovTto] om. BLil. .33. Memph. | 
Contra, ACDX. I. 69(«!V). rel. Latt. 
rel. (vid. cap. vi. 44). 

we] lOfJtL M. 

— Tfrpaxicx'^""] add. ai'Opff AG. a.h.c. 
ff.i. (vid. Matt. XV. 3S ct 44). | 

om. MSS. Vulg. /. rel. 
iO.evBitg BCLA. (1.69). (Jfiietaif <r. 
(A)X. 33. rel.) Vulg. a.f.g'--- Memph. 
Arm. (^Eth.) | post efifiae A. 1. 69. 
KMU. Syrr.Pst.&Hcl. Gotli. | om. D. 

— t/i;8(»^] avifiri 1) (ct kiu ante yXOti') 
a./, (vid. Matt. xv. 39). || add. avros 
B. I praem. avrog D. b.i. pracm. Je- 
sus c.ff'. I non li.abcnt ACL. rel. Vulg. 

— TO TrXocov] om. to L. 1. 33. 69. Goth, 
(om. fiETa Tuiv nadijTwv avrov Memph. 
vid. Matt. XV. 39). 

— jjXyti'] add. o Itjaovc L. 

— [iip'll opia DGr. c.f. Arm.Usc. (vid. 
Matt. XV. 39). 

— AaXfiavovHa ACLXd. 33. rel. Syr.Hcl. 
mg.Graece. Vulg. /</'■'• Syrr.Pst.&Hcl. 
Memph. W.&Sclnv. (Arm.) yEth. ] Aa\- 
IxavovvOa B. | MiXiyaca B*. Wayaca 
D'. Magedan a.b.{c).ff.i. codd. ap. 
Aug. et Hier. (vid. Matt. xv. 39). | 
MaySaXa 1. 69. Mempli.ap.Marcsclial- 
lum. Goth. 

11. £?»/X0or] 'GoTav D. (om. Km i^ijXQov 
33. c. ct oi <papiiT. post ijp^ai'To habent). 

— avv'CTjTiiv avrqi, ^»;royvrct'] (Ju'Ojrovi'' 
Tts 69. 

ll.fiiin^j] praem. aw DGr. Vulg. a.b.c. 
M-g'-'- ".ab"i. 

— i^Tj-ovvTeg Trap' auroi'] om. A, 

— <Ti;|i£io)'] praem. to D. 

aTTo] £K 69. 

12. aj'a(7Teva^aQ~] ffTSva^ag M*. 

— avTov^ om. D. 1. M*r. Vulg. b.gM.\ 
Contra, rel. a.c.f.ff.g'. re\.\iavTov AL. 

— \ty6t] Hire F. 

— n] on C. Oci'j^. iii.429''. | Contra, rel. 

— ?i;7£i o^fxiiov BCDLA. 1.33. Am. Tol. 
a.b.c.U. Syr.Pst. Memph. ^Eth. | Jo-;;- 
/iiiov iTnZrjTH T. AX. rel. Vulg.C/. 
/s'--- Syr.Hcl. Goth. Arm. Orig. iii. 

(vid. Miitt. xvi. 4). 

— ii/jtv] om. BL. I Contra, ACD. rel. vv. 
Orig. iii. 

— £e] ov A. 69. (vid. M.att. xvi. 4). | Con- 
tra, rel. Orig. iii. 

— ravTy'] avTy LFHr. j Contra, rel. 
Orig. iii. 

13. nurove] avrov A. 

— TraXiv efilSag BCDLA. 33. 69. a.i. 
(?Arm.) ^Eth. | ti/iPaQ miXiv T. A 
X. l.rel. Vulg. /#?'■'• Syr.Hcl. Goth.| 
om. TTuXii' b.c, Syr.Pst. Jlemph. 

— ug ttXowi' ax. 33. EFGMSV. (fie 
fro" TrXoiov s. C 1. 69. HiKsUr. 
rid. ver. 10). Vulg.C/. a.b.c.f.g-.i. vv. 
rcl. (vid. ver. 10). j om. BCLA. Am. 
Tol. ff.gK 

14. tviXadovro'] tTTiXaOit'ToWBcli. jjadd. 
oi ftaBrjrat D. c. \ .add. oi itaGijTai av 
rou 69. U. (vid. Matt. xvi. 5). | Contra, 

14. Xafliiv post aprovg 33. 69. Vulg.C/. 
(vid. Matt. xvi. 5). 

— KUi (I fi7] iva aprov ovk iixov ABC. 
rel. Vulg. (J)).f.g^. \ u /u/ kva aprov 
iiXOV D. a.{c).{jf).g''.(J). Arm. | iva 
liovov aprov txovrtq 1. | iva fiovov 
ixovrec aprov 69. 

— fiiO' eavTiov'] fier savruiv D. | om. Syr. 

15. c^tEffrfWfro] ^leantXaro 69. EF. | 
£rfr£i\nro A. 

— opaT£] om. D. 1. Tol. a. Arm. | Con- 
tra, rel. Vulg. b.c.f.ff.g''.i. |]add. koi 
C. 69. Vulg.C/. c,f.l. Memph.Schw. 
^.th. (vid. M.-itt. xvi. 6). | Contra, rel. 
Am. g-. Memph.W. rel. [a.6]. 

— (iXiTriTi\ om. A. b.ff.i. \ Contra, Vulg. 
a.c.g\ rel. 

— Kai rtjc ?u^);e] om. Kai S.Blli/. \ Kat 
avo T. Z- A. 1. 69. G. a.f.g'--- 

— 'Hpiodov~\ TMi' 'Hpuj^tavujv 1. 69. G. 
Tol. i. Arm. 

16. a\Xj;Xors] fadd. XfyoiTfe S". ACL. 
rcl. Vulg./(/'-Syrr.Pst.&Hcl. Memph. 
Goth. Arm. iEth. (vid. Matt. xvi. 7). | 
om. BD. 1. a.b.c.ff.i. 

— ixovaiv B. 1. c. Memph. | £ixai' D. 
u.h.ff.g'Ki. I t'X"/"'' T. ACL. rcl. 
Vidg./s". Syrr.Pst.&Hcl. Goth. Arm. 
iEth. (£xw/i£i' K). De persona verbi, 
vid. Matt. 

17.6 li}aovg ante Xty. our. ACDA^. (om. 0) 

12. signum quaerit CI. \ 13. ascendit iterum 
uavim et abiit CI. \ 14. panes sumere CI. j 15. et 
caveto CI. 



VIII. 23. 

Vnlg. n. b. c. 

Syrr. P. H. 
Goth. Arm. JEth. 
IG. txofui^ 

20. Koi Xsyovaiv 
Kr' ~Vi 

23. i^j}yay€v 


aprovs ovK * e'xova-iv". ^' koi yuovs [o 'Irjaovsl ^^V" 
avToh, Tt StaXoyl^eade on aprovs ovk e'xere ; ovirw 
poELTe ov8e avviere ; * TreTroipco/xeurji' e^ere rvyi- /cap- 
5/aj^ vp-du; ^^ 6(j)daAp.ov? e'xovres ov fiXeirere, koI 
wra exovm ovk aKovere ; Kol ou p.vr]p.oveveTe ; ' ore 
Tovf TreVre aprovf eKXaaa eh Tovf TreuraKicrxi-XLovf 
TTOcrouf Kochlvov? * KXaaparcov irXripeis rjpare ; Ae- 
yovaiv avTcp, AcodeKa. Ure [OeJ rouf eirra et? 

T0V9 TeTpaKLcrxLXlovf Trocrcov (nrvpi8wv irXiqpwpiaTa 
KXaapaToyv ijpare ; o'l 8e eiirov, KTrra. ' Kat eAe- 
yev avTotf, llw? * ovttco avviere, 

35 " Koi H'pxovrac" eh BridaaiSav kol (jie'povcrtu 
avra> rv^Xov, kol TvapaKaXovaiv avrov Iva avrov 
axjnjTai. '^ kol eirLXafiop-evos Trjs x^'^po? "^ov tv(()Xov 
^ e^TjveyKev" avrov e^o) rrjs Kcopi]^, /cat irrvaa^ eh 
ra op-p-ara avrov, eirideh ras x^^P"-^ avrw, eTnjpcora 

centos quia panes non liabemiis. 
" Quo cognito lesns ait illis, 
Quid cngitatis quia panes non 
iuiiietis ? noudum cognoscitis 
ncque iutellcgitis ? adiuic cae- 
catuni lialietis cor vcstrum ? 
'* Oculos habentcs non videtis 
et aurcs luibcutcs non auditis ? 
nee recordamini, '^ ([uaudo 
r|uinquc ])ancs tVegi in quin(jue 
milin, ct quot cophiuos frag- 
mentorum pIeno.s sustulistis ? 
Dicunt ei, Duodecim. ™ Quan- 
do et septem panes in quattuor 
niilia, quot s])ortas fragmento- 
rum tulistis ? Et dicunt ei, 
Septem. '^^ Et dicebat eis, Quo- 
modo nonduni intellegitis ? 

et adducunt ei caecum, et roga- 
haut eum ut ilium taugeret. 
-' Et adprchendens manumcae- 
ci eduxit eum extra vicum, et 
expueus in oculos eius inpositis 
nianibns suis interrogavit eum 

rel. Arn. Fvld. a.c.f.g'. rel. (vid. Matt. 
xvi. 8). I postX,. Vulg.C/. h.ff. \ om. 
BA*. i. Memph. 
17. ^ta\oyt?£(T0f] add. tv raiQ Kap^taig 
vfiwv T>U. a.h.c.ff.g-. Syr.Hcl.* Ann. 
jEth. (vid. cap. ii.8; Luc. v. 22). | add. 
IV iavToiQ 69. M. (vid. Matt. xvi. 8). | 
add. postea oXiyoTrwroi 69. Syr.Hcl.* 
Arm. (vid. Matt.) | non habent ABC. 
rel. Vulg. / Syr.Pst. Memph. Goth. 

— <X""'] ixoiitv A. 

— onoe avvuTi] om. 1. \ kul Gvari A. 
lit add. iTi ^. AX. 69. rel. Vulg./.g^ 
Syn-.Pst.&Hcl. " sic " i.c.rf.^.i. (" quia" 
Goth.) I om.BCDLA. 1.33. a. Memph. 
Ai-rn. M\.h. 

• — TreTTcjjpdi^evtjv fx^''^ '"'?*' Kapomi' AB 
C. reL Vulg. J'.g'^.t | TrETrwjOw/tti';/ 
(Trtirr)p. D* corr.') tUTiv tj Kapdia D. 
a.(b.c.,l.ff.i). Mth. 

IS. Kai ou] ovSt D. Latt. (vid. Matt. xvi. 
9). 1 Contra, rel. 

19. ors] 07-1 A. 69. (om. b.c.ff.i. Memph). 

— • apTovo] add. tovq D. 1 add. ovq 69. 
b.c.ff.i.k. Memph. 

— TTf.VTaKtax'-XiovQ] add. avQptoirovg A 
(om. Tovs ante), a.b.c.ff.g'-'^-l. \ Contra, 
Vulg. /.i.k. 

— Troffouf] offouc U. II praem. /cat CDA. 
1. 33. M. Am. /.g'-'-l. Arm. Jilth. (vid. 
Matt. xvi. 9). I Contra, ABsLX. rel. 
Vulg.CT. a.b.c.ff.i.k. Syrr.rst.&HcI. 
Memph. Goth. 

— K\a<y^aTitii> 7r\r]pnQ rjpare BCLA. 1. 
33. Vulg. g'-N. Syr.Pst. | KXan/iaTuv 

ripart vXripHg TiGr. \ XTr\i}p. Kkanji. 
,,p. T. AX. rel. /. Syr.Hcl. Goth. ] 
sustulistis cophinos fragmentis plenos 
Memph. )(p ttX. k\. apr. Arm. Mxh. 
(7rX))paf] 7r\)}piic AFGM. | cm, 69.'.i./i). 
20. oTt Ct ADX. 1. 33. rel. a.ff.i. Syr. 
Hcl. Goth. Arm. iEth. [6]. | ore Se 
Kat C. f. I Kat ore B.Bch. c. Syr.Pst. ] 
OTt "RBtlijX,. I OTt Kill A. Vulg. 3'-^- 
(" et" Memph.) 

— TOVQ ijrra] om. Tovq A. [|add. aprovQ 

C. 69. M-'. Vulg. cfg'^.l Goth. Arm. 
^th. (vid. Matt. xvi. 10). I Contra, ABs 

D. rel. a.ff.iM. Syrr.Pst.&Hcl. Memph. 

— roue ''^''P'] O'^' TOVQ La. I add. av- 
OpiOTTOVQ A. c.g~. 

— TTornov tTTTvpiCMv TrXijpuifiaTci ABsC. 
rel. ifJi). Syrr.(Pst.)&Hcl. Memph. 
Goth, (^th.) [b]. {wXnpuifiaTiov E*). 
\ TToaaQ (TipvpiSaQ D. Vulg. a.c.Jf'.g^''^'i. 
Arm. (vid. Matt. xvi. 4). (Trotroug ko- 
(pii'ovQ KXaiTfiaTiov TrXijpttg A). 

— 01 St tiTov ADX. 1. 33. rel. b.c.i. 
Syr.Hcl. Goth. Arm. (qui dixerunt a. 
ff).\KaiXtyovm' KBch.Blc.CL. Vulg. 
g''. Memph. JEth. (Xtyovaiv tantum 
B.Btly.A. g'.k.l. Syr.Pst.) vid. ver. 19. 
II add. avTi[i BCLA. Vulg. g'"-l. Memph. 
^th. (vid. ver. 19). | Contra, ADX. 
1. 33. rel. a.b.c.f.ff.i.k. Syrr.Pst.&Hel. 
Goth. Arm. 

21. fXfyfi/ ABiCLXA. 33. 69. rel. Vulg. 
Syr.Hcl. Memph. Arm. | Xtyti DFK. 

a.b.c.f.ff.g'-''-i.k. Syr.Pst. | tnrtv 1. 
21.7rwcou7rM ADGr.X. 33. MU. Vulg. 
a.c.ff.y'-'-i.l Syrr.Pst.&Hcl. Goth.|ou7rw 
CLA. 1. K. k.\%TruiQov <^. Bs. rel. b.d. 
Memph. (.^th.) vid. Matt. xvi. 11. | 
TTiDQ ovi' ovTTu) 69. /. (Arm.) 

— o-ui'i£T£ ACLAX. rel. ] voiiTt BD^ 
(vid. Matt.) I trvi'voiiTt D*. 

22. tpxavrai BCDLA. 33. 69. Vulg. g'.k. 
Memph. Arm. | venerunt a.b.c.f.ff. 
Goth. .^Eth. I jEpxfrai ^. AX. rel. 

— Bi/eraioai' ABsL.rel. Vulg.C/. (Bi)9- 
aaiSa C. 1. 33. 69. Am. c.gK) Syrr.Pst. 
&Hcl. Arm. ^th. | BrjcrirniSa A. ] 
BijOrrai^a k. Memph. | Betsaidam b. \ 
B,]9ai'tav D. a.f.ff.i.l Goth. 

— TvtpXov~\ add. BaifioinKofitvov A. 

23. nriXajio^tvoQ tiiq x*'P°t'] Aa/3o;U£i'0£ 
Ttjt' xfip« D. 

— rou rii^Xou] avrov 1. ("non om. 69). 

— Ejjji'EyKej' BCLA. 33. | tsCfyayf S. 
ADX. 1. rel. Vulg. /. vv. rel. (pro- 
duxit a. duxit b.c.ff.g'). 

— evriSttf] praem. icai 1. 69. G. b.c. 

— avrtft tTnjptora avrov trrtO. rag 

X^tpag ver. 25.] om. 33. 

- avrqi'] avrou AAK. Vulg. //. Syr. 
Pst. Memph. Goth. | Contra, BsCD. 
rel. a.kc.ff.gM. Syr.Hcl. rel. (om. k). 

- t7njpwra~] tirtp. D. 

17 ait illis .Jesus CI. I nee intell. CI. \ 19. om 
et a. I 22. Betlis.iidam CI. | 23. appvoiiensa 
uiauu CI. 



VIII. 24. 

avTov el TL /SAeVej. ' kcxl ava^Xt'^ai eXeyev, BAeTrw 
row avOpcoTTovs, otl cos SevSpa opco 7re piTraTovvras. 
eira iraXiv * eoi-jKev ras ^eipas ctti tovs ocpoaX- 
fjLovs avTOv, Kol ^ SiejSXe'^eu , kol ^ aireKaTearr]' , kou 
* ivepXeirfv TrjXavycos airavra . Kat aTreareiXeu 
avTov els ^ oIkov aurov Xeycou, M7;Se els Trjv kco/xtji' 
elaeXdr/s, /xrjSe eiTrrjs tlv\ ev rrj kco/xyj. 

36 ~ ^ Kai e^rjXOev 6 'Ir^aovs kol ol /j.adr]Tai av- 
Tov els Tas Kcop-as Kaiaapeias ttjs ^lXlttttov koI ev 
rfj 68(p ein^pcoTa rovs fxa6T]Tas avrov Xeycou \_avTOLsj, 
2s. oi Si e'lTrav T Lva jxe Xeyov(Tiv ol avOpcoTTOi eivai ; ol 8e aire- 
Kpidijaau avTco Xeyovres , \oyavvrjv top BairTiaTi^i', 
Kol aXXoL 'WX'tav, aXXoi 8e * on els Tcav 7rpo(j)r]rcJoi'. 
' KOU avTos * e-KrjpooTa avrovs , 'Yfiels 8e riva /xe 

Xeyere elvai; dTroKpi0e\s * o Herpos Xeyei avTW, 2li 

^ ei o ^pLO-Tos. ivat eTreTL/jurjaeu avrois Lva /xyoeuL 
XeycoaLv -irepl avrov. 



1. 33. 69. 


25. i7rkQi}Kiv 

— Kal h'el3\e\p€v 

26. [/<»j^t iItt. t. i. 

r. Ktt))U{/]. 

KA' li^ 
||Lu. 9:18-21. 

si aliquid videret. ^' Et aspi- 
ciciis ait, Video homines vclut 
ai'bores ambiilantes. " Deinde 
itenim inposuit manus super 
oculos eius, et coepit videre, et 
rcstitutus est ita lit videret clare 
omnia. ^* Et misit ilium in do- 
mum suam dicens, Vade in do- 
nuiiii tuam, et si in vicum in- 
troieris, iiemini dixeris. 

27 (8!, 1.) £( egressus est lesus 
et discipuli eius in castellaCae- 
sareae Philippi : etin via inter- 
rogabat discipulos suos dicens 
eis, Quern me dicunt esse ho- 
mines ? ■' Qui responderunt 
illi dicentes, lohannen baptis- 
tam, alii Heliam, alii vero quasi 
unum de prophetis. ^ Tunc 
dicit Wis, Vos vero quern me 
dii'itis esse ? Respondens Pe- 
trus ait ei, Tu es Christus. 
30(83,2.) jjt comminatus est eis 
ne cui dicerent de illo. 

23. ^XiTTu ABsD=LX. 1. 69. rel. Latt. 
Syrr.Pst.&Hcl. Goth. Arm. | jiXazuq 
CD»Gr.A. Memph. yEth. 

24. eXfytr AB^LX. 1. rel. Syr.Hcl. 
Memph. I Xiyu D. 69. Vulg. a.b.f.g'-''- \ 
HTTiv C. c.ff.k. Syr.Pst. [h. 33]. 

— oTi lig SivSpa opoj (St. Elz. \624.) AB 
C*LXA. 69. EFGHKM«SUVr. (h. 33). 
Goth. I wf StvSpa (om. on et opoi) (Ek. 
A. Syrr.Pst.&Hcl. Memph. Arm. iEth. 

— TTcpnraTovi'Tae'] ante (if ^sj/^pa Arm. | 
nepiiraTOvvra F. 

25. fiT-o ABsC. rel. Vulg. a.f. Syr.Hcl. 
Memph. Goth. | Kai D. b.c.ff.i.k. iEth. 
I om. Syr.Pst. Arm. 

— tdriKiv BL. I Xcn-ieriKiv <^. ACXA. 
rel. (h. 33). Vulg. | {ttsi- 
9ug BGr. a. (vid. ver. 23). 

— Km SupXixjjtv Kai BC*LA. 1. k. 
Memph. .^th.(s/c). | koi ivepXt^/tv Kai 
C . I Kai rjp^aTO aval3Xi\pai Kai D. 
Vulg. b.cjf.i.l. I J Kai (TTOirjffev avrov 
avafiXixjjai Kai S- AX. 33. rel. o/. 
Syr.Hcl. Goth. | kui tTroDjinv avrov 
avapXi\l/ai Kai licpXeirev Kai 69. | om. 
Syr.Pst. I etaperuit etvidebat et Arm. 

— amKaTtffTt] CLA. | airoKaTiaTti B. | 
aTriKaTiaraBt) AX. 33. 69. EFGHK 
MSVr. I %aTrOKaTKiTa9>i <;. D. 1. U. 

— Kai ivipXi-iriv BL. 69(*iV;). Syr.Pst. | 
Kai avijiXiirt A. | Kai av(fiXt\pev FM. | 
% Kai cvifiXttpev '^. ACX. 1. 33. rel. Syr. 
Hcl. Memph. | uart ava(iiXi\pai D. Latt. 



— aTTavra BC*LA. 1. 69. {-jraVTa D). 
omnia Vulg. a.b.f.ff.i. Arm. omne Syrr. 
Pst.&Hcl. Memph. ^th. | la-KavTat<5. 
AC^X:\I(«c). rel. Goth. | om. 33. c.h. 

26. oiKov"] tpraem. tov s- XA. rel. 
Memph. | om. ABCDL. 33. EFHKS 

vr. Goth. 

• — Xfywr] Kai XiyH avTi^ D, j Contra, 
rel. Latt. [c].rel. ||add. iiirays eig tov 
oiKov (TOV Kai D. 69. Vulg. a.b.f.ff, 
g''''l. (vid. ii. 1 1, etc.) vid. Arm. iti/ra. 

I om. ABC. rel. c.k. vv. 

— ^iijSe eig tjjv Kwfit]v uaiXOyg ABCL. 
1. 33. (69). rel. a. Syrr.Pst.&Hcl.txt. 
Memph. Goth. Arm. jEth. (/oj^t] tav 
69). I et si in vicum introicris Vulg. 
(.l>Uf).ff.y'-'l. | om. T>. c.k. 

II add. sed vade in domum tuam et si in 
vicum introicris Ai'm. 

— firiSt Htr^Q Tivi ev ry Kiofty ACXA. 
Img. (man. rec.) 33. rel. Syrr.Pst.&Hcl. 
txt. Goth. Arm. .^th. (ne cui diceret 
in castellum c. nemini dixeris in cas- 
tello k). I /itiSivi tnrys eig Ttjv KWfirjv 
D. i. I jiridii'i inryg ftyjdi ev ry Ku>fiy 
69. I nemini dixeris (tantum) Vulg. b. 

f.ff.g'-^-I. nee cuiquam di- 
cas a. I om. BL. 1*. Memph. 

27. Tag Kiofiag Kaiffapeiag^ Kaioapiav 
D. a.b.ff.i. I Contra, rel. Vulg. c.f./i. 

— avTov 2°] om. A. Arm. 

— avroig'] om. DLA. a.b.k. Arm. | Contra, 
ABiCX. 1. rel. Vulg. c.fff. rel. (h. 33). 

27. rival ^^ ^^' 

— fti'ai] ante ol ai'Spwjroi D. Vulg. a. 
(c).f.ff. I Contra, h.gM.k. 

28. aireKpi9>]<yav ADX. 1. 33. rel. Vulg. 
a.b.c.f. Syr.Hcl. Goth. Arm. (vid. Lue. 
ix. 19). I enrav BCLA. k. Syr.Pst. 
Memph. ^th. (vid. Matt. xvi. 14). 

— avTip Xeyovreg BC*DLA. 69.Vulg. a.b.c 
I. Memph. | avriji C 33. JEtb. illi omnes 
A. dicentes y. Arm |*om.S'. AX. Lrel. 
Syrr.Pst.&Hcl. Goth. (vid. Matt, et Luc.) 

— IinavvT)v2 praem. on B. Syr.Pst. | 

— Kai aWoi 'RXiav ABsC. rel. ff.i. rel. 
[^th.] I aWoi Se 'HXiav D. 69. a././t. 
Memph. MS. (vid. Matt. .xvi. 14 et Luc. 
ix. 19). I aXXoi 'HXiai' AV. Vulg. b.c. 
(h. 33). 

— aXXot Se^ Kai aXXoi 69. 

— on eig BC*L. Memph. j aig eva D. Vulg. 
a.b.c.f.ff.i.l. I Xiva S- AC^X. rel. k. 
Syrr.Pst.&Hcl. Goth. Arm. (vid. Matt, 
xvi. 14). [MtXi.'] 

29. Koiatirog ABsC.rel. Syr.Hcl. Memph. 
Goth. I avrog Se D. a.(c).ff. "tunc" 
Vulg. b.f. (Jesus Syr.Pst.) | om. I. h. 
Ann. jEth. (vid. Matt. xvi. 15). 

— eirripuiTa avrovg BC*DLA. a.{c).(ff). 
Memph. | JXeyfi avroig <^. AC^X. rel. 
Vulg. 6.(/). (SyiT.Pst.&Hel.) Goth. 
Arm. jEth. (vid. Matt. xvi. 15). | om.A. 

— a-jTOKpiQeigl fadd. ^e ^. CDXA. l.rel. 

23. si quid CI. | 25. clare videret CI. | 2" 
tello Am. I 29. esse dicitis CI. 

VIII. 36. 


Vulg. a.b.c. 

Syrr. P. H. 


Goth. Arm. Sth. 

w II Miitt. 16:21-23. 

II Lu. 9:22. 

24: 6. 

33. Xtywj' 

||Lu. 9:23-26. 

34. iXBelv 

JMatt. 10:39. 
Lu. 17:33. 
Jo. 12 : 25. 

^ Kat rjp^aro 8i8daK€iu avrovs on Set tov v'lov 
Tov avOptoTTOv TToAAa iradelu kcu dirodoKi/jLao-Oijvai 

* vTTo" rwv Trpea-fivTepCDv koI tcou dp^Lepecov /cat 
Tcov ypa/uLparecou, koI dTroKTavOrjvaL, kcu p-era rpeis 

rjp.epas duacrTrji'ai' ' kol Trappyala tov Xoyov eXa- 
Xei. KOL TTpoaXa^opevos *6 Yierpos avrov" ijp^aro 
eTTtTi/jLau avTcp. be €7riarpa(peif kul locov tovs 

fxadrjTa? avrov, iireTLfjirjaev * Ylerpco * /cat Xeyei , 
Yiraye oiriaco p.ov, craTavd, otl oh ^povels ra tov 
deov, aAAa ra tcou dvOpcoTvcov. "^ ^ Koi TrpoaKaXe- 
(xapevos tov o^Xov aw T0I9 padrjTaLS avrov eiTreu 
avTols, *Ei rty' OeXeL ottlo-co pov ^ccKoXovdeiu , dirap- 
vrjaacrOco eavTov kox aparco tov aravpov avrov, KaL 
aKoXovdeirct) p.01. '^^ - 09 yap * idu" BeXrj tj-jv "^v^iju 
avrov aaaai, diroXeaei avrrjv 0? 5' av * diroXeaeL 

* rrjv eavrov '^v)(riv" eveKev ep,ov Kol rov evayyeXiov, 
acjcret avrrjv. tl yap ojipeXrjafi rov avapcoirov. 

" Et coepit docere illos quo- 
iiiam oportet filium hominis 
multa pati et reprohari a seni- 
oribus ct a summis sacerdotibus 
et scribis et occidi et post tres 
dies resurgere, ^^ et palam ver- 
biim loquebatur. ('■">'■) Et ad- 
prehendens eura Petrus coepit 
increpare eura. ^^ Qui conver- 
sus et videns discijiulos suos 
comminatus est Petro dicens, 
Vade retro me, satana, quoniam 
non sapis quae dei sunt sed quae 
sunthoniinum. ^''^•^•'Etcon- 
vocata turba cum discipulis suis 
dixit eis, Si quis vult post me 
sequi, deneget se ipsum et tollat 
crucem suam, et sequatur me. 
^ Qui enim voluerit animam 
suam salvam facere, perdet earn : 
qui autem perdiderit animam 
suam propterme et evangelium, 
salvam cam faciet. ^ Quid enim 
proJerit homini, si lucretur 

fff. Goth. Ai-ra. (vid. Matt. xvi. 15; 
Luc.ix.30).|praem.Kai A. 33. a.b.i.(k). 
■Mth. [c], I om. B.Btli/.L. Vulg. Syrr. 
Pst.&Hcl. s!c. Memph. £»s. P).E. 12K. 

29. av-<i)'\ om. 33. Eus. 

— XP'"'''''?] i-dd. o vioQ TOV 9tov L. sic 
et postea tov Jwitos 69. Syr.Pst. Syr. 
Hier. (vid. Matt.) | add. Jesus filius Dei 
vivi b. I non habent ABCD. rel. Vulg. a. 
c.f.h. Syr.Hcl. Memph. Goth. Ann. ^th. 
Orig. iii. 534>. diserte. Eus. D.E. dis. 

30. avToio] avTtj) A. c. \ Contra, Orig. iii. 
532^ £i«. D.E. 12F. || add. 6 Ij/tode 
M. c. I Contra, Orig. Eus. 

— XeyuxTiv ABsLXA. rel. Orig. Eus. \ 
nirumv CDG. (vid. Matt. xvi. 20). 

31. i/pCaro] praem. otto Tort 69. (vid. 
Matt. xvi. 21), 

— aurou^] om. V. 

— vno BCDL. 33. GK. ] JnTro S- AXi. 
rel. (vid. Matt, ct Luc. ix. 22 ). 

— Tuvapx- B.£(/i/.CDXEHiMUV. Goth. 
1 *om. Tbiv S". ALA. rel. (hiat 33). 
vid. Matt, et Luc. || praem. otto D. 
Vulg. a.b.f.k. Syr.Pst. | Contra, rel. c. 
ff. Syr.Hcl. Memph. Goth. Arm. | 
iapx- ante irptaji. 69). 

— Twv ypa/i. B.Btli/.CUL. 69. EFHMU 
Vr. (om. 6). I *om. twv s. AXA. 1. 
33. rel. Goth. (vid. M:itt. et Luc.) 

— /lera rptif ijptpaq ABCD^c. rel. 
Vulg. {a).b.c.f.ff.{k). (Syr.Pst.MS.) S)T. 
Hcl. Memph. Goth. | ry rpiry I'lixtpf 
1. 33. 69. d.g'. Syr.Pst.impr. Arm. 

^th. (vid. Matt. xri. 21 ; Luc. ix. 22 et 
xxiv. 7). Iren. 206. (vid. et Luc. xxiv. 
7). Just. Tr. 51, 76 ad locum Matt, 
rcspicere videtiir. 

32. TTpoaXajSofiU'OcI TrpoaKoXetya^uvog P. 

— 6 ITtrpoc avrov BL. a. | ^avrov u 
Jlirpoe '^. AC. rel. Vulg. f./i. Memph. 
Goth. Arm. (vid. Matt. xvi. 22). | om. 
avrov D. [^b.c.Jf.i']. 

33. o Je] add. lijerouf AK. /. Syr.Hcl. 

— (TTiarpaipiis] arpaipiig 33. (vid. Matt, 
xvi. 23). 

— Tlcrpiji'] f praem. rifi '^. AC. rel. (vid. 
Matt.) I om. BDL. 

— KaiXeynBCLA.ff.k. Syr.Pst. Memph. 
Mth. 1 1 Xtyuj' S-. AD. rel. Vulg. a.b.c.f. 
Syr.Hcl. Goth. Arm. ||add. aurifj A. k. 

— ra Tiov ai'Op.'] om. ra X)Gr. 

34. avroic AB.sCL.rcl. Vulg./ vv. Orig. 
i. 282». Orig. Int. iii. 543''. | om. DXA. 

— firif BC*DLA. 1.33.69. Vulg. a.i.c. 
y!_^'.!./.A. Arm. Orig.\. Orig. 

Int.iii. (vid. Matt xvi. 24; Luc. ix. 23). 
I iourig s. AC=X.rel. Syrr.Pst.&Hcl. 
txt. Memph. Goth. JEth. 

— ai.-o\o!;6la)' C*DX. 1. EFGHMSUV. 
Vulg. {a.b).f.(^ff).i. Goth. ^th. Orig.i. 
WtXeuVS. AB.Blc.C-U. 33. 69. Kr«. 
c.g'./i. Syrr.Pst.&Hcl. Memph. Arm. 
Orig. Int.iii. (vid. Matt.) | i\9uv Kai 
UKoXovOiv A. 

— aTrapi'ijiTarrOio tavror Kai aparw] ETra- 
pariii tanfum A. (^api'tj(raa9ut D). 

— flOi] fiov 1. 

35. yap eav B.Btli/.CA. 1.33. KM. 1 tyap 
av <r. AD. rel. Orig. i. 282". 

— rrjv \f/vx^iv avrov ffwtrat ACDL. rel. 
(^iavrov D^). 1 rrjv iavr. tpvx- B.Btly. 
(in coll.) Orig. i. 

— be S' av arroX. t. ^'^x- avr.l om. D*. 
k. JEih. I 6e S" av aTToXtaii avrriv V. 
i*. Orig. Int. i\.6\l'. 

— arroXtau -2'> B.Btii/ CD^'ACTf. \ J-ffp 
<;. AL. rel. Orig. i. 282''. (vid. Matt, 
xvi. 25 ; Luc. ix.24). 

- — T)}v eavrov -ipvxv^ (vaic. B.Bch.C^^. 
69. EFGHKMSUV. | Jr^yJ/vx. avr. 
EViK. ^. AC*LA. 1. 33. (vid. Matt, et 
Luc. et supra). \ avrt/v D^ supra. T. 

— (fwv Kat']om.'D.a.b.i.k.ATm.JEth. Orig. 
i. I Cont.,MSS.Vulg.c/#. rel. {e^ov ij A). 

— Km rov ivayyeXiov] om. 33. ff. (vid. 
Matt, et Luc.) 

— moan'] £i'ip);fffi33. (vid. Matt.) jlf praem. 
ouroc S'. C'. 69. Mjnj. rel. (vid. Luc.) 
I om. ABC*(utvid.)DLX7y:A. 1.33. 
K:m;*. Latt. Syrr.Pst.&Hcl. Memph. 
Goth. Arm. Mth. Orig. i. 

36. wipiXjiaei ACDXA. l.rel. Vulg. 
ff.k. Syr.Hcl. Orig.i.2%2': \ <ji<^i\r)9rt- 

ctrai 33. (vid. Matt. xvi. 26.) | uiftXti 
B. (o<piXu L). a. Syr.Pst. Arm. 

— TOV av9piairov AC*D. Orig. i. 282^ 1 
*om. rov <^. BsKSsUVi. Goth. | av- 
9pw!rog C^LXA. 1. 3.3. 69. EFGHMF. 
(vid. Matt. xvi. 26; Luc. ix. 25). 

31 docere cos ('/. | pati multa «. j 34. om. 
post CI. I semet ipsum Ct. | 35. faciet earn «. 



VIII. 37. 

\xA ^'"^ Kep8i]arj tov Kocrfiov oXuv kou ^rjfucodjj Trjv 

1.33.69. 4rv\iw avTov ; '" ^ ri yap" * Sot" avOpoiTros avraX- 

EFGHKMSUVr. ^ A ' ^ ^ , ' „^ 38 _ ,v v "^ * , v // , 

•Matt, 10:33. TT? Aay/xa r?;? yvxv^ avrov ; o? yap * ea2^ eTrai- 

Lu. 12: g. / (j-^yi;0^ jxe Koi Tovs ejXGVs Xoyovs iv rfj yevea ravrrj 

TY) /j-OL-^aXldi KOL afiapTcoXcp, koI 6 vlos' rod avOpwirov 

tTvaLa^vvBrjcriTaL avrov, orau eXdr) iv rrj So^r] rod 

Trarpos avrov fxera rmv ayytXcov r(ov ayicov. 

IX. « K.«t eXeyev avrols, 'Ap.i]u Xeyco vjxlv on elaiv 

rivef * cbSe rcop earriKorcov, olnvts ov p.rj yevacovrai 
davarov, ecof av Xhuxriv ri]v ^acnXeiau rov Oeov eXr]- 
Xvdvlav iv Swa/xei. 
MiMatt i-f-8 ^'^ ' ^ " ^"' * fiera" Tip.epas e^ 7rapaXap.l3dvei 6 'Irj- 

||Lu. 9:28-36. a-ov9 rov Ylerpov kou rov 'laKw^ov koI ^ \wavvrjv, 
Kal ava(f)€p€i avrovs etS" bpos v\j/i]Xov Kar ISiav fxo- 
V0V9' Kal jxerep-opcpcodT] (fiTrpoadev avrcov, "^ /cat ra 
IfMccrLa avrov * iyevovro" arlXfiovra, XevKa Xiav \ ola 

mundum totuni et Jctrinientum 
faciei animae suae? "Atitquid 
dabit homo commutationera pro 
animasua? ^"(s^.^-' Qui enim 
me confusus fueiit et mca verba 
in goiieratioiie jsta adultera et 
peccatrice, et tilius hominis 
coufundetur eiim, cum venerit 
in gloria patris sui cum angelis 

39[tx.i.j Etdicebatillis, Amen 
dico voljis quia sunt quidam de 
hie stantilius qui non gustabunt 
mortem donee videant regnum 
dei veniens in virtute. 

1 [2J (87,2.) j5t post dies sex ad- 
sumit lesus Petriim et lacolnmi 
et lohaunem, et ducit illos in 
moutem excelsum seorsum so- 
los, et transfiguratus est coram 
ipsis : ^ f'i et vestimenta eius 
facta sunt splendentia Candida 
nimis velut nix, qualia fuUo 

36. eavK(pSi]ay A(C)D.rel. (-o-Et r>. Latt. 
rel. Oriff.i. | Kfpoi/tmc L. (vid. Luc.ix. 
25). ] KCpotiuai B. 

— TOV KOGjxoi' bXov ABsD. rcl. Vulg._^'. 
Orig. i. | ante Kfpc)]ay C. 33. Syr.l'st. 
(vid. Matt.) I oXoy rov Koajiov L. a.h.c, 

f.i.k. (Petr. Alex. (ap. Routh iv. 40) ad 
Matt, xvi.26, respieere videtur non ad 
hunc versum). 

— Kai Z,r]fiuoOy ACD. rel. {-da X). Latt, 
rel. Orig. i. | kcu 'iimuodiivai BL. 

37. ri yap BLA. Meniph. Arm. Orig. i- 
282''. I t /) 7-t -r. ACD^ rel. Latt. Syrr. 
Pst.&Hcl. Goth. iEth. (vid. Matt. xvi. 
26). I ij Tt yap T>*Gr. 

— dot B.Btli/./llc. (('w B.i?c/i.L).l towCTSi 
'^. ACD. rel. Latt. Orig.i. (vid. Matt, 
xvi. 26). I cm. cum seq. avBpuiTros A. 
II add. oH.Btly. 

— avTov AD. rel. Oriy. i. j iuv-ov B. | 
avTiji C. 

38. yap lav BCLXAEFMVr. (o). ] lyap 
av '^. Is. 33s. rel. C/«hi. 595. (vid. Luc. 
ix.26). I yap A. Vulg. /. | S' av D. 

— iTTaia^vvOg ^i\ i7Tia-)(^i}vQ)]<7iTai ejis 
D. I Contra, Clem. 595. \\pi'} piv A*. 

— afiapTbiXi) A. 

— Tuiv fiyiMj'] om. 1. Vulg. MS. | avrov 
r. Emm. Clem. 595. (vid. Matt. xvi. 

1. wit Tuiv BD*. a^'.(utvid.) il';tli. | hie 
quidam de hie stantibus c. hie quidam 
ex cis qui adstans k*. \ %tu>v iuSe ^. 


ACD% rel. Vulg. / Syr.Hcl. Goth. 
Arm. (vid. Matt. xvi. 28 J Luc. ix.27).l 
wh post iar. (1). Syr.Pst. Memph. 
Oriy. iv. 366*. (6 Se 1). | om. wCt b.i. 

1. iirrtiicorwvl itrrwroiv 33. (vid. Matt, 
et Luc.) I Contra, Oriij. iv. || add. /itr' 
tj-tov D. a.b.{ff). I Contra, rel. Vulg. 
c.f.h. Orig. 

— oirivig] ol 33. (vid. Luc.) | Contra, 
Orig. iv. 

— ytvuiiivrai\ -(Tovrat LX. 69. E*HK. 
vid. Orig. iii. 555''.| Contra, ABCD. rel. 
Orig. iv. 366". 

— a)'] om. F. 

2. fiira BC(utvid.)DLA. j tfuB' s"- AX 
G(sie). rel. (vid. Matt. xvii. 1). 

— rrapaXapi. b Iqffowf] 6 I. rrapaX. A. 

— rov luK.] om. rov XAr. (h. C). 

— liDav.~\ fpraeni. rov =r. CDLX. 1.33. 
69. KU.l om. AB.C(/i^.AEFGHMSVr. 

— ava(j)ipu'] ayayii D. Latt. | Contra, 
rel. (inseruit li*). 

— fiovovo] solus Vulg. a.ff.g'.l. \ Contra, 
b.c./. " solus cum soils" A. \ (oni. Syr. 
Pst. Theb. Arm. JElh. ut vid. e Matt, 
xvii. 1). 

— IMrcf-wpipwSi)'] Tari/iop. D. || praem, 
fv Tt^i rrpoGivxif^Bai avrovg et add. 6 

lijiTovg 69. I Kara rov Mapicov to 

Kal iv riji TTpofTiv^iffQaL aiiriiv ^UTEfiop^. 
Orig. iii. 559''. (vid. Luc. ix. 29;. 

3. tytvovro ADLX. 1". 33. 69. GKVr 
(^yivovrai Or(V?. iii. 560'.) | ^lyeviro <^. 
BsCA. rel. (vid. Matt. xvii. 2). 

3. ariKfiovra'} om. 1. vid. Matt, et Luc. 
is. 29. I Kai (rriX. post \svKa Orig. in.; 
sed contra ibi Orig. Int. (om. XivKa 

— Xiav'] om. A. b.g'^.l. Goth. iEth. Orig. 
iii. (vid. Matt, et Luc.) | Contra, rel. 
Vulg. a.(c).f.ff.g'.i.k. Ilfadd. wj x'"" 
^. AD Gr.X. 33. rel. Vulg. a.b.c.f.ff. 
g'-'- Syrr.Pst.&Hcl. Memph.W&Schw. 
Goth. (vid. Apoc. i. 14). luVtt x""" I^- 
(vid. Matt, xxviii.3). | om. BCLA. 1. 
d.k. Memph.MS. Theb. Arm. JEth. ] 
Orig. iii. 560". h.abet we ro ^wj (vid. 
Matt. xvii. 2) tanquam Karii MapKor. 
sed Orig. Int. ibi habet " sicut nix." 

— ola yva^evQ ....XtvKavat ABCL. rel. 
Vulg. c.fff.g^-^-k. Syr.Hcl. Mcmpli. 
(Theb.) Goth. (Arm.) .^ith. Orig. iii. 
diserte. j oJ^ ov Svvarai tlq XtvKavai 
iTTL TTie yiiQ D. (4.i). Syr.Pst. | om, X. 
a. (vid. Matt, et Luc.) 

— ovraie BCLA. 33. 69. (#).A. Memph. 
Theb. Arm. (ut vid.) iEth. On'^r. iii. [ 
»om. s. AD(supra). rel. (Latt.) Syr. 
Pst. (supra). Goth. 

4. Kai 1°] add.i^ou 69. (vid. Matt. xvii. 3 ; 
Luc. ix. 30). 

— ui<l>9i)'\ -eijaav EM. 

— M<ov<ry B.Btli/.Bch.* 33. K. Vulg.C/. 
(Latt.) Memph. Theb. Mwvau DA. | 
jMwffti s- AB.Se/i.**LX. 1. 69. M. 

36. animae suae faciat CI. j 37. commutati- 
ouis CL 1 38. verba luea C'l. 

1. solus Am. I 2. et Candida CI. 

IX. 11. 


Vulg. n. b. e. 

Syrr. P. H. 

Memph. [Theb ] 

Goth. Arm. £tli. 

7. f.ytvtTO ipwv}f 

<> 2 Pet. 1 : 17. 

Miitt. 3:17. 

C. 1:11. 

Lii. 3:32. 
t Theb. 
9. Karajiaiv. ^e 

— tK TOV op. 


yva<^ev9 eVi tyj^ yrji ou Svuarai ovTcm XevKccvai. 
Kol 01(1)07) avTols 'HA/a? aw ^ ^covafj" , kol rjaav 
avXXaXovvres tco ^Xiqcrov. koI aTroKpiOeis 6 Uerpo? 
Xeyei rS lr](rov, Pa/3/3/, KaXou iariv 7;/ia? U)8e 
eivaL, Kol TroajacoiJ.ei' * rpelf crK.7]vas , crol fxlav /cat 

* M&)ucrj7 jxiav kol 'iiXia piav. ov yap r/5et t[ 

* aTroKpidfj"- * eK<pol3oL yap iyevovro" . kou eyevero 
vecpeXrj eTncTKia^ovcra avToiis, kou rjXdev (pcovr] Ik tyj^ 
v€(j)€Xr}9^ *, OvTos icrriv 6 vlo? p.ov 6 dyaTrrjTos' 

* aKOvere avrov". Kal i^diriva TrepifiXeyjrdpevoi ovk- 
eTL ov8eva elSov, dXXd tov '\t](TOVv p.ovov'^ p-eff 
iavTcou. ' */cat KaTajiaLvovrmv" avTcou diro tov bpov? 
Siea-reiXaro avToiis "iva p.Ti8evL * a eihov Snjyrja-coi/rai , 
el p.7] orau 6 vlo? tov dvdpcoirov e'/c veKpav duaaTrj. 

'10 V ^ ^ ' ' ' ^ ' ' y 

Kai TOV Xoyou tKpaTT]aav -irpos eavTovs, avvir]- 

suiierterram iion potest Candida 
t:u'iM-e. ' !•') Et apiianiit illis 
Hclias cum Mose, et erant lo- 
quentes cum lesu. ■" l^] Et re- 
spondens Petrus ait lesu, R.abbi, 
bonum est hie nos esse, et fa- 
ciamus tria tabernaeula, tibi 
umnn et Mosi unum et Heliae 
ununi. * W Non enim sciebat 
quid diceret: ci'aiit eniui timore 
extci-riti. ' t'l Et facta est nu- 
bes obumbrans eos, et venit vox 
dc nubc dicetis, Hie est filius 
meus carissimus, audite ilium. 
' t'J Et statim circuraspicientes 
nemiuem au'.plius viderunt nisi 
lesum tantum secura. ° Pi Et 
desceuJentibus illis de monte, 
praecepit illis ne cui (juae vidis- 
sent n.arrarent, nisi cum filius 
hominis a mortuis resurrexerit. 
9[ioU8s,io.) Et verbum continu- 
erunt apud se, eonquirentes 
quid es^et. Cum a mortuis re- 
surrexerit. i»(ii]i.»9,ii.) Et in- 

TovPTes TL eaTLv TO e/c veKpwv avacTTrjuai. 



rel. Am. k. Goth. Mwo-i; CHUF. | ante 
'HXmf in Theb. c. 

4. tjcrav avWaXovvTig ABC. rel. Latt. 
rel. I avve\a\ovv DGr. I. a. (vid. Luc. 
ix. 30). I {avXXaXovv K). 

5. airoKp.l om, a.k. Syr.Pst. 

— o nsrp.] om. 6 r. 

— Xiyu ABiC. rel. Vulg. ic).f.ff.k. rel. 
1 iXiytv 1. «9. I tnrev D. a.(A). Syr. 
Pst. (vid. Matt. xvii. 4. Luc. ix. 33). 

— pa/3/3i] pa/3/:isi ABTy.CDXEII. Theb. 
1 Contra, LA. 1. 33. 69. F«GKMSsU 
VsP. Memph. 

— Kai irottjawftti' ABCLXA. 1. 33. rel. 
Vulg. Syrr.Pst.&Hcl. Memph.Schiv. 
Arm. jEth.|om.KaiD. 69.A. Memph.W. 
(Theb.) I Kai iroirjao^tv V. (Goth.) 
I QiXiiQ iroujffw D. b.ff.Blan. \ StXug 
iroLtjffiofiet* G9. "si vis faciainus" a.c. 
(praem. "et"/. om."si"_^.6'a6.) vid. 
Matt. xvii. 4. |1 add. uSe C. c.ff. (vid. 

— TptiQ (TKrjvae BCLA. 33. Vulg. a.b.c. 
ff.i.l.h. Syr.Pst. Mlh. | % aK^vag rptig 
S-. ADX. l.rel./. Syr.Hcl. Goth. Arm. 
(vid. Luc. i.x. 33 et B in Matt.) 

— Muiuffy B.Bch. 33. KTf. Vulg.C/. 
(Latt.) I Mwvan B.Dth/.DA. 1. 69. M. | 
{Mwffet s". AC ut vid. L.rel. Am. Goth, 
i Muj<T,j HUr. 

6. awoKpSy BC*LA. 1. 33 (aTro/cpiSet) 
k. Memph. aTrtKpiQij Orig. iii. 560=. 
562<^. I XaXTjan ADX. 69(sic). EFGH 
KMSUVr. Syrr.Pst.&Hcl. | tXaX,,ay 

S. C. I loqueretur a.c.ff. Goth, diceret 
Vulg. b.f. Theb. ^Eth. 

6. (K^ojioL yap lyEvovro BCDLA. 33. 
Theb.(ut vid.) | Xrjaav yap EKipofioi ^. 
AX. rel. Syrr.Pst.&Hcl. (£/j0o/3oi KU). 
1 erant enim (autem Am.) timore ex- 
territi Vulg. f.ff. timore enim perter- 
riti sunt a. (id. sed "erant" b). tim. 
en. exterriti erant c.i. 

7. KOI 1°] add. iloii 69. 

— avToie'] avTove 69. H*U. (vid. Matt, 
xvii. 5; Luc. ix. 34). 

— rjXBiv (pMvn) ADX. 33. rel. Vulg. a.b. 
f.{ff).g\ Syr.Hcl.txt. Theb. Goth. iEth. 
(i^M. j)X6. 69). I (jiiovrj tantum 1. k. Syr. 
Pst.MSS. ecce vox c. | lytviTO <pujvri B 
CLA. Syrr.(Pst.imp.)& Memph. 
Arm. (vid. Luc. ix. 35). 

— %'t<ptXrjg'] fadd. Xtyuv(7a '^. ADL. 1. 
33. 69. Vulg. a.b.c.f._ff.g'. Syrr.Pst.S: 
Hcl.* Theb. Arm.Zoh. ^th. (vid. JLitt. 
et Luc.) Xiyuv A. | om. BCXEFGHK 
MSUVr. /(. Memph. Goth. Arm.MSS. 

— anovtTE avTov BCIJL. 1. 33. Vulg. a. 
cff.gKl.k. Memph. Theb. (vid. Matt.) | 
%avTov aKoviri S"- AX. rcL b.f. Syrr. 
Pst.&Hcl. Goth. (vid. Matt. Luc.) 
\ tv t^ tjv^0Ki)tTa A. (vid. Matt, iii.) 

8. tKamva ABsCL. rel. cf.ff.k. Syrr.Pst. 
&Hcl. Memph. Theb. Goth. Arm. 
JEth. I tvGiioe D. 69. Vulg. a.g'--- (om. b). 

— ■ ovSiva eL^ovl iSov ovceva A. (om. 
praec ovKtri Syr.Pst. JEth.) 

— aXXa ACLXA. 1.69. rel. Theb. Arm. 1 

£( fni BD. 33. Latt. Memph. Goth. 
Mlh. (vid. Matt. xvii. 8). [Syrr.ancc] 

8. fiovovl om. F. 

— Ite9' kavTuiv ACDL. reh Vulg. b.g'''^- 
Memph. Goth. Arm. Mth. \ post uSov 
33. c.f. (Theb.) | ^itra iavTuiv it. post 
uSov B. I om. a.ff.l.k. 

9. Kai Kara/Saivoj'T-wi' BCDLA. 33. (Latt.) 
Syr.Pst. Memph. Mi\\. (vid. Matt. xvii. 
9). I tKarajiaiV. de <^. AX. 1. 69. reh/. 
Syr Hcl. Goth. Arm. (utTafiaiv. S). 

— OTTO ACLXA. 1. 69. I £K BD. 33. 
(vid. Matt.) " de " Latt. 

— SuaTtiXaro ABsD. rel. | SuartXXtro 
C. 1. I ■KaptjyytiXii' A. 

— Ivct] om. A. 

— a £i^oj' Sii}yr}au)VTai BC(D)LA. 1. 
Vulg.'-''-i.l.k. (etSoaav D). | a hSov 
i^iiyi^aitivrai 69. | J^ojyi/ffwvrai a. 
HOoi> •^. A(X). 33. rel. c./.Jf. Syrr. 
Pst.&Hcl. rel. ut vid. (Sii^yijaovTui X 

10. Kui 1»] om. 69. 

— fKpar/jtrai'] add. oi /.laGijrai 69. 

— Ti sariv'] praem. ro M. 

— TO £K viKpwv avaartjvai ABsCLX. 33. 
rel. Memph. Goth. Arm. JEth. quid 
esset a mortuis resurrexerit A(sic). | om. 
ro (K viKpuiv A. (om. ver. ff. Syr.Pst. 
MSS.) [ brav ck veKptov avaari^ D. 1, 
69. Vulg. a.b.c.f.i.l. Syrr.(Pst.)&Hcl. 

2. non potest super terrain CI. \ 3. Moyse CI. 
I 4. nos hie CI. \ 6. erant autem Am. \ 9. ne cui- 
quam CL. 



IX. 12. 

A BCD [II]. ' ' ' ^ ^ ' "r\ ^ ' 

€7njpcoTcov avTov Aeyovre^, (Jri KeyovaLV oi ypa/jifxa- 

1.33.69. Tels on 'aXiav Sei iXOelv irpcoTov; " 6 8e ^ echW' 

EFGHKMSUVr. > - 'u\' V ^ ~\ '\ a"" - t ' a ' " 

VI. mroKfiwttQ ft- ^ ^ V V 

TEj' TTavTa' KaL ttcS? ytypcmrai eiri top vloi' rod avdpco- 

TTov, Iva TToAAa TraOr) kou * i^ovSevrjdfj". ^^ aXAa 
Xeyco vplv hri kol YiXias iXrjXvOev kou. iTroirjaav 

avTO) oaa * rjdeXov , Kadco^ yeypuTrrai eV avrov. 

IIL„. 9:37-42.7^ J^«' * eXOovTe^ rrpos tov9 p-a&tjras ^ eLOoi/ 

i4.tXewv....tii)ti' q^Xqi, ttoXvv Trepl aurov^ /cat ypa/jL/xaTel^ ctvu^i]tovu- 
ray * tt/do? avrov f . Kai * (vovs 7ra? o o^^Aoy 

* ISoire? avTov e^edaixjBrjOrja-av , koI Trpoarpe^ovres 

i^aTTa^ovTO avTov. Kai eTrrjpwTrjaev * avrov^ , 1 i 

^ ]j (rvi^(^i]T€LT€ irpos avT0V9 ; Kai * aTreKpiarj avTco 
ety e/c rou o;(Aoi; *, AtSacr/caAe, rjueyKa tov v'lov pov 
Trpos ere, eyovra irvevp-a aXaXov. ^ kcu ottov ^ eav" 
avTou KaraXa^rj, prjcrcret avrov kcu deppl^ei., Kal 

terrogabanteum dicentes, Quid 
ergo dicunt Pharisaei et scribae 
quia Heliam oportcat venire 
primum? " t'^l Qui respoiidens 
ait illis, Hclias cum venerit pri- 
mo restituet omnia : et quo- 
niodo scriptum est in filium ho- 
mini.? ut niulta patiatur et con- 
temnatur? "'I'^lSed dicovobis 
quia et Helias venit, et fecerunt 
iili quaccmnque voluerunt, si- 
cut scriptum est de eo. 

i3[M] (9o,io.)]3t veniens ad disci- 
pulos suos vidit tuibara magnam 
eirca eos et scribas conquirentes 
cum illis. '"['^JEtconfestimom- 
nis populus videns eum stupe- 
factus est, expaverunt, ct accur- 
rentes salutabant eum. '■' ["J Et 
interrogavit eos, Quid inter ros 
conquiritis? '6["U9i,2.-> Et re- 
spondens unus de turba dixit, 
Magister, attuli fdium meum ad 
te habentem spiritum nuitum, 
" ['*) qui ubicumque eum ad- 
prehenderit adlidit eimi, et spu- 

1\. tirripuiTuv BsCDL. rcl. Vulg. 
SyiT.Pst.&Hcl. I -rriaav A. 1. 33. 69. 
a.i/'. (vid. Malt. xvii. 10). 

— oTi loMSS. quare k. Syr.Hcl. Memph. 
Schw. I TTioQ oin' 69. quid ergo Vulg. 
a.f.g'. quid utique c. (vid. Matt. xvii. 
10). I quia b.d.ff.i. Goth. | quid est hoc 
quod Arm. | om. Mcm]>h.W. ^th. 

— Xtyoueriv] post ypaftfiartis D. a. (vid. 
Matt.) II add. ol (papirmiot kcu L. Vulg. 
c.g\ I Contra, ABCD. vel. a.h.f.ff.i.h. vv. 

— on 2»] om. DGV. 1. b.ff.i.k. \ Contra, 
rel. Vulg. c.d.f.g\ (h. a). 

— t\9eiv TrpujTOv'] Trpiorov tXOeiv D. ff,'.i.k. I Contra, rel. Vulg. ff.g\ 

12. «j,i) BCLA. Syr.Pst. Memph. | +a7ro- 
KpiGuQ HTTiv <r. ADX. 1. 33. rel. (Vulg.) 
a.{b.c.f),ff.i.{lt). Sjr.Hcl. Goth. Arm. 
Mli\. ( 

— uvtolq'] add. H D. 

— ^£1'] om. DL. 1. Vulg. b.c.f.ff.l.k. 
Syn-.Pst.(& Arm. ^.th. (et 
Helias a.) | Contra, ABsCX. rel. Syr. 
Hcl.txt. Memph. Goth. (vid. Matt.) 

— TTpwroj'] -n-pMTOQ DGc.AGr. 

— aTToKadiaTttvH ABLA. 1.33. k. Goth 

I awOKnTaaravH DGr. | { 07roicae((77-i;( 
's. X. rel. I aTTOKaTaarijati C. (Latt.) 
Memph. Arm. ./Eth. (vid. Matt.) | ut 
rcstituat Syrr.Pst.&Ilcl. 

— Km TTwc B.vCI)LX. 1. 33. rel. vv. | 
KaSwQ AAKM. (quoniodo 
igitur Arm.) 

— tKovdevtjd,,! BD(L.1..0fr-) | ttKovStv- 
wOj) z- ACX. rel. | tS,ovetvioey 69. 


13. Km 1°] om. 1. 69. MUr. a.h.l. Memph. 
Arm. Mth.. (vid. Matt. xvii. 12). | Con- 
tra, ABCD. rel. Vulg. b.c.f.ff.gK Syrr. 
Pst.&Hcl. Goth. 

— l\^\v9ll>'\ -9ii A. I -qhj t]\9{v C. 1. 
/./. (vid. Matt.) I Contra, rel. Vulg. a. rel. 

— t7roi)}(jav~\ -fyavTo 69. 

— avTii} baa i)0£\.] om. X. ||praem. iv 
LK. Syrr.Pst.& (vid. Matt.) 

— nOtXov BC*{iitvid.)T)Gr.h. \ J-Xijo-av 
?:. AC^A. Vulg. a.b.c.d,fjf.g\ SyiT. 
Pst.&Hcl. (vid. Matt.) [A]. 

— £7r' avTov~\ Trepi avrov 69. \ iv avT(f> 


14. i\BovTiQ...tiSov BLA. k. Arm. (ti^ai' 
B*i?cA. £1^01/ LA). I ■X{\Bu}v...uhv t. 
ACD(II). rel. (Latt.) Syrr.Pst.&IIcI. 
Mempli. Goth. A'Ah. 

• — naQt)TaQ'] add. avrov 69. 

— TroXiiv] om. 1. Arm. | ante oxXoi' M. 

— 5r£pt] rrpoQ D. a.b.c.ff.i./i. | Contra, 
Vnlg. /. 

— ypa/i/iOT-fif] praem. rove DIL 69. 
Arm. I Contra, AB.vCL. rel. 

— TTpof avTOV£ BCIILA. 1. Latt. Goth. | 
Trpoc iavrovQ G. | Jai^roic '^. ADX. 

15. tvBvQ BCLA. 1. 69. I JfijOtwe '^. A 
DUX. 33. rel. 

— oxXoc] om. o D. 

— iSovTii; avrov iKtBa^jir]Si)(!av BC(D) 
IILA. 1.33. 69. a.{b.c.ff).i. SyiT.Pst.& Menqili. Schw. Goth. Arm. 
A'.l\\. {i9anjii)(!av D). (ni/-o)'] rov 

Irjaovv D. Vulg.C/. b.c.ff.) \ %iSmv 
avrov iKi9aii.fir)9ij s'- AX. rel. Vulg. 
/.g'-^-k. Syr.Hcl.txt. | iSiov....iltdaii- 
J3n9,jaav M^. i. Slemph.VV. 

15. TrpoarptxovriQ BsIILXA. rel. accur- 
rentes Vulg.y.i/'-^-/. vv. | Trporpixovris 
AC. I TrpoTxtpovrtg sic D. gaudentes 
c.d.ff.i.h. cadentes b. (h. a). 

16. avrovQ 1"] BDLA. 1. Vulg. b.c.f.ff. 
g''^''^i.k. Memph. Arm. ^th. | Jrot/e 
ypan^aruQ ■5-. AC. rel. a. Syrr.Pst.& 
Hel. Goth. (h. II). 

— irpoQ avrovQ BiCLXA. rel. Syrr.Pst. 
&Hcl. Goth. Ann. iEth. | irpog iav- 
Tove A. 33. GMr. ( ? Memph.) | iv 
vfxtiv D. Latt. (hiant II. k). 

17. awiKpiBti BDLA. 33. a.b.c.i.k. Memph. 
I JoTroicpiflfiff s". AC. rel. Vulg. /. Syrr. 
Pst.&Hcl. Goth. Arm. (^.th.) [h. 11]. 
(iidem ct II addunt jitirtv post ox^ov). 

— avrij} BCDLA. 33. a.b.c.i.k. Memph. 
(jlith.)l post EiTTfr II. l.jpost £i7r£v add. 
uvroig 69. | *ora. ^. AX. rel. Vulg./. 
Syrr.Pst.&Hel. Goth. Arm. 

— £t^] post £K rov oxXov 1. 69. 

18. lav ABAK. | iav T- CDII. 33. rel-l 
om. 1. 

— avrov 1°] om. A. 

— piiaaii'] paaaii DGr. applontat d. 
(om. avrov 2** D. k). 

— Kat rpii^et'] om. X. 

— oifovraf] f add. aurov '^. AC'IIX. 
rel. b.f. Syrr.Pst.&Hcl. Memph. Goth. 

11. oportet CI. I 15. videns Jesum CI. | et ex- 
paveruut CI. j 18. allidit ilium Ct. 

IX. 25. 

Vnlg. a. b. c. 

Syrr. P. H. 


Goth. Arm. Eth. 

18. tlvov 

20. (Ti'vfaTrdpa^fv 

21. t^ Oi) TOITQ 

22. Kat (ig Trvp au- 


23. Oi'irj? [TTjorei;- 



ouray *, /cai ^rjpaLuerai- kou ^ elira" T019 

rpi^ei Tovs 680 
fxadriTOLs (Tov Iva avTo eK^aXcoaii', Koi ovk \a^vaav. 
o oe airoKpLueis avroi^ Aeyei, 12 yez/ea airicrTOS', 
ecof TTore irpos vp-ds ecropai ; eco? irore ave^opai 
vjxcijv ; (pepere avTov irpo? pi. Kat rjveyKav avTov 
irpos avTov kol IScoi' avTou * to iruevpa evOvs 
eairapa^iv avTov, kou irecrcov eiri TrJ9 yrjs eKiiXtero 
d(f)pL^a)u. KOL iTrrjpcorrjaeu tov iraTepa auTOv, Ho- 
<Tos )(poi'oy icrTlf coy tovto yeyovev avTco ; 6 8e eiirev, 
'E/c iraibioOev. " kcll TToXkaKis avTov kolI eh Trvp 
e^aXeu Kai els vSaTa, Lva mroXecrr) avTov aXX el ti 
* SvuT) , fior)6r](TaiP'r]plv, cnrXay^vLadels e(p' rjpds.^ 
o oe iTjcrouy enrev avTco, lo ei * ouvrj , iravTa 
ovvaTa Tea iTLcrTevovTi. [^atj ^evovs Kpa^af o 

Traryp tov iraiSiov * eXeyeu, HiaTevco *• ^or)6ei p.ov 
rj; aTTLCTTLa.. lowv oe o irjarovy otl eiriavvTpe^^eL 

mat ct stridet dentilnis et are- 
scit : ct ilixi lUscipulis tuis ut 
eicerent ilium, ct noil potuerunt. 
18 ["1 Qui respondeiis eis (licit, 
O generatio increclula,qiiamiliu 
apud vos ei'o ? r|uanidiu vos 
patiar? adCerte ilium ad me. 
'" [2"! Et adtulcrunt cum. Et 
cum vidisset ilium, .statira spi- 
riuis conturbavit cum, et elisiis 
in terram volutabatur spumans. 
-" [^'1 Et inteiTogavit patrem 
eius, Quantum teraporis est ex 
quo hoc ei accidit ? At ille ait, 
Ab infantia : ^' t^^l et frequen- 
ter eum et in ignem et in aquas 
iiiisit ut eum perderet : sed si 
quid potes, adiuva nos, misertus 
nostri. ''^ t^J lesus autem ait 
illi, Si potes credere, omnia 
possiliilia credenti. "' I^'l Et 
continuo exclamans ]iater pueri 
cum lacrimis aiel)at, Credo, 
adiuva incredulitatem mcam. 
^' t"l Et cum videret lesus cou- 

Arm. ^th. | om. BC*DL4. 1. 33. 69. 
Vulg. a.c.l.k. 

18. inra BL. \Wtst. F. | Jjitov <?. AC 
D. rel. [h.II] 

— £K/3a\a)(Tir] (KfiaWoxriv 1. 

— iirxvav'] add. iKJiaXuv avTO D. a.b. 
Arm. I Contra, ABCLX. 69(sic). rel. 
Vulg. c.f.k. rel. (h. II). 

19. ^£] Kui D. 1. 69. a.b.c.f.i.k. (Memph. 
W.) ^th. I Contra, ABsC. rel. Syr. 
Hcl. Memph.Scbw. Goth. |" qui" Vulg. 
[Syr.Pst. Arm.] (h. II). 

— aiT0Kpi9uQ~\ add. o ItfaovQ 69. Syr.Pst. 

— avToiQ ABULA. 1. 33. Vulg. {a.b. 
c\f.{i). Syr.Pst.MSS. Syr.Hcl.txt. 
Memph. Goth. Arm. JExh. \ iavTij) <^. 
C^X. rel. g\l. Syrr.Pst.(impr.)& 
I ora. C*. 69. k. [h. II]. 

— nTTioTOf] -are D. ||add. Kai SuaTpajL- 
/tivri 69. (vid. Matt. xvii. 17 et Luc. ix. 

— ifTOfiai'] ante TrpoQ vfiag M. (vid. Lue.) 
I laujfiat F. 

— ave^o/iat'] -fui^at 69. F. 

— ipipeTel add. fioi E*. (vid. Matt.) | 
add. "hue" Syr.Hcl.* (^th.) vid. 

20. TTpof avTov^ om. J). Vulg. a(utvid.). I Contra, ABCII. rel. /. vv. 

— iSuv'] dov CSV. 

— TO irvtvpa tvOvg BCLA. 33. c./.g''.k. 
Syrr.Pst.&Hcl. Memph. Arm. (Mth.)\ 
%iv9iiog TO TTViVfia <^. AIIX. 1. 69. 
rel. Vulg. 9'. Goth. | to irveviia tan- 
tum D. a.b.ff.i. 

20. itnrapa'iiv AIIX. 1. 69. rel. | avvi- 
aTrapaS,iv BCLd. 33. conturbavit Latt. 
(vid. Luc. ix. 42). | tTapa^iv DGr. 

— avrov'] TO -rratStov 69. a.b.c.ff.i.k. \ 
Contra, Vulg. /.j'-^- 

21. f7r;/pwr;;(7£i'] add. 6 T/;(70i't; 1. (t-C.f, 
Syr.Pst. (^th.) | Contra, Vulg. b.g\k. 

— avTov] add. X^yiov 69. a.f. 

— ws AC^DX. 1. rel. "ut" Goth, (ex 
quo Latt. Syrr.Pst.&Hel. Memph. Arm. 
Mth.) I iujQ B. I £? oil C*LA. 33. (hiat II). 

— TovTo^ om. A. 

— £K wmSioeiV BC(n)LA. (1). 33. G. 
inai^oBtv II. IWtst.) Latt. SyiT.Pst. 
&Hcl. Memph. Goth. JEth. | *om. £k 
'^. AX. rel. Arm. ut vid. {iraiSoBtv E 
Wtst.) [ IK iraiSog D. 

22. TToXKamQ avTov AC'DX. 1. 33. rel. 
Vulg. b.c.f.i.ik). Goth, (^th.) I avTov 
post TTup BC*LA. (a), ante irvp Memph. 
post vSaTa II. om. Arm. [Syrr.Pst.& 

Hcl.] I (om. Kai TT0X\((KIQ aVTOV K). 

— KOI 20] om. DIL 1. 69. Vulg.C/. a.b. 
Ik. Syr.Pst. I Contra, Am. c.f.g^-'- Syr. 
Hcl. rel. 

— TTup] praem. to AEFGKMVr. | om. 
BsCDIILXA. 1. 33. rel. 

— tfiaXfv hie ABsCL. rel. misit hie J". 
mittit hie. a.i. | ante iva II. | (3aX\n 
(ante iva) D. misit ante iva Vulg. c. 
^'■^' mittit b.i. 1 ifiaWev hie 1. 

— a7ro\£CTy] -(T£i H. 

— auro)'] ante a-rroX. DII. 1. Vulg. i.e. 
g'"- I Contra, ABsCL. rel. a.f.k. 

— aWa D. I (fi n] £ri A). 

22. Svvy BDIILA. 1. | tSwaTai ■;■. AC 
X. rel. II add. Kvpi£ II. 

— n/Jiv^ add. KwpiE DG. a.b.g^.i. Arm. | 
Contra, ABsCIL rel. Vulg. c.f.k. Syrr. 
Pst.&HcI. Memph. Goth. Mth. (ad 
fin. ver. om. iEth.) 

23. TO ABiCLXA. 1.33. M(sic). rel. Goth, 
"quid est" a. Memph. "nnmdixisti" 
Arm. (iEth.) | om. D. 69. KU. 

— Svvy BDA. 1. I ISvvaaai ^. ACL. 
rel. Ilfadd. mirrtvaai S- AC^D. 33. 
Vulg.***. Syrr.Pst.&Hcl. Goth. 
I om. B.£%.Sfc.C*LA. 1. k*. Memph. 
Arm. Jith. 

24. Kai] om. BLA. c. Memph. | Contra, A 
CDX. rel. (Latt.) rel. 

— £u9uf BLA. I +£t>0£we <s-. AC=D.rel.| 
om. C*. iEth. 

— TraitUoi'] Tratdog 1. |[fadd. peTa Sa- 
Kpimv S-. A^C^DX. rel. Vulg. a.b.c.f. 
Syrr.(Pst.)&Hcl. (Goth.) | om. A*BC* 
LA. k. Memph. Arm. iEth. 

— eXiyev~\ Xiyei D. | £i;r£i' 69. 

— TTioTfuw] f add. Kvpii "S". C^XA. rel. 
Vulg.C/. a.b.c.f. Memph.W. Arm.Usc. 
I om. ABC'DL. Am. gKi.l.k. Syrr.Pst. 
&Hcl. Memph.Schw. Goth. Amj.Zoh. 

— fioijQio A. 

— pov'] post Ty aiTKTT. D. Vulg. a.b.c.f. 
(/'•=•*. (Contra,;). || /toi KS. 

25. iduiv ct 6 I>;.] kui otc iiSev Irj. D. 
Latt. (exc. /). | Contra, rel. 

19. di.xit CI. I 20. vidisset eum CI. I contur- 
bavit ilium CT. I 21. ei hoc CT. | 22. eum in 
ignem CI. j 23. possibilia sunt CI. \ 24. Credo, 
domine CI. 



IX. 26. 

LXA o;(Ao?, iireTL/jii^aeu rco Trvev/j.aTc tco uKaOapTcp Xeycou 

1.(33). 69. avTco, 'To aXaXou /cat KCixhov ■jrvivu.a' , eya * eVi- 

EFGHKMSUVr. , '' //./>. ^ .^ . '^ ~ ^ ' ' 'i /3 

25. aoi iinTiwaM Tacraw (TOL , e^eAoe e^ avrou, Kai ^t]K6tl eLcreAorjs 
etf avTOv. Kai * Kpa^as , Kai iroAAa * aTrapa^as 
i^rjXdev, KOL eyeuero oxret veKpos, ware rovy' ttoX- 
Xovs XeyiLV ore aiviOavtv. '' o 8e \rjcr0v9 KpaT7]cras 

* rrjf ^etpo? avrov rjyeipeu avrou, kol avearrj. 

'^ 38 * Kat * el(T€X0ovTO9 avrov" ety oIkov, ol fiaOr]- 
rou avrov ^ Kar ISlav eTnjpcorcDP avrou', 'On rjp.els' 
ovK rj8vui]di]/jL€u iK(3aX€ii> avro ; " Kai eirrev avrolf, 
Tovro ro yivos Iv ovSeul ^vvarai i^eXOelv, el fjirj Iv 
29. [rai vna-Ha.'] 7rpocrev)(rj i^al vrjcrrelaJ 

39 '^ * i^aKeWeu " i^eXdoures ' iiropevovro ' Slo, 

^ IIMatt. 17-22, 23. 
II Lu. 9:43-45- 

30. TrapEiropevovTO 

3 1 . iXeyw [a ('ro7f] 

t 33 

ri]S TaXiXalay, Kai ovk rjdeXeu iva ri? ^yvol • iSi.- 
SacTKev yap rovf p.a6r]rai avrov Kai eXeyev avrols 
on O VLos rov avOptoTTOv TrapaSiSorat et? )(€Lpa^ 
avOpanrcov, Kai airoKrepovaiv^ avrou, Kai aTTOKraudels 

currentem tnrbam, commin.atus 
est spiritni inmundo dicens illi, 
Surje et mute spiritus, ego tibi 
praecipio, exi ali eo et ampliiis 
ne introeas in earn. ^^ E^**' Et 
exclaraans [et] multum discer- 
pens eiim exiit ab eo, et factus 
est sicut mortuus, ita ut multi 
dicerent quia mortuus est. 
26 [27] lesus autem tenens ma- 
num eius elevavit ilium, et sur- 

27 [2s] (92, 10.) Et cum introis- 
sct in domum, discipuli eius se- 
creto interrogal)ant eum, Quai'e 
nos non potuinius eieere eum ? 
26 [2:.] Y.t dixit illis. Hoc genus 
in nullo potest exire uisi in 
oratione et ieiunio. 

29 [30] (93,2.) Et injg profecti 
praetevgrediebantur Galilaeam, 
nee volebat quemquam scire. 
30 [31] Docebat autem discipu- 
los suos, et dicebat illis quo- 
niam filius hominis tradetur in 
manus hominum, et Occident 
eum, et occisus tertia die re- 

25. ox\oQ B«CD. rel. | praem. 6 ALXA. 
33. 69. M. Arm. (Contra, Goth.)] add. 


— Tilt aKa9apTi^~\ om. 1. 

— \iyuiv'\ EiTTiiiv jyGr. 

— ro a\a\ov Kai Kuifov Tri'ti'jun BC*DL 
A. 1.33. Vulg. {a.b).c.f.ff.l.k. Memph. 
Arm. I J ro ttj'. ro a\aX. k. Kuicp. <^. A 
ex. rel. Syrr.(Pst )&Hcl. Goth. iEth. 

• — STTiraaaio aot BCLA. 33. Vulg.CV.^. 
h. Syrr.Pst.&IIcl. Memph. jEth. | fffot 
nziTaaau} '^. ADX. 1. rel. Am. a.b.c. 
f.i. Goth. Arm. 

— iK avrov ABsC^DGr.L. rel. Goth. | 
aTr' avT. C*A. Latt. 

— ilt\9uQ LXEr. 

26. Kpa^ae BC*DLA. | XKpaKav S- AC' 
X. rel. 

— Kai post TToXXa A. 1. 

— mrapa^as BC*DL. | XinrapaKav ^. 
AC^AX. reh Ufadd. avrov '^. AC'X. 
rel Vulg. a.c.f.y\k. Syrr.Pst.&HcI. 
Memph. Goth. Arm. ^th. | om. B.Blc. 
Bc/,.C*1)LA. kff.i. 

— i^)l\6iv^ add. a-jr' avrov D. (Latt.) 
vid. Matt.xvii. 18. | add. eir' avrifi AGr. 
I non liabent ABC. I'el. vv. 

— w<y6i] utg D. 

— rovQ TToWovg AB.Blly.hA. 33. | *om. 
rove S- CD. rel. Goth. 

— Xeyfij'] \iyovruQ D. 

27. 7-;jf x'f'pos avrov BULA. 1. 69. Latt. 
Memph. Ami. | ^avrov r?;c x^'P^C T. 


AC. rel. Goth. | avrov rric x'Vf "''" 
7-01. C*. Syrr.Pst.&Hcl. ^th. 

28. Kai uaeXeovroe ai'7-ou BCDLA. 1.69. 
Latt. Syn-.(Pst.)&Hcl.' (? Memph.) ] 
^Kai eKTeXQoi'Ta avrov ^, AX. 33. rel. 
Goth. Arm. [iEth.] 

— oiKoi'] praem. rov AM. Memph.W. 
II add. 7rpo(77j\9ov avrt^ 69. 

— Kar iSiav'] ante f 7r;)p. BC*DLA. 1. 33. 
69. (Latt.) Arm. | JpostaiToi' T. AC 
X. rel. (c). Syrr.Pst.&Hcl. 
Goth. ^th. 

— nrtipitjrutv ABs(C)LX. 33. rel. (ette- 
piorovv C). I Tjputriitv D. 1. | Kai E7r;;- 
piiirrjffav 69. 

— on BsC(.«c)LXA. 1. rel. | Sia ri AD 
(33^1...) K. (vid. Matt. xvii. 19). | 
on dia ri U. | XtyovriQ on 69. (Syr. 

— tiSvv.'] [Svv. K. (^riSvvtiiitv C*). 

— eKJiaWsiv F. 

— avro^ avrov AFK. 

29. auroij] add. 6 Irjiyovg G. b.y'. (litura 
in M). 

— €v ovStvi dvvarai ABsC'*(D). rel. (ou- 
Siv D). I ov Svvarai C*. | ouk ektto . . . 
33. Arm. (vid. Matt. xvii.21). 

— Kaivriuru(f ACDLX. 1.33. rel. (Latt.) 
Syr.Hcl. Memph. Goth. (^vt)(rr. ante 
TTpoirtvxy habent Syr.Pst. Arm. iEth.) 
I Kai rg vijar. A. [ om. B. /(. 

SO. KaKiWev B.Blli/.BhA. \ ^Kai tKiiOtv 
<^. AC. rel. 

30. iiropivovro WBch.V). a.c.f. Goth. .^th. 
I X TTapeiropivovro '^. AB'Bch.CL. rel. 
Vuls.b.(_tf:g^).k. Syrr.Pst.&Hcl. Slemph. 

— yvoi BCDL. I iyvifi S- AX A. rel. 
(pro iva rig ante, rig iva Elz. 1633. 
non ita 1624). 

31. ay-oif] om. B.Btly.Blc. k. | Contra, 
rel. (hiat 33). 

— ulof] om. 6 D*. 

— TrapaSidorat^ 7rapado9i}<rsrai 69. 

— av9pwTro)v Kai airoKrivovoivl av9pu)- 
rrov K. a-TTOKriivovciv DGr. 

— • aTroKrav9ug'\ om. D. a.c.g'.k. Memph. 
(vid. Matt. xvii. 23). | Contra, rel. Vulg. 
b.f.i. rel. 

— fiira rpiig I'ifiipng BC*DLA. (^a).b.c. 
(.(i). Syr.Hcl. mg. Memph. | +r{) rpiry 
,)ixep^ S-- AC^X. rel. Vulg. f.g'.l. Syrr. 
rst.&Hcl.txt. Goth. Arm. ^th. (vid. 

— ai'aarrjatrai'l eyep9ii<T(Tai 1. 69. (vid. 

32. t7Tep(orij(Tai^ eptortjuai 1. 69. 

33. 7i\9ov B.8tli/.(X)). 1. Vulg. a.h.c.k.l. 
Syr.Pst. Q,i\9o(7av D). | %)]\9iv ^. A 
CL. rel. /. Syr.Hcl. (Memph.) Goth. 
Arm. (^th.) | EicrjjXe. 69. 

— Kaipapvaovfi BDA. Latt. Memph. Goth. 
I X Kampvaovfi '^. AC. rel. 

25. praecipio tibi CI. | 26. esclatoans multum 
Am. I 2T. elevavit eum CI. | 32. interrogare 
eum CI. 

IX. 39. 


Vnlg. a. b. c. 
Syrr. P. H. 
Goth. Arm. fflth^ 

KZ' 1,1 
« II Matt. 18:1-5. t 
II Lu. 9:46-48. 

_ |8 
34. [u' ry 6Ptp2 
' c. 10:43. 


5 Matt. 10:40. 
Jo. 13:20. — 

37. li^rirai, ovk " 



38. iKtoXvaa^fv 
— om. on OVK d- 

KoX. rifiiv 

/xera rpei^ rj/xepaf ai^ao-Trjarerai. "' ol Se -qyvoovv 
TO prjfJia, Koi ((j)o^ovvro avTov iTrepcorijcrau 

40 ■'■^ ^ Kal * rjXOov' els * Ka(f)api^aovp."- kou. Iv rrj 
OLKLa yevop-evos eirrjpwTa avTovs, Tt iv rrj 68co * Sie- 
Xoy'i^eaOe ; ol 8e eVicoTrcof irpos aXXrjXovs yap 
8ieXe)(^dr}<Tau iu Tij 68cp t'ls p-ei^cou. "' kol KaOicras 
e(pcovr]aev tovs ScodeKU, koI Xeyei avTols, Et tls 
diXei TvpSiTOS elvai, karat iravTcov ka")(aTos kou irav- 
TGUV OLaKovos- KUL Xapcou TraLOiov ecTTrjcrev avro 

iv p.ea(£> avTwv, Kal ivayKaXLaap-evos avro, el- 
Trev avTOLs, ^ »-'? av iv tcov tolovtcou TraiOLmv 
Se^Tjrai iirl tw ovop-ari p,ov, epe ^e^erau' Kal o? 
* av ep.e * Oi^-qrai , ovk ep.€ oe)(^ETaL, aXXa top airo- 
(TTelXavrd pe. "^ * 6(f)r)' ^ avTa> 6 'Icoduvrjs Xlycov, 
AiSacTKaXe, eiSopev riva eu too ovop.aTi crov e/c/3aA- 
XovTa 8aLp.ovLa, 09 ovk aKoXovdel rjp.LV' Kal * eKmXvo- 
p.ev" avTOV, \j>Ti ovk aKoXovOel r]puv\. "^^ 6 5e 'Irjcrovs 

surget. "P^lAtilliignorabant 
verbum, ct tiraebant eum inter- 

anM] (9«, 10.) Et venerunt Ca- 
phaniaum. Qui eum domiesset, 
interrogabat eos, Quid in via 
tracttibatis ? "t^'J csi,^-) At illi 
tacebant, siquidem inter so in via 
disputaverant quis esset illorum 
maior. 'n^sJEtresidcnsvoeavit 
duodecira et ait illis. Si quis vult 
primus esse, erit omnium no- 
vissimus et omnium minister. 
35 [36] Et accipiens puerum sta- 
tuit eum in medio eorum ; 
quem ut complcxus esset, ait 
illis, ^^ ["] Quisquis unum ex 
hniusmodi pueris receperit in 
nomine meo, me recipit: c*^''> 
et quicumque me susceperit, 
non mc suscipit sed eum qui me 
misit. « m (97, 8.) Kespondit 
illi lolianues dicens, Magister, 
vidimus quendam in nomine 
tuo eicientem daemonia, qui 
non se^juitur nos, et prohibni- 
mus eum. ^ P'] lesus autem 

33. o^f^] f add. irpoQ kavrovQ ^. AX. rel. 
/ Syr.Hcl. Goth. iEth. j post Bu\. 1. 

69. Syr.Pst. (Ai-m.) | om. BCDLA. 
Vulg. a.b.c.k. Memph. 

— SuXoyil^etrde'] SuXex^tlTe \.\ SieXoyiaOTj 
69. I SieXoyi2;ovTO M. (? om. B?) 

34. emoj-TTivi''] -irovv C. 

— SuXix9r]aav Orig. in. 596'^. | Stijvtx^f 
ffav 1. 

— £1/ rg o^<>j] om. ADA. a.b.f.i. Goth. | 
Contra, BCLX.rel. Vulg. c.ff.g\k. Syrr. 
Pst.&Hcl. Memph. Arm. ^th. Orig.iW. 

— TigiiuCi-ov ABCLXA. l.rcl. (Syr.Pst.) 
I TiQ fiii'iujii ytvrjTai avriov D. (Latt.) 
(Syr.Hcl.) (Memph.) Mth. | add. esset 
Gotli. Arm. | rtc avTittv ^ti^uiv znq 69. 
I Tiq avTiov ^ei^uiv iOTiv Orig.ui, (vid. 
Matt, xviii. 1, et Luc. ix.46). 

35. Kai 1"] rorf D. b. 

— KaL Xiy. avr -jravrtav diaK0V0Q~\ om. 

D. k. (vid. Matt, et Luc.) | Contra, rel. 
Orig. iii. 596"^. | om. tax<'TOS "at irav- 

TUIV 1. 

— SiXiC] 9eXri FH». 

— etrrail sarut A Gr. Orig. iii. (MS.) fiat 
a.b.ff.i. I Contrii, rel. Vulg. c.f. rel. 
On'j. iii. (cd.) 

— ^taKOi'oc] ^ovXoi; M*. 

36. xaiJiov] praem. ro D. 

— avTO 1°] om. 1. Arm. | avrov DA. 

EflfXitTlO ACL. 

— wayKaXiaa/ievos ABsD^. rel. Orig. iii. 
1 avayKaXitr. C. \ avayKaXiix. L, \ ava- 

kXi(T. D*. I £KaXi(Tafiij'og A. (vocans 

36. tiTTiv'] Xfyii 1. Vulg. a.b.c.ff. \ Con- 
tra, rel. f.k. rel. Orig. iii. 

37. oc av 1" AB.B%.CDLA. 1. 69. ] foe 
tav s- X. rel. Ony. iii. 596' 4i's. 597». 

— if ABsCLA. 1. rel. Vulg. {a).f.gK 
Syr.Hcl. Memph. Goth. Orig. iii. ter. \ 
om. DXr. b.c.jff.i.ik). Syr.Pst. Ann. 
JSxh. I f/c 69. 

— rwi' TOiOVTiiiV naiStutv ABDX. 1. 69. 
rel. Vulg. a.b.c./.ff.g'.i. Syr.Hcl. Memph. 
Goth. Arm. Orig. iii. 596". 597». (om. 
Toiavr. 59^**.) j rtov Traidiuiv tovtojv C 
A, I pueros talcs k. sicut hie puer Syr. 
Pst. talem infixntem JEth. 

— fTTi] sv D. 69 Wtst. (Latt.) | Contra, 
ABsC. rel. Orig. iii. ter. 

— oi'ojiaTi fiov USS. Or!J.iii.596'=.597^| 
E/)(fi ovojiaTi A. Orig. iii. 596''. ( ? de suo). 

— OS av 2" B.iJ%.DLA. | Jcf lav S'. A 
CXsic. rel. 

— SixnTai B.Bch.l,. 69. a c.f.g^-"- (ot- 
Xtrai B.Bthj.) \ tSt^tirai '^. ACD. rel. 
Vulg. b.ff. (vid. Luc.ix.48). 

— aXXrt] ^ovov aXXa Kat 69. | aXXa de- 
X^rai F. Memph. 

38. e^i) BLA. Syr.Pst. Memph. | ajro- 
KpiOtis St i(pt) C. (om. postea Xcyui'). \ 
amKpSri T> Gr. Vulg. b.i.k.l. Syr.Hcl. 
[a.(/]. I iairtxpidri jSc S- AX. rel. c.f. 
ff. Goth. Arm. (iEth.) (vid. et Luc. 
ix. 49). I Kat OTTOKpiflaj 69. 


38. avTii>'] om. a.c.ff. (vid. Luc.) [ Contra, 
Vnlg. b.f.i.k. 

— b loiav. BsCLXAM.I om. o AD. 1. 69. 
EFGHKSUVrT/. (vid. Luc.) 

— Xtyuv ABsX. rel. Vulg. / Syr.Hcl. 
Goth. Arm. (.lEth.) | om. C(vid. supra) 
A. k. Syr.Pst. Memph. | Kai Xtysi 1. 
b.i. I Kai utnv D Gr. e.ff. \ rnrtv 69. 

— ^iJatTKaXf] om. 1. 

— £(^o;ufv] ndafitv D. 

— tv rqi ovofi. {Eh.) BCDLA. \. 69. 
Latt. I om. iv (St.) AXEFGHKMSV 
r. I fTTt U. (vid. Luc.) 

— OS OVK aKoXovOii y)fnv A(D)X. 1. 69. 
rel. Vulg. (a).b.c.ff.{h).l Syr.Hcl. Goth. 
Arm. (j;/i(i'] fud' ijftuiv D. a.k.) j om, 
BCDLA. / Syr.Pst. Memph. JElh. 
(vid. Luc.) 

— iKttiXvofiev BDLA. 1, I ^SKojXvffafisv 
^. AC. rel. Latt. vv. ut vid. (vid. 

— on OVK aKoXoi'OfL i)fitv A(B)C(L)(A). 
rd.f. Syr.Pst. Syr.Hcl.* Memph. Gotli. 
^ith. (vid. Luc.) (aKoX.] j;koX. B.Bch. 
A. 1 »}/iii'] fis9' >i/xiov L). om. DX 1.69. 
Vulg. a.b.c.ff.k.l. Arm. 

39. b Ci I;;o-ous ABC. rel. Vulg. {c).f. w. [ 
Si aiTOKpiOeig T>. a.b.ff.i.k. \ 6 5t \^ 
69. Arm. 

33. domi essent CI. \ 34. in via inter ae CI. | 
eorum major esset CI. J 30. oum complexus CL 
I 37. misit me CI. 








40 '^ 

o? yap ovK ecTTiv 

11 h > \ ^ ' 

Of yap av iroTicrr^ 

elirev, M.i] KcoXvere avrov ovheis yap iariv o? 

TTOLrjcreL eiri tu> ouofxari fjiov, /cat Svvi]- 

aerat ra^^v KaKoXoyrjaai jxe 

■■ Matt. 10:42. 4n ^ > ^ , \ ' ^ > 

y /cap 7jpcou virep rjiJicov ecTTLV. 

ifxas iroTrjpLov v^aros Iv * ovop-arL * on '^ptarov eare, 

41. a7ro\£(7>j ap.rju Xeyco otl ov prj ' txTroXecrei" rov p-LaOov 

IIMatt. 18:6. 46 ' ~ 42 i \ .\ * J \ ' ■•' 

Lu. 17:2. /3 avrov. Kai os av o-KavoaAicrr) eva tcov puKpcov 

11°"™}} , Tovrcov TCOV TTLCTTevovToov etf eue, KaXov ecmv avTco 

xovTuvliisiixh] p.aXXov el TrepiKeLrai ' ynfAoy ovikos Tvepl rov rpa- 

II 18: '^e. T X'A"^ avTov Kal fie^XrjTaL eh rr/v OdXaaaav. '^^•'/cat 

eav aKavSaXi^T) ae rj x^'-P o"o^5 (xttoko'^ov avT-qv 

KaXov * icTTLV ae kvXXov * elcreXOeiv et? rrjv ^cai^v", 

r] ras 8vo j(/lpas e^ovra aTreXOeiv els tttjv yeevvav els 

^" TO TTvp TO aafiecTTOv, "^^ [oTTOD ^ (ly.wKri^ aiirwv ov 
TsXsvTo,, xou TO ttD/j OV fT^kvvvTai]. *^ /cat eav 6 
TTOvs (Tov CTKavSaXiQ] ere, octtoko'^I/ov avTov KaXov 
eariv * ae elaeXOelv els Tijv ^corjv x^Xov, rj tovs 

"Es. 66:24. 

IX. 40. 

jut, Nolite prohibere eum : ne- 
mo est enini qui facial virtntem 
in nomine meo et possit cito 
male loqui dc me. ^'['"1 Qui 
cnim non est arlversum vos, pro 
vobis est. '"' t"l <■'">''•> Quisquis 
enim potum (iederit vobis cali- 
cem aquae in nomine meo, quia 
Christi estis, amen dico vobis, 
non perdet mcrcedem suam. 
41 [«] (P9,2.) Et quisqnis scauda- 
lizaverit unum ex bis pusillis 
credentibus in me, bonura est 
ei magis si eircumdaretur mola 
a.sinaria collo eius et in mare 
raitteretur. «[«]Cioo,6.)Et si 
scand.alizaverit te manus tna, 
abscide illam : bonum est tibi 
del)ilem introir«4ii vitam, ([uara 
duas manus habenteni ire in 
gcliennam, in ignem inextin- 
guibilera, «t"Hi»i,i».->ubi ver- 
mis eorum non moritur et ignis 
non extingnitur. •" [•"! Et si 
pes tuus te scandalizat, amputa 
ilium: bonum est tibi claudum 
iutroire in vitam aeternam, 
quara duos pedes habentem 

39. avTovl om.D. a.b.i.h. (vid.Luc.ix.50). 
I Contra, rel. Vulg. f.ff. (eos c). 

— ou^fie] ov r. 


— «7ri] tp 1. 69. 

— ""X"] oni. '• F*. a.b.c.d.ff.i.k. Arm.| 
Contra, rel. Vulg. /. 

— fit ante kcikoX. 1. 

40. ijiiiov imp imav {Eh.) BCA. 1. 69. 
k. Meraph. Arm. | i/i. i/tt. 

7//i. XU. i »//i. VTT. iifl. L. I VfHi}V VTTip 

ifiujv (S<.)ADEFGHKMSVr. Vulg. 
a.b.c.f.ff.i.l. Syrr.Pst.&Hcltxt. Goth, 
^th. (vid. Luc. ix. 50). 

41. ironaH A(H)r. 

— fi'~\ e-TTi 69. 

— oi'o/ian] f praem. rqi ST. DA. 69. HsMs. 
Arm. I om. AB.J5c/i.CLX. 1. EFGKSU 
Vr. II t add./tou <?. DCaX. 69. rel. Latt. Mcmph. Goth. JEth. | om. 
ABC*L. 1. K. Syrr.Pst.&Hcl.txt. Arm. 

— on ov 111) BC*1)LA. b.ff.g'.h.l. Syrr. 
Pst.&Hcl. Memjih. Goth. | *om. on S- 
AC=X(.v;c). 1. Vulg. a.c.f. Arm. jEth. 

— awoXiaii li.Btli/.DE. \ ^mroXiay c-. 
ACL. rel. 

42. 6g av BsDL. 1. 69. SsVs. | of lav 

— iTKarOaXiffy] -ill D Gr, \ -afi II. 

TWV HtKpiOvJ om.S. II rojv p.LKpixJV TOVTUiV 

Hcl. Mcmpl:. Goth. yEth. (vid. Matt, 
xviii. 6). I rovTiav ti»v fiiKpuv B.Sch, 


WT/. Vulg. b.dff.l. Syrr.Pst. | *om. 
Tovniv^. C*(utvid.)X. 69.rel./. Arm. 
(ex minimis vestris a. de pusillos ves- 
tros /i). 

42. TTWTivovTuiv ABsC^LXA. rel. vv. (vid. 
Matt.) I TntjTiv exovTiov C*D. a. 

— fiC E/is] om. C*utvid.J)A. a.b.ff.i.k*. 
Memph.MS. | Contra, ABsC^LX. rel. 
vv. (vid. Matt.) 

— avTiji'] om. U. JEth. I ante iunv A. ) 
(om. tiTTiv c.d.k). 

TTfplKEtrat] TTfptEKEtT-oD. (Latt. ut vid.) 

— fivXoc oi'iKoe BCDLA. 1. Latt. Syr. 
Pst. Goth. Arm. (post rpnx- avT.) JEth. 
I tXidog fivXiKog s"- AX. rel. Syr.Hcl. 
Memph.utvid. (vid. Matt, et Luc. xvii. 
2). I livXwinKOQ XtOoQ 69. 

— ffpi] "ri D, 

— fiif^Xtirai tiQ TTiv BaXci(Taav~\ tiQ riji' 
OaX. [fiXiiOt] D. Latt. j Contra, rel. 

43. (TKai'^aXiJy ACD. i-el. b.c.i. j -ay B. 
Blly.l^A. Vulg. a.f.ff.h. (vid. ver. 43). 
I -Kit XE. I -au H. 

— aTToKo-']/ov~\ add. et proice abs te b. 

— tUTiv ae BCLA. 69. a. \ tanv aoi J). 
Vulg. b.c.fff.l. Syrr.Pst.&Hcl. Arm. 
^th. I t aoi tcTTi <^. AX. rel. Goth, 
(vid. Matt, xviii. 8). 

— tiatXOetv Etg Tiiv i!,(jiriv ABCDLA. Latt. 
Syr.Pst. Memph. ^th. | %uq niv Ziotiv 
tiaiXOitv s. X. rel. Syr.Hcl. Goth. 
(Arm.) vid. Matt, xviii. 9. 

43. Tag ^uo] om. rag D. (vid. Matt, xviii. 

— amX9uv'\ /3Xj(0)(i'aiD. a./#(ap.Blan.) 
k. (vid.ver.45et47 et Matt. v. 29). | Con- 
tra, rel. Vulg. a.b.c.ffia.p. Sabat.)^'-'. rel. 

— etc Tijv yeevvav'] om. 1. 

— eig TO TTvp TO aa^eaTov ABsC. rel, 
Vulg. a.f.g-. (Syr.Hcl.) Memph. Goth. 
Arm. (ignis qui non extingnitur Syr. 
Hcl.) I OTrow eaTLV to Trvp to aa(3. D. 
b.c.ff.i.k. I TOV TTvpog tantum F. (iEth.) 
I om. £. T. TT. T. aap. LA. Syr.Pst. (vid. 
Matt. T. 29, 30). 

44. om. ver. BCLA. 1. k. Memph. Arm. 
Zoh. (sic in cdd. omnibus). | Contrn, 
ADX. rel. (Latt.) Syrr.Pst.&Hcl. Goth. 
(.Eth.) vid. ver. 48. 

KUL TO TTVp OV (T/3Ei'V.] Om. /*. (tTI'jO aV- 

TWV b.c.g-. Syrr.Pst.&Hcl.) {owov to 
TTvp OV a^ivv. Kai o aKwX, avT. ov TeX, 
4.'). icai eav] Kav D. 

— atcai'SaXtl^y] -^et X. | -aet L. 

— aiiroi'] avTiiv (sic) A. | add. projice 
abs to (Memph.) Arm. 

— KnXo)'] add. yap AK. c. | Contra, B» 
CD. rel. 

— eaTiv ae AB.Bc/i.CLXA. 1. 69. EFG 
HKV. I ffoi £(TnvDGr.M-S. b. Goth. 
Arm. ut vid. (vid. Matt, xviii. 8, 9). 1 
Jfirni' aoi <^. M*Usr. Vulg. a.c.d.f. 

ff.h. Syrr.Pst.&Hcl. ^Eth. 

— eiaeXBeiv etg tiiv ^ix'iiv xwXoj' ABC. 

X. 2. 

Vulg. a. h. c. 

Syrr. P. H. 

■' Es. 66:24. 
' Matt. 5:29. 
47. (TOi iartv 

— [rj/f] yUi'i'av 

[roy TTvpot;] 
'" Lev. 2 : 13. 
49. om. Kal Traaa 

0. a\i aXicrd. 

" Matt. 5 : 13. p/S 

Lu. 14:34. /3 


Svo TToSaf exovra fiXijOrjuai eh ti]v yeeuvau*, [^ottov 
^ 6 (txwAt]^ (tiiTwv oil Te'ksvroi, xa,} to Tvp ov c/Bsvvv- 
raA~\. *^ ' Koi iOLV 6 6({)daA./jLos (tov aKav^aXi^rj ae, 
e'/c/3aAe avTov koKov * ere' ioTiv jMouoi^OaKixov elaeXdelu 
elf rr]v ^aaiXeiav tov deov, rj Svo 6(pdaXfx.ovs e-)(0VTa 
fiXijOrjuaL eh Trjv yeevvav *, ottov 6 (TxcoAtj^ av- 
Twv oil TsksvTa, xou TO Tvp oil T^iwvTai. '^''' Tray 
yap TTvpl aXicrOrjaeTai, [""xa/ 'Ka.To, Svcrla, dX) oXkt- 
$tjfrsTC/AJ. KaXou to ctAay "eaf 8e to aAa? avaXov 
ytvTjTai, ev tivl avTo apTvaeTe ; e')(eTe ev eavToh 
* aXa , Kol elpiqveveTe ev aXXi]\oLS. 

mitti in gehennam ignis inex- 
tinguibilis, " 1«'] ubi vermis 
eorum non moritur et ignis non 
extinguitur. ;■"* ["3 Quod si ocu- 
his tuns scanilalizat te, eice 
eum : bonum est tibi luscum 
introiro in regnura dei, qnam 
duos oculos babentcm mitti iu 
gcliennam ignis, " ['"J ubi ver- 
mis eorum non moritur et ignis 
non extinguitur. **l'''JOmnis 
enim igne sallietur, et ornnis 
victima [sale] sallietur. '* [^°J 
(102,2.) Bonum est sal : quod si 
sal insulsum fuerit, in quo illud 
coudietis ? Habete in vobis sal, 
et pacem habete inter vos. 


I Matt. 19: 

KH' py 

41 ^ Kai eKeiOev avaaTas epyeTai eLs Ta opia ' <™' ^-J Et inde exsurgens 

-,f-,, tx / 1/ -,>T5,' \ venit in fines ludaeae ultra lor- 

Tr]f lOVOUia^ * KUL irepav tov iopOaVOV, /cat (rvpiro- danen, et conveniunt iterura 

pevovTaL TraAt. ^xAot ^po, avTO., Ka\^ «, elc^Oet, t^I-lirit^^um^clbttiur^m 

irdXLV eSldaCTKeV aVTOVy. 'Kal irpOCreXOoVTei^ ^api- accedentcs Phansaei intenoga- 

aaloi ^ eTTiipcciTCdv" avTov el e^ecrTiv dvSpl yvvaxKa 

rel. Syrr.Pst.&Hcl. Jlempli. Goth. | 
X<»X. iLdikd. 6. r. ?ai!ji' D. Latt. Arm. 
JEih. (add. aidivwv D. Vulg. a.b.c.iJ, 
Arm.) ! iiQ T. ?. £i<Te\e. x^^- Er. 

45. li\i}Q}}vai\ a7rt\9uv 1. 

— T))V ynvvav'] om. ri]v X. 69. M*. 
II f add. £(£ TO TTVp TO aajSicrrov '^. AD 
X. rel. f. Goth. Arm.Usc. JEth. (vid. 
ver. 43). 1 add. tov wvpog F. | add. ignis 
ine.xtinguibilis Vulg. c.l. Syr.Hcl. ignis 
et inext. g''. ubi ignis inext. a.ff.i. \ non 
habent BCLA. 1. b.h. Syr.Pst. Memph. 

46. om. ver. BCLA. 1. k. Memph. Arm. 
Zoh. (sic in cdd. omnibus). | Contra, 
ADX.rel. (Latt.) Syrr.Pst.&Hcl. Goth, 
(^th.) vid. ver. 48. 

JCOt TO TTVp OV CT/SfVV.] Om. .iEth. (TTVp 

avTuiv a.b.c.ff.g'.i. Syrr.Pst.&Hcl.) 

47. tav o(p9. (Tov'] 6 otp9. uov u D. 

— tTKai'OaXL^y^ -Z,ii DX. 

— at BLA. 69. (post tariv LA. post tia- 
tXeiiv 69). 1 jffot s-. ACDGr. rel. 
Goth. Memph. (vid. Matt, xviii. 9). ] aoi 
post lOTiv M*. Latt. Syrr.Pst.&Hcl. 
(Arm.) ^th. 

— iiiyiKQtLV~\ post Qiov A. 

— ;8\?j0;;i'ai] amXOuv D. 1. c.i. (vid. 
Matt. v. 30). I Contra, rel. Vulg. a.b.f. 

ff.y\{h). rel. 

— HQ Ttjv yeei'vai''\ om. rtji' B.Bch.h. \ 
Contra, ACD. rel. | tig to Trvp to aajit- 
tjTov F. "in ignem aeternum" Iren. 

165. II f add. TOV trvpoQ <^. ACX. rel. 
Vulg./(s=). Syrr.Pst.&Hcl. Goth. iEth. 
(ignis inextinguibilis y"). \ om. BDLA. 
1. a.b.c.ff.k. Memph. Arm. (E supra). 

48. avTiuv'] om. XGSV. c. \ Contra, rel. 
lien. 165. 

— TiXivTi}] -Tijdn 1. k. (vid. Es. Ixvi. 24). 
I (Hujus versiculi clausulas transpo- 
nit A). 

49. "Trag yap Trvpi aXiuBiiuiTai ABCL. rel. 
Vulg./j'"-'- TV. I om. D. Tol. a.b.c.ff.i. 

— TTvpi] praem. iv C. | add. aXi sic X. 

— Kai Traaa Ov(7ia aXi aXi(T9iiaiTat~\ om. 
B.Btly.Blc.LA. 1. Memph.MSS. Arm. 
Zoh. I Contra, AC(D)X.rel. L:itt. Syrr. 
Pst.&Hcl. Memph.ed. Goth. Arm.Usc. 
j3ith. (confer Lev. ii. 13. Ka'nrav liupov 
9vrTia<^ v^wv aXi aXiG9i)(7iTai e quibus 
verbis banc clausulam ortam esse vide- 
tur). I Pro hoc versa k habet tantum 
" omnia autem substantia consuraitur." 

— Kai ■Kaaa] Traaa yap D. h.c.ff.i. \ 
Contra, rel. Vulg. (,a).f.g'-^- 

— dXt] om. To/, a.c.g''. 

50. KaXov] add. yap 69. 

— • Bel yP ^9- I °™- ^' 

— y£i';;rai] yevijaeTat D. 

— avTol om. 1. MrTy. (non K). /. 

— apTvatTt BsX. rel. Vulg. a.b.{c).g-.k. 
Syr.Hcl. {-atrai ACDLH). | aprvaij-ai 
A. I apTvBifaiTai 1. K./. Syr.Pst. Memph. 
(Goth.) Arm. (.(Eth.) 

— extTt\ praen). I'/xft^ ovv 69. 

50. cavroic] avTO(Q L*. 

— aXa A'B.Bibj.DhA. 1. | taXag '^. A' 
ex. rel. {aXa ter LA). || praem. to U. 

tipTlVtVtTt] 'UaTi V. 

1. Kai tictL9tv B.Blli/.CDA. 1. 69. EUT/. 
(e sit.) I J KaKtt9tv S- ALX. rel. 

— Kai mpav BC*L. Memph. (iEth.) ] 
TTipav C^DA. 1. 69. G. Latt. Syr.Pst. 
Goth. Arm. ut vid. (vid. Matt. xix. I). 
1 XBia TOV wtpav s- AX. rel. Syr.Hcl. 

— avvTToptvovTai ABC. rel. Vulg. f.g'', 
rel. I avvtpxiTai D. b.c.ff.i.k. Arm. [A 
hiat.] t avfiTTopeveTai 1. 69. 

— naXiv 1»] om. 69. b.c.ff.i. Syr.Pst. [ 
Contra, Vulg. a.f.(/t). Arm. rel. 

— oxXoi'] praem. oi X. j 6 o^Xog D. oxXoq 
69. a.b.cff.h. (Contra, Vulg. /j"). ] 
o^Xos TToXus 1. (Syr.Pst.) 

— Kai tjf,' *iu>0£(] w(; uw9ti Kai D. b.ff.i. \ 
Contra, rel. Vulg. a.{c')f.g'.k. rel. 

2. TrpoaiXOovTte'] om. D. a.b.k. j Contra, 
rel. Vulg. c.f.ff. rel. 

— cpapicraioi'} om. D. a.b.ff.k. \ Contra, 
rel. Vulg. c.f. rel. (quidam Phar. c). 
Iltpraem. oi s'- CX. (1). Ys. (Arm.) 
I om. ABBcA.LA. 69. EFGHKMSUr. 
Memph. Goth. | ol ipap. post avTov 1. 
ante TrpoatX9. Arm. 

— e-tipujTuv BDLM. Latt. ( tTriipour pro 

STrilputTOVl' C). TJpioTU}V A. I ^tTTIJput- 

Tiiaavs- AX. rel. Syr.Hcl. [Syr.Pst.] 

49. om. sale Am. 




P Deut. 24:1. 

5. Kai aTTOKptOtiQ 

1 Gen. 1 : 27. 

6. avToi't; 6 9iog 
' Gen. 2 : 24. 

7. l^Kal TTpotTKoW. 
TTpbg TIJV yvi'. 
a IT.] 

10. t7rrjpil}Tiov pa 
•Afalt.5:3.2. /3 
Lu. lb: 18. 


aTToXvaai, Treipa^ovres avrou. ^ 6 8e airoKpLOeis elirev 
avToli, T/ vfxlv iueTelXaro * Mcovarj^"; * ol Se ^ uirav 
"^'^eTreTperj/ev Mcovarjs" fii^Xiou aTroaraaLOV ypd'^ai 
Kol aTToXvaai. *6 8e ^Irjaovs" eiirev avTols, Ylpos 
TTjv aKXrjpoKapSiau v/xmu eypa\^€v vplv rrjv evToXrjv 
ravT-qv ^ airo he apxV^ Kr/crewy '^ apaev xcu d-^Xu 
iToiTjosv avTovg ^- '' '' hsxsv rovrov xaraXe/i/ze/ av- 
6pcoTog Tov 'ma.rkpa, a/jxcv xou ttjv f/.'/jTspcc- xai icpoT- 
'AoXKTj^rjTsrai ntpog rrjv jvva^lxa avrov, ^ xai e(Tovrai 
ol Svo slg (TC/^pxa f/,tav. Sare ouk€tl elalv 8vo, dXXa 
fxia crap^. o ovv 6 Oeof avvi^ev^ev, avOpanros p.r] 
ywpL^ero). Kai +et? r-qv oiKiav ivaXiv ol p.adr]Tai^ 
Trep\ ^ TOVTOv" ivrrfpcoTrjcrav avTov. ^^ ^ kcu Xeyei av- 
Tols, ' Oy * av" diroXvarj rrjp yvvoLKa avrou kol yap-rj- 
arj dXXrjv, p-oi^aTai eV avrrjv ^" kcu edv ^avrrj diro- 
Xvaaaa tov dv8pa avTrjs' ^yap.r)crfj dXXov", p-OL^aTaL. 

X. 3. 

dimittere, temtantes enm. 'At 
ille respoiulens dixit eis, Quid 
vobis praecepit Moses ? * Qui 
rtixerunt, Moses pevmisit libel- 
luni lepudii scribere et dimit- 
tere, ' Quibus respondens le- 
sus ait, All duritiam cordis 
vestri scripsit vobis praeceptum 
istud ; ' ab initio autem crea- 
turae masculum et fcminara 
fecit eos deus : ' propter lioc re- 
linquet homo patrem suum et 
matrem et adlierebit ad uxo- 
rem suam, ' et erunt duo in 
carne una. Itaque iam non 
sunt duo sed una caro. ° Quod 
ergo deus iunxit, homo non se- 
parct. '" ('"'. '»•) Et in domo ite- 
rum discipuli eius dc eodem in- 
terrogaverunt eum. " <■">>,''■) Jjt 
dicit illis, Quicumque dimiserit 
uxorem suam et aliam duxerit, 
adulterium committit super 
earn : '■' et si uxor dimiserit 
virum suum et alii nupscrit, 

3. evfrfiXaro] triiXaTO D*. 

— MwvatiQ B.i?%.DA. 69. KM. Vulg.CT. 
a.b.c.f. I X MucTTis S". ACLX. 1 .rel. Am. k. 

4. emap B.Btly.CB. | Jmoj' S- ALX 
A. rel. 

— iiriTpv^ii' Mw. BCDLA. (om. i). ) 
jMw. tTTtrp. '^. AX. rel. Vulg. f.g'. 
SyiT.Pst.&.Hcl. Goth. Arm. | Mu. tvi- 
TiiXarn 1. (vid. Matt. xix. 7). " Jussit 
Moses" A. Memph. (iEth.)|" permisit'' 
tantum a.c.ff. || add. nobis c.ff. Syr.Pst. 
||Mwv(T,f B.ZJcA.DA. 1. KM. Vulg.C/. 

/IjMwiTTjs 'S-. ACLX. 69. rel. Am. k. 

— ypa\pai ABC. rel. Vulg. a.f.g'.k. rel. 
I Sovvat (vid. Matt.) ypatpai D. dare 

scriptum c.d.ff. dare b. 

5. 6 ^£ It/aove B.Btlt/.Blc CLA. Memph. 
ipse Tcro c. | ^kui a-n-nicptOiig 6 l7j(Tovg 
<^. ADX. l.rel. (Vulg) {a.h).f.{ff). 
(A).Syrr.(Pst.)&Hcl. Goth. Arm. (iEth.) 
vid. Mar. xii. 24. xiv. 48 etc. 

— avTotg] om. D. 

— typa^tv'] add. tAuivariQ D. {b).c.(_f). 
gW-'-k. Syr.Pst.MS. (vid. Matt. xix. 8). 
I Contra, rel. Vulg. a.ff'. 

— iifuv'] om. D. 09. b.c.f.h. Arm.Zoh.] 
Cont., rel. Vulg. a.fff.g'. Arm.MSS.vv. 

— ad fin.] add. aTroXxmai rag yvvaiKag 
vfidiv Mlh. e Matt. 

6. KTiatoig'] om. D. b.ff. Syr.Pst. (vid. 
Matt. xix. 4 et 8). | Contra, rel. Vulg. 
a.c.f.h. vv. 

— B)]\vv D*. 

— avTovg'] om. D. b.f.ff.k*. Goth. A'A\\. 
1 Contra, rel. Vulg. a.c.g\ Syrr.Pst.& 


Hcl. Memph. Arm. ||fadd. 6 9tog ^. 
ADX. 1. lol. Vulg. a.b.f.g\k. Syrr.Pst. 
&Hel. Goth. Arm. iEth. | om. BCLA. 
c.ff. Memph. (vid. Matt.) 

7. ab init,] add. koi umv D. 69. Harl. 
b.c.ff.gW.''. (vid. Matt. xix. 5). I Contra, 
rel. Vulg. a,f.k. Syrr.Pst.&Hcl. Memph. 
Goth. Arm. vEth. 

— avTov post Trar.] om. DM*, (vid. 

— IxriTipa] add. tavrov D. (nurov M). 
a.b.c. Syr.Pst. Memph. Goth. JEtli. | 
non habent rel, Vulg. k. Syr.Hcl, Ann. 

— Km TrpoiTKoW. ad fin.] om. B. Goth. | 
Contra, rel. vv. (vid. Matt, et Gen. ii. 
24). I " et improbita' mulierem" k. 

— Trpog TijV yvi'aiKa DX. rel. Vulg. b.ff. 
I ry yvvaiKi ALA. 1. Tol. a.c.f.y'. (vid. 
Matt, et Gen. LXX.) yvyvvaiKi Csic. 

8. fiia aapl BDLXA. rel. Latt. Syrr.Pst. 
&Hel. Goth. Mth. | aapK /iia AC. 1. 
69. FKM^UrTy. Memi>h. Arm. Orig. 
Int. i. 90<=. (vid. Matt. xix. 6). 

9. ow] om. D Gr. ffX^-V- BIan.).A. Syr. 
Hcl. (vid. et Clem. 533). | Contra, rel. 

— 6 6fo£] om. o AG. Clem. 533. 

— avviZtv^iv'] i.Z,(vKtv D Gr. Am. c.f.g. \ 
Contra, rol. Vulg.C/. a.b.d.ff.k. Syr. Gr. Clem. 

— X'^ptjfrw] -liaBui AGr. (Contra, 

10. (ig rrjv oiKiav BDLA. b. (om. c). \ 
Xiv ry oiKtif <-. ACX. rel. Vulg. (a)/ 
g'.k. Mcniph. Goth. Arm. .^Eth. | praem. 
ft D*. 

\0. 01 jiaBrirai] f add. avroy <^. AD. rel. 
Yn\g.b,f.g\ Syrr.Pst.&Hcl. Goth.iEth. 
1 om. BCLA. a.{c).k. Memph. Arm. 

— Vipi TovTov ABCLXA. 1. Mr. a.c.f. 
ff.i/i). Syr.Pst. Memph. iEth. | om. K. 
Harl.* ] jTTfpi TOV avrov '^. D. 69. rel. 
Vulg. A..g=. Syr.Hcl. Goth. Hadd.Xoyou 
D. c.f.ff.g\k. I Contra, rel. Vulg. a.b. 

— fTrijpwDjffav ADX. l.rel. Latt. SyiT. 
Pst.&Hcl. Memph. Goth. | ariipoiTuiv 
m.Blli/ (La (ircp.). nnjpojTovv C. 

— avTov~\ om. M. 

11. (vcr. \2postKai\cyitavToigTcr. 11. 1). 

— ag av B.iJtfj/.CDLA. | fof lav ^. A 
X. rel. I lav avtjp 1. 69. a. Arm. 
(praem. icai 1 ; sed om. ad init. ver. 12). 

OTroXufTJ/] -(TH HK. 

— ya/iriay nXXiyv] aWrjV yajxriay D. 
Vulg. b.c.f. I Contra, rel. a.k. 

— tir' avrij)'] om. 1. Syr.Pst. Arm. (vid. 
Matt. xix. 9). I Contra, rel. Latt. Syr. 
Hcl. Memph. Goth. ^th. 

12. Kai iav avrt] a-TroXvaatra tov ai'Bpa 
avTTjg B(C)L(A add. Kai). (Memph.) 
JEth. (^avTov habet C). | Kai iav yvvrj 
tSytXdy airo tov avBpog Kai D. (69 yvvti 
iav et om tov). a.b.{c).ff.g'. Aim. " et 
quae relinquit mulier virum et" k. \ 
J Kai iav yvvTj anoXvay tov avBpa av- 
Ti)Q Kai s". AX. ( 1 ). rel. Vulg. y.y'. Sj'iT. 
Pst.&Hcl. Goth, (iav aTroXvay yi'vrj 1), 

— yapiiay aXXov BC»L(A). I. 69. Syr. 
Hcl. Memph. Goth, (^th.) {aXXtiv A). 

9. deus conjunxit CI. | 11. ct ait illia CI. 

X. 19. 


Vulg. a. h. c. pr 
Syrr. P. H. /3 
Goth. Arm. 5;tli. 
« II Matt. 19:13-15. 
II Lu. 18:15-17. 
13. tTTtrifiiiaai' 


° II Matt, ip: 16-30. 
IILu. 18:18-31. 
' Lii. 10:25. 

" Ex. 20:12-16. 
19./J/} 001'. )u;)potx. 

' Kai '7rpo(re(f)epov avrw iraiSia, Xva a-yj/rjTai 
avTwv 01 Se /xad-qrai eTrerlficou toi^ 7rpO(r(pe- 
povcTLv. IBoiv Se 6 'Ifjcrov? rjyavakT-qaev kol 

eliref avTois, A0ere Ta TraiSia tp^^eaOai irpos 
fie, * /xj] KcoXvere auTW rmv yap roiovrcov (.<ttIv 
T) /SacrtAe/a tou diov' ' ap.r]v Xeyco vp.iv, o? 
* au " p-Tf] hitprjTai ttjv fiaaiXeiav rod 6eov wf Trai- 
8iov, ov p-T] elaeXdt] els avrrju. Koi (.vayKoKi- 

aap.evo9 avra, ^ KarrjvXoyeL rtOels^ ray ^eipas eV 

vulos ut tangeret illos : disci- 
pnli autem comminabantiir of- 
fcrentibiis. " Quos cum videret 
lesus, indigne tulit et ait illis, 
Sinite parvulos venire ad me, 
et ne proliibiieritis eos : talium 
est enim regnum dei. " Amen 
dice vobis, qtiisque noii rcce- 
perit regnum dei velut parviilus, 
non intrabit in illud. '^ Et eom- 
plexans eos et inponens manus 
super illos benedicebat eos. 


" i 

42 ' " Kat eK7ropevop.euov avTou els 68ou, irpoa- 
Spap-cou els Koi yovvireTrjaas avTov eTrrjptora avrov, 
AiSaaKaXe ayaOe^ Ti iroLrjao) Iva ^corji' alcoviop kXtj- 
poi'op,7]cr(o ; 6 8e hjcrovs elirev avrco, Tl p.e Xeyeis 
ayaQov; ovSeis ayaOos el pxj els 6 6eos. ' ras 
evToXas ol8as,"^ Mt/ [jt^oiyfufTfig' yAj (j)0V£V>T7jg' [J?q 

17 (107,2.) jijf p,,^ egi-essus es- 
set in viam, procurrens quidam 
genu flexo ante eum rogabat 
euni, Magister bone, quid fa- 
ciam nt vitani aetemam perci- 
piam ? " lesus autem <lixit ei, 
Quid me dicis bonum ? nemo 
bonus nisi unus deus. " Prae- 
cepta nosti, Ne adulteres, ne 

1 oWoj' yafiriay D. Latt. | Jya/nj^y 
oKKiji S". AC=X. rel. (Arm.) 

12. ad fin.] add. super ilium c.{k).l. add. 
super ilium : (similiter a.b) et qui di- 
missum (a viro a) ducit moecliatur a.b. 
ff.f. I Contra, Vulg. f.yK 

13. Iva] W F. 

— adiijTai avToiv ADX. l.rel. Vulg. a.b. 
c.ff.k. Syrr.Pst.&HcI. Memph. Goth. 
Orig. iii. 659"^. | avrtov a^r)Tai BCLA. 
(vid. ord. inLue.xviii. 15). [Arm.] 

— /ia9//roi] add. avTov D. a.c.f. Syrr. 
Pst.&IIcl. Goth. ^th. I Contra, rel. 
Vulg. b.ff.k. Memph. Arm. 

. — tTTiTiiuuv ADX. l.rel. Latt. SjTr.Pst. 
&Hcl. (vid. Luc. xviii. 15). | -firiaav 
BCLA. Goth. (vid. Matt. xi.x. 13). 

— ToiQ TT-poa^tpovaiv ADXr. rel. Vulg. 
a.b.f.ff. SyiT.Pst.&Hcl. Arm. yEth.lroic 
(jitpovaiv l.|a«roisBCLA. c.k. Memph. 
(vid. Matt, et Luc.) || add. aura T. 

14. o \riaovQ~\ om. 6 U. 

— Kai 1°] add. tTrtrijirjuaQ 1. 69. Syr. (Arm.) 

— avToiol ante uttiv 69. 

— jrai^ia] irailapia D*. 

— /!»)] f praem. kul s". ACDL. 1. M**. 
Latt. Spn-.Pst.&Hcl. Goth. Ami. ^th. 
(vid. Matt. xix. 14. Luc. xviii. 16). 1 
om. B.BcA.XA. 69. EFGHK.M*SUVr. 

— avra'] add. " venire ad me " iterum 

15. OS av B.B</y.CDLA. 1. 1 t^C eov '^. 
AX. rel. 

15. Sfou] om. D Gr.* (corr.') 

— (l(7e\9^ £tQ avTrjv'\ fiQ avrrjv £iffe\€v- 
aiTai D Gr. \ Contra, rel. Latt. vid. 
Orig. iii. 664'>. 

16. evciyKaXtrrafin'oc ABsC. rel. Vulg. 
(a).A. vv. {evayKaXea. L). | ij'iKa\t<7. 
A*. (vaKa\t(T. A^. | TrpoatcaXtGafifi'og 
D. b.c.f.ff. 

— KarevXoysi TiOstc rag \HpaQ in avra 
BC(L)A. Syr.Hcl.MS.(ap.Gb.) Memph. 
(jEth.) (KarrtvX. L). | friStig t. x^'P- 
eir' avT. TjvXoyei t avra s*. (AX), rel. 
Vulg. f.g'. Goth. Arm. (i/uXoyfi] tv- 
Xoyti A(D mfra)X. 69. EH(K*)MUV. 
\£v\oy}j(Tev rGK^.)| (rt0€if] Kiii Tt9wv 
1. om. ri9. r. x- «"■' avr. a. Syr.Hcl.*) 
I triOu Tag ;^£ipas €7r' avra Kai ivXoyit 
avra D. b.c.ff.k. Syrr.Pst.&Hcl. 

17. iKTTopevofievov'] TTopevofiEvov r. 1 C/evi, 
937, 8 banc historiam (ver. 17-31) ex- 
citat dicens, ravra fxiv Iv Tip Kara 
MapKov ivayye\i(p yiypaiTTaf sed pro 
more vocabula nonnulla mutavit. Pla- 
cet tamen omnem varietatem lectionis 
Clementis per hos versiculos recensere 
etsi saepe ad sensum textum Marci 
mutavit. Similiter fecit 
alibi, a testibus omnibus abcrrans, et 
de sua ut videtur scribens. Hie habet 
ab init. ^KTropeuoph'tp avTip. 

— TrpoaSpa/iuiv lig BCD. rel. Vulg. a.b. 
f.ff. rel. vv. I idov rig ttXovitios TTpoa- 

cpaftiov A. 69. K. (Syr.Hcl. mg.) Ann. 
I iCov TrXoimtoQ Trpoa^p. j\I. | ecce qui- 
dam c. (" ct cum prodisset genib. ob- 

secrans ilium quidiim" k. | irpoatXOujv 
Tie Clem. (vid. Matt.) 

1 7. Kai yowTTfrriuaQ'] Kat yovv7r(Twv'D.^9. 
I Cont., rel. \ yovv-Kkru Clem. \ om. Kai A. 

— avTov 1°] om. a.b.c.(k). Syrr.Pst.& 
Hcl. Memph. Goth. Arm. Clem. | Con- 
tra, MSS. iEth. ante eum Vulg. f.ff. 

— tTn}pit)Ta avTov~\ jjpioTu avTovD. \ Con- 
tra, rel. I om. Clem. (vid. Luc. xviii. IS). 

— SiSacK.^ praem. Xeymv D. 69. a.b.f.g-. 
Ik. Syr.Pst. Goth. Arm. Clem. (vid. 
Luc.) I Contra, rel. Vulg. ff. Syr.Hcl. 
Memph. jEth. [c]. (mox n' ayaQov 
7roi))<7ai habet Clem. vid. Matt. xix. 16). 

18. \ri<!0VQ~\ om. A. \non r]. (vid. Matt. 
xix. 17). I mox Xiyu Clem, et om.. avrip. 

— {if 6 AB.sC. rel. Vulg. a.f.k.w. Clem. 
938. Orly. i. 223'^. 586^ iii. 664'' diserte. 
iv. 41"'. 65''. 147". £!(s. in Ps. 426''. (for- 
san et ad Luc. xviii. 19 spectant). | fio- 
vog lig D. (4). Memph. solus c.ff. || post 
dtog add. d vrarrip Arm.MSS. Orig. 
quater, sed ubi verba diserte excitat (iii. 
664'') non habet. 

19. /ii) (poi'tvaygl om.DGr. 1. V. f.k. \ 
post pt] /loix- AX. 69. rel. Vulg. a.b. 
d.ff.g^-''- Syr.Hcl. Goth. Arm. Mi\u 
Clem. 93S. (vid. Luc. xviii. 20). | ante 
pi] potx- BCA. c. Memph (confer Matt, 
xix. 18). I post /ji) kXciJ/. Syr.Pst. 

— pt] poixtvrri/g'] add. pr) Tropvivayg D 
Gr. k. ante pi] \!/£vd. habcnt T. c. | om. 
rel. (om. pt] xXt^yg c.ff). 

14. euim est CI. j 15. quisquis CI. 



X. 20. 


x}J\p7jg- ^7j \p£vSofjt,apTvp';j<ryjg- f^yj a,T0(rT£pij(T7jg- 
^„„„-°^- Tif/yO, TOV Tirarspa, crov xa/ ttiv u^riTsaa. ' o oe awo- 

EFGHKMSirvr. /I V i V , V . - A o ' " ' 

20. [aTroKpiei\Q]_ Kpiueis * €07; auTcp, iALoa(TKaXe, Tavra iravra emv- 

iliriv a'cTif on \ }- ' > > ' 21 ' ^>. 't - ' n\ ' I 

^' Aa^afiijv iK veoTTjTos fxov. o oe l-qaovs e/xpAeyas' 

21. <T( vanpu avTco -qyairrjcrev avrou kou elirev avTco, Ei' aoi vcrre- 

per viraye, oaa ex^'^ TrcoXrjaov kou 80s ^ tttco^^^ois, 
Kai e^eif Orjaavpov ev ovpavco- kou 8evpo, aKoXovdei 

pd ..„/t 2'2 ' iNV -~ ' '> \ " \ ' > -~^/l 

fg fioi . oe cTTvyvaa-a'i eiri rco Aoycp airrjAoev 

Xvirov/ieuos' rjv yap e^^j/ Krrjpara ttoAAoc. *"^ koI 
7r€pij3Xe\j/a/xei'oy o lyjaovf XeyeL rols padrjrais avrov, 
Has SvaKoXcos ol ra ^pi'^para e^oures ely ttju (Baa-i- 
Xeiau TOV 6eov ilaeXevaovTai. ol Se padijral 

eoap^ovvTO eVi rols Xoyois avrov. 6 8e 'Irjaovs 
TTaXLV airoKpLdeis Xeyei avrols, TeKva, ttcos SvctkoXov 

occidas, ne fureris, ne falsum 
testimoniura dixeris, ne fi-au- 
dem f'eceiis, lionora patrem 
tuum et matrem. '^'' Et ille re- 
spondeiis ait, Magistcr, haec 
omnia observavi a iuventute 
mea. °' Ci»8, "•) lesus autem in- 
tuitiis eum dilexit eum et dixit 
illi, Unum tibi deest : vade 
quaecuinque habes vende et da 
pauperibiis, et habebis thesau- 
rura in caclo, et veni sequere 
mc. ^■- <"">-■' Qui contristatus 
in verbo abiit maerens : erat 
enim Iiabens possessiones mul- 
tas. ^Et circumspiciens lesiis 
ait discipulis suis, Quam diffi- 
cile qui picunias liabent in 
regnum dei introibunt. '■" Disci- 
puli autem obstupescebant in 
verbis eius. At lesus rursus re- 
spoudeus ait ilUs, Filioli, quam 

19. i/'fl'^o/japn/pjjrrjf] -ffug D. 

— fi;; aTTotTj-Epjjffj/e] om. B*i?eA.A(spat. 
vac.) 1. 69*. K. Arm. (vid. Matt, et 
Luc.) I Contra, AB=C(D)X. 69^. rel. 

VT. (-(7Eie D). 

— varipa ffoi/] om. mv D. Clem. (vid. 
Matt.) I Conti-a, rel. 

— fitlTEpal add. <tov CF. a.b.c.f. Syr. 
Pst. Memph. Goth. ^tli. (vid. Luc.) | 
om. ABsDXA. rel. Vulg. g'''-k. Syr. 
Hcl. Arm. Clem. 

20. d ^e] Kai C. et ille Am. b.g'. \ Contra, 
rel. Clan. 938. | om. A. (vid. Matt. xjx. 

— aTTOKpidtiel om. BA. Memph. (vid. 
Luc.xviii.21). | Contra, ACD. rel. vt. 

— E07, BCA. I ttiTTiv T. ADGr.X. rel. 
(vid. Luc.) I \[yii Clem. (vid. Matt.) 
ait Vulg. b.c.d.f.g'. dixit a.ff.k. 

— avTij)'] om. K. Atii. c.g'.k. (Contra, 

— ddaaKaXi'] om. 1. K(non X). Clem. 
(vid. Matt, et Luc ) 

— Tavra iravra ABC. rel. Vulg. a.c.f.ff. 
Syrr.Pst.&IIcl. Goth. Arm. (sic Matt, 
et Luc.) I iravTa Tavra D. b.k. Memph. 
Clem. Orig. iii. 670°. 

— i^v\aKafjitjv BsCXA. rel. | i<pv\aKa 
AD. Clem. Orig. (vid Matt, et Luc.) | 
tiroirjua 1. 

— EK vtoT. fiov'] om. Clem. 938 (sed vid. 
939 lin. ult.) || add. ti tn v(mpu ; 69. 
KM. a.c. Syr.IIcl.* Arm. (vid. Matt.) 
|Cont.,rel. Vulg. b./.tf-g'-^/t. rel. Clem. 

21. I/yo-ouc] om. AKr. (Contra, Clem. 
qui mox om. avrijj). 

— avTOV^ avTif) C. 


21. EITTEJ'] XEy£( 69. 

— au7-(f) 2°] add. ei ©eXeij TtXttog iivai 
69. KM. Syr.Hcl.* ^th. | eadem post 
iiaripu Memph. Arm. Clem. (vid. Matt. 
xix. 21). I Contra, rel. 

— ffoi] (TE BCAM. I Contra, ADX. Is. 
rel. Clem. Orig. iii. 670''. (vid. Luc. 
xviii. 22). 

— itrayt] om. Clem., et legit ffiuXi/crov 
otja tx^^Q 

— ^of] SiaSos 69. (vid. Luc.) 

— TTTwxoig^ f praem. roif s- CD. Is. 
Meni])h. (vid. Matt, et Luc.) | om. AB 
XA. 69.EFGHKMSUsVr. Goth. Arm. 

— E«f.s] E?E1 G. (t^lK HK). 

— ovpai'iii^ -votQ E*. 

— aKoX. fioi'] f add. apag rov (rravpov 
<^. AX. rel. Syr.Hcl. Memph. W. Goth. 
I ante Sevpo 1. 69 (add. (jov). G. a. 
Syr.Pst. Arm. ^th. (/ren. 17). vid. 
Matt. xvi. 24 ; Mar. viii. 34 ; Luc. ix. 
23. I om. BCDA. Vulg. b.c.f.ff.g^M.k. 
Memph.Schw. Clem. Hit. 995». 

22. arvyvatFag^ tarvyi'aaev D Gr. {c.ff). 
\ Contra, rel. Latt. rel. Clem. 

— ETTi] add. TovTtii D. 69. a.b.c.f.ff.k. 
Syr.Pst. I Contra, rel. Vulg. Syr.Hcl. 
rel. Clem. 

— Xoyif'] add. nai D. b.c.ff. | Contra, rel. 
Vulg. a.f.k. Clem. 

— riv yap'] add. TrXoixriof Clem. (vid. 
Luc. xviii. 23). 

— KTtJuara TroXXrt] TroXXrt xP^I^^Ta D. 
a.b.ff. I Contra, rel. Vulg. c.gK Clem. 
divitias multas f. multae divitias et 
agros k. 

23. Tr(pi(i\i\(/. OE C'.em. 

23. XsyEi ABsD. rel. (Latt.) Clem. | eXe- 
yfy C. I EiTTEv A. k. 

— raantexp'(/i.]om.C.|Contra,rel. Clem. 

— tiatXivuovTai] ante tig r. jiaa. Clem. 
II add. rax^iov Ka^rjXog Sia rpv^aXtdog 
patpt6og SieXev(7tTai »; TrXovatog etg tijv 
[3a(TL\Hav TOV Otov D. {a.b.Jf ). om, 
postea ver. 25. (vid. ver. 25. Matt. xix. 
24. Luc. xviii. 25). | non habent rel. 
Vulg. c,f.g'-'-lt. rel. Clem. 

24. fia9)jTai] add. avrov DA. 1. 
ff.k. I om. rel. Vulg. g^-'- rel. Clem. 

— I?)troi)f TraXii'] om. A. {om. naXiv g''). 
\ TTaXiv Se 6 Ijjffovg Clem. 

— Xfyei] EiTTEi' A. I Contra, Clem. 

— TtKi'a BCD. rel. | rtKina A. 1. Clem.\ 
om. EGK. c.k. 

— BvaKoXov] -Xuig X*(corr. '). | Contra, 

— Tovg ireTTOiO. im XP^W-I °'"' ^^* ^• 
]\[einph.MS. I Contra, ACD. rel. Vulg. 
ia).b./.gK Syrr.Pst.&Hel. Memph.ed. 
Goth. Arm. Clem, divitem c.jf. (^Eth.) 
II Ypjjftatrii'] f praem. roig S'- D. 1*. 69. 
I om. ACXEFGHK.MSUVr. Goth. 
Arm. Clem. 

— iiatXOtiv'] .ante tig r. fiacr. 69. 

25. om. ver. hie D. a.b.ff. \\ tvKoXiirtpov 
Std. . , . KafiijXog elffiXevffeTai. Clem, (sic 
etiam a). 

— lanv] praem. Se A. 

— rpvfiaXiag pa^ilog'] t riig" rpvfi. ^Tijg" 
patp. '^. BsXElISsV. I om. rijg bis A 
C(D)A. 1. (69). KMU. Goth. | om l" 
Fr. I om. 2' G. Memph. | rpviiaXtdog 

20. At ille CI. I aitllli «. j 21. dixit ci CI. 
22. multos possossiouos CI. 

X. 30. 


Vul?. n. b. c. 

Syrr. P. H. 


Goth. Arm. ffith. 

24. [tuVI; TTlTTOld. 

25. prt0. tifTt\0e7i' 

26. Xfy. Trpbi; av~ 

TO J', 

27. ^vvara [fffrir] 

28. Xsyeiv o ITe- 
rpoc avrqi 



29. Kai diroKpiSug 
6 'I;;(7or'^ fllTiv 
s. ttprj 6 'Itiaovg 

icTTiv T0V9 ireiroidoraf eVt * ^rj/iaaiv elp ttjv /3a- 
aiXeiav rod deov elcreXdeiv. ~^ evKOircorepov iariv 
KajxriXov Slo. * rpvfjLaXias ^ pa(j)[8of SieXdelu, ?; ttXov- 
(Ttov els Ti]v iSacriXelau rod deov elaeXOelv. "" o'l 8e 
Trepicrcrcof e^eirXi^aaovTO Xeyovres Trpoy eavTOvs, Kat 
TLS Svi/arai crcodrjuai, ; ' ep.l3Xe\jras * avrois 6 ^Irjcrovs 
Xeyei, Hapa avOpwiroi? ahwarov, aXX ov irapa '' 
6eu)' Tvavra yap hvvara^ wapa tco 6ea>. ~ rjp^aTO 
6 Herpo? Xeyeiv avTW, 'I5ou rjpelf a.(j)7]Kapei' Traura, 
KOI * rjKoXovdrjKapeu aoi. diroKpidel? ^ 6 hjcrou^ 
elirev, Kprjv Xeyco vpiv, ovhels eazLU, by dtpiJKei' 
oiKiau 7] d8eX(j)ovs rj dSeX(f)a9 ' r) jxrjrepa r) warepa ^ 
7) TeKva Tj aypou9 eveKev efiou Kat eveKev rod 
evayyeXiov, "^^ idu /xrj XajSr] eKaTOVTairXaaiova vvv 

(lifiicile est confidentes in pccu- 
niis in regnum (lei introire. ■" Fa- 
cilius est camelum per foramen 
acus transire qiiam ilivitcm in- 
trare in regnuni del. '"• Qui ma- 
gis a(iiniral):intur, dieeutes ad 
scmct ipsos, Et <juis potest sal vus 
fieri ? ^^ Et intiicns illos lesus 
ait, Apud Iioinines inpossibile 
est, sed non apud deum : omnia 
enini possibilia sunt apud deum. 
'" Coepit Petrus ei dicere, Ecce 
nos dimisimus omnia et seeuti 
sumus te. ^ <"°''-'Iiespondens 
lesus ait, Amen dico vobis, ne- 
mo est qui rcliqueiit domum 
aut fratres aut sorores aut ma- 
trem aut patrem aut filios aut 
agros propter me et propter 
evangelium, '° qui non accipiat 
centies tantum nune in tempore 

paij>iSoq D supra. I rpwrj/iaToe /3fXoi'J)C 
69. I Tt]g TpvfiaXiag Tije pi\ovriQ Clem. 

25. pa<p. Su\9uv QElz.) C. 1. (69). K. 
Vulg. (6. ver. 23).c.f.g'-^- Syrr.Pst.& 
Hcl.txt. Mcmph. Arm. Mth. | paip. 
iiatXBuv {St.) AXAEFGHMSUVr. 
(D ver. 23). (a).k. Gotli. 
(vid. Matt. xix. 24 et Luc. xviii. 25). 
De lectione B non liquet. 

— 7r\ov<7tov'] post 6eov 1. 

— Ti]v ante /3aff,] om K. 

— eKTeXetiv (post Bsov) MSS. Syrr.Pst.& 
Hcl. Gotli. Arm. | om. (aUff).k. Clem. 
I ant J eiQ t. jSntr. Vulg. {b).c.f.g'-''- 
Memph. ^th. (vid. Matt, xix.) 

26. Trfpitrtrwf] om. F. 

— XtyojTEf] Kai iXiyov Clem, 

— irpoceauroucADXMmf/. rel.Vulg. (a). 
Ho^-f-ff.k. Syrr.Pst.&Hcl. Goth. ^:th. 
\iTpog aXXi)XovQ M